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April 2011

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March 2011

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February 2011

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January 2010

Vaccine/ Detox

November 2009

Even if you believe in vaccines, this will not be the year to get H1N1 – licensed, untested. And thimerosal.

October 2009

Swine Flu UPDATE…

– New Vaccines to Contain Unrestricted Levels of Mercury;
– Are the New Vaccines Really New?

September 2009

An interview with Dr Tim O’Shea, Chiropractor and Vaccination Educator

July 2009

New movie: Food, Inc.

Radical new changes in chiropractic education

April 2009

US vaccine court admits vaccines cause autism; the Bailey Banks case: $1 million award

March 2009

Genetically modified foods in your grocery cart

February 2009

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January 2009

Dead on the Treadmill

December 2008

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