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Full Day Detox Seminar – Dr Tim O’Shea
Video 1 : Intro to holistic nutrition. The metabolic candle. Ten causes of death in US. Glowing health vs. survival.

A Holistic Approach To Cancer – First Resort
North Georgia Lecture – Dr Tim O’Shea

A short introduction to the material in the chapter To The Cancer Patient
Before making any radical decisions, the resources in this chapter may save your life.


Alaska Cruise Vaccine Lecture – 2016
Dr Tim O’Shea

A brief look at the politics of medical freedom and how parents are tricked into giving up their rights over their own children. Some comments on the HPV vaccine. Intro to Vaccination Is Not Immunization.

Del Bigtree Lecture ; 24 Feb, 2017, CalJam
Dr Tim O’Shea


Vaccine Lecture
North Georgia Symposium
Dr Tim O’Shea

A brief introduction to the content of the text book Vaccination Is Not Immunization. Learn what the scientists who make the vaccine say about the ingredients. Do doctors vaccinate their own children? Why they may not be allowed to talk about the dangers.


Paris Vaccine Lecture

A two-hour community lecture done in Paris, France which compares the European with the US vaccine program. In France only 3 vaccines are actually mandatory, with no way out. No exemptions. Another 20 vaccines are recommended and everybody gets them because doctors never tell people that the other 20 are optional. Watch the video.


The Fading Art Of Osseous Chiropractic Adjusting: Archive

This is a series of technique videos done by Dr Tim Young and Dr Tim O’Shea. Unlike the other videos below, this series is password protected.



Measles Vaccine: The Lies We Tell Each Other

Here is a short clip on the real science behind the measles vaccine, how a nonexistent epidemic in California was claimed, in order to make vaccines compulsory to the 1% of children who were exempted by their parents’ choice. These are just the basics of the actual science behind the MMR shot.


Dr Tim Young at the Boulder Seminar, May 2012

Nobody tells the chiropractic story like Dr Young!

No notes, no PowerPoint, — in the zone!

Tim Young


Three Reasons Why You Should Sign the Referendum for SB277


Vaccine Community Lecture – SB277 – Temecula CA, August 2015

Part One of Two

Part Two of Two

In this 2 hour lecture, parents wanted to know what really happened in the unprecedented new vaccine law just passed in California – who is behind it, whom it affects, and what it means for the future of California children. They were particularly interested in what they can do about it now.


Shaolin Kung Fu Demo 1: Master Chen

Shaolin Kung Fu Demo 2: Master Chen


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