The COVID Pageant – – video series


Cell Biology and Gender

Nutrition & Detoxification
Live Cell Analysis: Science and History – Interview Ben Hardy ShowNEW

Dr John Bergman Interview of Dr Tim O’Shea: Why the Colon Is the Center of the Immune SystemNEW

Dr John Bergman Interview of Dr Tim O’Shea: The 60 Day ProgramNEW

Dr John Bergman Interview of Dr Tim O’Shea: Environmentalistas and the Politics of Climate ChangeNEW

Why Healthy People Don’t Get Sick

60 Day Detox: Full Lecture NEW

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Chapters Overview: thedoctorwithin

Removing Plaque From Your Arteries

Hydrolyzed Collagen: Your Heart, Your Face, Your Performance

Hydrolyzed Collagen: Purest Amino Acids for Skin and Muscle

Rebuilding Your Body’s Collagen From the Inside

Hydrolyzed Collagen – The Science

Collagen: Joints, Muscle, Skin

Cleanest Protein, Best EFAs, Clearing Toxic Metals

Why You Need Hydrolyzed Collagen: Muscles, Skin, Joints


Detox Overview – The Atlanta Lecture

Juice Fast – 7 Days

Expel: Colon Detox

Say Goodbye to Colon Problems

Colon Detox Summary

Total Florabiotics


How To Detox Your Blood

Phase 2: Clear Arteries?

Removing Arterial Plaque


Your Immune System -The Only Cure

Perfect Heart Health – from “To The Heart Patient”

No More GERD – Resolving Reflux Once and For All


Enzyme Deficiency and All Disease

Food Enzymes: Key to Longevity

Autism Detox Program – Part 1

Autism Detox Program – Part 2 of 2 – Banned From YouTube


How To End Diabetes Once and For All

The Emergence of Your Child’s Immune System – Dr T

Diseases As Survival – Anaphylaxis As Immune Response?

Processed Foods Will Kill You – Dr T

Testimonials From Real Patients – New West Diet and Detox


New West Diet – 60 Day Program

Category IV: Forbidden Foods of the New West Diet

60 Day Program

Dr Stan Bynum: Glowing Health


Havana Blood – Part 1 – #1 Cause of All Disease

Havana Blood – Part 2 – #1 Cause of Cancer

Havana Blood – Part 3 – Your Immune Center

Havana Blood – Part 4 – Antoine Bechamp and the Internal Milieu


Processed Food Science Facts: Health & Disease

GMO Foods: Death on the Treadmill

New West Diet


Allergies and Cancer – Same Cause, Same Cure?


How To Stay Young and Never Get Sick – Clip 1

How To Stay Young and Never Get Sick – Clip 2

How To Stay Young and Never Get Sick – Clip 3

How To Stay Young and Never Get Sick – Clip 4

How To Stay Young and Never Get Sick – Clip 5

How To Stay Young and Never Get Sick – Clip 6 of 6

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Full Day Detox Detox Seminar #1 – The Metabolic Candle

Full Day Detox Seminar #2 – Why Do We Need To Detox?

Full Day Detox Seminar #3 – Categories of New West Diet

Full Day Detox Seminar #4 – Probiotics, Enzymes

Full Day Detox Seminar #5 – Oral Chelation: Plaque and Heavy Metals

Full Day Detox Seminar #6 – Leaky Gut, The Colon

Full Day Detox Seminar #7 – Testimonial Stories


Most Diseases Are Normal Adaptations to Abnormal Stressors

Peanut Allergies

Childhood Asthma: The Only Cure


Supplements? As Few As Possible

The Seven Supplements For the 60 Day Program

Live Cell: Bioterrain Analysis

Live Cell Microscopy

OC Lecture Part 6 – A Trip To Panama’s Stem Cell Institute

A Normal Life: Overview of thedoctorwithin website

How We Create Our Own Diseases


How To Say Goodbye To Cavities Forever


The Post Antibiotic Age

Glenn Frey, Chemotherapy, and the Wisdom of the Body


Chiropractic: Lost Secrets of Survival – European Lecture Series

Chiropractic Technique Seminar – Paris, France

Cervicothoracic Adjustment Deconstruction

Focus 2019: Oklahoma City – Prediction of COVID Censorship

Intro to Chiropractic – for Students

Chiropractic Technique: Motion Palpation

Chiropractic Mastery

Chiropractic Adjustment: Atlas

Injuries Create Permanent Patterns, Unless …

Chiropractic Adjustment: Injured Foot

OC Symposium – Clip #1 – A Real Adjustment

The Value of Chiropractic: Seminar Conclusions

Chiropractic: Return To The Illimitable

Van Halen, Secretariat, Subluxation, and Non-Synaptic Transmission

Bones Out Of Place Pinching Nerves

OC Symposium – Chiropractic and the Law of Fair Exchange

Anti-Vax – Journalese for Pro-Science. Dr Jay Sheltin Interview with Dr Tim O’Shea

The COVID Pageant – – video series

How Belief in Vaccines Has Replaced the Science

The Undying Mythology of Tetanus

Vaccines – A Historical Perspective: The Philadelphia Lecture

The Second Philadelphia Lecture – Measles Vaccine Dangers . – Banned From YouTube after 20 minutes

Measles Vaccine: The Lies We Tell Each Other

Vaccine Science:Uncensored