Today there is a censorship of information about the natural healing power of the body. Corporate media represents primarily the combined views of the government and the pharmaceutical industry. Anything that deviates from that marketing paradigm is likely to be shadow banned – obscured from public view.

As a consequence, the US has the worst overall health, highest rate of infectious and degenerative disease,  lowest infant survival rate, and highest drug consumption of any industrialized nation on earth.

Many diseases and conditions will disappear on their own if the immune system is given the chance. That takes time, as well as a conscious effort to optimize diet and lifestyle. Left to itself, the innate recuperative power of the human body is the single most powerful solution to most health imbalances. As proven by 200,000 years of evolution.

But corporate marketing promotes the idea that cures must be immediate, and that your body is incapable of recovery without the permission and prescriptions of your MD.

It’s not working. That’s why 54% of children and 60% of adults in America have at least one chronic disease. Health Care has little to do with health. 

So as many people eventually discover, we’re left on our own, to figure out our best health choices by ourselves.

thedoctorwithin website starts with the idea that most of the time the body can indeed restore itself to normal health, if the obstacles are removed.  This will require that we

    Clear the blood
    Clear the tract
    Take no unnecessary drugs or medicines
    Adjust the spine
    Optimum diet

At the very least, do no harm.

Once neurotoxins, accumulated poisons, inflammatory food residues, spinal distortions, and other interferences are removed, there are no limits to what the body itself may be able to accomplish. No limits. As long as you are still breathing, nature can reject virtually any abnormal condition.

For medical failures, for those who have ‘tried everything,” and for those who wish to maintain the precious health they have worked so hard for, some useful information may be found in the Chapters herein, the Newsletter Archive, and the Feedback and Testimonials section..



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