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HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN STORIES Hydrolyzed Collagen chapter

  • [Standard disclaimer: the following statements are unsolicited anecdotal
  • comments from real people. There is certainly no claim being made here
  • that any of the whole food supplements or holistic methods described on
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Hi Doc,
Thank you for the prompt update. I have found the pain from my arthritis in my hands has lessened by about 90% so I am really happy that my dr recommended your product. He specifically said it had to be your brand. Keep up the good work.
K. Rendon


Hey Doc!
Hydrolyzed Collagen is essential for a speedy recovery!  I am a lifelong, avid surfer and snowboarder. In January I was snowboarding at Kirkwood when I took a fall and fractured my right pelvis. It’s now March (just 3 months later) and, with daily Hydrolyzed Collagen (yes, daily!), I’m already enjoying snowboarding and surfing without any pain or restriction. Lovin’ it! That you can repair damaged bone and joint structures with Hydrolyzed Collagen is no false claim. I’m living proof.

    • – Dr Scott Sawyer, Santa Cruz


Hello Doctor T!

No hip replacement! this stuff is a miracle. Almost 3 years ago I was having severe hip pain. Getting worse. X-rays showed bone on bone in the hip ball and socket joint. They were scheduling me for surgery when a Doctor of chiropractic told me about your Hydrolyzed Collagen. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I gave it a try. I decided I might as well do it right and take the maximum dose that you recommend on your website – 3 tablespoons blended in juice twice a day. Nonstop – never miss a day. I was blown away when after 3 months all the pain was gone! Never expected the joint to rebuild like that. I figured might as well keep going and build up as much new cartilage as possible, so I’ve kept it up for almost 3 years. Now I have normal use of the hip – no pain. The stiffness resolved when I started adding a couple oz of certo and grape juice. I’m a new man. Going to get new Xrays so I can actually see the new layer of collagen in the joint. Can’t thank you enough – and that chiropractor for telling me about it. The surgeons were really mad! Too bad, right?

E. Baney
N. Java, NY



For years I have been a competition water skier, specializing in slalom skiing. I had learned to replace my low-end generic protein powders a couple of years ago with Hydrolyzed Collagen, introduced to me by Dr O’Shea. It always worked extremely well to build lean muscle and also for quick healing of minor injuries and strains in three days or less. So much better than all those other standard health club powders.

I never thought I would have to put collagen to the test however until I had a freak accident that cost me my biceps. I was skiing with a very short line and started to fall. As my hand hit the water, the rope handle popped out of my hand, and in a split second the boat snapped the handle away, which went up my arm, right into my biceps, severing it in half crossways, with the tendons still attached. The pain was unimaginable.

I was most unfortunate then to go first to an orthopedist who delayed treatment due to misdiagnosis of the type of injury. By the time I had found a competent surgeon, my arm was in a pre-gangrenous state. That surgeon did the surgery the next day, removed all that was left of the biceps and insertions, leaving me minus one biceps. I began rehabbing a week later with range of motion exercise, and doubling the collagen dose. After just 3 weeks of rehab I could straighten my arm all the way.

I continued the regimen, and after a few months was able to resume virtually all my sports activities again, including water skiing. Although I no longer perform at the intense competitive level, my recovery has been dramatic. I am able to do almost everything I had done before the injury, with compensatory development of collateral musculature, resulting from the constant rehab exercises and collagen. I am very glad I discovered this very simple and effective collagen product; I just wish I didn’t have to test it to this extent!

J. Thielman
Lake Tahoe


Hey Dr T!

Thanks to your Hydrolyzed Collagen I cancelled my hip replacement surgery.

Here’s what happened: I had severe degenerative arthritis, according to my doctor, and the X-rays. The hip socket was bone on bone – you could see it clearly. It got to the point where I was in almost constant pain and had to use a cane to walk. I had to be on 2 pain killers a day, including Diclofenec, which can cause stroke and heart attack – – but otherwise I just couldn’t function. I started taking your collagen twice a day, blended in juice, just like the label says. After 2 months I was much better – after 3 months I had no pain at all! I can walk now, go swimming and do normal activities. So glad I found this solution and skipped the surgery. The doctors weren’t happy. So what? Thank you!

Indiana Gary

Dear Dr,

Can you send another consignment of Collagen ?

However while reading through your testimonials I noticed the advice you gave to a couple of people about a loading dose – so for a low back pain I had been experiencing I doubled the dose, as you advised, and literally the next day my back had improved. The day after that I was 100% better.

Couldn’t believe it. Great Stuff. Many thanks.

Kind Regards,

T. O’Kelly


HI Doc

For many years I used to get Cortizone shots in the base of each thumb and my big toe approximately every eight months. After taking your Hydrolyzed Collagen for a few months the pain was gone! Because of an injury to my toe I had one additional shot. With that exception, I have been pain free all this time. I have been taking Hydrolyzed Collagen every day for 3-4 years. Thanks for a great product!

Jerry Medinger
Key Largo


Hello Dr T:

Having initially started on the collagen for kidney degeneration (blood tests every 6 months) 8 months into the collagen I herniated a lower back disc and began treating with inversion – which has definitely helped. I have confirmed cervical spondylitis aggravated by torn rotator cuff muscles in both shoulders which never seemed to heal completely.

I have been taking the collagen one time a day – 2 tablespoons – for several months, and I can see no obvious benefit. I exercise but invariably arthritis kicks in and I have to ease up.

At 61 I seem to be suffering from steady degeneration thanks to a very hardworking life – complicated by massive stress. Always lived a healthy life on all fronts. I see much sense in your approach – and humour.

Am I expecting miracles from the small ration of collagen? is it worth continuing?

Many thanks for your consideration, it is much appreciated.

from ……

the Yukon

[Dr T reply]:

THAT’S EASY- no loading dose. someone with as stressful a life as you is causing destruction faster than your tissues can be repaired.

kinda like a basketball player with a sprained ankle who thinks it’ll heal if he keeps playing. in your extremely traumatic lifestyle, whyever that may be– you must start out with a loading dose–which you’ve never done– which would be at least 2 tblsp twice a day, and maybe 3 tblsp twice a day, depending on weight.

what you’ve been doing is barely enough to keep pace with the rate of declining collagen production that accompanies aging– to reverse a degenerative trend you have to tip the balance in favor of abundant availability– to give the body all it needs to maintain tissue integrity and at the same time repair tissue damage–

i thought this was explained in the chapter on hydrolyzed collagen, but maybe it wasn’t clear enough– so the answer is — double or triple your intake — not forever but at least for 2 or 3 packages until you reverse the trend more toward healing instead of progressive degeneration.

and take a break– ! life is short enough!


dr t


Hey Doc,

I have been using the Collagen for many years now. Looking back, after an ACL surgery my knee was getting gradually weaker. I began to wear a knee brace hoping that would improve things. It didn’t. After a year of the brace the knee was getting worse, so my orthopedist was scheduling a second surgery. That was when I started taking your collagen every day. After about 3 months the pain was gone and the joint kept getting stronger. No surgery! Now I am able to do the full F45 workout with no restriction. People should know they have an alternative to surgery – especially when the long term post- surgical track record is so dismal. Really appreciate thedoctorwithin – all the chapters and information!

Kurt Francis
Santa Barbara


After attending Dr O’Shea’s nutrition seminar I have been using the 60 Day Detox in my practice.

Recently I was working with a patient, a 50 year old construction worker who had a swollen and arthritic knee for years. Painkillers and antibiotics couldn’t touch it. Recently he had a severe flareup and had great difficulty walking.

He started taking Dr O’Shea’s collagen, and after one week was 80% recovered. In 3 weeks he was 90% cured.

His wife is a nurse and doesn’t believe in anything holistic. But after seeing these results with the husband, decided to try the collagen for the rheumatoid arthritis in her fingers that had been worsening for years. After 2 weeks, her hands were 80% recovered.

I don’t know what this collagen is, but my patients are amazed.

– Dr Yaniv Farbenbloom, Los Angeles


This hydrolyzed collagen is unbelievable. I thought there was no hope!

I have had low back pain for 6 years, worsening every year. A chiropractor I went to was no help. Waking up at night with pain, I even had to stop exercising. It was getting so bad I had to pick up my legs with my hands to get in the car. I began limping, and walked in a stooped over posture, all the time.

Finally one month ago someone told me about collagen. After 5 days taking it, I could walk straight again. After 2 weeks the pain was over 50% gone, and I began trusting my right leg to bear my weight for the first time in 2 years.

Now it’s been one month and the back pain is completely gone, except for occasional twinges. Medicine had nothing for me, except experimental surgery. My life was going down down down. How I ever found out about collagen, I am beyond thankful!

Cheryl Johnston

Dear Dr O’Shea

Our office has been buying 50 Collagen at once for several years. Patients love it. Many success stories. we just had a man with a knee surgery who was told it would take 14 weeks before he could walk again, After 7 weeks he was completely healed and walks with no pain.. thank you!
Dr Roger Roberts office
Sierra Vista AZ

[Dr T]: that’s great, doc. …wish he would have tried it sooner – might have avoided the surgery altogether, like so many others. Keep up the good work. The healing begins in your office.


hi doc,

Skiing in Lake Tahoe. Took a very easy fall but landed wrong and flipped backwards onto the right shoulder. Examination showed severe rotator cuff tear with Grade I acromio-clavicular separation. The shoulder was completely locked up for 2 weeks. No range of motion in any arc, due to severe pain and edema. Practicing chiropractor – could not work at all. Began looking into total disability paperwork. Then I began taking Hydrolyzed Collagen every day. Noticed immediate results — gradually increased motion, decreased swelling, improving quickly. After 2 weeks, I was able to return to work, with some restriction.. After 6 weeks continuing with Collagen, was completely recovered, with no residual pain, stiffness, or restricted motion. No drugs, no medical doctors, no rehab. Just collagen and chiropractic adjustment – natural holistic, vitalistic approach.

Dr Brent Trockman
Avila Beach CA


i bought your collagen and my tooth is no longer loose

Mary Lynn <>



The collagen has been working remarkably well for my patients. And fast. Have one auto accident patient, in her 60s. Badly injured hip joint, limping. 8 weeks of best chiropractic care yielded minimal results. Began collagen and in 2 weeks she had full range of motion and was practically healed up. I’ve seen the benefit for my patients, not just with collagen but with the rest of your supplements as well.
Thank you, Dr T!

Dr Aaron Seaton

Dear Dr T

Thank you for your advice regarding collagen. I will look forward to receiving 12 packs in due course.

Regarding my knee story, if it is helpful:

I have had weak knees since i was a child, perhaps caused by sports and other injuries. Most of my life, I was not able to kneel down for more than a few minutes without pain, and when i got up I was always stiff when i started walking.

Ten years ago I was advised to take some serrapeptase enzyme for a different reason, and my knees became very loose and would regularly clunk slightly out of joint. This was painful and very alarming. As a result I was no longer able to sit cross-legged ,or kneel down at all, Every time i got up, I would hobble for several minutes in pain and stiffness. I was only in my early 40s and it was very distressing, especially as I had a young child to take care of.

Then, earlier this year, Jason Eyton advised me to try your collagen. I took two heaped tablespoons in a freshly pressed vegetable juice twice a day. Within two months I was able to kneel down without pain. It was amazing. My knees no longer clunk out and I am not stiff when i get up. This is hard to believe as I lived with stiffness for most of my life, but it is absolutely true! I am so grateful as I was feeling very old until then.

My husband used to have very white hands and feet in the winter, but after taking the collagen at the same dose (two table spoons twice a day) his noticed his hands and feet were a normal colour again. He was really surprised and happy and he no longer gets chillblains, which were very painful.

And lastly, our dog. She is an old rescue who came over from Hungary at aged 11, and was very poorly. Since starting on the collagen, she has had a new lease of life. She is no longer sick after eating, and her back legs, which were very weak with no muscle, have strengthened up really well. Although she will never be a strong dog, she bounces around and is so much happier.

With kind appreciation and thanks.

Joanna Fuller
Somerset UK

Hello, my name is Don. I ordered your Collagen about 2 weeks ago and am amazed of how well it works. I’m a 41 year old bodybuilder/MMA training & bootcamp participant. My shoulder presses are on the heavy side and i was having problems with my left shoulder for months….now it went away….cannot beleive it. I have a question about this product, i noticed that my erections are better and semen volume has risen….no complaints here, but just wondering if this stimulates HGH levels or something? my email is 🙂


Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Cravings Reduced

About 8 months ago my daughter and I started taking the Hydrolyzed Collagen. Our dosage is 2 tablespoons of collagen twice a day.

We both had muscle pain which for her went away quite quickly. Mine, since I’m in my 70’s, healed slower.

We had significant weight loss. She has lost 27 pounds –I have lost 17 pounds.
Daughter has gone from a size 12 to a size 6, and I have gone from a 12 to an 8.

I have also had a remarkable change in hair thickness, as well as faster growth of fingernails. Everyone has noticed these changes, as well as a thickening of the skin of the face.

We try to stick to grass-fed meat and organic produce but it wasn’t until the
introduction of the Hydrolyzed Collagen that things started to improve.

We both will be taking this amazing supplement for the rest of our lives. I believe this will slow down the aging process.

Sue P. — Las Vegas


I had major degenerative changes in the cervical spine – discs gone C4-T1, both knees bone on bone, both the hips – bone on bone at acetabula, discs gone at L4 and L5. This was after a lifetime of sports including martial arts, marathons, etc. I was reduced to a wheelchair for more than a year, in constant pain. I could walk at home, but very slowly, and was bent forward at a 30 degree angle.

Then I learned about the Hydrolyzed Collagen from Dr O’Shea’s seminar I attended. After a month or 2, I quit the wheel chair for a walker, then went to a cane, and finally returned to unassisted walking. But the most amazing finding was getting new X-rays after a year of taking the collagen 2x a day: the discs had returned in both the neck and low back, and the menisci in both knees had returned! Also the hips, though still close up against the acetabula, were significantly improved. I had far less pain than before, allowing me to walk. The doctor said the new X-rays looked like that of a 30 year old. (I’ve been in practice that long)

What really turned it around for me was when I upped the daily dose to 3 tablespoons 2x a day. I could just feel my strength and mobility return. I feel very fortunate having discovered this Hydrolyzed Collagen. Without it I would certainly have been in the land of the tall trees by now.

– Dr S. Bosshuf, Santa Barbara


Dear Dr O’Shea,

I had a emergency liver transplant in 2009, after a severe liver infection. The drs. said I wouldn’t make it and my family was told to say goodbye. By the grace of God and the Cleveland Clinic I survived. But, as a result of the trauma, medically induced coma, and a long hospital stay I came out with neuropathy and fibromyalgia. I woke up with severe body pain all over, in my joints, and been loaded with so many toxins they didn’t function well.

My hairdresser sells the collagen at her salon and recommended I try it. I was at a point I could barely walk when I woke up because of hip pain.
After trying your collagen powder for just one night. I woke up with NO HIP PAIN what so ever. After taking it for a couple weeks by body all over body pain is now finally gone!
I also had tried the WEN hair products and lost a lot of hair as a result. Nothing was helping me grow it back but your powder. I can feel new growth !!
Now I hop out of bed and feel like I did when I was 30 and am now 48yrs old. HUGE DIFFERENCE in my life in every way and I don’t have to take pain meds. Prescribed by dr.


Michele Manco
Cleveland, OH


Hi Doctor Tim,
Was glad to have stumbled upon your site and took a chance to purchase your collagen.

All my life, I had been an avid soccer player, and 8 years back I had to call it quits as both my knees were wobblY. I suffered from acute stabs of pain in my left knee whenever I suddenly changed direction.

I had an MRI done and the orthopedic doctor asked if I would like to consider microfracturing to try to regrow some worn knee tissues. All it cost was around USD $15K or so per knee!

That was only in June this year before I ordered my Collagen from you which arrived in early July.

Now, I am actually playing soccer again!! – for 2 teams whose average age is around 35. I am 52 and am proud to say that my team mates appreciate my high work rate.

Thanks Tim

Philip Wen


Dr. O’Shea – you have another winner with this new Collagen supplement! It is definitely on my top five supplement list. The list of side benefits are amazing. The weight loss my wife has experienced was an unexpected bonus. Scars dissapearing, hair and nails thickening, better sleep, etc. I and my family will be taking this for life in addition to the other fine cutting edge suplements you recommend. It’s so nice to know someone who has done the research and sells the “real deal” and that I’m no longer wasting my money trying to find the right supplements in the health food jungle.

– Martin Runik, Cameron Park CA.

I have been taking collagen for almost 4 years now. I originally had chronic joint pain of the knees and hands for about 10 years. Nothing helped except for glucosamine, and that was only a little. Nothing appeared like a cure until I began taking Hydrolyzed Collagen regularly. Soon I could exercise normally – no pain. This collagen definitely cured me of joint pain. I found a winning ticket and I will continue to take it. HC for the rest of my life because of everything it does.
Thank you!
– A. French, Bay Area


Very informative Dr T.
You have obviously spent a great deal of time and effort with this subject and the products. In a world with so much marketplace competition it is rare to find your web page. .. there are exceedingly unscrupulous merchants that sell rotten and harmful foodstuff from China and anywhere else they can get it to unsuspecting consumers. For the sake of myself and my family I am careful of what we all consume.

I have ulcerative colitis and am hoping this will be a healthy choice for me. So for these reasons I am careful to read and understand product information on labels. I do not know anything about you or your product and only have your website to go on for information. I am the sole provider. I cannot afford to risk my health for any reason because that would jeopardize my livelihood as well.

Based on the manufacturing process of this product described on your website I would like to purchase your hydrolyzed collagen today. The information in the chapter of your web page was what to look for in the best hydrolyzed product and did not claim it applied to your product necessarily. But I will assume your product is produced exactly the way as described on your site.

Thanks for your time and for the lesson on collagen.

David Stokely>

Thanks a lot, Dr. T.

We will always remember you as our angel who watches over us and guards us against all evils and from being lured in by charlatans and “googlepedia” as you call it.

Really for a novice who is desperately looking for a cure, we are often drawn to our eventual disappointments. There’s so much to learn from you and from your website that it will take two lifetimes to learn from it. How you were able to master it is beyond admirable. My wife and I often think of your sage words whenever we are reading something and often use this question to help guide us:
“What would Dr. T think about this?

For instance, we were all along doing our smoothies with your Hydrolyzed Collagen with all the mixed fruits and berries thinking we should get as much nutrients and enzyme as we can to optimize our body’s needs. We were also following your direction: “Get the most nutrients into your body as you eat.” Good thing you caught us in time when you told us, mixing Hydrolyzed collagen with tea is bad. Mixing it with so many varieties is also bad and it’s better to mix with one fruit or one vegetable juice. Whew! What a screeching halt that was.

Anyway, this statement is to tell you how much we must still learn from your immense knowledge. Thank you also for sharing it with us and everyone so generously and openly.

God Bless You.

Molly Vivian and Joseph
Los Angeles


Greg White, 60 years old, Santa Paula, CA

Two years ago, Mr. White was taking morphine and Vicodin multiple times a day. His original injury had been mishandled by Worker’s Compensation, – four failed back surgeries, and his medical doctors were trying to convince him to go for a fifth.

For some 31 years Mr. White has been a patient of Dr. Alice Nelson of Santa Barbara CA. He had been coming in for adjustments every six weeks or so. After a nutritional seminar with Dr. Tim O’Shea, Dr. Nelson thought a trial of collagen for Mr. White would be worthwhile.

He no longer looks like the man we knew 2 years ago. That man had severe muscle wasting, and was by his own admission, a drug addict to those pharmaceutical drugs he was taking. The man we see now has regained much of his musculature and is completely free of all prescription pain medications.

How did Mr. White get to this point? In his own words:

I started taking the collagen about a year ago (June 25, 2009), . The collagen calls me. I listen to my body. I take it every day, once in the morning, and again in the afternoon. I don’t forget, it’s food to me. It’s what my body wants. I like to think I can trust what my body says, now.

[When under medical care] I was doing what I was told, and it was killing me, slowly. Nobody saw anything wrong with that. Ignorance isn’t bliss!

I asked if his medical doctors wanted to know why he is so much better.

I don’t think so. They were angry I didn’t want to continue with the morphine. They lost money, I think that was it.

With regard to taking collagen:

It’s easy. If you take the collagen once or twice a day for a couple of weeks you’ll know there is a difference. Your fingernail clippers don’t work as well… If it helps my fingernails, I’m thinkin’… what else is it doing all over my body? …THIS is modern medicine. Making people better. I’m a better person with less pain. And, I’m clearer now. No more fog in the head.

Mr. White told his surgeon that he’s saving about one thousand dollars a month in prescriptions.

“Collagen unlike pharmaceuticals is not poison, it’s GOOD. If you’re paying attention at all, you will quickly notice improvement – little bit by little bit – until you say wow! This stuff is amazing!

I wouldn’t let them do a lumbar fusion – and they fought me, hard – …I don’t know why they [the medical doctors] didn’t get on the phone and call you guys. Why didn’t they want to know what’s so different about the collagen, and chiropractic? Where is “here, have some more morphine” in the Hippocratic Oath?

In the dark of the night, there’s only one person there… and until you call for help, you’re alone. …If you don’t think there’s hope, there isn’t hope.”


thought you might be interested that your collagen is turning my grey hair back to its original color of dark brown.

– dr steve

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[Standard disclaimer: the following statements are unsolicited anecdotal
comments from real people. There is certainly no claim being made
here that any of the whole food supplements or holistic methods
described on this site are meant to diagnose, treat, or cure disease.
The supplements are whole foods, not drugs.]


Dear Dr O’Shea

Maybe you’ll remember that 3 months ago I came to your office telling you my story of pain.

I had a history of osteoporosis with severe hip and low back pain for a year. I took medication but it got to the point where it was no help at all.

Had a bone density test which confirmed the advanced osteoporosis. Then 2 weeks before I saw you I collapsed from pain which was so severe I couldn’t even speak, let alone walk. A few days later I came to your office for the consultation and bioterrain analysis.

You looked at my records and hematology, referred me to a chiropractor near me and put me on your 60 Day Program. If ever there was a candidate for it, I was the one.

Now 3 months later I am so happy to report I’m a changed person. I have no more bone pain, back pain or joint pain.

I am running on the beach very often. I can dance all night! A cyst which had been developing in my breast has completely disappeared. But now for the most amazing thing – I had a bone density test which came back up one whole point. My orthopedic surgeon said he never saw anything like it before. I’m sure it’s due to the collagen.

The 60 Day Program was a little difficult at first. My friends told me I didn’t have to follow it to the letter. But I knew I did have to do it exactly as written because I knew I was sick. So I didn’t cheat even once.

And after 2 weeks it became routine, and was actually fun. Now after completing it I am so glad I did! I have my life back.

This is definitely has to be the #1 holistic health program out there. Can’t thank you enough!

– Irene from L.A.



Allow me to say that if you’re reading this testimonial, you’ve found what I believe to be the best health related website known to man. I’ve read them all, so save yourself a lot of time and energy and read the chapters on thedoctorwithin, and if these do not solve most if not all of your health related issues, my guess is you’re probably beyond help.

My health started to decline about 10 years ago. Being in my mid 20’s at the time, I didn’t acknowledge obvious signs, but continued to work out and just force myself to run, lift weights, etc., and generally blame any allergies or other disorders on things such as age, environment, and not really concern myself with health or diet.

As the years passed, I noticed I couldn’t really gain or lose weight. My allergies got to the point where I just couldn’t taste food, and the only way to breathe through my nose was to sprint as hard as I could in the hopes my nostrils would open up as a response to my body needing the oxygen. My skin became very dry, and after years of neglect and a fast food and Mountain Dew Diet, I developed eczema on my hands and feet, dry skin on my back and rosacea on my face. All, of course, had no cures but I was eagerly prescribed bottle after bottle of antibiotics, steroid cremes, etc etc..

My temper got to the point that it was almost impossible to be patient with my two small children,

At that point I actually started using the internet to find out what the hell was going on with me, and why I was rotting from the inside out. After reading well over 500 sites, I started looking into the natural, holistic types of treatments. I continued to visit doctors and received the same nonsense with every visit. The dermatologists kept pushing the steroid cremes and antibiotics and M.D.s would actually say “You have a deviated septum, we need to set you up to get that repaired (surgery) or you’ll never breathe through your nose” or the classic “I would think there was a problem with you if you weren’t exhausted all the time.”

I guess with that statement and the fact my face looked like I was wearing a red hockey mask – I decided I was going to try this crazy ‘holistic’ approach.

I started going from site to site , but for some reason I was reading about enzymes one day and it linked me to Dr. Tim O’Shea, thedoctorwithin. Thank God for that. After reading some of his chapters and laughing hysterically at some of his comments about uncredentialed chatty females, I thought finally a guy who gets it and seems like a straight shooter. I hung the New West Diet on my refrigerator and stopped the fast food (3X a day) and Mountain Dews immediately. I decided to give Dr. O’Shea a call and get the consultation.

Unfortunately I have quite a story, so the hour seemed to pass in about 3 minutes, but it was critical I made this call as he is no bullshit, and he really put the lingering questions and doubts I had to rest. I continued to prep my body with organic fruits, vegetables and meats, and when I ordered all the recommended supplements, my 60 day detox began.

It is absolutely no exaggeration to say that his program UNEQUIVOCALLY cured every degenerative disease I was suffering from.

As I type this, the only reminder of the last eight years is a slight pinkish outline on my cheeks from where the rosacea cleared. The allergies – gone. The yellow bubbles/toxic poison breaking through my fingers and feet – gone. The lethargy, falling asleep to and from work, falling asleep the minute I walk in my front door – gone. My energy has gotten to the point I’m trying to avoid being labeled hyper. The wonderful skin on my back described by a few gals as alligator skin – gone. The brain fog – gone. The body fat – gone. A wart on my right index finger – gone, just fell off.

If you’re wondering if I’m saying that this program is a panacea, for me it was. Plain and simple. I can taste food for the first time since I can remember, and the taste of organic food compared to the processed trash I was eating before is unbelievable. Now whether it is the food or the fact that I can now taste, who knows and who cares. All I know is my physical condition is incredible and I just wish I knew about this type of program years ago.

The final thing I can attribute to Dr. O’Shea and his incomparable knowledge, is the fact that about midway through the program I passed mucoid plaque. That feeling for me was indescribable. It has been described by Dr. Richard Anderson as an emotional, physical and spiritual experience, and how right he is.

Now that the 60 days are over, it seems like about as easy a program as you can follow. I had the ‘healing crisis’, I had the doubts, I had the curiosity about are these holistic types for real, I went through exactly what 90% of you reading this testimonial are thinking. 60 days later, thank God I was at the end of my rope, because I did the program by the book and every condition I had is gone. If signs reappear, they go away within a day or two.

I can’t explain it, but to have this kind of health after forcing myself to believe that the conditions of slowly dying are normal is hard to put in words. In closing I’ll say this. I have no idea if you will get these type of results. If I was a betting man I’d bet everything I own that you will. It is just that simple.

If you live on garbage food, milk, and things you always thought were moderately healthy, get on the New West Diet, follow it, call Dr. O’Shea for a consultation and see what happens. You’ll be writing your own testimonial in about 3 months.

From: Sean
-Cured on the East Coast.

[Sean’s follow-up comment nine years later]:

I’m writing this testimonial as sort of an update to my initial one, approximately 9 years ago, when I first met Dr. O’Shea. In case anyone reading feels there is no lasting benefit to this program.

I reread my initial testimonial and had forgotten how screwed up I was 10 years ago. Forgotten mainly because none of my previous symptoms have returned. More importantly, my two sons who are now 15 and 13 and follow the same dietary principals Dr. O’Shea lays down, have defied all standard beliefs on “normal” health issues teenagers face. For example: They have not missed any school for health related issues. Unheard of in this day and age. No braces and no cavities. Their Korean dentist made a point of saying “I don’t understand this, they are the only two kids in (my town) I have not had to put braces on.” I’ve also learned that some of their friends are on their second set of braces. Wow. When my 15 yr old brings friends over it is hard to recognize them due to the amount of acne on their faces. We have no medicines in our house, no boxes of tissues. We do have sunlight, red meat, raw milk, raw cheese, eggs, fruit, simply orange OJ, sweet potatoes and on occasion white rice as a filler for their voracious appetites. That is pretty much it. I buy them bread from a local company that makes it themselves with NO SOY OIL. You may want to read that again, especially if you’re raising boys.

So this is my update. Get on the 60 day detox if you’re an adult and lived and ate foolishly as i once did. If your children are suffering due to your lack of knowledge it is simple: Use Dr. O’Shea’s website, dietary recommendations as a guide and soon your child will be an entirely different kid. It is weird how well nourished children behave compared to, well just about every other child.

When my 13 yr old was 7 he lost the top half of his right middle finger fooling around with his brother near industrial door hinges (use your imagination). Got it sewn back on and doc said it may take it may not but lets hope it regenerates. At one week checkup doc said it would take about 6 more weeks to see about rehab etc. That was our last doctor’s appointment. I upped his intake of grass fed beef and raw milk. Two weeks later he went to baseball and through muscle memory started throwing. The bandage splint apparatus came flying off and well that was that. I cut the stitches out and his finger is perfect. I believe they call it nutrition.

My boys have never, after meeting Dr. O’Shea and doing my own research, and I mean never gotten any needles filled with poison put in their blood. They haven’t gotten the flu shot or SARS or Ebola or anything else, must be a miracle…..In every state I’ve lived I filled out the religious waiver form and that is that. I have had your occasional overweight busy body female administrator try to chest up to me but after about 10 seconds the situation is resolved and my boys do not under any circumstances get poisoned.

Dr. O’Shea and the information he provides is your wake-up call. You no longer need to “believe” things will get better, when the fact is you can make things better with very little difficulty.



Response to October 2023 Newsletter article: Type II Diabetes: The Only Cure

Thank you Dr. O’Shea.

Your article on Type 2 Diabetes in your recent newsletter is one of the best I have read – and I have read hundreds of articles about this disease. My niece in Santa Barbara had her left foot, ankle and calf amputated last month. She had developed a sore that would not heal, which led to an infection and then the amputation. She is currently in rehab at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital following her surgery and was put on insulin first, then Metformin. She is only 50 years old, has several university degrees and had been working as a teacher of teachers for Santa Barbara County. She is learning to adjust to the loss of her limb and is now desperate to make lifestyle changes. I recently introduced her to your web site Chapters, your New West Diet and the YouTube videos. I believe she will take your advice seriously. Thanks again. I have read your entire website throughout many years.

I. Aguirre


[Dr T: Here’s one recent diabetes story by a patient using the 60 Day Program, from the Feedback and Testimonial section –

    • Hello Dr. O’Shea,

Just a quick update concerning our last conversation back in June, 2023.

Type 2 diabetes is not only in remission, the blood tests show non diabetic status (from 9.0 A1C to 4.8 A1C. Healed.
Sleep apnea healed.

Weight loss from 375 at first to 320lbs (all water weight from heart failure. Now down from 320- 240lbs. total loss of 135lbs, with 40 more to go.

Heart failure healed. Was 30% output now to 60% heart output.

The only two things that are troubling is cholesterol is still at 200 for total cholesterol, can’t seem to get that down.
Lastly blood pressure still elevated and or high.

Also have only been eating fruits and vegetables with fish everyday. Sometimes rye bread and brown rice with beans.

I have also been on phase 2 taking it twice per day since August.

Things are getting much better. I am on the detox for life so I don’t care, The longer I do this the more I know the body will fix itself.

This was all done without taking any medication, nothing. Not for type or blood pressure.

I have also been downgraded from having cardiac arterial disease to single vessel damage.

This is thanks all to you and your detox program. All the hard work you have done. Thank you dearly my friend.

Thank you again.



Colon Cancer

[This patient did a consultation with us after he received a diagnosis of colon cancer following a routine colonoscopy. 55 year old male, perfect health, no fever or illness, no remarkable medical history, no drug history, good diet, normal weight, no symptoms. Followed by a recommendation for oncology, including surgery and chemo, following just the single colonoscopy report.

The patient has watched several family members die of cancer treatment and was not inclined to do either surgery or chemo if they could be avoided.

He sent the colonoscopy report to us, which was very preliminary. Finding of a “mass” in the sigmoid, identified as “adenocarcinoma” and no other explanation. Here is the email response we sent him:

“HI S,

This is helpful, although what it doesn’t tell us is more than what it does tell us. I’m not instructing you what you should do here. Just describing what I would do if this were me.

Identifies as adenocarcinoma, and not a polyp, although that distinction is not plainly evident.

There’s no measurement of the mass – could be 1 cm or 8 cm : they didn’t measure. that is critical info.

Here’s some general information about adenocarcinoma, most of which is fairly accurate.

So what the report doesn’t tell us are questions that should be answered very specifically at the first meeting with the oncologist, if it were me: (have them written down)

    • 1. What is the size? Obviously it’s not enormous or it would be interfering with elimination.

2. Corroboration with CT findings. Size and location.

2. What did the biopsies say? What type? What stage? Malignant or benign? Specific evidence for either.

3. Any clear and incontrovertible evidence of local lymph node involvement – pain, swelling, increased lymphocytes in blood work, etc? Let’s see the imaging, etc.

4. Blood chemistry results? this is something that I would do as soon as possible – it’s just routine. It’s necessary to ask for a cancer marker panel before going in. Looking for elevated white counts, indicating infection, specific cancer markers, comparison with normal. Also comparison with the blood work of a patient with advanced stage III colorectal cancer. And also remember that high white counts alone are not an indication of cancer, but rather inflammation and infection. Cancer is not usually inflammatory at all since it’s your body’s own cells which have mutated and dedifferentiated. Not regarded as foreign by your immune system.

If you want to test the oncologist ask him what are the specific cancer markers for colorectal cancer. Good quiz.

5. If surgery is recommended, exactly what is the proposal? Exactly what is to be excised or resected? What long term colon function will be the result, even if the surgery is 100% successful?

In my opinion it doesn’t seem worthwhile to meet with the oncologist until all these results are in and he’s evaluated all of them together. Otherwise it’s just piece work while we’re waiting for him to do his job and put the various pieces of the puzzle together. Just added stress to do it like that, plus all those visits are a waste of the patient’s time.

what is the frequency of passing blood? Is it continuing or was it just once? better or worse?

Under no circumstances should any patient indicate to them that he is researching “alternate” options. That’s going to unleash a whole rasher of undocumented horror stories and psy-op guilt trips which patients really don’t need at this point.

It is fine to let them know that you’re the one in control of your case and you’re not going to blindly follow whatever casual recommendation they might make. It’s best that they come to regard the patient as sort of a jerk – not necessarily rude – just someone who doesn’t blindly believe every single thing they tell you, with no proof. Not their usual sheep.

Already getting an idea of your being put into some general category of patient with the default recommendation for one of the most powerful and addicting opioid drugs: fentanyl – at the top of the report. Especially since you’re not complaining of any pain. That’s typical billing prep — you’re a walking ATM machine, not a patient. Fentanyl is expensive.

So that gives us a little to work on. Let me know when something changes.

general info on Polyps:

Best regards,

Dr T

Dr. T thank you for your email. Yes lots of unanswered questions. I will work on getting this info and share it with you as I receive them. Thanks again for all of the information and helping me feel like I am not crazy. I am not a sheep and am not buying into the chemo gravy train. Sounds awful.

Speak to you soon.
– S


Charlie Ruland

8:30 AM (2 hours ago)

Dr. O’Shea,

I have suffered from psoriasis for about 15 years – I am 55 . It started out in small red patches on both legs just above my ankles. It grew in diameter each year. Then it went to my thighs. Just big red splotchy patches, – embarrassing enough that I didn’t want to wear shorts .

Then about 4 months ago I started taking several of your products, which are curing my psoriasis. My skin condition has now almost completely disappeared. I am wearing shorts every day and the splotches are 100% gone!! …and the usual itchiness and white scaly skin is all gone.

So tell me, how is this happening? I’ve been taking the following products religiously for the last 3-4 months: Digest-A-Zyme (3 tablets AM, 3 in the PM); Florabiotics (3 tablets AM, 3 in the PM); Phase 2 (3 tablets in the AM); Expel (2-3 tablets at night). And last but not least the Protein Peptides powder (w/fresh organic OJ morning and almost every day in a smoothie as well). Nothing in my diet has changed and I still exercise regularly. What do you think?

Very grateful,

Charlie Ruland

[DR T RESPONSE]: It’s the synergy of all the products together, in this case especially the hydrolyzed collagen that seems to be repairing the skin. Read the chapter on each product. ]


On Thu, Jan 12, 2023 at 5:20 PM Albert Chinchilla <> wrote:

Hello Doc,

I have been trying out a juice diet fast for about 8 days so far I have lost 10 lbs. Was beginning to become overweight and then I was introduced to your website by a colleague. Very informative and terrific work! Bought your supplements a couple of times and have been dying to try out the new west diet. That’s why I started the juice diet to prepare myself for your supplements.

My question is: how do you know when you are “cleansed”?

Sent from my iPhone

[Dr T]
A good question for a first timer.

How did you know it was time to get married? Or divorced? Your life changes. You’re on new whole new plane — or for some, a new rocket ship.

You’ll be normal weight. You’ll sleep 8 hours and will wake up refreshed. You’ll have tons of energy and get everything done. You’ll have no pain. You won;’t be on any drugs or have cravings for coffee tobacco, alcohol or refined CHOs. Your skin will clear up. You have that glow from when you were younger. If you exercise, your muscles are ready for fitness. They’re crying for it.

If you’re unhappy in your work, you’ll quit and find what you were supposed to be doing.

No pain, no drugs, normal elimination, no doctors – except thedoctorwithin.

Those are some hints.

Hey Dr. O’Shea

I just want to say thank you. I did your 60 day program and continued on with your wellness recommendations. I just did an exam and labs for a new life insurance policy. It came back as “Super preferred” which is extremely hard to get. I now have more than double my old life insurance amount for about the same price. No doubt it is due to the 60 day program and continuing with that healthy lifestyle.

If anyone is “on the fence” about doing this program I hope this helps. My blood pressure was 114/62 when I did my exam. Before that I was still healthy but would usually come in around 130/85. All of my labs were perfect on this blood test. That is a dramatic improvement. So thank you for all that you do.

— Dr Aaron Seaton                     –   –

My wife and I did the 60 day program. Great results! We both noticed increased energy. My blood pressure lowered 15 points. And we both lost about 15 lbs. More important I learned a lot while reading all of your articles and feeling the difference in having an enzyme rich diet and by eliminating my toxic load. Great experience that has and will continue to change the course of our lives. Thank you for the work you do. Feel free to post this as a testimonial if you would like.

Thanks so much Dr Tim Thanks for all you do!
Dr Jason North

North Chiropractic Center
1220 N. Main St. Suite 2
Springville, UT 84663
(801) 491-4195


HI Dr T!

Wanted to let people know that the most important thing about the 60 Day Program is exactly what you say – if you’re not going to dedicate yourself for the entire two months, don’t even bother. Truer words were never spoken. Once I read that, I knew this guy was for real.

A few years ago I got a mysterious lung infection. Not only could I hardly breathe, but the pain was so bad I went to the hospital. They were mystified and took a biopsy from the lung. Their best guess was MERSA, complicated by pneumonia and sepsis. The treatment was 6 weeks of almost constant IV vancomycin. I worsened during that time, bedridden, completely incapacitated. After 6 weeks, no improvement – still couldn’t breathe or get out of bed. The best the “experts” would come up with at that point with was another 6 weeks of exactly the same IV antibiotic.

At that same time I came across your life-saving website at thedoctorwithin and began reading about the 60 Day Program. Everything you said rang true, especially the part about taking responsibility for my own health because the medics are just guessing, etc. Reading that one idea saved my life. Especially when I found out later that MERSA is the most antibiotic resistant of all bacteria! If I’d have listened to them I’d probably be dead.

Anyway, after reading the entire 60 Day Program chapter, I went home and ordered the Program. I also read the chapters on the individual supplements and the New West Diet. I never read anything like this – it all made so much sense.

It wasn’t easy at first.. The part about the healing crisis was right on the money. For a few weeks I got worse, but I realized that was the evidence of detoxing all those years of sludge and drugs from my tissues. I could feel the changes happening inside me, but it was slow going. But soon I got over the hump and could feel my life returning. I actually did the entire program twice because it made sense to continue the only thing that had ever shown positive results.

After everything I’ve been through the one thing I’m sure of is – I would have never got the results I’ve seen without doing your program. I would never have realized that I could be responsible for my own health and could overcome any health challenge. Why don’t more people know about this? No wonder you’re being censored!

Have a great New Year doc – can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back.

Carlton Stroughton


Good Morning Dr. T!

I have done the 60 days twice very strictly and religiously. I felt wonderful while I was on it, the asthma I had was never acting up, sometimes it would try, but something was not allowing it. The second time was even better. after reading all of your chapters and book, I agree with the things you write mostly because I myself looked up most of your data, WOW,

Seriously!!!! I am the guy you said that has a “Facilitated neurologic loop that has become sensitized by years of unmetabolized foods, and many different triggers could fire that, so more fundamental than cutting out the triggers in my opinion, is dismantling the whole pathway itself.” I loved that sentence!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Dr. T for taking the time.

Krisztian K


I just wanted to say that your website is one of the few that speaks the truth. There is so much bad information out there promoted by the big, evil moneymakers, that people need an alternative source of information. I am particularly impressed by your pointing out the problems with fluoride and fluoridation, as well as hydrogenated oils, which are literally everywhere in today’s food. I am very angered to know that millions of people are unknowingly poisoning themselves and their own families, thanks to the blatant lying and misinformation. To the corporations, it’s as if we exist only to make them money. Buy their foods and drinks and when you get sick from the food, buy their medicines. Keep up the good work. Sincerely,
– Andrew Peters


Hello Dr. O’Shea,

I saw your interview with Dr John Bergman on YouTube today re gut health and the 60-day Detox. I was very interested in your 60-day detox discussion and have a question for you. I had Covid just less than 2 months ago. One of the lingering effects has been a messed up GI system. I have never had any problems with my gut and now I have a persistent issue re constipation / lower intestinal pain / bloating. It has been going on now for about 5 weeks and my GP is stumped as to the cause. Nonetheless, a quick perusal of the internet shows a vast number of references regarding the impact of Covid on the GI system – including a high percentage of people suffering from this who have never had GI problems before contracting Covid (like myself).

I can’t live like this. I am the type of person who looks for alternative healing methods as I have lost total faith in the medical system, which I believe has been completely infiltrated by big pharma. I have had 2 shots (Pfizer) only because I had to in order to be granted access back into my home country (Canada).

My question is, would you have any advice on the use of your 60-day detox products as a remedy for my GI issues resulting from my bout with Covid? Covid has completely changed my bowel cycle / rhythm and its affecting every part of my life including my mood / psyche. Any advice would be appreciated.




HI Mark,
First of all my opinion is it’s not COVID, it’s the vaccine. Or else a hybrid of the flu created by the lockdown and the last 2 years of government terrorism. Or else the cumulative effect of years of a bad lifestyle. Stop thinking about some fake infectious disease to blame things on. Drugs vaccines diet lifestyle trauma etc — cumulative is the word. What to do now ? That video was just the briefest intro to the chapter where all the science behind the 60 Day Program is waiting. Without considering the profound lifestyle effects summarized therein the rest of the conversation is just vague and desperate theorizing. You want your health back? Do the work. The geniuses don’t have your answer. It’s up to you now. Start by reading the entire chapter. If all that is irrelevant well then we can start looking for other alternatives. Butr for most people it makes more sense to start with what is right in front of you.

The 60 Day Program

Journey to the Center of Your Colon

Get busy!
Dr T

Mark’s reply:

Good morning Dr. O’Shea

I had 2 vaccine shots back in Jan-Feb of this year, and when Covid hit 2 months ago, I immediately felt something was ‘off’ in the digestive system. I am very interested to learn about your detox program. I trust it’s becoming more popular as more and more people are experiencing GI problems. My understanding is that it’s become the most frequent post-covid/post-vaccine effect (beyond cardiac and beyond lung) that people are seeing. This scares me, quite frankly. My system has lost its rhythm/cycle.
I spent several days reading the Chapters and all of the information on your site. I found the information to be very thorough, well researched, and well documented. I am a registered professional engineer and so I consider that level of research to be instrumental in my decision process. As such, I just placed an order for your 60-day program. I am very excited and anxious to receive it, as I have now made my decision to improve my health and resolve these gut issues brought on by Covid/the vaccine.


Manitoba, Canada

Thanks for confirming my suspicions. It was definitely the vaccine. In my videos I show how at least 1.5 million Americans have died from the vaccine in the past 2 years, including dozens of other life threatening side effects. All the legitimate scientists know this and are censored from all corporate media. So what you have is a vaccine injury, and your particular effect was obviously the destruction of your gut flora. When you read the colon chapter it describes the Flora Blitz where the dosage of Total Florabiotics is doubled for the first month of the 60 Day Program. That is the most likely remedy for your situation.

Let us know if we can help. We do have a discount – if you have another person who wants to do the program with you, we offer a third program for free when you buy two together.

In any case. This is a solvable problem as you can see from browsing a few of the Testimonials.
Best regards, and Merry Christmas

– DR T


Hi Doc,
I was lucky enough to be present for Dr. Tim’s one day presentation in Windsor, England in May.

loving the 60 days Program. . 4 days left and I am feeling amazing. I’m doing a 12 week triathlon training program that is taking me to Kona for the World Ironman Championships in 2 weeks in the best shape, weight, health and fitness I have ever been in whilst racing consistently over the last 20 years.


Many thanks
Dr Steve Hobson
pilatessteve <>


I love the range of nutritional info, from colon health to collagen, minerals, etc… really found the vaccine material enlightening as well – finally answered many a question I had regarding the impact of vaccines on young children. great day spent… getting to the real basis and cause of diseases.

– Anonymous, Carslbad

Kathy Keesling Passage: Most informative site! Great information w/o any “agenda” other than healthy bodies!


You need counseling.
– FG, Palm Springs

Hi Dr. O’Shea:

First of all, your website has changed my life. I luckily stumbled across it one day a few weeks ago. I haven’t finished reading all of the chapters, but the ones I have read have really opened my eyes. Wow – I don’t know how to thank you for this information.

Christina Pucci
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Dr T.–

Just wanted to report back to you that I have been taking the Expel, Total Complete Chelated Minerals, Oral Chelation, Digest-A-Zyme, Total Florabiotics, and your Hydrolyzed Collagen daily for about 3 weeks or so. In that time the Ulcerative Colitis has stabilized. The New West Diet is helpful as well. I am not fully healed yet but clearly the tide is changing in my favor. Your teaching and products are fundamental to my recovery and I want you to know how thankful my family and I are for that. God bless you.

It overtook me so quickly that all I could do was to eliminate eating all solid foods. No medications. From the evidence I could only conclude it was ulcerative colitis and/or colon cancer. No other conclusion fit. The jury is still out on the what pathology exactly is the problem but the solution is the same. Going forward I have been having much success with your supplements thus allowing my body the opportunity to heal itself.

Something is still very seriously wrong with my colon (blockage, diverticulosis, ulcerative colitis, colon tumor, cancer or all of the above) but the symptoms are greatly diminished. Regardless of what is causing the issue I am seeing measurably significant improvements. My appetite is also increasing dramatically, which is actually making it more difficult to adhere to the strict diet necessary to continue to improve without setbacks. I wish I could have a strong appetite suppressant for a time but I am managing nonetheless. And I take the return of my appetite as a very good sign.

Thanks again for what you do.

David Stokely

[Dr T]—- Not bad after 3 weeks. Just remember it’s not the Three Week Program– it’s the 60 Day Program. do the deed! Other stories on this page were much worse than yours, and they recovered.

Dr O’Shea:

I completed the 60 day program a couple of weeks ago. I followed it to the letter, which was not too difficult after I got used to the diet.
I have lost 19 lbs.

I had been on blood pressure medication for about 7 years, which I stopped when I started the program.

My BP has not gone high a single time during the program or since, which is also great.

In our phone consultation, I told you that I had been having issues with my right hip and that my PCP had ordered x-rays and diagnosed me with arthritis and bone spurs almost 2 years ago. You had requested that I send you copies of the x-rays, which are attached.

I am well pleased with the results from the program and will continue to follow the diet and your supplements on the maintenance level.

Thank you so much
Pam –

[Dr T]:

Thanks PK
Congratulations on finishing the program as prescribed! I guess the weight loss and getting off BP meds made it worthwhile.

Really didn’t expect any visible improvement in the acetabulum in such a short time. Hpw long did it take to wear out? Six months to a year might be a more likely interval to expect resolution of that problem that severe. Many levels of collagen structures must be rebuilt. Also I would recommmend seeing a chiropractor who specializes in extremities — it looks subluxated medial and superior on Xray. A real expert, preferably with postgrad training. I know an expert in Morgan Hill CA.

Here is the standard maintenance schedule after completing the program.

Except in your case the collagen dose stays the same as it has been. Maximum is 6 tablespoons per day.

Congratulations on the progress you have made!


Hello doc…

I just wanted to send you an email of appreciation. I’m a 27 year old male who has always had an interest in health. I’ve tried the best I can to navigate my way through all the B.S. out there and actually find the real scoop about health and nutrition. I have to say, your articles challenged my previous belief system, but I dig that. I’m one of the few that enjoys finding out I’ve been wrong. Then at least I have a chance.

My girlfriend went Soy Crazy last year, drinking soy shakes, soy milk, eating soy burgers, soy ice cream… Thinking she was doing her body good. Despite going to the gym 6 days a week, she was not losing a pound and felt kinda lousy about it. Before her soy kick, she was doing great. She already had been avoiding sugar, processed food (we know now that soy is processed), and had good success before she got on the soy train. She’s off soy now, eats organic, drinks plenty of water and is feeling great.

Thank you for sticking to your guns and exposing the political and financial motivation behind what our country is being spoon fed. Americans are probably the most brainwashed group of people in the history of the world, just due to the fact that the media is everywhere, and we’re all so cocky that we know everything. Idiots. I don’t want to live that way.

Lawrence August


Just read your Newsletter and LOVED IT!. It had so much great info and great humor despite your seriousness. I learn so much from you. I want to send you my sincere appreciation for what you have done for me.

I have completed 60 days of your nutrition program and am so excited to say SUCCESS! I can’t believe the difference – my blood pressure came from low to normal which has not occurred in over 30 years. My skin has improved so much, my digestive tract is working and fantastically at that. I will continue to follow the plan. The diet part was already in my routine but adding your supplements has changed me so much. No depression, no fatigue, and the healing goes on each day. I share your program to whomever will listen. The best way to show the results is to be the results.

Obamacare or any conventional medicine will kill me or render me useless, based on my own past experiences. I use your information to support my resistance to any medication and definitely no vaccines. I have a card in my wallet that says I am allergic to ingredients in drugs and vaccines and hope it is respected. I knew thirty years ago I would have to rely on natural doctoring and that is why I pay so much attention to alternative treatments.

Just a big hug and thank you for life giving care.

Elena Pedersen


Hello Dr O’Shea,

My name is Noureddine, i am 31 years old and i live in the south of France. I’m writing to you to thank you very very much.

I discovered your website 2 years ago when i was becoming desperate about several health issues i had :
Acne, psoriasis, gastric reflux, fatigue, often getting “colds” and cherry on the cake overweight ( i’m 6.5ft and was weighing at the most 107 kg (235.4 lbs)).
Being French, my diet consisted mostly of products with refined carbs ( bread, pasta, cookies, chocolate, chips, ice cream, yoghurt, all shoved down with heavy amounts of coke). And no physical activity whatsoever.

I was hopeless because like you said in the “vicarious elimination” chapter, no drug had any effect …

Thanks to you i discovered how the “health” system works in our supposedly advanced countries and it’s an
absolute shame.
I counted on several doctors to help me, they took big amounts of money from the healthcare national system – and absolutely no one asked about my dietary habits or ANYTHING you mention on your website.
Lots of people are incompetent in France but i think the doctors get first prize.

So i stopped all these non foods and non healing doctors and i believed in your theory. And it worked. Acne gone, stomach burns gone, psoriasis reduced by at least 70%, i don’t remember my last “cold”, i feel better in my head, more positive about life, about myself, way more energetic and motivated than before, i even feel like i’m more intelligent. I now weigh 80 kg (176 lbs) and can run 10 miles.

The only downside is that i had to buy new clothes, all of the old ones are now way too big.

I wanted to write to you because i feel like not only have you given the right advice, but i also feel like you offered me more life, both in quantity and quality. YOU deserve the government money not the thieves!

Thank you again and if i’m in the States one day, even though it’s a big country, i’ll come shake your hand and share a nice burger with you (french humour…). I tried to donate but it’s somehow blocked by my bank.

Take care and i really hope i can meet you one day.

Noureddine Chalal.


Hello Dr. I thoroughly enjoyed my consultation and have discussed further with my husband Rick. We are committed to making a change to our lives so we can be as health and happy as can be for the rest of our days on this earth.

Thank you again for your commitment to health and our conversation. You inspired me!
Kristi Boudro

[Follow up one year later]:

Hello Dr.

I worked with you almost a year ago and it has made a life changing impact on me and my husband Rick. We started our 60 day cleanse Feb 12 2019, so we are almost to our year anniversary and have continued to eat based on your recommendations and information. We are off all pills, lost weight and feel amazing. … he was diagnosed with bladder cancer … He feels that our diet and the supplements have contributed to his newest diagnosis of having no evidence of further cancer.

Kristi Boudro
Sent from my iPad


We absolutely love the 60 day diet. It has completely transformed my husband’s life for the better by giving him a fresh new clean body to work with. He’s much stronger & smarter because of your program.

We absolutely look at nutrition so differently now and monitor all that we put into our bodies.

Thanks so much for your website because if it wasn’t posted I would of never found you!

– Michelle & Nicholas Loyle, W. Chester


Dr Tim:
Supplements from “Thedoctorwithin” helped me to get a good digestion fonctionnement.
I know now how the digestion process is important for the body and health..
When I stop taking this supplements I don’t feel so good and I feel that my body needs these supplements.
Thank you so much
Best Regards

Oliver Martin —— Canada


Dear Dr. O’Shea,

I hope this email finds you well. I chanced upon your website while researching on wholefood vitamins. Your articles make a lot of sense and I am totally intrigued! I just wanted to find out if my dad is suitable to take the supplements especially the collagen? He has diabetes, high blood pressure for years and on long term medications. Last year July, his doctor suspected that he had liver cancer as his liver was shrinking and he had quite alot of syptoms that pointed to ailing liver. I was alarmed and started putting him on a liver protocol which included lots of wholefood supplements. Three months later, his doctor did not have new findings on his liver condition and all is well. Late last year, his doctor informed us that my dad will require a dialysis as the several tests showed that his kidneys were only 18% functioning. I had him on aloe vera juice for detoxing and still keeping up. My question is I think he gets these problems because he was on high blood pressure medications, we managed to keep the blood sugar under controlled and his pressure was relatively stable at 131/65 sort daily.. can he stop all the medications and put on 60 days program? I would really appreciate if you are able to advise as soon as you can. His doctor is trying to push for dialysis program this month..
I hope my letter was not too long, I wanted to be as precise as we do not stay together.

Yours sincerely
ANNE (Malaysia)
dr tim oshea <>

[Dr T]:

to Anne
Of course he’s pushing dialysis– it’s lifetime revenue—-\

ever hear of anyone getting off dialysis alive?

re-read The Last Resort
To The Cancer Patient

the whole thing

you sound like you’re stuck in the magic bullet phase– this is a complete program — total lifestyle detox at the cellular level – requires a complete commitment.

read The 60 Day Program

what’s less than encouraging is that this inquiry is coming from a third party.. this plan takes focus– the success stories you see on the Feedback page, they were interested enough in survival that they did their own research. Unfortunately no one can take responsibility for someone else’s survival

best of luck!

Dr T


Hello Dr. Tim,

It was an honor speaking with you today by phone from New York City. I wanted to give you an update on my health since we last talked. As you know, I began taking your regimen of Chelated Minerals, EXPEL, Digestazyme and Florabiotics about two years ago. I introduced this regimen to my life after having undergone gastric Bypass surgery in 2007 and losing over 155 lbs. Although the surgery was a tool for me to lose the weight, I truly believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and incorporating your regimen into my diet has contributed to the maintenance of my weight loss over the past 3 years. Many patients I work with in my support group here in New York City come back after surgery having gained back most if not all their weight. Weight Loss surgery is not a CURE; it is a tool. I have personally never felt healthier or stronger in my entire life and I attribute this to the supplements I am taking at your recommendation.

As you also know, I shared with you today that after a long battle with infertility, I am pleased to say that I am 3 months pregnant!!! When I told you that I was trying to conceive, you assured me there would be little to no chance of morning sickness if I detoxed… have to tell you that you were right!! I have had absolutely no symptoms of early pregnancy as a result of my regimen. I have not had one day of nausea, vomiting, food aversions or any other medical pregnancy discomforts. In fact, I feel healthier and stronger than ever. My new challenge is trying to convince my OBGYN and family to stay away from forcing me to have the Flu vaccine. The hype that pregnant woman are at the highest risk has left me feeling like a warrior fighting my own battle.

If there is anything I can say, i would say “thank you Dr. O’Shea” you have changed my life!


Hello Dr. O’Shea,

My name is Hanna and I am a patient of Dr. Faith. She introduced me to your 60 Day Program.

Although I felt a little sluggish in the first weeks, it is all paying off. My friends and co-workers have major colds and other illnesses, but I haven’t so far. I stopped taking Tylenol and other OTC medication for anything.

I have a long medical history starting from a cyst surgery I had at 3 months old. Then at 4 1/2, leukemia – 3 surgeries from 1995-2002. Constant vomiting-stomach aches-unable to keep anything down, Now dealing with scar tissue that has spread to my whole abdomen and back.

Until I met Dr. Leuschen and found out about your resources, I was just an angry person sick of medicine and hated doctors. I’ve spent so much money trying to find answers. Thank you for assisting individuals such as me. I hope that after this detox 60 Day Program, I can finally live like any healthy person; for once in my lifetime without pain, medicine, and hospitals.

Thank you,

p.s. I just wanted to ask if this 60 Day Program also assists in perimenopause. I was diagnosed with perimenopause and osteopenia; due to the late effects of cancer. I am going through the side effects of menopause and it’s preventing me from work, life, and exercise. I’m only 36 and I still have a long life to live.

[Dr T:]
Thank you. Looks like you’ll recover despite the predictions and treatment of all those geniuses. Perimenopause? Another diagnostic phantasm. Perimenopause is a marketing term for a non-existent condition. i’m not saying you don’t have those symptoms, it’s just that when the other imbalances are cleared you’ll likely see them disappear. sounds like you’ve been around too many doctors.

Yes I have and you’re the last and the best. Thanks for giving me hope of a healthier life to look forward to.

Hanna H. Chang

Hey Doc –

Would like to tell you that I am very glad I took the time to have the consultation with you.

Losing 26 lbs up till now is excellent, but the best thing that took place was that from day one, have not taken Blood Pressure and Cholesterol medicine. The last test I had (about 2 weeks ago), my pressure was 120/80 and the cholesterol 180.

I recommended 2 people to you!

Thank you
Emilio B de Sousa


Hello Dr. O’Shea,

First, I want to say thank you for your work and your website. It was 7 years ago I came across your chapter, “Ascorbic Acid is not Vitamin C”, then read your entire website, and soon thereafter turned my health around when the supposed “experts” didn’t know what they were doing. It has been one of the most defining and influential things in my life, and for that, I am grateful.

I would like to hear your thoughts about dental cavitations. I read about this subject from The Weston A Price Foundation website. It describes how tooth extractions, if not done properly, or if not healed properly, can lead to chronic necrosis of the bone, leeching toxins produced by anaerobic bacteria into the body for years thereafter. The article says that the only solution to dental cavitations is surgically scraping out the necrotic bone and removing any remaining pieces of periodontal ligament.

However, the general principle I took away from reading your website is that the body can heal from almost any condition so long as it’s given a conducive environment for doing so. After reading “Dr. Weston A. Price and The Root Canal Cover-Up” by George Meinig, I decided to have a tooth, which previously had a root canal treatment, pulled by a dentist who understands the dangers of root canal treatment. Now approaching the date at which I can have the extraction site tested for a cavitation, I’m asking myself what I should do if the scan indicates I have a dental cavitation: to go forth with cavitation surgery or to see if it can heal on its own? I also consider that even if it can heal on its own, how long that could take and what impact it might have on my health until then, considering that the root canal “treated” tooth has caused me to start having chronic neurological problems (it took me a few years to figure out what was causing it). Having said that, in the months since I’ve had it pulled, the neurological problems seem to get a bit better every month that passes. Given encroaching vaccine mandates across the world, I’m hoping to get this figured out before I might no longer have an option.

Thank you in advance.


[Dr T response:]

So much controversy and mythology going both ways about root canal vs. implants. I’ve had both and I understand the pros and cons of each.

There’s a major trend in the past few years toward pulling teeth and doing implants for the flimsiest reasons, as the default first choice. You have to always remember the prime directive here: Implants are much faster and easier and about 3x more expensive to do than root canal and crowns. So consider who’s saying what and the economics of their argument. You always have to keep this in mind when reading or hearing anything about implants.

Each case must be evaluated individually – taking in mind the age of the patient, their overall health and toxicity levels, recent vaccines, the existing bone density and structure, the integrity of their dental ecology,, their diet, etc. The point is, anyone who says root canals are always superior to implants is wrong. And vice versa– people who say implants are always superior to root canals– they’re wrong too and usually chasing the market. Both approaches can be done holistically for the benefit of the patient, and both approaches can be done wrong and have disastrous results.

As far as the price foundation is concerned always remember this: Weston A Price has about as much to do with their Foundation as Jesus Christ has to do with the catholic Church. If you want to know what Price said, read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. Don’t read what some guy in 2021 gives as his opinion … There are excellent doctors who do a 3 phase process for root canal using gutta percha, ozone, etc, thoroughly cleaning out the pocket first and letting the root canal heal before they seal it up and put the crown on. As long as the roots are firmly entrenched into the jaw, and the canal is allowed to heal, that can often be much stronger than ripping the tooth out and screwing in a dental implant. There are also excellent dentists who do a fine job with implants, although that is a last resort.

Rule #1 is do everything possible to try and keep the patient’s originial teeth in his head. Think holistically – always work with the body first. What is bringing the least amount of trauma, what will result in the strongest bond with the longest likelihood of permanence. But very few think like this these days. Dentists are often greedy, and the most unscrupulous profession of anybody, except perhaps MDs and vets. So that’s the norm – that’s what you can expect when you just go out there and look for a dentist on google. The used car salesman, the 60 second evaluation and high-pressure persuasion to do whatever. There are excellent dentists, yes, out there but they are few and far between. Mostly today dentists are not thinking of your benefit – they’re thinking of their own convenience and bottom line. To approach this situation any other way is naive and unrealistic. Welcome to 2022.


My stepmom Rita complained to me about constant tremors, balance, and a nodding head. She has been through a-z from treatments, x-rays and meds etc.

Her voice would shake when her head would nod– obviously a serious neurological imbalance. Worsened under stress, which was often.

So after a few years of seeing her getting nowhere, I told Rita to drop everything. What if I could show you something so simple and so effective that it would most likely help you with your tremors, I asked her…

I then gave her the 60 Day Program with the New West Diet. Marked the calendar.

Within the first week we both noticed that the nodding definitely lessened and her weight started dropping.

By the end of the second week the nodding had all but cleared, and her body started to change for the better. She said to me, “Krisz I am feeling much better! I am so excited.”

By week 3 there were no tremors at all she said she felt very balanced.

I told her you must finish out the 2 months. She did so. Tremors never came back.

I myself was very excited also for the confirmation of the detox. It built my trust also and made me more confident to offer it to anyone anywhere. Rita’s tremors healed, 80lbs dropped, and in the end we have an educated individual who has not looked back since.

The 60 Day Program is such common sense! Why don’t people do it first, instead of last?

K. Kovacs
Kovacs Kovacs

hey doc-

I just wanted to give some feedback on the 60 day program.

In march of this year my bad cholesterol was up to 6. 47, so my doc advised me to go on a drug to fix it. I decided to do the 60 Day Program instead, and this was the result.

After the sixty days, my overall cholesterol went from 9.0 to 5.3 and my LDL went from 6.47 to 3.5.

In other words, not only did my high cholesterol get taken care of, I now have a clean colon on top of it, how about that!

I feel great, kicked my addiction to coffee and refined sugar, and actually learned to love eating rice and all kinds of vegetables and fruits!

Thank you, your website has given me a wealth of information!

Uli Simon, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada

Just because you are vegan does not make you healthy, I know vegans that eat french fries that were cooked in veggie oil and think that they are healthy. I like O’Shea’s New West Diet.

He has it nailed and he emphasizes the importance of chiropractic care, plus Tim O’Shea kicks ass.

– Dr Tim Swift

[Dr T: Look at Steve Jobs. Dead at 56, lifetime vegan.]


You have the best health site on the internet. I took my kids off of vaccines many years
ago thanks to your tireless research and sharing of your discoveries and you are faithful
to this day to continue doing this. I am indebted to you for my kids having good

We read about the chemtrails and it was the final blow for me and my disgust with how our govt has failed its people. So we moved. Out of the country. My choice was a place that did not have chemtrails.

May God bless you in the way that true blessings occur, the Lord guarding over you and
your family allowing you to be helpful to the ones who need and appreciate your input.

Thank you very much,


Dear Dr O’Shea

Can you please tell me if any of your products have Gluten or milk products in them? I am lactose intolerant & have celiac disease. If you also have any information on treatment for these problems I would appreciate it very much to get it.


Dear BW:

The first answer is no.

The second answer is lactose intolerance and coeliac sprue are generally misdiagnosed and misunderstood, which is why the condition persists year after year without resolution. We can’t cure a problem that has not been identified. – everyone is lactose intolerant to pasteurized dairy – has nothing to do with milk sugar reactivity – as long as you think like that you can never be cured – Read Enzymes the Key to Longevity chapter – and the one on Florabiotics.

Hi Dr O’Shea

Been researching trying to find the skinny on candida, yeast, the fungal form, etc., whether it’s treatable and by what methods. diet doesn’t even seem to matter, herbs can’t kill but only suppress,… Everyone has a theory. Everyone debunks everyone else’s. Confusion abounds.

Suffice it to say, I’m in need. Recurrent yeast infections, resistant to treatment, other skin breakouts, thrush in my baby’s mouth…

we tried probiotics, gentian violet, tea tree oil, nystatin, coconut oil, but nothing takes care of it. every time i’ve done cleanses, my symptoms have actually increased…

what is this thing?

thank you,

[Dr T response:]

dear j

Well you have a problem. cases like these are so complex – too little information in a scattered email like this, reflecting too much information on your side..- but with the research topic there i hear you completely—that’s exactly where i was about 10 years ago—

first off read my chapter The Last Resort. the whole thing. then read it again. then you’ll begin to understand that yeast and fungus are not your problem—

They’re symptoms of a problem which has not been addressed. listening to the remedies you’ve tried i’m even more sure your underlying problem has never been confronted. microbial imbalance is multifactorial- if you miss any part of the puzzle, it won’t resolve.

With an informed clinician you don’t need to ‘try’ things anymore. there’s no trying involved.

First we analyze the underlying imbalances, identify them and then set out on a program to

1. stop adding to the reactivity
2. remove the residual sensitivities.

that’s it. until you do this the problem will be up and down and never resolve, and i’m talking years. sounds like you’ve been on some science fiction sites about candida… killing it doesn’t really work – it’s creating an environment in which pathologicals simply do not thrive—

everything you’ve ‘tried’ so far hasn’t worked or else you wouldn’t be sending this email. which puts you essentially at square one.
so read completely my chapters:

    • Enzymes The Key to Longevity
    • Chiropractic Aloft
    • Journey to the Center of Your Colon
    • Allergies the Threshold of Reactivity
    • Expel
    Total Florabiotics

Unfortunately in today’s ‘information age’ it’s not just about finding the correct information, but about screening out all the lies and irrelevant information to find exactly that which pertains to your case and will restore you to normal health.

The best recommendation for me to understand your specific history would be to schedule bioterrain analysis or at least a phone consult

best regards
dr t


David is my 3 1/2 year old son. He was diagnosed autistic at age 2. Before bringing him to Dr O’Shea’s clinic, David almost never spoke. He was underweight – at 3 1/2 he was only about 24 lbs. – Dr O’Shea called it ‘failure to thrive.’ Sometimes David would flap his hands, and do repetitive motions, characteristic of autism. In general he did not respond to us in a normal way, both verbally and in his behavior. His digestion was always blocked up.

At this time a friend referred us to Dr O’Shea. Both David and I went through the nutritional consultation, and then the 60 Day Program.

The results with David have been remarkable. Within just 2 weeks of the 60 Day program, he began to talk, first to himself and then to us. Every week he would use more and more words, and eventually even began to sing! He also is much more aware of his surroundings and is now responding to us normally. He actually answers our questions now and even will speak in complete sentences.

It is unbelievable the change that has happened. Before coming to Dr O’Shea, David was worsening every month, becoming more and more distant. Now he is beginning to be able to learn things, like a normal child. Physically, David has also improved dramatically. His digestion has become much more normal and he isn’t all blocked up all the time the way autistic children tend to be. Beginning this 60 Day Program has flushed him out completely.

For myself, my allergies have completely vanished, and I have much more energy. That this is a lifestyle change for both of us is now obvious. I feel very lucky that we got all this information finally, after so long going to doctors who didn’t know how to help.

Sonya Fernandez
San Jose


Dear Dr O’Shea,

I had a few questions about the specifics of the New West diet –

1. Oils – flax oil, coconut oil, sesame oil (for flavour), virgin olive oil – where do these fall?

2. Vinegars (balsamic, apple cider) – I have read lots of conflicting information… some say you should eat raw cider vinegar every day, some that you should avoid all vinegar like the plague!

3. Fermented/vinegary foods such as pickles, sauerkraut

4. Potatoes? No mention of them on your page? Opinions of them are so mixed.

5. As to whole grains – I live in Switzerland where the bread tends to be pretty good – I buy it fresh made from the bakery and always get whole grain. Is this is acceptable in moderation? Or is bread in general not allowed? I’m always so confused about bread.

I also bake scones or muffins occasionally with wholemeal spelt. I assume this is okay (presuming of course there is not sugar, etc.) I keep a (wholemeal) sourdough culture too, generally for waffles because my bread baking skills are not strong!

6. Mayo – can you explain what the issue is (obviously sugar & hydrogenation aside)? Is a homemade mayo acceptable as a condiment (olive oil, lemon juice, egg yolk)

7. Are dried fruits acceptable as a snack? Do they count as raw fruits (cat. I)? I would imagine that as the sugar in them is much more concentrated they would be more like cat. II or III?

8. Why are raw nuts in Cat. III? I had always thought that raw almonds/walnuts were considered very healthful whereas some other nuts e.g. pistachios, peanuts (which I suppose are not actually a nut) were bad due to some fungus or some such.

9. Raw honey (in tea, in baking)? This is another one that gets massively conflicting information. And blackstrap molasses? I had been taking a spoon of that per day for the iron as I have been anemic since having my daughter 4 years ago.

10. Can I generally assume that herbs & spices are acceptable? (No soy sauce though presumably). Bragg’s liquid aminos?

11. I assume peanuts (& peanut butter), despite being a legume (Cat. I) are a no-no? I’ve never heard anything good about them.

[DR T response}:

1. no oils– no cooking oils or salad dressings
2 vinegar is fine
3 fine
4 all fruits and vegetables
5 depends on the oils they use– if it’s close to Ezechiel, fine. no sugars, no oils. just like in the swiss valleys in Price’s book.
6. no oils— in the US it’s all hydrogenated– a fattening junk food.
7. of course
8 too clogging– even the raw ones— not in 60 day program– get EFAs from grilled and raw fish
9. fine, ini tiny amounts
10 salt pepper, lemon juice, vinegar, no braggs
11 correct

“anthony brewer” wrote:

Dr T:
I came across your website thru research on the monsanto effects.

I wanted to know your opinion on military. Well, while in boot camp i was informed that the government put a pathogen in the eggs to lower testosterone levels. Do you know if that accusation has any truth?
Currently i am a contractor overseas in iraq…and i read a part of your website where you explain how monsanto/government has forced iraqis to grow GMO products, and stripped them of there original seeds. I wanted to know how much of the food we digest today on base (in Iraq) is GE. If the percentage is high, how would i go about implementing the 60 day program while over here? Are there certain foods the government provide to their soldiers that are not effected by GE or igf-1?

ALso, had a question on immunization.. i wanted to know if the immunizations are voluntary, why do schools require children to be current on all immunizations? when you refer to immunizations are you just talking about the ones for infant, or all immunizations?

My next question is: what do you know about the Smallpox vaccination and the Anthrax vaccination that military personnel are required to have? Not to mention everyone who enlists has to go thru a long line of being vaccinated.

do you know if any of these vaccines have an effect on reproduction (population control)?

If most of your answers are in the book than just tell me they are explain in the book..however if you can elaborate on the subjects above that would be greatly appreciated

– Anthony B

[Dr T]:
Dear Anthony:

haven’t heard that about the eggs, but it sounds about right. best website on this topic is military mentality=prison mentality.

well, i have no idea what you’re eating, but i don’t imagine there are many whole foods stores or farmers markets in baghdad these days, right? so it’s probably from some government contract lowest-bidder type kickback deal sending boatloads of the generic processed enzyme deficient GM foods that make up 80% of foods on american supermarket shelves. nothing but the best for our fighting boys right?

very good question youre asking about GE and igf-1. the whole answer is in my nutrition seminar, which incidentally is going online video very soon. as far as igf-1 – all american milk – except raw milk – can be assumed to be from hormone-saturated cows, which jacks up igf-1 1000x.

for your vaccine question, you really have to read my book Vaccination Is Not Immunization. you have to learn that every time you say that you’re using the wrong word. so awareness is a process and sounds like you’ve taken the first step because what everybody’s supposed to believe just isn’t logical, is it?

again you’re asking very good questions on smallpox vaccines– you have to read my chapters on smallpox on the site, under Chapters– but remember- the military is the only demographic today still getting smallpox vaccines — because they’re a captive audience– they can’t refuse– and that’s just the ones we know about– they don’t even disclose all the vaccines contained in those airgun shots you guys get—

glad to see this flash of awareness in that ocean of propaganda– get the materials and take your time– and if you don’t believe me check my sources.
good luck!

dr t


60 Day Detox Diet Testimonial

Wow! I am so glad I did Dr. Tim O’Shea’s 60 Day Detox Diet!! I was in so much muscle pain, stiffness, weakness and ringing in my ears from the accumulated side effects of Lipitor and Diltiazem for over 10 years.

Lipitor is widely known for having negative side effects such as attacking the muscles, muscle degeneration, etc. Well, the Diltiazem has known side effects such as joint pain, dizziness, headaches, etc. So, I was on one poison for taking another poison!!

After day 13 on the detox diet, I already noticed marked improvements. I was better able to get out of bed and out of chairs. My weakness, stiffness, joint and muscle pain started to fade and the ringing in my ears went away. Sure, I was scared going off all my meds cold turkey without telling my doctors – I now know that the temporary symptoms were a healing crisis – not to be feared. Dr. T. told me to take a banana, 2 glasses of water, and 3 tabs of chelated minerals if I had one of those episodes, and I did with great success!

Anyway, I was scared to go off my meds, but I wanted my life back. I’m an active, healthy person and this was too much to bear! On day 13 of the detox I had an incredible passing of “intestinal flukes” that sort of freaked me out, but made me feel a sense of relief too.

I also went through other healing crisis moments like soreness in lymph nodes, disorientation, “zingers” in my tummy and so forth, but eventually even the chest tightness episodes went away and my overall health and energy returned. I even felt moments of euphoria during the cleanse and now have even profoundly changed my energy and life with the New West Diet.

I have completed the 60 Day Diet. I can’t wait to see Dr. T for a follow-up consult and start to go over my post 60 Day health plan.

I’ve even decided to change my health care plan to catastrophic coverage only because the American Health Care System is so broken and misguided. Conventional doctors are trained to treat diseases with drugs and surgeries which most often fail or make one’s health worse! I want a doctor who can help me enhance my health so that I won’t need to constantly be treated with poisonous pharmaceutical drugs and harmful, unnecessary surgeries!! Thanks Dr. T for giving my hope and and completely new way of living my life with health and happiness in the vanguard.

Dave Mampel
Palo Alto, CA


Dr T,

Molly Vivian Huang is a classical pianist who grew up in Manila.

Then sometime January 2017, we noticed she began leaning to the right and so we checked with an orthopedic doctor at Kaiser who told us she needed physical therapy. No help.

March 2018, we began to notice that her posture started leaning to the left and the Kaiser neurologist came to the conclusion that my wife had Parkinson’s Disease.

Both doctors recommended Sinemet (Levidopa/Carbidopa). So my wife started taking Sinemet from the starting low dose working all the way to the very high dose of 1,000mg daily. Her posture continued to lean to the left. But negative side effects of the Parkinson’s medication began: severe eczema, constipation and Hallucinations.

Finding that the drug did not work, the neurologist recommended additional Slow release Levidopa which also did not work either. Then Amantadine was added and this also had no positive result.

My wife began getting weaker and weaker. So by September, 2018, she could not even get up from the bed and had absolutely no strength to do anything. it’s about time we seek help elsewhere.

we had discovered Dr. John Bergman, a chiropractor in Huntington Beach and my wife started her adjustments there. She began to regain her strength . It was fortuitous that we met Dr. Tim O’Shea while attending with Dr. Bergman’s Health Cruise to Cuba.

With Dr. Tim O’Shea’s Detox Program, and his principle that our body is the most intelligent being and is smarter than anyone If allowed to heal on its own, with a clean diet, our body should heal.

So no processed food. No GMO. Only Organic and mostly plant based with occasional organic animal products. No pasteurized dairy. No hydrogenated fats. But grilled fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel at least 4x a week. No restrictions on fruits, vegetables and legumes and whole grains. These supplemented by some supplements which Dr. O’Shea believed will provide the most complete nutrients one needs to thrive for a healthier life.

We followed Dr. Tim O’Shea’s protocol starting April 2019 and saw dramatic results: her BP came down to normal even though she had stopped her bp meds since March, 2019. Her edema of the lower legs went away. No previous doctors, conventional or alternative could do anything to correct this. Her constipation also went away, again no previous doctors could help achieve this. The only thing is her posture which was still leaning to the left.

Dr. O’Shea then recommended Dr. Daniel Gonzales in Oxnard and so from around May or June 2019, my wife began having chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Gonzales. In about two to three weeks, her posture began to straighten and no longer leaning to the left as previous. Her stamina began to increase and her willingness to engage with others returned.

But her stooping forward remained and Dr Mark in OC is now working with us.

The 60 Day Program was the most significant effect on halting the downward spiral that drug therapy had plunged us into. By supporting her natural immune system, Vivian showed remarkable improvement in her everyday life..

Now I see why so many people with Parkinson’s decline so rapidly. They are unaware of their options and are taught not to trust the natural powers of their own body. We now know there is no limit to those healing powers!

Thank you Dr T!

Molly and Joseph Ang
Los Angeles


Dear Dr O’Shea
wanted to thank you for all the work you have done to make your detox program available.

I finished the 60 day program and what a difference it has made. … lost about 30 pounds. I was headed for a health crisis and feel for the first time I can get well.

Before program I was 235 lbs. at 60 years old. Eating well did not change my weight — it was impossible to lose. Health was getting worse, tired, no stamina, lethargic, could not exercise and got worse when I did.

November 2013 blood pressure was 210/110 ……..thought I was going to explode internally………every heart attack symptom I knew about I had and then some. Told my kids I felt like I did not have very long to live.

Had to get on Lisinopril. Medication helped me get out of crisis mode but still did not feel well. At times my blood pressure was too low while on meds. Started your program and within 10 days my blood pressure was 137/72 most of the time without being on meds. Felt like I was being able to come out of the land of the dead.

Stronger physically…..Stamina increased gradually, not tired, all symptoms associated with going to have a heart attack pretty much have disappeared. I have lost 30 pounds. I started the 60 day program in May and have continued to follow it.

Thanks again for all your work you have done with developing your program ………. I will be eternally grateful for getting a second chance to live again…
Every time my kids see me they are totally shocked as to how much better I am…………they saw me on a downhill slide before that they never thought I was going to come out of other then dying.

Mark M Diede, D.C.


Dr Tim!

It has been approximately 13 years since I first came across your website and it changed my life, and the lives of my now 16 year old twin daughters for the better!!

At the time I was a 27 year old single mom, loving life. At a doctor’s appointment I told my GP that one of my daughters was coughing at night and we were on round 4 of antibiotics for her twin sister for ear infections. The GP wanted to schedule surgery to put tubes in the ears, and start the other daughter on asthma puffers. Without doing anything other than listening to her chest, he diagnosed her as “pre-asthmatic” and sentenced her to a lifetime of medication.

After 1 week of administering the “puffer” and waiting for the ear surgery I discovered that the inhalers should slowly increase until finally she would be at max for life. And she didn’t even cough by day. That, he said, would exclude her from many activities from then on. I handed him back the very expensive medication and said I needed to do my own research first. I canceled the ear surgery as I felt like there MUST be other options. He accused me of being a neglectful mother for withholding proper medical care for my children and that he may call “the authorities”.

After hours and hours and hours of research I came across many sites about the negatives of dairy, wheat and sugar… including your site. Immediately we went off dairy and within only 1 week there was no more coughing and the ear infections NEVER came back. Not even a bit. I waited 3 weeks and took the children back to the GP for an evaluation. He claimed it was a coincidence and that both problems most certainly WOULD come back and that it was my duty as a mother to get them the proper care. They both have done competitive gymnastics and cheerleading, which would have not been an option for one had we continued with the “asthma” regime.

We have not made it a practice to see a GP, have been seeing a Naturopathic Doctor and we have been EXTREMELY healthy!!

Over the years I have not been aging half as much as the peers my same age thanks to “journey to the centre of your colon”, your sugar article, enzymes and soytainly not. I am a couple weeks away from my Fabulous 40th and I often get people guessing my age as 28-35.

My daughters are also big believers in natural health and one of them did a project on enzymes for her speach class in Grade 4 with research directly from your site! We never have medicine in the house, we take probiotics and rarely eat junk food. They are the only two kids in their age group standing out in the hall on immunization days, getting dirty looks from the nurses. The only way I can get out of it is signing a statement that it’s against our religion to immunize. Only once I was asked what religion to which I replied “religion of the right to choose”. When the Gardasil vaccine showed up one nurse said “tell your mom she should be ashamed of herself”. It’s always only been a matter of time before the research comes out to show we made smart choices.

…how incredibly grateful I am to have found your words of wisdom, and that you offer them without charge. I pass your articles regularly to friends and clients and they have inspired many people over the years I’ve known about your chapters to make dramatic changes in their health. Truly you have changed the world for the better… all the people who read your work and pass it on and have kids who are raised healthy and able to make smart choices… quite a domino effect of awesomeness!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With love and tremendous support in what you do,
– Jenifer from Ajax Ontario, Canada


Dr. Tim,
I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I both only made it through about half of what you wrote about Hayden before we were both balling our eyes out.. You are the first person that has ever cared enough about his condition to look into it. He is reacting wonderfully to the supplements and we have been giving him organic chicken broth with his vegetables and fruit. We are feeding him about 4 meals a day with lots of good water and we have made a commitment to get him off of this formula ASAP! It’s gonna be sooner than 2 weeks. He is thriving on whole foods and water. Obviously no more need for that poison. We appreciate you so much! This is the most exciting thing that Aileen and I have seen in him. I firmly believe that God has used you to save our son’s life. That is priceless. We are onboard the whole way. I also have his vaccine records. He was given the Hep B vaccine the day he was born. Even with all of his complications. Lots of disturbing pictures and false info in hospital records, also. We will be in Oklahoma City on the 25th through the 27th. Really looking forward to your lecture!

[see July Newsletter 2014 for the whole story here]


Dr. Tim,

I had to take the time and write to you to thank you for the results of my 60 day program. I am in my 40’s and have suffered from seasonal allergies that have gotten progressively worse. I had come to AZ for the winter and upon arriving started to get the same symptoms. Plugged nose, lethargic, itchy eyes, and just plain miserable. It was then that I decided to commit myself to this program. I started on the New West Diet for 3 weeks before I went on the complete program. It wasn’t easy at first as I got very nauseous a few days into the diet. I assume this was the body getting rid of toxins. I stuck it out and wow what a difference! This is one of the worst allergy seasons in years in the Phoenix area. I haven’t had any symptoms in the past month. I feel more energetic than I have in years and have slept better because of the ability to breathe. Also, I had always worked out but with my American diet of pizza, chips, chocolate etc. always had a little extra weight . My body slowly began to change and all the fat is gone. I never did feel deprived because I allowed myself anything in the first 2 categories when I felt hungry.

After eating like this and feeling this great, I will not go back to an unhealthy diet again. 1 last thing, the collagen for skin and muscle tone are amazing. I use this for my post workout drink and it helps me recover. My hands looked 10 years younger after taking this for 3 days! I would say to anyone thinking of doing this to quit whining and commit yourself to getting healthy. It isn’t easy but the reward after just 3 weeks will keep you going.

I appreciate you educating people and spreading the truth about doctors, drug companies, etc. We do have choices and need to commit ourselves to a healthier lifestyle if we want to live life to the fullest.

Steve R. Meyers
Spearfish, SD

— Forwarded Message
From: Christopher Naples
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 14:50:29 -0400

Dear Dr. T.,

I’m almost half way through the cleanse and I wanted to mention a few pleasant changes. First of all I have no more more bloating or digestive troubles of any kind. This includes chronic gall-bladder irritation going back to 1994. Also, for the first time in roughly 7 years I have a marked decrease in symptoms of interstitial cystitis.

This is a welcome change I assure you. Anyone who suffers from cystitis or any chronic inflammation can attest to the toll it takes on all aspects of ones life. I’ve noticed a increase in the strength and flexibility of my knees and hips, more spring in my step especially on stairs. My knees are stronger. I feel greater confidence in them. In terms of weight, I’ve lost a total of 27 lbs. since I started the cleanse.

Let me just say this is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I’ve tried a lot of stuff, a lot of supplements, techniques, “systems.” etc. This program is simple, inexpensive and effective.

Many thanks,
Christopher Naples
Stratford Connecticut

Dr. O’Shea,

I just finished reading your paper on sugar and I am a changed man. I have always known that sugar and simple carbs were not good for the human diet, but I had never realized to what extent. This was a brilliant article that read easily. It was to the point and written in easy to comprehend layman’s terms. I cannot thank you enough for posting this priceless knowledge on the internet. I plan on using this as the basis for my continuing pursuit of better health. You have truly re-kindled the angry fire toward Big Pharma, the sugar industry and the main-stream medical industry. Thanks again,

– Matt

Dear Doctor,

I am so THANKFUL I’d come to read your articles in the site. I’m learning soooo many things there! Congratulations for it. I would have never thought I could find such a clear, understable, knowledgeable, out of the mainstream medicine, instructive information in the net. I have no words to tell (specially in a language that is not mine…).

After years of having Chronic Fatigue amongs other sympthoms, I learned it could be due to so many things. I’ve seen so many doctors: holistic and mainstream. I tried so many things: so many drugs, supplements, diets, therapies…. Today, after I read your article “A Journey to the center of your colon” I could yell: -YES!!!!! THAT’S ME!!! Everything falled into place.

Now, the problem is that I am in Spain and cannot reach to your recommended treatment products. I cannot order them from here because the government in Spain does not allow us to import any supplement from abroad.

Thank you so much again and blessings!

– Roser

I completed The 60 Day Program 8 months ago. As an unexpected bonus, my TMJ condition I’d had for 10 years disappeared. Before doing the program I felt terrific, except for the TMJ where my jaw would involuntarily snap shut while napping, and my teeth would grind during sleep.

The second month into the program I experienced a healing crisis: on a Friday an abscess developed in the gum behind my upper front teeth that sure looked like an abscessed tooth, but then it was gone by Tuesday. I speculate that the oral chelation drove toxins into the abscess and then my body expelled it. My dentist found my teeth to be fine. Ever since that healing crisis came and went I have noticed no TMJ problem at all. After all these years.

Just a reminder that people should welcome any healing crisis and expect improved health on the other side of it. Guess we should never underestimate the power of the body to heal itself. This is not a drug cure that covers up the problem, but a natural way to root out and finally expel the problem, even after years of persistence. Thank you for the excellent supplements!

– Mark W., Bay Area

I know you get a lot of questions from thyroid people, but here’s my story:

For 3 years I had been on Levithroid, probably one of the strongest thyroid medications. During that time my weight problems worsened and I was always fatigued and felt like I was on hormone pills. In order to keep my T3 levels low enough I had to keep increasing the dose of Levithroid, which of course increased the side effects as well. So I was caught in this never-ending spiral of medication. I knew I couldn’t go on this way and somehow I stumbled across your 60 Day Program. I followed the program very closely and in the second half of it, I began stairstepping off Levithroid, very gradually. Was so surprised after 60 days that:

1. i was completely off meds
2. My weight was approaching normal
3. I had more energy than in the past 3 years.

I realize now that I had been given the wrong meds and that I probably never even had a thyroid problem at all. It’s all about the drugs, selling the drugs. What a waste of time – 3 years of my life.

Thank you Dr T
– TJ from Oregon

I first heard about Dr Tim O’Shea when he was lecturing at a large financial convention I attended in Cancun. Although his ideas about nutrition were new to me, they seemed to make sense.

At that time I was having some health problems that the medical doctors were not solving. It all started 4 years ago when I was hospitalized with symptoms of blurred vision, severe headaches, fainting spells, and very rapid pulse, with a blood pressure of 160/125.

They did all kinds of tests and decided I needed to be put on 5 powerful drugs: 3 for blood pressure, 1 diuretic, and a cholesterol drug.

For most of the next 4 years I stayed on these drugs. But I was feeling worse and worse. I never had any energy. Gradually my headaches came back. By the time I first saw Dr O’Shea, I was experiencing the same exact symptoms that had put me in the hospital in the first place, when I wasn’t taking all these drugs: severe headache, blurred vision, rapid pulse, high blood pressure. But now I was also exhausted all the time as well. I was getting very discouraged because the doctors didn’t have any other ideas except more drugs. It was no way to live.

This is when I called Dr O’Shea and made an appointment to do the bioterrain analysis. One morning I flew to San Jose from Las Vegas and did the consultation and testing… My blood pressure was very high and the tests showed why. No doctor before had been so interested in my diet, or ever told me that it could have such an effect on health.

But with Dr O’Shea the diet was everything. He explained the 60 Day Detox and how my body was so toxic with all those drugs and a diet that wasn’t that great… I got all the detox supplements right then and there and began to follow the whole program very closely.

I began to feel better after a short time and began to take less drugs, gradually stepping down. The longer I stayed on the program the lower my blood pressure got. The headaches and blurred vision have gone for good.

After about a month I was off most drugs and began to feel great. I actually could tell that the drugs were interfering with the detox program, and that made me more confident in getting off them. Most people are afraid to stop taking drugs that were prescribed for them, and I was skeptical at first to think that a natural program could replace drugs. But after the way I was feeling, I became a believer. In 6 weeks I was off all drugs and won’t be going back to them. It was miraculous.

I now have more energy than I have for years. I followed the detox program to the letter and it was the best thing I could have done. My blood pressure is 120/80 these days.

When I tell other people my story they’re happy for me but mostly scared to try such a program even though they’re usually sick of their pills too. I’m so glad that I found Dr O’Shea’s health program. The natural way is so simple if you just do it. I’ll follow it forever.

I’d recommend this program to anyone who wants to get their health back.

Keith Evans
Las Vegas NV

I live in Seattle and I saw Dr O’Shea the day when he was lecturing in Seattle with Bobby Kennedy Jr. I had a mysterious illness for the past two years in which I had a lot of pain and weakness all over. My doctors thought it was MS and didn’t know what to do, so they prescribed all sorts of drugs. Nothing worked.

After the first week of Dr O’Shea’s 60 Day Program 80% of my symptoms were gone, and have not returned. I was amazed. I feel like the rest of my problems will go away when I can get off the other medications. Wish I would have tried this before.



Hi Doc,

I ordered your hydrolyzed collagen to improve skin, ligaments connective tissue etc. Here is a brief list of my vitamin and food regime. I am 68 yrs old and a healthy non smoker, had all fillings removed for over 15 years and have 2 root canals and a titanium implant. I drink 32 oz of filtered water upon rising do not eat processed food, sugar, wheat, gluten and very few grains. I stay away from GMO’s and try to eat organic, free range, cage free healthy fats vegs, eggs butter. My vita mineral regime is Dhea, vita mineral complex, B vitamins, amino’s, probiotic, D-3 Msm, iodine astaxanthin, alpha liopic, bentonite clay ubiquinol, milk thistle, saw palmetto mag oxide K-2, Cal Hydroxide, testo formula, Inflavoinoids melatonin for sleep. Twice a year do a liver cleanse and coffee enema. I take enzymes and HCL with meals.

1.Will any of this conflict with taking Collagen?
2. Or other recommendations, you mentioned not doing any other form of protein powder?
3.Would oral chelating be something to add since I do Chlorella and Bentonite clay and eat cilantro. ….

[Dr T]:
1. no
2. right
3. instead of

you’re taking too many things, spending too much money. a lot of duplication. no wonder you can’t sleep. your list reminds me of why i put together the 60 Day Program in the first place.

if it were me i’d skip

    • vita mineral complex,
    • B vitamins,
    • amino’s,
    • probiotic,
    • D-3 Msm,
    • iodine astaxanthin,
    • alpha liopic,
    • bentonite clay
    • ubiquinol,
    • milk thistle,
    • mag oxide K-2,
    • Cal Hydroxide,
    • testo formula,
    • Inflavoinoids
    • melatonin for sleep.
    • coffee enema.
    enzymes and HCL

and replace them with

    • Digestazyme
    • Expel
    • Chelated Minerals
    Total FloraBiotics

read the chapter on each one —

try that for a couple of months. expect to feel even better!


I would like to give my experience after consulting with Doctor O’Shea and following his detoxification program and diet for 60 days.

I am 54 years old and fly for a major airline. I am a retired Army Reserve officer.

During the past few years I had begun to have health problems including allergies, eczema, allergic hives, trouble with digestion, low energy level with lots of fatigue. The allergies seemed to be aggravated by staying in dusty hotel rooms, to which I was very sensitive.

These symptoms began to affect my work by making it very difficult to fly long arduous flights, which were part of my weekly job duties.

When I first consulted with Dr. O’Shea I was using allergy shots and pills along with products from a dermatologist. Although I would get temporary relief from the medication I knew I was not getting well and continued to have a low energy level to such an extent that I was worried that I might have to retire early. I was very ill and getting worse.

During the first Gulf War I had been exposed to an “accidental” release of nerve gas in Iraq, which is documented and admitted to by our army. None of the doctors I had told this to knew what to do with this information but Dr. O’Shea thought it was significant.

Previously I had been to an allergist, a dermatologist and several general practitioners. None of them ever saw the symptoms as connected with one root cause, that of toxins in the body. After trying Dr Tim’s program for two months I am better than I have been in years and use no medications at all. I would estimate I am about 60 per cent improved at this time.

My life is improved by being off all medications and a returning energy level allowing me to handle work assignments somewhat better. Also my skin is improving and I am handling my allergies without shots or pills.

During my two months I followed the diet and program very closely, with the exception of reducing the oral chelation as it was releasing toxins at a rate faster than my body could eliminate them. It probably had something to do with the nerve gas exposure.

I will be continuing the chelation therapy for several more months as it is clear that it is still eliminating toxic substances from my system.

My improvement is still a work in progress but I am certain this is the correct path to health. Dr Tim was really good to work with and spent longer than one hour on my consultation due to the extent of my problems and even called me twice to check up on my progress. A side benefit to his diet instructions are loss of any excess body weight. I will recommend Dr. O’Shea to anyone who is free enough of programmed thinking to be able to accept the information.

Thanks Dr O’Shea for your concern. I will recommend people to you from now on.

Your friend and patient,
Tim Snow.

Hello Dr. O’Shea,

As promised, I am writing to give you my testimonial of the success I’ve had with the New West Diet. As further evidence of the positive impact this diet had on me, I’ve attached copies of my before & after blood tests.

My story begins in late May, when a ladder fell out from underneath me, resulting in a concussion and brief hospital stay. According to the neurosurgeons at the hospital, a CT scan showed minimal bleeding on my brain – not enough to take further action at that point, However, about 3 weeks later, I started to experience extreme headaches. I went to see my primary care doctor who prescribed a regimen of migraine medicine, which included an antibiotic and acetaminophen pain-killers.

Having had no positive impact after about 2 weeks of his prescription, I went back to see him on July 22nd. He decided to order another CT Scan. The scan showed about 3/4 of an inch of fluid built up between my skull and brain, a result of continued bleeding from my concussion almost two months earlier. He told me to get to the hospital immediately.

After the neurosurgeon saw my scan this time, they recommended a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) protocol, prior to surgery. This meant I had to lie flat in the hospital bed for one week with no TV, reading or other brain stimulating activity. This would allow the blood to re-liquefy and be drained following the brain surgery. During this time, I continued to receive more pain medication and antibiotics. Finally, my craniotomy took place on August 1st, followed by 3 days recovery in the intensive care unit, where antibiotics and pain-killers continued while the fluid drained.

I was released from the hospital on August 6th, with another few weeks of recovery time at home, prior to returning to work. Although I was off all the medication at this point, I found that I was easily fatigued and my skin was very yellowed. I also noticed very dark urine. My wife researched these symptoms on the internet and learned that it could be possible liver damage. At that point we both drew a logical conclusion that all the medications I’d received over the past few months had caused my symptoms. My doctor was less convinced that the meds caused it, but agreed that the blood tests he ordered showed signs of severe liver damage (see test results from 8/15/08, indicating liver enzyme count approx 15 times normal). He recommended seeing a specialist to get confirmation.

Not excited about the possibility of yet more medication, or maybe even another hospital stay, my wife and I decided to drive to Doctor Tim O’Shea’s office, about 1 1/2 hours away from our home to buy the products needed to get started on the 60 Day Program right away. We felt that a natural approach to healing my liver made more sense. We were pleased to find Dr. O’Shea in the office and willing to see me, even without an appointment. He was kind enough to do his own test, showing my damaged blood cells under a microscope connected to a TV monitor. It was amazing! I’m no doctor, but I know what a healthy cells should look like. Very few of them appeared remotely close to normal. We estimated that 95% of my cells were extremely damaged, because of the medication and multiple (6) CT scans.

He gave me some enzymes and antioxidants that are part of the New West Diet to take right away. He brought me back into his lab 20 minutes later and we saw the second sample, showing the overwhelming majority of the cells normalized. He told us the effects were only temporary, and that I would need to continue taking the supplements and stick with the diet for at least 60 days, for my liver and blood to be fully healed. We were both absolutely convinced at that point, and excited about what we had just seen!

Meanwhile, I had agreed to see a specialist, per my doctor’s recommendation. By the time I got an appointment to see him, I was almost a month into the New West Diet. His first comment was that he couldn’t believe how good I looked, considering the blood test results he was looking at in my chart from a few weeks earlier. He expected to be meeting with a tired, jaundiced individual, but I felt great and my coloring had returned to normal. All my other symptoms were gone as well. He ordered more blood tests (see attached results, dated 9/18/08) which showed my liver condition almost back to perfect health – all in about 1 month’s time!

Thank you Doctor O’Shea for all your work and the New West Diet! I give God and you all the credit for my healing!

Todd Greisen
DNA Promotions
(800) Voice/Fax


I had been having chest pain for almost 4 months, which I finally admitted to myself was probably angina. I made an appointment with a cardiologist and was on my way there. A friend of mine was with me, and asked me to swing by Dr O’Shea’s office because my friend was ready to begin his 60 Day Detox program and wanted to pick up the supplements.

When we got there I told O’Shea where I was going. He asked if I knew about the new part of his nutrition program in which patients were learning to normalize their blood pressure and drop their heart meds.

Dr O’Shea explained how he had devised the new heart program because of all the truck drivers who were coming to his office for exams, and the sky high blood pressure most of them had, even though they had been on heart medicaiton for a long time. O’Shea told me exactly what to expect from my impending visit with the specialist: standard practice guidelines that would call for the usual cocktail of beta blockers, diuretics, and Lipitor. In his new chapter for heart patients, O’Shea documents how these drug combos not only don’t work in lowering blood pressure, but worse – they practically guarantee that the patient will develop chronic heart problems resulting in earlier death.

Now I was really nervous and asked about the alternative. We went through a short explanation of the 60 Day Blood Detox Program and talked about arterial roto-rootering. The enzymes and the oral chelation products, as well as the simple diet were the principal agents for arterial cleansing.

I was already not feeling very optimistic about going to the cardiologist, and decided to at least give O’Shea’s program a try. Am I glad I did! I know this sounds ridiculous, but 2 hours after I started the program, my angina went away completely and has not returned! And this is after having it every day for almost 4 months. My average blood pressure is now 126/82. I have learned my lesson. I knew it was time for a lifestyle change, but I just didn’t think it was this urgent. This program saved my life.

I can truthfully recommend Dr O’Shea’s blood detox program to any heart patient or anyone who realizes that it’s time to stop living Keith Richard’s lifestyle.

This is not a game here. For verification call any time 408 309 4554

Dr Aly Khan
Redding CA



I have been on your program The New West Diet for for 36 days, and could not be happier.  So far I am down 14 pounds and my blood sugars are remaining in the mid 90’s at night.
If my glucose numbers go low -55-65- tradition medicine and pharmacists recommend a sugary substance -candy bar, soda, orange juice with sugar- to bring the numbers back up.
   (I an currently wearing a constant glucose monitor  and there fore get updates every 5 minutes.  Am I taking the right approach on this or am I way off base?  No I have not had any sugar other then what is in the raw fruits and veggies.
Cuba Cruise 3-2019
[Dr T response:]
wow.  time to read reread the chapter Sugar The Sweet Thief!


Dr O’Shea-

Just a quick note to thank you again. It may seem silly for a person to be excited about detox- but I am! I am grateful for you having found products that don’t leave debris in the blood! I am glad not to take what I don’t really need and to have products that do work so well. That Mega Hydrate! Oh my gosh! It was a thrill to see my live blood!

Yes I know I will have my challenges in the next weeks withdrawing from my favorite abusive substances, but- it’s all good-very good. I CAN do this! You have inspired me and I thank you for that.

(name withheld)
Los Angeles

From: Maryanne Petranek []
Subject: Testimonial

Hi Doc,

My son and I have completed the first 30 days of the detox and I would like to give you an update.

When we started the detox, my son, 29, was suffering from asthma and gout. He was diagnosed with asthma when he was 7 years old after years of antibiotics. He was diagnosed with gout at the age of 16 after his left leg was actually set in a cast with no fracture showing on the X-rays.

Over the years, he was becoming more and more obese. The asthma medication eroded the enamel from his teet. He was totally toxic.

My son was whiffing his inhaler upwards of 10 times per day. He was in incredible pain.

One week into the 60 day program, he no longer had asthma. Three weeks into the program, the gout was gone. He has lost 45 pounds and his stomach has shrunk to less than half the size it was before. None of his clothes fit. We have followed the lifestyle meticulously.

My opinion of any associated costs. We came up with the money. I gave my son life and medicine was taking it away from him. This is indeed a rebirth. We look forward to completing the detox and all the benefts of eating real food.

Thank you for all your work and caring more about your patients than “the conventional industry.”

With deep appreciation,
– Maryanne Petranek

My friend Dr. Regiec turned me on to your colon detox and let me tell you this.My energy level skyrocketed , I could not believe how great i feel. I do believe in natural and herbal remedies but you have to sort out the good and the bad. Thank you for a wonderful product.
– Keith Rupp


Dear Dr.T

I have been doing detox for 16 days now and let me tell you I feel absolutely terrible.

When I started the detox program, I went into it with an understanding that I would experience a lot of these symptoms due to the healing process but what I didn’t expect was that I would feel this lousy.

I have been experiencing flu like symptons, aches and pains, severe headaches, at times fatigue, a lot of pain…

Is this normal??????

– Laura

(4 days later)

Dear Dr. T

After a lifetime abuse and going through cancer now for a second time, I finally came to realize that this is my fault – after stumbling onto your website – so, thats exactly what I am doing and I am more then determined to do just that. I am not about to quit or give up what it is that took me a lifetime to do to myself.

I didn’t expect that undoing it would be an easy feat.

No, I am going all the way with this, to quit now would only mean that I was quiting on myself and I am not about to do that.

…things are starting to turn around.

I am on the mend and am feeling quit good about myself not just physically but mentally and that is saying alot because the last 5 years of my life have been nothing but pain and suffering.

For once in my life I feel like I am doing something right …I must really thank you Dr.T for everyone who has been through this program with amazing results and are living a healthier lifestyle.

Don’t know if you know this but you truly are an angel in disguise for helping so many ppl in this world and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I truly do.

– Laura

[Dr T: Well , thanks Laura. I guess most would agree that the disguise is pretty near perfect!]


Jason Eaton

1:18 pm (4 days ago)

Greetings, Dr. T.:

Thank you.

I’ve been studying natural and alternative medicine for a few decades. I would, recommend the use of Expel to those who had more sensitive digestive systems.

I’m now moving almost exclusively to your approach. I had never done a full 60 days with your product until recently. I was actually amazed at how it worked… not so much the elimination part (I’ve done a lot of cleansing in my life), but how it dramatically changes what the body craves. My eating habits have been pretty good (not perfect), but now I can better tolerate healthier food choices. I suspect that there may be some unique anti-parasite activity with the herbs you use. I also suspect that some of the herbs might be regulating gene expressions.

I was also extremely pleased to demonstrate that Expel does not create a dependency, like many other cleansing formulations do.

I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate such a wonderful, safe, easy to use, and effective product. It is way underestimated in the natural healing world, and deserves a more prominent place, in my opinion.

Kind Regards,



Dear Dr. O’Shea,

Thank you for all of the information you have posted on your website. I learned about it about six months ago and promptly started on your New West Diet for my allergies. I had been spending over $200 per month on allergy medication, but today I am completely drug free. I haven’t had an asthma attack in about 3 months and have started to run again.

Thanks again for your insights and information.

Stephen D. Davis
Memphis, TN

Hello Dr. O’Shea I am so pleased with the results of the treatments and especially the New West Diet. When I looked at the plan, I said to myself (Ok maybe it was out loud) I can’t eat like this. Everything that I thought I liked or things that I ate on a fairly regular basis were things that I had to give up! Yikes! How could I possibly give up coffee or potato chips, French fries or even pizza? Well I admit at least that coffee was probably the hardest to give up. I imagine that it was similar to what smokers go through, and I’ve been a coffee drinker for more than 25 years. Once I really sat down and gave it some thought, the reason to go on the diet wasn’t so much the fact that I needed to lose weight.. The diet was to alleviate the medical issues that I was facing. I had very high blood pressure, constant stress and anxiety as well as a handful of other issues that just seemed to keep plaguing me. After talking with you and following this diet along with the most awesome supplements (especially the Mega H-) that I have ever taken… I have lost 7 pounds and this was not my primary goal. My blood pressure is back to normal (My OLD doctor still can’t explain it!) and my overall health has changed immensely! This diet and don’t forget lots of water, has changed not only my health, but my life! Thank you again for all that you have done for me! I recommend this diet for EVERYONE!

San Jose

Hi Dr. OShea,
I’m just wondering if doing the 60 day program will effect the medicine that I’m on. I take Levothyroid and Abilify.

I have always wanted to do this program, but am fearful that if I do it, I will get sick off of all foods out there after doing the program… what do most people do after the 60 day program? Stay on an 80%/20% type of diet, where most of their food is still very healthy, but you are still able to cheat at times?

If there’s a lot to explain, I wouldn’t mind calling you. Please let me know.


[Dr T] response:

i get this question so often i’m doing a section in the june newsletter– watch for it–
the short answer is you’re asking the wrong question. the drugs you’re taking are preventing you from any semblance of total health. you should be asking the oppposite question: will these drugs which are known to interfere with the basic systems of the body and are admitted to have many side effects – will these drugs interefere with the health restorative powers of the nourishing and cleansing natural supplements in the 60 day program. you can’t serve 2 masters. all the success stories on my Feedback section made that choice.

Hello, I just wanted to send you an email to tell you that you are probably going to save my life! I say “probably” because I have total faith in your views on health issues but have only just begun the journey. I have fibromyalgia, IBS, HCV, hypothyroid… the list goes on… and have been dependent on doctors for many years… which, as you might suppose, have not helped one bit. I’m now trying to heal myself and when I found your website I felt it was the answer to my prayers. Your incredible and practical information will be the foundation of my recovery.

– KK, Los Angeles

Hi, I just found your web site and really appreciated your generosity in sharing the knowledge and experience with the rest of us. Hardly anyone speaks for the people, truthfully. The American people are allowing their sons and daughters to inherit a land that is no longer theirs. Not their labor, property, homes belong to the American people and generations to come will suffer more under the weight of massive debt built up by the moneyed interests who have made war a true “theater” for their aggrandizement.

Thank you and I will alert others to your website.

Karen E. Hetherington


Dear Dr. O’Shea,

I have been on your New West Diet for 3 weeks and my high blood pressure is normal now with no medication at all. I cannot thank you enough. I plan on following through for the entire 60 days. Thank you,

Judith Lamelza

Well Tim, today is my 60th day. I just wanted to thank you for helping me. The rest of my family is suffering miserably from allergies and I’m almost symptom-free. Add me to your growing list of success stories. I plan to stay on the program from now on. I feel so good, the self-denial isn’t really denial at all. You’re the best. Regards,
– Robert Valente


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[Required disclaimer: These stories are unsolicited comments from real people.
They are not intended to claim that this program will help diagnose, treat,
cure or prevent a disease, or that there is any guarantee of cure, or that
the inborn intelligence of the body can heal, or that unobstructed nerve impulse
within the body or the human immune system has any health value, or that
food should be thy medicine and medicine thy food, or that drugs aren’t
always curative, or any implications of this nature .]


A Florida woman – we’ll call her V – contacted me last February with an intriguing story about cancer, and its marketing.

In the previous year, she had had surgery to remove a single tumor near her parotid gland. Even though the tissue was malignant, the patient opted out of the recommended follow-up chemo and radiation.

Then about a year later, the side of her face began protruding. New examination now revealed the cancer’s return, with a vengeance: 6 tumors in the same location. Three of the tumors were then biopsied – all malignant. Doctors’ recommendation was the same as before: excision, followed by chemo and radiation.

At that point, V’s instincts – and her uncle, a Mr. Hogan – told her to look at some other options. He had seen my chapter To The Cancer Patient, and now V read it very carefully. It actually wasn’t much of a decision for her by that time. With the gloomy outlook offered by her oncologists – and their low probability of ultimate success, she was not inclined to follow their path to slow death.

Even if a holistic approach were to fail completely, at least she would avoid the slow annihilation of virtually every system of the body that usually accompanies ongoing courses of chemotherapy and radiation.

Right out of the gate, V resonated with the no-nonsense approach of the Cancer Chapter, as well as the common sense holistic formula of the 60 Day Program – no more toxic input. Support the natural immune system at the cellular level, and clear the tract and the blood. How much simpler could it be?

Within a week after embarking on the Program, V knew she had made the right choice. The oncologists finally stopped calling, understandably saddened by the loss of all that revenue. The patient was left to fly on her own – and she began to soar. With no more intake of processed and toxic foods and drugs, V’s body responded in the first 2 weeks. She felt herself getting healthier and healthier.

When optimum cellular nutrition is offered every day, at the same time bioaccumulated debris is being chelated out, there are very few cases that do not respond.

Within 3 months there was no sign of cancer in her body. The swelling in the jaw had subsided. V feels healthier now than at any time in her life. Not rocket science: she simply affirmed the life force that was in her, and chose it over the manmade infusions generally associated with a slow and agonizing death. Focused all her spiritual, mental, and physical energy to re-calibrating the inner cellular harmonic. No abnormal condition can co-exist in this force field, tapped into the universal.

An indispensable advantage V had on her side was her positive mental outlook and affirmation of healing, which anyone who works with cancer patients will tell you is essential to the healing process.

Those of you who think she would’ve got the same result if she had done the chemo and radiation– well, you haven’t done your homework. That’s not what their own statistics tell us. Nor what the everyday experience of the thousands of patients who actually live through this systematic tragedy shows. For the vast majority of organic cancers and tumors, especially with Stage III and IV, slash and burn makes no verifiable difference in overall life expectancy. In other words, most of the time, doing nothing at all works just as well.

We are deceived into thinking of cancer as a distinct disease entity, rather than simply the manifestation of inner imbalance. This is one area where conventional medicine is woefully inept—immunity and autoimmunity. Cancer is a general condition that localizes, not a local condition that generalizes, as they would have it. If you get that wrong, how can your treatment possibly cure?

V was checked for subluxation, since chiropractic must always fit into a regime like this. But as a cure-all, well that’s a bit on the fanatic side, boys and girls. There are 2 other controlling systems of the body besides the nervous system which need to be balanced: the immune system and the endocrine system. Radical disorders in either one can kill you. Yes, yes the nervous system can have an effect on them, but if the fundamental imbalance persists, you can pound away on C1 till the second coming of Christ and the patient is still on the road to die in Stage IV.

What was it on DD’s tombstone:

“I will never consider it beneath my dignity to do anything I can to relieve human suffering.”

Anything there about the adjustment by itself cures any and all disease? Three legs of the stool.

This patient says that if she had followed the standard advice, she would be dead by now. A lot of people are looking around for a more reasonable course of action when they find themselves surrounded by lies and death. As spokesmen for the holistic model, we’re in a unique position to provide some input here. It’s an honor to be able to be that conduit, that facilitator. As long as we’ve done the research, of course.

For more, read the chapters

To the Cancer Patient

The Last Resort

The 60 Day Program


Dr Tim:

.I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer Aug 2017…PSA was 23.7 in a month and a half…PSA was 41.

When I was first diagnosed the VA doctor told me they needed to do surgery right now. … he did a bone scan and the cancer had spread to the pelvic bones. I had done a lot of research and realized that Chemo kills more people than it cures and radiation causes cancer so I refused every treatment that they offered including hormone therapy. The Drs tried to scare me by telling me I only had two years, but I am an old combat Vet and I do not fear death. …and I found your site

I did months of research and chose your plan for good reasons. Your system works wonders…so far, my urinary problems are gone, my sexual function and drive are increasing (I am 70) I feel better than I ever have and I have always been pretty healthy. I will beat prostate cancer, I read your testimonials, I knew I was on the right track . Your program made perfect sense to me and it is only the immune system that can cure disease.

Just two weeks in I saw a vast improvement and I know it is kicking cancers A$$. I can not believe I have stage 4 prostate cancer and have no symptoms at all. I am positive that I will be healed from this disease.

I have told many people to use your 60 day program and start it as quickly as they can because time is precious when fighting cancer.

I know I have cancer beat but I will stay on your recommendations with the supplements.

I am not at all concerned about PSA either way…truth is, I feel great. I have used your 60 day program two times so far.. it saved my life. I have not been sick one day from anything…not even a cold. I plan to stay on the 60 day program…. for as long as I live…..

Your analysis of the medical industry is right on….The VA gave me two years to live if I did not follow their recommendations….well, their recommendations do not cure cancer- they told me they could not cure it.

All of my symptoms are gone….no more urinary problems at all. I know I went down the right path… is criminal how the VA is treating Veterans, because they are killing them. I have no fear of death as we all die at some point.. But I feel blessed to have found your program.

Truth is, I feel great and I am 70 years young and still going strong. Thank you for developing a program that restores your health and I have changed my diet for as long as I live. l have no fear of living or dying but a positive attitude wins battles. … holistic medicine works…and gives you a great quality of life. The supplements and the diet, just plain work. if everyone did this… hospitals would be out of business.

Thanks again, I see you as one of the few doctors that is truly interested in helping the patient and putting health before greed. It is a shame that more Doctors do not think for themselves and explore real cures for disease and not just throw pills at the problem.


2 Jun 2018    After extensive blood tests and 40 – 50 X rays….the VA cannot find any cancer at all. They are baffled and I can see it in their voice. I listened to your video and I believed in you and I decided I would fight this fight with supplements, food, and Rife technology. The medical Industry is treating symptoms, not curing disease..

Thank you for doing the Video, I am living breathing proof that you can beat cancer. It’s funny, but I never doubted that it can be beat. In the end, we must be willing to fight the fight if we want to win…never quit, surrender and take no prisoners.

Thank You Dr Tim. I knew I was on the right road and it made perfect sense to me. Keep on saving lives…my PSA is 61…but who cares? After 2 years, I have not been sick a day and I am strong as a horse..

John Hackett

[Dr T]:
Best kept secret, right John? We wouldn’t want to threaten a $3 trillion industry now would we? Terminal patients consent to chemo and radiation even when doctors tell them they will die anyway. They do it because they think that it’s the only option they have. This is why doing nothing would probably be better than following a protocol that is immunosuppressive, at the one time in your life you need your immune system the most. Glad you have chosen science over superstition.

Basic disclaimer: We’re certainly not making the claim that the 60 Day Program is guaranteed to cure stage 4 metastatic cancer. but this patient is right –we cannot underestimate the value of strengthening the immune system. Because when all is said and done, that’s the only thing that cures anyone of anything – the Immune System.


Dr. O’Shea,

I just read your article, “To the Cancer Patient – Natural vs Traditional“, and I sincerely wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In all my intensive cancer research these past years, I have never come across a more hard-hitting expose as I have with your article regarding the medical profession.

Having had my share of true life experiences with oncologists I can tell you it is all absolutely true.

I have suffered with one illness after another for the past 12 years, and now was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, which I have had for over 3 years. Interestingly, this cancer appeared a few months after I had major surgery to remove my ovaries, due to large ovarian cysts. It was very traumatic for me as I had never had surgery before, and they gave me a morphine epidural in my spine for 3 days. I believe all of that may have started the cancer.

They wanted to start me on chemotherapy as well, even though the tumors weren’t malignant, because as they said “just to be safe”. They really pressured me, calling me at home, etc. When I refused, my oncologist didn’t want any more to do with me, not even scheduling me for a six-month checkup to see if I was healing OK!

I have never been one who believed in their methods for curing anything, so going the natural way is not a problem for me.

But of all the natural treatments I have done and am doing, your article made me realize that I need to try harder, to do it 150% and not be wishy-washy.

Thankfully I have a husband who is totally supportive and feels the same way I do about the medical profession…he got to experience it first-hand when I developed a cancerous tumor on my lower eyelid that grew exponentially in a short period of time. We visited 11 cancer doctors and ALL of them said the same thing…MOHS surgery and cancer drugs after that. I was looking at a seriously disfigured face and after the 11th oncologist trying to frighten us into this surgery we said NO, there must be a better way.

What would I have been like after their treatments??

So now I have the battle of my life, but so far I am OK, and I know I will be OK if I do just as you said, and even if I succumb to this cancer eventually, at least I will have the best quality of life until then.

So thank you for that wonderful article! And thank you for doctors like you, who really care for people’s health.


Trisha Levandoski
B.C. Canada

dr. o’shea –
i just referred a patient of mine to your web site _______, who after reading the chapters i recommended, decided to purchase the 60 day cleanse. her question to me was….her daughter has colon cancer and wanted to know if the cleanse would have any interference with the recommended 12 treatments of chemotherapy that her daughter has chosen to go with?
– Dr J, AZ

wow –time to re-read my chapter To the Cancer Patient
then the question becomes “will the deadly unproven cytotoxic immunosuppressive chemotherapy drugs interfere with this all natural immune-enhancing holistic life-restoring program of cell nutrition?”
never get your information about a life-threatening medical protocol from the people selling it. see what the real scientists say, the ones who formulated it.
–dr t


Dr T –

I am a 75 year old math professor at a local college. Several months ago I began experiencing rapid weight loss for no apparent reason. I did not feel sick at all and had no symptoms, other than not being hungry.

I also noticed a vague metallic taste in my mouth sometimes, but I didn’t think much of it.

I went into Kaiser and had ‘all the tests.’ You name it, I had it. Everything came out negative, except for a few cells in the esophagus, which after biopsy they termed ‘suspicious.’ Medicine’s next step was to refer me to Stanford for prophylactic chemotherapy, even though there was no solid evidence of cancer.

Told them I would get a second opinion. About this time I came across Dr Tim O’Shea’s fascinating website, and read his chapters The Last Resort and the 60 Day Program.

Resonating with this intelligence, I went in for a bioterrain analysis and consultation. It actually wasn’t until this interview that I first verbalized the metallic taste, which I’d had for the previous few months. By now I was down to 120 pounds, but still with virtually no symptoms, except for loss of energy and no appetite.

Dr Tim carefully explained the details of the New West diet and the individual supplements of the 60 Day Detox – the necessity for each one. I started on the program immediately, by the book, with no deviations. For the first 2 weeks, there was little change. I still had almost no appetite and it was difficult getting down enough food to go with the supplements. But I stayed the course, and suddenly by the third week, my appetite began to return. All my systems started to kick back in like somebody had turned the light switch back on. Also the metallic taste was gone. Dr Tim also ordered spinal Xrays, which were very interesting as well, with major subluxations going on.

By five weeks, I was doing fantastic. I feel virtually healed and I know that after the full 8 weeks I am going to be better than 100%, before I noticed any of these problems. My diet is almost perfect now, I am hydrated, and the colon detox has jump-started the whole immune system. I feel that what has really made the difference was getting past the barrier of heavy metal detox, especially the mercury in my dental amalgams. The Expel and oral chelation have finally pulled out enough mercury from my body that I’m beginning to feel normal again, but I know that I still need a biologic dentist to properly remove all the remaining amalgams from my mouth. Just like he describes in the chapter on holistic dentistry.

Frightens me to think where I’d be now if, first of all I didn’t have the sense to mistrust what they were telling me, and secondly if I hadn’t run into Most people have no idea what a concerted attack the general public is being subjected to today from organized medicine, like sheep to the slaughter. Dr Tim talks about the Survival of the Correctly Informed, and I thank God that now I’m part of that group.

Don’t think you don’t need a second opinion!

Dr Fidel Salinas
San Jose


Dr T:

How many successful treatments have you seen specifically in regards to thyroid cancer using your approach ??

What happens after taking supplements after 60-days? Continue more with some other supplements, etc…

[name withheld]

[Dr T’s response]

i don’t track statistics like that. the real question is how many successful treatments can the people telling you to do surgery, chemo and radiation– how many successes– long term (5 years) — can they provide you the phone numbers of? — that’s the real question. cancer deaths have not changed in the past 30 years, no matter what cooked stats they offer. the cdc’s mortality stats don’t lie. that’s the success you can expect following mainstream recommendations, by the numbers.

you need to read my To the Cancer Patient chapter — the whole thing– then read it again– the whole thing– to understand what cancer is, why nothing is improved long term by poisoning the body—if people recover from thyroid cancer after chemo or radiation, it’s in spite of the treatment, not because of it–you have to learn what the rebound phenomenon really means, and the nature of cell biology, as our best science understands it – not as the people selling you chemo and radiation want you to understand it– the body is only healed from anything by supporting the cells, by detoxing, and by enhancing the immune system. not by destroying it.

i did months of homework for you in the cancer chapter and its references. this isn’t the magic bullet store. it’s all about cells — that’s where cancer starts and where it ends.

there is no guaranteed cure, not from me and definitely not from them. too many variables:

– is it really cancer?
– how far has it progressed?
– what is the genetic resilience of the patient?
– what are the patient’s current immune reserves?
– how strictly will the patient follow a holistic detox regimen?
– what is their underlying pre-existing toxic load?
– how serious are they to get well?

this program is simple, but it isn’t easy. many people say they’d do anything to be healthy but most of them when faced with a choice between lifestyle change and death will choose death. i see it all the time.

after 60 days of these 7 supplements and religiously following the new west diet, the patient will know how much to continue with in order to maintain a recovered state of health and vitality. additional supplements? if a program cures someone from cancer, how much better a program are they really looking for? 60 days isn’t carved in stone either, especially for cancer patients. every case is different.

dr t


Dear Dr T

I have an astrocytoma that has grown in 6 years from 2.2 cm to 5.1 cm. I have refused a biopsy. I have no symptoms. Am 71 working full time and very active.

My last MRI indicated that the tumor was very close to Brocha’s point. I am scheduled for surgery on July 17.

My question to you is, Do you believe that an autogenous vaccine made directly from my tumor will get rid of the tumor with or without the surgery?

UCLA – I went there because they advertised the vaccine but I discovered they only give it after radiation and chemotherapy. That is useless.

I appreciate your taking your time to read and respond.

– Dr SC


Dear Dr SC

Sorry to hear that.

Absolutely ridiculous. Impossible – no such thing as a curative vaccine. Here’s what you ask these salesmen – give you the addresses of the last 5 people with your problem whom they cured with the vaccine. Not their cooked stats. Addresses. Phone numbers. That will be the end of that discussion I assure you.

You might look at 2 chapters on my site: To the Cancer Patient and The Last Resort

If it were me I’d probably do exactly what youre doing – nothing mainstream, but everything holistic. that’s what my seminar is about – I would definitely consider bioterrain analysis to monitor whether what I am doing is working.

I would only chance surgery if I were beginning to have increasing symptoms that were so annoying that I’d risk death. Also they’d have to give me odds of at least 7:1 success for my particular case, all things considered, from 3 independent opinions. Also I’d only do surgery if none of the standard blood markers for cancer indicated likely malignancy. If they did, forget the surgery, no matter what, because it will almost certainly kill you. And it goes without saying that chemotherapy and radiation are out of the question, as you already have learned…

The Broca’s brain location is unfortunate but that’s not really the point, is it? It’s the risk involved in getting to it, the risk of not knowing if it’s malignant or benign, the risk of opening up the protective capsule your body has put around it, the risk of exposing a metaplastic lesion to oxygen, the risk of the whole rebound phenomenon, the risk of scar tissue formation, the risk of dying on the table. The body is not a car. Don’t let them use the threat of speech impairment as a sales technique for something worse. It’s not that simple.


Dear Dr. O’Shea,
First of all, many thanks to you for all you did for my husband, Fidel Salinas. Sadly, Fidel died April 6, 2015.
I do apologize for not telling you sooner as it has been a difficult time. However more importantly I want to thank you for your care and support.
It was truly because of your writings and information from thedoctorwithin that 2 1/2 years ago provided the Fidel( and me) the courage to walk out of the office of a very prominent MD in Santa Cruz- whose only answer to Fidel’s unexplained weight loss was a ” bigger camera and more doctors ” at Stanford Cancer center. BTW- Fidel’s unofficial diagnosis from pathology was suspicious squamous cells and possible Barrett’s Esophagus.
Because of you, Fidel eventually picked up some weight and did enjoy a quality of life far better than the outcome of any bigger camera etc.
Thanks so much Dr. Tim !

Denise Smith
San Jose

Dear Dr O’Shea,

I am 74 years old. About 6 years ago I was treated for breast cancer, which I thought went away. But then about 4 months ago, I began to have terrible pain in my limbs and spine, and found out that I now have bone cancer all over. My doctors gave me 2 years to live and told me that since the cancer is all over the body, they didn’t even recommend the usual chemo or radiation. So they just sent me home, amd gave me pain medicine, which had no efffect.

The bone pain was terrible – it was all day long, 24 hours a day. It was so bad I couldn’t even stand up straight. I felt like I was dying.

That was when I found your website and began the 60 Day program. Was I surprised when almost immediately my pain began to go away. And then after 2 weeks, the pain was gone completely! I really believe that it was the collagen you sent me specifically that is responsible for taking away the pain.

There’s no reason for me to go back to those doctors to evaluate my cancer since they don’t want to see me anyway. But it doesn’t even matter to me because now I have my normal pain free life back.

I don’t know where you came from, but thank you. So glad I found your website.

A. Russ
Granite Bay


My name is Pauline and I live in Singapore.

Last year doctors found a malignant sarcoma in the muscle tissue of my right leg. They surgically removed it and then followed up with 33 days of radiation. The procedures left me very weak physically. My leg did not recover its size and strength and I was forced to rely on a cane in order to walk.

After several months I was still not improving. My doctors wanted to begin a course of chemotherapy, saying that they wanted to “get it all.” About that same time I began reading Dr O’Shea’s website, especially about the natural healing properties of the body. Instinctively I did not feel good about the prospect of another round of invasive therapy that would further burden my immune system. So I decided to fly to the States for bioterrian analysis and consultation with Dr O’Shea.

I was amazed at what I learned there – how simple it all was. I immediately went on the 60 Day Program. I started feeling better in a few days and began to hope that I could get my life back. Soon I was back at my normal job, normal hours.

Five months later the doctors checked me for signs of cancer. There were none. I have recovered completely. I now know what it takes to stay healthy. I am living it. I am frightened to think of where I would be today if I had done that chemotherapy instead of this very simple program. Thank you Dr O’Shea

Pauline L


Dear Dr O’Shea

Don’t know if you remember me – I’m the father who called you about 4 months ago when my 12 year old son was diagnosed with osteosarcoma.

Not long after he got his final DPT shot, my son saw a bump on his ankle. I took him in and they diagnosed osteosarcoma. Biopsy came back malignant.

So they amputated my son’s foot and then started in with a very powerful chemo drug.

Three weeks later, tumors appeared all over his lungs and also in his jaw. Their word was “unstoppable.” The cancer is unstoppable. They next recommended trying radiation instead of continuing the chemo. That’s when I called you, after I had read your chapter To The Cancer Patient. You were the only man who was brave enough to tell me the truth about what was going to happen. Because everything you said came true.

I didn’t listen to you at the time and let the Stanford doctors talk me into some very painful and useless radiation, which actually made the cancer worse. The tumor they cut out of his jaw came back 1 month later. And even the original tumor in the amputated foot came back. The radiation had no effect on the multiple lung tumors.

This was like a horror movie. Like I watched my son being eaten alive. And all the doctors gathered around to pressure me into the most expensive procedures possible, even though they knew they had no chance of success. Exactly like you told me.

My son died this Christmas. After all that radiation and chemo, he still had a tumor the size of a basketball on his chest.

I remember always feeding him soy milk when he was a child, because I didn’t learn about the whole GM soy thing until I saw it on your site. Also he had all his vaccines on schedule.

You told me that with standard chemo and radiation, by their own statistics he would probably die. No one else told me the truth because they were afraid I wouldn’t pay for these expensive treatments and they’d lose money. These doctors at Stanford all told me he had a chance with the chemo. There was no chance. They are evil people. No compassion, no interest in the patient as a human being .

You said even with a total holistic non-drug approach after the amputation, my son would probably die, but at least I could have made his last days more of a human experience instead of the living hell that it was.

I hope other people read your chapter To the Cancer Patient before they make the same mistakes I made.

Thank you again for your honesty.

San Jose


I just finished reading your cancer article on thedoctorwithin WEB site. I wish I had seen it six months ago before starting chemo therapy for colon cancer. At 43 I am planning on going down kicking with my whole might. Since starting chemo it was always on my mind that someday chemo will be thought of in a similar way as we think of the leaches used in old medicine. Nothing about poisoning your body makes sense. My well meaning oncologist however (not to mention a husband not ready to loose his wife talked me into the 6 month course of chemo therapy. Although I have faired well on the 5-Florourcil Leucovorin course I still don’t like the fatigue and loss of energy I have experienced (not to mention weight gain!). I pray I am brave enough to tell them Monday morning to keep their last four treatments and jump on a detox program. No one ever mentioned the lack of evidence that chemo actually produces any good result.

Thanks again for the enlightenment. I believe God blessed us with a marvelous machine in our bodies and given the right care they can heal.

Your webpage and your sharing of this knowledge will save lives. It’s pure awareness. Starting today, it will give more quality to the lives of my family, friend and myself. If any information was ever needed, it was yours. Keep posting to this website, because it was a much needed and appreciated eye-opener. I’ll send the link to everyone I care for. Best regards,
– Turid Sandberg, Norway




Paris Vaccine seminar:

Absolutely fantastic! I was hanging on every word! The content , pace, and language to describe- was utterly engaged throughout. I loved the energy and passion. Very important for us since my wife and I are expecting our first child. Will certainly read your book.

Very Informative– evidence completely backed up by figures and stats– very important to me. your seminar today connected a lot of dots—.. Make it 2 days!!

As a new mom I’ve really struggled with the decision not to vaccinate. Still wasn’t sure when we got the first one – felt so bad I cried all night! Never again – I just don’t trust the companies who put these vaccines together. Your Paris seminar tonight supported that decision with a mountain of facts! Thank you.


Dr. O’Shea,

I heard you speak in Cancun, …to my surprise and amazement, as you continued to bounce about the stage, I found myself sliding closer and closer to the edge of our seats, determined not to miss a word!

Dr. O’Shea, without question, the information you present is not only information that EVERY parent on this planet should know, but the manner in which you present it is so entertaining and alive, and I thank the Good Lord every day for ‘recommending’ that I stay in my seat that day!

– Norma King, Virginia

Dear Dr. O’Shea,

Thank you for a most informative, easy to assimilate and entertaining seminar: “The Sanctity of Human Blood. You have the ability to take the important information with respect to vaccines and condense it to very learnable sound bytes – so important in today’s world of information overload! Your presentation enables people to come to their own cognitions. Thank you!

– Judy Taylor, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Dr. O’Shea,

Your seminar was extraordinary. Your teaching style is inspiring and it was a privilege to attend your program.

– Dr. J G, Bear Valley

Best relicensing seminar yet. It is a pleasure to attend a seminar for interest and not just to get the credits. Clear presentation/organization. Great information!
– Dr J Hartley

Excellent, life-altering information. I am about to embark on the path to getting pregnant and have been informed about vaccines since hearing Viera Scheibner 10 years ago. Since that time I could sense my resolve giving way. I came to this seminar specifically to get myself battle ready as I am surrounded by people who are not of like mind. Now I can be at peace with my decision.

This seminar is very valuable to the health of our world and to our future. Thanks for your dedication to the subject.
– Dr J Awender


Absolutely wonderful. Best 8 hours spent on a Saturday. The information was well organized and had purpose. Extremely intelligent balance between fact and related theory. Hit all of the hot topics – thanks for the current info.
– Dr S.C.

The seminar was incredibly informative, remarkably referenced, shocking, scary, etc. Inspires me to share the information with others
– Dr M. Kearney – 27 Jul 02

Dear Dr. O’Shea –

I thought your seminar in Auburn yesterday was great. Some of it was a little hard for me to take, considering I’ve had both of my children vaccinated. I guess I was well indoctrinated. I came to a rather harsh realization yesterday. That I don’t know what has been done to my children. …occasionally break out in strange chickenpox-like rashes, which I have been told could not be related to the vaccine. I’m always told “it’s just some virus” Whether that’s true or not, I am truly devastated that I allowed this to happen to my children, that I just trusted that my children’s doctors knew exactly what they were doing.

Thank you again for a truly enlightening seminar!
Jennifer Harris

Dear Dr. O’Shea,

I’d just like to whole-heartedly thank you for your efforts on your book. It brought me to tears…twice…and I’m a pretty tough cookie. I trusted, more than I should have, that “they” wouldn’t dream of putting lethal things into a child’s bloodstream. …What you say about “follow the money” is absolutely true in so many areas of life I just didn’t think in my wildest dreams/nightmares that it would go that far in this area. …our neighbors child has asthma at age 7, a friend’s son has a failed adrenal gland, our heat subcontractor sends his game meat to a San Jose child who can eat nothing but game after a vaccine shot, and a friend in San Mateo has a child how last year was treated at age 5 for cancer at Stanford. Seems a bit much for a “healthy” society. And, every chiropractor I know or have contacted does NOT immunize. Thank you

Best regards,
Kristina Boudreaux

The Dr. O’Shea seminar this past weekend was AMAZING! He really went through in great detail this whole issue of vaccinating and supported it with a ton of very good resources and went through the studies that prove vaccinations and pointed out the unscientific approach. I can’t recommend a website better than for looking at many of Dr. O’Shea’s articles on female issues, antibiotics, holistic care vs allopathic, and many other subjects that can seem hard to get a grip on. His gift is his ability to gather and go through information and put it together. We are planning on bringing him back this november – you owe it to yourself to make it to this seminar.
– Dr Will Smith – 20 Jan


For August 2021 Newsletter:

Hi Doctor
I really am so grateful for this newsletter. It has confirmed my suspicion of these so called global institutions and governments and their greed and rush for money. May they wallow in their shame in this despicable crime against humanity.
Thank God some of us have refused the vaccination.
Thanks a million times for this information. God bless you for what you are doing
Best wishes
Theresa Opoku Apori


From Havana Cruise seminar:

Dr Tim and Dr John presented valuable, useful information, nonstop, in a most entertaining manner. Thank YOU!

– Dr Mark Massuto

A ton of useful important information packed into a very short time. You and Dr Bergman were fantastic! Cruise seminar!
— Dr Henry Walton, California


From Paris chiropractic seminar

“Great seminar! I’ll be more confident with my patients. Chiropractic is too medicalized at our school.”
“Amazing night! We learned so much. Thank you for sharing your techniques with us. A wow night!”
“You are a very helpful person. We like your way of explaining chiropractic. It was perfect.”
“I find it really funny when you are stopping to fix your stuff in your head because you have too many ideas. You speak about the different aspects of chiropractic without judging — very interesting.”
“Great speaker, great visual, great interactive!”
“Dynamic and smart– just too short. It should be 3 full days!”


From Cardiff technique/philosophy seminar:

“Awesome – most worthwhile seminar I’ve ever been to — too short!” – Dr C Coste
“Brilliant seminar – Can’t wait to apply these techniques in the clinic! Speed is key.” Dr K Wilson
“Excellent! Too short — should have been a week!”
“Great approach to the intention and purpose behind the adjustment — deconstructing the adjustment-finally simpler! Should have been longer”
“Too short – should have been 2 days.”
“Very educational. Great to see such specific techniques and receive feedback in a nonjudgmental environment. Should be 2 days!” – Steven Carr
“Amazing! Every chiropractor should attend this!” – Dr Stephen Ross
“Amazeballs! Make it 2 days! – Sanrir H. Maharaj
“Amazing! I feel extremely refreshed and inspired – blew my mind – i saw things I never thought were possible!”
– Dr Bruce
“Insane! very very enlightening – common sense being hammered home..” Dr TR


Thank you for the great weekend of learning the truth about our health, and how to take responsibility to help make changes in the lives of the patients we serve. I needed to hear it person!

– Dr Michael Eberle SeattIe


I have taken Dr. O’Shea’s live and online seminars many times. They are always packed full of startling information and statistics. I remembered that all soy in the US is GMO and the story of Monsanto. But… 20% of the human genome is patented by large corporations! A third of the children born after 2010 will be diabetic by 2030 !! How did I miss that in the last seminar? So if you haven’t gone to his seminars in a year or two … Go Again! You’ll learn something new. I always do.

Thank you Dr Tim for your continuing hard work.

Dr. Sharon Janco-Plourde, DC


Amazing. I feel extremely refreshed and inspired. Blew my mind. I saw things I never knew were possible.
— Bruce


New area – really enjoyed Sound Healing and pinched nerves. Pythagoras & DD Palmer, both brilliant. nice to put in perspective of how chiropractic is part of a much larger art of healing than the current drug infused med lobbyist whose agenda is only financial profit.
Thank you

Dr Madeline Altman
1000 Oaks, CA

Hello Dr T.

Wow what an incredible response we have had. I had guys literally telling me the Fading Art seminar in Windsor was the best thing they have ever done in chiropractic. Thank you very much for an incredible event this past weekend.

can’t tell you how happy and excited we are to see the great impact you and dr young had on the Halsa team and others in the UK and Europe.

We would absolutely love to arrange another one next year…. 🙂 ?

With chiropractic love,

dr ryan and natalie rieder
the halsa group
windsor, england


Fading Art Seminar, Windsor with myself and Tim Young:

“Precisely the information and skills I needed at precisely the right time! Thank you!” – Quinton Hollis
“Incredible quality, clear explanations, and the best feature: both Dr Tim’s are real genuine guys. Makes us all remember why we became chiropractors in the first place. More of these in the UK, and bring Tim Young!” – Dr Miguel Centierra
“Superb! Make it a whole weekend!” – Craig Heaven
“Please come back again! We need you! – Rajda
“Loved every minute of it! Leaned so much. A lot of hands on and so much good advice. _ Heidi Ortholt
“If we only had this guidance in college, the profession would be completely different! Thank you!” – Dr Alex Becu
“Best seminar I have ever attended! Would highly recommend, and would come again.” – Dr M. Mason
“Amazing to see the level of skill of adjusting.. Made things so much easier.” – Andrew Coombs
“Excellent – 10++. you’re saving so many from suffering by being brave and speaking your truth. Keep doing what you were born to do!”


Hi Doctor O’Shea,

I want to thank you for giving me my life back pain free! Dealing with back problems since I was a little girl it has
gotten progressively worse over the years. Countless nights of tossing and turning in extreme discomfort and mornings of waking up in pain — there are no words that can express my gratitude.

After my first treatment I felt the difference immediately. I am now able to accomplish my daily routine without feeling tired. I wake up now and do not dread moving to get out of bed the way I usually do. I am so thankful to have you as my doctor!

Your Grateful Patient,

Elaine Wright

The seminar in Windsor was liberating to finally be allowed to talk about subluxations, and how bad at adjusting we are. Please come to the UK to teach us how to adjust – our schools aren’t teaching us.

Thank you also for adjusting my neck and releasing a fear in me. That was my Transitional Moment – today!

Jodi Stiller, UK

“Needs to be on the cover of our magazine and journals. It’s huge! Intention is everything. Great to be in a good, strong philosophical fire again. The info on the medical subluxation documentation was fascinating and vital. Will help enormously come Monday morning.”
– Dr M. Diehm, Phx


“You are an idiot, a condescending antimedical hysteric.”

– name withheld, on condition of anonymity

[Dr T:] Thanks for noticing. – no such thing as bad press…


to Dr Wenban after Barcelona College philosophy and technique lecture:

that was a great lecture we had, Adrian– ask the kids! really fun– they totally get it. i videoed it and it should be on my site as soon as i edit it. my theme was: why you are blessed with the good fortune of having founded probably the best chiropractic school on earth, and why that is. afterwards we went to the technique room and i adjusted the entire audience.
you know adrian i was thinking about this little problem of ours, this war we are engaged in every day, and it hit me that this was what BJ’s entire life was like– battling the dilution and frankensteinization of the sacred trust—- he never prevailed overall, not really– some of us carry the torch for him, but the pure idea has never generally crystallized throughout the professional latticework. But like him, we have no choice— we have to keep trying to save as much as we can—- the road to perdition seems so attractive to many of those in power in our profession. some are so weak, so venal, and so unanchored. why is that?

stay the course!

– T


I recently attended a full day seminar with Dr Tim that covered vaccines, nutrition, chiropractic philosophy and hands on adjustments. It was such an amazing day that was filled with chiropractic golden nuggets. His knowledge and passion for the profession is glaringly obvious and infectious and after spending the day with him my certainty and competency were on another level.
Thank you Dr T, I am proud to be in the same profession as you. You Rock!”

Dr Ryan Rieder
Windsor, England


Tulsa seminar Neurology: Great purpose and intent! Thanks for reminding me why I do what I do. worth every penny – plenty was discussed and and can be used immediately to improve my skills and my focus — Dr Dave Campbell, Oklahoma

It is an honor to hear from a chiropractor so committed to preserving the value and purity of our profession.

Dr Taylor Muenster


response to holiday newsletter 2014

you are a truly gifted writer and incredibly inspirational.

It’s so easy to get run-down practicing every day. Feels like constantly running up hill facing negative, beat-down patients,
insurance hassles, etc. etc…..

Your words somehow make it all worthwhile. And better, make me
want to do even more for my community.

thank you….and Merry Christmas

Dr Kawa


O’Shea has complete command of his material…. well prepared, well-presented, …a gift to the profession… This information has helped me in taking care of my patients, my family, and myself. Rock on!
– Dr M Smith, Palos Verdes


It’s refreshing to hear an Instructor not afraid to speak the truth about chiropractic–Most people validating chiropractic seem to be very insecure about it — O’Shea is not.
– Dr D.Crawford, Fair Oaks

I give the seminar a high score because it has a world of important info. It’s obviously taken years of research, caring, and thought to develop this seminar. Appreciate the integrity…
– Dr J McQ

I can’t wait to bring this information back to my patients and educate them with hard facts!
– Dr. April, Denver

“Excellent new chiropractic seminar – all info, no frills, straight to the point. Loved it!”
– Dr J Padrta

“Awesome! Really appreciated all the research put into the seminar— simply stated and factual. Leaving here very motivated!”
– Dr A. Sparpana, Denver

“Great to finally hear pure unadulterated chiropractic, to be reminded of the simplicity of its philosophy. Great passion, and stories!”
– Dr Lance Z., Boulder

“Learned some great material I can implement immediately. Possibly changed the course of my practice forever!”
– Guy Coberly, DC, Loveland

Chiropractic Philosophy and Neurology:
“Compelling Seminar– engaging speaker, Wish it didn’t have to end! Your seminar is a clear and very real oasis for the doctor searching for food that satisfies…. Best seminar in 10 years!”
– Dr K. Kennedy, Aliso Viejo

You and Tim Young are a gift to the profession.
– Dr Sara Kersten, Colorado

…a clear, relaxed, insightful, and well articulated presentation. Dr O’Shea presented the material in a well organized manner, flecked with humor and interesting asides that kept your interest. The use of Power Point with movie clips and summary lists were very effective for consistency and clarity. He presented himself as a doctor concerned with the validity of his points, which were supported by references, often to Guyton’s textbook of physiology. It was most reassuring. Glad I attended.
– Dr B. Burton

Exactly what this profession needs– truth and clarity! Addresses the deepest issues of chiropractic, giving us Drs. the information we need to be able to tell the whole story at a scientific level as well as at the patient level. – clear, concise, coherent. This is a fundamental course — all docs can get abundant content from it.
– Dr M. Casey

“Fabulous! Just what I needed! Inspiring, informational, practical.”
– Dr D. Hinders, Pueblo

“Increase it to 12 hours!”
– Dr Grunfeld, Arizona

Thoroughly enjoyed the discussion of the connection between the theory of DD and BJ and the discoveries of today’s top neuroscientists. The overwhelming evidence of not only why chiropractic works, but most importantly why this information needs to be told.
– Dr Dan Ceballos

I have taken 2 classes by Dr Tim O’Shea. I am very pleased at the thoroughness of his research and information. He is a skilled presenter, making it easy to comprehend and retain the content, as well as apply it to my practice. Will take future class from him, without a doubt.
– Dr L. Johnston, Arizona

O’Shea’s chiropractic seminar in Oklahoma City this weekend was without a doubt the best seminar I have attended in the past 15 years!
– Dr Bill Sparks, Norman OK
– Dr Mark Erbert

O’Shea’s Sherman seminar this weekend was uplifting, engaging, captivating, validating, and empowering.
– Dr H.A.

Best relicensing seminar in 10 years!
– OK doc, Nov 2011

Supremely informative. Learning how to correct almost any illness was excellent.
– Dr David Zive

I’ve attended this seminar 5 or 6 times now and this one was the most beneficial – each time I learn so much more to share with patients and family… I can implement the info much better after having it explained so clearly—thanks for a great up to date seminar.
– Dr Mike Eberle, Seattle

Life-changing seminar! This is my 5th or 6th time and I’ll be back again next year. Reminds me of the crucial importance of eating properly and taking the right supplements. Very enthusiastic instructor.
– Dr Barry

The philosophy was right on the money. the information was top tier. Dr O’Shea is a mad scientist!
– Okla doc, name withheld

Chiropractic seminar had inspiring philosophy mixed with practical treatment guidelines…

Enlightening and scary. Intriguing to see where our educational institutions are taking the profession.

– Dr Angela Vik, CO

I feel like I discovered a new resource in Dr O’Shea for info and materials toward a wellness model, based on true chiropractic philosophy.

The new chiropractic seminar was very motivational and gave a factual political analysis of the state of chiropractic and health care in this country.

I appreciate his knowledge and analysis of the forces that control us and are causing us to lose our identity. We must learn what it takes to be strong and not dilute our original purpose.

– Dr Barbara Dorf

Sydney AU Chiropractic seminar:

Excellent! As a C.A. it was really valuable. Learned a massive amount in the time and feel that I will be much more confident with patients now discussing chiropractic.
– Kate Hotson


“The Chiropractic Seminar – Every DC should attend. If ever one needed proof of what it is we do or why we do it, this seminar will set you on fire!”
– Dr Grace Syn, CCA

The Chiropractic Seminar – very well researched – all information given with background sources cited, unlike other lecturers who repeat facts they heard but cannot recall the origin. …Good to hear things that are not taught at schools. Uplifting to hear like-minded spirit…
– Dr Gabriel, Los Angeles



Dr Tim ‘s Newsletters are like a holographic, synergistic transmission of multi-dimensional knowledge and experiential wisdom. (the whole enchilada) – Bruce Tambling, Director Music Technology, Foothill College


back to top

*************By watching Dr. Tim O’Shea’s nutritional online seminar, you will be retaught the truth about the simple biology behind what it takes to be in good health. Once and for all you will be given the basic knowledge, tools and understanding on how to clear your digestive tract. This includes the information on how to strip the colon of all the multilayers of mucoid plaque (undigested, putrified foods) that have been layering on the intestinal walls for your whole life. In this seminar Dr. O’Shea also teaches how to heal and rebalance the colon with high quality probiotics, herbs and basic nutrition.You will be shown images that will sadden you to see what unhealthy blood cells look like, you will personalise the images and want to free your blood cells as is shown in the seminar via enzyme, antioxidant oral chelation supplementation & basic diet. Dr O’Shea reveals everything you need to know but did not know about chelating heavy metals, clearing the arteries and how this can be done safely and slowly.
The Seminar explains the need for remineralization of our body and a look into hydrolyzed collagen and its undeniable role in our health.You will be engrossed watching because at our core we recognize truth when it is presented to us. You will have a clearer understanding of the forces that have veiled this truth.You will experience a full range of emotions: Anger at the level of corruption, deliberate misinformation, half truths and sadness about the part that you have played in your own poor health. Then Dr O’Shea provides the motivation to undo it. It’s never too late is the underlying message.Dr O’Shea is humble and highly respectful of our historic health pioneers teachings. He reminds us that we have 100 year old new resources!This series is both educational and practical. There is no manipulating, emotive language or music; just authentic, unpretentious, factual, well researched and resourced information.
Once you take this information into your daily life and start practicing it you will enjoy a sense of well being not remembered since youth.

Extra thought has been taken to include a chapter on his website called Notes: seminars. You can find chapters on each area of interest for an even deeper understanding on the website. This is an excellent video/audio supplement to chapters on the

I found Dr O’Shea’s candid style threaded with much needed sarcasm very refreshing!

He has divided into 8 sections making it easy to take in an hour a day. I enjoyed the images a mix of serious, comical and historical, statistics and graphs. This series will never collect dust!

      • — T. Eaton


Nutrition Seminar – By far one of the best CE seminars out there. Love Dr O’Shea’s sense of dry/brutal/truthful humor! He is never afraid to present the truth on emotionally charged topics and include evidence and facts to back it up—- Dr C. Novak, Santa Barbara

Really appreciate all the research you have done to support natural health and chiropractic. Your knowledge of the subjects of nutrition and vaccine danger is second to none! — Dr Steve Alff, Ventura CA

Some decent ranting – made me feel passionate about chiropractic, and about real food as well! Have been attending your lectures for 13 years and your content and subject matter are always excellent. Thank you

Have attended your nutrition seminar many times– just keeps getting better. This one is the best of them all. Threw away my walker now I’m using the Collagen. Both menisci rebuilt.
Dr S. Bosshuf – Santa Barbara

2014 Nutrition seminar: “I dedicate time every year to go to this seminar to keep informed on these topics that you so thoroughly and clearly outline. ..most grateful for your ongoing dedication to hunting down the real information on these hot subjects. If I had to choose only 1 seminar per year to attend, it would be this one!” Dr C. Novak, Santa Barbara


Excellent! O’Shea pays close attention to current research. so sad to lose the science prerequisite from the profession– makes seminars like this even more valuable.”

“Invaluable, up to date nutrition info…reinforces timeless principles. detox info concise”

Class moved fast, easy to follow. Website is the resource for keeping all this knowledge organized. thank you!
Complete, factual, totally referenced, informative, not boring– time flew! – Dr N Bowerman

New Nutrition Seminar:
It certainly should be required in chiropractic colleges. It’s one of the few courses teaching 100% truth.
– Dr D. Crawford, Fair Oaks

The energy is always there to keep us alive the entire time. The day is over before you know it and 12 hours has gone by! so much information, so little time– thank you!!
– Dr Denise

I have been back to this seminar more times than any other in 25 years – It is the most informative and useful seminar I have taken in my career.
– Dr J Sordetto, Camarillo

The Vaccine /Detox seminar is very thoughtful, down to earth, and real! Excellent explanations on blood, enzymes, food, health. Good wake-up call for doctors to get their own health act together.


The new Nutrition Seminar:

Feedback on 8 part nutrition series online seminar

By watching Dr. Tim O’Shea’s nutritional online seminar, you will be retaught the truth about the simple biology behind what it takes to be in good health. Once and for all you will be given the basic knowledge, tools and understanding on how to clear your digestive tract. This includesn how to strip the colon of the multilayers of mucoid plaque that have been layering on the intestinal walls for your whole life. In this seminar Dr. O’Shea also teaches how to heal and rebalance the colon with high quality probiotics, herbs and basic nutrition.

You will be shown images that will sadden you to see what unhealthy blood cells look like, you will personalise the images and want to free your blood cells as is shown in the seminar via enzyme, antioxidant oral chelation supplementation & basic diet. Dr O’Shea reveals everything you need to know about chelating heavy metals, clearing the arteries and how this can be done safely and slowly.

The Seminar explains the need for remineralization of our body and a look into hydrolyzed collagen and its undeniable role in our health.

You will be engrossed watching – at our core we recognize truth when it is presented to us.

You will experience a full range of emotions: Anger at the level of corruption, deliberate misinformation, half truths and sadness about the part that you have played in your own poor health. Then Dr O’Shea provides the motivation to undo it. It’s never too late is the underlying message.

Dr O’Shea is humble and highly respectful of our historic health pioneers teachings. He reminds us that we have 100 year old new resources!

This series is both educational and practical. There is no manipulating, emotive language or music; just authentic, unpretentious, factual, well researched and resourced information.

Once you take this information into your daily life and start practicing it you will enjoy a sense of well being not remembered since youth.

Extra thought has been taken to include a chapter on his website called Notes: seminars. You can find chapters on each area of interest for an even deeper understanding on the website. This is an excellent video/audio supplement to chapters on the

I found Dr O’Shea’s candid style threaded with much needed sarcasm very refreshing!

He has divided into 8 sections making it easy to take in an hour a day. I enjoyed the images a mix of serious, comical and historical, statistics and graphs.

This series will never collect dust! – Dr JS

“good, hard hitting, provocative and sobering info. well needed in our profession and so relevant to family and personal life.”
– Ventura doc

I am a mom of 5 boys. I am nursing two. I am very underweight and skinny 5’10 and 140lbs) . I have a constant candida issue that i have tried to fix buy strict diets that do not allow me to eat whole grains and fruit. I have tried many diets including some to heal my teeth, as my body seems to be depleting from vitamins and minerals. I have been a vegetarian. But I am still feeling in poor health.

My two youngest boys have issues (allergies, anger, emotional and sleep issues) and I am desperate to help them.

I am curious if your 60 day program might help me. I cant eat bread without suffering from eczema or sinus issues…or thrush…I can go on.

I have spent a lot of time reading your site. I am so impressed with your knowledge and your generosity in sharing it. God bless you immensely.

[Dr T]: if you’re sick the child will be sick—– sounds like you need the whole program, but not just doing it. understanding it, which requires reading..

so if you’re serious about getting well and realize that drugs aren’t going to cure you, here’s the start: The Last Resort

The nutrition seminar shook my basic foundations to the core. I have huge respect for Dr O’Shea and now a newfound respect for the importance of nutrition.
– Dr DV, Sacramento

The information in the seminar is clearly presented. I especially enjoy the reading list I collected. The first seminar I attended provided reading material for a year. thank you – now I have another year’s worth!

This seminar should be mandatory in every chiropractic college… It is life-altering and life-saving.
– Dr I.S., San Diego, CA

From the first time I heard you I said to myself “this guy is so straightforward and honest and pure about his ideology and methodology that he is not mincing his speech in any way. Seemed so straightforward but sometimes hard to grasp at first blush, perhaps due to years of being misinformed.
Thank you very much again.

I’m now excited with your 60 Day program. When we are finished with ours, I can’t wait to introduce you to many of my former classmates who have all kinds of debilitating diseases which can be cured by following your protocol.

keep up the good work!
Joseph Ang
Los Angeles

Found myself in the lamentable position of having to take 204 CE hours all in one year, which means roughly 20 seminars. So I have a pretty good idea of what’s going on in continuing education these days. Your Nutrition Seminar Module II was the best by far of anything I have seen. Keep it up!
– Mark Monnin DC, La Jolla

I liked how Dr O’Shea annihilated so many myths about nutrition. This is the kind of info that I could feel confident applying to my practice. Nothing trendy superfluous or ego based about it…
– Dr S, San Diego, CA

to doc

Hi Tim,

I have been following your advice now for some years and would like to thank you for your information which has always made sense to me –recently I have been looking at new research on Omega 3 Fish Oil

I was always led to believe it was beneficial for many reasons and incorporated in my diet –
however there is a lot of controversy lately and frankly I am confused.

I can see it’s not all that clear, although I personally take 5 fish oil caps a day. But this new information has caused me to cease them temporarily until I know the facts.

I would appreciate if you have any information or references as I am honestly confused

thanks again for excellent info .

kind regards
Simon Byrne

[DR T]:

to Simon

I went through the same maze of claims and ‘science’ and hype. My conclusion: obviously EFAs are critical to total cell nutrition, and their deficiency is a cause of much degenerative disease. No question. The trick part is marketing. No matter what they tell you, fish oils are mainly just squeezed fish. That’s it. The best source of EFAs for humans come from fish — all life originated in the sea, and all that. So the ‘science’ of my-fish-oil-is-better-than-your-fish-oil is so much splitting hairs and double talk, in my opinion. You want to get optimum EFA’s? Eliminate the middleman. Eat grilled fish or sushi 4 or 5 times a week from the cleanest sources you can find. Which these days may be fish farms of Whole Foods, where the fish are fed 100% algae, instead of 100% GMO soy, like most fish farms. The oceans are all contaminated to some extent by now, but not so much so that all deep ocean fish are inedible. I don’t believe any fish oil company can remove heavy metals from squeezed fish, no matter what they say. Especially with the chances of their processing altering the delicate structures of the intact EFAs.

Chances are still in our favor to eat fish.
that’s my 2 cents
Excellent! More information like this needs to be known by all chiropractors. Truly holistic – not like other nutrition seminars that are way too allopathic…

The nutrition seminar — fantastic! Information galore – Learned many new things all of which can be used Monday morning. O’Shea knows his stuff in the nutrition arena. I was surprised by what I didn’t know or had forgotten. The soy myth section of the seminar was a wealth of information on processed foods – invaluable. Everyone would benefit from these nuggets of information and suggestions for suplementation and cleansing protocols.
– Dr DS, Walnut Creek

O’Shea’s Nutrition seminar was the best I have been to in 30 years. This is the first time I’ve ever been glad the state board required CE.
– Dr Alan Cooper, Santa Barbara

I attended Dr O’Shea’s nutrition seminar in Ventura. I decided it was time for me to take the 60 day Detox program seriously, so I followed through fairly conscientiously – the full 60 days. I feel great now, lost 25 lbs. But the two most amazing results are: the sinusitis which I’ve had for years is suddenly gone completely. And also my craving for sugar, that compulsive feeling that I’ve had for years, is totally gone. I’m realizing now that these were the results of accumulated processed dairy and other foods which were devoid of enzymes. The colon detox and flora blitz were critical to making these dramatic changes in my life. I recommend this program to anyone who is tired of their old life and ready to see some radical improvement!
– Dr Stone, Santa Barbara

Have taken this seminar 3 times and each time you have improved dramatically. This time was the most informative and best presented.

what a seminar!… finally found somebody who speaks faster than me. would love to videotape this and watch it in slow motion…
– Dr Joel Bird

In 27 years this is truly the most beautiful seminar site I have ever been to. I loved the harbor at Ventura and the surrounding marina. Excellent chiropractic nutrition seminar.
– Dr MJK

What shows is the amount of work done to make this nutritional seminar way beyond normal relicensure courses. Great info – like drinking out of a firehose – I now have more ammo and purpose to save people’s lives.
– Dr B R, Fresno CA

Excellent nutrition seminar!! the information was important, totally relevant, and able to be implemented into pracrice immediately. I was not bored and actually found myself sorry when it ended! I can’t ever remember feeling that way about a relicensing seminar… Best seminar I have taken in 25 years.
– Dr Gene Martin

Hi Dr. Tim
Thank you again for an empowering seminar. Tony Robbins has nothing on you!
All your hard work is appreciated.

The best continuing ed. seminar I have taken! Great info with practical value. Makes sense. Time went by fast.
– Dr J Hans


Awesome nutrition seminar! HIs sense of humor and presentation is fascinating and extremely informative. I learned so much!
– T Hills, RN, DC

Excellent! The best one attended in 13 years. Kept my attention full time. Up to date info. Appreciate minimum questions from class. Quick touch on many important nutrition topics – excellent overview on biochemical aspect of holistic nutrition.

It was great! the best relicensure seminar I have taken… Backs up what I already knew. I liked the idea of learning what the old time folks had to say about nutrition and that we are part of a historical chain passing on this information.


When I was looking for a seminar for CE, I waited till the last minute. This information was so valuable that I can’t wait to share it when I get back on Monday. What a bargain for the information given… this pretty much rocked my world.
– Dr Tom Page

“The seminar is a wealth of information – a real bladder buster – you don’t want to leave the room because you might miss something.”
– Dr LH, Pismo Beach


This information should be in all chiropractic school curricula… essential nutritional data that is needed for any true understanding of the cause and correction of human illness and disease. Great job.
From: Tammie Sarra


O’Shea has mastered his subject. His presentation is awesome.
– Alvin Dettloff, DC


Live and learn – wow! I’m so glad someone is doing their homework. The Nutrition Seminar today – I loved it! This is the best seminar I’ve attended in 20 years, and I’ve been to most of them, having got a masters in nutrition…. Would recommend it for all MDs and DCs… thamk you!
– Dr G. Meredith, Berkeley


I have always found nutrition a difficult to understand subject until your seminar. You made it clear and concise. I feel I can improve my health and inspire my patients to improve theirs with the informaiton you imparted.
– Dr Phillips, San Diego


I was here to learn about probiotics, but I learned a lot more than that. I learned that the enzymea were missing in the soy formula I have been giving my 4 month old. During the seminar I went out to call my wife to stop giving him the formula.This seminar has changed my view of the value of soy products, and the way I was taught to teach people basic nutrition at my UC extension.
– FG, Palm Springs

I love all of your seminars. Topics are so current,pertinent to what is happening to our patients… and irreverent – I like that. You tell it like it is. You/ve done your research, and when one follows your advice,the results are amazing. Thank you
– Dr Marilyn Johnson.


This seminar was an extremely informative, eye-opening experience. It was the most well-spent time I’ve had in a continuing education seminar. Thank you for the time and energy you put into this presentation.
– Dr. Katherine Short

Nutrition Seminar:
what an inspiration and a great confirmation of my own convictions!!
– Dr K. Hornbaker.

reminded me of things i learned in college and forgot – clarified many issues on nutrition – gave me some good nutritional protocols for treating problem patients – i like having all the materials archived on the website – thanks!!
– Dr Laural


I am glad to know that Dr O’Shea is a real person and not just a complete nerd. I am amazed by his energy and enthusiasm.
– dr marilyn johnson, santa barbara


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John’s Home Page

From Paris seminar:
Excellent! You’re saving so many from suffering – very brave to speak truth to power.

Very very enlightening, with common sense being hammered home!

My second time around – the seminar just gets better – very well referenced! – Dr Bruce Hilligan


Wales vaccine seminar:
Highly educating and very worrying that in the Western world our advanced medicine has bought this commodity for our health. . I wish this vaccine debate could be available to everyone.


Real eye opener! Was brainwashed by my GP at the birth of my first son that vaccines were necessary for him…I had no facts to disagree with them.. till now. Thank you so much! 10 out of 10!


Cardiff UK Vaccine Seminar:

On Sat, Sep 24 at 2:00 AM, Tom Hunt wrote:

Hi Tim,
I came to see your lecture this evening in the WMC about vaccinations. This email will be very short and concise. I assume as someone who clearly loves their work, you will reply to me.

I am a third year medical student at Cardiff university and came to this lecture hoping to have a sane person put across the genuine facts about vaccines. I can’t grasp how you sleep at night. Quite simply you scare monger, you preach false facts and you know what you are saying is false. Why do you do it? Have you had a perceived negative experience from a vaccination?

If I could have stopped you at every false or manipulated piece of information I would have because I know I could have made you see some reason.
I would really appreciate it if you’d reply.

Thomas Hunt

    • {Dr T]:

What do you mean if you could have you would have? Obviously you couldn’t! So why didn’t you correct me? You didn’t even have the guts to ask a question at the end. That would have been fun! No courage of your convictions? Why don’t you do it now? Name one. Go ahead – Mention one citation of factual error. Let’s hear it! Stop whining! Specify.

Obviously you haven’t read my book, nor will you because it is far over your head, outside the narrow little paradigm box allowed you.. Nor did you listen to a word I said, because all the references in the back of that text for every single fact I cited were what ? …medical references. Remember? That’s your claimed field of expertise, right? And you don’t even have a passing familiarity with it. So who’s the fraud here, Tom?

You want to speak with authority, do the work. Your spineless attempt at condescension is laughable at best, considering your claimed level of ‘education’, – pathetic at worst. I think you may have a real future in medical education. Or backroom law.

It’s funny that all the rest of the many comments I got from the attendees of that Cardiff lecture were all extremely supportive and appreciative. Every single one. They had done the work. You were the only bizarre one like this. The most uninformed. Adherence to the medical model requires sheeplike faith in platitudes, like your email, rather than looking behind the slogans. I guess we have a few heretics in this truly educated crowd. Don’t think you’re going to find many babies to stick needles into from this group. But don’t worry Tom – millions of undiscriminating sheep out there in the UK who worship your fanciful religion of drugs and vaccines, fully content to have you suppress their child’s immune systems with experimental neurotoxins, from the get-go. All those millions in advertising are certainly paying off.

If you’re a student, adopt the learning attitude. Which means you start out acknowledging you know nothing, so apparent here, and are supposed to be trying to absorb information at this point. How can you do that when you already think you know everything? Especially when you don’t even have the fundamentals of the discussion. Stop writing and start reading. Third year med — Lord save us — the most dangerous lower primate on the planet. Perhaps the stethoscope so ridiculously draped around the neck all the time cuts off blood supply to the brain…? that’s what one of your teachers told me.

Remember my last slide with the picture of the chicken on it and the word debate? Well, that’s for you, Tom. All hat, no cowboy. Please, please stop whimpering.

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, drink deep or taste not the Pierian spring.”


Temecula SB277 Lecture Aug
Dr. O’Shea,

Thank you for your presentation on the demands for accurate scales and balances for the SB277 bill and referendum. Learning to differentiate between vaccination and immunization was new & informative. Thank you for showing the powerful testimony from George Fatheree, the Harvard educated lawyer — a balanced and powerful layout of personal experience alongside education and the law. The visuals on our Constitutional rights were incredibly helpful as well. I appreciated your willingness to talk with people afterward and what this bill may look like down the road. This was well thought-out, balanced, and you speak truth. Thank you for your time and efforts! Mind changing!

Jennifer Reece Maxwell: Fantastic book. We were researching for over 2 years to find answers as to whether we should vaccinate. When I read this, it closed the case. No vaccinations for our kids!

What I found amazing was despite the facts that I was reading, the cultural conversation we have in our nation was playing through my head over and over again – ‘yeah, but doesn’t it protect them?’ – for 50% of the book! Until it finally clicked – NO – Vaccines do NOT protect, and in fact, they harm! This book is life changing…

Your book saved my 2nd child of any vaccines – Thank you so much! (Kaya turned 1 last week and hasn’t been sick once). We only wish we knew with our 1st child.
– Randy Curtis


Most important seminar I’ve been to. The information is crucial to the future of our children. It was provocative, disturbing, but vital.
– Dr RT, Sacramento, CA


This is a fantastic seminar for anyone interested in Vaccinations and the validity v. non validity of their underlying scientific basis. In CA we have a choice about exposing our children to these toxic substances. The material presented is extremely well documented and the speaker is great at holding the interest of the class. You will probably never look at the idea of vaccinations and the pharmaceutical industry/governmental alliance in the same way again after taking this course!
– Dr Mark Steed


Amazing seminar – worth much more money than I paid. I was completely mentally submerged to the maximum the entire time. Great info – so well sourced and presented. I have heard so many fantastic things about this book. – I always knew I didn’t want to vaccinate, but now I am much more capable of defending my opinion.


A very courageous presentation – well organized… you’ve done your homework.
– Dr H, Sacramento

From: <>
Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 3:32 PM
To: <>
Subject: Pertussis Testimony to BOH Hearing November 14, 2012

Dear Washington Board of Health,

While School Board Trustee of Bonner County back in the mid ’90’s we had an outbreak of Pertussis and closed 4 schools representing about 900 elementary students. Of those 900, about 150 became children were diagnosed with Pertussis. At the next school board meeting, I asked the Superintendent in open meeting the question, “of those who have gotten Pertussis, what percentage had the vaccination?” We had a very poor rate of vaccinations with about 40% of children not receiving vaccinations and I wanted to make public that vaccinations helped children and everyone should become vaccinated.

The Superintendent responded in a very soft voice, “100%.”

I sat in stunned silence and after the meeting asked the Superintendent whether the department of health was looking into the problem. The chance of only those with the vaccination getting Pertussis and none of those without the vaccination getting Pertussis is not statistically possible unless the vaccination caused a predisposition or increased the likelihood of getting Pertussis.

The Superintendent responded that state officials had the problem under control. But we did not hear anything more.

Where was the report of the investigation? No. What publication published the problem? Not one.

The problem was shoveled under the carpet.

Do I support some vaccinations, yes. But the science needs to be reviewed by those without vested interests. Public Health officials market tradition and seldom carefully review the science.


Bill Osmunson DDS, MPH

    • [Dr T]: Thank you Dr Bill,
    • I can use this. The only thing that surprises me is that you still support some vaccines. Assuming those are the ones that have been proven 100% to be absolutely safe, effective and necessary, by independent studies, exactly which ones would those be?

– Dr Tim O’Shea


hey Dr. O’Shea,

I was wondering if you have any information or advice on the “Vitamin K” shot. My wife and I are expecting our first in a couple months. We are doing a home birth and choosing not to vaccinate, but for some reason I think there has been some people installing fear into her about the risk of bleeding and she’s questioning whether or not to do it. I would appreciate your opinion and any advice you have in the topic as well as any articles you may have that you like to share. She passed along a bogus article she received from someone at an “evidence based birth” site. It was full or statistical errors and uni-directional research. They claim to be for informational purposes but the agenda was clear. Anyway, thanks for any help you may be able to provide! -Dr. Justin Allen

[Dr T:]
“some people”? some people will say anything.

Vitamin K is a scam from top to bottom. the sales rap is that the infant needs to boost the clotting cascade in the liver by adding vitamin K, which newborns do not have. the danger then being if the skin is broken, they might bleed excessively without being able to clot. so what is the brilliant solution? pierce the skin for an injection with a synthetic manmade vitamin K, even though the other precursors and intermediates in the clotting sequence are not yet present in the newborn, and vitamin K is the least of the problem. so they’re going to inject something into a newborn – trigger a possible exsanguinary situation in order to provide this fake emergency dose of a fake vitamin? are they even listening to what they say as they sell the procedure? never assume that asking a common sense question will be too obvious when you’ discussing medical recommendations.

used to be silver nitrate in the eyes and vitamin K– then people started getting smart with the internet so the silver nitrate was given over– the vitaimn K dinosaur remains— the purpose is to train parents from the start that health is something benevolently doled out by the medical profession, at their discretion. we control the portals to life and death. you may enter and leave only with our permission. their worst nightmare is for people to become self reliant when it comes to health decisions.

once that awareness dawns, why would they need drugs?


The new Vaccine Seminar:

“I look forward to these seminars like a giraffe looks forward to strep throat. The new Vaccine seminar was a refreshing change. I now understand more about vaccines than I thought possible…some very disturbing facts.”
– RW Tripp, Cypress

This by far has been the most informative 12 hour seminar that I have taken in 10 years of practice. Aside from my AK certification, this seminar surpassed any other nutrition seminar/vaccine seminar. Awesome for the new or old docs!
– Dr J Ko, Newberry Park

How inspiring it was for me to be in the Vaccination and Immunization course last weekend in Sacramento. This was one of the best courses I have taken in 20 years. Emphasis on your knowledge, ability to communicate the subject and mostly on the stand you take on such a controversial matter. I look forward to taking the nutrition seminar.
– Daniel S. Smith, D.C.

“Usually bored out of my mind at CE seminars. so pleasantly surprised at new vaccine seminar – entertained with absolutely intriguing material. Got me right back to where I needed to be.”
– Dr K Alderete, Carsbad

Dr. O’Shea,

I read an article on the benefits to the immune system from getting Whooping Cough. I searched the internet for any information but came up with nothing. Do you have any information on this?

I took your Palm Springs lecture earlier this year.

Any information would be helpful, my 3 children are unvaccinated and have contracted Whooping Cough and their amazing immune system is fighting it off just as God created it to do. I am always encouraging my friends and patients to not immunize but when the crazy media starts getting into the minds of the uneducated, they begin to turn to the dark side and immunize. Now that my children have fought off the condition, I would like to be able to tell others what the benefits of allowing my children to fight this naturally and the life time of immunity my children have gained.

Thank You

Christopher B. Gaukler, D.C.
1520 E. Lincoln Ave.
Orange, CA 92865
(714) 921-1546


    • [Dr T:]

Dear Dr Gaukler

Of course you’re not going to find anything documenting benefits of whooping cough – but you can certainly find a ton of material loudly claiming how important the DPT vaccine is for preventing it, even though DPT is the single most dangerous vaccine ever invented.

75% of all vaccine injury claims ever paid out have been for DPT reactions. Not only has it never been clinically proven that the vaccine protects children from whooping cough, there is overwhelming proof of its toxicity.

In the case of your unvaccinated children, they are going to have much stronger immune systems after having overcome pertussis. Of course it’s distressing to watch them suffer and you’d rather that they never got it, but don’t listen to the hollow ranting about how the vaccine would have saved them, or the even more ridiculous claims about how the vaccine can cure them from pertussis now that they’ve got it. That is impossible. No curative vaccines exist.

In the past 6 years we have seen many outbreaks of whooping cough across the country, almost always among the vaccinated population. So your unvaccinated kids were the rare exception.

And yes, it’s fact that whooping cough as a disease was almost completely gone by the time the DPT vaccine came out in the mid 40s.

So since 90% of kids now get 5 separate doses of DPT vaccine, the highest likelihood is that the new outbreaks are actually from the vaccine itself. The vaccinated are a true Reservoir for Disease in this case. And remember – this is not the original whooping cough, but a manmade mutant version of it, created in the laboratory and spread by the vaccine. Since the original disease had all but disappeared by the time the DPT vaccine came out on the market, it is probable that your children were exposed to the new manmade version of it by being around their vaccinated schoolfriends.

A prime example of how true herd immunity was negated by spreading manmade mutant diseases through vaccines.

So don’t feel bad or guilty or anything but a little unlucky perhaps. The vaccine wouldn’t have kept your kids from getting whooping cough, and more important, they wouldn’t have anywhere near the immune reserves necessary to overcome the attack if you had given them all the usual childhood vaccines. Vaccinated kids who get pertussis anyway are really, really sick. And then what do the geniuses do? Right. Another shot of DPT! What were the first 5 shots for?

Of course a fuller explanation is available in the new text Vaccination Is Not Immunization as well as in the seminar.

Congratulations for not falling prey to hollow mantras and for finding out the truth yourself through much diligence and study. You’re on the side of science, not slogans. In today’s toxic world, kids need every possible advantage they can get. You’ve certainly given them the best chance for an unmodified, powerful immune system.

– Dr T


“I learned a lot from Vaccination Is Not Immunization and quite agree with the author that no scientific proof exists that vaccines are efficient and safe.”
– Françoise Berthoud MD, pediatrician, Switzerland


Thank you so much Dr. O’Shea

… early in my nutritional learning process, I read The Sanctity of Human Blood. It really meant something to me and just wanted you to know that your work had a great impact on my shifting from a medical paradigm as a pre-med student in college. I can name only a few people that had such an influence. I thank you for being there.
– John Robbins
author of Diet for A New America


Vaccine/ Detox seminar:
The best seminar I have ever attended during many years of chiropractic. Not only for the subjects but the classy and truthful way Dr Tim presented it. Don’t know how I would improve it.
– Dr AnneMarie Bennstrom, Sky Valley

I thought this seminar was filled with amazing information…. am looking forward to incorporating it into my practice immediately. A 10 of 10!
Thank you.
– Dr MM, Palm Desert


the vaccine seminar – very professional – presented concisely and coherently – easy to follow and keeps your attention – Dr O’Shea is the very best lecturer out of all providers.
– Dr T. Pirrotto


Awesome. The presentation was done in a very precise manner. Extremely informative,educative, and progressive in the past, current, and future info on ‘immunizations.’ Keep it up Dr Tim!
– Dr L Ruano, Santa Barbara


Dear Tim,

I just wanted to drop an email to thank you for the wonderful seminar. I was the mom with the baby in the back after lunch in Santa Barbara. I had to leave to take care of my 2 year old before the questions and answers were over but I wanted to give you my thanks and appreciation for the work you do. We have decided to not vaccinate our daughter but I was searching for the conviction to stand up to our doctor and look him in the eye with the utmost confidence and say “no, and I know why I’m not vaccinating my child.” My confidence was certainly bolstered at your seminar. I am so glad we made the “gut” decision we did. You have explained for me my hesitation in blindly following like sheep the “immunization” protocol.

I honestly cannot thank you enough. I have told many people about the seminar and my hope is that they go and hear it themself when you are in Ventura. Once again, thank you for sealing the deal… our daughter will receive no vaccinations under our watch!

– Lisa Hildebrand


This is by far the best informative seminar I have done. Thank you so much for the information. Up til now I’ve been nervous about not vaccinating my two children, due to my lack of knowledge. I cannot thank you enough. Had I not attended this seminar, I might have caught up with the vaccinations for my kids! Thank you again and again for you call.
– Dr Helen Nong

Life-changing information, thoroughly researched. Thank you so much for putting all the pieces together and shining the light of day on this horrendously immoral greed-driven industry.
– Dr Brad Nelson

The seminar was a real eye opener. I was pressured into my son’s first vaccination., but he will never receive another.
– T. Zollina, Sacramento, CA


If I had any doubts about vaccinating my kids, they are completely gone now, after this seminar. Dr O’Shea has convinced me beyond the shadow of a doubt…
– Dr LC, San Diego, CA


The Vaccine Seminar:
– fantastic information, a 10, a lot of subject matter to cover but done well, enjoyed the video clips – grounded the info with real examples – very revealing, the book made me decide not to vaccinate…
(doctor’s name withheld by request)


The Vaccine / Detox seminar was very well presented using good visual aid movie clips to complement lecture. I enjoyed the quick pace that covered all pertinent information. Very up to date and I will be able to use it in the office on Monday morning. Seminar topics were very relevant to patient care, management, and concerns of today. The 12 hours flew by and I was interested from beginning to end.
– Dr Buchkowski, Phoenix AZ


This seminar on vaccines is a brave and powerful assault of extremely well-researched material on the dogma of vaccination. It’s imperative that we share this information with our families, friends, and patients. No one else will.
– Dr G Byrnes


Seminar content enlightening, sobering. Well organized. Incredible research – very knowledgeable about subject matter.
– Dr R, Phoenix AZ


I was very pleasantly surprised. You are amazing and probably save lives. I’m telling everyone about this information. Stunning! thank you. Priceless information – life changing – electrifying – profound.
– Dr. J. Houghton, Los Angeles


The vaccine seminar this weekend as always, was amazingly informative, of utmost relevance and a lifeline for those people still interested in the health and well being of our future generations – Tim dissects every serious subject in an easy to follow, uplifting, and often humorous way. i attend every year and will continue to.
– Dr W. Jacobsohn, Los Angeles


In over 20 years of practice, the most interesting informative seminar I have ever attended. This seminar should be mandatory for all doctors of ALL types. Thank you!
– Dr Anne Rikel


Disturbing, pit of the stomach, acid reflux producing truthful excellence.
– Dr K Hanes, San Diego


Solid! This was the best 12 hour CE course I’ve attended. My attention was fully with you 100% – no boredom at all. Great systematic presentation.
– Dr B. Lanesh


Some doctor! You are a raving lunatic and one of the best stand up comics I have ever heard of. So you think you’re smarter than the whole medical professions?
– S.D., 3rd year medical student, New York


I really enjoyed the vaccine seminar. I’ve read a number of books and seen many videos and much literature over the years and this seminar was better, more enjoyable, and funnier than anything I’ve heard. You were clear, stayed on time, and answered all questions. Thanks!
– Dr J Ameral


The information was staggering and frightening. I wish I knew this when my children were babies. – Happily I refused Hepatitis B when they were in middle school. I will be looking into this topic more on my own. I will suggest this seminar to others in my field and nurses I know.
– GR, San Jose


I was impressed with the variety of topics covered. This class would give any health care provider an unbelievable foundation and basic understanding of natural nutrition.

Very informative shocking and scary material. Wish I didn’t know all that I learned today! Ignorance is bliss. Now I must learn more.I must educate my grown children who have not had children yet.


Very well organized. Plenty of info. Lotta laughs – eye-opening. Best seminar I’ve been to. Loved info on methods of propaganda. Keep teaching it!
– Dr SW, San Diego, CA

Excellent as always with Dr O’Shea seminars… very informative and motivational material delivered with enthusiasm and passion. visual presentation and lecture is a great combo – lunch included!!
– Dr Jen


Wow! I’ve been researching this topic for 10 years. Yours is the most current, best organized, and best referenced presentation on vaccines I have ever seen. You have taken a very complex subject and organized it so that it can be comprehended by the average person… Everyone with children needs to attend this seminar.
– Dr. TF, Tustin CA

Secret Vax in Uruguay

Hi Dr O’Shea,
…… just wanted to thank you again for all that you do. I am one of the 1.5% . We moved to Uruguay two years ago. I have four kids sixteen and under. I put my kids in the local Catholic school and when they asked for their vaccination records, I gave them the Texas exemption form that excused my kids from Texas vaccinations and they acceptedthem.

This year the school told me that I needed to get my kids caught up on vaccinations according to the “law” in Uruguay. All kids are required to be vaccinated.

I told the pediatrician that one of my kids has had recent seizures and so I did not want her to receive the suggested vaccinations because the side effects were possibly more seizures. She said, “it is the law in Uruguay, sorry, you will have to vaccinate her.” So I
asked for the head pediatric doctor in the country in Montevideo.

He came into the conference room and asked me why I did not want to vaccinate mykids. I told him that my daughter was a preemie and had had
recent seizures, so I did not want the MMR vaccination given to her because of the side effects. He said he would exempt her, but that he wanted my son who is nine years old to get all of the shots. I repeated that I would not be vaccinating him. He then told me that he could not FORCE me to vaccinate him, but that he could recommend that I do it for the sake of all the other children. Would I reconsider? No I said once again.
He then said he would sign a letter exempting all of my kids from the vaccinations.

I read through your book again for several nights before the appointment.

Your book has always been my “go to” resource in these battles. A family friend was the pediatrician when our first three girls were born. He insisted one day on giving my daughter a triple dose vaccination. I used what you said to use and that is to say, “not today”. I said that three times and walked out of the room with my daughter. I told them as long as I am breathing, I will not allow any vaccinations for my four kids.

I know what you mean when you say that there is only 1.5% that are educated and willing to speak out. The two states we have lived in are Texas
and California. Both are deceptive with asking for vaccination records before admitting students. Neither will tell parents that there is an option .

I had read the previous night that I could mention to him the Geneva Convention agreement that was signed by 100 countries after World War II stating that if a country was trying to give a person a shot or medical treatment that was experimental in nature, it would have to have the informed person’s consent before moving forward with the shot or treatment.

I really do appreciate all that you do. I have two editions of your vaccination books and they are priceless! Worth whatever you ask for them. Thank you again and again,

LG in Uruguay

What a joke you are, an anti-medical fanatic…. Medicine has saved generations from the ravages of disease… instead of your criticism and fault finding, you should be showing your gratitude. the doctor within, indeed! ha ha!
– JD, third year medical student, New Haven


Dr. O’Shea,

I am excited to hear about all this information that has been hidden from the people of the norm. When I started quizzing the Drs. about the ingredients of the vaccines, they DID NOT have a CLUE on what was in the vaccines. I was outraged!!!! The nurses got very upset with me that I even asked such a question and it took a couple of minutes of quizzing the nurses to finally find out that they get their “batch” of vaccines from the King County. I called King County immediately to get the exact list of ingredients of the shots. They faxed me three pages of toxic ingredients. I cried. I did this to my children without even knowing it.

I liked many things about the seminar.

– You started on time and made it clear what the agenda for the day was. You also ended on time – most cannot do that.
– Loved your straightforward and clear approach with your goal. I like that you did not allow questions and
– You had a VERY clear slide presentation with the focus on key words.
– I liked that you were open with a little humor.
– You had reference info for every statement or fact that you found!

What the seminar did for me:

First, I was happy that I have become more aware of the system and how it is all set up. I was Angry, very angry and sad. …medical doctors were ALWAYS pointing me in the WRONG direction in treating the symptoms and not the causes and due to their ignorance and walls that have been built in their minds. And for the fact that I have allowed shots to go into my children’s blood. It really hurts.

Have a super day and THANK YOU for all that you do!

Gayle Waxon


This story will just break your heart, read, share and please do what you can to prevent this happening to anyone else. This is what Julie says.

“My name is Julie and I am 26 years old. I have remained fairly quiet since being vaccinated by Gardasil because talking about the damage it has done is very difficult. The pain inside that it has caused is so extreme that it has been easier for me to try to forget Gardasil ever existed. For the past two years, I have tried to pretend that my life was not stolen from me and to forget that I was poisoned.”

“I chose to share my story after two years because I can no longer sit back and watch beautiful lives being destroyed by something that was meant to protect. I can only hope and pray that all of this happened to me for a reason. If my story has not convinced you or someone else against the shot, I hope at least I have convinced you to do more research before making that choice. The research will speak for itself. My story is my reality because I was not warned and I did not research. I hope and pray that this story finds you in time to protect yourself or your loved ones from the Gardasil vaccination.”

The link to her story is here –


This Seminar is excellent. It is paramount to understanding the truth about vaccination. The book is essential for all parents to read. I appreciate the abundant references in the seminar without all the dogmatic crap. Thank You!
– Dr. Deborah


dr. t:

thank you so much for the seminar – i can’t tell you how hungry my wife and i have been for more information on this subject. we are happy to be on your mailing list, and look forward to attending similar sessions in the future.

as far as making the seminar better, it was a very effective complement to your book – fleshing out a couple of points and covering a variety of topics. some of the information was new to me, and some of the familiar information was still good to hear again – it helped to crystallize it in my mind. i especially liked the historic perspective, which was new to me. …fascinating!

thanks again for doing this work.

– kyle hull


HI Doc,

Here are a few thoughts about the online adjusting class.

I really understood the ‘get your head in the game’ … the importance of focus, and intention when we deliver that adjustment and need to have the visualization.

.. the video related to me 120 % … You are trying to help doctors who ..

1. think the subluxation is not real
2. fear you might hurt someone
3. never learned the value of the adjustment

Somehow, I have all three of these issues and really struggling in my practice. I believe in the chiropractic principles but have problems physically applying the hands-on to get results.

I appreciated the tips about bringing to tension and lifting the chin doing cervical adjusting. Most important I was reminded that what we do is very specific skillset and we need to always be in the right mindset, the mindset of a mastery person. I have too many distractions when I am adjusting…….

– CO doctor


Thank you Dr. T.

I can tell you right now that even though this is my fifth or 6th time taking my re-licensing with you, I am thoroughly enjoying it. Your delivery is very pleasant and smooth and the material is all inclusive and relevant for anyone the least bit concerned with their own health and the health of others.

You’ve always been great at putting it all together for us in simple enough terms so it is easily brought to the patients. I also appreciate how you update the information as needed. Mostly I am truly enjoying the gentleness of the presentations. I can relax. Now, how can we get them to OK on-line adjusting segments as well? I live in Colorado now. Thanks again!

– Dr. K. Lundstrom


Cardiff Vaccine Lecture:

Dr T shared frightening information I never heard before. Left the seminar realizing we are 100% responsible for our own personal health. Real information like this is essential. enlightening!


Paris vaccine lecture:

Clear speech for us French speakers! Great overview and in depth references~.
Life-changing information. thank you!

Thanks for your reply, got your ebook vaccination is not immunization. I bought the Chinese version of your book for my wife. She is new to this and her native language is Chinese. I am so grateful you have a translation. After I read it I am sure I will order more to try and educate my friends, especially those with young kids or considering having kids. Also ordered a copy of trace amounts.

I first heard about geoengineering back in 2006. I didn’t believe it either, but then I went to Cleveland and saw chemtrails tic tac toe a cloud in the corner of an otherwise cloudless sky which turned half the sky into a grey haze by the end of the day. It is almost too much to think about on top of everything else. This all makes me so much more hesitant to accept the job offer in LA.

Keep up the good work!

Dan Tutolo
Columbia, MD


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Again, I want to thank you so deeply for your tireless, detailed, and most importantly accurate work on vaccination. Thanks to you and the others that have inspired me, …I chose to have my son naturally, at home. Nelson is now 11. He has never been vaccinated or been to a regular pediatrician for a check-up…..or had any type of pharmaceutical.Through a healthy organic diet, time outside, minimum screen time except for the occasional movie….lots of love, etc…I have a beautiful son that is bright, intelligent, and robust in health. In regard to illness, I see it as a clean-out versus a “sickness”….and take full responsibility for this. People consistently say that he is an interesting person and genuinely enjoy talking with him.

The most beautiful thing is that he chooses this lifestyle for himself as well…I hope people can figure out that kids are naturally tuned in to vital food, nature, and a wholesome lifestyle…if they are taught in fun ways at an early age. Nelson had a kitchen knife by age 3 (a small one) and now can cook a multi course meal for many….and knows how to identify plants to put together his own herbal capsules…This I feel is pretty normal and only because he has been given the opportunity…and not dumbed down, numbed and drugged. Thanks from all my heart for helping this to happen.

all the best,
Penelope Sullivan

[Dr T]: thanks. must be nice not to live in California!


Melinda Allen:

I am on-line trying to gather my own research since they may force my children to get vaccinated or give up their right to a public education SB 277…anyway! I came across your info and thought I would participate. My kids are much healthier than their friends and it always astounds me just how much. All of my children were born at home and have never had any vaccines. We very rarely even go to a doctor at all. I get them a yearly check up but sometimes one of them will pick up a bug from the doctors office so I may rule those out as well.
Warm Regards,
The Allen family

[Dr T] Read Apr 2015 Newsletter


Wow….just read your newsletter.

Tuesdays judicial hearing doesn’t look very promising either. It’s overwhelming sadness for my family. My son just qualified for our schools very tough GATE program and was so excited, now he will be denied that right. I volunteer at our preschool, transitional kindergarten school and my oldest sons elementary school and I now that I have “come out” as someone who feels I should be allowed to decide what is injected into my children, I have faced pure nastiness at all three schools. It’s my “social responsibly” and “if my kids had to take the risk, yours should too” and “you guys shouldn’t even be allowed in public parks”. Is this all really happening? Wake me up from this Science Fiction nightmare!

[Dr T in 2022: How nostalgic looking back to the days when people thought they actually had a right to refuse experimental inoculations for themselves and their children. Before the global coup d’etat … ]


I have to say thank you because your literature played a very big part in my ex husband and i not vaccinating our son at 6 weeks. I truly believe that’s why he is so smart and vibrant and active and talks up a storm. My sister and her husband who is a chiropractor in Australia sent me information about immunisations and vaccinations that i didn’t look at until after he had his first round of shots at 6 weeks… her husband had ordered some pamphlets of yours and had them shipped to me . I finally started reading. Thank you for your work.
Tanya Sutton


Almost seven years ago I was given your book. I refused to read it. I was on a flight from OK to OR with my seven week old baby and my husband had snuck Sanctity of the Blood in my carry on. I began reading and cried through most of the book when I realized and recognized the reactions my daughter suffered from her minimal vaccinations. The realization of all the damage vaccines had caused in my own life, my daughter’s and any potential future children was devastating. I have since read the subsequent editions as they have been published and have gifted them to 11 people who have all made the decision not to vaccinate from reading your book. I have recommended to countless families your work and have heard back from many that they do not vaccinate either after reading your books. Words cannot express my gratitude. I have five healthy children, four of which are completely unvaccinated.

Thank you!
Mandy Hinkle


I am a chiropractor in Cassville, MO. I have been to your seminars and have bought your books the last few years. I have 3 beautiful children. All of them are vaccine free.

Yesterday, my wife was called by the school and told that she needed to come get her child. Apparently there was a family that had come down with chicken pox. The ill children were sent home. None of these children were in my child’s class. My wife was told that since our child had not been vaccinated, she was to stay out of school till the 18th of October (21 days), and that if another child was found to have come down with chicken pox, that time would be added to those days. We have a copy of the statute, and it says nothing about the amount of time for an unvaccinated child to be out of school. It seems to only talk about if the child is a threat to others that they would have to stay out. Mo. Statute 167.191. We sent an email to the teacher, principal and superintendent asking why and asking if we could bring her back if we signed a waiver. The principal called us this afternoon and told us that it was a state law and that she understands. We are planning on pursuing this further, as we have 2 other children that will have to go through the same thing. We are going to contact the state to see what the state law says, but wondered if you had any enlightening advice for us.

S. R.
[Dr T response:]

they have it backwards—- the waiver is to prevent the unvaccinated kids’ parents from suing the school in case their unvaccinated kids get the chicken pox from the vaccinated. that’s the purpose of the law. anything else is doubletalk– so you can see that the kids who got chickenpox were probably vaccinated, right? shows you how well the vaccine works— you might need a lawyer to interpret the law to these morons— in california it actually states on the exemption form that this is what you’re agreeing to– to keep your unvaccinated kid out of school in the event any kids get a disease– the real reason is the liability of the school, as i have explained above, but the pretense is that your unvaccinated kid gave it to the ones who came down with it, which of course is impossible—–

just ask them this: if the vaccine works, then what do you care if my child is unvaccinated? aren’t your kids protected?

then shut up and watch them change the subject. when they do , interrupt them and say no, don’t change the subject, answer my question. keep doing that and that will show you how lame they really are.

Thought about homeschool???


You saved my children by writing your wonderful vaccine book. After I read it my whole mindset about disease and vaccines changed. The sanctity of my children’s blood will be respected. I have a deep passion for bringing awareness about vaccines and I encourage parents to become educated, and take control of their children’s health. I will be forever grateful for the knowledge you have given me.
– Dr LC, Redlands CA


“You are right. It is best to read it in one go. So that’s what I did. In a word your book can best be described as elegant. Vaccination Is Not Immunization is well-written and and beautifully presented. Certainly most valuable for parents seeking the truth about vaccines.”
– Viera Scheibner, PhD

“Thank you for the beautiful book of O’Shea. It is one of the best, if not the best book that exists about this topic. I have joined the battle against the disastrous mass vaccinations. It’s disappointing for me that I’m the only doctor who publicly speaks against this disaster. For years I have seen the debilitating aftermath in many children.”
– Dr HC Moolenburgh, Amsterdam


to doc
I work in a doctors office where they are going to force employees to have a flu vaccine or get fired. Is there anything I can take to help my body to recover from this?

[to Sherry

wrong question– you want to be asking for the name of a lawyer to sue them with for requiring something that they have no legal authority to require.—– 1 in 50 children are autistic. only 1% of vaccine injuries are ever reported. the manufacturers admit that vaccines are carcinogenic. sure you want to roll the dice with that?]


I am writing to say thanks for your book. I just spent the mornining re-reading it and again I am amazed at the blatant disregard for the individual’s true health in the name of the almighty buck. I have also read Robert Mendelsohn’s, “Confessions of a Medical Heretic,” and I put your book in that same category of must read for the masses. Sincerely,
– Dr Daniel Kaplan


Quoting Shane Campbell

Dear Dr. O’Shea,

Hello My name is Lacie I have read your book after my son had a
reaction to his first vaccination, and decided to get a medical
waiver for all my children, but now we have a dilemma.

My family and I are going to be missionaries in Ecuador and found out
that our mission board will not send us unless our children are
vaccinated. There is so much hype about getting our children
vaccinated because we are going to a 3rd world country, where these
dieseases are evident.
So now I’m not sure what to do!? My kids had a medical waiver at
first, but the mission board doctor won’t even accept that.

What is your opinion in this matter?


Lacie Campbell

    • [Dr T]:

This is a phony sales technique they use to sell vaccines. i have a whole section on this subject in my book Vaccination Is Not Immunization.

Ecuador doesn’t care one way or another whether missionaries are vaccinated. the third world angle thing doesn’t hold water– in fact it’s the exact opposite– since you’re going into this potentially toxic environment, you need an intact immune system more than ever. so why would you handicap it by experimental and immunosuppressive vaccines? physical reality is the exact opposite of what they’re telling you.

my advice is get a medical exemption from a real MD here. if you can’t get one, don’t go. the risk to your child from vaccines is just not worth it.

dr t


Are you the Sam Kinison of vaccine lore?

Hi Doctor,

I am a Chiropractor from ____________. We recently had a baby boy! We have decided to delay vaccination as I have educated myself about the difference between immunization and vaccination including the pros and cons. I am however wondering if there is something we can do to protect our little one when we fly abroad soon to France? In regards to some potentially usefully vaccines, which ones do you recommend, if any? Is there a reference you can send me for quick review.

Your advice is greatly appreciated!

Thank you kindly
[name withheld]

    • [Dr T]:

      • Yes. Read my book. And not just the section on Travel Vaccines.

Your education is in its embryonic stage if you’re using the words ‘vaccination’ and ‘protection’ in the same paragraph, and also phrases like’potentially useful’ vaccines. … exactly which ones would those be? If you have safeguarded this child’s immune system so far, why would you want to compromise it now, just because you’re taking a trip?

Beyond that, my opinion is that no child under 2 should be on an intercontinental flight– that’s not what legitimate doctors have in mind when they talk about gentle, regular stimulation being the best way to build the strongest immune system in the unvaccinated infant—-

‘delay’ vaccination? until exactly when?

Your kid has lucked out in ways you obviously don’t appreciate, from the fragmented knowledge you have. Why not go all the way and really give him a chance not to be immuno-compromised by experimental viral loads and neurotoxic adjuvants?

‘quick’ review, huh? Rather a cavalier approach to the most important decison you will make in the life of your infant, don’t you think? Of course we wouldn’t want to go into any kind of depth or inconvenience reaching that decisIon, would we? Just a few hits off wiki-mafia and google-goebbels should be enough, right? Why take it seriously?

This is the age of the survival of the correctly informed – social Darwinism indeed. Thanks for reminding us.

DD Palmer: “Mandatory vaccination is an outrage upon the individual in a land of personal freedom.”

Get Vaccination Is Not Immunization: The War on Children. Read it. It’s got all the references you need.


Dear Dr. O’Shea,

in 2009 I got diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. I finally knew the reason why I was stuck in my own delusional fantasy world —. I visited several psychologists about how to cope with this label . I also went through a severe depression – not a pleasant way to spent the last years of your youth

My dad told us a couple of years ago to stop taking our yearly vaccines because it is bad for your health. Not understanding I simply did as he said without knowing why.

A dream that I’ve had most of my life was to be ‘normal’, to be like the people around me because I experienced events, felt and lived as an outsider, less than ‘normal’ people. It was presented to me by the psychiatric world is that my autism was genetic and that there was nothing I could do about it.

…earlier this year, I read of a seminar about vaccinations given by you. I proposed to go there together with my father… I had no knowledge about natural healthcare or vaccines besides what the doctors and my school told me. The information given to me in your vaccine seminar shook the very foundations of my being. Finding out that you’ve been living a lie most of your life is quite an experience.

I started researching vaccine damage and the effects on the human body. One of my goals was to find a way to heal the damage done by vaccines. After studying your information on your 60 Day Program, I believed that the Program would help me deal with the world around me.

The lifestyle I lived before was very unhealthy: did not get much exercise, as I sit behind a computer many hours a day, I ate a lot of unhealthy and often processed foods. The switch to the New West Diet was the hardest part . I had no problems with taking the supplements.

Now a few months after I finished the program I do feel that my body works better than before. One example: before I always had problems with my colon when it came to digestion, which has disappeared now. Also I started to view myself, the people around me and the world in a different way. I think in the end a combination of achieving a better physical health as well as mentally really did it. Learning to accept yourself as a unique human being despite done damages , learning to accept and understand the world around you, you must first learn to accept and understand yourself. This way of thinking would NOT have been possible for me if I hadn’t done the 60 Day Program.

… in my case it was you that opened my eyes to the world around me. For that I would like to thank you so very very much. For everything you’ve done for me: for opening my eyes

Kindest regards,
Joshua Smits <>



Dear Dr. O’Shea,

I have read your book “Vaccination is Not Immunization” and want to salute you for the noble effort you have put into writing and publishing it.

Now I am very clear about the money and politic behind vaccination. In order to ensure continuity of reaping huge profits of billions after billions, the pharmaceutical industry has to insist on the false truth of Pasteur’s Germ theory of disease. Unfortunately for the majority of people, the authority and the government go all the way to support it

I am from Malaysia and have an autistic son who is 26 years old.

Thank you for your attention! May your noble effort benefit more and more people!

Kennedy Tan
Health Builders
Kuala Lumpur


“his vaccine book is the most provocative, well researched, fact filled, blood-boiling text EVER written on vaccines!!!!…Dr Tim’s writing style mixing PURE science and his relentless wit make this one of my FAVORITE reads of all time…read this book and you will want to start a revolution.”
-Dr Bill DeMoss – DCS, Newport Beach


Every new mother and father should have the opportunity to read The Sanctity of Human Blood before subjecting their children to mandatory vaccinations.
– Kilmer McCully, MD, The Heart Revolution

This book is the best source I have in my library about the history and the horrors of the vaccine industry. …the three generations of wholesale poisoning that Dr. O’Shea reveals in this book… Thanks for doing the research for the rest of us.

– Gary Kohls, MD, Preventive Psychiatry

Tim O’Shea is one of the few people writing on vaccines today who has the courage and dedication to tell it like it is, in detail.
– Philip Incao, M.D., Crestone, Colorado


Simply the best and most accessible deconstruction on vaccines I’ve read, and I’ve read quite a few. You should be proud, as I am of you, your courage, and your work!
– Anthony J Maniotis PhD, Dept of Pathology, University of Illinois

Hi Tim,

Your vaccine book is the most well documented analysis of the vaccination cult of modern medicine. The benefits ascribed to vaccines were due to other public health measures as Dr Tim O’Shea demonstrates in this expose’. Toxic adjuvants, contaminants, pathogens and the induction of autoimmune, neurodegenerative and developmental diseases result from the expanding onslaught of recommended child and adult vaccines. Be informed of the dangers, lack of scientific proof of host immunity and health concerns of vaccines from the best source for public and professionals. I highly recommend ‘The Sanctity of Blood’ [Vaccination Is Not Immunization] by Dr Tim O’Shea.

– Dr. Wm. R. Deagle MD, GCN syndicated radio
Centennial, CO


” I wish to recommend to you the most comprehensive book I have read over the past 25 years on this subject: The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination Is Not Immunization, by Tim O’Shea…”

– Autism and the Vaccine Connection
by Roy Kupsinel, MD


“In his book O’Shea records the shameful and dishonest history of what has been done by medicine and the drug companies and the institutions that are supposed to make sure they are honest… I have read many books that have inspired me and have made me proud to be a doctor. This is one made me ashamed and frustrated. I was confronted by the truth of what was happening in a field of medicine to which I had paid very little attention.

…the role played by vaccinations over the past 100 years has been grossly exaggerated and the harm that this has done has been carefully hidden from public view.”

– Abram Hoffer, MD, editorial in The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine



I would recommend every parent read this most informative book before allowing anyone to vaccinate their child.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization by Dr. Tim O’Shea

– Mary Abramson, R.N.


Every parent that walks through my door will get one of these Vaccination Is Not Immunizationbooks – I give them out. And I tell them this: Read this. It’s the single most important thing you will ever do for the health of your child. Second most important book after the Bible.
– Dr. Tim Young, DC, Oklahoma City


Jennifer Reece Maxwell: This book changed everything for us! My husband and I were on the fence about vaccines until we had further information. We took more than 2 years to find enough answers. This book gave me the information I was looking for! NO vaccines for my little guys! A DEFINITE must read!


Joelle Dunn: My kids were already vax free for the 6 years of their lives when I found Dr. Tim O’Shea. He confirmed the science for me in a way that I could then explain to others. My twins are now healthy adults. This book makes a great gift for expectant parents.


Antje Corder: The book and as well the DVD seminar woke me up!!!! I can not unvaccinate my first born, but all I could do was /is detox him. My second is vacc free and both will have NO vaccines ever. Thank you Dr. Tim O’Shea!!!


It is impossible to estimate the true value of Dr O’Shea’s new book. His review of the history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.

Many primary care providers and parents who assume that the vaccine program was built on sound principles will be shocked at the flimsy foundations of immunization science. More relevant than its roots, what every parent and doctor must decide is whether the risks of vaccination are offset by the potential benefits. While the public is rarely exposed to the full extent of vaccine adverse reactions, Dr O’Shea takes the reader through a thorough review of each “vaccine-preventable” disease and the risk/benefit of their vaccine counterpart.

With explosions in chronic illnesses in virtually all subsets of our population, critical thinking is necessary to protect our loved ones and our future. Dr O’Shea has once again blessed us with an up-to-date resource that will allow parents to make an informed choice, and for medical professionals to take pause at what they had been indoctrinated to believe was valid science and good medicine.

The book will serve as a valuable resource to parents and physicians who wish to gain further knowledge and understanding of the risk and benefits of the numerous shots being promoted for the proclaimed benefit of public health. Parents need no longer feel guilty or confused about the decision to vaccinate their children. Knowledge is the freedom and power to decide with confidence what is best for their children.

– David Ayoub, MD
Springfield, Illinois


Hi Dr. Tim!

I’m almost done reading your book and I am so happy I got a chance to read it before vaccinating my baby. I had obviously done enough research before her birth to know that I wanted to WAIT before giving her any vaccinations, but I was still on the fence because there is so much information out there on both sides and it is so confusing. Your book is so rational and well referenced that it finally put a rest to my indecisiveness and I’m happy to say that my beautiful 9 month old baby girl Anjali, who was born drug free at home, will NOT be receiving any vaccinations. Thank you for your work and your courage.



Dear Dr. O’Shea,

My name is Madelyn Warkentin and I am a mother of 2 children (soon to be 3). I just finished your book Vaccination Is Not Immunization… – eye opening and incredibly informative as well as empowering! Our decision to NOT vaccinate our children was again confirmed by your book. Thank you! I truly appreciate all your research and footnotes you provided.

there are few doctors, especially pediatricians who share your opinions. 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child I interviewed one pediatrician who told me she could not care for my child if I did not agree to vaccinate. Another pediatrician I sought out was rude with me when I told him I did not want to vaccinate my 2 week old child. He said “Where are you getting your information, the National Enquirer?! You know, not vaccinating could be borderline neglect.” Boy was I was offended. Here I was, doing my research, wanting the best for my child and I was treated as though I was a negligent mother!

we have never regretted not vaccinating our children. At the end of your book you wrote something that really stuck out to me. You said “Find someone whose kids were never vaccinated. I don’t know, just do it. Now ask if their kids get colds, allergies, infections, asthma …just ask them.” I am happy to report that my children are 5 and 2 and have never had an ear infection, strep throat, or asthma. Sure they’ve had some colds and even some fevers but nothing serious. They have never been on antibiotics nor have they needed western medication.

I delivered both of them with a midwife and without any pain medication. I exclusively nursed both of them for 17 – 19 months, we eat a very healthful diet. They both have an excellent immune system and I believe it is because we’ve not vaccinated them AND that we live a healthy lifestyle.

Madelyn Warkentin


He’s OK I guess, but I don’t believe a word he says.
(Overheard leaving a Las Vegas seminar room on a break.)


Thank you for your website and book. Finally I have a role model. I am an MD, embarrassed to say so, but it’s true.

I have spent numerous years intuiting the damage of vaccines and the connection with autoimmune diseases via misfiring of the immune system. I chose nephrology because I thought, well let me just help people who would just die anyway, the end of the line so to speak. I have felt like the only person viewing a bad dream, one where nobody gets well. There are no healers in my midst, just very low expectations it seems.

I agree with you about the need to take responsibility. I have pondered just how to select out people who are willing to do their own work. I love your chapter on the last resort. .. You are a true gift. …. in this wild journey into and out of the allopathic system.

– S. H, MD. Bangor, Maine.


The vaccine book is 5 stars out of 5. Very polished, which one would expect from a 13th edition.

I love the style – satirical and cynical. The themes are logically sequenced and interwoven such that one hardly notices that that one chapter has passed, and the next has begun. The flow works.

The information is top-notch and invaluable. The author warned us that the book was an introduction to the world of vaccinations vs. immunization. I wish the book were 3 times as thick!

The idea that disease attracts scavengers is a fascinating topic, and truly, the success of the book’s stance on vaccinations stands or falls on it. I had never thought about the validity of the “Germ Theory” before – blindly believing what my 2nd grade “science” teacher told me.

If one can forcefully show that the Germ Theory is bogus, and the “Scavenger Theory” is superior, the concept of even considering taking vaccinations simply ceases to exist – it goes away.

Pointing out the “Germ Theory” sets your book apart from all the other sources I have run across on this topic. But strangely enough, this is the core of the problem!

The most difficult thing, as you have noticed, is to get people to think for themselves.

The book was fantastic. Should be required reading for expecting parents.

Scott Brians
Fort Lauderdale


Dr. O’Shea,

Just want to thank you writing your book on vaccines which I bought right when my daughter Leya was born 3 years ago in San Francisco.

I waived the hep b vaccine at birth (I was always suspicious). However the pediatrican convinced me ten days later that i needed to give her the vaccine. I caved. Leya had a very bad night of crying, screaming and arching of her back.

When we called the nurse, she said that was normal! I could not believe what I was hearing.

Well, to make a long story short, Leya got better. I bought your book and in my next visit I got into an argument with the doc. He told me not to come back because i wasn’t going to vaccinate her, ever again, and I made that clear. He said she would be putting other kids at risk. When I asked him why should he be worried if all those other kids are protected, he mumbled something about putting the newborn unvaccinated kids at risk.

To say the least the exchange taught me a lot about how misinformed the average pediatrician is and also how stubborn they are in their beliefs. The next pediatrician also argued with me about DPT, but after i reminded him about the 1993 outbreak in cincinatti, OH (rom NEJM 1994) where 80% of the victims were vaccinated, he seemed to not press the issue anymore.

Leya is a happy, healthy and alert child and learned to speak faster than kids her age.

She always amazes neighbors and other parents at the playground at how well she can talk and think for a 3 year old. Her playmates are her older half-sister (9) and our neighbor (6). she is able to keep up with the conversations of older kids.

Thanks again for the confidence you gave me to stand up. I have never stopped studying this topic and am helping to educate some of my friends and family.

I am an engineer by training, with a degree from MIT, and appreciate the solid scientific arguments you (and others) make to expose vaccines as essentially a huge scam based on very shaky and weak hypotheses.

Colin McGregor
San Ramon, CA


Hey Doc,

I just ordered a couple copies of your book Vaccination Is Not Immunization, and read through it in about a day. The most important book I have ever read. Thank you. I have not vaccinated my kids but now I really understand why. This book will save many lives and help many parents get the information that is so well hidden out there. I bought enough copies to share with colleagues and friends.

Can you let me know more about the Chicken Pox vaccine. I am sure it is the same as the rest. But I have heard some conflicting thing. I just want to know the truth. Please tell me what to read to get the facts.

– Dr Pacelli, Orange CA

[Dr T: Thanks doc. Best answer about chicken pox is in Wakefield’s latest Interview, Under Chapters]


Hi Dr. T,

I have been following the vaccine narrative for over fifty years. I have read dozens of books on vaccines. Your book, ‘Vaccination Is Not Immunization’ is, by far, the most informative, concise, and easy to read book on vaccines I have ever read.

Your book is in my online store– recommend it it to everyone, non-professionals and professionals alike.

Vitality Science
Stephen Becker
Rancho De Taos, NM



Hi Dr. T,

My hunting buddy took his hounds to Canada from Montana just before Thanksgiving. He has six children, four have not been vaccinated as the first two had side effects the Mom ‘knows’ were from the vaccinations given by the ‘trusted’ M.D.

Anyhow, Nick’s hounds aren’t vaccinated either, but apparently to get across the border the animals have to have their rabies vaccinations.
Now, these hounds we have are part of the family. Some of them stay in the house and all of them are good with kids. Biting, scratching, snapping, growling will not be tolerated from the hounds nor the kids!
After the vet visit for rabies shots Nick put the dogs in the carrier in the back of his truck and the youngest hound immediately started fighting the other dogs. Our dogs do not fight each other, period.

Once he got the dog home, the poor critter went in to his dog box and didn’t come out for two days when Nick had to drag him out to go to Canada. By the time they got to Canada the dog was uncontrollable, snapping at Nick and just flat vicious toward other people. Nick was forced to shoot the pup.

Of course, the vet said it could not have had anything to do with the vaccine.

– Dr. Tony Popp


Dr. Tim,

I had my dog vaccinated at 18 months b/c I felt pressured to do so by the vet. Even though I am against vaccines and didn’t vaccinate my child, I did with my dog and regret it so. Days after the vaccines my dog came down with seizures. The vet denies that the vaccines were the cause. So eventually I ended up putting our dog, Chloe on phenobarbital. They require 2 blood panels a years to monitor this drug and basically on the medication for life. Total cost for my dog’s life of drugs and mgmt will be close to $10k…if I continue using this drug.

So,… My question is: is there another alternative…maybe homeopathic wise to avoid the pharmaceutical route?

I have been to many of your Seminars and value your opinion. And I could just kick myself for feeling bullied to vaccinating my pet!
Any thoughts?

{Dr T]:
never understood why when people learned about the dark side of child vaccines they would think that animal vaccines would be guided by a higher ethic.

the seizures may wear off in time, most likely, but that process is being slowed down by the drugs– ever notice how every single thing they tell you, the answer is buy more drugs? doesn’t that click somehow? i would give the dog a raw egg every day and mix 2 caps of Oral Chelation into his food to try and chelate the mercury and aluminum out, at the very least. and i’d only give him the barbs when he seemed like he was having a seizure, before or after. this idea of constantly keeping him drugged up will never make him normal and is no way for a dog to live. vaccines destroyed this poor dog’s nervous system. QED. whether that’s irrevocable or not remains to be seen. but phenobarbital is going to lessen the chance of recovery that much more.

phenobarbital is a human drug, off-labeled to animals. never intended for them.


Your website has totally changed the way I look at the world, and the more I am exposed to everything, the more I realize that you are right on the money. The Sanctity of Blood is an amazing book, .. I could see it changing the world. …thank you for your service to the world, and I would like to see it go mainstream. You are truly a “health professional”, you are a real “doctor” (unlike most), and I try to be the messenger to as many people as I can. Thanks.
– Trevor Gemmer


Dr. O’Shea,

My wife Mindy gave me your book. I have read A Shot in the Dark and Mendelsohn’s book, and they were great. Yours however, really puts it all together, and is updated. Thank you for the valuable service you are providing. It must take a lot of courage and dedication to tell it like it is in face of the medical establishment with their arrogance and deep pockets. If there is anything I can do from the position of the clergy, please let me know. I believe this information is extremely vital and should be widely disseminated. Shalom,

– Rabbi Aaron Parry
Los Angeles, CA (310) 556-3344


I read your book, Vaccination is not Immunization over 9 years ago. Thank you! I continued to read more books on the subject to educate myself and not forget. I am not a scientist, nor studied in this area. Out of fear, I vaccinated my son with a tetanus booster at age 6 months. He had many issues because of it, “strange loss of mobility, “seizure like issues”, muscular atrophy. With health and good holistic care, 9 years later, I have a healthy boy and girl vaccine free!

I say I am not against vaccines.. I am against vaccines for my children or forced vaccinations for other people who don’t know better or are knowledgeable, like those in poverty entrenched climates.

Thank you for continuing your research and speaking out. I am concerned about this bill passing in California. People base their decisions on fear and their fear is propagated by the very people they trust, doctors and government officials and friends and family who mislead them.

Thank you for your book. Thank you from the bottom of this moms heart!
Susannah Hayden


Hi Doc,

I believe I know exactly how all of these neuro degenerative disorders and diseases are created. It is a combination of environmental factors that are ALL man-made and the major contributor are vaccinations. When you combine several other factors and add the vaccines to the mix, it becomes more than obvious .

The problem the medical community has is there is no motivation to prove vaccines are a major factor in the cause. … they have relied on the fact that the diagnostic equipment and techniques cannot see the problem, – rather than work to find a way to show the cause, they are ignoring it and saying “we don’t know the cause.”

Keep up your work, it is greatly appreciated. I use many quotes from your book as evidence in creating arguments with stupid people that support vaccinations.

John Robbins
author of Diet For A New America

[Dr T]:

    • Well thanks John
    • quite an endorsement coming from you–

the trap i finally learned to avoid is that what is missing from the whole discussion is not incontrovertible clinical evidence showing the specific neural pathways that are destroyed by vaccines, like what you are alluding to— that will be very amusing and gratifying for the 6 of us who actually read it and understand it– though that pales in the light of what’s already been done by wakefield, haley, moulden, geier and many others. the real crux of the matter is the inexorable deevolution of the whole culture, wherein

      • 1. Because of the programmed decline in intelligence and education, fewer people are able to even follow a simple scientific thread to its simple conclusion

2 Because of the sophisticated pop media having mastered so well the science of lying, where they have convinced people that they are omniscient about the main parts of any important issue, because they watch CNN or read Yahoo headlines, or by a 5 minute wiki search for the really inquisitive….

in other words, bring up a topic like vaccines and they already think they know everything about it— they know they’re safe effective and necessary and that there are demonic elements about like wakefield,(and me) who will lead people astray— and they’re too lazy and stupid to see the enormous economic megalith and its stranglehold on media, etc.

so you are talking about a sophisticated research project, which if properly funded and meticulously carried out will inevitably demonstrate tthe infernal toxicity of vaccines, in spades– but i’m saying that at a much simpler level the endless chain of facts in my book, each of which is bulletproof, documented and sourced – even though conceptually these facts are very simple to grasp, 99% of the population would never read past the 3rd page, as soon as they realize what the book is about– because it challenges all their core values and beliefs inculcated all day every day by every media source, book, movie, and conversation they’ve ever had in their life, with rare exception. that’s the impenetrable barrier– reinforced all day every day, as long as the TV and the ipad and the iphones are ON. Natural Selection– the survival of the informed– and worse , now with the new law, even the informed aren’t going to be able to escape.

so after writing 15 editions of the vaccine text, i have no more illusions about ‘breakthrough’ research and its value in this culture. all that’s for academics — transferring dusty old bones from one graveyard to another….

best of luck with all your endeavors!



On Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Please allow me to congratulate you for having written – in my opinion – the most important book wherein the health and the future of mankind are concerned.

Best wishes


Hi Tim,
first of all thank you so much for all your wonderful information!

I have a Facebook page called the ‘Vaccination Information Network (VINE) which has over 18,000 subscribers. I would feel very honoured if you would ‘like’ VINE’!

I have just shared your great information from your newsletter about the issue of children over the age of 12 having been given the right to consent to HPV vaccination without their parents knowledge or consent in California.
I have also advertised the latest edition of your book on the VINE wall.

Many thanks,
Erwin Alber


[Dear Erwin
I hope you’re talking about the November newsletter article on HPV:

November 2011 Newsletter
The point about viruses and cancer –first of all it’s really a peripheral issue with HPV—the main idea being that HPV vaccine has no viruses in it anyway – just particles—and yet is being claimed as preventing a specific cancer—which is ridiculous..
yes I know all about SV40 and vaccines and lymphoma—but that issue was the contamination and lack of safety testing on polio vaccines, that they allowed 93 million doses of the vaccine to be given to American kids without even knowing about the stowaway viral contamination. The whole discussion of cancer is more thoroughly discussed in my chapter To the Cancer Patient.

The connection of SV40 with non-hodgkins lymphoma, though certainly a serious concern was an association, never a proof of cause. There have been many theories of the viral causation of cancer, but none is generally accepted by mainstream science. Which doesn’t really mean anything either of course, because anything that would threaten the chemotherapy industry would certainly be covered up even if it were proven.
But again all these hypotheses are side issues to the vitally important main premises of the new HPV chapter, which are :

– HPV virus has never been proven as the cause of any disease,
– HPV virus has never been proven as the cause of cancer of the cervix.
– HPV vaccine has never been proven to have the slightest effect on any cancer at all.
– By no stretch of the imagination can cancer of the cervix be regarded as an STD.

And yet HPV is a very dangerous vaccine with over 100 clearly documented deaths in the US and UK in the past 2 years, in addition to other serious consequences.

Thanks for all your efforts. It’s people like you who are propelling the knowledge of vaccine toxicity to approach a critical mass point—the dangers of vaccines are so clear today and so well documented from so many valid sources that ‘they’ can no longer keep a lid on it.

– [dr t]



Dr. O’Shea doesn’t hold back and give vaccines false credit for something they never accomplished (remember ALL childhood diseases had dropped to near extinction before the vaccine was introduced). I’d give the film a “C” and warn anyone watching it not to be fooled into believing that limiting or spacing vaccines makes them safe – yes safer – but definitely not safe.

Independent studies have shown that motor vehicle fatalities have not changed or improved since the advent of the seat belt and yet we are black and white brainwashed that seatbelts save lives … in reality seatbelts make the cleanup after an accident less horrific for the first responder AND that’s all.

– Dr. Ralph Umbriaco, LA


My son, who is 21 now, was never vaccinated and was birthed without drugs. He started speaking at one
and was very atheletic and coordinated as a child.

He did have an occasional cold but recovered quickly and is a healthy, with no allergies who does not get sick often. He is healthier than his friends and did not get sick as often as his classmates in school.

Dr. Vanessa Waugh, D.C.
Dunedin, FL


Hi Doc,

I’d really like my daughter to see one of your lectures. She has 2 boys.

I sent her your vaccine book a couple of years ago and told her that her reading it would be the only gift that I asked for the rest of my life. The compelling information contained in it would allow her to make the best, informed decision – to avoid all vaccines.

You see, my daughter was raised “alternative” by today’s standards. She is very critical of the information and lifestyle with which she was raised. Her degrees in applied physics and geological physics require that everything must have bonified, scientific research. Your book gave trusted medical source after trusted medical source by her standards; something she would appreciate. Those grandchildren are now the third unvaccinated generation in my family.

I really don’t see how anyone could even consider vaccinating after reading your book. Thank you!

– Gail C.


If I could only recommend one book on vaccinations this is the one to read.

Tim O’Shea’s book, VACCINATION I$ NOT IMMUNIZATION is the most informative and well written book that I have ever read on this topic!! He begins at the beginning with an interesting description of the shaky (scary!) and questionable “science” behind the very creation of vaccinations. He then methodically and painstakingly provides vital information that ALL of us would do well to know about vaccinations, since no family is untouched by this issue. It is a relatively quick read (one day) for a book that disseminates a great deal of crucial information.

Everyone should know that there are now 68 recommended vaccinations for American children as of 2010, which means that “they are the most vaccinated group in the history of the world. No other country on earth has such an aggressive program of vaccines.” Not only that, there is a new adult schedule which more than doubles that recommendation to 150 vaccines, which is “unprecedented in human history: no other country on earth has an adult schedule of vaccines.” Upon learning exactly what is in one vaccine alone, it does not seem coincidental that the National Institutes of Health has also determined that INFANT HOSPICES are becoming a necessity in this country because “53,000 infants per year, [are] dying of terminal diseases – diseases they acquired since birth.”

What are we doing to our population? Dr. O’Shea cites 349 references, and has published 13 editions since 1999 – because the number and types of vaccines are constantly changing. I am impressed by his dedication to continue to do research and publish updated editions to keep us informed; I plan to buy an annual edition just to keep current on the issue personally. Please do not vaccinate your children, your pets, or get a flu shot without reading this first. It really is a MUST READ!

– Sharyl Carson, Minneapolis, Minnesota


From: Hans Raible Sent: Monday, April 29, 2002 10:07 AM

Dear Dr. O’Shea:

As a patent attorney, I meet a lot of managers, and universally, their goal is to have a good public image. And you cannot have that if your clients become autistic by the thousands. And then you close the factory which is your business decision, and nobody can argue with you. Clearly, your book did a lot to bring this about by careful collection of irrefutable facts plus readable and good arguments. I spent several days reading and re-reading it, and it is phantastic! Sincerely, and with great appreciation and thanks

Hans Raible
European Patent Attorney
Schoderstr. 10,
70192 Stuttgart


Dr. O’Shea,

I just want to say thank you. Your incredible research has helped me make what is the most important decision I could have possible made for my two daughters. I will always be grateful for your honesty and in presenting what can be such intimidating and intense material in a very understandable, common sense manner. I feel extremely passionate about vaccinating and how harmful it is to these innocent little lives that have no choice in the matter. I am quite confident that in 50 years people will look back and be shocked and disgusted at what we injected into these little blood streams.

Please come to Portland, OR.
Deirdre Daczewitz


Dear Dr O’Shea

I have read much of your site; it was refreshing to finally see, with clear and concise wording the silent/invisible problems explained so well.

it really is a time to be awake and aware of the dangers we face for all our families now and in the future. I want to say thank you for offering this resource… have found it extremely useful.

– Byron Eager
sorry about my English I speak Finnish.


Dear Tim,

Your book, The Sanctity Of Human Blood, is a great read and it is very convincing. It removes any lingering doubts one may have about the innocence of those orthodox medical vampires. I admire your energy, intellect and courage, putting yourself out there on the line, pushing back those dragons.
– Jim West

Dear Dr. O’Shea,

I am your fan and admirer since 7 years and have often purchased your products and books. I have 12 animals, 3 dogs, 4 cats, 2 horses, 2 goats, one potbelly pig all not vaccinated. None of them ever needs the vet unless they have accidents. I wanted to thank you, because I have the healthiest animals. Ten years ago I didn’t know about this and I used to vaccinate my animals, now deceased. They had many problems, like skin diseases, anxieties and overall bad health. My one dog got Parvovirus and Distemper both from the vaccines. Our horses constantly had colic and skin diseases. I found your articles and your Website and I found out about vaccines and decided not to vaccinate the new animals. What a difference. They are happy and healthy. My friend’s horse got strangles from the vaccine and the poor guy gets hoof abscesses every time after vaccination. She still thinks vaccines are the best though and doesn’t want to read or research. Needless to say, I never get vaccinated.

I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and all the free information you provide. You are my hero.

– Birgit Cortese

Please add us to your un-vaccinated family list. Our son is 10 months and is far, far ahead of some of our friends children that are months older. He is walking and has a 45 word vocabulary. I thank whatever god there is that we found your book. I think it would be irresponsible as a parent not to do your research on this matter.
– The Mcclasky Family, Chico, CA


Wish I could make your seminars this year… Just wanted to say that in all my research on vaccines… your book was one of the very best on the topic… (and I have read everything I can find)… Wish you luck in this area… and watch out for the horizon… newer and mandatory vacs… not good… You are right about pure blood… that is the key
– Ted H Spence, DDS, ND

Keep going after the truth – just make sure your bulletproof vest fits. I’ve been there.
– Hal Huggins, DDS, Colorado Springs, CO

…one of the most shocking yet thoroughly researched exposes on the vaccine industry… an issue that is vital to our children’s health and future.
– Hyla Cass, MD, Pacific Palisades, CA

Dear Dr. T

I am priviliged to be listening to the CDs that you sent to my sister recently on vaccines. Thank you for being so courageous, outspoken, informed and so generous with your knowledge. Though I have known that there is misinformation in this area, I am shocked by a lot of what you have to say. I had heard a snippet of this infrmation some years ago – ‘vaccinations, the Hidden Truth.’

I hope that you are well known enough to stay safe. What you say is shocking,

Thank you again. It is easy for me to say “Keep up the good work” but I will do what I can to let people hear what you have to say by giving your website.

– Dee Bradshaw, Ireland

Dear Dr. O’Shea

First I want to applaud your web-site. I also want to tell you I have one vaccinated child (18 months was his last) and 1 unvaccinated child. I bet you can guess which child never gets sick!! The difference is simply amazing. My unvaccinated child is very healthy, is never sick and if he is he gets over with out any intervention besides plenty of water and lots of rest. He has also never been on antibiotics or had any kind of medication. My older son on the other hand was plagued with ear infections the 1st 2 years of his life, gets sick 2 or 3 times a year and has a much more delicate consitution than his younger brother. Since my second son was born both kids have been raised very holistically, no MacDonalds, soda, sugar etc (what a horrible mother I am!!), they both have chiropractic care on a regular basis and see a naturopath ins ead of an MD. So you can’t convince me that vaccinations have no effect… I have living proof in my two sons.

Thanks for your ongoing commitment to this topic and keep up the good work.

Tammie Sarra
Ontario Canada

Good morning!

We are a Norwegian Couple that have two children; one of 7 and one that is only 2 weeks old.

The 7 year old is hardly EVER sick; I remember she had a runny nose a couple of times in kindergarten, but no fever, no nothing else.

She is in 1st grade in school now, still never sick! It is not common to say “no” to vaccines in Norway, so it has been a struggle against the system! Even the newborn will lead a life without vaccines.

Anyway; we would like to be on your list, to tell the world we, too, say no to vaccines and see the benefits of children that are hardly ever sick, very bright and learns very fast! …my girl of 7 gets EVERYTHING the teacher says, takes in every message and works through tasks with the speed of light.

Frank & Kathrine,

If you read this book and still vaccinate your children, I’ll shut up.
– Dr Deanna Weeks, Escondido


Dr T:
I am a mother of a 4 month old baby who was vaccinated at 3 months with polio, dtap, hib, hepatitis b, rotavirus, and pneumococcal all in one day. I am so sorry to say I wasn’t able to read your book in time. I am still breast feeding my daughter.

I want to know if there is anything I can do to detox her? Would it be safe for me to use your 60 day detox program since I am still breast feeding? I feel helpless.

Is there anything I can do to help my daughter now that she has had all these vaccines?

[name withheld]


dear ______
that’s the mantra of your whole demographic– i wish i’d known….

Start with Autism Detox Protocol

the new book is coming out next week for that precise reason.

you might consider suspending further vaccines until you’ve read it completely.

no, we don’t start the vaccine damage detox until 18 mo.

with breastfeeding, to optimize your own internal milieu you should consider the 60 Day Program, especially the new west diet. this will inhibit chances of adding to the toxicity the newborn may have already acquired through vaccine ingredients.

at 18 mo, it may be helpful to follow the specifics of the autism detox protocol listed under chapters on the site.

dr t

Dear Dr. Tim O’Shea,

First let me say that you are awesome! I just picked up your book last week from my Chiropractor’s office. I borrowed it from them. I am SO glad that I did! I have been reading and studying vaccination information for the past six years. I have a six year old son who has NEVER been vaccinated! I thought that I had read (or at least looked at) “everything” until I picked up your book! I LOVE IT! You are a wonderful writer and your book is by far the best! Your attitude is great and I can’t wait to tell everyone about it! I will definitely add your book to my own website as my favorite book! Thanks! .. now I feel inspired again!

– Tasha Ann from Bakersfield, California

O’Shea – you are a LOOOOSSSERRRRRR!
– D.B.


Thank you for all of the positive influence you’ve had. My sister read your book decided not vaccinate her new baby, then went to your website and read your article on ADD and took her 9 year old off of Ritalin. She discovered her daughter was actually gifted.
– Dr W. W., Chicago


My name is Mark Cymerint D.C. I have been lecturing on vaccine issues and adverse effects of vaccines for 13 yrs. I have read just about all literature that has come out, on this subject. The absolute best and most current information out there can be found in Tim O’Shea’s book “Vaccination is not Immunization”. This book is the complete package, summarizing over 250 references and websites, updating the reader on all aspects of this topic. This objective, well-written book clearly educates the reader involved with making the choice on whether to vaccinate or not. It not only tells the truth, but dispells the myths and blatant lies that the general public is told by their pediatricians and community leaders, as well as the propaganda, the politics, and money in U.S. vaccine policy. This book will help clarify rumors and misconceptions about the adverse side effects and even deaths that can result from simple childhood vaccines. This book is an absolute must for any parent. Parents, you owe it to your children to protect them. So buy this book, read it, and pass it on to others. Thank you Dr. O’Shea for your committment to health and the truth.
Yours in health
– Dr. Mark Cymerint


Hi Dr. O’Shea,

I just registered my three unvaccinated children for kindergarten in the Campbell, CA school district. I signed a copy of the form that I received from you for each of them and included it with the registration papers. The person taking the forms looked at it and didn’t even flinch, much less speak to me about it. It was a breeze – just as it should be!

I wish every parent could know that not vaccinating their children is a choice they do have the power to make – that mandated is not mandatory, etc., etc.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do to inform the parents and protect all children’s inherent health. You are making a profound and extremely necessary difference. Sincerely,

– Phyllis Johnson


Dear Dr. O’Shea,

Your book, “The Sanctity of Human Blood – Vaccination I$ Not Immunization” is truly a masterpiece. You have gleaned facts from areas where exposure to the average person would have been non-existent. As a grandmom of a 3-year old, words cannot express how grateful I am for your work. A child of a friend of ours is now autistic – from a healthy baby to autism – I believe, from the MMR vaccine.


From: laura wilson Sent: Friday, April 12, 2002 5:26 AM

Yikes!!!!!!!! Dear Tim,

My eyes have recently been opened to your site and I put faith in everything you say… How could I not? The thing that has me absolutely upset is that I recently vaccinated my child before I found your site. She is almost a year old and absolutely the light of my life. I suppose I gave into the peer pressure of doctors and parents around me. And now I could not be more upset than I am for doing so. I can’t stop feeling inner turmoil about the situation and hate myself for causing her any biological harm. Her doctors are from Saudi Arabia and India and are very very good. What have I done?


Thank you so much for keeping us updated on all the insane things we are confronted with.

Friends of ours just had a baby at the local hospital and were offered a Hep-A shot for their newborn!!!!!! A NEWBORN, imagine that. Even veterinarians won’t vaccinate kittens and puppies as newborns. What is WRONG? What is wrong with doctors who would go along? I asked a doctor friend of ours if he knew that some vaccines used aborted baby tissue and he was shocked. He said he didn’t know that and would try to find out more info for me. Thank you again for your great service to humanity!

– Donna Schwieder


My name is Aleksey, and I’m 24 years old. I’ve read most of your articles on . I always love finding works (of any sort) created by people of high awareness level. Your articles are a knife that cuts through the illusion that we create in our daily lives. It’s a lot like The Matrix, only it’s not fiction. I believe that what you write is impossible for most people to swallow.


Dr O’Shea:

Please consider what happened to my son on a recent Dr. visit. Mike is 16 and suffers from Crohn’s disease and an immune deficiency. He was referred to a very well thought of immunologist, associated with a prominent teaching hospital, following a hospitalization at the end of February. All of his medical records had been forwarded, all of his medications were in his chart.

After reviewing Mike’s case, this specialist was appalled that Mike had never received a hepatitis B shot. He wanted to give him one, along with a pneumovax, on the spot. As Mike is on prednisone, and had elevated liver enzymes from a medication he was taking for Crohn’s, I refused to allow the injection. Mike also refused the shot. The doctor dismissed our concerns completely. He was clearly frustrated and upset by our lack of cooperation. What I found out AFTER the visit is that RIGHT ON THE PACKAGE INSERT for the Hep B vaccine is a warning that being on a combination of prednisone, and azacol (both Crohn’s drugs Mike is on) carries an INCREASED RISK OF FATALITY from the shot.

What was crystal clear to me at the time was that my son could have been dead on the floor and the Dr. would not have batted an eye, so long as the sacred vaccine quotas were upheld. If you are thinking about accepting a vaccination for yourself or a family member, keep in mind that your safety and well being may very well be the LAST thing on the dr’s mind.

– Jean Curtin


On Fri, Nov 10, 2023 at 8:26 AM Mia <> wrote:

Hi doc. My mom just got diagnosed with osteoporosis – she hasn’t had any issues with her bones being weak but they just did a test on her and concluded that she has it and want to start doing these infusions that she’ll do once a year for 4 years. I don’t know that much about it and was wondering what u suggest because ur pretty much the only doctor whose advice I trust whole heartedly. Could the Hydrolyzed collagen be a better alternative? I don’t want to give her bad advice but everything inside of me is not wanting her to get these “infusions” just due to the lack of trust I have for these mainstream docs out here. Thank u for ur time and plz get back to me when u get a chance. Have a good one

[Dr T response:]
Oldest scam in the book – I imagine they did the old heel test trick. What test did they use? Did you see the results? The only way to test for osteoporosis is Xray. That doesn’t even matter because even if she has osteoporosis, there is no medical treatment for it, especially their fake “infusions”. Which disappear in 24 hours and have no effect on the bone. A complete waste of time and money and might even be detrimental depending on what potions the geniuses decided on. Hydrolyzed collagen and the chelated minerals would be the most logical supplements since bones are collagen, which diminishes as we age . But the two most important treatments for osteoporosis are diet and exercise. Bones weaken when no stress is placed on them. As for diet, the main causes of osteoporosis are refined sugars, white flour, alcohol, coffee, and processed foods. These lower the pH of the blood and deplete the body’s stores of calcium. Omitting them from the diet will have an exponentially more beneficial effect on osteoporosis than your sorcerer’s magic bullets.


OK – I hear you although I don’t agree with you. My friend and I are only waiting for you to enlighten / train some doctors here in Norway. Most doctors are running errands for the drug industry. However, your webpage made us discuss what we can do for ourselves and our families and it turns out that could be a whole lot. We’ve been fooled for a lot of years – foolishly believing everything we were told.


just a big THANK YOU for your web-site.
– Staci Cannizzaro, Mother of 5 including one child diagnosed with Autism


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I just have to tell you that I found your site a few weeks ago and I am telling EVERYBODY I know about it. I’m from Canada – Victoria B.C. and I must be telling individuals from all over the world about the articles on your website about 10 times a day. Thanks so much! You’ve probably heard this a million times… but you make all that information sound soooo common sense and logical. The mysteries are revealed simply and easily! You are going to help lots of people improve their lives in so many ways…

Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with everyone!


How to THANK YOU ENOUGH for the wealth of information you’ve provided as I research further into this dilemma of hypothyroidism. Between the fluorides, enzymes, and synthetic medications… Remarkable… just remarkable the amount of information offered along with the ease of vocabulary to even the simplest lay person in understanding medical conditions, symptoms, and possible self helps… The doctor is basically within each of us, but somehow we listen to outside ourselves for the answers. Conditioning of the mind, leading the herd into the pen, saturation of chemicals by air, what we ingest, drink, etc. I’m so pleased to have found you, Dr. O’Shea, a valuable person using the Internet as a most beneficial tool to a person like myself. You have inspired me in more ways than one as I couldn’t stop reading your articles. How 12 hours can pass so quickly –

– Christine West


Dear Dr T

I have been aware of your sterling work for some time. I think your site is excellent and the work you do is tremendous.

Well done, Tim. Your fans in the UK are legion.

With kindest regards
Phillip Day
Creedence Publishing, UK






My name is Dave Nelson and I’m writing to you to show my profound gratitude towards your chapters on the web site. As corny as it sounds, you are my Morpheus and I took the pill and the rabbit hole is larger and more encompassing than I could have ever imagined! Until reading your 20 questions chapter, I was one of the brainwashed, bobble-headed Americans who bought the official conspiracy theory hook line and sinker. Now a couple months later, I’m a full blown 911-truth-er. Your Doors of Perception chapter opened my eyes to the lack of media integrity and diversity and more importantly made me realize that by not participating in democracy, I was part of the problem! After reading many of the references sited (including all of Stauber and Rampton’s books), I have jumped head-first into the 21st century.

Ironically enough, I was only looking for health information… now I feel like that is small potatoes compared to true plight our country is in today. I now realize that, in the whole scope of things, arguing for cholesterol sounds a little ridiculous when compared to arguing for rights that are being stripped from us day to day. In fact, I was part of the net-neutrality victory that was just had and have been recently drawing up petitions to allow for the availability of raw organic milk.

Once again, thank you for opening a door to a life that doesn’t revolve around conventional wisdom!

Dave Nelson


Quoting John Spagnola

Dear Friends,

Few are asking what involvement psychotropic medications may have played.

… most of these drugs have black box warnings per the FDA that include the side effects of violence and suicide, among many
others. A point that is worth consideration is that there may be no motive if the shooter was acting based on a mind altering drug.

Before more needless violence takes place, please send the attached list of school shootings which did involve psychotropic drugs,
to your allied organizations, congressmen and pertinent law enforcement officials. Ask them to consider an investigation o any connections to the Newtown Elementary School shooter to these drugs.

Please also keep in mind that the documented list of school shooters may be much larger. This is due to the fact that many times the records of minors who are involved in school shootings are sealed and therefore are not available to determine if such psychotropic drugs were involved.

John Spagnola
Wounded: 109
Dead: 57

Kauhajoki, Finland — September 23, 2008: 22-year-old Matti Saari shot and killed 9 students and a teacher, and wounded another student, before killing himself. Saari was taking an SSRI and a benzodiazapine.
Dekalb, Illinois — February 14, 2008: 27-year-old Steven Kazmierczak shot and killed five people and wounded 21 others before
killing himself in a Northern Illinois University auditorium. According to his girlfriend, he had recently been taking Prozac,
Xanax and Ambien. Toxicology results showed that he still had Xanax in his system.
Jokela, Finland — November 7, 2007: 18-year-old Finnish gunman Pekka-Eric Auvinen had been taking antidepressants before he killed
eight people and wounded a dozen more at Jokela High School in southern Finland, then committed suicide.
Cleveland, Ohio — October 10, 2007: 14-year-old Asa Coon stormed through his school with a gun in each hand, shooting and wounding
four before taking his own life. Court records show Coon had been placed on the antidepressant Trazodone.

5. Red Lake, Minnesota — March 2005: 16-year-old Jeff Weise, on Prozac, shot and killed his grandparents, then went to his school on
the Red Lake Indian Reservation where he shot dead 7 students and a teacher, and wounded 7 before killing himself.

6. Greenbush, New York — February 2004: 16-year-old Jon Romano strolled into his high school in east Greenbush and opened fire with
a shotgun. Special education teacher Michael Bennett was hit in the leg. Romano had been taking “medication for depression”.

El Cajon, California — March 22, 2001: 18-year-old Jason Hoffman, on the antidepressants Celexa and Effexor, opened fire on his
classmates, wounding three students and two teachers at Granite Hills High School.

Williamsport, Pennsylvania — March 7, 2001: 14-year-old Elizabeth Bush was taking the antidepressant Prozac when she shot at fellow
students, wounding one.

9. Conyers, Georgia — May 20, 1999: 15-year-old T.J. Solomon was being treated with antidepressants when he opened fire on and wounded six
of his classmates.

Columbine, Colorado — April 20, 1999: 18-year-old Eric Harris and his accomplice, Dylan Klebold, killed 12 students and a teacher and
wounded 26 others before killing themselves. Harris was on the antidepressant Luvox. Klebold’s medical records remain sealed.

Notus, Idaho — April 16, 1999: 15-year-old Shawn Cooper fired two shotgun rounds in his school, narrowly missing students. He was
taking a prescribed SSRI antidepressant and Ritalin.

Springfield, Oregon — May 21, 1998: 15-year-old Kip Kinkel murdered his parents and then proceeded to school where he opened fire on
students in the cafeteria, killing two and wounding 25. Kinkel had been taking the antidepressant Prozac.

    • [DR T]:
    • thanks for the list, john

12 years later the list continues to grow…

this type of shooting was a brand new social phenomenon that now seems to be established as part of expected media fare in the US — meaning we can expect the next individual isolated lunatic to open fire at any time in the near future, now that the pattern has been accepted in the public Sheep- mind… as evidenced by the unremitting deluge of militantly retarded comments on FB — everybody’s an expert, but nobody– well, almost nobody — is willing to look at the obvious and most likely causes, as you provide evidence of.—

i had another idea — see what you think– was wondering why almost all of the shootings take place at schools— why not airports, bus stations, restaurants, malls, etc..? schools are the prime target. why?? my hypothesis: the shooter returns to the scene of the crime– the theft of his youth. psychotropics robbed him of his youth– at whatever level he understands that, this is foremost an act of vengeance—
that’s my theory– far fetched?

what is your view?
dr t



SG wrote:

Hello Dr.T

We went to Switzerland for 3 weeks to visit. Also I decided to boost my ALS recovery by doing a stem cell treatment with my own stem cells in Cologne. Upon arrival the manager of the clinic told me about a new research they are doing with MS and ALS and Parkinsons patients.

They apparently found out that the majority of ALS patients showed at least partially or clogged jugular veins . After these veins were opened up with an angioplasty, 2/3 of the patients supposedly showed dramatic and almost instantaneous improvement. I agreed to do a total body scan yesterday (MRI and CT scan). Sure enough the radiologist diagnosed me with a severe stenosis of both jugular veins plus an acute inflammation of one. He said had he not known the patient and the ALS diagnosis and he had only seen the pictures of the CT scan, he would have said that this patient , myself, would not live for much longer.

So I agreed to do the angioplasty on Friday and I am sure they are gonna want to treat my severe inflammation afterwards. And that is where I would like to have your advice as I am sure they are gonna want to bombard me with a whole arsenal of antibiotics, antivirals and whatever drugs they might find appropriate.

What would you do if you were me? Please find my diagnosis attached to this email.

Thank you so much for your time to answer me. I deeply appreciate it.

Greetings from Germany,

[Dr T’s response:]

    • [I wouldn’t do it. Don’t show up for the angioplasty. The stats are cooked and the dangers aren’t worth it. This is the real dog and pony show here– the improvement may be dramatic but is guaranteed to be short lived— if the jugular veins are clogged, which i doubt, so are all the veins in the whole body. So if you roto-rooter them out, how long will it take the rest of the body to rearrange the deposits to fill in the empty spaces? Not long. Nature abhors a vacuum. This is the exact reason for the failure of angioplasty with coronary artery disease. Zero improvement in long term survival, and they’ve been doing it for over 20 years.

Never participate in new research. That’s the oldest trick in the book. What have they been doing with $500 billion per year all this time, and none of that has slowed the incidence of heart disease one bit. What happened to all the old research ?? How come it didn’t work? And why would the new experimental stuff be any better? You’re being marketed here, my friend, and you’re like flypaper to them because of your history and your coverage. i don’t believe your jugulars are pathologically clogged, because of all the enzymes and oral chelation you’ve been doing, which is going through your entire circulatory system, not just the jugulars. if your jugulars were clogged this bad, do you really think you’d need a CAT scan to tell you? — you’d be having other major symptoms, and be very weak. This is the Kragen method of thinking here — the body is a car. Makes no sense.

So what’s the plan then, you go and and get roto-rootered every 6 months? You’re doing pretty well, aren’t you, compared to say 6 months ago. Why be a guinea pig for any glitzy experiment they come up with? … ask them if they’ve got something that’s been completely clinically tested and works long term 100% of the time. Then you’ll talk. Doesn’t it seem like quite a coincidence that the same radiologist who wanted to do the new procedure then found the blockage in you? Wow~ how lucky we did this exam. Just in time. Come on! This isn’t even clever. This is big money for them. You’re the mark here. I’d be walking. Time to come home.

And you’re right about the follow up drugs. Once they do the procedure i guarantee there will be complications, which will then require further “treatment” i.e drugs. Tons of them. And then you’re on the merry go round. Then they’ve really got you.

Give the stem cell therapy you just had a chance to work. Chances are it will reduce the inflammation, if indeed there actually is some, which i doubt also. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

You’re the one whose diagnosis they were never sure of, remember?

Get on the damn plane. Tomorrow.
dr t]

. . .
SG’s response:

I apologize for the late reply. I couldn’t just get on a plane the next day because we had plans to go back to Switzerland to see friends and family.

However I did walk away from the angioplasty. This earned me a lot of criticism from the clinic of course. Numerous times they told me that I had made a grave mistake. I am assuming that they were miffed about the fact that they missed out on the 8500 Euros I would have had to pay out of my pocket since my insurance only covers treatments within Switzerland not Germany.

Thank you for your quick email back. absolutely. Your email was the main influence on my decision! Thanks again. Isn’t it weird that despite of my knowledge they got me so confused that I almost did it? And it is not that I am dying, no. Like you said correctly, i am doing great after 4.5 years with the symptoms – I’m still walking, swimming, biking, speaking and swallowing normally while others with my diagnosis of ALS following conventional treatment are literally dying on a feeding tube after only 18 months (50%) to 3 years (85%). Just this past Sunday another hockey player I didn’t know personally from Switzerland died of it after 3 years.

– SG


Just found your site. The Best. I can’t get enough! Finally, someone who has captured the essence of self directed health. Thank you for your simplicity and humor. I am telling everyone.

With all that you expose, why aren’t you dead yet?!

– Herbert
Mineral Bluff, GA

[Dr T response: Censorship. ]


Dr. O’Shea, I was curious if you and Dr. Young have any seminars for THE FADING ART OF TRADITIONAL CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTING planned for the near future? I am looking for a hands on seminar to work on my adjusting skills. I came out of CCCKC and feel like I was thrown to the wolves with little to no skills. About the time I was entering into the technique classes at Cleveland, they started doing away with the Legends there such as Dr. Hugo Gibson. Then the school started focusing on Activator and more fancy gowns and high tech gadgets and they lost the art of Chiropractic. Anyways, I don’t mean to ramble on. I was just hoping to learn some “REAL” Chiropractic and would love to attend your adjusting seminar. Please let me know if you plan to do them in the future! Thanks and God Bless! ————KC


Dear Dr. O’Shea,

I want to tell you how I became vertigo free! In March 2010, I woke up with what I describe as vertigo. I was literally on my back for 2 weeks with debilitating dizziness. After the dizziness subsided I was able to walk and drive, providing I did not turn my head quickly. I started drinking Kangen water, given to me by my Chiropractor, Dr. George Jogopulos. Within 24 hours, my vertigo completely disappeared and I was back to normal!! Because it became inconvenient and not realizing the many advantages of the Kangen water, I stopped drinking it. Three days later the vertigo came back. I researched the causes and cures of vertigo and nothing made good sense to me. Then, I started drinking Kangen water again and the vertigo disappeared. I immediately bought a Kangen water machine, use it daily, and am no longer a dizzy brunette. I feel fabulous and vertigo free. Exercising regularly is no longer a struggle. I look forward to incorporating Kangen water into your 60 Day Program.

Most Sincerely,

Debby Harrington


Dear Dr. Tim,

I have no words to thank you enough for all that priceless information that you made available for us in your website. You have no idea for how long i live with the frustration of not getting any help from doctors, neither for me or my children, no matter how small or big the problem was. My older son, now 12 years old, has been diagnosed with ADD. I live in Israel, where we are so eager to imitate our american “big brothers” that we mindlessly import just all the garbage from there; including this so modern passion for Ritalin. I just refused to even consider this poison as a treatment; so i found myself in an endless annoying chain of troubles with the school,doctors,relative and so on. But this is not my major concern;the real problem is that my son is not well.

Thanks to your website i understand now what the problem is. Now i have the tools to help my son and my family.

So again, thank you so much for giving us what is most important, the knowledge to help our selves, for telling the truth, for the hope of a normal, healthy life.

And i just love your style; you have here a fan for life!

All the best whishes,

Laura Grimm


I read your chapter The Last Resort and I must tell you:

I take my hat off to you! I give my deepest respect, admiration and shout of joy for you telling the truth in such a profound way!

I read this piece and realized that the whole world could be healthy if…

You are a tribute to our profession and to all of humanity.

All an understatement really, for what is life without health?

A grateful doctor,
Jane Guttman


Dear Dr T:

Five days after my first baby, Henry was born we took him to see his pediatrician for a routine weight check. I asked the doctor to look at his umbilical cord had begun to smell and there was a red ring around it. Even though Henry was not exhibiting any signs of infection the doctor recommended that we take him to the ER to get a culture swab to see if he had a serious infection called omphilitis.

We were informed that should he have this infection it would spread rapidly and could potentially be fatal if not caught in time. So we headed to the ER. We were taken to a room where a nurse weighed Henry, took his temperature and checked his vitals, all of which were normal. Poor little Henry was not happy when they used a rectal thermometer to check his temperature, and I can’t say I was either. It was a traumatic experience in itself, and I feel it would be wise for the nurse to let the parent know before doing such things. Especially since there are thermometers that read body temperature which are far less invasive.

Well this set the mood for the rest our “visit”. Henry would not stop crying after that moment, and I wasn’t permitted to breastfeed him in the section of the hospital that we were in. We were moved into a small room to wait for another nurse and the doctor to see us. They came in and looked at his belly button, and both agreed that it appeared to be infected.

They swabbed the area to send in to the lab to see if it was in fact omphilitis. However, they informed us the lab would take two days to come back with a result, and because of the serious nature of the infection they wanted to take a blood sample to check that his antibodies and white blood cells were normal.

They explained that if they were to take a blood sample they would also want to do a round of intravenous antibiotics which would keep us there in the hospital for 24 hours. The pediatrician had told us to call him should we have any questions with what the doctor said. I tried calling him, but it was already after hours and I was unable to reach him. I felt so much pressure to give the go ahead for the procedure. The doctor kept saying that if the pediatrician had sent us to the ER he had intended for us to get the antibiotics. The infection, we were told, could potentially be so serious that, if left unchecked, could take Henry’s life in a matter of hours. I was beside myself, looking at my beautiful 5 day old baby and cringing at the thought of having his pure little bloodstream overloaded with antibiotics, not to mention an IV and blood drawn. So much pain for such a short life.

We literally had minutes to make a decision, as they stood there, arms crossed waiting and watching us intently. It was challenging especially being a new mom on such little sleep, thinking clearly was a difficult task. We finally agreed that we would at least have his blood drawn to check and make sure everything was normal. However, we were reminded that if we did the blood draw they would also have to do one round of antibiotics and keep him over night for the 24 hours. With a heavy heart we agreed, the thought of risking it and losing him was too much for our tired minds.

Thankfully, when the nurse and doctor left the room, my sister was struck with inspiration and called Dr O’Shea to ask his opinion. She was able to reach him and explained the situation. To which he replied that we should stand up, gather our things and walk out the door. Now.

Unsure if he understood how serious we were being told the situation was, I called him back to clarify- to which he responded exactly the same as before.

At that, we gathered our things. It was intimidating to leave because everyone there acted like we were crazy. But thanks to Dr. O’Shea we had the courage to stand up and walk out. When we arrived home, I called him back and he reassured me that Henry would be fine in couple of days.

The very next night the umbilical cord fell off and within two days the redness and smell were completely gone and my healthy amazing boy is happy and his immune system is stronger than ever. Even when the hospital called to tell us the culture swab came back positive for infection I was not worried. I knew that if there was any danger Henry would show signs of fever, not eating, sleeping, eliminating, or be lethargic and fussy. Thanks to Dr. O’Shea if I am ever confronted with a situation like this again I will first look at my son and judge for myself, based on his behavior, if a drastic procedure is necessary. I am now confidently equipped to say no to grossly unnecessary procedures.

Beth O.
LaLuz, New Mexico


My son, Caedmon, is a year old now.

After his 9 month shots he developed a sinus condition that no amount of antibiotics would cure. The antibotics did make him tired, lowered his immune system sufficiently to give him thrush, and generally made him miserable. My wife and I are relatively intellIgent people, I thought, and were skeptical about vaccines, but had the experts are the experts mentality until it occurred to my wife that she was an expert in the education of autistic children. She had read enough to be suspicious and worried about the upcoming MMR vaccine. This, coupled with Caed’s miserable sinus condition, finally pushed us to ask some friends of ours about their doctors.

The three people we asked all saw chiropractors, and two availed themselves of the services of a homeopathic M.D. as well. We felt we couldn’t do any worse and made an appointment.

After two adjustments for Caed his sinus condition began to clear. We asked our doctor about her thoughts on vaccinations. She smiled and handed me your book, The Sancity of Human Blood. I can think of no other time in my life I felt more angry, and lied to, than I did while reading your book. I wanted to thank you for the gift that you gave our family. I especially wanted to thank you for the gift that you gave Caed.

Chris Lougheed []



I don’t even know where to begin except by saying thank you for such an awesome website and for everything you do as a chiropractor and healer. I stumbled upon your website and I think it’s fantastic. It’s so refreshing to hear the truth every once and awhile when we’re being told lies day in and day out.

I applaud you for what you have done with your website, as it should be an inspiration to all that find it.



You know I just have to say I feel really blessed to have been able to get to know you. You have no idea how becoming involved in Chiropractic and then the vaccination issue has changed me. I have learned so much about nutrition from your website alone. I have changed my family’s eating habits and our lifestyle. In fact I am going to be starting school next year and i’m going to become a Midwife. I’m only 28 so I will have a wonderful career ahead of me. I have such wonderful, happy, healthy children. I get a lot of flack from my inlaws when it comes to chiro care and vaccinations, but all the research I have done and with the help of people like you, I have such confidence in myself. Of course my personal belief in Gods perfect design empowers me as well, the design being our immune system.

Thanks again for all your work.



An abundance of incredibly accurate information, facts-only approach… I am now amazed at the enormity of the stupidity of our government. Am extremely appreciative of your willingness to disseminate this information.
– K Popovics


Dr. O’Shea,

…thank you for taking all the trouble to create your website and maintain it so that the small percentage of us who are looking for real information and truth can find it. It was such a relief to find someone who wasn’t just adding to all the multitude of information out there, but was seeking to review it and summarize the big picture of what is truth and what isn’t. Trying to find real answers amidst all the natural health info out there is like wading through mud. People who actually take the effort to seek out truth and don’t follow the whole “Trust me, I’m an expert, you can’t think for yourself” idea are a rare find. I feel like I’m surrounded by a hoard of ostriches with their heads in the sand. …it would be wonderful if I could find a few others in Baton Rouge who share my interests in the best of natural health and my frustrations at the state of the public mind.

– Carla L. Messina-Craig, Baton Rouge

My husband and I have 2 children, 19 months old and 2 weeks old. Neither of our children have received any vaccinations or other injections. Both of our children have been under chiropractic care since they were two days old. During both illnesses we gave her no medications of any kind. We kept her hydrated and got her spine checked extra during that week. …she does not have runny noses or coughs, and has never had an ear infection. She is happy, healthy. I have every confidence that our two week old will be the same.

– Adrian and Kelly Hopkins, Phoenix, Arizona

After years of being trapped in “traditional AMA wisdom” I turned to natural living and was “cured” of so-called bipolar disorder, asthma, anorexia, and on and on.

Your articles are the most direct and true ones I have found on the internet.

Thank you for your forthright information.

Danna Elkin

We would like to join your list. We have 3 children aged 11,4,1. The first one was vaccinated, the other two not. There is a big difference in childrens health. Youngest are very healthy, but our oldest had extreme eczema for first years of his life and now he is very sensitive to food he gets, he has permanent bloked nose. Thank you for your site. I wish all parents and doctors can read this to save our children.

With love,
Tania & Dmitry Pavlenko


Greetings –

I would like to express my appreciation of your unbiased and beneficial opinion, I was attracted to your website from a website which references some of your work.

I am so impressed with your work that i have been reading your chapters religiously and have decided to try your 60 day diet, i also booked in for my subluxations as well,

I just wanted to say thanks again as i believe that your work has made a definite impact on how i view both pasteurised milk and bottled vitamins, and products in general… without your website i feel i would have been just another sucker to the corporate blanket of propaganda.

please keep up the good work,
– J. Ward


Dr. O’Shea,

I was just reading through your feedback/testimonials page, and figured it was time for me to write one. I have read every chapter on the website, most of them twice, some of them three or four times.

I can truly say that I have never been influenced by anything so immensely in the years I’ve been alive.

Before I read this site, and consequently changed the way I live, I was not ailing from anything in particular. I was not fat or out of shape. But something was lacking. I already thought very much like you as far as the marketing of persuasion. Saying the doctor is within is another way of saying that you can trust your instinct. My instinct was telling me something was wrong, and when I saw it put so plainly in front of me (namely the sugar and water chapters), I knew exactly what my instinct was trying to tell me.

It is so true that the greatest and most elusive poison is the slowest poison. Something always felt out of place when I opened a can of vegetables or cooked a box of macaroni and cheese. Now I realize. I no longer poison myself.

I believe that the decline in the intelligence of the American people is directly related to diet.

Thanks, Dr. O’Shea.

Brandon Dean


from Jackie []

Thank You. Finding honest web sites on ADD/ADHD is rare. I share your beliefs and just wanted to thank you for taking the time to compose this information. If only educators and parents were required to use some critical thinking skills when diagnosing their children and choosing to sedate them rather than help them grow up into healthy adults.

– Trisha


from Kaylee Schwochow

6:04 PM (33 minutes ago) 22 Jan 22
Dr T:
Another fabulous recommendation!! I LOVE ur list of recommended books and movies!
I’ve been picking things to watch and books to read off of that list for a while now, just checking them off as I go. And Good Omens was the latest- absolutely loved it. You’re amazing Dr Tim O’Shea. I admire that brain if yours – if only there were more people like you in the world. Thanks for doing what you do. Ur consistently a source of truth in a world full of lies and I’m so thankful for the work u put out there. Ur website and ur work is invaluable and I cannot put into words how much I appreciate what you do.

Sent from my iPhone

my testimonial to your efforts, great newsletter and website:

Dr. O’Shea offers a strategy to hold down the duties of life against the ever-changing winds. It’s refreshing to see such a principled effort that supports our self-healing nature, rather than the sickcare approach that has captured the unaware populace and medical representatives of the pharmaceutical cabal.

These no-nonsense principles expand health.

Dr. Dana A Boardman

I came across your website after a search for metabolic solutions for frozen shoulder, Thank you for all the information you share!

I am following a super clean cleansing diet, do regular colonics, and am searching for additional ways to completely cure frozen shoulder. I am receiving chiropractic and physical therapy, – cranio sacral and myofacial release… I will ask them about the techniques you mention in your article. I plan to purchase the collagen from your website as well.

do you know of a chiropractor in or near the Minneapolis St. Paul area that you would recommend, who may be skilled in the proprioceptive PRT technique, and can help clear the brachial plexus?

Thank you and blessings to you,

Judy Wachner, Apr 2014

[Dr T]: frozen shoulder is a complex multifaceted condition– the main components are biomechanical, muscular, and metabolic.

most chiropractors will say they can fix them easily, but very few actually can. it takes skill and persistence. clearing the brachial plexus may or may not be the key– it can also be a primary shoulder problem – counterclockwise fixation of the R scapula or its converse on the L side -a common thing that most miss. shake and bake is usually a waste of time– — the real guys use their hands.

for the metabolic part, this chapter will cover it
The Last Resort

sorry but i don’t know anyone in your area who can fix it– closest to you is Dr Tim Young in ok city, that i know of——- there is a guy in new york named dr mitch malley also–

colonics are really retro, in my opinion —obsolete—-

see Journey to the Center of Your Colon.


Dr. Tim,

Just a quick note to say thanks for all of your hard work to keep what we do straight and honest. Like you, I’m soooooo sick of the constant nonsense and bullshit on facebook and other social media that some people are trying to pass off as chiropractic. I now practice in the British Virgin Islands…and I practice CHIROPRACTIC!!!!

Thanks again for all of your information, dedication to the profession of Chiropractic and keeping some of us honest!!!

Howard Berg, DC
Tortola, British Virgin Islands


From: Bob Scott
Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2002 11:12 AM
To: Tim O’Shea

I read your chapter 10 on the Net, and find it extremely thought-provoking. I stumbled on it in a search for “xenoestrogens” and “depression” on the web as part of my increasing concern over my 40 year old wife’s struggle to find a way to deal with serious mood swings and other hormonal problems. Her doctor prescribed more exercise, an even lower intake of processed foods (we really eat pretty organic and low-meat for urbanites), and then, as a backup, she said the next step would be some form of psychotropic drug, like Prozac. We’re not going the drug route any time soon. I scanned other parts of your site and it strikes me as true or worthy of serious thought. Some of these thoughts have a lightbulb quality to them, and answer a lot of the questions I have about cancer, arthritis, mental illness, infertility, and the decreased sperm counts of the general population.

Elsewhere on your site I appreciate your recognition that the holistic medicine field is loaded with questionable products, practitioners, and other problems. I’m cynical about the motivations of anyone trying to sell something, and equally cynical about our medical establishment. Thanks for the window.

– Bob Scott

You are an opinionated idiot and have the branes of an aardvrk. tt

Dr. O’Shea,

I just wanted to let you know that you rock! I’m proud to know that you are in my profession and that enlightened people like you exist.

Scott Kaczmar, D.C.
Shelby Twp. Michigan


From: Susanne Grodde Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 3:58 AM
To: Tim O’Shea

I enjoy the sense of humor that underlines everything, you bring your thoughts across in much the same way my friend and I do when we think and talk about the differences between hype and truth, when we weed through propaganda to try and reach a no-nonsense approach at dealing with everyday life issues.

I came to your HRT page through a link on a yahoogroup, wellpeople, and meant to only glance at it, but was stuck for at least a couple of hrs longer at the computer than I meant to. From there I ventured to the ADD article, my son (10) was diagnosed with ADHD at age 4 and put on Ritalin. I am now absolutely certain that every one of his problems back then was directly related to my marriage and his sensitivity to the situation. Your views only confirm that belief.

At this point, I feel a lot better about not watching the news all the time, and about not reading the paper every day. Seems that I’m “normal”, after all. Since I don’t have any medical insurance, and the longer I don’t, the more I believe that conventional medicine wouldn’t help me anyway. I think that Dr’s are great at handling traumas, but as far as wellness goes… I’m probably better off on my own.

– Susanne


Wow, every idea and thought I’ve had for decades written down verbatim. Also, I gave up watching television completely over one year ago, so my mind is clearer :-) Merci, merci. I’ve sent the URL to as many people as I think have a possibility of getting it.

Virginia Thompson


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    [Standard disclaimer: the statements in this chapter are unsolicited anecdotal comments from real people. Many of their emails are attached. There is certainly no claim being made here that any of the whole food supplements or holistic methods described on this site are meant to diagnose, treat, or cure disease. The supplements are whole foods, not drugs.]