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23 July – DCS Clubhouse at Billy D’s
with Tim Shakespeare

The anything-but-usual transcendent inspirational of the monthly philosophy séances at
DeMoss Chiropractic in Newport Beach,
a double dipper with BJ’s Australian clone
Tim Shakespeare – take-off is at 7:30 pm

25 July – Evening Vaccine Lecture, Focus OKC
Update your knowledge of the problems with vaccines
Courtyard Marriott 7pm
register (408) 753-9830

26 July – FOCUS, OKC
This 2-day event is in momentum, the premier philosophy event in the world, operative word being FOCUS. Disenchanted with chiropractic events?
Get re-enchanted!
Cox Convention Center

22 Aug – Mile High Chiropractic, Denver
—with Dr Danny Knowles

Come and See what else got legalized here: milehighchiro.org

12 Sept – Avila Beach CA Evening Vaccine Lecture
– call David (805) 602-2086

13 Sept – Avila Beach Full-day Nutrition Seminar
accredited – call David (805) 602-2086

27 Sept – Tulsa OK – Full-day Chiropractic Philosophy and Neurology Seminar,
Oklahoma Chiropractors Assn

More info: (408) 753-9830
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It’s finally here. The video library for the live seminar The Fading Art of Osseous Adjusting – it’s now up and running. I know, we’ve been promising this for months. But now anyone who has attended that seminar of Dr Tim Young and myself during the past year, you should call the office for the password to this ongoing resource. (408) 753-9830

You will see excerpts from the seminars, various locations. This video library is meant primarily for those who have attended, fellow travellers on the road to mastery. No matter how closely we try to pay attention in a one day seminar, it goes by in a flash. Having a permanent record of the most important clips of the full seminar will be invaluable for those who are actually trying to improve their art.

We’re just trying to pass on the Sacred Trust to those who recognize its true value. Weary of being on the road and not being able to find anyone who can adjust.

More to be added, as new material gets edited.



Kids who get interested in martial arts early on are attracted to 3 things

1. the costume
2. the teachers
3. physical and mental concentration

The colored belts are pretty cool, too. In many American schools, belts have less and less meaning – the test are easy to pass after a certain time, and the next belt is used as an incentive to keep students coming. More serious schools have higher standards for making progress. They never heard of the No Child Left Behind idiocy. Students really have to achieve a certain skill level.

The teachers must have some degree of charisma to inspire the child to keep coming and learn more. Good English is not mandatory; artistic proficiency is. And the ability to teach kids how to focus. That’s a commodity more precious than gold in today’s iPodiPadiPhoneApp’ed out world, especially among children.

Discipline – where do kids ever get to see that today? Wow, they want to line up in a class and go through forms and exercises while a guy yells commands in Chinese nonstop for an hour, while they’re getting physically stronger, developing proprioception and judgment…. oh, hell yeah. You kids stay there, long as you want.

Chiropractic – was gonna bring that in. When 6 and 8 year olds start doing stretching exercises and spine arching and strength moves—joint restriction becomes very obvious to them, right now. Both spinal- and extremity-wise. They’ll tell you – look when I do the split and bring my forehead down to my ankle, see how easy this side is? But it’s stuck on this side. See?

Yes, I do see. Lie down on your side, right here. That’s it. Wham! The blinding power of chiropractic. OK now try it again. Is that better?

Yes, it’s perfect.

Or the headache. Or the sharp neck pain. Or the back pain. Or the trouble breathing. Or I can’t high kick on this side. Obvious. You only have to give a kid the right adjustment one time in order for them to know its value. After that, they’ll tell you when to adjust them, if you forget. They’ll never need a patient lecture for the rest of their life.

Same with the instructors. Chiropractic is sadly lacking apparently, in the Shao Lin monasteries. The monks may have bonesetting and first aid guys here and there, in case somebody accidentally gets his throat ripped out or something. But the idea of subluxation is not well known.

I had a patient who studied with the monks 7 days a week for 12 years, before he came here. Beyond black belt. With no recent specific trauma, his R. shoulder became painful and restricted to the point where he was unable to teach his daily classes.

After 3 visits, full spine and shoulder adjustments, he was 90% cured. Am I that great? Well, I’m OK but this was simple, routine chiropractic. Nothing advanced, nothing esoteric. Just normal MTFB chiropractic. That’s all we need to cure the world. Or a great part of it anyway. But for too many of us, the patients have more confidence in the adjustment than we do. Ever feel that? Ever see it in DCs?

Believe in yourself – believe you can do this – even at the beginning – when you probably can’t. And then keep doing it, and every day, continue, and never give up – and eventually… goddam! Entry level proficiency! Where’d you come from?

[for an ‘after’ video Look on the site under Videos: Master Chen]



A Florida woman – we’ll call her V – contacted me last February with an intriguing story about cancer, and its marketing.

In the previous year, she had had surgery to remove a single tumor near her parotid gland. Even though the tissue was malignant, the patient opted out of the recommended follow-up chemo and radiation.

Then about a year later, the side of her face began protruding. New examination now revealed the cancer’s return, with a vengeance: 6 tumors in the same location. Three of the tumors were then biopsied – all malignant. Doctors’ recommendation was the same as before: excision, followed by chemo and radiation.

At that point, V’s instincts – and her uncle – told her to look at some other options. He had seen my chapter To The Cancer Patient, and now V read it very carefully. It actually wasn’t much of a decision for her by that time. With the gloomy outlook offered by her oncologists – and their low probability of ultimate success, she was not inclined to follow their path to slow death.

Even if a holistic approach were to fail completely, at least she would avoid the slow annihilation of virtually every system of the body that usually accompanies ongoing courses of chemotherapy and radiation.

Right out of the gate, V resonated with the no-nonsense approach of the Cancer Chapter, as well as the common sense holistic formula of the 60 Day Program – no more toxic input. Support the natural immune system at the cellular level, and clear the tract and the blood. How much simpler could it be?

Within a week after embarking on the Program, V knew she had made the right choice. The oncologists finally stopped calling, understandably saddened by the loss of all that revenue. The patient was left to fly on her own – and she began to soar. With no more intake of processed and toxic foods and drugs, V’s body responded in the first 2 weeks. She felt herself getting healthier and healthier.

When optimum cellular nutrition is offered every day, at the same time bioaccumulated debris is being chelated out, there are very few cases that do not respond.

Within 3 months there was no sign of cancer in her body. The swelling in the jaw had subsided. V feels healthier now than at any time in her life. Not rocket science: she simply affirmed the life force that was in her, and chose it over the manmade infusions generally associated with a slow and agonizing death. Focused all her spiritual, mental, and physical energy to re-calibrating the inner cellular harmonic. No abnormal condition can co-exist in this force field, tapped into the universal.

An indispensable advantage V had on her side was her positive mental outlook and affirmation of healing, which anyone who works with cancer patients will tell you is essential to the healing process.

Those of you who think she would’ve got the same result if she had done the chemo and radiation– well, you haven’t done your homework. That’s not what their own statistics tell us. Nor what the everyday experience of the thousands of patients who actually live through this systematic tragedy shows. For the vast majority of organic cancers and tumors, especially with Stage III and IV, slash and burn makes no verifiable difference in overall life expectancy. In other words, most of the time, doing nothing at all works just as well.

We are deceived into thinking of cancer as a distinct disease entity, rather than simply the manifestation of inner imbalance. This is one area where conventional medicine is woefully inept—immunity and autoimmunity. Cancer is a general condition that localizes, not a local condition that generalizes, as they would have it. If you get that wrong, how can your treatment possibly cure?

V was checked for subluxation, since chiropractic must always fit into a regime like this. But as a cure-all, well that’s a bit on the fanatic side, boys and girls. There are 2 other controlling systems of the body besides the nervous system which need to be balanced: the immune system and the endocrine system. Radical disorders in either one can kill you. Yes, yes the nervous system can have an effect on them, but if the fundamental imbalance persists, you can pound away on C1 till the second coming of Christ and the patient is still on the road to die in Stage IV.

What was it on DD’s tombstone: “I will never consider it beneath my dignity to do anything I can to relieve human suffering.” Anything there about the adjustment by itself cures any and all disease? Three legs of the stool.

This patient says that if she had followed the standard advice, she would be dead by now. A lot of people are looking around for a more reasonable course of action when they find themselves surrounded by lies and death. As spokesmen for the holistic model, we’re in a unique position to provide some input here. It’s an honor to be able to be that conduit, that facilitator. As long as we’ve done the research, of course.

From more, read the chapters

To the Cancer Patient

The Last Resort

The 60 Day Program



At thedoctorwithin.com there is a button called Consultations. People from all over the world call and make an appointment to talk about their particular health problem, usually about the ineffective medical remedies they’ve tried. It is a privilege to be privy to this type of direct testimony from patients who have been so systematically misled.

I wish I would have recorded all of these conversations, but I haven’t. Obviously they’re very personal accounts, as we go into the details of the medical and personal history. Some of them have ended up as stories on the Feedback page, just the few that I had time to write out.

I usually charge $200 per hour, just to screen out the shoppers and those who have no intention of taking responsibility for their own health. That’s still the bargain of the week, considering some of the horror stories I’ve had to listen to. But these experiences have provided me a rare insight into the world of medicine that I think is not often brought to light.

Most people have no idea what is really going on in the world of routine medicine overall – what doctors do to people, what they tell people, the simplistic rationales, the tests they order, the indifference to the results, the threats and terrorizing and condescension that pervade the process. Some anti-medical sites, like Alex Jones and others, occasionally illuminate some of the more egregious and high-handed recommendations that uneducated patients are routinely subjected to. But the whole system has deteriorated light years below the level decried in the 1980s in Mendelsohn’s Confessions of a Medical Heretic.

And as usual, this subterranean Hall of Mirrors gets little mainstream press. It is a gigantic political faux pas to criticize any MD, for any reason, as you know. Flies in the face of all our social conditioning and dumbing down, as tightly mandated by media. Listen to your doctor, ask your doctor, he’s a professional, this is no time to try and figure things out by yourself, etc…

Anyway, one such recent consult was so extraordinarily horrifying that I didn’t even charge for it. A young father called in to talk about his 3 year old son. As the details began to unwind, and this average father told me the shocking story of his premature son and the vaccine damages the followed, I was mesmerized at the level of depravity and exploitation to which his son had been victim. And I’m a guy with a fairly broad imagination, having heard the dark little secrets for years.

OK, so this baby is 3 weeks premature. And of course he receives the routine Hepatitis B vaccine, even though the scientists who invented it say it’s never been tested and should not be given to preemies.

But ignoring science is just standard hospital policy these days. We inject preemies every day, with religious fervor, in defiance of all relevant science. Not surprisingly, this particular newborn develops immediately allergy and gastric distress. Turns blue from his first bottle feeding of formula. Can’t keep anything down from the very beginning, and won’t take the nipple.

Vaccines in newborns often destroy the digestive system both at the epithelial and the functional level. Abundantly documented. Most autistics have serious gut problems, as Andrew Wakefield and many others have shown.

This child was failing from malnutrition and weakness.

After 2 weeks on IV drip, they decide the baby can’t learn to feed normally, and the decision is made to insert a feeding tube through the nose, which is left in for a few days at a time. The parents are taught this barbaric procedure and the child is sent home. For the next year, this is how the child is fed.

At age 1, some genius makes the executive decision that the child will never be normal, so why try, and rummages around for evidence-based gadgets that offer a more permanent solution to bypass normal eating pathways. Because training the child to eat normally at that time would be too inconvenient and way too much work. Better to keep an insurance cash cow human robot rolling along as long as billably possible.

So this Dr Mengele decides to install an external feeding apparatus outside the infant’s stomach, which doctors refer to as a Mickey button. For proper horrification, google it. Look at all the pictures.

This device is a plastic feeding tube outside the body that goes from an external feedbag through the skin and tissue, directly into the stomach. It is held in place there by an inflatable little balloon inside the infant’s stomach. In this way the baby can be fed directly without all the annoying components of the human digestive system that precede entry into the stomach, essential to normal child development.

The Machiavellian thinking behind this invention is difficult to imagine, since it wasn’t proposed with any kind of exit strategy. No one ever talked about the future, or progression to normal alimentation. Their substitute for thinking was—the kid can’t eat, well we have a machine that can do that. Forever.

A revolving door of geniuses has now kept this situation unchanged for 3 years, with no discussion ever of trying to normalize the child. In their view, as long as the hospital expenses keep stacking up, they seem to be happy with the patient’s “progress.” Which was nonexistent.

So this brings us back to the point 2 months ago, when the father found my website and realized that the child was immune suppressed, for 3 reasons:

1. The 9 drugs he was taking daily

2. Synthetic nutrition

3. Lack of water

For some unfathomable reason, pediatricians seem required to put mothers under the voodoo spell that says that infants don’t need any more water than is necessary to mix with the formula. Even though Guyton, Batmanghelidj, and every other medical text in history has recognized that water is 70% of the body and 90% of the brain. Babies don’t need water, we are evidence based… Oh yes, tell us all about it, doctor. See Water chapter.

Since the child was always getting sick and being miserable and allergic, loaded with mucous and always running to the hospital, the father finally asked the pediatricians about his son’s immune system not being able to develop. All 3 of them said the same thing: there’s no evidence the immune system works for this.

Wow! Guess they all ate the Red Pill.

I’m sure these guys got straight A’s through med school, because that pretty neatly sums up their whole philosophy: only drugs can make you healthy. Disease is an absence of the right drugs. The immune system is a myth.

So. What do these experts recommend be fed to the child who cannot eat? Formula, of course. And they choose an industry standard, Neocate. As we will see, this is one of the lowest end most artificial infant foods ever invented. Ironically it’s from the Dutch company Nutricia, who you’d think should have learned enough about the horrors of Nazi ideology not to incorporate it into their professional ethos. But that’s precisely what we find – the patient as subject, to be enslaved as long as possible.

Let’s take a brief look at Neocate infant formula, from Nutricia’s website.


Vitamin A
Vitamin D3
Vitamin E
Vitamin K
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Folic Acid
Pantothenic Acid
Vitamin C


First of all, the vitamins. In the absence of any whole food sources being listed, it’s a safe bet these are fractionated manmade synthetic vitamins, as discussed in the vitamins Chapter. That’s standard in virtually all infant formulas, since most of them are affiliated with drug manufacturers at some level. Just like with the multi’s we see at the grocery store and the drugstore– the majority of vitamin/mineral supplements contain only synthetic vitamins, and are made by drug companies.

Why? They’re cheaper. That is always a prime mandate –nice labels, great marketing, high prices, lowest quality ingredients. That’s just what Neocate has – the lowest grade synthetic vitamins. See ascorbic acid anywhere on the ingredient list? No acerola for them!

Same with minerals. Neocate has only 14 of the 21 minerals vital for human health. And they are in either the cheapest elemental form, or else the lowest end of the chelated form. Again, saving money was foremost in the overall design.

Now let’s look at the other ingredients. [See entire formula below, all the way down.]

Neocate is 51% Corn Syrup solids, whatever that might be. Best guess is by-products from Liberty corn, the most popular GM corn grown in the US. Also the cheapest. Genetic modification of course would mean minimal nutrition for the newborn.

See GM chapter for that whole discussion. But this corn syrup is a refined carbohydrate, lacking enzymes and other elements that would make it a valuable whole food.

Refined sugars like this are the #1 cause of diabetes, which today affects almost 25% of US children. This formula reflects the same level of thinking that puts Ensure on every patient’s hospital tray. Processed, devoid of nutrients, inflammatory and allergenic.

Next highest proportion ingredient: refined vegetable oils, totaling 23% of Neocate. Very small quantities of high end EFA supplements may be beneficial if they can be metabolized, but not for the newborn. And these Neocate fats are anything but high end. Babies simply don’t have the ability to digest a lot of dense fats like these, especially coconut oil, the most stable oil of all.

Again the word ‘refined’ means treated with heats and acids to prolong shelf life, which means no enzymes – inert. So this is a very allergenic notion here, offering little usable nutrition for an infant.

These exact same refined oils may be found in Hostess donuts and in dozens of other sugary junk foods in any 7-Eleven in the world. Read the labels!

Chance the Neocate oils are GMO? – about 99%.

Then they actually put artificial sweeteners in Neocate, including sucralose. Just what we need – more synthetics to boost the inflammatory glycemic index.

To get a sense of their philosophy, Neocate comes in strawberry and vanilla as well, but there isn’t a trace of strawberries or vanilla listed in either. Even the flavor is all chemicals.

Besides that, the formula contains traces of lowest end random vitamins, minerals and amino acids. See full formula below.

OK, back to the infant. At the time of the our phone consult, this baby was on 9 different medications every day, including Flovent, Dornase, Singulair, Zyrtec, Augmentin. He was sick all the time, feverish, irritable, and had frequent attacks of asthma. He does not speak, rarely laughs, and has been in generally a bad mood since birth. Little wonder – he’s been drugged and starved the whole time.

My chapter about pediatricians and raw milk had a catalyzing effect on the parents. They have finally realized that the doctors are never going to try to make this kid right. Everything the doctors say must create the greatest bottom line for the hospital. Without exception. Both in the past and the future. Recovery is not even a consideration.

So with the information the father got from thedoctorwithin, he finally has the confidence to take some radical steps toward reason.

The first thing he did was stairstep the child off all the drugs. He did it one by one, very tentatively, over a period of a month. Each one they omitted resulted in a visible improvement. Not only were the drugs unnecessary, they were further handicapping the child’s ability to establish its systems. Not to mention toxic buildup. Or their unpredictable cross reactions.

Fantastic and immediate results: these past 2 months are the longest time the child has gone without being sick since he was born.

The second thing is hydration. Since the parents have begun hydrating through the apparatus, the child is finally getting the water he needs to grow and thrive. Why is something like this rocket science in today’s world? It doesn’t even threaten the drug bottom line – standard pediatric advice today regarding hydration is just medieval ignorance, at its most imbecilic.

Next, nutrition. They have begun to introduce some actual nutrition into the feeding tube these last 2 months: dilute fruit and vegetable juices, chicken broth, etc. And they are constantly reversing the ratio of the synthetic Neocate with whole foods that contain actual nutrients.The child has improved by leaps and bounds, night and day – pick your metaphor. Even a lawyer could see it.

The next thing is to introduce 4 of the supplements in the 60 Day Program: Digestazyme, Chelated Minerals, Oral Chelation, and Florabiotics. The parents expect an increasing rate of recovery from the individual effects of these four. See the chapter on each to understand why.

We are also discussing ways to jumpstart the normal eating operations of the oral route, to which the child has had a severe aversion, up till now. He’s three years old and has never taken a bite of food or swallowed it. Violently protects any approach to his mouth. Scarcely surprising considering what happened last time – when vaccines had destroyed any equipment to deal with food. He has never sipped through a straw, or breastfed, or licked a piece of ice. And the doctors never mention it, never address it, like it’s not important. Wasn’t in their curriculum.

Can it really be this dark?

It has finally become glaringly clear to these parents that if they ever want their child to be normal, they now have to take action on their own to make a change, because evidently the doctors will only do what is in their own best fiscal interest.

I wish we were overstating the situation here, but in reality, the parents describe it as the light is finally dawning on them. The whole story really is this disconcerting.

Finally, the chiropractic component. The child has never been adjusted. And so I am recommending they fly to Tim Young because he’s not far away. But here’s a case for all those who think that chiropractors shouldn’t discuss nutrition, and should only adjust.

This kid’s spine could be perfect, but until he gets some nutrition, he’s never going to be healthy, never get to grow up, never get to be cool…. All that. And who did it take to point that out? Yes, a DC. Neurological is only part of it – there’s metabolic and there’s immune. Three legs of the stool.

So much for the worst of all worlds for this month. Now for the Best.

It’s the indomitable spirit of the conscientious chiropractic student—the one in 10 who has waded through all the quagmire and distraction and obstacles, and has had either a Transitional Experience, or at least some epiphany that suggested the scope and reach of this most sublime profession. Not some false adulation rah rah phony enthusiasm you see at rallies, but a personal unshakable revelation of the limitless power of chiropractic.

Such was evident at last weekend’s Fading Art adjusting seminar in Dallas. Tim Young and I were both floored by the determination and spirit in both the doctors and the students who attended, to commit to whatever it takes to achieve mastery in this fading art, against all odds.

The students talk about how they feel handicapped by the local school and are actively blocked from learning to adjust. If anyone is “discovered” to be attempting to learn this black art, they are “investigated” by the administration, even to the point of phone eavesdropping!

This is what the students are reporting – I couldn’t have made this up! This is the atmosphere in which they are spending 4 years of their lives and $200K. And the primary tool that they will need in order to have the foggiest hope of ever repaying it is being withheld, and even outlawed.

In the evaluation form students fill out, the one remark that is repeated over and over, in every city is this: “learned more about adjusting in this one day seminar than in all of school…” Over and over, most of them write it.

We are more exasperated than we are complimented by this statement, and what it means for the future of the profession. It wasn’t always this way.

Rather unrealistic how a school maintains the position that suddenly upon graduation, overnight, students will now be able to flawlessly deliver a masterful adjustment, when the day before they would have been disciplined for even trying. Even entry level proficiency takes how many months or years of clumsy practice and dedication before it’s attained? Do they really think students don’t notice this contradiction?

So where’s the part about Best of All Worlds? It’s that the chosen students are going through all this anyway and are doing whatever it takes to start refining palpatory skills and speed skills and the other proprioceptive and fine motor skills necessary to create the foundation for Entry Level Proficiency in adjusting.

Reminds me of the Christians living in the catacombs under the streets of Rome in the first century. What’s the schools’ next move – get some lions to feed with students who are caught adjusting?

As for the doctors attending, it was heartening indeed to see some very successful doctors who have been in practice for years come and drive their Teslas, etc to Dallas to spend a day with us just to have their skills evaluated by an equal, and perhaps pick up one or two new ideas. That’s the epitome of mastery right there – the elusive, never-ending pursuit of excellence.

This profession is so profound, with so many layers to it, that you could spend a dozen lifetimes trying to master all the valuable techniques and still not know everything. So easy to become smug and locked off from this rich environment after one has attained some proficiency in just one technique, enough to begin to have a steady income from it.

We each of us set our own limits and expectations into the quality and quantity of how much we want to give to this profession, how far we want to take it. Making money is not that hard – all you have to do is dedicate yourself 7 days a week 24 hours a day for about 10 years, and voilà – magically success appears.

The irony is that the ones who make big money are those for who are truly unconcerned about it – it was never their focus in the first place. For them, the prime motivator was always one simple thing: Service. Making a dent in the subluxated universe. And doing whatever it takes to create a space in which to provide that service.

Here were some of the comments from the Dallas event:

“Absolutely amazing… learned more about adjusting at this seminar than during all of school – I am so grateful!”

“This was exactly what I needed. The information, correction, and encouragement was very valuable. Thanks for the online access to the Video Archive!”

“Awesome job! Tim O and Tim Young – y’all did a great job! Will be back to learn more. After 10 years on practice still working on perfecting what I do. It will be different Monday!” – Dr Brett Crosby

“Fantastic! We really appreciate the inspiration you are to the profession—your expertise precedes you everywhere you go.”

“Really appreciated each of us to be able to feel a real subluxation before it was adjusted. The video clips were also great!”

“Exceptional experience! Am so motivated now to work on my technique.”

“We appreciate the truth. We need a distinguishing advantage to really attract patients – and here it is—satisfied patients who received a real adjustment. Great videos!”

“Wonderful! Learned more about the art and technique of chiropractic than in all of school!”

“Awesome! Needed the extra info —this seminar has given me more confidence and answered questions that I didn’t even realize I had!”

With the edited videos in the Online Archive, attendees can review what we learned at their leisure.


Vaccine Lecture – Friday night 25 July – Oklahoma City, Courtyard Marriott

6. Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization 2013

– now in 6 languages

The most reliable vaccine resource for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life.

“The most provocative, well-researched, blood-boiling text EVER written on vaccines.. Dr Tim’s style mixing pure science and his relentless wit make this one of my FAVORITE reads of all time. read this book and you will want to start a revolution.” – Dr Bill DeMoss, Newport Beach

“This history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.” – David Ayoub, MD

“The only book more important than this one is the Bible.” – Dr Tim Young


“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”
~ John F. Kennedy


As far as Pasteur’s Germ Theory goes, there was much opposition to it among leading scientists of his own time.

Perhaps the greatest scientist in France during Pasteur’s time, the discoverer of bacteria was Antoine Bechamp, University of Lille. Dr Bechamp said: [195], p183

“Bacteria do not cause disease, and therefore serums and vaccines can neither prevent nor cure disease.”

The author of the cell theory, Rudolf Virchow himself, agreed:

“Germs seek their natural habitat – diseased tissue – rather than being the cause of diseased tissue.”
– Man the Unknown [250]


Along with many other scientists then and now, Virchow realized that the presence of germs may identify the tissue as diseased, but did not necessarily create the diseased condition. Weakened or diseased tissue is a target area for microorganisms, a hospitable environment in which opportunists can set up shop. But that’s quite different from predatory germs having caused the weakened state. First the patient gets sick; then germs show up.

Authors and doctors enslaved to the Germ Theory today are still playing their only trump card – Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin in 1928. They are desperately hoping for a reprise of medicine’s greatest triumph. No one would be more embarrassed by their invocations than Fleming himself, who predicted the rise of the superbugs by reckless overprescription of antibiotics – our wildly unscientific ‘just in case’ policy. [105]


The militaristic idea that the normal human condition is to live in this hermetically-sealed antiseptic little capsule in which all other life forms must be regarded as invaders and killed off – this notion is scientifically untenable, even though it is the lodestone of modern medicine.

Healthy humans subsist in a biosphere, surrounded by thousands of microbes, both internally and externally, all co-existing in a dynamic equilibrium that is beneficial to all participants.

Dr Khem Shahani, premier authority on intestinal probiotics, proved that the normal human colon should contain up to 3 lbs. of flora – as many as 400 different species. [107] There are species of microscopic spiders who live their entire lifespan on the human eyelash. [281] Dr Alec Burton proved that tetanus bacillus is found on the skin and even in the mouths of ordinary healthy individuals without causing disease. [275]

Legitimate scientists see germ proliferation not as the cause of disease but rather the evidence of disease. The disease came first. This simple concept, which organized medicine / your pediatrician cannot discuss, is really the key idea of this book.


Politics never changes. The same type of thinking that kept Galileo under house arrest for discovering that the earth went around the sun, the rulers’ eternal attempt to control the minds of their subjects, these are the forces that cast Pasteur, an ambitious opportunist, into a role he may not have deserved – the imagined Trailblazer in the science of modern biomedicine.

Howard Hencke, in his 1995 book The Germ Theory: A Deliberate Aberration, notes that the Germ Theory wanted [251]

“… to indoctrinate the public in the Western world with the belief that the salvation from all, especially physical ailments, lay outside the individual’s system and responsibility, because it was caused by external factors… and that chemical remedies will keep him free from disease, independent of his own vigilant responsibility.”

We’re talking marketing here, yes?

“Had it not been for the mass selling of vaccines, Pasteur’s germ theory of disease would have collapsed into obscurity.”
– E. Douglas Hume [187]

Order book: Vaccination Is Not Immunization
(915) 307-1055