The 60 Day Program

The 60 Day Program is a very specific, classic regimen of nutrition and detoxification whose purpose is to restore the body to normal equilibrium by removing years of toxic buildup in the tract and in the blood, at the same time providing the body only what is absolutely nourishing to the cells, adding nothing more to the toxic load.

For 60 Days, nothing but the best nutrients in, wastes out.

The features of the 60 Day Program:

  • The New West Diet
  • Enzymes
  • Expel and Total Florabiotics for colon detox
  • Antioxidants
  • Chelated Minerals
  • Oral chelation
  • Collagen
  • 1-2 litres water per day

Supplements are kept to a bare minimum, but sufficient to give the body everything it needs to nourish its cells, clear out the tract and re-balance the blood.

The Program is simple, it has decades of clinical success, and there are few health imbalances which will not show a favorable response. In many cases, the 60 Day Program can provide the missing piece of the puzzle that has been eluding patients for so long. See Testimonials page.

The focus is: give the body everything it needs to nourish its cells, clear out the tract and re-balance the blood. As few supplements as possible, best foods, total hydration.

Even if you are a fairly healthy adult, normal weight who rarely gets sick, because of our lifestyle a detox program is a must at some point. Not talking about doing psyllium for a few days because you feel blocked up – we’ve all done that. No, this is different. This is a very structured, consistent plan for 60 days – that means 2 months – that is invaluable, both for those in good health and for those in bad health.

In today’s world more than 60,000 chemicals have some degree of access to the food, air, and water of every country. Including the chemtrails over your head. Most of us have been vaccinated and have dental amalgams. We have seen the bio-accumulation of mercury described in the vaccine text and in the Dentistry chapters. Most of us have taken in significant amounts of processed foods during our lifetime, much of which remains locked in our tract and in our cells because it is un-metabolizable, as we saw in the Enzymes chapter.

By themselves, these accumulated poisons cannot escape the tissues in which they are trapped. Most people die with an enormous toxic load locked within their tissues. The 60 Day Program is one of the simplest, most effective and least expensive ways to actually accomplish this intestinal and cellular detoxification.

The majority of health conditions today are chronic and degenerative. Modern medicine has a very poor track record curing them, proven by the fact that they are so epidemic, and that their incidence is skyrocketing. Among them:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Debilitating disease
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Heart/lung disease
  • Overweight
  • Vaccine injuries
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Myofascitis
  • Digestive disorders

Obviously those with these conditions would benefit from a whole body cellular detoxification.

In addition, any healthy individual who is interested in optimum health or longevity would also improve by doing a periodic detox program. At least every 40 years, right? Athletes focused on peak performance can derive significant advantages from a program that provides maximum oxygenation of the body’s cells and tissues at all times.

Look at the New West Diet page. It will mean that for the next 60 days you confine your intake to what you see in Categories I and II. Religiously — no cheating. You must eat a lot, and all the time, so you won’t feel deprived.

The enzymes in the raw food coupled with the natural enzyme supplements are the active components of blood detoxification. See ENZYMES chapter. Remember, the blood goes everywhere – it is the milieu in which all cells of your body are bathed every second of your life, from birth to death. The condition of that blood determines the ability of your cells to perform its 2 main life functions:

  • taking in oxygen and nutrients
  • getting rid of wastes

The 60 Day Program approaches the body at the cellular level– that’s why it cannot fail to work — every time. Because no matter how sick you are, no matter what diseases you may have, no matter how long they say you’ve got, as long as you’re still alive your cells have to follow the same principles of human physiology as everyone else’s. There is no condition no matter how terminal, or how extreme that will not respond to the cells being provided with oxygen and nutrients and having wastes cleared away.

Here are the 7 supplements for the 60 Day Program:


  • WHY: Complete digestion, no intestinal residue, blood detox
  • DOSAGE: 3 caps 3x a day


  • WHY: neutralize free radicals, protect red cells, increase longevity, increase performance
  • DOSAGE: 2 caps 2-3x per day


  • WHY: optimum cell function, optimum physiology, immune strength, longevity
  • DOSAGE: 3 caps per day


  • WHY: Cleanse the colon, revitalize the immune system, total body detox, flat stomach
  • DOSAGE: 1 – 4 caps per day


  • WHY: Revitalize the immune sytem, total body detox, normalize intestinal flora, flat stomach
  • DOSAGE: 3 caps 3x per day


  • WHY: Reinforce depleted collagen supplies in the skin, organs, and circulatory system
  • DOSAGE: 2 – 4 tbsp. per day in juice (not Sunny D!)


  • WHY: Chelate heavy metals and arterial plaque out of the system
  • DOSAGE: Minimum 3 caps daily (can increase for faster detox)


  • WHY: O2 transport, cell nutrition, muscle cell fluidity, anti-aging
  • DOSAGE: 2 litres water/day


Much of what is written on labels is political. These are the correct dosages for the 7 supplements.

As long as you finish a bottle in a month, you’re on schedule. (Except for MegaHydrate) These aren’t drugs so the exact dosage isn’t critical; missing a day won’t invalidate the detox.


This program only, for 60 days; no other supplements, no other diet, no drugs. Versions of the program will result in versions of resolution. The program works very well only if the patient will follow it without modification. (See the stories at FEEDBACK AND TESTIMONIALS)

The only patients who have ever complained about poor success buckled under the simplest questioning about how strictly they had kept to the regimen. It’s the 60 Day program, not the 8 Day Program, or the 28 Day Program. If you’re going to give it a try, then give it a try – do the deed. Don’t bad rap our program because you wimped out.



In the past 15 years, working with thousands of patients who have gone through the 60 Day Program, certain types of behavior, certain patterns of compliance seem to portray classic psychological profiles.

The way people are attracted to the 60 Day Program in the first place was usually an exposure to the live or online seminar, DVD, or just reading a few of the chapters on the website. The Last Resort and the Enzymes chapter alert the reader that this is a very serious program. The Testimonials page alerts the reader that the program can bring dramatic healing results.

One reason the 60 Day Program is so successful is that it generally marks a radical departure from the previous lifestyle of the self indulgent, toxic, allergic, blocked up, usually overweight patient. This new path may be difficult to follow at first, and consequently there is a fair attrition rate — that means drop-outs.

We see several kinds of drop-outs, with various levels of self delusion, making this or that excuse about why they can’t continue with the program, which they’ve often already acknowledged as their only hope of escape from the declining, deteriorating level of health they’ve been living with for several years. And it’s here where the level of addiction, not only to their toxic comfort foods but also to their own course of self-annihilation, is so clearly and frighteningly illuminated.

Example: I’ve been on the program for 6 days and I’m no better, in fact I’m worse – this can’t possibly work, and I just can’t do it, I felt so much better when I was eating my junk food every day. So I quit.

Or this one: Yes I know I was on the way towards degeneration and death, and my doctors can do nothing for me, but without my nighttime snack foods my life isn’t worth living, so I’m quitting the program and taking my chances.

Even though each patient is clearly warned about the Healing Crisis which may take place in any holistic return to normal, they may underestimate their own will power at having to deal with withdrawal from their own personal excitotoxic little monkeys – ice cream, doughnuts, pasteurized dairy, soft drinks, chips and pretzels, etc. In many cases, these Deal Breakers come to be seen for what they are — not just little daily comforts or rewards for a hard day’s work, but the actual reasons for living at all!!! Not kidding – this is no exaggeration. When faced with a choice between lifestyle change and death, many people will choose death.

Perhaps even most people.

So be warned. The 60 Day Program may look simple— it is simple. But unfortunately it is not necessarily easy. Going cold turkey on 2 root beer floats per night can be as traumatizing as opiate withdrawal. My sugar, my salt, my mouth-feel, my kick, my raison d’etre, my added flavors – no longer frills, but over time, now life issues.

In addition, there are a variety of stored poisons and drugs that have been enveloped in fat cells and stored for years in the tissues of the tract, as well as in other parts of the body. Part of the immune system – the body’s will to survive under any conditions. Now in detox, these time capsules can be broken into and the contents may be temporarily released into the blood in the action of detoxification. And they can have temporarily annoying effects as they pass through: disorientation, nausea, pain, headache, zingers, dizziness, etc.

Here is the essential distinction between the allopathic / mainstream – medical approach and the holistic approach. Drugs cover up symptoms, and while the problem still remains, the patient may get some immediate temporary relief. That’s the whole allure of medicine, isn’t it – abdicate responsibility for your own health to us – consult your doctor; we’ll take care of everything. But the only thing they end up taking care of is your prescription drugs and eventually your surgical calendar. Health – well let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Holistic cures are under no such compulsion to delude. Rooting out the actual cause of the problem is not easy, is not quick, and may not be wholly pleasant. That is because we are working with what’s left of the functioning systems of the body, and forcing them back into the trenches – get back to work! Kidneys, colon, digestive tract, circulatory system, muscles – do your job!!

So, caveat factor. If you’re going to do the program, just do it. We know why you’re doing it; because you’re dying and you finally figured it out, and you realize no medicine can save you. If you’re going to quit a week into it, just quit now. Spare us these bogus spineless whining justifications about why. We know why you’re quitting, no matter what silly excuse you might give to yourself. Your little monkeys are cute, very cute, but make no mistake here my friend – they are deadly little charmers. They’re not gonna just let go.

Luckily these irresolute whiners are the minority.

Here’s an extreme example, fortunately rare:

Dear Dr. T,

This is my 12th day on the 60 day Detox program. I find that when I eat this way, I do not suffer from GERD anymore. But – I am constantly thinking about food, carrying food around, and planning my meals around my supplements and my supplements around my meals.

I am also gaining weight.

I used to eat all kinds of junk – and pizza – and not gain weight.

When I began this plan – I did not do so with the expectation of dramatic weight loss – but – I did expect that with all the proper eating habits, the supplements, Expel, and the chelation products – I would see some positive results. I am disappointed that almost 2 weeks have past and that my clothes are getting tighter. I often feel bloated. I find that this way of eating has a negative effect on my mood.

I am going to quit the program and go back to my old diet. This isn’t working for me.

— MR X

My response:

Dear Mr X:

You can’t evaluate a 60 day program after 12 days — Is it called the 12 Day Detox program? No. It is not.

You’re definitely not gaining weight because of the detox. That is impossible. What you’re probably experiencing is water retention as you’re pulling all the stored toxins and poisons out of your tract and tissues. Another possibility is temporary blockage of the tract from finally initiating the process of actually expelling all that waste from your blocked tract for the first time in 2 decades. This will be temporary and is very common among people who are really toxic, during the first phase of detox.

This program isn’t a magic bullet that cures everyone of a lifetime of self-indulgence and abuse in a week. You may have to have suffer through the discomfort of readjusting your whole metabolism to natural foods – paying the price for the sins of a lifetime, as it were. Which takes a bare minimum of 60 days – not 12 days.

So if you’re looking for my permission to be a fake, you came to the wrong shop, brother. You want any excuse to quit the program, pretending like it’s the program’s fault and not your own lack of will power and self discipline to make a change. There’s nothing wrong with the program, as you can see by looking at the Testimonials page on the site. Why did it work so well for all those people but not for you? Did you see any of them pulling out after 12 days, whining about it’s too hard? What is this, Only Child Syndrome? Poor you, poor baby. If you had read any of the chapters about the 60 day program before you started, you would have read about the Healing Crisis, which is what you’re experiencing and you would know that it typically means 2 things:

  1. The program is actually working for you.
  2. You really need to do it.

If you’re hungry that means you’re not eating enough of the natural foods on the New West Diet. Natural foods have to be eaten all the time, unlike the indigestible processed foods that you’re used to. That’s another reason why you might feel you’re not losing weight – you cannot be hungry during this program — if the body feels it’s being deprived it will hold onto weight, which will inhibit detox.

You don’t have enough information to make a statement like you should be better by now. How would you know that? When was the last time you were this age and this toxic and actually tried to do something about it except complain or take drugs?

If you want somebody to hold your hand, call a manicurist. I’m trying to save your life. My advice is stop whining and looking for the easy way out.

You’re talking about backing off of the only thing that can cure you — returning to the junk food diet you’re obviously addicted to is going to result in progressive degeneration. I take no responsibility for your return to drugs, junk food, and self annihilation. Sayonara.

    – Dr T

Think I was too hard on the poor baby? Then this program is not for you.

But there’s often some surprising good news: after 2 weeks of going cold turkey on junk foods, the craving vanishes. And often the patient is astonished at how easy it was. That happens all the time. So it might not be quite as daunting as it sounds.

The 60 Day Program is not just another option on the shelf at GNC. Saving lives is serious business. This classic, natural approach is often the only road to recovery in these advanced cases.

So all you tentative dilettantes – back to your Vicodin, prednisone, Prozac, inhalers, cable channels, Haggendazz, Lipitor, pizza and Fritos. And your life of sickness and declining energy and power.

But you others, you patients ready to set yourselves free from the yoke of dependence on someone else’s version of health – step up and get busy.

The rest of your life awaits.

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