Phone Consultations with Dr Tim O’Shea are available for those who want to discuss their health in some detail. Many of the stories seen on the Testimonials page followed such a consultation.
The consult consists of a detailed medical history, followed by an assessment of the patient’s desire to be well again.
Specific application of the 60 Day Program to the patient’s life is then carefully explained in the second half of the consult, as well as answering any questions.

Prior to the consult, the patient is required to read completely the following chapters:

The 60 Day Program
Enzymes The Key To Longevity
Journey to the Center of Your Colon
Allergies: The Threshold of Reactivity

Do not just speed read the headings. Read completely. This is to optimize the patient’s time during the consultation, so we don’t waste time explaining the science behind the Program.

To see a few stories from those who had consults, look at the Testimonials page.

Consult – $350

Bioterrain analysis$450


To schedule Please call California line:: 915.330.4629 –