The 60 Day Program

Full body cleanse detox. How to detox your blood, as well as clear the colon of all debris.

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The 60 Day Program is a very specific full body cleanse detox whose purpose is to restore the body to normal equilibrium, at the same time providing only what is absolutely nourishing to the cells, adding nothing more to the toxic load. This is done by clearing the tract, and clearing the blood.

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Toxic buildup in the tract and in the blood can damage every system. So for 60 Days, nothing but the best nutrients in, all wastes out.

The features of the 60 Day Program:

    The New West Diet



    Total Florabiotics


    Total Complete Minerals

    Phase 2

    Hydrolyzed Collagen

    1-2 litres water per day

The Program is simple, it has been around for decades. It consists of a common sense natural diet, and seven supplements.

People should be taking the least number of supplements and spending the least amount of money on them. We need only those supplements which will give the body everything it needs to nourish its cells, clear out the tract and re-balance the blood.

And actually be absorbed.

There are very few health imbalances which will not show a favorable response. In many cases, the 60 Day Program may be the missing piece of the puzzle that has been eluding people for so long. See Testimonials page. Likely you will find stories of people in much worse health than you, who made a total recovery.

Even if you are a fairly healthy adult, normal weight, who rarely gets sick, a full body cleanse detox is a must, periodically.

Consider the toxic load in today’s air, food, and water – the biosphere we live in. No matter how healthy we try to be, our cells are going to accumulate some of that noxious debris.

In today’s world more than 85,000 chemicals have access to the food, air, and water of every country. Including the chemtrails over your head.

We’ve all read about the bio-accumulation of mercury, thimerosal in vaccines and from dental amalgams. (Dentistry chapters).

Most of us have taken in significant amounts of processed foods during our lifetime, which may remain locked in our tract and in our cells: Enzymes chapter. Also: Hydrogenated foods.

By themselves, these accumulated poisons often cannot escape the tissues in which they are trapped. Eventually the tissues break down, causing organ breakdown – disease. Most people die with an enormous toxic load locked within their tissues. An effective cleanse will address this intestinal and cellular toxification.

The majority of health conditions today are chronic and degenerative. Modern medicine admits having a poor track record curing them, and their incidence is skyrocketing. America is the sickest of all industrialized nations. Highest drug intake, highest rate of degenerative disease. . Over 54% of our children already have some chronic degenerative condition.

Any healthy individual who is interested in optimum health or longevity should complete a periodic detox program. At least every 40 years, right? Whether you need it or not!

focused on peak performance are all in search of program that provides lean muscle gain and maximum oxygenation of the body’s cells and tissues at all times. And best recovery time.

In short, everyone can benefit from a real detox program.

OK, next let’s look at the New West Diet.

Here are the four categories of the complete Diet:



    Fruits, Vegetables, Juices – preferably organic
    Brown rice
    Grilled fish
    Selected food grade herbs
    1-2 litres good water


    Organic meats (no hormones or antibiotics)
    Eggs (organic)
    Raw dairy
    Whole grains
    Integral breads, including rye and potato (no high fructose, no hydrogenated oils)

– (not during 60 Days, only with enzyme supplements)

    White sugar/ White flour
    Pasteurized dairy
    Commercial pizza
    Real ice cream
    Canned foods
    Processed cheese
    Seeds, Nuts, Oils


    Soft drinks
    Fake milks: soy milk, almond milk, etc.
    French fries
    Potato chips
    Refined protein powders
    Hydrogenated oils
    Diet soft drinks
    Diet anything
    Nutrisweet/Aspartame/ high fructose
    Soy in any form


In the 60 Day Program, there are no seeds, no nuts, no oils. No cooking oils, no salad dressing oils. Exception: EFA supplement oils, like fish oil, flax oils, DHA, etc. Also no popcorn, and no fake milks – soy silk, almond milk, etc. And of course no alcohol. Or coffee.

Here’s your new salad dressing:

    lemon juice
    balsamic vinegar

The short version of the New West Diet is this:

    no pasteurized dairy
    no refined carbohydrates (white sugar, white flour)
    no hydrogenated oils

So that’s it, the classic traditional human diet, responsible for the healthiest people who have ever lived.

It’s not a diet – so much as a lifestyle. Only when that is understood will normal weight and normal health return.

For the seriously debilitated, or acute situations where time is of the essence, a raw foods or juice fast diet will probably be the most expeditious way to stabilize and detoxify, for the first week or two. See video Juice Fast.

For everyone else, it simply means that for the next 60 days you’ll restrict your intake to what you see above in Categories I and II. Religiously — no cheating.

It’s not really as scary as it looks — there’s a lot of variety in those two categories. The important part is that you eat a lot, eat all the time, and don’t let yourself feel the least bit hungry. If the body gets the idea that it is being starved or deprived, it will hold onto everything, including stored toxins and sludge. That’s just its natural survival mechanism.

This is a program of nourishing abundance. The body must be shown that it is getting an abundance of easily digestible nutrients – enzymes, vitamins, minerals. Then it can let go of the debris.

Now for the other half of the 60 Day Program:


Here are the seven nutritional supplements for the 60 Day Program:


    Complete digestion, minimize intestinal residue, unblocked circulation, longevity
    DOSAGE: 3 caps 3 times a day


    Critical for cell function, immune strength, longevity
    DOSAGE: 3 caps per day


    Clears the colon, promotes the immune system, total body detox, flat stomach
    DOSAGE: 1 – 4 caps per day


    Colon is the center of the immune system, normalize intestinal flora
    DOSAGE: 3 caps 3x per day


    Promotes new collagen production, Reinforces depleted collagen reserves throughout the body
    DOSAGE: 2 – 6 tablespoons per day blended in juice


    Supports the healthy heart – circulation, plaque and heavy metals detox
    DOSAGE: 3 caps in the morning


    Cancels free radicals, O2 transport
    DOSAGE: 2 scoops 2x per day


    O2 transport, cell nutrition, muscle cell fluidity, anti-aging
    1-2 litres/day


[See a complete chapter on each one of these supplements.]


Much of what is written on labels is political. Sometimes the formulator is forbidden from recommending the proper dosage or applications. Above are the correct dosages for the 7 supplements.

As long as you finish a bottle in a month, you’re on schedule. These are food supplements, not drugs. So the exact dosage isn’t critical; missing a day won’t invalidate the detox.

Suspend all other supplements during the program. If they worked we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Least number, remember?

This program approaches the body at the cellular level — that’s why it cannot fail to work — every time. Because no matter how sick you are, no matter what diseases you may believe you have, as long as you’re still alive your cells have to follow the same human physiological principles as the rest of us. After all, you’re just flesh and blood. Nine times out of ten, you don’t have to accept the dead-end guesswork diagnoses of the disease-care merchants. If you’re still alive, you can heal!


If you really understand how the Program affects you physically, you’ll be much better motivated to follow through. To get that whole story, read these four chapters before you start:


This program only, for 60 days; no other supplements, no other diet, hold the drugs. You already tried that, right? Versions of the program will result in versions of resolution. The program works only if the patient will follow it without modification. (See the stories at FEEDBACK AND TESTIMONIALS)

Seems like the only patients who have ever complained about poor success buckled under the simplest questioning about how strictly they had kept to the regimen. It’s the 60 Day program, not the 8 Day Program, or the 28 Day Program. If you’re going to give it a try, then give it a try – do the deed. Don’t bad rap the program because you wimped out the first week.

And for God’s sake don’t say “I’ll try.” Losers try – winners do whatever it takes.


In the past 15 years, working with thousands of patients who have gone through the 60 Day Program, certain types of behavior, certain patterns of compliance emerge.

Some people have false expectations, thinking this Program is magically going to return them to glowing health in just a few days. After years of self abuse.

It won’t.

Success requires the gradual cleansing of the digestive tract and the blood, slowly restoring energy and vitality, week by week. As long as it takes.

A wide range of recovery is possible, depending on the level of autointoxication at the start. And the level of compliance. How long did it take you to get this run down and bloated?

We see several kinds of drop-outs, with various levels of self delusion, making this or that excuse about why they can’t continue the program, which they’ve already acknowledged as their only hope of escape from the deteriorating health they’ve been living with for several years.

Example: “I’ve been on the program for 6 days and I’m no better, in fact I’m worse – this can’t possibly work, and I just can’t do it, I felt so much better when I was eating my junk food every day. So I quit.”

Or this one: “Yes I know I was on the way towards degeneration and death, and my doctors can do nothing for me, but without my nighttime snack foods my life isn’t worth living, so I’m quitting the program and taking my chances…”

Enter the Healing Crisis.

Simply stated, in any recovery, you may get worse before you get better.

Any real detox is dredging up all sorts of stored indigestibles and accumulated poisons from your gut and tissues. A variety of temporary symptoms may appear as they leave. Stomach pain, flu-like symptoms, bloating, blockage, fatigue, brain fog, etc are signs a transformation is actually taking place. This can be disconcerting, but these symptoms are the good news. Most of us harbor powerful chemicals that can be re-introduced into the system on the way out. Freed up drug residues into the blood stream can cause occasional dizziness, disorientation, or mild headache.

The Digestazyme, Phase 2, and Expel – really are going to pull toxic debris out of the tissues. Not maybe. That can be a jolt to the system when one suddenly stops the intake of noxious yet tasty junk foods and drink, in favor of hydration, nutrients, and detoxifying supplements. Withdrawal can be a quantum shift.

Many scenarios are possible. Occasionally we get people who tried the program without reading the above chapters at all. And they call in, thinking that the supplements are the reason for their new symptoms, as though the supplements themselves are toxic. Some of these people may do a Consultation at that time. Upon investigation, almost 100% of those cases admit to not following the Program as specified.

How to detox your blood. So there are two essential rules:

1. Read the chapters before getting the Program. The whole thing.

2. Learn how to calibrate your rate of detox, to control any healing crisis

If the symptoms of healing crisis become too uncomfortable, the patient must calibrate the program. The best way is to stop these 3 supplements for a day or two.


    Phase 2.


Then, after the symptoms subside, start up again, just one of the 3 at a time, with 1/3 dose. Then gradually add the other two after a few days, until you’re back to the regular dosage again. You can completely control your rate of detox to what is tolerable

Again, these are not drugs. We’re not prescribing cures for diseases here. You can adjust the dosages to whatever allows you to continue detoxing, at a tolerable pace.

So be warned. The 60 Day Program may look simple — it is simple. But unfortunately it is not necessarily easy. Going cold turkey on 2 root beer floats, 6 glazed donuts, and a large bag of barbecue chips per night can be a shock. My sugar, my salt, my mouth-feel, my kick, my raison d’etre, my added flavors – no longer frills, but over time, now life’s essentials. Right?

Herein lies the essential distinction between the allopathic / mainstream approach and the holistic approach.

Pharmaceuticals cover up symptoms, and while the problem still remains, the patient may get some temporary relief. That’s the whole allure, isn’t it – abdicate responsibility for your own health to a third party. Cover up the problem with pain drugs. Until some terminal disease appears.

Holistic cures are under no such compulsion to delude. It forces responsibility onto the patient. Rooting out the underlying cause of the problem may not be easy, is not quick, and may not be pleasant. That is because we are working with what’s left of the functioning systems of the body, and forcing them back into the trenches – get back to work! Kidneys, colon, digestive tract, circulatory system, immune system, muscles – do your job!!


Sometimes detoxification happens in phases. Many patients will stabilize during the first month and fall into a tolerable rhythm of detox. They’re feeling much better and figure that the worst is over, expecting a gradual upswing the second month.

But the body has other plans. If the Expel, Enzymes, and Phase 2 are able to reach a deeper level where poisons have been harbored for years, new symptoms may be triggered as these timebombs are released into the blood.

Occasionally, patients might develop a hacking, productive cough, or elimination of unusual excreta, perhaps even passing a little blood for a few days. Or transient dizziness, headache, shooting pains, etc. These are usually temporary – nothing serious – just indicators that the detox has unearthed noxious stores that have been deeply buried for a long time.

After a week or so, if the detox continues, these deeper areas are cleansed and the symptoms may disappear as abruptly as they came on. This is the classic holistic trajectory – so often this is the way the body heals itself. It’s a retracing, some of it is uncomfortable, and then health returns. The only true health.

Here’s an extreme example of a Whiner, fortunately rare:

“Dear Dr. T,
This is my 12th day on the 60 day Detox program. I find that when I eat this way, I do not suffer from GERD anymore. But – I am constantly thinking about food, carrying food around, and planning my meals around my supplements and my supplements around my meals.

I am also gaining weight.

I used to eat all kinds of junk – and pizza – and not gain weight.
When I began this plan – I did not do so with the expectation of dramatic weight loss – but – I did expect that with all the proper eating habits, the supplements, Expel, and the chelation products – I would see some positive results. I am disappointed that almost 2 weeks have past and that my clothes are getting tighter. I often feel bloated. I find that this way of eating has a negative effect on my mood.
I am going to quit the program and go back to my old diet. This isn’t working for me.
— MR X ”

My response:

[Dear Mr X:

You can’t evaluate a 60 day program after 12 days — Is it called the 12 Day Detox program?

You’re definitely not gaining weight because of the detox. That is impossible. What you’re probably experiencing is water retention as you’re pulling all the stored poisons out of your tract and tissues. Another possibility is temporary blockage of the tract from initiating the process of actually expelling all that waste from your blocked tract for the first time in 2 decades. This is common among people who are really toxic, during the first phase of detox.

This program isn’t a magic bullet that cures everyone of a lifetime of self-indulgence and abuse in a week. You may have to suffer through the discomfort of readjusting your metabolism to natural foods – paying the price for the sins of a lifetime. Which takes a bare minimum of 60 days – not 12 days.

So if you’re looking for my permission to be a fake, you came to the wrong shop, brother. Not buying that it’s the program’s fault and not your own lack of will power to make a change. There’s nothing wrong with the program, as you can see by looking at the Testimonials page on the site. Why did it work so well for all those people but not for you? Did you see any of them pulling out after 12 days, whining about it’s too hard? Poor you, poor baby. If you had read the chapter about the 60 day program before you started, you would have read about the Healing Crisis, which is what you’re experiencing and you would know that it typically means 2 things:

The program is actually working for you.
You really need to do it

I didn’t see anywhere in the chapter where we claimed this was a 2-week walk in the park. So go ahead and return to your chemicals, junk food, and self annihilation. Look ahead 3 years into the future. My regards to Elvis and Mr Lennon.

– Dr T]

Think I was too hard on the poor baby? Then this program is not for you. It’s only for those who can take responsibility for their own health. And are willing to do whatever it takes to get it back. Today we’re in a whole new world, where the truth about health and nutrition is being censored.. Like never before in our history, it truly is the Survival of the Informed.

As far as the imaginary ‘food addiction’ goes, most patients find that after a week or so of going cold turkey on junk foods, sugar, coffee, etc. the craving vanishes. Often patient are astonished at how easy it was. That happens all the time.

The 60 Day Program is not just another option on the shelf at GNC. Saving lives is serious business. This classic, natural approach is often the only solution in these advanced cases.

So all you tentative, cowering dilettantes and germaphobes – back to your sniffling, coughing, cable channels, with your little facemasks, vaccines, drugs, Haggendazz, pizza and Fritos, diet Coke, wikiing your brains out, trading your life for a virtual life in the Metaverse… That life of sickness and declining energy and power – it’s all yours.

But you others, you bold travelers ready to set yourselves free from the yoke of dependence on someone else’s version of health – step up and get busy.

You’ll try? Please. Don’t bother. Losers try – winners do whatever it takes.

It’s really not that hard. You can do it.

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“He not busy being born is busy dying.” – Mr Zimmerman

For some stories of real people who were probably much worse off than you at the outset, click here Testimonials

Here’s just one of those stories:

“HI Dr T!

Wanted to let people know that the most important thing about the 60 Day Program is exactly what you say – if you’re not going to dedicate yourself for the entire two months, don’t even bother. Truer words were never spoken. Once I read that, I knew this guy was for real.

A few years ago I got a mysterious lung infection. Not only could I hardly breathe, but the pain was so bad I went to the hospital. They were mystified and took a biopsy from the lung. Their best guess was MRSA, complicated by pneumonia and sepsis. The treatment was 6 weeks of almost constant IV vancomycin. I worsened during that time, bedridden, completely incapacitated. After 6 weeks, no improvement – still couldn’t breathe or get out of bed. The best the “experts” would come up with at that point with was another 6 weeks of exactly the same IV antibiotic.

At that same time I came across your life-saving website at thedoctorwithin and began reading about the 60 Day Program. Everything you said rang true, especially the part about taking responsibility for my own health because the medics are just guessing, etc. Reading that one idea saved my life. Especially when I found out later that MRSA is the most antibiotic resistant of all bacteria! If I’d have listened to them I’d probably be dead.

Anyway, after reading the entire 60 Day Program chapter, I went home and ordered the Program. I also read the chapters on the individual supplements and the New West Diet. I never read anything like this – it all made so much sense.

It wasn’t easy at first.. The part about the healing crisis was right on the money. For a few weeks I got worse, but I realized that was the evidence of detoxing all those years of sludge and drugs from my tissues. I could feel the changes happening inside me, but it was slow going. But soon I got over the hump and could feel my life returning. I actually did the entire program twice because it made sense to continue the only thing that had ever shown positive results.

After everything I’ve been through the one thing I’m sure of is – I would have never got the results I’ve seen without doing your program. I would never have realized that I could be responsible for my own health and could overcome any health challenge. Why don’t more people know about this? No wonder you’re being censored!

Have a great New Year doc – can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back.

Carlton Stroughton
Sarasota ”

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[Standard Disclaimer: As with all food supplements on this site we are not guaranteeing or claiming to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease condition. These are not drugs]