1. Euro Seminars: Vaccine Lecture – 3 Sept, Oxford, England;
The Chiropractic Seminar – DCS Euro Jam, 10 Sept, Barcelona

2. New Report on Shaken Baby
3. Focus: Chiropractic Thrives in OK


1. Euro Seminars

Oxford, England – 3 Sep 2011


Denver, CO – 27 Aug 2011
Barcelona, Spain – 10 Sep 2011

The Denver and Barcelona venues will be over the top: team teaching with Dr Billy DeMoss of the Dead Chiropractic Society! Reserve early — these events will sell out.

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We will introduce brand new research which now shows the undisputed connection between vaccines and peanut allergies, which are now the #1 food allergy causing death in children. This is breakthrough research and is largely being covered up by most media.

In the Denver and Barcelona events we will talk about what everyone else is thinking but afraid to talk about regarding the present and future of chiropractic. Like for example the unbounded potential of the adjustment, working with the self regulating healing pathways of the human body. Or, for example:

Explaining why patients would care
Explaining altered biomechanics and pain
The unchangeable part of chiropractic
Discussing neural summation
Explaining altered sensory-motor neurology
Spinal lesions alter brain neurology
The formative immune system
Hands on adjusting technique
Mastering a technique: the art of change
Public perception of chiropractic: expectations
Explaining altered biomechanics & disease
The adjustment and somatovisceral effects
How the adjustment changes the brain

Registration: 408.298.1800 or doc[ @ ]thedoctorwithin.com



– Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization

The 1990s brought a new phenomenon: a disease created by media and district attorneys. Suddenly, they told us, people have started killing their own babies by shaking them to death, in mass numbers. For spin value, they came up with a name: Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Many experts, like John Menkes, MD of Cedars Sinai, said at the outset that Shaken Baby Syndrome was often a vehicle for local DAs to get their name in the paper, while in reality the fatal side effects of DPT were being covered up. (Goodwin) [179] [106]

A leading expert on SBS is certainly San Diego attorney Toni Blake. [312] Some astounding figures appear on her website SBSdefense.com:

– 1500 SBS cases per year

– about a 75% conviction rate once charged

– once in prison, less than 5% are ever freed

The neurological picture of the SBS baby can be identical to reactions from the DPT vaccine. The signs are

intracranial hemorrhage

cerebral edema

subdural hematoma.

These 3 symptoms became the famous triad widely used by the legal players who have reaped the greatest personal benefit in crafting this imaginary new crimewave.

‘Expert’ witnesses, some charging $10,000 per day, [95] now derive enormous fortunes traveling from town to town, offering their opinions for hire to apply to any and all defendants unlucky enough to have been in the proximity of an infant who collapses with one of these triad symptoms, whatever the actual cause. ([95], note 174)

In this strange new criminal arena, many cases have been convicted just by demonstrating even one of the triad, orchestrated by DAs with unlimited coffers for expert witnesses, and judges who guide juries to an opinion. If all 3 triad findings are present, the term pathognomonic was floated: for several years the hired guns have convinced juries the presence of the infallible triad absolutely proved that the baby had to have been intentionally shaken to death by the nearest human. No witnesses, no other evidence. Thousands are in jail on that Inquisitorial decision.

In recent years, newer science has shown that the ‘triad’ no longer definitively proves SBS. ([95, note 110) Many other events can cause the same identical neuronal damage:

– normal birth [82]
– previous injury
– short distance fall
– non-traumatic injury
– pre-existing subdural hematoma [312]

A study in the journal Radiology [82] has discovered that 26% of normal births result in intracranial hemorrhage, detectable on MRI, but which never cause any apparent symptoms. It has been known for years in the SBS defense community that at least 75% of SBS cases already have records of old subdural hematomas by the date of the arrest. [312]

Unfortunately, the SBS industry has become so well funded, with such a foundation of legal decisions, such a juggernaut of social and economic pressure that the new science has not been readily accepted into the body of “law.” They just haven’t kept up. Convictions are still coming down today based solely on obsolete triad symptoms, out of date science. If focused primarily on self aggrandizement, the new industry would see little benefit in keeping current on the true science of neurological injury.


The fundamental error that prosecutors have successfully sold is that science is whatever comes out of the mouth of the paid experts. But that’s not necessarily science. Real science is the first to admit its own limitations and margins of error. It is tentative by definition. The true scientific method always acknowledges that our understanding in every field of inquiry is in flux, is always adding to its own refinement with each new study, and always asking the next question.

This is the opposite of what the DAs, judges and ‘expert’ witnesses in the SBS industry often pawn off as science. They seem to have carved out their tiny little niche of neurological research, have locked it off, frozen it in time, and guard it ferociously, with all the formidable resources they now command. They pretend that the subject is closed, not open to further inquiry, and now they know everything that can possibly be known about this type of traumatic brain injury. [106]


In the broad strokes, the Shaken Baby mythology has now hit the motherlode – colossal funding [49] for ‘research’ that proves its own myopic theories, fosters its own growth, and provides a deep trough to feed all players – researchers, ‘expert’ witnesses, anyone who can add to the monolith of biased evidence, to keep the show rolling along. If that can only happen by destroying the lives of a steady supply of hapless defendants who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, so be it.

Shocking that the children’s hospitals have become prime participants in this dark game. With the funding they receive from the top, they train their staff to be fiercely vigilant for any case that can be made to fit the mold: arrest, prosecution, and conviction.

Today the #1 risk factor in being charged with SBS is if the child is taken first to a children’s hospital. This means if your child has a true accidental head injury, if you want to avoid being falsely accused of SBS, the last place on earth you want to go is a children’s hospital. [312] [106]

Remember, we are not talking about child abuse here. No punishment is sufficient for actual perpetrators of those particular crimes. Rather, we’re talking about set-ups – the systematic framing of innocent people in order to feed a bloated new industry.


In reviewing the legal literature of SBS cases [95] one fact stands out with glaring intensity: vaccine injury has been systematically eliminated from the entire discussion. Despite more than $2 billion paid out in vaccine injuries, million dollar settlements for diagnoses like PDD – Pervasive Developmental Disorder, etc, the prodigious amount of research documenting neurological damage and death from mercury, aluminum, MMR vaccines, and DPT vaccines cited in this book, the possibility of classic triad symptoms resulting from vaccines has simply been banished from legal literature on SBS. Defense attorneys don’t even bring it up…




Last month there was an event in Oklahoma City that affirmed not just the survival, but the prospering of our profession. Some 400 DCs and students showed up at the CocaCola Convention Center to hear an array of speakers rarely assembled in one place. The subject: traditional chiropractic: art, science, and philosophy.

Probably just lost half the readers, right there. Good. That’d be the ones who never learned that essential triangle, are thereby fated to remain unanchored… They will marginalize themselves; their effect minimal.

But those for whom service is primary, and the defining of a professional identity – these folks understand completely the rules of the game, as were so eloquently and powerfully delivered, speaker by speaker that Saturday.

What was so remarkable was the momentum that was created, speaker after speaker, all addressing the same vital issues, but from a variety of different starting points. The power of the message was reinforced so consistently with each new presentation, that there was a steady increase in the authenticity of the whole conviction, apparent even to the least capable of inspiration.

It was a living example – all day long – how once you have the Big Idea, everything you say lines up with that force, and you’re sailing, because you’re in consonance with the universal current, with the transmission coming through loud and clear – no interference, no static at all. And you’re not the subject – you’re the conduit.

That’s what all great speakers strive for – mastery of the material, of course, but after that to become so imbued with the rightness of what they’re doing, the desperation for getting the message out simply because it’s already so late in the game and not nearly enough are making the attempt. And every speaker puts himself out there, taking a chance to sound ridiculous or fall flat, or worse, to sound trivial – but that cannot happen when you know you know. So you prepare, you recollect yourself, you affirm your state of intention, and then you step out there and deliver. Pick your metaphor – in the zone, in the flow, getting dipped, in tune, in universal harmony, whatever. And that’s what Tim Young set in motion last July 8 – as relentless a force as any tornado come whipping across the state.