1. Drug companies no longer recommend cold medicines for kids
2. New Seminars 2011
3. Elements of chiropractic
4. Vaccine awareness more important than ever
5. The Food Enzyme Concept
6. CalJam 2011


1. Over the Counter Medicines No Longer Recommended for Children

In case you missed it, both the FDA and the manufacturers themselves are no longer recommending most of the standard cold medicines Americans have been buying our kids for the past 10 or 15 years. Reason: no proof they work.

– [ Before You Buy Children’s Cold Medicines – V. Iannelli MD 3 Nov 10]

A few from the List:

Little Remedies

Why the sudden attack of social responsibility? These medicines were never proven all along, so why are they acknowledging it suddenly now, after all this time? There must be some angle to this story I’m not clever enough to figure out.

The missing pieces of the immune puzzle must certainly include:

  • Highest rate of asthma, colds and flu among children today
  • Highest percentage of child allergy
  • Intake of pasteurized GMO dairy: milk, cheese, ice cream, yoghurt
  • Child obesity

Drugs simply don’t have a chance against allergens like this.

So what is your child’s best chance for a strong immune system?

No child is born with an intact immune system. Years of clinical experience have shown the best way for a strong immune system to develop is to let the child alone, in most instances. Subject to gentle, regular stimulation from the natural environment, children will develop resistance on their own with mild, even subclinical responses – fevers, rashes, colds, flu. Usually lasting only a few days, these are generally desirable events: immune building.

In the past, these mild, valuable diseases of childhood also included measles, mumps, chickenpox, etc. No longer true. The onslaught of vaccines since the early 90s has created mutations of these old diseases. Today these diseases have mutated to much stronger versions, through vaccine use.

Though no randomized trials have ever been done, clinically and empirically the children with the strongest immune systems are those who are given the fewest drugs and vaccines. Now after all these years, the FDA is admitting the drug part. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be expecting the same admission of guilt for vaccines any time soon. That level of education requires a bit of well- documented research, like the science found in the parent manual: Vaccination Is Not Immunization.

Today’s lesson is clear: if you’re still running to the drugstore for cough syrups and pills when your kids get colds and flu, you’re on your own. The science says no more.


2. Two New Seminars for 2011

The Chiropractic Seminar
The Immunization Detox Seminar

The Chiropractic Seminar will be given for the first time in San Jose CA on 15 Jan. Nothing like this seminar is offered anywhere. The focus is to take an unflinching look at what is really happening with our profession today, and to underscore the value of chiropractic care, now more than ever before.

We’ll cover issues of best science: the neurology of the adjustment, effects on patterns of injury, mobility, and also connect with traditional principles. How the adjustment can affect a higher order of biology than just the mechanical. Looking at the biology of the adjustment, neuroplasticity, and issues of genetics and epigenetics in the replicating organism. Chiropractic at the top of the healing arts.

Contrasts historical with modern view, with a focus on communicating the basics to patients,
especially those who have failed to be cured by other doctors.

We will also review some related health areas, especially in the field of nutrition.

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The Immunization Detox Seminar,

beginning in Phoenix on Jan 22, will be a continuation of much of the material from the full day Vaccine Seminar and the full day Nutrition Seminar. In the morning we will cover the real ingredients in vaccines, the actual science behind them, the reasons for the enormous rise in child vaccines in the past 25 years, and the health effects on young people. In the afternoon we will review issues in Detox and best nutrition in today’s processed GMO world. Special attention to the effects on infants and children. The physiology of the colon, the necessity for minerals, and the activity The Food Enzyme Principle will also be set forth very clearly.

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3. Elements of chiropractic

Ever been really injured? Car wreck, sports, etc? I mean with positive findings, setting up degeneration. So what did you do? Outside of ibuprofen and acetomenophin, what did you do to resolve the injury?

DCs have both the best and the worst injury stories, it seems. Ever notice that?

The smart ones know about the fibrosis of repair and the importance of restoring normal motion to the injured joints ASAP. And they’ll tell you some hellacious injury stories where they should be crippled but a few weeks of adjustments and they were back to work without residuals… Ever hear stories like this? It’s very consistent.

The narratives of these healed people sound exactly like the narratives of many permanently disabled people, minus the chiropractic. The remedial group, the injured DCs never ‘believed in’ the healing power of chiropractic, because they thought they had to believe in something in order for it to work.

And this group really does have serious physical problems. And they’ll tell you their whole sad convoluted story about this doctor and that drug, on and on for years, and now they’ve accepted their pain and disability… Because they believed in drugs and medicine. Their belief created the life they are now living.

Anybody know what I’m referring to here?

If we don’t own it how can we sell it? We have what everyone is looking for, in the majority of injury cases. The ER parts of most injuries aren’t long term. Broken bones and lacerations don’t set up chronic patterns of injury. Injury patterns are segmental and somatic and neuromusculoskeletal. And that’s where we rule, if we can just get out of our own way to let people know. Without reservations. Chiropractic first, and then watch it be last as well.

Appointment: 408.298.1800


4. Vaccine awareness more important than ever

The new flu shot contains the failed experimental H1N1 strain.

Did you know that?

Poland is the newest country to drop this year’s flu shot, specifically because it contains the failed swine flu strain.

Here’s what their Health Minister said:

“Poles can tell the truth from lies very precisely. They can also tell what is an objective situation and what is just a game.”

Australia, Finland, Germany, and many other countries place the welfare of their citizens ahead of protectionism of the vaccine makers. These countries have all rejected H1N1 vaccine in any form. But what do we see in the US? Pharmacists now desperately putting up huge posters for flu shots in every chain drugstore across the US, which the pharmacists themselves will administer. Incessant media advertising targeting the pregnant and the elderly. Why the rabid marketing?

Simple. The word is surplus. After the whole world rejected two years of hype about the existence of a recent swine flu pandemic, the drug companies were left with millions of doses of unused H1N1 vaccine. They burned half of it, as we saw in our last newsletter. The other half they blended into this season’s regular flu shot, in the hopes that most people won’t notice. Which is partly true. Many who rejected the H1N1 shot in the past year still believe in the flu shot and inexplicably won’t forego it just because it includes the unproven and dangerous swine flu pathogen. Amazing demographic study. The Darwinism of vaccines.

This is just the smallest part of the whole vaccine story.
In making an informed decision about vaccines, but the overall mythology being sold year after year that we must look at. That is the purpose of the vaccine text Vaccination Is Not Immunization – to save the parent weeks of time researching the issue. All that work is done, completely referenced. It’s easy to read; the issues are clear as day. But you have to look at it.

How can we advance in health if we ignore the wisdom of the past, and keep making the same mistakes? Here are quotes from 2 doctors, cited in the current text:

From 100 years ago, Dr Raspail:

“Are we not poisoning humanity in small doses? It is diabolical that we are inflicting all these infections that have assaulted human beings at one time or another. It is stupefying, this arrogant introduction into the blood of a cocktail of germs when for the slightest surgical operation we wage unremitting war against them.”

From 150 years ago, pre-eminent French scientist Dr Antoine Bechamp:

“Bacteria and viruses do not cause disease and therefore serums and vaccines can neither prevent nor cure disease.”

Isn’t the health of your child worth just a little investigation?

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5. The Food Enzyme Concept – Detox for the New Year

Think about all the hundreds of times during 2010 that you excused yourself ‘just this once’ and ate something bad. Bad = pasteurized, GMO, hydrogenated, refined, aspartame – you know what we’re talking about. Guess what: it’s still in there. List of excuses:

    I’m not that fat
    Will start next week
    One of life’s little pleasures
    I don’t get sick that often
    Just this once won’t hurt

The last one’s actually true. Occasionally eating bad foods may not cause physical breakdown. Under one condition: that the number of foods we eat with intact food enzymes exceeds the amount of enzymeless bad foods. The theory being that the bad will be washed out with the normal wastes from the good food.

The Food Enzyme concept, first put forth by Edward Howell MD in the early 1900s has never had greater relevance in nutrition than today. Simply put, it means that the difference between nutrient foods and toxic, indigestible allergenic foods is the presence or absence of whole food enzymes.

If you’ve attended the full day Nutrition Seminar or read the Enzymes chapter on the site, you will have some idea about transit time, bioavailability, digestion, and nutrient uptake at the cellular level. With the skyrocketing proportion of processed and GMO foods in the average American diet, none of these vital events are promoted.

Before GMO foods, we just had to worry about processed foods – those which had been created for maximum shelf life – which means using processes for removing the valuable enzymes from the food. Pasteurization, heat treating, irradiation, gassing, chemicals, hydrogenation, artificial flavors. Snack foods tasted great but couldn’t be broken down – clogged the tract and the blood. Leaky Gut – the rise of the Balloon People at the mall. Mechanical blockage fostered insufficient oxygen and nutrient transport. Disease.

Now with Genetically Modified food being found in 80% of supermarket foods, we have a much bigger problem. Human DNA restructuring, from eating the New FrankenFoods. Centuries of evolution, genetics, epigenetics involving human nutrition, based on the earth’s plant and animal food sources – this is all shifting now. The New Foods never went through centuries of natural selection like food did all through history.

All of a sudden since 1996 we are eating a majority of foods with DNA altered in a laboratory. In addition to having no enzymes and being therefore indigestible.

So we got trouble. They invented the word idiopathic for all the new diseases that have now popped up. I think that means that anybody but an idiot would notice a connection between the New Diseases and the New Foods. But I might be wrong about that.

To have any hope of reversing this epidemic situation, one must start with enzymes. First, a majority of enzyme rich foods in the diet – and second, enzyme supplementation, 2 or 3x a day.

So in the diet we stop additional clogging from eating any more processed foods, and in the supplementation we are going to now break down the indigestible residual debris in both

    The tract
    The blood

Simple design, isn’t it? Simple to understand the problem, simple to understand the solution.

Less simple to actually follow through, eat right, and take 3 capsules of Digestazyme 2 or 3 x per day. But that’s what it takes for people to get their life back.

Much easier to keep partying and take Prilosec and Metamucil and Tums. But eventually smart people learn that these don’t remove the unmetabolizable food that has been stuck in the tract and in the tissues for years now, causing real diseases. Like colitis, gastritis, Irritable Bowel, reflux, Candida, etc.

Drugs don’t cure these, ever. Only lifestyle does. Easy to understand how.

Ideas like this are what we talk about in the Detox Seminar.

If you could choose only 1 supplement out of the thousands to take, Digestazyme would certainly be the one. Same two reasons:

1. its effect on keeping the blood oxygenated and clear, and
2. its clearing out residual sludge in the digestive tract.

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6. Billy DeMoss and the Big Event of 2011: California Jam – Feb 18, 2011

There is a large organization of DCs based in southern California who have a profound understanding of everything we were talking about up in section 3 above. One of the few left on earth as we know it. Overcoming all odds against every enemy external and internal, DCS is unrelenting and uncompromising in telling the true chiropractic story. Principles are the foundation of any profession. They do not waver and trend with every passing whim that comes along.
Drawing mostly from outside California, the event has become an international venue in the past few years and this

February’s convention expects some 2000 participants, both doctors and patients from all over the world. If Obama as the front man for the new corporate organized medicine was planning on annihilating DCs completely, they miscalculated slightly by underestimating Billy DeMoss and the forces behind him. He’s tapped in. It’s way bigger than him. Fuel for the fire, access the Source, the Motherlode – pick your metaphor, but show up February 18 in Orange County and you’ll see what this Big Idea that you’ve been hearing about all these years really looks like.



Excerpts from the vaccine text
Vaccination Is Not Immunization 2010
– Tim O’Shea

From the Epilogue:

This is not an anti-vaccine textbook. This book is in favor of any vaccines that have been independently tested and found to be absolutely effective, with no chance of harm to the recipient.

It’s not that vaccines don’t work, or that vaccines don’t do anything. Vaccines certainly do have an effect on the immune system. And they might temporarily delay the onset of some diseases. But why would we want to delay traditional, mild childhood diseases that have always been part of human immune development?

As for vaccine effects, these occur in a random, unpredictable, haphazard, inconsistent fashion. Vaccines simply do not do what they are said to do. Experimental as they are, loaded with toxic adjuvants and attenuated pathogens, the primary effect of vaccines on the immune system must be described as immunomodulatory or immuno-suppressive. This has little to do with conferring immunity or improving the child’s overall health.

Jim Turner said it best: to force vaccines on an entire population of children when it is it known that some of them will be killed and some of them will be injured by doing so, but insisting that it’s still good for the whole group is a bad moral policy.

Yes, we human beings have a Higher self, a divine spark, the part of human nature that is generous and spiritual and altruistic and sympathetic to human suffering – the angel half of the strange species homo sapiens. Unfortunately, the demonic half of human nature is just as real and just as powerful. And historically, benevolent leadership and humanitarian regimes have been the rare exception. Brute force, domination of the weak, intimidation, and the science of lying – these are what runs the powerful nations, and what fashions a people’s value system –never more so than today. Turning away from identifying malevolence in the world just because it’s unpleasant ultimately assures its triumph.

… What we seem to have forgotten today is that we don’t need anyone’s permission to live our lives, or instructions on how to live it. We still have the ability to do our own research and reach our own decisions, irrespective of mass media conditioning. This challenge is truly the final frontier. What lies in the balance could hardly be of greater import: the uninterrupted evolution of a child’s immune system.

Going out on a limb a little here. Some readers may have noticed the look of the pure child during that first couple weeks of life, when the infant looks at you with that “What are you?” – those big eyes. The parents are the first representatives of a species never before witnessed. The child so new, so innocent – is now suddenly cast into this strange place with these strange beings. With an utter purity of spirit, so recently differentiated pool: this is the unmodified natural child.

Conversely, parents of vaccinated children rarely understand the above, because they never got to observe it. In their child, that universal connection was rudely and abruptly severed by the full rush of the neurotoxic assault of vaccines.

Ultimately the defense of a child’s bloodstream resides with the parent – protecting the child from the cold realities of the world, for a little while at least. Knowing what the reader now knows about the way in which decisions are made about how a vaccine gets mandated in children’s bloodstreams – what can we reasonably expect from a body of legislators controlled by the biggest of the special interest lobbies? Do we rely on them for sound judgment about what is to be injected into that most delicate and sensitive medium in the universe – the formative human circulatory system? Confronted with the above evidence about payoffs, deals, conflicts of interest rife within the regulatory agencies, do we really want to grant access to the bloodstream to such as these? Real protection has to begin with information – sound information, not propaganda. And the information must come not only from those making their living selling vaccines.

Human health does not come from a drug or a vaccine or an insurance company. A healthy baby needs no outside assistance, no tampering with the blood. The mysteries of health lie within the body, not within the medical texts, or the writs of law.

Pure, uncontaminated human blood is indeed a sacred commodity. We will arrive at a position of profound gratitude when we finally come to appreciate the identity, the oneness, the nobility of an inviolate bloodstream.

More info on text: http://www.immunitionltd.com/books-and-cds.html


Excerpts from newly re-written chapter
To The Cancer Patient: Natural Cures Vs. Traditional

This chapter has been on the site for some 9 years now. I just revised it and brought it up to date. Amazing how the basic physical facts of biopsy, chemo, and radiation have not changed essentially in the past decade. They still don’t usually work, and for the same reasons. But the marketing has improved and people continue to die every year, most not of cancer, but of cancer treatment. In the US today you have a one in 3 chance of getting cancer and close to 100% chance of it affecting your family at some point. So this chapter is certainly worth a look. Here are some excerpts:

To the Cancer Patient: Natural Cures vs. Traditional

When singer Warren Zevon was diagnosed with lung cancer, doctors gave him three months to live. He refused chemotherapy because it would have interfered with working on his last album. He said in an interview, “I didn’t want any drastic alterations in my health – other than dying.”

Warren lasted a year. And he kept right on smoking, till the end. Not exactly a holistic approach, but he quadrupled their estimate without treatment. Using their logic, I guess someone could actually make a case from this that cigarettes are four times as effective as chemotherapy for terminal lung cancer.

Perhaps you too have finally said – No more – whatever happens will happen. You’ve refused further standard cancer treatment because you’ve found out either through research or through personal experience, that for the vast majority of cancer cases, it just doesn’t work. People’s last months are made miserable with no upside.

So there you are, without a net. Guess what? There never was one. So forget the politics of hospitals and insurance. You may feel that they ran their game on you and the required funds were transferred from one account to another in some data base somewhere, and here you are sitting at home looking out the window.

A good warrior must always assess his present position, evaluate his losses and assets, and move forward. So what have you got? Well, you’re alive. Maybe they predicted that you wouldn’t make it this long or else you’ve got X amount of time to live. Who cares? What do they know? You’re no longer on their agenda, so now your calendar’s wide open. You refuse to die on schedule.

What else have you got? Well, you still have some kind of immune system left, or else you’d be dead.


Everybody talks about the immune system, but few can tell you what it is. Your immune system is a complicated system of cells and biological reactions which the body employs to ward off invaders and to prevent its own cells from deteriorating or mutating. The immune system is responsible for recognizing foreign proteins and cells and for triggering an attack against them. The immune system is a never-ending second-by-second check of all your cells to see if they still look like the rest of you. If they don’t, they’re immediately attacked: the inflammatory response.

Most legitimate researchers, including Nobel prize winner Sir MacFarlane Burnet, [22] know that in the normal body hundreds of potential cancer cells appear every day. These defective mutated cells are usually destroyed by the normal immune system and never cause a problem. Cancer only gets started when a failing immune system begins to allow abnormal cells to slip by without triggering an attack on them. Other cancer cells do not trigger the immune response at all because the DNA is not that different from normal cells. Then they begin to proliferate, having lost the ability to specialize. That’s what cancer is. Runaway tissue.

So looking at it this way, a tumor is a symptom, not a problem. A symptom of a failing immune system. (Moss, [22])

Here’s another headline: Most cancers are not found until autopsy. That’s because they never caused any noticeable symptoms. Examples abound: 30 – 40 times as many cases of thyroid, pancreatic, and prostate cancer are found in autopsy than ever presented to the doctor. According to a study cited in top British medical journal Lancet 13 Feb 93, early screening often leads to unnecessary treatment: 33% of autopsies show prostate cancer but only 1% die from it.

After age 75, half of males may have prostate cancer, but only 2% die from it. This means that the immune system can hold many problems in check, as long as it is not compromised by powerful procedures. The body has a powerful ability to encapsulate altered tissue areas, indefinitely.


An astounding feature of the standard high pressure sales job for cancer treatment is when the doctor in his godlike fashion delivers that Wagnerian pronouncement that the patient has X years to live. Very sorry to have to tell you this but you probably have less than a year… Hard to understand why most people would still want to follow any advice from someone who has just told them that. Because what the doctor is saying here is that according to our best estimates, using our best available technology, drugs and procedures, our experience with patients who have what you have puts your life expectancy at …

Defies belief that most people just roll over and comply without any objections whatsoever. Social Darwinism at work again.

What a more logical, thoughtful individual might perceive from such a death sentence is that hey, this guy is telling me what will likely happen if I stick around and do what he says. Time to roll. Time for me to start looking around for a second opinion and see if I can’t find out about some other solutions to my situation that have a little sunnier outlook. Like a cure for example. Or survival. Somebody somewhere must have some better information than this for my little problem – it’s a big world out there.

And this is the type of initiative that leads people to investigate natural cures, programs that don’t include words like terminal and palliative and side effects and expiration date and cell death.

Alternative: the standard sheeplike compliance usually ends up as a self-fulfilling prophecy – they die on schedule.


How can that be true of the #1 cancer treatment in the U.S. for the past 50 years? The plain fact is, no legitimate scientific studies or clinical trials independent of the companies selling chemo drugs have ever proven chemotherapy’s effectiveness, except in a small percentage of very rare types of cancer. For solid tumors of adults, the vast majority of cancer, or anything that has metastasized, chemotherapy simply doesn’t work.

If one is going to even begin to look at the legitimate research regarding the failure of mainstream cancer therapies, all that initial research was done by Ralph Moss, and elaborated very clearly in his two books The Cancer Industry and Questioning Chemotherapy. Even though they were written in the 90s, the fundamental objections to the philosophy behind chemotherapy are timeless. Cancer therapy has simply not advanced in the past 20 years enough to make Moss’ work anything but essential reading for learning about the ongoing problems with mainstream cancer treatment. Moss didn’t really continue his research at that level after that initial effort, but these two books remain as landmarks in the field.

When he was researching his first book, Dr Moss uncovered the shocking research of a German epidemiologist from the Heidelberg/Mannheim Tumor Clinic, named Dr. Ulrich Abel. This Dr Abel did a comprehensive review and analysis of every major study and clinical trial of chemotherapy ever done. His conclusions should be read by anyone who is about to embark on the Chemo Express. To make sure he had reviewed everything ever published on chemotherapy, Abel sent letters to over 350 medical centers around the world asking them to send him anything they had published on the subject. Abel researched thousands of articles: it is unlikely that anyone in the world knows more about chemotherapy than he.

The analysis took Abel two years, but the results are astounding: Abel found that the overall worldwide success rate of chemotherapy was “appalling” because there was simply no scientific evidence available anywhere that chemotherapy can “extend in any appreciable way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancers.”

Abel emphasizes that chemotherapy rarely can improve the quality of life. He describes chemotherapy as “a scientific wasteland” and states that at least 80 percent of chemotherapy administered throughout the world is worthless, and is akin to the “emperor’s new clothes” – neither doctor nor patient is willing to give up on chemotherapy even though there is no scientific evidence that it works! – Lancet 10 Aug 91 [35]

No mainstream media even mentioned this comprehensive study: it was totally buried.


You just found out you got cancer and want to go holistic? Fine. You’ve got one chance. Go for it 100% – diet, detox, supplements, major cardio exercise, eliminate all negative input. Starting this minute.

You can’t have one foot in each world. It’s either holistic or mainstream – no middle ground.

Conventional therapies are so damaging and powerful that to pretend like their monstrous side effects can be easily repaired by holistic methods — that’s idiotic. The body is not a car. So if you want to go holistic do it. But if you want to go mainstream, which is what usually happens, then just do it, but don’t pretend everything is going to be fine when you come out of surgery or chemo or radiation if you just take a few MegaHydrate, etc. This is big business, big money for them — they’re not going to let a couple hundred thousand dollars just waltz out the door. So stop wasting energy thinking you have to learn enough to convince these geniuses that they may be wrong, and there may be another way. It’s not in their professional DNA to even consider an alternative, and definitely they have spent zero time researching alternative treatment. People who choose the holistic path seriously inform themselves, make up their minds, then they unplug their phones and just do it. That’s the real choice here.

Too much work to learn all this? Fine. Forget the whole thing – just write your will and party out, like ol’ Warren. Because if you got cancer in the first place, it’s likely you’ve been overdrawn in the self indulgence department for a long time. Your only chance is to sprint from morning to night, doing every single thing possible to detox your blood, bring more oxygen to the cells, boost your immune system, and generally try and make up for all those years of abuse. Don’t have the energy? No problema – my regards to Elvis.

In his master work, Quantum Healing, Deepak Chopra [23] says that remissions of cancer in “terminal” patients have one thing in common: a major shift in attitude or consciousness.

The internet is overwhelming with promises of holistic cures for cancer. Trying to do all of them together would probably be enough to kill a horse, even though they’re natural approaches. Choose the program that make the most sense to you, that you have access to, and whose representatives give you a feeling of confidence and trust. Then really try the method – do it the exact way the experts tell you, with consistency, focus, and follow-through. Since you’re a patient, be patient.

Don’t just give it your best shot; do whatever it takes – 150%. And daily visualize wholeness and completeness of your entire body. Do the deed.

The time is going to go by anyway.

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