1. Last month’s poster contest
2. Holiday Detox? Start now!
3. New Seminars for 2011
4. Airport X-ray: Why You Want To Opt Out
5. Flu Shots 2010: Worst year so far
6. Protect your kids: Vaccine information for 2011
7. California Jam — Feb 18


Results of last month’s poster contest

Want to thank everyone for the overwhelming response we got from last month’s poster contest:

“You’re Gonna Do What?”

We were looking for a better caption, and had literally hundreds of suggestions. After much deliberation, it was obvious that the original suggestion above was the best – simple and catchy and provocative. We wish to thank M. Edmond Dantes of Paris for that caption. Merci bien, Edmond!

Doctors are always asking how they can introduce the idea of vaccine problems to their patients without being confrontational about it.

This poster is the best way I know to do that. Large and colorful, on the back of your front door people can’t miss it. You just brought the topic up without saying a word. After that, you don’t even have to be the heavy — the textbook will take the fall for you. Some fall — saving the child’s life, in some cases. At the very least their intact, unmodified immune systems.


Holiday Detox?

Detox is a topic that’s in the back of everyone’s mind these days. By now we all have some idea of the problems with GMO foods, processed foods, hormones in meats and dairy, antibiotics, hard fats, hydrogenated oils, etc. Why does all this unhealthy food taste so damn good? If we don’t eat these foods, what’s left?

And then there’s the holidays. With the famous resolution: I’m going to start the 60 Day Program right after New Years… Right. Bad programming for yourself. You’re saying – I know these foods are allergenic, carcinogenic, and fattening but I have to party with my family and overindulgence with rich processed food and drink has always been a big part of that ritual. Dealing with the diabetes, heart disease, obesity, allergies – all that can wait til next year…

Sound familiar??

Programmed failure. Weak commitments bring weak results. The time to read The Last Resort is now. You can survive the holidays very well on the New West Diet. And then you’ll be halfway through the 60 Day Program by New Years.

Try it! Impress your friends and family. Turn the tables and put the guilt trip on them. If they seem to hate you for it, it will really be admiration in disguise.

After all, the time is going to go by anyway. 2011 will arrive on schedule. The choice is yours: meet it as a sick, bloated, toxic sloth, or as an individual with a program under way. Well, perhaps that’s a slight overstatement – but you get the picture here.

Start today !


New Seminars for 2011

Two new 12 hour CE seminars:

The Chiropractic Seminar
and the
Vaccine/Detox Seminar

The chiropractic seminar will start in San Jose on 15 Jan:


12 hours CE

(includes technique)

15 Jan 2011 — SAN JOSE CA

Ramada Inn — 455 S. 2nd St — 408 298 3500 — 8 am

Either chiropractic is a real and vital profession or it isn’t. What special skill does the chiropractor have to offer that no other profession can provide? Why do we seem afraid to talk about it? This nuts and bolts seminar will give the doctor a useful and defensible understanding of chiropractic not readily available to the profession today, with a focus on the communication of these ideas to those who have failed to be cured by other doctors. Appreciate chiropractic as a classical healing art rather than just a collection of indefinable feelings or an intellectualized petting zoo. The sequence must be knowledge, skill, intention, results. Nothing like this seminar in the profession today.


  • Explaining chiropractic to patients
  • Explaining altered biomechanics and pain
  • The unchangeable definition of chiropractic
  • Public perception of chiropractic; expectations
  • Orthopedic, neurological, osteopathic views of chiropractic
  • Explaining altered biomechanics and disease
  • The adjustment and viscerosomatic pathways
  • Foraminal encroachment or subluxation?
  • Disc and joint capsule nutrition
  • Explaining altered sensory-motor neurology
  • Discussing neural summation
  • Joint dysfunction and nerve interference
  • Natural diet vs processed – relate to chiropractic
  • Stem cell research and chiropractic
  • The formative immune system
  • Xenobiotics in air, food, and water
  • The developing immune system
  • Autism Detox protocol
  • Hands on adjusting technique
  • Leaky Gut syndrome
  • The Food Enzyme Principle
  • Neuro-immunology of digestion
  • Immunity vs. immune response
  • The principle of Motion Velocity
  • Mastering a technique: the difference between making a change and talking a change

Tuition: 12 hours CE credit: DCs $169 advance, $199 at door

General Public $99

Registration: 408 298 1800 or doc[ @ ]thedoctorwithin.com

Approved for 12 hours BCE — CA-A-10-11-5278



Phoenix AZ — 22 Jan 2011

  • Flu Shots 2011: banned in Europe and Australia
  • 2011 Schedule: 68 vaccines by age 18
  • Germ Theory of disease vs. Bioterrain
  • Exemption laws: parental control
  • Nutrition and chiropractic practice
  • New look at autism and mercury
  • Complete Autism chelation protocol
  • Vaccines and child DNA
  • The future of nutrition and GMO
  • Cancer in children: DNA error
  • Learning disability and hydrogenation
  • DNA transcription: creating the immune system
  • The only cure for reflux
  • Colon revitalization
  • Antioxidants, oral chelation
  • Processed foods: unregulated downward trend
  • Pasteurization
  • Nutrient minerals
  • Refined carbohydrates and Type II diabetes
  • Obesity: the programmed epidemic
  • Collagen: cell reconstruction
  • Allergies: The Threshold of Reactivity
  • The heart meds mythology
  • Detoxification from dental amalgams, thimerosal, aluminum, hydrogenated oils, vaccines

Tuition: 12 hours CE credit: DCs $169 advance, $199 at door

General Public $99

Registration: 408 298 1800 or doc[ @ ]thedoctorwithin.com



Opting Out: The Facts About
Airport X-ray Scanners

Can These Scanners Cause Cancer?

“Some studies reported significant genetic damage…”
– Boian Alexandrov, Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico

Although the forces generated from these scanners are small, resonant effects allow THz waves to unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as DNA replication.

Translation: It can destroy your DNA!

“…any X-ray photon may be the one which sets in motion the high-speed, high energy electron which causes a carcinogenic mutation. Such mutations rarely disappear. The higher their accumulated number in a population, the higher will be the population’s mortality rates from radiation-induced cancer and heart disease.”
– Dr. John Gofman, Professor Emeritus of Molecular and Cell Biology, UC Berkeley

Read more…

Want to give them every advantage? Don’t X-ray your kids!!



— Tim O’Shea DC
author of Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Wondering whether to get the flu shot this year? Or give it to your child or grandmother?

Read why this is the worst year to get the vaccine. Australia, Finland, and many other countries have banned it.

It contains last year’s dangerous failed experimental H1N1 vaccine, summer stockpiles of which were burned by the FDA. It also contains 25 mcg of mercury, which is 30x the adult safe level. This is what we’re giving a 6 month old baby.

Read why the manufacturer themselves claim no efficacy for the shot.

Learn why medicine is so desperate to sell the vaccine that pharmacists are now giving shots.

Read more…


Essential Vaccine Info for 2011:
Educate Before You Vaccinate

These little stories about vaccines, and about the backwoods Mississippi judge who just threatened parents with jail time in violation of their exemption, etc — all these daily stories are part of the whole background story. Until you see the overall picture, you’ll always be wondering about the day to day. That’s why the new book Vaccination Is Not Immunization is so essential for parents today – to get the Big Idea about vaccines. Then all these little stories fall into place, and you’ll understand why all across America parents of unvaccinated children seem always to have the healthiest kids. Ask them!

Excerpts from the vaccine text Vaccination Is Not Immunization 2010

From the Epilogue:

“This is not an anti-vaccine textbook. This book is in favor of any vaccines that have been independently tested and found to be absolutely effective, with no chance of harm to the recipient.

“It’s not that vaccines don’t work, or that vaccines don’t do anything. Vaccines certainly do have an effect on the immune system. And they might temporarily delay the onset of some diseases. But why would we want to delay traditional, mild childhood diseases that have always been part of human immune development?

“… Vaccines simply do not do what they are said to do. Experimental as they are, loaded with toxic adjuvants and attenuated pathogens, the primary effect of vaccines on the immune system must be described as immuno-suppressive.

“This has little to do with improving the child’s overall health.

“Jim Turner said it best: to force vaccines on an entire population of children when it is it known that some of them will be killed and some of them will be injured by doing so, but insisting that it’s still good for the whole group is a bad moral policy.

“Yes, we human beings have a Higher self, a divine spark, the part of human nature that is generous and spiritual and altruistic and sympathetic to human suffering – the angel half of the strange species homo sapiens.

Unfortunately, the demonic half of human nature is just as real and just as powerful. And historically, benevolent leadership and humanitarian regimes have been the rare exception. Brute force, domination of the weak, intimidation, and the science of lying – these are what runs the powerful nations, and what fashions a people’s value system

– Turning away from identifying malevolence in theworld just because it’s unpleasant ultimately assures its triumph.

“… What we seem to have forgotten today is that we don’t need anyone’s permission to live our lives, or instructions on how to live it. No nanny overseers. We still have the ability to do our own research and reach our own decisions,irrespective of mass media conditioning.

“Some readers may have noticed the look of the pure child during that first couple weeks of life, when the infant looks at you with that “What are you?” – those big eyes. The parents are the first representatives of a species never before witnessed.

“The child so new, so innocent – is now suddenly cast into this strange place with these strange beings. With an utter purity of spirit, so recently differentiated pool: this is the unmodified natural child.

“Conversely, parents of vaccinated children rarely understand the above, because they never got to observe it. In their child, that universal connection was rudely and abruptly severed by the full rush of the neurotoxic assault of vaccines.

“Ultimately the defense of a child’s bloodstream resides with the parent – protecting the child from the cold realities of the world, for a little while at least. …

“Real protection has to begin with information ….not propaganda. And the information must come not only from those making their living selling vaccines.

“Human health does not come from a drug or a vaccine or an insurance company. A healthy baby needs no outside assistance, no tampering with the blood. The mysteries of health lie within the body, not within the medical texts, or the writs of law.

“Pure, uncontaminated human blood is indeed a sacred commodity. We will arrive at a position of profound gratitude when we finally come to appreciate the identity, the oneness, the nobility of an inviolate bloodstream.”

More info on text:


Billy DeMoss and the Big Event of 2011:
California Jam — Feb 18, 2011

There is a large organization of DCs based in southern California who have a profound understanding of everything we were talking about up in section 3 above. One of the few left on earth as we know it. Overcoming all odds against every enemy external and internal, DCS is unrelenting and uncompromising in telling the true chiropractic story. Principles are the foundation of any profession. They do not waver and trend with every passing whim that comes along.

Drawing mostly from outside California, the event has become an international venue in the past few years and this February’s convention expects some 2000 participants, both doctors and patients from all over the world. If Obama as the front man for the new corporate organized medicine was planning on annihilating DCs completely, they miscalculated slightly by underestimating Billy DeMoss and the forces behind him. He’s tapped in. It’s way bigger than him. Fuel for the fire, access the Source, the Motherlode – pick your metaphor, but show up February 18 in Orange County and you’ll see what this Big Idea that you’ve been hearing about all these years really looks like.



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