— Dr Tim O’Shea
author of Vaccination Is Not Immunization

For those of you who followed the swine flu vaccine hoax of 2009 very carefully through to its demise this past year, there were some important lessons.

Inconsistency followed indiscretion in the media steamroller that tried to shove this imaginary threat through the skin of the American people in the past 2 years. And will all that is said about the dumbing down of Americans, etc., we still resist being oversold on anything. We were simply oversold on the threat of swine flu and the necessity for the vaccine. And so Americans rejected the H1N1 vaccine, with the exception of a few thousand ignorants who would probably inject Drano if the CDC told them they needed it.

A few of the things that didn’t add up in the public mind:

– the threat of swine flu was never proven real
– no single causative virus was ever identified
– there was no screening test to identify cases; no lab tests, no culturing
– figures were irresponsibly conjured up
– the spokesmen for FDA, CDC, NIH, and WHO all made hysterical predictions for over a year, none of which ever came true
– clinical trials only lasted 5 weeks before the vaccine was approved and licensed, when testing for any new vaccine takes at least a year
– unlimited amounts of mercury were allowed in the new vaccine
– cases were diagnosed on the telephone
– cases of regular flu were artificially re-categorized for the obvious purpose of marketing an untested vaccine
– the last ditch effort in the summer of 2010 to sell the vaccine out of every drugstore in the US was too shrill to be credible
– the economic entanglements between the regulators and the vaccine companies became public knowledge

All these facts are chronicled and referenced in detail in the 4 chapters on swine flu that appear at www.thedoctorwithin.com And though most people don’t have all these details at their fingertips, still the public got the general impression that the vaccine was at least unnecessary, if not outright dangerous, despite the unrelenting media hysteria that lasted the better part of 2 years. And so they declined.

Then on 2 July 2010 the New York Daily News reported an unprecedented event, on page A8. For the first time in memory, stockpiles of unused H1N1 vaccine were being returned and burned. Why this is notable is that even though batches of vaccine, known as lots, do have expiration dates, in actual practice they are virtually never thrown out, but stored and stockpiled indefinitely. The marketplace claim is that a similar microbial threat may occur in the future, for which the vaccine can be trotted back out, tweaked a little, and then given rubber stamp re-approval for use into the general population, even though it has been sitting on the shelf for decades.

There are many examples of this, the most famous one in recent years certainly being the post 9/11 smallpox vaccine hoax. At that time 3 vaccine manufacturers were given contracts to produce millions of doses of smallpox vaccine, you may remember, to protect the American public from the imaginary bioterrorist threat. They were under the gun, since the threat was ‘imminent.’ Serendipitously, one of the companies – Aventis – suddenly discovered 90 million ‘lost’ doses of smallpox vaccine which had been stockpiled for 30 years, sitting there in their freezers. “Testing” took place and it was soon asserted that the old vaccine was ‘still good’ and the FDA approved the entire lot for use as smallpox vaccine for the American population. This story is told in detail in the chapter “Smallpox: Bringing a Dead Disease Back To Life” .

So back to July 2010 – why was this particular unused H1N1 vaccine being burned instead of stored? Very suspicious.

There are two likely reasons:

In Sept 2009, which was only one month after clinical trials for the new H1N1 vaccine had begun, the announcement went out that there were to be no limits on the amount of mercury that could be added to the new vaccine! [1] This was very suspicious, because if it were a brand new vaccine now being formulated for the first time, why couldn’t they regulate the amount of thimerosal, or indeed leave it out entirely since it is the third most toxic substance known to man, not to mention the most likely cause of the autism epidemic.

This raised the spectre of the vaccine being not new at all but some other unused experimental vaccine that had been sitting around in storage now being re-labeled as H1N1 vaccine and sent to market. This theory actually was verified in a batch sent to Czechoslovakia when millions of H1N1 doses made by the Baxter company were returned after Czech scientists discovered a toxic old Avian flu component present in the new H1N1 stock, which vaccine killed every single ferret in animal experiments. [1]

So the second reason is just that: the likelihood that some untested very toxic vaccine had been rushed onto the market to take advantage of the momentum of media hysteria, they found out how bad it really was in the real world, and they wanted to destroy all evidence by burning. That is the most likely scenario. Not conspiracy theory by any stretch — this is the way the world works. There are precedents, and evidence.

Although they burned the last summer’s H1N1 vaccine with its undisclosed amounts of mercury, the new current flu shot has a specified amount of mercury per shot: 25 micrograms. [5] That is 30 times the EPA safe level for an adult, and we’re giving it to children of 6 months.

This past summer also brought a new precedent: remember when you went into any Walgreen’s or Long’s anywhere in the country and you’d see those pop-out signs every 10 feet down both sides of every aisle in the store urging people to Get Your H1N1 Shots Here.” Remember that? Most of these stores didn’t have resident nurses. For the first time now the pharmacists are allowed to give the shots! That’s how desperate they were to push the vaccine. Wasn’t that a little suspicious?

In August of 2010 Australia banned the flu shot for young children after 250 hospitalizations for convulsion and one death. [6] Finland then outlawed the current flu shot for all children for the same reason: convulsions.

Here’s why. The seasonal flu vaccine that is currently on the market now that all these other countries are outlawing contains the unproven, untested H1N1 as one of the strains. [CDC.gov]

Amazingly, the makers of the vaccine themselves don’t have much confidence in it: a quote from the insert of the current 2010 flu vaccine Fluzone:

“There have been no clinical studies demonstrating an decrease in influenza after vaccination with Fluzone.” [5]

By June of 2010 the collusion between the vaccine industry and the WHO for creating the false H1N1 epidemic was public knowledge, verified by a group of top European scientists and doctors, quoted by every legitimate EU medical journal, including the 3 Jun 10 British Medical Journal:

“… dramatic: distortion of priorities of public health services all over Europe, waste of huge sums of public money, provocation of unjustified fear amongst Europeans, creation of health risks through vaccines and medications which .. have not been sufficiently tested…” – Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

This very conservative group of scientists and lawyers – PACE – have now corroborated virtually every assertion we saw in the 4 chapters on swine flu {www.thedoctorwithin} during the past year regarding the conjuring up of a nonexistent epidemic. They have proof of the very specific quid pro quo arrangements between the executives of the WHO who fueled the fire of hysteria by constantly making inflammatory statements about the virulence of a disease that was never proven to exist and the vaccine companies who stood to make the profits.

Most startling of all is that local pediatricians and clinics are completely ignoring the recommendations of the FDA’s own advisory committee (ACIP) who on August 12, 2010 came out and said the current flu vaccine should not be used in any child under 9 years old! Read it: [4]

All things considered, there is no support for the sales mantras coming from the drugstores and clinics hawking this year’s flu shot, especially for kids. These are the same people who just tried to sell our kids the swine flu vaccine. Remember? Why on earth would we trust them with the regular flu shot after what they just did this past year? At the very least learn enough to protect our kids. Perhaps we might not base our decision on the people selling the vaccine with their insipid line about “it’s really important this year.” That cover’s blown, but we won’t be reading about it on Fox news or CNN.

It may be prudent to keep our children’s bloodstream out of the political arena. If you’re going to take your child in for any vaccination, make sure the vaccine has been proven absolutely safe – no possibility of side effects – and also that it is really effective for a disease that actually exists. This season’s flu shot meets none of these criteria.


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copyright: MMX