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1. SEMINARS 2010 Vaccine/ Detox

So far this year the main seminar we have scheduled is the full day Vaccine/Detox Seminar

Ventura, CA
Sacramento, CA
Long Beach, CA
Seattle, WA
Ontario, CA
Ontario, CA
Dallas, TX
Stamford, CT
Montrose, OH
Lansing MI
St Louis, MO
Oslo, Norway
16 Jan 10
23 Jan 10
06 Feb 10
20 Feb 10
13 Mar 10
14 Mar 10
20 Mar 10
17 Apr 10
22 Apr 10
29 Apr 10
30 Apr 10
08 May 10

I tried this format last year in Seattle and Denver and it went well. In short, we cover Vaccines in the morning and Nutrition in the afternoon. I summarize some of the most important material from the full day vaccine seminar, with an emphasis on swine flu, as a Boutique Epidemic. (Next section)

In addition, we also talk about the history of vaccines, how to exempt a child from vaccines, mercury levels, autism and other vaccine injuries stemming from damage to myelin and cerebral microcirculation, as well as a discussion of some individual vaccines. The current Schedule is compared with that of other countries. Remarks from many world experts in immunology.

We are using the 13th edition of the vaccine book as the text for the seminar.

Then in the afternoon we turn to Nutrition and Detox and I excerpt as much information as possible from that full day seminar.

We begin with a distinction between natural and processed foods. We talk about the history of the natural diet, and the type of health picture it produced. The crucial topic of GMO is introduced, with excellent resources being suggested: current books and DVDs. We then begin a discussion of the 60 day Detox Program, beginning with the self-evident New West Diet. For the patient in survival mode, or one who simply wants to get back on track, we thoroughly discuss the vital importance of:

  • enzymes
  • chelated minerals
  • florabiotics
  • collagen
  • oral chelation
  • megahydrate
  • colon detox

The tools for a complete patient nutrition program are provided.

It’s really a trade-off, condensing this amount of information down to a morning and afternoon. The attendee certainly does get exposed to a wide variety of well- researched, thoroughly documented subjects, all in one day. The inevitable downside is that many important topics in both areas get left out.

After doing both these seminars for so many years, even the full day versions were beginning to cut short certain topics that are extremely important. One obvious example is, the rise of GM foods which has taken over world food production and consumption in the past 14 years. This shocking and monumentally important information is simply not available in mainstream media, with good reason. And so unless the doctors avail themselves of at least an introductory level of resources on the subject, they simply will not be aware why 80% of commercial foods today are Genetically Modified.

But don’t worry, the full day seminars are still available on recent DVD sets at the website www.thedoctorwithin.com for the more serious student. I will also be doing the original seminars at certain locations somewhere on earth during the coming year: See website under Seminars.

Most of the seminars above are 12 hour relicensing seminars, including technique for DCs.

Please call office to register for any event 408.298.1800
or email doc[ @ ]thedoctorwithin.com
Same contacts for Nutritional Consultations.

for product orders: 915.307.1055


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Beginning this month, thedoctorwithin has turned over all the products and supplements recommended on the site to a new company, Immunition Ltd. We certainly apologize for the slightly longer than normal delivery times of products and supplements some of you may have noticed since the first of the year, as we made the transition. These growing pains will pay off by simplifying ordering, tracking and delivery from now on. Books, CDs, DVDs, and supplements will now be shipped directly to you.

To order products please call 915.307.1055, but it’s actually faster to simply order directly form the website. Just click on either Books and CDs or else Supplements, in the left hand column anywhere on the site.


I have been chosen to be a presenter at the Freedom Law School Health and Freedom Convention on 14 March in Ontario CA. It will be an honor to be presenting with other authorities in the area of holistic nutrition, whose general principles are those supported by the information in my Nutrition Detox seminars. Actually I will be talking about The Boutique Epidemic, as described above.


There will be hundreds of people at this informative and important event throughout the weekend. Don’t miss it!

More info: www.freedomlawschool.com

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