– Tim O’Shea

(excerpted from the new book:
Vaccination Is Not Immunization – 2010 )

Anyone who has ever read our vaccine textbook knows that this is not an anti-vaccine website. All the research on our website is in favor of any vaccines that have been proven to be absolutely safe, effective, and necessary by legitimate, verifiable third party science – research that is wholly unconnected with vaccine manufacturers and their satellites.


A standard hook now in vaccine marketing repertoire is the term ‘pandemic,’ beginning with the nonexistent Avian flu of 2005. As that chimera faded off into the boneyard of plague hysteria memorabilia, [15] the sales team next scored a sterling success with the 2009 swine flu ‘outbreak.’

The first and most important rule in creating any epidemic is that the marketing of the disease cannot outpace the rate of the disease itself. When doom and gloom predictions are too overstated, the purpose of the whole program is defeated – which was, selling the vaccine. Getting people to show up for it.

The 2009 swine flu/H1N1 fiasco made that fatal error, hiring the best publicists money can buy. The scenario they painted was so grim, the threat so dire that no set of actual events short of the Bubonic Plague could have lived up to it. So we witnessed the unravelling of a pandemic before enough people showed up to participate in it. Sheep though they are, even the impaired mentality of the general public saw through that veil. After all those months of threats and hysteria from every level of government, in all media, the American people said no thanks, we’re not buying swine flu.

A background summary of the 2009 H1N1 sideshow may be found online in the chapter Swine Flu: Global Pandemic or Just Makin’ Bacon. [37] So much bad science and self-serving propaganda was dumped on the public regarding this cheap vaccine promotion that it would fill a book, but the important lesson we must take from it is to apprehend the pattern of the made-to-order pandemic that has become firmly established in our culture, and can now be trotted out on command.

Interview with Dr. Tim O’Shea on The Swine Flu


In January of 1976, a soldier at Fort Dix NJ collapsed during a training exercise. He was hospitalized, diagnosed with flu, and developed pneumonia. In a few days he was dead. On autopsy, a virus was reportedly isolated from his body which was immediately identified as having possibly originated in swine. [13]

Prior to that date swine flu had never been seen in humans. After that date, there was not one other case of swine flu, until the spring of 2009.

Notwithstanding those facts, the National Institutes of Health took up the gauntlet, with massive media coverage hawking the beginning of a global pandemic, conjured up out of nothing. Although the soldier died from a combination of exhaustion and hospital care rather than from any viral disease, and although there had never been a previous case of pig flu being transmitted to humans – despite all this, during the next several months a swine flu vaccine was quickly created.

The vaccine was never tested in any large setting. Abundant data were available however documenting the unpredictability and dangers of this untested new vaccine. Little wonder: the new vaccine wasn’t even made from the original mild swine flu pathogen.

Just before the unexpected appearance of swine flu CDC had been poised to launch a global vaccine program.

The only holdup in immediately mandating swine flu vaccine was that no one was willing to step forward and be responsible for damages in the event of death or injury from the new vaccine, especially not Congress. So it looked like the 1976 swine flu vaccine program was going to be scrapped.


A week or so later, 34 people in a Philadelphia hotel suddenly died from a mysterious disease, which had been characterized before and wasn’t really new. But with the NIH poised to raise the spectre of a possible new flu pandemic spreading from that one death at Fort Dix, the suspicion was introduced that perhaps these Legionnaire’s cases were actually the same disease.

An eyewitness to the insider decision-making policy at that time was a Washington DC lawyer, Jim Turner. In a 2001 speech, Turner recounts the daily intrigues and media posturing that led up to the swine flu disaster of 1976. [13]

Each day the pandemic furor grew, fueled largely by government officials, like HEW Secretary F. David Matthews:

“The projections are that this virus will kill one million Americans in 1976.” (Feb., 1976) [16]

Notice that he didn’t say that 1 million people would get the flu – he said 1 million would die from it.

After a week of unrelenting media panic, Congress was cornered. At the end of the week CDC announced:

1. The Legionnaires Disease cases were definitely not swine flu

2. Congress decided the government would accept responsibility for any deaths or damages from a swine flu vaccine program

3. The swine flu vaccine program was adopted.

After that decision it was a runaway train. Rushed into a commitment to come up with millions of doses of a brand new vaccine in just a few weeks, manufacturers took extravagant shortcuts. Normally it takes at least a year for a vaccine to go through clinical trials. The 1976 swine flu vaccine was invented in a few weeks.

In their hurry, the US Public Health Service mixed the wild strain of the alleged swine flu virus with an extremely virulent manmade strain of flu virus in order to trigger a much stronger immune response, in their words to “get the immunity out” faster. [13] Rushed through the manufacturing process in this irresponsible way in just a few short weeks, the vaccine ultimately had little to do with the original pathogen – which had never even been shown to be the cause of the one soldier’s death in the first place, let alone a global threat.

The result of this bad judgment and egregious departure from established scientific protocol is too well known: 565 of the newly vaccinated people became paralyzed from a nerve disorder called Guillain Barre syndrome, 25 of whom died. So the 1976 swine flu vaccine program was halted in just 10 weeks, after over 50 million people had received it. Their stated goal had been to vaccinate the entire population. The media at the time estimated that up to 60 million Americans could become infected unless they vaccinated, 1 million of whom would die. [16]

Let us note well: after the money was spent, the threat disappeared.

Eventually the government paid out almost $400 million in claims. [13]


With a history like that, it is astounding that policymakers would want to use that same label again. The next mention of swine flu was not until 30 years later, in April 2009. It began with conflicting reports of several hundred Mexicans ‘infected’ with swine flu, 150 of whom were ‘believed to have’ died from it.

Even in the first 4 days, the word pandemic was already present in all media stories – a tip-off for the massive promo about to be unleashed.

The hysteria gathered momentum as government officials fell over each other to make the most dire predictions possible, lest anyone accuse them of being too indecisive about promoting a vaccine for a undefined disease.


Americans got a valuable lesson from the rabid way the government spokesmen kindled the fire those first weeks. Rather than report simply that there was a possible new illness identified and that it’s under investigation, everyone immediately rang the Doomsday Bell. With no solid data, WHO’s Margaret Chan immediately declared “a public health emergency of international concern.” (WHO Health Advisory, April 2009, [36])

Chan followed that up with the unfounded 11 June declaration of a Phase 6 “Pandemic Emergency.” She was quoting SAGE, the WHO’s committee whose members have the most direct financial ties to vaccine manufacturers, like GSK. Media had a bloodfest over that announcement. [38]

Chan’s next ludicrous outburst came on 16 July 09:

“modeling suggests that swine flu has an attack rate of 30% — once it enters a country, the likelihood is 30% of citizens will catch it at some point….”


Modeling? Is that like channeling? Obviously a vaccine is being promoted here. But it was her next phrase that really hung the WHO out to dry:

“One should be available soon, in August. But having a vaccine available is not the same as having a vaccine that is proven safe. Clinical trial data will not be available for another two to three months.” [33]

Chan knew she was overboard here. It usually takes a year or more for a new vaccine to be tested and declared safe. As we have seen, swine flu vaccine clinical trials only began in August, none scheduled for completion till April 2010.

The second lie was that Chan knew no vaccine can possibly be invented in 2 or 3 months. Even six months is unrealistic.


The World Health Organization has always seemed little more than a mouthpiece for Big Pharma but in recent years, they’re forgetting to dissimulate. Remember in 2006 when they made the absurd recommendation that every nation should aim for a 75% stockpile of flu vaccine every year, per population? [2] Fortunately, this is completely impossible since the manufacturers would never make more than they know they can sell.

For the 2009 H1N1 show, WHO’s prime source of information was a committee calling itself European Scientific Working Group on Influenza, who it turns out is funded entirely by the 5 manufacturers who ended up with the H1N1 vaccine contracts. JP Morgan estimated that as a result of that one WHO declaration of pandemic, the vax manufacturers stood to gain up to $15 billion US. [39]

What we were seeing by 2009 is the privatization of WHO. Along with its collaborators, they have now built a machine around the impending pandemic. [40] No problem when H1N1 fizzles; we now have the technology to schedule another at any time. With five faux epidemics in the past eight years, the pattern is now well set. And that was the prime lesson we must take from swine flu 2009.


Let’s back up a little here. Thousands of people get the flu each day and recover from it, and some people who are already sick may die from it. Of the 80,000 people who die every year in the US of hospital infections that are completely resistant to all known antibiotics, a large percentage of these are flu deaths.

But suddenly in April 2009 we had media alleging that a novel flu virus causing a brand new disease is afoot. In order to substantiate such a claim, it was necessary to know if the patients were tested for the same disease.

That was the first jumping off point – the departure from scientific method: within just one week of the ‘outbreak’ the media had begun its daily tally sheet of numbers infected and numbers dead, which established the scorecard pattern we’re so familiar with. But with no screening test available, any case of any flu was being counted as swine flu, diagnosed by symptoms only. It was simply artificial re-categorization of ordinary flu cases in order to create the image of a new threat.

Without a specific pathogen, there is no new disease – no pandemic.


For the first 2 months, H1N1 was not even mentioned. The cases were just called swine flu – some weird new strain of pig virus. It was only when the bacon industry kept complaining to Obama that the H1N1 characterization was hit upon. (Kugler [12])

The first cases of swine flu were coming from Third World areas where even basic medical services are lacking, let alone a sophisticated screening test for a brand new disease. That procedure would take months to create, even in the most modern of clinical settings.

So once again we ask, without a screening procedure, exactly what were they counting, in Mexico, in Texas, wherever? What set these cases apart from ordinary flu cases?

The other question no one was asking: what was the incidence of regular flu in these Mexican towns the same time last year? How about last month?


In classical pathology, influenza is a disease that is associated with a type of viruses known as orthomyxoviruses. Within this group are subgroups of virus:

    Influenza A
    Influenza B
    Influenza C

What separates viruses into these 3 groups is the type of antigen present in the virus. [17]

Now, within the Influenza A category there is a smaller grouping called the H1N1 viruses. According to the FDA, there are over 700 strains of H1N1. The CDC only claims to have tested about 50 different strains of H1N1. [19]

According to classical pathology, for an infectious disease to be identified and characterized, it must be proven to be caused by a specific single pathogen.


There are literally hundreds of strains of influenza virus present at any given time across the US. During any given season, the flu virus mutates several times, not only in any given locale, but within any given individual. This simple fact explains why the flu vaccine has never been effective at reducing either deaths or incidence of influenza in this country during the past 20 years.

CDC soon realized they had shot themselves in the foot by calling it swine flu in the first week. Since there was no epidemic in 1976, in light of the ensuing vaccine debacle, it’s quite clear that swine flu never existed.


Caught in that deception, CDC’s brilliant solution was H1N1, even though they knew that made no sense either, with over 700 strains. But by June 2009 the CDC’s official title for the new pandemic was the 2009 H1N1 Influenza A. [18]

Ludicrously apparent to anyone who was eventually going to put the pieces of the puzzle together, suddenly switching names and calling the new disease H1N1 flu was a patent attempt to lump any Class A flu into the H1N1 category.

Equally embarrassing was the CDC statement of 3 Oct 09 in which they printed the utterly insupportable pronouncement that “a total of 99% of circulating influenza viruses in the United States were 2009 H1N1 influenza.” (Barclay [18])


By the end of May 2009 in their seacrch for a screening test for swine flu CDC finally claimed they had one, which was described both on the CDC website, as well as by calling them on the phone. The criterion for a positive diagnosis for swine flu was simple: a positive test for Influenza A. Any type of Influenza A, out of hundreds and hundreds of strains. This remains the current screening test: the patient isn’t required to be positive for any of the 700 strains of H1N1. [18]

Marketing the vaccine for the flu season of 2009 began without delay. On 20 May 09, Associated Press reported there would be a combo vax by the end of the year that would be good for

    * Swine flu
    * Avian flu
    * Regular flu.

A hollow prediction, considering that two of the three vaccines didn’t even exist, and also that the flu vaccine we have been using for the last 5 years has had no effect whatsoever on the numbers of people who are getting the flu or dying from flu in this country.


Even though the entire population was the eventual target of the vaccination program, pregnant women and young healthy children were picked as the preferred targets, as those at highest risk of the new disease. Proof? None, no clinical trials, no new tests comparing demographics. The Project just announced the connection and never looked back. The reality was the polar opposite: pregnant women and young children were the most susceptible to injury from a vaccine that is untested and has unlimited mercury levels. All subsequent marketing held fast to this unverified claim.


The first death knell for the 2009 vaccine hoax was sounded on 22 Sep 09 in an article that appeared in Associated Press. [3] The article was supposed to be introducing the first of the swine flu vaccines which were to come out in October.

National Institutes of Health was recommending four separate flu shots to kids younger than 10 years old. Two of the shots will be the brand new untested swine flu vaccines, and the other two will be the ‘regular’ flu shot.

National Institutes of Health director Fauci and CDC’s Ann Schuchat proclaimed:

– children 9 and younger will need 2 flu shots and 2 swine flu shots
– everybody else will need 1 of each
– swine flu vaccine will be ready in October
– we’ll have 251 million doses
– swine flu targets young children
– they can get both shots the same day, one in each arm
– NIH has studies involving 600 children
– children 10 and older showed protection from the new vaccine
– younger children didn’t show protection, since they don’t have a mature immune system
– a second dose is necessary to ‘rev up’ the immune system

The AP article is nothing more but an erroneous version of the NIH’s own article [4] which came out the same day

“Early Results: In Children, 2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccine”

Without one bit of independent research, commentary, criticism, or analysis, the AP article obediently adopted the NIH’s new pet word “protection” across the board: “Protection kicks in for older children within eight to 10 days of the shot…”

Only a tested and proven vaccine could even pretend to provide protection. Trying to make believe that giving a 6 month old infant 4 flu shots would be ‘normal,’ Fauci: … “the very young often need 2 doses of vaccine against regular winter flu.” Really? Why has he never shared that secret with anyone before now? CDC has never recommended 2 flu shots for children.

Flu shots were added to the vaccine Schedule back in 2005, beginning at 6 months of age, and yearly thereafter. (CDC [18]) One shot. What was Fauci trying to pretend? He then bumbles on… “this is very good news for the vaccination program.” At $1 billion per shot approved, we guess it would be good news for the vaccination program. What does that have to do with the health of our kids?

CDC’s Schuchat, another towering medical genius, obviously off her meds that day, then piped in “it will be OK for kids to get one shot in each arm on the same visit.” Excuse us, Dr Mengele? Did you remember in first quarter med school when you learned that both arms were attached to the same body? Exactly what clinical trials confirm this personal hallucination of yours? And this from a principal representative of the CDC?


The AP article continues: “To determine the right child dose, the NIH set up studies involving 600 children, from babies to teenagers.” [3]

That was actually true. Beginning in August 2009 there were 5 separate swine flu vaccine trials being done on sample sizes of about 600 children. [4] But AP’s next statement is a deliberate misrepresentation: “About 76 percent of 10- to 17-year-olds showed strong protection after one H1N1 shot.”

Looking to the actual studies themselves [45] we learn that none of them will be finished until April 2010! So what is Fauci talking about here? Answer: preliminary findings based on a select group of 25 children!! For that fact you have to go to the NIH site, and read the article that AP is supposed to be reporting on. [4]

Here’s the dodge: the AP article pretends these high numbers were conclusive final evidence from complete studies. 76% favorable response would be a gratifying long term result in any major study, but we find out that is only after 10 days, looking at only 25 children within the entire sample of 600 subjects. [4]

Preliminary findings are meaningless in formal science. That’s why they do the entire study, and await the final outcome before making conclusions.

One of the most disconcerting characteristics of the new swine flu sales program was enlisting mainstream media to portray preliminary findings as definitive, conclusive scientific results. This only happens in the world of marketing. Real scientists are embarrassed by it.


One final comment from Tony Fauci, Director of the NIH:

“Younger children simply don’t have as mature an immune system,” Fauci explained. “So a first dose of vaccine against a flu strain they’ve never experienced acts as an introduction for their immune system, and a booster shortly thereafter revs up that immune response.” [4]

Wow. Let’s take a breath here. For the first time in history we have the director of the National Institutes of Health enunciating in a worldwide forum one of the principal reasons why young children might not be vaccinated at all: they don’t have a mature immune system. Absolutely true. No child is born with an intact immune system. That very complex biological symphony of interrelated allergic responses, antibodies, antigens, self recognition, cell response, etc. — about which we still have only the most fragmented and vaguest knowledge — struggles its way into existence during the early years of the child’s life. It needs no help, no interference, no enormous experimental toxic load, especially one so politically contrived, in its fight to survive.

True to his training, Fauci immediately sidetracks us from that fact of nature to a landmark illusion of American pseudo-science: pretending that a flu shot in a 6 month old is a gentle natural gradual immune-building stimulus that will coax the infant’s immune system into being: “…an introduction to their immune system…” What a fraud. Each flu shot contains 30x the adult safe level of mercury, according to FDA’s own toxicity index.

Fauci then closes with the sublimely daft: the subsequent booster shot ‘revs up the immune system.’ Revs up the immune system.

This is not the president of Harley Davidson talking here, my friends. This is the director of the branch of government that directs funding for all medical research done in this country, controlling an industry that is approaching $2 trillion annually. And this is his perception of the normal development of an infant’s immune system: an engine that needs to be ‘revved up’ by experimental vaccines. This is the individual who guides policies and decisions on what substances will be mandated into your child’s bloodstream.

Revs up the immune system.


The five clinical trials on the new swine flu vaccine all began in August, all scheduled to be complete after 6 months: spring of 2010. [45] And yet the AP article informed us that the swine flu vaccine would be available in less than one month – October 2009! Untested.

Going now to the published report (15 Sep 09) of one of the five swine flu vaccine clinical trials, the one by Sanofi Pasteur [6] we learn that their trial began in August 2009 and will go until April 2010. The sample size is 650 children. The shocking fact in the article is that Sanofi stated that the after 5 weeks of testing, the FDA had just approved their H1N1 vaccine!

These children received doses of a manmade H1N1 vaccine, although whether it’s all the same strain is never addressed. As we learned in the swine flu chapter [7] there are over 700 strains of H1N1 virus, none of which has ever been proven to be the cause of any disease in humans.


One of the five H1N1 vax contractors – Novartis – in their rush to get a vaccine to market in just a few short weeks, without even completing the six month trials, decided to try something new. In order to make a very powerful vaccine that could trigger an immediate immune response, they used a bioreactor on a group of cancerous cells to create an experimental H1N1 vaccine. [46] This process has never before been employed in vaccine manufacture. There was simply no time to test the vaccine in the ?laboratory by the delivery deadline. And it was licensed.


A few days after the Associated Press article, another shocking bit of information arrived: the new swine flu vaccines will contain unlimited levels of mercury! Washington State Health Secretary Salecky announced [45] that the state of Washington just lifted allowable limits of thimerosal in the new swine flu vaccines, with no new levels set.

The announcement was masterfully phrased, obviously the work of Bernays-type publicists:

“Lifting mercury limits for H1N1 vaccine will give pregnant women and parents or guardians of children under three the option of getting the vaccine if they want it.”

Couching the issue in terms of availability sidesteps the obvious: it would also give these women the option of exposing themselves and their unborn children to unrestricted levels of the third most lethal neurotoxin known to man: organic mercury, not to mention manmade viral mutations.

The Washington State declaration quoted Sanofi Pasteur – from its 15 Sep 09 announcement [6] that their new swine flu vaccination had just been licensed by the FDA.

Why are vaccines being licensed at the very beginning of the clinical trials? Completion was not till April 2010.

Wayne Pisano, CEO of Sanofi Pasteur:

“Obtaining FDA licensure of this vaccine for A (H1N1) pandemic response is a key milestone that will enable Sanofi Pasteur to provide a licensed vaccine to the U.S. government to support pandemic immunization efforts.” [6]

The spectre of thimerosal having been raised portends that the manufacturers who have just been awarded these huge contracts to rush a vaccine onto the market — that the new vaccines may not be new at all, but rather old stockpiled vaccines that have been sitting around for years: either old flu vaccines or Avian flu vaccines, or virtually anything with a fragment of any flu virus.


If the vaccines are going to be brand new, why would they have to contain thimerosal at all? Why not just leave it out? There are thimerosal-free vaccines, and have been for years. Even Salecky notes this in her statement. So why add this neurotoxin to a vaccine we’re going to be giving to a 6 month old infant – 2 shots – when the connection with autism has been so clearly documented?

For years, the ‘regular’ flu shots have contained 25 mcg of mercury, which is 30 times the adult safe level. And now we have unlimited levels of thimerosal in the new vaccines……?

Another company, Baxter, was recently caught by the Czech government for selling unlicensed avian flu vaccine as swine flu vaccine. That was a major worldwide scandal, in world news in September 2009. [10]

When the Czech government pre-tested the vaccine on ferrets before giving it to humans, all the ferrets died! Again, why wouldn’t Sanofi or any of the others try the exact same ruse, trot out old stockpiles of vaccines?

The stock excuse was offered by the FDA – there was no time to test the vaccine because of the ‘imminent danger’ of the ‘pandemic.’ And so the vaccines were rushed through the approval process 5 weeks into the clinical trials.

The urgency over the 2009 swine flu program was being stoked almost daily by inflammatory news stories, all with the same slant: there simply isn’t time to test these new vaccines. So let’s just get them out there to the children and pregnant women such as they are. We’ll sort out the details later.

Details like toxicity, lethal side effects, permanent neurological damage, autism, genome alteration, etc.

Despite H1N1 vaccine’s lack of standard scientific testing, here’s CDC Director Thomas Frieden on “60 Minutes”:

“We’re confident it will be effective, and we have every reason to believe that it will be safe.” [42]

Without complete clinical trials, nothing is really known about either the safety or the efficacy of any vaccine. From a national health perspective, we will have taken a dodgey turn indeed if we can now replace standard protocols for testing and licensing vaccines merely by flat statements from regulatory officials, implying clinical testing is no longer necessary. If the substances being thus green-lighted had no side effects, that would be one thing. Quite another here, in light of the limitless amounts of allowable mercury, as well as the other potential effects of an untested vaccine being not only licensed for use, but also most aggressively marketed and promoted for the general public, especially children and pregnant women.

One fact is certain: without hyperbole or sensationalism, the new swine flu vaccine – unidentified, untested and untried – would have been the most dangerous immunological experiment on this country’s children in the past 30 years.


On 21 Oct 09, CBS News ran a serious piece of investigative journalism demanding answers about the way the CDC has presented the H1N1 swine flu vaccine program from its inception, back in April. [42]

Their first shocking discovery was that many people who had been diagnosed in recent months as having swine flu, not only in all probability did not have swine flu – it’s very likely they had no influenza at all. Most had other conditions, such as a cold or some temporary respiratory ailment.

Instead of relying only on statements from the Centers for Disease Control, CBS news did their own independent research state by state, in a three month investigation.

CBS learned that the CDC ordered all states to stop counting cases of swine flu back in July 2009, and to cease keeping track of the number of cases! The CDC’s shaky rationale for the cessation:

“why waste resources testing for H1N1 flu when the government has already confirmed there’s an epidemic?” [42]

But wasn’t the epidemic declared because of the reported statistics?

Such a decision was severely criticized from many quarters within the scientific community.

The entire swine flu media event had only begun 3 months earlier, in April 2009. It wasn’t until June that the association with H1N1, a subcategory of Influenza A virus, was made. Then one month later in July, the counting is ordered to stop? That means that accurate counting of swine flu cases only lasted for one month! And these are the total epidemiological statistics upon which the entire swine flu H1N1 mirage has been based, from the start.

But even those numbers during that single month were inherently inflated, since the CDC was counting any Influenza A viral infection as a swine flu case, not just the ones limited to the 700 species of H1N1. There never has been nor probably ever will be a true screening test for a particular strain of H1N1.

So then, any numbers of cases of swine flu incidence and deaths CDC claimed after July are fictitious. Including the ridiculous Yahoo headline of late November 2009 of “4000 deaths from H1N1” – that was total fiction. Which is why it was never mentioned again, by any media.

The individual state records showed very few actual confirmed positive test cases for verified H1N1 influenza. So it appears that the CDC deliberately misinterpreted the statistical data they had been provided by the individual states, or what is more likely, that they ignored it altogether.

It was as though everything possible were being done to magnify and dramatize the H1N1 threat as something much more serious than it actually was.

CDC did not cast itself in a favorable light when it refused to respond to any of CBS’s questions and formal requests for information. The inevitable question: was the H1N1 vaccine being so aggressively and hastily promoted because the CDC and the vaccine makers were worried that the epidemic furor might die down long before April when the clinical trials are scheduled for completion? The only opportunity to reap windfall benefits from the vaccine would be at the present time.

Not to be outdone by other bureaucrats, three days after the CBS report, Obama fetched the stick with his shrill and irresponsible declaration of a national emergency, with all evidence to the contrary. [5]


Until we finally come to grips with the inadequacy of the Germ Theory as a tenable scientific explanation for disease processes, we will continue to be misled by whatever new media-conceived threats are served up for mass consumption. Germs don’t cause disease. Sick people with a chronically toxic internal milieu provide hospitable environments for disease processes to develop, some of which culturing situations may then involve propagation of pathogenic microbes, true.

But that’s a far cry from the simplistic, popular version that we were perfectly healthy until this pig virus came along out of nowhere and made us sick by taking over our normal immune systems, and killed us. That just doesn’t happen.


What happened to SARS? Where is it? What happened to anthrax, smallpox, Avian flu, mad cow — they’re gone. And they won’t be back. They served their purpose – terrorize and distract – spend billions for new research, new pharmaceuticals, unproven and ultimately unnecessary. Afterwards the threats always vanish, like the dew off the new grass in the morning sun — gone.

Despite last-ditch attempts to salvage sales of unwanted vaccines, by early 2010 the swine flu ‘pandemic’ had all but disappeared:

“with the second wave of H1N1 infections having crested in the United States, leading epidemiologists are predicting that the pandemic could end up ranking as the mildest since modern medicine began documenting influenza outbreaks.” (Stein [41])

As demand fell, many states as well as EU countries returned stocks of unused H1N1 vaccine. [47] Norway in particular is demanding an investigation into the WHO’s collusion with vaccine makers.

In Feb. and Mar. 2010, desperate attempts were made to try and salvage the sinking H1N1 ship, by proclaiming the ‘pandemic’ was still a threat and could re-emerge anywhere, etc. Anxious to move dead stockpiles of a vaccine nobody wanted, promoters never backed off their original recommendations for everyone to get the swine flu shot. Then in Feb 2010, they decided to include the unpopular H1N1 vaccine into next year’s regular flu shot.


In the first weeks of 2010 the EU was mounting a concerted investigation of what they called the false pandemic engineered by the WHO in league with drugmakers. [46] Their investigative body – the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe – called the swine flu campaign of 2009 one of the greatest medical scandals of the century. Chaired by Germany’s Wolfgang Wodarg, MD, PACE saw how the 2009 swine flu pandemic was created by artificial re-categorization of normal flu cases, and then marketed into an illusory global pandemic. This group of doctors and scientists then set out to track down the precise nature of the collusion between politicians and the drugmakers who received “sealed contracts” for vaccine production, before any legitimate science had validated an actual biological threat. Price tag for the new pandemic: $18 billion. [48]

Dr Wodarg discovered that in May 2010 the WHO had suddenly changed its definition of pandemic. The previous definition was that a pandemic had to be spreading in several countries, and had to be a very serious threat with an unusual number of proven deaths. Suddenly the new revised definition left out those requirements. The new pandemic had only to be a disease, not necessarily serious or deadly, that seemed to be spreading – within any country. [46, 48]

The Assembly also noted that there had been no new science to validate the sudden doubling of the regular flu shot requirement for children, tacked onto the swine flu shot recommendations.


Goodbye Swine Flu. Till next time. The pharmaceutical industry is always desperate for new markets. Now that the Boutique Epidemic protocol is so well refined in every detail, we would be naïve indeed not to expect to see them in the future with increasing regularity. Smallpox, anthrax, SARS, avian flu, swine flu – with five in the past eight years, the recipe for pandemic vaccine sales is now perfected:

1. assert a lethal new disease has been discovered
2. begin a campaign of relentless media hysteria
3. dire predictions of pandemic deaths and infections
4. hope of salvation in the form of vaccines and drugs
5. spend the money
6. the threat disappears

Amazing we didn’t notice the pattern.

(excerpted from the new book:
Vaccination Is Not Immunization 2010 )




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