I get several of these calls per week – now predictable. Already know what they’re gonna say. Their facebook friend/OBGyn/motherinlaw/personal trainer/AA sponsor/spinning partner/Jennie Craig instructor/nutritionist/ dealer – you name it – has just told them that since they are pregnant or nursing, they must forget about detox for now. Too risky, they say. Or so they have heard.

Where does this mass delusion come from? Evocative of the google/wiki/fox/bernays uniformity of superficial nonthinking, I guess. Producing the militantly uneducated.

In truth, we can’t think of a more important time for detox in a human’s life – physical responsibility for life support of another human. Minute by minute. A new human. Of course it would be optimum to detox completely before the pregnancy. But life is often not that well scheduled. Things happen whenever they happen.

Next best for detox would be first trimester. The sooner the better. But many don’t think about detox until later — some even after childbirth has taken place. No matter – you always act on your best information at the time, no matter what you were unaware of before.

The essential idea of detox here is to clear out the blood and the tract. Unless the mother has been living in an area of extreme wartime or industrially contaminated environment, detox as outlined in the 60 Day Program can be done at any time without the likelihood of harm to the fetus or newborn.

Even heavy metals are chelated – which means bound – as they are escorted out of the body. Common sense should dictate that accumulated toxins are not better off inside of the body during pregnancy or nursing. Most are water soluble and are flushed out through the kidneys and the colon, aided by the Enzymes, Expel, and Oral Chelation, as described in the Program.

Unthinkable that standard medical advice is to leave poisons inside during this critical period in the newborn’s neurological development. Remember, fully 70% of the total energy expended by a fetus or a newborn is employed in forming the central nervous system.

Moreover, no baby is born myelinated. The immune system itself is forming at this time, since no baby is born with a fully developed immune system. These are major considerations when following the advice of all and sundry on the Disinformation Superhighway, where everybody’s an authority. Common sense so often takes a back seat.

Think about it: when will it be more critical to clear the tract and the blood than during this generative time where the child is being created within such a closed environment?

Not rocket science here. See the 60 Day Program. The principles are as sound as they’ve been for centuries: protect the child by providing the cleanest and most nutritive bioterrrain in which to come into being, unmodified by immune-suppressing drugs, vaccines, and procedures.

Always intrigues me how the same geniuses recommending delay in detox are so often the ones recommending the most invasive drugs and radical procedures. Funny thing. That should be a clue to what is to come later, and forever.

Best odds at replicating a viable progeny in today’s perilous world? Protect the child. Get adjusted, detox, only vaccinate with those shots that have been proven to have absolutely no chance of danger. That’s zero chance. And the same criteria for drugs.

Clear the brain fog. Clean the blood.



Two live and two online. All CE accredited.


    The Chiropractic Seminar

    The Science of Immunology and Vaccination


    Therapeutic Nutrition and Cell Detox in Your Practice

    Childhood Immunology & Vaccines


The Chiropractic Seminar

12 hours (including technique)

SAN JOSE, CA – 10 MAR 2012

DENVER, CO – 12 MAY 2012

(with Dr Tim Young)

First time in San Jose for this one day event, the focus is to take an unflinching look at what is really happening with our profession today.

This provocative nuts and bolts seminar will give the doctor a useful and defensible understanding of chiropractic not readily available to the profession today, with a focus on the communication of these ideas to those who have failed to be cured by other doctors.

We say what everyone is thinking.

The biology of the adjustment

Explaining why patients should care

Discussing neural summation

The adjustment and somatovisceral effects

Explaining altered sensory-motor neurology

Explaining altered biomechanics and disease

Spinal lesions alter brain neurology

Neuroplasticity, genetics, epigenetics

Aberrant afferents and disease

Mastering a technique: the art of change

How today’s best neuroscience validates the original ideas of DD and BJ

“Exactly what this profession needs – truth and clarity. Concise and useful.” – Dr M Casey, W. Hollywood

“The energy is fabulous and uplifting.” – C. Siga, DC, Denver

“Inspiring seminar! Glad I brought my staff. Glad to see authenticity return to chiropractic.” – Barcelona doctor

“All fired up – ready to save more lives!” – Dr D Johnson, Denver

“Filled with great data and cautionary tales — strong motivation to read — I feel I’ll get a little crazier!” – Dr TW, Seattle

“The diversity of information gathered in one seminar, organized in such an understandable way was fantastic!”

“The profession is in great need of this — should be required for all graduates.” – Dr T. Schroeder, Thousand Oaks

“Quite painless… actually informative!” – Dr K Sera, Long Beach

“Refreshing to hear an instructor not afraid to speak the truth…most people validating chiropractic seem very insecure about it — not this doc.” – Dr DC, Fair Oaks


The Science of Immunology and Vaccination

12 hours (including technique)

SEATTLE, WA – 11 FEB 2012

DENVER, CO – 10 MAY 2012


Back by popular demand – the only full day seminar in the profession that takes an unbiased, fully referenced look at vaccine policy and science. A half day simply wasn’t enough.

This subject has become so complicated and so full of misinterpretation, yet at the same time never more vital an issue than it is now. For parents, what is at stake is the developing immune system of the newborn. This seminar will provide the information necessary to make the most important decision in the life of the child.

A few topics:

The Emergent Immune System

Adjuvants, Attenuation, Excipients

Polio and DPT vaccines

Hemophilus Influenzae Vaccine; Rotateq.

Thimerosal and Neuroimmunology

Measles Mumps Rubella vaccine since 1978. Influenza vaccines.

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Gardasil: Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine

To register: 408.298.1800

$169 in advance, $199 at door – Students,General Public $99



video series

2 New 8 hour CE Courses:

1. Therapeutic Nutrition and Cell Detox in Your Practice

Course Description:

An 8 hour online video course in some very fundamental issues in the therapeutics of lifestyle alteration and cell nutrition. We discuss the necessity for detoxification in today’s world, the Food Enzyme concept, reflux, and a traditional evaluation of today’s diet choices.

We will relate common diet patterns to pathology, and also discuss the specific pathways of the healing diet, de-mythologizing many common misperceptions. The need for specific chelating of plaque and heavy metals is emphasized.

Genetically Modified foods are present today in 80% of packaged foods in supermarkets. We will define what GM really means. And what the agenda is behind this global experiment in world agriculture and food production.

Here are the topics of the 8 one-hour Sections:

Section 1 – The Need for Detoxification

Section 2 – The Food Enzyme Concept

Section 3 – Enzyme Bioavailability

Section 4 – The Traditional Diet: Classic Simplicity Vs. Popular Misconceptions

Section 5 – Oral Chelation and Chelated Minerals

Section 6 – Introduction to GM Foods: The Biotech Industry

Section 7 – New Practices in Food Production

Section 8 – Corporate Control of Genetically Modified foods


2. ?Childhood Immunology & Vaccines?

8 Hours Online

Syllabus/ Course Schedule

Course Description:

An 8 hour online video course in some fundamental issues of basic science regarding the development of the immune system from the fetal state onward into adulthood. Elements of the formative immune system.

A look at classical biologicals beginning with the historical development of vaccines since the time of Edward Jenner.

We will discuss the history of vaccines and their effects on disease rates in this country during the past century. The original science behind the current Immunization Schedule, along with a discussion of ingredients and adjuvants.

Here are the topics of the 8 one-hour Sections:

The Immune System

Adjuvants, Attenuation, Excipients; Peanut Anaphylaxis

Human Papilloma Virus: The First Cancer Vaccine

Polio and DPT vaccines

Shaken Baby Syndrome 2012

Measles Mumps Rubella Vaccine since 1978

Hemophilus Influenzae Vaccine, Rotateq Vaccine

Thimerosal and Neuroimmunology


Registration: 408 298 1800 or doc[ @ ]thedoctorwithin.com


3. New Poisoning for San Jose Water

For years now San Jose has prided itself on being the largest non-fluoridated city in the US.

No more. Combined lobbying from the American Dental Assn and the huge industries who sell fluoride wastes to US communities have now won.

An introduction to this dark story is available on the Water chapter on the site. In order to appreciate what has just happened in San Jose, the reader first must be informed about the real issues behind water fluoridation. Here is an excerpt from that chapter:

“Fluorine is an element. It is a gas, never occurring naturally in its free state. In microscopic amounts complexed with other minerals, it is often listed as a trace mineral, a nutrient for human nutrition.

Other sources disagree, holding that ‘no experimental work or clinical observations have proved that fluorine is in any manner essential for animals or man.’ (Alesen, p.5)

“This has nothing to do with fluoride or fluoridation. The fluoride added to drinking water is a compound of fluorine that is a chemical byproduct of aluminum, steel, cement, phosphate, and nuclear weapons manufacturing. Such fluoride is manmade. In this form, fluoride has no nutrient value whatsoever. It is one of the most caustic of industrial chemicals. Fluoride is the active toxin in rat poisons and cockroach powder. (Dustrude)

“Hydrofluoric acid is used to refine high octane gasoline, to make fluorocarbons and chlorofluorocarbons for freezers and air conditioners, and to manufacture computer screens, fluorescent light bulbs, semiconductors, plastics, herbicides, and toothpaste. It also has the ability to burn flesh to the bone, destroy eyes, and sear lungs so that victims drown in their own body fluid.”

Now here’s the Bait and Switch that many people have missed all these years: The fluoride added to city water supplies bears little resemblance to the sodium fluoride that appears in toothpaste and dental offices, which itself is bad enough. But water fluoridation uses a completely different compound: industrial waste.

Community water companies have million dollar contracts to buy fluoride waste materials from the aluminum, phosphate, and nuclear industries.

Turns out, if these industries were not able to be selling these toxic wastes, they would be paying billions in toxic waste storage and disposal.

Everybody knows this much. Except of course those whose only sources are the most superficial of media. But to get this far is not difficult.

Other dots need to be connected to grasp the new California situation, however. Here it comes:

Before he left office, Willie Brown and his cronies sold out the future a little more by passing a unique law that states that any town of more than 10,000 people MUST fluoridate if they can find outside funding to do it.

Which means even if a referendum of the people votes it out, the town has to fluoridate, if they can find ‘outside funding.’

Now for the twisted part. Guess who has been more than happy to fund any community fluoridation they can. Give up? The California branch of the American Dental Association.

That makes no sense, you may ruminate. Why would the ADA be willing to spend millions of their own money to fluoridate community water supplies? Altruistic interest in dental health? Hardly. That type of thing does not appear anywhere in their history.

Correct answer: dental fluorosis. Destruction of teeth from fluoridation: market expansion. Job security. ADA scientists have done their homework. They have read all the studies and know well what fluoridated city water really does to human dentition.

Tell me I’m wrong here. Prove it.

Look for the new chapter on Fluoridation soon to be on the site, including a discussion of some new filters which now may be able to remove fluoride.


4. CALJAM 2012
25 Feb – Irvine, CA

In case you’ve been living on the moon or something and haven’t heard about the chiropractic event of the decade – CalJam – coming up here in a couple of weeks, Billy D probably isn’t going to cut you any deals on admission at this late date. Not like he hasn’t warned you!

But if you’re a real DC you can always use a little pick me up, a little dip in the essence of life. So just call him and do what they say and get there. (949) 250-0600. You’ll see people you haven’t seen in years, some of whom you’ll actually want to see!

Have any doubts whether or not chiropractic is alive and thriving, – or thrivable? It is. The laws of nature don’t change. All that changes is the number of people who take the time to learn them. And then employ them as the tools of a unique and most sublime profession.

CalJam – just show up. It’s a life event.

If you can remember last year’s, you weren’t there!


5. New Vaccine Text:
Vaccination Is Not Immunization 2012

This is the brand new 2012 Second Edition of the book, a complete re-write, not just a reprint of the old book. ??The most reliable book for parents who want to end the confusion once and for all on whether they should vaccinate or not.

If you’ve read an old version of this text, it’s out of date. So much has happened in this field this past year which has not been in media. Quick look:

The Pourcyrous Study: the peer reviewed medical study proving exactly how vaccines cause brain hemorrhages, apnea, and heart damage in infants. ??

The Peanut Allergy Epidemic: how vaccines have been found as the proven cause of over 1 million children hypersensitive to peanuts, now the #1 cause of child anaphylaxis ??-

The new Shaken Baby industry, which can be a cover-up for vaccine injury ??-

The ongoing Autism Epidemic, affecting between 2 -4 million children today and NIH’s refusal to look for the cause

This research is effectively banned from mainstream media. As always though, each fact, each statistic is meticulously documented from the best sources available. The solid references make this information bulletproof.

The vaccine industry today is in a panic. It can no longer keep these secrets hidden. More and more people are learning about the actual physical brain effects on their children, and they’re opting out, signing the exemptions. That’s what all the hysterical new law enforcement of school vaccines is really about. ?

With all the effort it takes to opt out, it’s not the lazy or the uninformed folks deciding not to vaccinate.

Do you even know what Prevnar or Human Papilloma Virus, or MCV4 or DPT – do you even know what these vaccines are? And even if you do, wouldn’t you like to know what the scientists who make the vaccines have said about them, down through the decades? Or are you going to get all your information from the clinic that makes its living selling vaccines, just roll over, and vaccinate your kid?

Takes a little reading but it’s not that difficult to learn the story here. You can read this book in a day or so.

We are shocked to find that many medical doctors know the information in this book and do not vaccinate their own children. But they’ll vaccinate yours. The majority of the endorsements on the back cover of the book are from medical doctors. Here’s one of the most recent:

“It is impossible to estimate the true value of Dr O’Shea’s work. His review of the history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced. ??”… O’Shea has once again blessed us with a resource that will allow parents to make an informed choice, and for medical professionals to take pause at what they had been indoctrinated to believe was valid science and good medicine.”

– David Ayoub, MD, Clinical Radiologist

??The definitive book on vaccines today. Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 2nd Edition 2012