1. The 2012 Chiropractic Story: Second Law of Thermodynamics
2. Enzymes: Key to Longevity
3. Four New CE Seminars
4. Parents’ most reliable vaccine book: New for 2012
5. CalJam: Feb 2012 – Event of the Millenium


1. The Chiropractic Story: Entropy, Life, and Mortality in 2012

You have to be going to a chiropractor who is dialed into the vital importance of the adjustment. Not because they hope it’s true or want to create false enthusiasm or something, but from first-hand knowledge of the power of reconnecting the chronically traumatized spine and nervous system with the profound organizing essence of life.

Entropy. That’s what the physicists call it – all things over time tend to a condition of greatest randomness. Like the break shot in pool. Disorganization, gradual disintegration. Your computer, your desk, your bedroom, your car, your muscles, your spine — the tendency towards randomness – the path of least resistance. Unless you do something.

With the nervous system entwined throughout the vertebrae, subluxation and degeneration are dire consequences of this entropy. Disarray at first, but left over time, months and years – no exercise, no stretching, no realignment. Result: increasing frequency of vague pains, vague organic breakdown, followed imperceptibly by undeniable pain, limitation, and organ dysfunction.

Occasional shoulder pain becomes frequent shoulder pain with electric shooting zingers from the neck, which then becomes you can’t pull a sweater over your head, which then becomes you can’t carry the groceries in. Or that original huffing after climbing the stairs at the mall or the park, becomes huffing and coughing while trying to chase the cat out the door. Or bringing the luggage to the gate. Or, or, or…

No need for all this. The adjustment re-solders the connection between regeneration and degeneration. But you have to know enough to show up for it.

There’s a word creeping into the lexicon of younger and younger groups of people these days: mortality. Seems like it used to be something for your 70s. Then it was 60s. Too often today it’s 50s. A guy in his 50s buys into the idea that he’s slowing down, getting on now, no spring chicken, winding down, or any of the other self-annihilating phrases that program people to accept a lower quality of life and a shorter span of full vitality.

Mortality is an idea for senescence, in case no one told you.

Prior to that phase, with a proper diet, lifestyle, exercise, and care of the spine the human item should be improving year by year. Immune system stronger, musculoskeletal more fit and coordinated, breathing capacity increasing, mental clarity improving, etc. The whole package – got to believe it’s getting better, a little better all the time…. Just like the people Weston A Price studied back in the day. Very often for them, mortality wasn’t a topic until close to 100, or more.

This hydrogenated GMO V for Vendetta mentality that so many of us have bought into lately is unnatural. Undignified and ignoble. But with 7 billion people on the planet, mass marketing is not so concerned about quality of life or longevity any more. Like Bill Gates says, we can afford to drop 1.5 billion of us right now. He’s fronting for an enormously powerful agenda.

So pop media has made it conventional wisdom to accept the trappings of old age beginning now in the 50s. You had a pretty good run, old boy. Look at all the fun you’ve had…. It’s really sick! Cutting the god-given skein of our life in half. Very perverse.

Those tapped into the chiropractic lifestyle as something more than just a remedy for emergency torticollis or paralyzing back pain have discovered a road map to a better life, however. A life without drugs, disease, and pain. Except for trauma, of course.

But most disease today is earned, don’t you think? Really worked at it for a long time through negligence, inertia, and going out of our way to be completely uninformed in the area of health.

Tone. Homeostasis. The vital spark reorganized. Chase away the encroaching entropy. Correct the pathways of the impulses coming into the brain so that the messages going out will be more accurate. An elegant concept, fully grounded into today’s best biomechanical and neuroscience. [See Section 3 below for more specifics]

Inter-nuts abound in both camps for 2012 prognostication: there’s the Chicken Littles, and also we have the Seers of a Smoothing Out of our recent bumpy ride, globally speaking.

To what extent the cosmic glass is empty or full, what we have much more control of is our own immediate bodily environment:

food quality, hydration, music selection, specific humans allowed into the personal biobubble, spiritual outlook, motion, and supremely important – the intelligent monitoring of the all encompassing neurology by a well-trained tuned-in DC.

These factors will have a direct bearing on the quality and duration of our one and only life – this brief flash on the sublime stage we call planet earth.

And the fragment of that flash called 2012.


2. Enzymes: Key to Longevity

Reached your limit of slothful self indulgence? Or just need to tweak it a little and get back on track….. resolutions, resolutions…..

Wandering through the Disinformation Highway these days it’s easy to become enmired in the slough of Holistic Nutrition, a sub-cave of Alternative Medicine, wherein thousands of self styled experts have somehow uncovered the missing key to your particular unsolved health nightmare, which they will now benevolently bestow upon you…

Sound familiar?

Fifteen years ago it was much easier to navigate that territory. A lot fewer geniuses. Astonishingly, many actually had credentials and years of clinical experience before they began to hold forth on defined subjects within the field. This was before webmarketing took over and the google algorithms were yet to be defined.

I was lucky. I was able to find out that such a thing as Fundamentals existed in this area of let-food-be-thy-medicine… And not just from facebook pages and blogrooms, but in-person classroom instruction from several of the leading doctors in the field. Backed by a wealth of traditional background literature — see website.

I wanted to strip it down, even at that time, to its essentials — the healing program. Natural foods, along with the fewest of the few superlative supplements, out of an ocean of pretenders. We talk about this in the Nutrition seminars.

The most fundamental topic in the whole conversation certainly was Enzyme Nutrition. Its 2 fold application covers:

    – diet

    – supplementation

The subject of enzymes and diet is actually a good screening criterion for whether or not the speaker can spell cat, in my opinion.

Natural nutrient dense live foods hold their own original enzymes intact. Processed hydrogenated pasteurized phenolated dead foods loaded with preservatives, hormones and drugs do not.

The agenda here is shelf life. No enzymes equals indefinite shelf life. Big in the grocery business. No enzymes, no digestion. No digestion, no nutrient value at the cellular level. Worse, maximum clogging potential.

Nothing new about this concept, Royal Lee, Weston A Price, Edward Howell – the pioneers elaborated the fundamentals for us. To come in halfway through the show puts one with the posers – the majority these days, regrettably.

The other half of the enzymes story is in supplementation.

A lifetime of eating enzyme-less foods has clogged the tract and blood. Think of the array of diseases this promotes — about runs the gauntlet.

One solution: Taking enzymes 3x a day for 60 days usually shows a dramatic effect on virtually any health imbalance that involves circulation. Try thinking of one that doesn’t.

The mechanism is separating clogged red cells in the blood. With cells stuck together all the time because of the processed lifestyle, oxygen cannot bind well to the small amount of exposed hemoglobin on the cells.

Making enzymes available 3x a day keeps the cells separate most of the time and able to pass through the capillaries single file. Immediate exponential increase of oxygen delivery, systemic. Also gives the undigested food debris clogging the blood a chance to be broken down and flushed out.

It’s so simple that most MDs won’t believe it on first hearing, for 2 reasons

1. they are omniscient

2. it doesn’t involve drugs they can prescribe

Funny thing though – human physiology has evolved on a completely different track from the drug industry. It can do amazing things on its own – just remove the interference and let thedoctorwithin take over.

That’s what I’m talking about. For the whole story please see Enzymes: The Key To Longevity.



Two live and two online. All CE accredited.


    The Chiropractic Seminar

    The Science of Immunology and Vaccination


    Therapeutic Nutrition and Cell Detox in Your Practice

    Childhood Immunology & Vaccines


The Chiropractic Seminar

12 hours (including technique)

VENTURA, CA – 7 Jan 2012

8 am

Four Points Sheraton – 1050 Schooner Dr

First time in Ventura for this one day event, the focus is to take an unflinching look at what is really happening with our profession today. This provocative nuts and bolts seminar will give the doctor a useful and defensible understanding of chiropractic not readily available to the profession today, with a focus on the communication of these ideas to those who have failed to be cured by other doctors.

We say what everyone is thinking.

The biology of the adjustment

Explaining why patients should care

Discussing neural summation

The adjustment and somatovisceral effects

Explaining altered sensory-motor neurology

Explaining altered biomechanics and disease

Spinal lesions alter brain neurology

Neuroplasticity, genetics, epigenetics

What doctors must know

Explaining what patients must know

Aberrant afferents and disease

Mastering a technique: the art of change

How today’s best neuroscience validates the original ideas of DD and BJ

“Exactly what this profession needs – truth and clarity. Concise and useful.” – Dr M Casey, W. Hollywood

“The energy is fabulous and uplifting.” – C. Siga, DC, Denver

“Inspiring seminar! Glad I brought my staff. Glad to see authenticity return to chiropractic.” – Barcelona doctor

“All fired up – ready to save more lives!” – Dr D Johnson, Denver

“Filled with great data and cautionary tales—strong motivation to read—I feel I’ll get a little crazier!.” – Dr TW, Seattle

“The diversity of information gathered in one seminar, organized in such an understandable way was fantastic!”

“The profession is in great need of this — should be required for all graduates.” – Dr T. Schroeder, Thousand Oaks

“Quite painless… actually informative!” – Dr K Sera, Long Beach

“Refreshing to hear an instructor not afraid to speak the truth…most people validating chiropractic seem very insecure about it — not this doc.” – Dr DC, Fair Oaks


The Science of Immunology and Vaccination

12 hours (including technique)

LONG BEACH, CA – 21 Jan 2012

Back by popular demand – the only full day seminar in the profession that takes an unbiased, fully referenced look at vaccine policy and science. A half day simply wasn’t enough.

This subject has become so complicated and so full of misinterpretation, yet at the same time never more vital an issue than it is now. For parents, what is at stake is the developing immune system of the newborn. This seminar will provide the information necessary to make the most important decision in the life of the child.

Section 1 – Immunoglobulin Production: the Emergent Immune System

Section 2 – Adjuvants, Attenuation, Excipients

Section 3 – Polio and DPT vaccines

Section 4 – Hemophilus Influenzae Vaccine; Rotateq. Effects on CNS

Section 5 – Thimerosal and Neuroimmunology

Section 6 – Measles Mumps Rubella vaccine since 1978. Influenza vaccines.

Section 7 – Shaken Baby Syndrome

Section 8 – Gardasil: Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine


Distance Learning
video series
2 New 8 hour CE Courses:

1. Therapeutic Nutrition and Cell Detox in Your Practice

Course Description:

An 8 hour online video course in some very fundamental issues in the therapeutics of lifestyle alteration and cell nutrition. We discuss the necessity for detoxification in today’s world, the Food Enzyme concept, reflux, and a traditional evaluation of today’s diet choices.

We will relate common diet patterns to pathology, and also discuss the specific pathways of the healing diet, de-mythologizing many common misperceptions. The need for specific chelating of plaque and heavy metals is emphasized.

Genetically Modified foods are present today in 80% of packaged foods in supermarkets. We will define what GM really means. And what the agenda is behind this global experiment in world agriculture and food production.

Here are the topics of the 8 one-hour Sections:

Section 1 – The Need for Detoxification

Section 2 – The Food Enzyme Concept

Section 3 – Enzyme Bioavailability

Section 4 – The Traditional Diet: Classic Simplicity Vs. Popular Misconceptions

Section 5 – Oral Chelation and Chelated Minerals

Section 6 – Introduction to GM Foods: The Biotech Industry

Section 7 – New Practices in Food Production

Section 8 – Corporate Control of Genetically Modified foods


2. ?Childhood Immunology & Vaccines?

8 Hours Online

Syllabus/ Course Schedule

Course Description:

An 8 hour online video course in some fundamental issues of basic science regarding the development of the immune system from the fetal state onward into adulthood. Elements of the formative immune system.

A look at classical biologicals beginning with the historical development of vaccines since the time of Edward Jenner.

We will discuss the history of vaccines and their effects on disease rates in this country during the past century. The original science behind the current Immunization Schedule, along with a discussion of ingredients and adjuvants.

Here are the topics of the 8 one-hour Sections:

Section 1 – The Emergent Immune System

Section 2 – Adjuvants, Attenuation, Excipients; Peanut Anaphylaxis

Section 3 – Human Papilloma Virus: The First Cancer Vaccine

Section 4 – Polio and DPT vaccines

Section 5 – Shaken Baby Syndrome 2012

Section 6 – Measles Mumps Rubella Vaccine since 1978

Section 7 – Hemophilus Influenzae Vaccine, Rotateq Vaccine

Section 8 – Thimerosal and Neuroimmunology


Tuition for live seminar:
$169 in advance, $199 at door — ?Students,General Public $99

Registration: 408 298 1800 or doc[ @ ]thedoctorwithin.com


4. New Vaccine Text:
Vaccination Is Not Immunization 2012

This is the brand new 2012 Second Edition of the book, a complete re-write, not just a reprint of the old book. ??The most reliable book for parents who want to end the confusion once and for all on whether they should vaccinate or not.

If you’ve read an old version of this text, it’s out of date. So much has happened in this field this past year which has not been in media. Quick look:

The Pourcyrous Study: the peer reviewed medical study proving exactly how vaccines cause brain hemorrhages, apnea, and heart damage in infants. ??

The Peanut Allergy Epidemic: how vaccines have been found as the proven cause of over 1 million children hypersensitive to peanuts, now the #1 cause of child anaphylaxis ??-

The new Shaken Baby industry, which can be a cover-up for vaccine injury ??-

The ongoing Autism Epidemic, affecting between 2 -4 million children today and NIH’s refusal to look for the cause

This research is effectively banned from mainstream media. As always though, each fact, each statistic is meticulously documented from the best sources available. The solid references make this information bulletproof.

The vaccine industry today is in a panic. It can no longer keep these secrets hidden. More and more people are learning about the actual physical brain effects on their children, and they’re opting out, signing the exemptions. That’s what all the hysterical new law enforcement of school vaccines is really about. ?

With all the effort it takes to opt out, it’s not the lazy or the uninformed folks deciding not to vaccinate.

Do you even know what Prevnar or Human Papilloma Virus, or MCV4 or DPT – do you even know what these vaccines are? And even if you do, wouldn’t you like to know what the scientists who make the vaccines have said about them, down through the decades? Or are you going to get all your information from the clinic that makes its living selling vaccines, just roll over, and vaccinate your kid?

Takes a little reading but it’s not that difficult to learn the story here. You can read this book in a day or so.

We are shocked to find that many medical doctors know the information in this book and do not vaccinate their own children. But they’ll vaccinate yours. The majority of the endorsements on the back cover of the book are from medical doctors. Here’s one of the most recent:

“It is impossible to estimate the true value of Dr O’Shea’s work. His review of the history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced. ??”… O’Shea has once again blessed us with a resource that will allow parents to make an informed choice, and for medical professionals to take pause at what they had been indoctrinated to believe was valid science and good medicine.”

– David Ayoub, MD, Clinical Radiologist

??The definitive book on vaccines today. Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 2nd Edition 2012


5. Coming up directly!


Orange County, CA – 25 Feb


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