1. Upcoming Seminars: US and Europe
2. New Research: Vaccines As the Cause of Peanut Anaphylaxis
3. Adjusting the 97 year old patient
4. Marketing the Heart Attack
5. Flu vaccine damages AU babies
6. Breakfast of champions


1. Upcoming Seminars: US and Europe



Ventura, CA – 9 Jul 2011
Oxford, England – 3 Sep 2011



Caribbean Sea – 1 Aug 2011
Phoenix, AZ – 13 Aug 2011
Denver, CO – 27 Aug 2011
Barcelona, Spain – 10 Sep 2011
Los Angeles, CA – 1 Oct 2011
Seattle, WA – 15 Oct 2011

All are CE accredited seminars. See Website for location details.

The Denver and Barcelona venues will be over the top: team teaching with Dr Billy DeMoss of the Dead Chiropractic Society! Reserve early — these events will sell out. Not kidding!

Please see links for course content.

Beginning with this week’s Ventura seminar, we will introduce brand new research which now shows the undisputed connection between vaccines and peanut allergies, which are now the #1 food allergy causing death in children. This is breakthrough research and is largely being covered up by most media.

In the Denver and Barcelona events we will talk about what everyone else is thinking but afraid to talk about regarding the present and future of chiropractic. Like for example the unbounded potential of the adjustment, working with the self regulating healing pathways of the human body. Or, for example:

Explaining why patients would care
Explaining altered biomechanics and pain
The unchangeable part of chiropractic
Discussing neural summation
Explaining altered sensory-motor neurology
Spinal lesions alter brain neurology
The formative immune system
Hands on adjusting technique
Mastering a technique: the art of change
Public perception of chiropractic: expectations
Orthopedic, neurological, osteopathic views
Explaining altered biomechanics & disease
The adjustment and somatovisceral effects
Functional spinal lesion or subluxation?
How the adjustment changes the brain

Registration: 408.298.1800 or doc[ @ ]thedoctorwithin.com



Tim O’Shea
reprinted in Spizz magazine, July 2011

Have you ever wondered why so many kids these days are allergic to peanuts? Where did this allergy come from all of a sudden?

Before 1900, violent reactions to peanuts were unheard of. Today over a million children in this country are allergic to peanuts.

What happened? Why is everybody buying EpiPens now?

Looking at all the problems with vaccines during the past decade, [2] just a superficial awareness is enough to raise the suspicion that vaccines might have some role in the appearance of any novel allergy among children.

But reactions to peanuts are not just another allergy. Peanut allergy has suddenly emerged as the #1 cause of death from food reactions, ( [1] p 114) being in a category of allergens able to cause anaphylaxis. This condition brings the risk of asthma attack, shock, respiratory failure, and even death. Primarily among children.

New research in Heather Fraser’s 2011 book The Peanut Allergy Epidemic defines the vaccine connection much more specifically. We now learn that a class of vaccine ingredients – excipients – is more than a likely suspect in what may accurately be termed an epidemic.

But let’s back up a little. We have to look at both vaccines and antibiotics in recent history, and the physical changes that the ingredients in these brand new medicines introduced into the blood of children.

Before 1900, anaphylactic shock was virtually unknown. The condition of sudden fainting, respiratory distress, convulsions, and death did not exist until vaccinators switched from the lancet to the hypodermic needle. That transformation was essentially complete by the turn of the century in the western world.

Right at that time a new disease called Serum Sickness began to claim thousands of children. A variety of symptoms, including shock and death, could suddenly result following an injection of vaccine. Instead of covering it up, the connection was well recognized and documented in the medical literature of the day. Serum Sickness was the first mass allergenic phenomenon in history. What had been required for its onset apparently was the advent of the hypodermic needle.

When the needle replaced the lancet in the late 1800s, serum sickness soon became a frequent visitor to the child’s bed. It was a known consequence of vaccinations. Indeed, the entire field of modern allergy has evolved from the early study of Serum Sickness coming from vaccines…. [continue]


3. Adjusting the 97 Year Old Patient

Malpractice paid up? I know what you’re thinking. Like this time bomb has to go off some time, can it please not be right after this visit….please!

Of course this is negative thinking, defeatist thinking, off-purpose thinking. What is our intention, always, every time? Present time consciousness, reconnect the forces that created this body all those years ago, let the balance be re-set. That’s the direction of intention, get out of the way, let the instrument get out of its own way.

It’s another example of one of those patients whose appreciation for the power of what we do may sometimes be stronger than our own. Ever get those patients? They know what we have, and they know they need it, so boy, you just shut up and deliver… And that’s when you’re reminded once again – this whole thing is bigger than yourself – so much bigger.

So they’re 97 years old, so what? Don’t they still have a spine, and a central nervous system, plus ample opportunity to be subluxated? Who needs an adjustment more? The traps and rhomboids can be very rigid, having successfully guarded the spinal nerves all these years from being compromised by the displaced vertebrae. And infiltrated and crackly and fibrotic, and therefore very responsive to Nimmo receptor tonus/Travell myofascial/ deep trigger points – pick a name. They can take a lot of force into the spasm, but slowly – don’t be in such a hurry. They will release. Slow down. I favor flexion distraction as well, especially for the lower spine. What other opportunity do they have for passive stretching of the relaxed paraspinals?

Always ask about meds. The less meds, the more confident I can be about really doing something. Look in your technique armamentarium – your bag of tricks. Bring out the stuff that really mobilizes and frees the restricted joints. Don’t always go for the placebo just because they’re older than God – isn’t their pain and the value of their life just as important to them as it is with your 30 year old patients? Plus a lot of them are smarter, having experienced real chiropractic – and they won’t go in for the pseudo-adjustments. They’ll tell you right out – I didn’t come here for a petting zoo. Adjust me.

If you do it right, it’s always about gratitude – yours, not theirs. Thanking the universe for sending this venerable survivor to my office today to remind me what a valuable and indispensable service we possess that is offered by no other profession. The limitless application of the chiropractic principle.

Get some!


4. Marketing the Myocardial Infarction

Got a call last week from a doctor from the north country, a guy who was doing one of those old-fashioned liver/gall bladder flushes with the pure olive oil and coca cola. You know what I’m talking about here, right? It’s for people who never heard of the 60 Day Program. Anyway, these flushes have been out there forever and some folks are always gonna be trying them.

So his story was, he never did one of these olive oil flushes before, where you fasted and for several days increased the amount of pure olive oil you took. And right after taking several spoonsful on the third day, he went to bed and woke up with an unbearably sharp and unremitting pain in the abdomen, R side. No chest pain at all, no radiating L arm thing, no sweating, no shortness of breath. Just sharp severe abdominal pain.

So he calls Emergency, they take him away. They never heard of liver flushes, but they had heard of high blood pressure, which of course he’s going to have, being in the throes of severe constant abdominal pain. And of course the CT scan showed arterial blockage of one of the coronary arteries, so the Myocardial Infarct light went on, and everything was pretty routine after that. Within 2 hours they had inserted a stent up through the lower veins into the heart. And the next day he was sent home with prescriptions for 7 drugs totaling over $3000. The usual Practice Guideline cocktail of heart meds – you know the ones.

So the following day the doctor calls me and says he thinks something’s rotten in Denmark. Why, I ask? And he tells me he has no history of heart problems or hypertension and suddenly he’s got 7 drugs to be taking every day. Which are making him feel bad. And now he’s wondering what just happened.

So we carefully retrace the history and find out he never did one of the liver flushes before so he wasn’t exactly sure how he’d react, or even if he were doing the proper doses of olive oil. No history of heart problem. And then the total absence of chest pain, which is a requirement for an actual heart attack. And the nature of the sharp abdominal pain, which is precisely what would result from a blockage of the bile duct, which might have been occluded from a little stone forced into the duct in response to all that olive oil – it’s classic. And then there’s the fact that a true myocardial infarct is the result of irreversible cardiac muscle necrosis following prolonged ischemia – and he didn’t have time for prolonged ischemia, or prolonged anything for that matter. And then considering that many people are found to have partially or even totally occluded coronary arteries on autopsy who never had heart problems their whole lives and died of something else altogether.

And then taking into consideration the absence of any risk/benefit studies showing increased life expectancy following stent insertion. And the average re-occlusion rate following bypass surgery being 2 years. And worse yet the lack of benefit to real heart disease that long term use of standard heart meds has demonstrated in the past 30 years. [See: To The Heart Patient]

We went through all this on the phone call and the doctor had thought about everything and was unsure about what to do about all the new drugs he was now taking. I then advised him to do 2 things:

1. read everything the PDR had to say about each of the drugs he was prescribed
2. Read my entire chapter To the Heart Patient

and then he would have the knowledge he needed to make an informed decision.

Two days later he called backed with a completely different attitude, a changed man. Now he was informed and was very angry, not only at the doctors who had forced this snap course of action onto him, but at himself for letting them. He realized that he had not had a heart attack at all, just a reaction to olive oil. And he had stopped taking all the drugs, and felt great about it. He was even researching the feasibility of having the stent removed!

The lesson here is about Point Of Sale Closing and the desperate marketing of the most dangerous and expensive hospital procedures for the flimsiest of reasons. And you may ask yourself, where on the list of priorities in such a situation does the long term benefit of the patient fit in? In certain situations that are truly life threatening emergency procedures can indeed save lives. But if the hospital’s decision making policies are controlled by the MBAs upstairs and not the doctors making the call, we have a lot of overtreated overmedicated people being churned out by the system.

Or so was the opinion of this older and wiser doctor who was re- committed to the holistic ideal now more than ever.

Know of any cases like this one? Bet you do.


5. More High Pressure Sales:
Flu Vaccine Damages AU Babies

Permanent physical and brain neuron damage in perfectly healthy infants. The same new flu shot that this year contained the experimental H1N1 virus. But unlike the US, the Australian version of the FDA didn’t try to cover it up and subsequently banned the flu shot from the country. Just like Finland, Germany, Czechoslovakia, and many other countries.

“Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Jim Bishop, made the unprecedented decision to ban nationally all the seasonal flu vaccines for the under-5s. Fluvax, the predominant vaccine, was triggering febrile fits in one in every 100 children – 10 times the expected rate. The side-effects, in some cases, were severe, and no-one could explain what had caused them.”

If you read the whole story at

Virus in the system The Australian, 28 May 2011, you will learn the tragic story of some parents who didn’t follow their own instincts to protect their children and who let themselves be persuaded by high pressure sales techniques and threats, and now have to live with that decision. This is not some rare occurrence in far away land, but happens every day right here at home.

Just another member in the If Only I’d Have Known club. But not only must the parent learn enough to know the dangers of vaccines; then they must have the moral fibre to take a stand and exempt the child.

Check out the story.


6. Breakfast of Champions

Chop open 1 coconut
Pour it into blender
Add 2 tablespoons Hydrolyzed Collagen
1 banana
Other fruit to taste
Top off with organic OJ
Blend 30 seconds
Drink the whole thing, while taking Enzymes, Florabiotics, Minerals, Oral chelation

Repeat daily until 100 years old.
Then call me.