1. Measles outbreaks from the vaccine
2. Upcoming Seminars
3. Philosophobia
4. Andrew Wakefield clears the air
5. Mercury Story
6. CalJam 18 Feb.


1. Kids Get Measles from the Measles Vaccine!

Now this isn’t from some wacky anti-vaccine blog. This is coming from the MMWR, which is the CDC’s own weekly publication. Here are 2 examples showing that we’ve always known that vaccinated kids can contract measles from the MMR vaccine itself.

The first instance is from Illinois in which 17 high school students came down with measles even though 99% of the high school got the MMR vaccine. www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/00000359.htm

The other example is almost identical. It took place at a Corpus Christi Texas high school where 14 students came down with measles after 99% of the student population had gotten the MMR shot. And that’s from the New England Journal of Medicine.

Now here’s the part that glib journalists with their AA degrees always leave out. Before 1978, measles was a minor self-limiting immune-building disease of childhood. You wanted your child to get it. Because then they would have lifetime immunity. Then in 1978, the MMR shot suddenly became part of the vaccine package for all kids. 3 doses. Even though the incidence was down by 90% by then.

After a decade or so, many incidents like the 2 cited above began occurring all over the country – groups of kids who obviously got measles from the shot itself. They got the exact disease the shot was pretending to prevent.

Such examples continue to the present.

So what does this mean?

First it means the vaccine doesn’t really work. It doesn’t provide the promised immunity from measles that they’re advertising.

Second, we have the principle of the atypical disease. That’s the term scientists use to describe a disease caused by vaccines. Remember, in all vaccines they never use the actual bug that is associated with the wild disease itself. Instead they use a laboratory mutation of the natural microbe which they make much more reactive, provoking a much stronger immune response. And that’s what’s in the vaccine. So through mass vaccination with mutated pathogens, we are creating brand new diseases that would have never evolved in nature. Atypical versions of the original disease.

So that’s what we’re seeing in these outbreaks. Manmade disease. Iatrogenic. The problem is, the atypical versions are much more dangerous than the original mild version, with far higher rates of death and complication. Everyone knows that adult onset measles is a potentially much more serious disease than the original childhood version.

Worse yet is that the adults who got the original mild childhood version of measles may not now be immune to the brand new Frankenstein version that has been created by our injudicious policy of mass vaccinating for a disease that had been part of building a child’s normal immune system for decades. Get the picture?

All for marketing — a billion$ a year for MMR shots.

With today’s statistics, it’s getting to where your child has a better chance of getting measles from the vaccine than going unvaccinated.

The last idea is this. The unvaccinated have signed exemption forms. That’s the agreement that if a disease breaks out in school among the vaccinated population, you agree to keep your unvaccinated child at home. Why? So you won’t sue them for your unvaccinated kid getting a disease from their vaccinated kids. See how confident they are in their vaccines? Exemptions are all about liability.

Now actually this works out good for the exempt unvaccinated kids. You want to keep kids out of school when these outbreaks occur. Because when the vaccinated kids get this atypical version of measles, it’s a much more serious disease than the old fashioned version. You don’t want your unvaccinated child to be around these diseased kids, who are true reservoirs for disease.

A little different from the way you usually hear that story, huh? Tired of only knowing half the story? See the new book Vaccination Is Not Immunization, also an e-book.


2. Two New Seminars for 2011

The Chiropractic Seminar
The Immunization Detox Seminar

The Chiropractic Seminar was given for the first time in San Jose CA on 15 Jan. Nothing like this seminar is offered anywhere. The focus is to take an unflinching look at what is really happening with our profession today, and to underscore the value of chiropractic care, now more than ever before.

We’ll cover issues of today’s best science: the neurology of the adjustment, effects on patterns of injury, mobility, and also connect with traditional principles. How the adjustment can affect a higher order of biology than just the mechanical. Looking at the physics of the adjustment, neuroplasticity, and issues of genetics and epigenetics in the replicating organism. Chiropractic at the top of the healing arts.

All the stuff below on Philosophobia – that’s what we’ll be talking about. What everybody knows but just won’t say.

We will also review some related health areas, especially in the field of nutrition.

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The Immunization Detox Seminar

starting in Phoenix on Jan 22, is a survey of much of the material from the full day Vaccine Seminar and the full day Nutrition Seminar. In the morning we will cover the new flu shot, the Wakefield issues, the new measles outbreaks, real ingredients in vaccines, the actual science behind them, the reasons for the enormous rise in child vaccines in the past 25 years, and the health effects on young people.

In the afternoon we review issues in Detox and best nutrition in today’s processed GMO world. Special attention to the effects on infants and children. The physiology of the colon, the necessity for minerals, and The Food Enzyme Principle will also be set forth very clearly.

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That’s my word to describe a malady pathognomic to only one profession on earth: chiropractic. In the past we’ve always had destructive influences. But today there seems to be this dark undercurrent from within that is focused on a systematic negation of the profession. In the last year, the threat has become more overt – not just the equivocal, noncommittal attitude towards professional identity adopted by many of our schools and organizations, but now something blatantly evident in the new policies of regulating bodies.

CCE wants to take subluxation out of the profession? Remove the phrase ‘without drugs and surgery’? Or the GCC’s new proposal in the UK to delete philosophy altogether from the curriculum?

What deeper agenda do these recent symptoms reflect? A collective desire to regard the traditional values of BJ and DD as unscientific and cultist, embarrassed to be asking for government grants to advance such a shaky profession…. something like that?

This new faction sees subluxation as a freaky cult phrase that relegates chiropractors to the Stone Age and stigmatizes them as faith healers, or something worse. Doesn’t anyone remember how many decades it took to establish that particular niche in state and federal legal codes? And now we want to throw it away because of the loud musings of a very small vocal minority? And replace it with exactly what?

Got an email today from Europe that illustrates the global nature of this philosophobia:

    “Good morning Dr Tim, yes there are people in our profession like that. I just met one at a seminar in England. He was proud to tell me that his 2 teenage daughters are fine and have no need of chiro intervention since they have no symptoms and that the body is very capable?of looking after itself, and that any other deluded evangelical ideas don’t belong in our profession. He was a BCA board member!”

In my new seminar (The Chiropractic Seminar) we talk about how DCs are the only ones who have any problem at all with the term subluxation. Mainstream medicine, neurologists, medical researchers, orthopedists, medical personnel – they all understand the term perfectly. Always have. Even when it’s used just the way BJ used it. Why would these few loud voices want to pretend it’s a fundamental problem just because they are confused? Wouldn’t be so bad if they kept their doubts to themselves, but now this forgetfulness has infected the students. And that has become a real problem.

Many new DCs graduate thinking that subluxation is an unproven myth, that nerves cannot be affected by locked vertebrae, that their primary purpose in practice is to refer to MDs for a real diagnosis, and that chiropractic is a subspecialty of massage. What professional identity have they got? What special service can they offer the general public that no other profession has, which service would compel someone to walk through their front door? No, I’m serious. Tell us. For $175K, weren’t they supposed to have picked up that information somewhere along the line?

Very instructive that the Subluxation Busters aren’t suggesting any alternatives to the term. How about functional spinal lesion? No, no synonyms. They just want it gone. No defining principles for us, thank you.

Now for the good news. We’ve got what everyone is looking for. We see the failure of the evidence-based medical model collapsing all around us, strapped to the CYA type of health care that focuses not on the patient but upon issues of liability and maximum billed services. People are tired of it and turning to natural medicine in droves. Every year 40% of the population uses some form of remedy outside mainstream medicine, most of it focusing on enhancing the innate healing powers of the body. Sound familiar? Is this really what we want to throw away at this juncture in time? All we need to do to succeed is

1. Learn the story
2. Learn to tell the story

The story of course being chiropractic’s role in maintaining homeostasis and normal bioneurological integrity.

Probably the best kept secret is that the fundamental traditions of chiropractic are being validated and proven by today’s best science. DD’s original notions of energy in motion are being described and explained at the submolecular level by voices like Bruce Lipton, eminent cell physiologist. Many modern scientists are now showing how our cell membranes pick up signals from the internal and external environment through a quantum physics based energy milieu, much faster than the one mediated by the Newtonian acetylcholine-dependent neural pathways. This new science has a direct bearing on the physical effects of adjustment.

As specialists in the field of natural medicine, we have a responsibility to stay abreast of the new information, primarily to better understand the potential of chiropractic care. DD and BJ never claimed to be healers and magicians themselves; they always stated that the DC is only a facilitator – someone to remove interference and blockage so that the unknown regulatory pathways of the body can restore equilibrium. But as more is discovered in these areas, we should make an effort to keep up with the best science relating to our specific skill.

That is the purpose of the new Chiropractic Seminar.

The fact is that there is virtually no disease or illness that will not respond favorably to a combination of good chiropractic care and optimum lifestyle modification. As a profession we are in a position of unlimited value and power in today’s world. Who in this stressful and traumatic world goes through life with no functional spinal lesions? A fair market size, wouldn’t you say? But they’ll never know it unless you tell them. And you’ll never know it unless you find out somehow.

And that’s where DCS comes in. Telling the chiropractic story. There is no doubt, no equivocation, no hesitation. Chaotic though their mission may sometimes seem, DCS has a very clear and well-anchored philosophical and professional identity. People respond to it because the truth has a certain ring to it. See #6 below.


4. Andrew Wakefield Update

Here’s a subject we cover in the Immunization Detox Seminar. Most of us have heard the recent tar and feather action on Andrew Wakefield. There was the flagrant attack this month by an irresponsible slander piece in the British Medical Journal. That rag is really deteriorating by the way, from its former status of legit medical journal to little more than a trade journal / tabloid – a mouthpiece for whatever the pharmaceutical industry wants to say.

Anyway the article that appeared on Wakefield was written by someone with no credentials, scientific or journalistic, and employed the cheapest of unsubstantiated innuendo in order to sell its thin story. Same old thing we’ve heard for the last 10 years – Andrew Wakefield’s original work asking that a possible correlation between autism and MMR vaccines needs further study has now supposedly been discovered to be fraudulent because after 14 years this genius ‘reporter’ has just found out that Wakefield, a world class research expert ‘faked’ his original findings. No new studies, no new science, just new “evidence.” Yeah, that sounds likely.

The scapegoating continued with an interview on Good Morning America last week in which some rude clown named George Stephanopolous, another loudmouth with no credentials, but also no education and no manners, conducted a nonstop attack insulting Wakefield, then interrupting him when Wakefield tried to answer. Seeing media complicity in a smear campaign, you can see how Wakefield’s face was out of focus and distorted, his microphone was turned way down, and also the words coming out of his mouth were deliberately out of sync, so he looked ridiculous.

Anyway, we now learn exactly why practically everything the BMJ said was unreliable, and why they’re so afraid to give this guy any public forum whatsoever. It’s simple. Mainstream medicine is frightened to death to repeat Wakefield’s original work linking MMR vaccine with autism, because they know what they’d find. An unmistakable causal connection, which would mean multibillion dollar settlements for thousands of vaccine damaged children in the past 15 years. Just like what happened to big tobacco in the mid 1990s. So they won’t spend a dime finding out scientifically if Wakefield was right or wrong. Easier to spend millions endlessly demonizing him in media. Because that’s what vaccine sales are always predicated upon: the perception of safety and necessity, rather than anything proven by real science.

In response to all this concerted vitriol against him, Wakefield has come out with this very calm and unshaken response:


Uncovered Documents Prove There Was No Fraud in Lancet Case Series
British Medical Journal and Sunday Times author Brian Deer misrepresent facts in latest articles wrongly accusing Dr. Wakefield of altering clinical histories of autistic children

In a series of articles published in the UK Sunday Times and the British Medical Journal (BMJ), written by freelance journalist Brian Deer and BMJ editor Dr. Fiona Godlee (1), I am accused of altering the clinical histories and test results in autistic children in order to manufacture a novel disease – a disease described in The Lancet in 1998 that Brian Deer claims does not exist. I have documents that confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that I did not falsify this data; that the finding of bowel disease in these children is real; and that these findings were accurately reported in The Lancet in 1998.
The first document (2) describes 7 of The Lancet children and was written by Professor John Walker-Smith in December 1996, 14 months before The Lancet paper was published. Professor Walker-Smith prepared this document in an exercise that, in his words, “was totally unrelated to Andy Wakefield” (3).
This independent analysis was conducted to a high level of scientific rigor, and are the precise findings reported in The Lancet.
These documents were available to Deer and the editors of the BMJ well in advance of their recent publication. (4) They knew… that their allegations against me were false. It is clear that the BMJ acted recklessly by failing to check these facts adequately before making their false allegations.
On the basis of this evidence, the British Medical Journal must retract these articles, or face the consequences.

Learn more:


5. Thimerosal Story

In the Immunization Detox Seminar we talk about the proven relation between thimerosal in vaccines and autism – just the opposite of what you hear ad infinitum in media. Anyway, since pediatricians routinely misrepresent the presence of mercury in today’s vaccines I tell my seminar attendees to go and ask for the vaccine Insert in their local pharmacy– where all the pharmacists have now become phlebotomists so they can all give out the new flu shots. Anyway, here’s a response from one doc who did just that:

    Hi Doc,
    I sent my front desk lady to Walgreens to
    get the vaccine insert papers (with the micro
    font type) on the flu vaccines.
    When my girl asked the pharmacist for the
    info paper, the “health care professional”
    said, “Why? Are you allergic to thimerosal?”
    Thought you’d like that one.
    Dr Tony



6. Billy DeMoss and the Big Event of 2011:? California Jam – Feb 18,19

There is a large organization of DCs based in southern California who have a profound understanding of everything we were talking about up in section 3 above. One of the few left on earth as we know it. Overcoming all odds against every enemy external and internal, DCS is unrelenting and uncompromising in telling the true chiropractic story. Principles are the foundation of any profession. They do not waver and trend with every passing whim that comes along.

Drawing mostly from outside California, the event has become an international venue in the past few years and this February’s convention expects some 2000 participants, both doctors and patients from all over the world. If Obama as the front man for the new corporate organized medicine was planning on annihilating DCs completely, they miscalculated slightly by underestimating Billy DeMoss and the forces behind him. He’s tapped in. It’s way bigger than him. Fuel for the fire, access the Source, the Motherlode – pick your metaphor, but show up February 18 in Orange County and you’ll see what this Big Idea that you’ve been hearing about all these years really looks like.



Excerpts from the vaccine text

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 2010
– Tim O’Shea


An imposing system of disinformation is in place with regard to what parents are systematically told regarding school vaccinations. All they hear is that unless their child gets his shots, he will not be allowed to go to school. This is simply not true.

Mandated means that there are laws about something. Mandatory means you have to do something or other. Two entirely different concepts. Vaccines are mandated, but they are not mandatory, as school officials like to pretend.

No matter what you may read in newspapers and magazines, or what the school nurse may say, in most states your child can get into school without being vaccinated. There are exemptions from
vaccination, in every state. Legally there must be exemptions; otherwise every case of vaccine injury would have an open and shut case. It’s simple liability, and exemptions are their loophole.

There are 3 types of exemptions:

1. All states have a medical exemption. If you can find a doctor who will write a note saying that your child is in danger from vaccines, that signature will be sufficient for lifetime exemption from vaccination.

2. Religious exemption. Several states have religious exemption from vaccination. Some require proof of membership in a formal religion. Others don’t require that you specify.

3. Philosophical exemption. About 15 states presently offer this type of exemption. You just have to sign a waiver stating that you have some unspecified philosophical objection to vaccination, and the kid is off the hook.

For some states, like California, the exemption form is printed on the other side of the immunization records form, and often they deliberately make copies of just the front side. So you have to know about it to ask for it.

People always say, “But they told me they won’t let my child into school without his shots.” Funny thing – even though required by law, it’s almost unheard of for the school bean-counters to inform parents about exemptions, available in every state. You must know about your state’s exemption form before you go in. Then all you have to do is present it. In most cases, once they see that someone is informed, they back down.

Why is this system of lying by omission in place? [268]

More info on text: http://www.immunitionltd.com/books-and-cds.html


Excerpts from newly re-written chapter
To The Cancer Patient: Natural Cures Vs. Traditional

This chapter has been on the site for some 9 years now. I just revised it and brought it up to date. Amazing how the basic physical facts of biopsy, chemo, and radiation have not changed essentially in the past decade. They still don’t usually work, and for the same reasons. But the marketing has improved and people continue to die every year, most not of cancer, but of cancer treatment. In the US today you have a one in 3 chance of getting cancer and close to 100% chance of it affecting your family at some point. So this chapter is certainly worth a look. Here are some excerpts:

To the Cancer Patient: Natural Cures vs. Traditional

When singer Warren Zevon was diagnosed with lung cancer, doctors gave him three months to live. He refused chemotherapy because it would have interfered with working on his last album. He said in an interview, “I didn’t want any drastic alterations in my health – other than dying.”

Warren lasted a year. And he kept right on smoking, till the end. Not exactly a holistic approach, but he quadrupled their estimate without treatment. Using their logic, I guess someone could actually make a case from this that cigarettes are four times as effective as chemotherapy for terminal lung cancer.

Perhaps you too have finally said – No more – whatever happens will happen. You’ve refused further standard cancer treatment because you’ve found out either through research or through personal experience, that for the vast majority of cancer cases, it just doesn’t work. People’s last months are made miserable with no upside.

So there you are, without a net. Guess what? There never was one. So forget the politics of hospitals and insurance. You may feel that they ran their game on you and the required funds were transferred from one account to another in some data base somewhere, and here you are sitting at home looking out the window.

A good warrior must always assess his present position, evaluate his losses and assets, and move forward. So what have you got? Well, you’re alive. Maybe they predicted that you wouldn’t make it this long or else you’ve got X amount of time to live. Who cares? What do they know? You’re no longer on their agenda, so now your calendar’s wide open. You refuse to die on schedule.

What else have you got? Well, you still have some kind of immune system left, or else you’d be dead.


Everybody talks about the immune system, but few can tell you what it is. Your immune system is a complicated system of cells and biological reactions which the body employs to ward off invaders and to prevent its own cells from deteriorating or mutating. The immune system is responsible for recognizing foreign proteins and cells and for triggering an attack against them. The immune system is a never-ending second-by-second check of all your cells to see if they still look like the rest of you. If they don’t, they’re immediately attacked: the inflammatory response.

Most legitimate researchers, including Nobel prize winner Sir MacFarlane Burnet, [22] know that in the normal body hundreds of potential cancer cells appear every day. These defective mutated cells are usually destroyed by the normal immune system and never cause a problem. Cancer only gets started when a failing immune system begins to allow abnormal cells to slip by without triggering an attack on them. Other cancer cells do not trigger the immune response at all because the DNA is not that different from normal cells. Then they begin to proliferate, having lost the ability to specialize. That’s what cancer is. Runaway tissue.

So looking at it this way, a tumor is a symptom, not a problem. A symptom of a failing immune system. (Moss, [22])

Here’s another headline: Most cancers are not found until autopsy. That’s because they never caused any noticeable symptoms. Examples abound: 30 – 40 times as many cases of thyroid, pancreatic, and prostate cancer are found in autopsy than ever presented to the doctor. According to a study cited in top British medical journal Lancet 13 Feb 93, early screening often leads to unnecessary treatment: 33% of autopsies show prostate cancer but only 1% die from it.

After age 75, half of males may have prostate cancer, but only 2% die from it. This means that the immune system can hold many problems in check, as long as it is not compromised by powerful procedures. The body has a powerful ability to encapsulate altered tissue areas, indefinitely.


An astounding feature of the standard high pressure sales job for cancer treatment is when the doctor in his godlike fashion delivers that Wagnerian pronouncement that the patient has X years to live. Very sorry to have to tell you this but you probably have less than a year… Hard to understand why most people would still want to follow any advice from someone who has just told them that. Because what the doctor is saying here is that according to our best estimates, using our best available technology, drugs and procedures, our experience with patients who have what you have puts your life expectancy at …

Defies belief that most people just roll over and comply without any objections whatsoever. Social Darwinism at work again.

What a more logical, thoughtful individual might perceive from such a death sentence is that hey, this guy is telling me what will likely happen if I stick around and do what he says. Time to roll. Time for me to start looking around for a second opinion and see if I can’t find out about some other solutions to my situation that have a little sunnier outlook. Like a cure for example. Or survival. Somebody somewhere must have some better information than this for my little problem – it’s a big world out there.

And this is the type of initiative that leads people to investigate natural cures, programs that don’t include words like terminal and palliative and side effects and expiration date and cell death.

Alternative: the standard sheeplike compliance usually ends up as a self-fulfilling prophecy – they die on schedule.


How can that be true of the #1 cancer treatment in the U.S. for the past 50 years? The plain fact is, no legitimate scientific studies or clinical trials independent of the companies selling chemo drugs have ever proven chemotherapy’s effectiveness, except in a small percentage of very rare types of cancer. For solid tumors of adults, the vast majority of cancer, or anything that has metastasized, chemotherapy simply doesn’t work.

If one is going to even begin to look at the legitimate research regarding the failure of mainstream cancer therapies, all that initial research was done by Ralph Moss, and elaborated very clearly in his two books The Cancer Industry and Questioning Chemotherapy. Even though they were written in the 90s, the fundamental objections to the philosophy behind chemotherapy are timeless. Cancer therapy has simply not advanced in the past 20 years enough to make Moss’ work anything but essential reading for learning about the ongoing problems with mainstream cancer treatment. Moss didn’t really continue his research at that level after that initial effort, but these two books remain as landmarks in the field.

When he was researching his first book, Dr Moss uncovered the shocking research of a German epidemiologist from the Heidelberg/Mannheim Tumor Clinic, named Dr. Ulrich Abel. This Dr Abel did a comprehensive review and analysis of every major study and clinical trial of chemotherapy ever done. His conclusions should be read by anyone who is about to embark on the Chemo Express. To make sure he had reviewed everything ever published on chemotherapy, Abel sent letters to over 350 medical centers around the world asking them to send him anything they had published on the subject. Abel researched thousands of articles: it is unlikely that anyone in the world knows more about chemotherapy than he.

The analysis took Abel two years, but the results are astounding: Abel found that the overall worldwide success rate of chemotherapy was “appalling” because there was simply no scientific evidence available anywhere that chemotherapy can “extend in any appreciable way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancers.”

Abel emphasizes that chemotherapy rarely can improve the quality of life. He describes chemotherapy as “a scientific wasteland” and states that at least 80 percent of chemotherapy administered throughout the world is worthless, and is akin to the “emperor’s new clothes” – neither doctor nor patient is willing to give up on chemotherapy even though there is no scientific evidence that it works! – Lancet 10 Aug 91 [35]

No mainstream media even mentioned this comprehensive study: it was totally buried.


You just found out you got cancer and want to go holistic? Fine. You’ve got one chance. Go for it 100% – diet, detox, supplements, major cardio exercise, eliminate all negative input. Starting this minute.

You can’t have one foot in each world. It’s either holistic or mainstream – no middle ground.

Conventional therapies are so damaging and powerful that to pretend like their monstrous side effects can be easily repaired by holistic methods — that’s idiotic. The body is not a car. So if you want to go holistic do it. But if you want to go mainstream, which is what usually happens, then just do it, but don’t pretend everything is going to be fine when you come out of surgery or chemo or radiation if you just take a few MegaHydrate, etc. This is big business, big money for them — they’re not going to let a couple hundred thousand dollars just waltz out the door. So stop wasting energy thinking you have to learn enough to convince these geniuses that they may be wrong, and there may be another way. It’s not in their professional DNA to even consider an alternative, and definitely they have spent zero time researching alternative treatment. People who choose the holistic path seriously inform themselves, make up their minds, then they unplug their phones and just do it. That’s the real choice here.

Too much work to learn all this? Fine. Forget the whole thing – just write your will and party out, like ol’ Warren. Because if you got cancer in the first place, it’s likely you’ve been overdrawn in the self indulgence department for a long time. Your only chance is to sprint from morning to night, doing every single thing possible to detox your blood, bring more oxygen to the cells, boost your immune system, and generally try and make up for all those years of abuse. Don’t have the energy? No problema – my regards to Elvis.

In his master work, Quantum Healing, Deepak Chopra [23] says that remissions of cancer in “terminal” patients have one thing in common: a major shift in attitude or consciousness.

The internet is overwhelming with promises of holistic cures for cancer. Trying to do all of them together would probably be enough to kill a horse, even though they’re natural approaches. Choose the program that make the most sense to you, that you have access to, and whose representatives give you a feeling of confidence and trust. Then really try the method – do it the exact way the experts tell you, with consistency, focus, and follow-through. Since you’re a patient, be patient.

Don’t just give it your best shot; do whatever it takes – 150%. And daily visualize wholeness and completeness of your entire body. Do the deed.

The time is going to go by anyway.

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