1. Upcoming Seminars: Dallas, Orange County, etc
2. New book coming soon; Vaccination Is Not Immunization
3. Bill Gates and vaccines
4. Goodbye Swine Flu
5. New company for products
6. In office and telephone nutrition consults


1. SEMINARS 2010   Vaccine/ Detox

So far this year the main seminar we have scheduled is the full day Vaccine/ Detox Seminar

Dallas, TX – 20 Mar 10
Orange County CA – 3 Apr 10
San Ramon CA – 17 Apr 10
Montrose, OH – 22 Apr 10
Lansing MI – 29 Apr 10
Oslo, Norway – 8 May 10
Danbury, CT – 15 May 10
Palm Springs – 22 May 10
DCS – 16 Jun 10

I tried this survey-course format last year in Seattle and Denver and it went well. In short, we cover Vaccines in the morning and Nutrition in the afternoon. I summarize some of the most important material from the full day vaccine seminar, with an emphasis on new events, like swine flu as a Boutique Epidemic. We also talk about the history of vaccines, how to exempt a child from vaccines, mercury levels, autism and other vaccine injuries stemming from damage to myelin and cerebral microcirculation, as well as a discussion of some individual vaccines. The current Schedule is compared with that of other countries. Remarks from many world experts in immunology. We are using the vaccine book as the text for the seminar.

Then in the afternoon we turn to Nutrition and Detox and I include as much information as possible from that full day seminar.

We begin with a distinction between natural and processed foods. We talk about the history of the natural diet, and the type of health picture it produced. The crucial topic of GMO is introduced, with excellent resources being suggested: current books and DVDs. We then begin a discussion of the 60 day Detox Program, beginning with the self-evident New West Diet. For the patient in survival mode, or one who simply wants to get back on track, we thoroughly discuss the vital importance of

  • enzymes
  • chelated minerals
  • florabiotics
  • collagen
  • oral chelation
  • megahydrate
  • colon detox

The tools for a complete patient nutrition program are provided.

It’s really a trade-off, condensing this amount of information down to a morning and afternoon. The attendee certainly does get exposed to a wide variety of well- researched, thoroughly documented subjects, all in one day. The inevitable downside is that some important topics in both areas get just a cursory look. After doing both these seminars for so many years, even the full day versions were beginning to cut short certain topics that are extremely important. One obvious example is, the rise of GM foods which has taken over world food production and consumption in the past 14 years. This shocking and monumentally important information is simply not available in mainstream media, with good reason. And so unless the doctors avail themselves of at least an introductory level of resources on the subject, they simply will not be aware why 80% of commercial foods today are Genetically Modified.

But don’t worry, the full day seminars are still available on new DVD sets at the website www.thedoctorwithin.com For the more serious student. I will also be doing the original seminars at certain locations somewhere on earth during the coming year: See website under Seminars.

Most of the seminars above are 12 hour relicensing seminars, including technique for DCs.
Please call office to register for any event 408.298.1800

or email doc@thedoctorwithin.com

for product orders: 915.307.1055


2. New Book Coming Soon

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 2010

This book will be a sequel to the 13 editions of The Sanctity of Human Blood. But it’s a complete re-write that contains critical new information from the past year that is nothing less than vital for new parents in their decision about vaccines. As the the swine flu hype fades out, the real significance of that phenomenon is shown in its proper context: a new pattern has been created now that can strike up a wave of unfounded hysteria right on cue, generate several billion dollars in funding, and then fade quietly into the woodwork. Five times in the past 8 years have we seen this very sophisticated sequence being played out in national media, each time totally successful in garnering the target funds. These issues are then further framed within the larger picture of the enormous new marketing push that has been under way nonstop since 2001 to give more, more, and more vaccines to children. The whole social phenomenon of vaccines today is nothing like it was even as recently as the 1990s. Parents need to know the new dangers of the vaccine industry always putting marketing first and science second. In today’s uncertain world, there is no debate: the child needs every possible advantage in order to have the best chance at a strong immune system. The purpose of the new book is to provide parents with enough solid information to make an informed decision, meticulously cited with a slant that truly promotes education before vaccination.


3. Bill Gates, Vaccines, and Global Population

An amazing event took place last month that was banned from mainstream media but which was well represented on the internet, especially at youtube.com In a very prestigious convention in southern California, Bill Gates rose to the occasion with a PowerPoint presentation that sounded like an out-take from V For Vendetta. You can see it yourself by searching youtube with the phrase Bill Gates Vaccines. Then watch the clip that comes up. Don’t be deterred by seeing the extreme titles that various sites have given the talk– just watch it yourself, very carefully. Then watch it 2 more times to make sure you got it. No kidding, just do it, and then call me and convince me that Gates didn’t just say unequivocally and with no ambiguity that one of the main reasons he just invested $10 billion in global vaccines is that they are one of the 3 chief instruments that will reduce global warming by doing away with 1.5 billion people. I know, I know. Just watch it and tell me I’m wrong.

But I’m not.



It’s over. Don’t miss the latest and final installment in the recent attempt by Big Pharma to unload a completely untested vaccine on the American public for a disease that never existed. The data is all in, but you have to know how to put it together. Don’t miss it! Aren’t you sick of hearing about this shaky subject? You won’t have to read anything more about it ever again. Did all the homework for you in this new chapter.



Beginning this year, thedoctorwithin has turned over all the products and supplements recommended on the site to a new company, Immunition Ltd. We certainly apologize for any delays as we made the transition, but it’s pretty well worked out now.. It has really simplified ordering, tracking and delivery, so the transition was worth it. Books, CDs, DVDs, and supplements will now be shipped directly to you.
To order products please call 915.307.1055, but it’s actually faster to simply order directly from the website. Just click on either Books and CDs or else Supplements, in the left hand column anywhere on the site.


6. Consultations

Many people read the chapters at the site, especially the Last Resort and the 60 Day Program and get new hope that their incurable conditions might not be quite as hopeless as they thought. For those in California, the in-office consult is available, in which a complete medical history and lifestyle analysis is coupled with a specifically detailed application of the 60 Day Program.

For those who can’t make it in, they can do almost as well with the one hour phone consult. Specializing in difficult, confusing, incurable and hopeless cases, these consults are for those who believe they’ve ‘tried everything.” News flash: they haven’t, because they’re still sick. When your doctor tells you there’s nothing more he can do for you, he’s telling the truth. Your misfortune is that he didn’t tell you sooner.

See website for details of both types of consult.