1. DCs: Response to deadly new CCE proposals
2. Last seminars of 2010
3. New chapter on holistic approach to cancer
4. Importance of Vaccination Is Not Immunization


Response to Deadly new CCE Proposals.

This isn’t exactly what we had in mind when we say Subluxation Removal.

The CCE has put just forth some egregious new proposals which threaten the identity of the chiropractic profession and as usual, gave only a few days window to respond. Among other things, the CCE wants to remove the word subluxation from any association with the chiropractic profession. Furthermore, they want to delete any phrase that sets chiropractic apart as a profession that doesn’t use drugs and surgery! Not kidding. The full text of these preposterous new proposals may be viewed on their site www.cce-usa.org

Anyway, here’s my response, which squeaked in under the deadline:

Response to CCE proposals:

  • removing the term ‘subluxation’
  • removing the phrase ‘without drugs or surgery’ in reference to chiropractic practice
  • adding language ‘DCP or its equivalent’ without defining an equivalent degree program
  • removing modifying language from its definition of Chiropractic Primary Care Physician that distinguishes a chiropractor from other types of primary care physicians

What do you think you’re doing to my profession? Twisting it to your transient political expediencies? When was the last time you were adjusted? Think you’re due.

You want to take subluxation out of chiropractic? Let me guess… hmm. Now why would you want to do that? You think this is some kind of freaky cult phrase that relegates chiropractors to the Stone Age and stigmatizes them as faith healers, or something like that. And you don’t want to get any on you, right? That’s usually how this line of retrograde thinking goes. I’ve noticed in the past decades that the weak-minded individuals who subscribe to this particular dilution of primary principles generally have 2 things in common:

    1. they’ve never had a practice
    2. they’re often in some bureaucratic or administrative position, which is their only contact with the real world

Don’t be afraid, little mouses. Subluxation isn’t a cult word. It’s been a well-defined medical term for decades. It doesn’t characterize you as unscientific or anti-medical. Many medical sources defining subluxation are explored in detail in my lecture on Chiropractic Philosophy, including:

    Dorlands Medical Dictionary
    Merck Manual
    Online Medical Doctor
    Free MD
    World Health Organization

to name a very few.

When you start looking at these mainstream science sources and their discussions of subluxation, it quickly becomes apparent that the only ones who ever had a problem with the term subluxation were chiropractors, actually a specific subgroup of non-practicing non-adjusting chiropractors.

Taking subluxation out of chiropractic — wouldn’t that be like taking the drugs out of medicine, or the cream out of ice cream, or the oil out of the Gulf?

Got a question for you guys… maybe you can clear this up for the rest of us here… you went to college all those years, then took all those boards, and got a license, right? And so now exactly what service do you think your chosen profession has to offer to the general public – what unique skill do you now possess that no other profession has that would motivate someone to walk through your door? I’m dead serious here. Tell us.

Oh, you’ve never practiced? Oh, I see. And that makes you qualified to regulate the profession exactly how..??

Chiropractic was founded a century ago by DD and BJ, based on physical and scientific principles that had been undefined up until that time. They defined them. They created a profession based on those principles, a profession which has endured, despite more persecution than any other profession in history.

And why did it survive? Because they were right; their principles proved true. It was a forgotten area – subluxation – displaced vertebrae causing pathological afferent and efferent neurology. And all the millions of patients who have been adjusted all these years — what about them? Was all that just some placebo effect caused by the laying on of hands? Unlikely. Chiropractic voodoo techniques didn’t hit big until the 90s. Before that all those patients were having subluxations cleared by skilled doctors. Real doctors – by law, and by license, and in essence as teachers.

So now you come along and want some kind of revisionist approach here to tell all those patients down through history that they really weren’t cured, that their lives really weren’t dramatically improved. Based on what? How are you now going to suddenly allege this? Have you just completed years of controlled clinical trials proving subluxation doesn’t exist? No? What then? Oh, yes, of course. What usually serves when reason, science, and experience are going to be dismissed out of hand: political rhetoric. Lawyer talk.

Subluxation is disappearing from chiropractic schools and from the profession itself for the same precise reason that philosophy is disappearing. Try and name one other successful philosophobic profession besides us. Why would we be the only profession on earth who not only thinks it doesn’t need a philosophy but is actually embarrassed to have one? Where does that come from?

Removing ‘drugs and surgery’ from descriptions of chiropractic? Why on earth would you want to do that? Only 2 reasons I can see for that.

1. You’re planning on us getting our Big Chance like the osteopaths did when they committed career suicide in the 1960s when they agreed to become junior MDs and sell drugs. Don’t really see that happening, fellows. Don’t see an offer like that in the wings for us any time soon.

2. The other possibility is that a few of your sensitive bureaucratic minds might think this phrase may annoy some of the more rigid members of the medical establishment, is that it? Flawed thinking, again. It doesn’t. Legitimate, experienced MDs are happy to co-exist with drugless, nonsurgical healing professions. Not only are they not threatened, many of them patronize such healers themselves, and also thousands of them refer patients.

As far as the confusion about the phrase ‘DCP or its equivalent’ – that’s really a rough draft of an idea, isn’t it? Really doesn’t have much meaning until you define what you’re talking about – what would be equivalent to the current DC curriculum? We’re almost afraid to ask. But for now, how about just dropping the pretense and desist from using the phrase until you actually have an equivalent. Thanks so much.

The answers to all these problems have already been clearly elaborated in our historical literature. The wheel has already been invented, and has been rolling along quite well, in spite of all these periodic efforts to turn it into a square.

With all the problems our beleaguered profession faces year by year, why are we talking about these absurd non-issues about how we should further limit ourselves, and get even smaller? Let’s talk rather about how we can expand our political position, our professional presence and dynamic. We have the answer everyone is looking for. Patients are dying to hear the chiropractic message. Why on earth would those posing as regulators want to keep it all a secret?

So here’s my recommendation for your astute new proposals, esteemed magistrates and noblemen. Delete them. You should be embarrassed you ever put them in writing. They are negative and reflect death and retrogression. Try something in the opposite direction, something a little less Josef Goebbels. Something about how chiropractic enhances life potential, and human achievement, and mobility, and profound immune reserves, and cell communication, and neuroplasticity. You know, something verifiable. And useful. Try and be useful.

27 Sep 10


Last Seminars of 2010

  • 2 Oct – Orange County CA – The Nutrition Seminar – 12 hours
  • 15 Oct – Palm Springs – Vaccine Lecture 1-3 pm – Vaccination Is Not Immunization – The Gonstead Convention
  • 16 Oct – Ontario CA – The Vaccine /Detox Seminar


Tim O’Shea DC
Best Western Airport, 2700 Hotel Terrace
714 432 8888 – 8 am

Complete Autism chelation program
Cell transport and DNA
The future of nutrition and GMO
Complete patient nutrition program
Cancer in children: DNA error
Nutrition and chiropractic practice
Xenobiotics: bioaccumulation
Learning disability and hydrogenation
DNA transcription: creating the immune system
The only cure for reflux
Colon revitalization
Antioxidants, oral chelation
Nutrient minerals
Type II diabetes
Obesity: the programmed epidemic
Essential Fats: the hidden deficiency
Collagen: rebuilding joints
The heart meds mythology
Allergies: The Threshold of Reactivity
Detoxification from dental amalgams, thimerosal, aluminum, hydrogenated oils, vaccines

Cost: 12 hours CE credit: DCs $169 advance, $199 at door
General Public $99

Registration: 408 298 1800 or
doc[ @ ]thedoctorwithin.com

Course material available on DVD – 2010 vaccine book: $25

Approved for 12 hours by BCE: CAA 1004 5061


(includes technique) TWO SEMINARS IN ONE!

Tim O’Shea DC
ONTARIO CA – 16 OCT 2010
LaQuinta Airport, 3555 Inland Empire Blvd
909 476 1112 – 8 AM

A survey course of the complete full day Vaccine and Nutrition seminars:

Complete Autism chelation protocol
Goodbye Swine flu: false epidemic
2010 Schedule: 68 vaccines by age 18
Exemption laws
HPV vaccine
Germ Theory of disease
New vaccines coming soon
Cell transport and DNA
Nutrition and chiropractic practice
The future of nutrition and GMO
Cancer in children: DNA error
Learning disability and hydrogenation
DNA transcription: creating the immune system
The only cure for reflux
Colon revitalization
Antioxidants, oral chelation
Processed foods and genetic modification
Nutrient minerals
Resolving Type II diabetes
Collagen: cell reconstruction
Allergies: The Threshold of Reactivity
Detoxification from dental amalgams, thimerosal, aluminum, hydrogenated oils, vaccines

“Very up to date … will be able to use it in the office on Monday morning.” Dr Buchkowski, Phoenix AZ
“You are right about pure blood; that is the key.” Ted H. Spence, DDS
“Had to take 204 CE hours all in one year…your Nutrition Seminar was the best by far.” Dr MM
“In 20 years, the best seminar I’ve ever seen…. should be mandatory of ALL doctors!” Dr AR
“Annihilated so many myths about nutrition… info I can really use in my practice.” Dr S., San Diego
“O’Shea’s Nutrition seminar was the first time I’ve ever been glad the state board required CE.” Dr AC

Cost: 12 hours CE credit: DCs $169 advance, $199 at door
General Public $99

Registration: 408 298 1800 or
doc[ @ ]thedoctorwithin.com

Course material available on DVD/audio CD – 2010 vaccine book: $25
Approved for 12 hours by BCE: CAA 0911 4811


Teleseminar on Vaccines 11 Oct at 10 PM

Dr O’Shea will be conducting a one hour online class on the problems with vaccines on Monday 11 Oct, at 7pm PST.

This teleseminar will inform the listener about the egregious number of vaccines being given to children today and correlate that number with the increased obesity, as well as the declining intelligence and lowered immune health so evident in children in this country. With between 2 and 4 million vaccine injured children admitted today, it is critical for the parent to make an informed decision about whether or not to vaccinate. This involves getting information from sources other than those who make a living either selling vaccines or pretending to regulate the industry that does. The sources offered in this teleseminar are not from holistic healing authorities, but rather derive from mainstream medicine, mainstream science, and mainstream law.

Only the parent who has investigated some of the sources cited in this teleseminar can be able to distinguish between vaccine propaganda and reliable information, coming from those involved in the actual manufacture of vaccines. That is the data a parent needs to be able to arrive at a truly informed decision. Anything less is just following the herd, and will likely result in the disquieting level of health shared by most American children today, who are fatter sicker, and dumber than at any time in our history. Time to wake up and take a look behind the daily scripted media, and see if we can’t do a little better job for our children.

No charge for this seminar. Do this some time before the class: just go to [URL removed] and then click on Free Teleclasses then click on Health, then scroll down to Dr Tim O’Shea: Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Then do a simple registration, not long, and then receive an email confirmation telling you exactly what phone number to call or else exactly what URL to go to online to listen to the teleclass at 7PM PST on 11 October.

If you have young children you’re thinking about vaccinating this class is vital!


New chapter on the Holistic Management of Cancer

To the Cancer Patient:
Natural Cures vs. Traditional

I just revised this entire chapter after nine years! Some of it was out of date, but it’s significant that the underlying principles are still fundamental to understanding this huge industry. Cancer is still your number 2 chance of dying in this country, just like it was nine years ago, despite all the cooked figures and twisted claims of ‘advances’ in treatment and ‘success rates’. Learn what these terms really mean, and also why the chemotherapy industry is bigger than ever even though it usually doesn’t work, in the vast majority of cases. Even if people survive it’s usually in spite of the chemo rather than because of it.

I also discuss many of the holistic regimens used by those who refuse chemo and radiation, both the traditional approaches as well as some of the newer versions. You’ll be introduced to this confusing area, hopefully in a way that will save you a lot of time. Most people never look into this field until suddenly they’re confronted with cancer and try to do nonstop websearches on holistic cancer therapies, etc, which can really burn you out after a few days. The field is immense, much of it is trickery, and some of it is legitimate. It’s maddening!

At the one time in your life you need it the most, your immune system will be shattered by standard slash and burn protocols. That is an immutable fact which most people usually learn later rather than sooner. Ever wonder why the celebrities who can afford any protocol known to man don’t last any longer than the average cancer patient at the local county hospital, on average. And they all say the same thing at the beginning: I’m Going To Beat This. And then they don’t, any more often than anybody else. Because money has nothing to do with it – in this case information is the determining factor. And that takes time and diligence and a certain amount of luck – the good fortune to recognize what will work for you, and then the strength of commitment to actually follow through and do it.

So if you or any of your family has just been diagnosed, this chapter can certainly help bring things into perspective at this crucial time. To The Cancer Patient.


Importance of Vaccination Is Not Immunization

This 2010 textbook increases in relevance as time goes by. Did you wonder why after a year and a half shrieking about a disease that never existed – swine flu – and spending billions on a vaccine that was turned down by the American people – this past July they announced that they were burning all the returned vaccines stocks! Why did they do that? Nothing like that has ever happened. Vaccines are generally stockpiled for decades, even though they have expiration dates. This was an unprecedented event, and one that cast more than a shadow of suspicion on the H1N1 vaccines. They were concocted on just 5 weeks – an impossible amount of time – turned down by the American public, and then burned a few months later.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization will tell story after story like this, illustrating how children’s health takes a back seat to political and economic concerns. And then how the data is hidden or destroyed. This explains why today more and more parents – including doctors – are opting out of vaccines for their children.

Making an informed decision about whether or not to vaccinate is arguably the most important decision a parent will make for the health of the child. And the only way to be informed is to get information from reliable sources who are not necessarily making a living selling vaccines. You’ll find some 300 of that type of source in this short easy to read book. Doesn’t your child deserve the benefit of a truly informed decision?

When you were a child, who protected you?

More info: www.immunitionltd.com/books-and-cds.html

“I learned a lot in Vaccination Is Not Immunization and quite agree with the author that no scientific proof exists that any of the vaccines are efficient, useful and safe.”
Françoise Berthoud, MD, Switzerland