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2. New Chapter: Hydration & Dehydration
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The Nutrition Seminar:

  • Long Beach CA – 7 Aug
  • Sacramento CA – 21 Aug

Vaccine/Detox Seminar

  • Phoenix AZ – 11 Sep
  • Seattle WA – 18 Sep
  • Palm Springs – 15 Oct (Gonstead Seminar)



In the Nutrition Seminar we deliver a complete discussion of the 60 day Detox Program, beginning with the no-brainer New West Diet. We begin with the distinction between natural and processed foods, going through the history of the natural diet, and the type of health picture it produced. The crucial topic of GMO is introduced, with some excellent resources being suggested: current books and DVDs. For the patient in survival mode, or one who simply wants to get back on track, these topics are vital:

  • enzymes
  • chelated minerals
  • florabiotics
  • collagen
  • oral chelation
  • megahydrate
  • colon detox

For health care providers, the tools for a complete patient nutrition program are handed around.

If you have taken the seminar before, one big addition to the curriculum is the rise of GM foods, which has taken over world food production in the past 14 years. This shocking and monumentally important information is simply not available in mainstream media, with good reason. And so unless the doctors avail themselves of at least an introductory level of resources on the subject, they simply will not be aware why 80% of commercial foods today are Genetically Modified.

For those who cannot attend, both the full day seminars are available on recent DVD sets at the website

New cities are added all the time: See website under Seminar



Then in the Vaccine/Detox Seminar we will use the morning hours for highlights from the new text book Vaccination Is Not Immunization 2010.

A few of the morning topics:

  • Why 68 vaccines before age 18
  • Autism: an American epidemic
  • Is mercury really gone?
  • Do vaccines work?
  • Why are American kids fatter, sicker and dumber than ever before?
  • The Germ Theory vs. Bioterrain Theory of disease
  • Doctor as caregiver or agent of the state?
  • Exemptions laws: why more parents take the easy way out
  • What is Prevnar?
  • What is Human Papilloma Virus?
  • When will the next false pandemic be created?

In the afternoon we will do as much as possible from the full day nutrition Seminar, focusing on the essentials of the 60 Day Program.

Most of the seminars above are 12 hour relicensing seminars, including technique for DCs.

Please call office to register for any event 408.298.1800 or email doc@thedoctorwithin.com



New Vaccine Book: Vaccination is Not Immunization – 2010

Dear Concerned Parent,

Do you have doubts whether vaccines can really protect your child from illness or disease? Do you worry that your child could become autistic, or develop asthma, allergies or even a fatal childhood disease?

Well then, what you’re about to read may come as a shock. It did for me when I first began to research vaccines and their effect on the body over a decade ago. Hundreds of hours of digging into the medical literature and checking the facts compelled me to speak out.

Much of what I discovered was in conflict with the way most of us are taught to care for our children. Let’s face it — most parents agree to have their newborn child vaccinated and believe it is the right thing to do. That child goes on to receive numerous vaccinations year after year up through their teens. All the while you, the parent, continue to think you’re doing the right thing.

Well. . .as it turns out, it can be a huge mistake. Read More…

Buy Now



Hydration & Dehydration: Two Litres a Day

Should the importance of hydration dawn on an individual to such an extent that he actually decides to attempt it – the 2 litres per day recommended in the 60 Day Program – here are some likely expectations:

It stands to reason that the chronically dehydrated human body cannot recover in one day, no matter how much water is imbibed. The cells will simply resist it, bereft of hydration for so long, unaccustomed to normal absorption. Think of a parched desert arroyo, suddenly flooded over from a deluge of stormy weather. What happens? Flash flood. The water simply can’t penetrate the long-dessicated surface right away, and rolls off like water off a duck’s back.

For someone beginning hydration as part of the 60 Day Program, the 2-litre goal may be difficult to achieve during the first week. The cells are simply not used to all this water. But whatever it takes, just keep drinking as much as you can, every day. After several days, intake will become gradually easier – less resistance, less that feeling of bloating.

Once it becomes comfortable to actually drink 2 litres each day, the challenge then becomes maintaining it day after day. Mainly a question of convenience: some planning will obviously be required, to accommodate travel schedules, etc.

After the second week, an odd thing happens: one experiences occasional dry mouth and thirst even though he’s taking in an unprecedented amount of water. What’s going on? This is still more evidence of the distinctness between thirst and hydration: two different things entirely.

Such a phenomenon can only be seen as the body’s confirmation of its true state of profound dehydration – years without meeting the body’s demands for intra and extracellular water content. Sensing a continued availability now for the first time, the water conservation systems can finally begin to relax as all the cells begin to receive the normal amount of water they have been denied for so long. Now the dramatic health changes can really begin to be come on line.

By the third or fourth week, it’s smooth sailing. This is when the potential for healing really becomes evident. Chronic problems with digestion, circulation, adrenal imbalance, nervousness, – on and on – what isn’t influenced by adequate hydration? The body is 75% water.

The most significant danger of dropping out of the program seems to occur during the first 2 weeks. Often it’s an unwillingness to schedule the water intake outside of commute times. An astonishing proportion of people either believe themselves or have been told by some physician that it is imprudent to “stress” the kidneys and bladder in this way, making so many trips to the bathroom, etc., or something equally ludicrous. Or the greatest delusion of all – the standard HCT myth of modern cardiology, correlating high blood pressure with “too much water in the blood.”

Most disconcerting the way that flagrant contradiction is commonly accepted without objection by generation after generation of heart meds patients. The old water content/viscosity index: standard hydraulics. Which is harder to pump, blood with more water content or less water content? Thicker or thinner blood?

Since its inception, the 60 Day Program has always made the general recommendation of adequate daily hydration, without going into much detail about it. But with the additional knowledge now of the alkalized, low molecular size water, coupled with specific directions on how to really discipline oneself to a 2 litre daily intake – these modifications have boosted the healing value of the 60 Day Program to new heights. Health changes that may have been good with the 60 Day Program alone may now manifest as truly dramatic quantum improvements. Life changing.

It’s a question of degree – common sense tells us that adherence to these simple principles of overall cell nutrition even slightly — of course it’s going to have a salubrious effect, usually a vast improvement over the previous life. But rigid and disciplined adherence to the hydrated 60 Day Program – well, who will put limits on what something like that can accomplish, no matter how immune suppressed, how diseased, how run down the individual is?


Spinal Discs

Which appear thin and worn on X-ray are sometimes described as dessicated – dried out. For anyone undergoing flexion/distraction or spinal decompression therapy for disc problems, this simple type of hydration as described above can enhance the therapeutic efficacy exponentially. Particularly if collagen supplementation is also included. [See Collagen chapter]

Chronic Skin Disease

Eczema, acne, psoriasis, cracked, dry, loose skin – most patients have tried a variety of ointments, lotions, steroid creams, etc., usually with mediocre or no long term success. The reason is simple: true hydration is an inside-out job. Superficial topical applications cannot effectively hydrate the intra and extracellular spaces of skin cells. Period. Worse, the majority of skin care products contain waxes and sterols which give the illusion of smoothness but do so by actually sealing off the pores of the skin, thereby exacerbating the long term inflammatory problems by blocking the 2 most important requirements for healthy skin: air and water.

A few of the better skin products actually benefit the skin, but a much more effective approach is hydrating the skin cells from within by drinking 2 litres of water a day. After a few weeks of this daily flooding with the highest quality water, the skin cells become replete with their maximum water content. Couple with hydrolyzed Collagen, the skin will generally become noticeably thicker in a few weeks. Not rocket science here. Just not drug science.

Kidney and Bladder

Proper hydration may have a dramatic therapeutic effect on chronic kidney and bladder problems, especially if the patient has been on protracted medications for these conditions.

Kidney function diminishes after years of a diet loaded with refined sugars and hydrogenated snacks. In their constant struggle to maintain blood pH against a flood of acidifying food and drink, the kidneys cells – nephrons – experience rapid aging. As they weaken, their ability to clean the blood slows down. If imprudent diet choices persist, the work backs up. This happens slowly and subclinically: jaundice only comes much later.

Once they fall behind, the kidneys may never really catch up with the ongoing toxic load coming in every day. And a slow, downward spiral ensues. Couple this with the additional handicap of dehydration of the kidney cells themselves and the result is chronic kidney disease, leading to eventual failure. The ninth leading cause of death in the US, according to the CDC, 2009.

Another compounding factor will present if the patient is also on diuretics for high blood pressure. More and more demands are put on the already overworked kidneys, which are handicapped further by the increased blood viscosity – thicker blood.

In advanced cases, water intake must be increased very gradually because the kidney cells are so weak and overstressed. But if the trend is constant – daily increased hydration – and decreased intake of processed trash – kidney disease can begin to resolve, slowly and gradually.

The biggest obstacle of all actually seems to be finding out something like this is possible, especially if long term medications are involved. Pop quiz: do nephrologists ever say the drugs are going to cure you and you can stop taking them? Not likely. Remember, medical personnel are not trained to cure these types of problems. Their training is consistent across the board, with one common focus: sell as many drugs as possible. Most common sense solutions lie outside their ken.

Bladder Problems

Are much easier. Usually it’s an issue of muscle atrophy – disuse of the detrusor muscles of the bladder. Frequent tips to the bathroom at night are self-perpetuating. The slightest urge and up you get. With no opportunity to fill and thereby tone the bladder muscles, they become weak and thin. Coupled with a dehydration of the muscle cells, we see another downward spiral.

The introduction of high end water into this patient’s life is the most logical solution, for several reasons. Obviously more water will be available to hydrate the detrusor muscle cells, setting them up to strengthen. Waiting longer and longer to void the bladder, will slowly build muscle tone. Now we have an upward spiral – the stronger the detrusor muscles become, the more the bladder can hold and the less the feeling of urgency. Don’t worry, it’s not going to burst. Sleep improves – upward spiral – all things move toward equilibrium.

If the 2 litre goal can actually be attained in these chronic degenerative kidney and bladder cases, together with the clean diet, the patients may reclaim a normal drug-free life, for the first time in years. Easy-peasy. Again, the hard part is learning all this is possible, and then actually doing it. Chance of success will be significantly enhanced if one includes the 60 Day Program, and uses the best possible alkalized, low molecule size water. [The 3 Attributes of Water]

Colon Disease

As the #3 type of cancer in the US, colon disease has reached epidemic proportions in this country. The primary excuse for these numbers is lack of knowledge about how this important organ works. The physiology of the colon is thoroughly covered in the Colon chapter, with simple instructions on clearing out years of layered sludge, and re-establishing normal probiotic vitality and immune function. Of course, a prerequisite is to stop loading up on the same unmetabolizable junk that brought on the problem in the first place.

Including the 2 litre hydration to the program will facilitate the elimination of the dislodged pieces of sludge, obviously. But an even more useful effect of new hydration may be the cleansing and re-vitalizing effect on the mucosal cells of the gut lining, as well as the muscles cells of the colon. The result will be a strengthening of overall peristalsis and providing a hospitable environment for the proliferation of normal flora throughout the tract.

Again, far and away the best results are seen with the use of the best water possible, which today is alkaline, low molecule sized water, as explained under The Three Attributes of Water under Chapters.

There is a machine for the home that can provide these 3 properties to your water supply at home that makes it far better than the unregulated bottled water you’re dragging in every week. For the few cases that are slow to respond to the 60 Day Program, provided they’re actually following it, of course, this alkalyzed water is the crowning touch, the missing piece of the puzzle. Anyone in San Jose can get this water for free from my office. Anyone who wants to learn about the machine should contact Dr George at 818 209 6817.



More Idiotic Things Doctors Have Told My Patients: Looking for horror stories – share your experiences!

I’ve finally decided to organize and keep track of some of the hundreds of scary stories I keep hearing in my practice, my travels, and in doing so many phone consults. The world needs to hear this stuff, and it’s definitely not going to be on Montel or Howard Stern!

I’m sure you all have some examples, maybe even wilder than these. So this is an open solicitation to share them with the world — just write them up and email them to me. Short version please.

I’ll start you out. Here’s a couple recent ones:

Incredibly Idiotic Things Doctors Have Told My Patients

Story #3312
I recently fell off my horse and sustained a Colles fracture of my R. wrist. Seeing the bone so obviously displaced, I grabbed it and forcefully set it myself, on the spot. Didn’t hurt then, but two hours later…oh boy! So, wanting to get a professional opinion, I consulted 3 orthopedic surgeons in the next few days. Their only difference was the length of the permanent scar their major reconstructive surgeries were going to leave– ranging from 7 inches to 15 inches! One wanted to do screws, another pins, and the third an entire plate! Now for the bad news: the cheapest one was gonna be $50 grand! My decision was to do nothing, except ice and palliative laser. Result: after 3 months I have complete range of motion, normal callus formation and no pain. If I had done it their way I probably would have had to give up my life work as a dressage instructor.
What do these guys study in school anyway? Hustling 101?
What happened to First Do No Harm?
— KF, Menlo Park

Story #3313
A patient came in with a simple case of right sided sciatica, caused by an obvious foraminal encroachment at L5, clearly visible on plain film. The reason he had come to me is that he had first visited Kaiser, who told him their first recommendation was rhizotomy! That’s right: severing and removing the nerve root because of radiating leg pain. This didn’t sound quite right to him and the patient wanted to get a second opinion. So he came here. After 2 weeks of chiropractic of course he was completely out of pain and was under care for full spinal correction.

Anything like this ever happen to any of you?? Submit stories to doc@thedoctorwithin.com