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1. The Survival of the Informed
2. Upcoming Seminars
4. Children’s book
5. Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization: HPV Vaccine
6. Chemotherapy



This is no longer the Information Age. Since ghost written op-ed cut-and-paste techniques took over the arena of the written word more than a decade ago, we now live in the Information Overload Age. The

Public Relations empire described in The Doors of Perception has perfected the inculcation of assigned opinions onto the public consciousness.

Their clients – the global corporations – maintain entire divisions of staff whose task it is to flood the information superhighway with one neatly written prêt-a-manger piece after another, one false ‘grassroots’ site after another, one subsidized op-ed junk science article after another, all with the unified purpose of creating conventional wisdom in any area involving huge economics.

Wikipedia is one small example, posing as a public forum with its “open editing” but in reality strictly censored by editors hired to ensure that the public is properly guided. Such sites are obviously unreliable as sources.

The phony sites are not that hard to spot if one just takes a second look. Things to look for include slick-looking homepage, no depth to the site, articles all very short and to the point, written in the same monodimensional style, absolutely no references, no contact info, with predictably uniform points of view on any subject relating to the

Big Four:

    – health and medicine

    – oil

    – war and national security

    – food and nutrition

Same thing in the ‘news’ media. The flood of newsready articles coming in daily from the corporate thinktanks is so tempting — an article may appear under a nonexistent author’s name as hard news, or else a columnist can just easily pop one of them in and submit it under his byline. I’m a little busy today… plus it’s as good as what I would have written anyway, so…

Happens every day. V for Vendetta wasn’t even close.

More than $12 billion annually is spent in this PR industry – the Science of Misdirection. For a more complete look at how organized media really works, refer to The Doors of Perception.

This is the sea of mud in place today that we all face when trying to obtain accurate knowledge in any area of vital importance. The bias of academics, the cleverly posed slogans and mantras that pass for information – a websearch turns up hundreds of articles that share the same homogeneous opinion, each claiming authority.

It is working better than great.


The power of such a system is exemplified very clearly in the field of vaccines, and ‘what everybody thinks’ about them. In the past year, the industry’s efforts seem to have redoubled, for no apparent reason. We can think of it as the result of a typical marketing blitz, a periodic surge. Organized medicine can always use a few more billions.

Here are some of the common falsehoods which most people believe, which can easily be unseated, and which are manifestly detrimental to human health and immunity:

    The child must be vaccinated to attend school
    Outbreaks of old fashioned diseases occur mainly in the unvaccinated
    Vaccines promote immunity in the child
    Vaccines are safe
    Vaccine do not cause brain injury
    If we stop vaccinating, old diseases will return
    Germs cause disease
    The unvaccinated are a reservoir for disease
    The unvaccinated do not contribute to herd immunity
    Herd immunity is conferred by vaccines
    The unvaccinated are getting a free ride
    Vaccine exemption laws weaken the society

Because of ceaseless programming, not only do most people – even semi-intelligent ones – subscribe to the above myths, but worse, they seem willing to have laws passed which will legislate these scientifically untenable positions onto the rest of us.

Case in point: the recent legal catastrophe in Washington state, where the governor just rammed a bill through the state legislature that has eliminated the philosophical exemption in that state. The real issue wasn’t even the debate over whether or not vaccines are safe. Rather, it’s a constitutional right that the citizens of Washington just lost, and most of them are happy about it!

Ever since vaccines have been mandated in the US, it is the parents who have always had the right to decide whether or not their child will participate. It takes months of agonizing research in most cases to de-program oneself of a lifetime of conditioning, and then a modest amount of moral fibre to actually take the initiative to sign the exemption paper and free up the child’s formative immune system from being an experimental petri dish for whatever neurotoxins the FDA decides to mandate that year.

And now people want to say – no, parents don’t have that right. It is the government who should have total jurisdiction over the bloodstream of its citizens. Even though the vaccine decisions are made by bureaucrats, not doctors. This is not a dramatization, but an accurate account of what just took place in WA state. [4] Sailing through with such little opposition, it is likely other states will follow suit in the near future.


With such enormous effort required to break free of the common conditioning, the chances for the infant’s unmodified immune system to be allowed to develop are becoming slimmer as time goes by. People don’t read – really read, at the level of rational discourse and abstract thought, enough to find out the facts. Vaccines alter DNA. That is incontrovertible; the manufacturers state it. And vaccines are also immunosuppressive and neurotoxic in the infant, who is not born with an intact immune system, or a complete central nervous system.

Deficiencies of immunity and neurological formation, as well as DNA alteration will certainly handicap vaccinated humans in the long term, preventing them from replicating the strongest progeny possible. Multiply that trend by a dozen generations: epigenetic de-evolution.

Social Darwinism.

Or looking at it through the other end of the telescope, Natural Selection will now favor the Survival of the Informed. Nature will be obeyed.


2. Two New Seminars for 2011

The Chiropractic Seminar

Las Vegas, NV – 21 May

Denver, CO – 20 Aug

Barcelona Spain – 10 Sep

No more equivocation, OK? What are they trying to do to our profession? Either chiropractic is a real and vital profession or it isn’t. What special skill does the chiropractor have to offer that no other profession can provide? Why do we seem afraid to talk about it?

This nuts and bolts seminar will give the doctor a useful and defensible understanding of chiropractic not readily available to the profession today, with a focus on the communication of these ideas to those who have failed to be cured by other doctors. Looking at the biology of the adjustment, neuroplasticity, and issues of genetics and epigenetics in the replicating organism. Chiropractic at the top of the healing arts. Why the ‘leaders’ don’t know it. The sequence must be knowledge, skill, intention, results.

The Chiropractic Seminar is new this year. Nothing like it is offered anywhere. The focus is to take an unflinching look at what is really happening with our profession today, and to underscore the value of chiropractic care, now more than ever before. Why are there some docs with a hobby practice and others with rocking practices both in the same town?

Other lecturers offer the pieces of the puzzle, but here we connect the dots. I will say what others are afraid to say. Correct me!

Did a certain school just go out of business recently because its graduates were never introduced to the idea of subluxation because the teachers weren’t allowed to present anything other than Core Strengthening as chiropractic technique? Tell me that didn’t just happen.

We’ll learn how today’s best science is validating chiropractic’s traditional principles, fundamentals which are being vilified by many voices within the profession. How the adjustment can affect a higher order of biology than just the mechanical.

Learn that there is a story. Learn how to tell the story.

We will also review some related health areas, especially in the field of nutrition.

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The Immunization Detox Seminar
Akron, OH – 30 April
Pittsburgh, PA – 5 May
Philadelphia, PA – 7 May
Ventura, CA – 9 July

In Pittsburgh, the 8 hour seminar on vaccines is split into two sessions: 1PM and 7PM. Each part is $10! Each session is about 4 hours. It will be held at the Clarion Hotel (formerly the Green Tree Holiday Inn). Call 412-922-9355 or go

A survey course of the full day Vaccine and Nutrition seminars:

– Complete autism chelation protocol
– Vaccine exemption laws
– Immunosuppression and vaccines
– Exemption laws in your state
– 2011 Schedule: 68 vaccines by age 18
– The new flu shot: with H1N1
– Mercury and aluminum in vaccines
– Germ theory of disease
– HPV vaccine for 12 year olds
– Nutrition and chiropractic practice
– The 60 day program
– Learning disability and hydrogenation
– DNA transcription: creating the immune system
– Colon revitalization
– Processed foods and genetic modification
– Collagen: Cell reconstruction
– Detoxification from dental amalgams, thimerosal, aluminum,
– hydrogenated oils, vaccines

Today it’s getting harder and harder to cover up the truth about vaccines. Now in its 10th year, this is the only full seminar in the profession that takes a reliable look at vaccine problems.

“A careful collection of irrefutable facts.” Hans Raible Esq.

“You are right about pure blood; that is the key.” Ted H. Spence, DDS

“Annihilated so many myths about nutrition…info I can really use in my practice.” Dr Fred, Seattle

“Had to take 204 CE hours all in one year…your Nutrition Seminar was the best by far.” Dr. MM

“First time I’ve ever been glad the state board required CE.” Dr. AC, Las Vegas

“In 20 years, the best seminar I’ve ever seen…should be mandatory for ALL doctors!” Dr AR

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Wow was I stupid! I thought the CCE had back-burnered the whole down-with-subluxation campaign because of the flood of adverse response from the profession, most notably in the laserlike dissection evident in literate articles by Gerry Clum and Chris Kent and James Edwards, etc.

But hey, they’re just getting started. Looks like this is gonna be a fight to the death. So be it.

In the headliner in DC 9 April 11 – CCE Revisions Finalized… they just rode roughshod over the best minds of the profession. What they are proposing runs diametrically contrary to positions in which all of the major chiropractic organizations, regulating bodies, and even the schools have been in agreement on for the past decade regarding the definition, nature, scope, and application of chiropractic.

OK, so this tiny group of extreme voices representing some very focused pro-medical agenda suddenly has these radical new ideas about the chiropractic profession, makes a show of a public suggestion of the new ideas by calling them “proposals,” pretends to ask for feedback, cuts off the channels for any opposition to reach them directly, pays lip service to the feedback that is voiced in mainstream chiropractic venues which they cannot silence, and proceeds then to jackboot their new pronouncements into reality starting in 2012. The Nietzsche/Schwarzenegger will to power, is that it? …We have the power to do this, and we shall do it…

Getting the picture.

Somebody tell me I’m exaggerating here, overstating, hysterical. Go ahead.

So now as of 2012, chiropractic accreditation will be radically altered by the new revisions, without appearing so. That is classic Edward L. Bernays/ Josef Goebbels orthodoxy – state that radical degradations of original principles are nothing more than necessary, routine improvements:

“… essential responsibility of an accrediting body to continually monitor and improve its effectiveness and thereby provide a means to ensure continuous quality improvements in its accredited programs and institutions.”

Huh? Anyone want to diagram that sentence?

Responsibility? To aggrandize their own position above all else? Wherefrom does that proceed?

So by now I guess we all know that there’s an effort afoot to polarize the profession into a medical- subspecialty type of position. Kind of the opposite thing that was happening back in the Chester Wilk days when they were out to just plain annihilate us. Remember any of that? But is what they’re trying to do now really so different — a kind of annihilation by dilution..?

In the new accredited seminar (The Chiropractic Seminar) we take an unflinching look at the essence of chiropractic, from a historical, legal, and philosophical point of view. DCs who already got the message long ago will benefit from re-affirming those principles, by being forced to define them, in light of the current attacks from so many sources. Recent graduates may be hearing the information for the first time – finally perceiving that they have been licensed in a profession that actually has value. And if they really pay attention, a profession that saves people enormous amounts of money, resolves entrenched physical afflictions, cures the incurable, and many times, saves lives.

Now before we start pitching the bigtop here and breaking out the kool-aid, let’s have a story. This just happened this week, in my office. But it happens every week, in offices all over the world. Coulda been your office.

Patient comes in, let’s call her Lisette. Computer profession: IT. And 10 years ago her right shoulder locked up after the tension in the upper back became unbearable from mousing and keyboarding 12 hours a day. Developed a true frozen shoulder syndrome.

So the orthopods ran their usual game on her, ignoring the basic anatomy and biodynamics of the joint capsule – drugs, then steroids, then surgery, followed by “rehab.” Then apparently one of the PTs in “rehab” was feeling peculiarly Cro-Magnon one morning because the fibrosis of repair wasn’t jiving with his Powerbars or whatever, things were just moving a little too slow, no pain no gain, and this monkey ripped the inflamed biceps tendon. Traumatizing the healing post-surgical condition, that little maneuver worsened the condition to a new low — much more painful and restricted than the original injury, obviously.

So after a few months more of shake-and-bake, the shoulder is twice as frozen as originally except that now the pain is constant, even when the joint is at rest. Drugs have no effect. Predictably, the geniuses then pull their remaining rabbit out of the hat and decide that a second surgery is necessary. They go in, find the biceps tendon avulsed, staple it back together, clean out some incipient arthritic spurs and sew her back up. Ignored the joint restriction altogether, which by now was exponentially exacerbated by all this overlying iatrogenic trauma.

A year passes. Perhaps a 5% improvement since the time of surgery, which is still a much worse condition than her original complaint before the first surgery. And now the geniuses are reading their next lines in the standard script: psychological evaluation. Because after all her pain really couldn’t be that bad after she’s had the best medical care possible, right? Let’s be realistic…

So Lisette comes in and tells me the history. Unshocked by the too-typical story, I do the standard workup and X-rays of the spine and shoulder. Lisette could not raise her arm above 45 degrees. Extreme reverse curve with scoliosis at C5, rotated C2, involved shoulder an inch and a half higher than the other one – you can imagine the rest. Cervical rotation was 25% of normal, bilaterally.

After 3 weeks of adjustments to the neck and shoulder, her cervical ROM was normal in all arcs. Pain was intermittent slight to moderate. The remaining problem was shoulder mobility. Now I’m not great at frozen shoulder, but I’m good. I’ve seen some DCS fix a longstanding frozen shoulder in one visit. I’m just a plodder, in that regard. Nevertheless, the shoulder improvement was like this: when Lisette first came in, she could not raise her arm above 45 degrees in any arc.

After 3 weeks of adjustments and joint mobilization, she was able to raise her hand on the injured side over her head to 90% of normal. The two failed surgeries slowed us down a bit. I think we can still improve even more. Recovery might have been faster but I forgot to mention, Lisette was only able to come in twice a week.

Such a story is certainly nothing special in our profession. Each of us has any number of similar tales to tell, and these patients come in so often that we don’t have time to keep track of them and document the recoveries, right? So it mostly falls into the area of anecdotal. But the point here is – is this patient grateful? Has she gotten her life back?

Has chiropractic treatment demonstrated its vital importance? And empirically, what percentage of cases like this find their way into the office of a competent DC who knows that whatever techniques he employs will likely be logarithmically better than the alternative? Very few, very very few. What happens to the majority? They never learn of a competent DC, or even about chiropractic at all, and they disconsolately chalk it up to “the hand that I was dealt” or some other such nonsense and accept a lowered quality of life for the duration.

It’s the tragedy of our time, is it not: at the one moment in history the need for traditional chiropractic is the greatest, our flame seems to burn the faintest. If words like universal intelligence and innate intelligence frighten you, then call it reducing the functional spinal lesion, or restoring neuromuscular and biophysiological integrity, or correcting the afferent data from aberrant mechanoreceptor feedback normalizing cortical neuroplasticity… – hey, call it Bob for all I care. Let’s just not pretend like it doesn’t exist because some group of boy scouts somewhere wants some new merit badges to hang on their walls, and be able to say in their little private victory parties – look what we had the power to make them do.

Is this paranoia? I think of that one line out of Strange Days: Paranoia is just reality on a finer scale.

This is an example of the issues that come up in The Chiropractic Seminar, an accredited full day course, itinerary seen at


5. Excerpts from the vaccine text

Vaccination Is Not Immunization


It was inevitable. In the post 9/11 marketing frenzy questing for more and more bugs and diseases to make vaccines against, what could be a more promising candidate than the second highest cause of death in the US?

Cancer of the cervix has been on a gradual upswing during the past 3 decades, now affecting some 12,000 American women, 4,000 of whom die each year. In the 1970s, herpes simplex virus was proposed as a possible cause, but that hypothesis was soon abandoned after epidemiological studies proved inconclusive. In the 1980s the next candidate suggested as the missing link was human papilloma virus. [279]


Now in any cancer, we’re talking about a normal cell that mutated and then began to make copies of itself, unchecked.

The creators of the HVP/cancer mythology are pretending that the HPV came along, attacked some normal cells and mutated those cells and caused them to begin replicating themselves out of control – cancer. And that this is happening on a mass scale even though we just discovered it. And worse, that a vaccine can neutralize that type of attack on normal cervix cells.

Scientifically, what they’re proposing is ludicrous.

Few scientists have a better grasp of the proposed virus/cancer model than Berkeley’s Peter Duesberg PhD. In tracing the history of the HPV/ cervical cancer story, Duesberg explains why HPV is such an unlikely cause of any cancer:

“no set of viral genes is consistently present or expressed in human cervical cancers. [279] … HPV does not replicate in the cancer cells.“

So if the mutated cervical cancer cells are not mutating because of abnormal viral genes being spliced into a normal cell, how could HPV be causing this cancer? Duesberg again:

“the “hit-and-run” mechanism of viral carcinogenesis was proposed. It holds that neither the complete [virus], nor even a

part of it, needs to be present in the tumor. Obviously, this is an unfalsifiable, but also an unprovable, hypothesis. [279]

All that has ever been shown is that HPV is sometimes present in cervical cancer tissue, but it’s also present in half the normal population.

There is a total lack of evidence that cervical cancer appears in women with HPV more often than in women without it. [279]

And yet this will be the focus of the vaccine: to pretend to eliminate this ubiquitous virus from the body.


The HPV vaccine had been in the Merck pipeline for years, finally getting FDA approval in 2006. [50] Merck’s HPV vaccine is called Gardasil.

What’s in it? According to Merck’s own data, the vaccine is made from “virus-like particles” from four strains of HPV. ([213] p1984.) With no clinical studies proving it, HPV is cited by Merck in the Physicians Desk Reference as the cause of “over 70%” of cervical cancer cases.

The market that Merck decided on was 12 year old girls, the thinking being that since HPV is sexually transmissible, might as well get it at the start. It may be given now to 9 year olds. [278]


With other vaccines for viral diseases, such as MMR, hepatitis B, and polio, what has never made sense scientifically is that the vaccines do not contain the original wild virus that occurs in nature and supposedly causes the disease. Instead the vaccine contains a manmade mutation of the natural virus that is claimed to be able to confer immunity by triggering the body to produce antibodies to the original disease. So that was bad enough. But what they’re asking us to believe about HPV is simply a flight of fancy. [58]

The vaccine’s “safety and efficacy not been evaluated over 26” years of age. (2007 PDR [213] p 1987)

Oh, OK. Well, guess we better give it to the young girls then…

So why is the shot routinely given also to boys?


Let’s start with the ones cited by the manufacturer:

    upper respiratory infection

– 2007 Physicians Desk Reference [213]

Additional side effects discovered later include loss of consciousness, loss of vision and seizures. (Lopes, [49]) And oh yes, paralysis.

The British media began to report still other effects of Gardasil, like the 30 deaths, which American media never mention. [56]

An additional symptom from the HPV shot is Guillain Barre syndrome, an autoimmune condition resulting in paralysis. There have been several such cases both in the UK and the US, including a high profile case in Oct 2008 of a 12 year old British girl who collapsed 2 days after the HPV shot and was subsequently paralyzed from the waist down. [56] Her first symptoms came on within 30 minutes.


Can the vaccine itself cause cancer? That’s a fair question – we’re talking about a vaccine that they’re claiming prevents cancer by imitating a pathogen that itself causes cancer, right? So wouldn’t we want to be fairly secure that this vaccine wouldn’t cause cancer? Here’s what the manufacturer states:

Gardasil .. “… not been evaluated for carcinogenicity or impairment of fertility. (2007 [213] p1986 )

Wonderful. They want to vaccinate all American 12 year olds with a vaccine for cancer and they don’t even know for sure whether or not it causes cancer, or makes the recipients infertile.

Yeah, sign my kids up for that one, both boys and girls.

Curiously, the HPV vaccine is not recommended for pregnancy because of its effects on the fetus [213], but menarche is no problem…?


Again, the whole story of HPV vaccine is much more twisted than we’re representing here. The reader is invited to follow up the above cited sources. [79] Rarely has such a calculated, systematic misrepresentation of fact been attempted in which data is so obviously manipulated, issues so deliberately obscured, and financial interests so obsequiously served.

With the uncertainty about the safety and efficacy of the HPV vaccine, the certainty of the side effects, the prodigious economic upside to global dissemination irrespective of its scientific merits, the absence of long-term studies, and the ludicrous “religious/ethical” smokescreen designed to distract us from the underlying scientific issues, is this really a vaccine youwant to try out on your little 12 yr old girl?

More info on text:


6. Excerpts from chapter To The Cancer Patient: Natural Cures Vs. Traditional


It is startling to discover what chemotherapy drugs are made from. The first ones were made from mustard gas contained in the weapons that killed so many soldiers in WW I, eventually outlawed by the Geneva Convention. In the 1930s, Memorial Sloan-Kettering quietly began to treat breast cancer with these mustard gas derivatives. No one was cured. More Nitrogen mustard chemotherapy trials were conducted at Yale around 1943. 160 patients were treated. No one was cured. Despite this track record, the major derivative – methotrexate gradually gained popularity over the decades.

Methotrexate has been one of the most common chemotherapy drugs for the past 25 years. The fact that it’s still at the top of the list and that cancer survival has not improved during that period tells the story.

As Methotrexate begins to kill the body’s cells, it causes bleeding ulcers, bone marrow suppression, lung damage, and kidney damage. (HSI Newsletter Apr 1999 p. 5) [37] It also causes “severe anemia, and has triggered or intensified cancerous tumors.” (Ruesch, p. 18)

Other common effects are permanent sclerosing (hardening) of the veins, blood clotting, and destruction of skin and mucous membranes.

Cytoxan is another of the most common chemo drugs. Besides the “normal” side effects, it causes urinary bleeding, lung disease, and heart damage.

This preposterous sentence actually appears at as a rationale for Cytoxan:

“Cytoxan also works by decreasing your immune system’s response to various diseases.”

And decreasing response to disease is going to benefit any patient exactly how..??? They can print ridiculous sentences like this largely because nobody reads them. Most patients sheepishly accept whatever drugs the doctor dreams up, without question. It’s truly marketing from heaven – unquestioned compliance, even if ordered to suicide.


Appearing in the 1980s, one of the newer chemo agents is Cisplatin, which has as its base one of the most toxic heavy metals known to man: platinum. The way this horror works is that the platinum rings clog up the cell DNA so forcefully that the cell initiates its own early death sequence (apoptosis.) Despite this level of toxicity and long term side effects from the permanent bioaccumulation of the heavy metal, cisplatin remains the drug of choice for most cases of sarcoma, small cell lung cancer, germ cell tumors, lymphoma, and ovarian cancer. Cisplatin all but destroys the immune system.

Another popular chemo drug is a sheep-deworming agent known as Levamisole.

It has been around for 60 years. With no major clinical trial ever showing significant increased long term survival with Levamisole, it is still a standard chemotherapy agent even today! The weirdness is, Levamisole was included for its “immune system modulation” properties. However, its major actions include:

– decreased white cell count (!)

– flu symptoms

– nausea

– abdominal cramps

– dizziness

Some immune booster!

A 1994 major study of Levamisole written up in the British Journal of Cancer [53] showed almost double the survival rate using a placebo instead of Levamisole! The utter mystification over why this poison continues to be used as a standard component of chemo cocktails can be cleared up by considering one simple fact: when Levamisole was still a sheep de-wormer, it cost $1 per year. When the same amount was suddenly relabeled as a cancer drug given to humans, it cost $1200 per year. (Los Angeles Times 11 Sep 93.) [24]

Today Levamisole is also used to cut cocaine, as much as 70% of the US supply. (SF Chronicle 29 Dec 09 [54]). It is still used as a veterinary deworming drug for sheep and horses, and continues to be one of the most popular chemotherapy drugs, especially with colon cancer.

You say you’d rather try the coke?


is another colossal failure. When the oncologist starts talking about interleukin-2, it’s usually time to start thinking about where you put all those Neptune Society papers, because by then the big stuff has been pretty much tried and met with its usual failure.

The brilliant sales job behind interleukin-2 and other ‘vaccine’-type cytokine agents is that now we’re gonna transform the patient’s lymphocytes into an army of killer T-cells, which will then descend on those troublesome cancer cells and “root them out of there.”

Just one problem with this theory: no foreign antigens have ever been identified in tumor cells.

And that’s the only way that lymphocytes work – destroying foreign antigens – the not-self cells. So even if the T-cell count can be boosted, there is simply no way these lymphocytes can be directed at cancer cells, because the cancer cells don’t appear that different from normal cells. That’s why they were able to grow in the first place.

The other vexatious feature of interleukin-2 therapy is that because of its last-ditch status, the patient’s immune system is generally so depressed there’s simply not much of it left to work with. Once your immune system’s gone, so are you. And interleukin’s side effects are often the worst of any cancer drug. The list is too long to include here.

Professor George Annas, a medical ethicist, who analyzed the original controlled clinical trails done at the National Cancer Institute on interleukin-2 was slightly less than festive about interleukin-2 for patients:

“more than 80% of the patients did not do any better and they actually did worse. They died harder. That’s not irrelevant. We always tend to concentrate on the survivors, but we’ve got to make the point that 80 per cent had terrific side effects and didn’t get any measurable increase in longevity.”

– New York Times 3 Mar 94

Dr. Martin Shapiro agreed:

“revelations about the apparent ineffectiveness of the experimental cancer drug interleukin-2 are but the tip of an iceberg of misrepresentation and misunderstanding about cancer drug treatments in general.” [21]

– Los Angeles Times 9 Jan 87

The same interleukin-2 is still used today, all over the country.


In a desperate attempt for new revenues, a brilliant new marketing technique for chemo emerged in the 2000s: prescribing chemo drugs for non-cancer cases. This off-label prescribing is now so rampant that it is impossible to track or even estimate its extent. By virtue of his license, any MD can prescribe most drugs for any diagnosis he chooses. Laws absolutely protect him from being sued, no matter what happens to the patient. So for the past 10 years we are now seeing these very expensive chemotherapy drugs being routinely prescribed for many other untested unrelated conditions. To list just a few:

    * endometriosis

    * infertility

    * benign prostatic hypertrophy

    * pneumonitis

    * vasculitis

    * lupus

    * dermatomyositis

(Intravenous Cyclophosphamide for Non-Cancer [7])

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