1. Barcelona, Edinburgh, Windsor Tour 2015
3. Fading Art Video Archive
4. IN REVIEW: The 60 Day Program
5. BOOK REVIEW: Adios, America by Ann Coulter
6. Two New Letters – Protection from Vaccines
7. New 4th Edition for 2015: Vaccination Is Not Immunization


1. Euro Lecture Tour 2015: Barcelona, Edinburgh, Windsor –

There were several surprises this time out. First, Barcelona. The city itself is reward enough for all that airplane time, as anyone who has ever been there will tell you. Not much exploring – had to focus on the Barcelona College of Chiropractic.

To begin with, BCC is probably the best school anywhere, in my opinion. Show me a better one, go ahead – and I’ve visited or lectured at most of them on earth. The same passion and enthusiasm among all the students, who are off on this professional voyage, committed to learning the greatest art and science in the history of health care.

Of course that’s the wrong phrase altogether – chiropractic is not health care — it’s a health paradigm – the most sublime, powerful and logical system of natural health ever conceived by man. Other schools may say they have this enthusiasm and spirit, but BCC really has it.

The students buzz around learning all the medical science they have to memorize in order to graduate, yes of course, but there’s that other thing, that whole other thing that you so rarely see in other schools – living the idea every day that school is about something more than passing all these rote exams which test only the ability to memorize.

No, at BCC there’s this palpable awareness that this is first and foremost the training ground for developing entry level skill to deliver the defining principle of the chiropractic profession – the adjustment.

And the first inklings of its boundless potential, if a reconnection between universal and innate can be effected, even tentatively and imperfectly at this novice level.

Any grand art, all the noblest achievements of mankind, start from humble beginnings, patience, and giving oneself a chance to share in greatness. Something like that – it’s in the air, and you simply don’t feel it in other schools so palpably.

At BCC they know they’re there to learn to adjust, and there’s no apology for it, no embarrassment, no hiding in dark corners to practice, no persecution for wanting to learn it that we see in most other places. The dark Agenda, and all that.

It’s a five year program, summers off, costing about half of what American schools cost. Yes, they’re going through some turbulent air with continental accreditation, but all that is politics. It’s a new school. Many others have weathered worse storms in our violent history of survival.

If anyone has any doubts, just go to the ones who have long been accredited in Europe, hang out there for a few days, Then go to BCC and compare. Believe me, you will see it. I have every confidence that BCC’s heroic president, Dr Adrian Wenban, will ultimately prevail and captain his vessel into a safe port. No doubt about it – it’s as certain as if it already happened.

My lecture about art, science, and philosophy was taken in in one draught by this most intelligent Barcelona audience. Really not used to that at all — in America the audience so often has that glazed, inbred look – variety of reasons I guess. But not there.

After this BCC lecture was over, they dragged me into the technique room where I adjusted the entire audience! Then they did a standing ovation and did a photo shoot. I was frickin’ Steve Jobs!

Peculiar that one week prior, I spoke at a certain California college and they made me sign a formal document that I would not adjust anyone in the 2 hours I was on campus! Tell me that’s not mainly so that students can never see a real adjustment. Tell me there’s another rationale.

One of the BCC students explained that their clinicians don’t have to beg and buy patients in order to get their visit requirement. No, at this school the local community in Barcelona has such an appreciation for the value of the chiropractic adjustment that walk-ins account for the virtually all of the student clinicians’ visit requirements!

Do you know what I’m saying here? Any DC will get this, and its utter uniqueness throughout the world. Name one other school where walk-ins are so abundant as to get the student doctors through clinic. Go ahead. Where?

So all you idealistic altruistic boys and girls in search of a vocation and a profession and a career that will define the rest of your life – here it is – BCC. Don’t even hesitate. Check it out.

Next stop – Edinburgh.

Now we’re in a completely different milieu, with altogether different customs. Here we have a profession that is well established within the country, but only by the valiant efforts of a group of dedicated Scots who have ignored the systematic negativity, persecution, and confusion which defines the UK schools, and somehow, somewhere got the Big Idea.

It was a miracle – I didn’t have enough time to find out how each one of them breached that Obstacle to an awareness of true chiropractic, and then picked up the essentials of competent vertebral adjusting.

All I know is they did it. Each one must have a story – they would have had to see it, or experience personally the blinding power of chiropractic in order to have gone to all the trouble of gaining entry level proficiency in adjusting. That, followed by years of practice, has resulted in the very high level of professionalism and confidence that the majority of these Scottish DCs exhibit.

Trust me, I’m not easily impressed – just wish I’d had time for all those interviews.

Tim Young and I did our full-on Fading Art adjusting seminar in five part harmony, and we did not hold back at all in telling the story, like we sometimes have to with American audiences. No, this audience was right with us every step of the way.

So unusual to see such a high level of skill in the majority of attendees. I’ve been to seminar after seminar, much of it in the US, and I’m just saying you don’t very often see this level of devotion and focus. These Scots came to play.

Then something happened I could never have been prepared for. After the seminar, Ross McDonald invites us to dinner with… the CEO of the GCC.

For me that would be the equivalent of being invited to dinner with Paul Offit, or the president of the Australian AMA. Or perhaps Kim Jong-un, or Dick Cheney – that kind of thing. Because in my lecture I talk about the formal agreement in May of this year where 7 chiropractic schools – 6 in the UK – signed a formal statement of estrangement from any association with the fundamental concepts of subluxation.

l hold forth in no uncertain terms for some time in my lecture about the enormous levels of contradiction and confusion such a statement epitomizes.

So I asked Ross, Well would the guy be offended by anything we have said in today’s seminar, Tim Young being every bit as clear and unequivocal about the immutable principles of traditional chiropractic.

Ross replies, “No.”

I’m thinking – Bring ‘em on. So we had a very nice cocktail hour and dinner for 6 in this snug little Scottish country resort outside Edinburgh, with the head of the GCC.

And we talked about general innocuous subjects until about halfway though dinner – and the second bottle of Scotch –… this head of the GCC, whose name was David, asked Tim Young and me what we thought about chiropractic in the UK and how it might be improved. Tim looked at me like “Is he serious?”

But I was already over it, off and running, riding my white horse, lance in hand, with the banner of chiropractic flying in the breeze… How would we fix it? Are you kidding? These schools have just formally denounced the essence of our century-old profession – subluxation. Not only do they not teach kids to adjust – they come out actively against it, howling about ‘no scientific evidence’ – with other lowborn, unlettered, fanciful ideas…

Then Tim Young comes in with a more evenly cadenced version of ‘what he means is’ …which essentially was exactly the same message. We had no choice—we were cornered and the Scotch was flowing. The truth will out.

And then the strangest most unexpected thing happened. David was intrigued. He’d obviously never heard chiropractic discussed in such uncompromisingly clear and unambiguous terms. In fact, it seemed like he’d never heard about chiropractic at all – the head of the GCC! And he drew us out. Wanted to know more!

The conversation expanded, but also widened considerably, as more drinks kept appearing out of nowhere. Ross and his wife begged off around midnight, but the rest of us adjourned to a side room of the main bar, which according to Scottish custom, never closes, as long as two or more are gathered. America is still in the Cotton Mather / high school stage when it comes to hours of operation where spirits are served.

With this most intelligent and sophisticated barrister—upper-end lawyer – prodding us on and adding the most informed and sophisticated corollaries to the discussion, by 3 am we had solved not only all of the problems of the world, as well as those of the chiropractic profession, but a number of other universal mysteries well. Solved them all.

A word about David – one of the most impressive humans I have encountered. And meeting him in that informal situation of a crowded restaurant and bar, with maximum conviviality and free association conversation—even with all those handicaps we still got the notion that clearly this was not your typical hollow-chested officious junior college government bureaucrat.

With an encyclopedic and offhand flowing knowledge of world affairs, history, law, travel, geography, politics, human nature, literature , the arts, Churchill, Hitler, the Second World War – {everything but chiropractic!},– this guy was like a walking time capsule of the human experience. Not the superficial fake google/wiki variety of instant omniscience Americans pretend to – this was the genuine article. Erudition still exists in the world. I struggle to describe it, obviously.

Not in the least condescending or self-aggrandizing, here was the classic old school authentic English gentleman, right out of Chariots of Fire.

Can’t even remember the list of his government postings that David just happened to mention in passing, in addition to being a trial lawyer and prosecutor in some of the highest courts. Some of it involved the UN, I remember. But it appears that English government is as disorganized as ours, the difference being that the career UK government official may have a somewhat better chance of being well informed.

No matter what subject you brought up, he was right there, encouraging you, immediately understanding not only what you just said, but its implications, and then 3 more tributaries deriving therefrom that you hadn’t considered…

It was exhilarating. Here was the head of the General Chiropractic Council, one of the most overtly anti-chiropractic organizations on earth, but it appeared that his resumé held such a broad range of postings and experience in other areas, that this new office did not require a detailed knowledge of the Profession that it regulated.

We see something like this in California, except that officials there tend generally to be from a far lower phylogenetic subset.

Anyway, the results of that pubcrawling Summit meeting – at least 2 resolutions:

1. That Ross McDonald is very likely a pivotal figure for the immediate future of the chiropractic profession in the UK

2. That David may actually be a usable resource in the struggle for survival that chiropractic is now facing, instead of the arch enemy that I had wrongly suspected. At least for a little while, anyway.

Parting note for Edinburgh for all you bikers and biker fantasists: probably the best Harley store in Europe is in Edinburgh, and they have some great rentals. Imagine yourself cruising through the lush countryside up to Stirling castle on your Harley. Probably tend to remember something like that..

Time to get on the train next morning, floating across the glorious green Scottish and English landscape, into the irresistible gravitational force that is London. Deflected for me, because at Slough junction, I hopped off and took the local train out to Windsor. Which stops right next to Windsor Castle.

Several days here before my lectures — plenty of time for touristy sightseeing, etc. – castle tour, hop-on hop-off bus, Eton, the endless outdoor mall—international restaurants, the shops of the old town. Stayed in a local rooming house in this authentic little village that has grown up around Windsor castle during the past 6 centuries or so.

Everything is in walking distance and it would take much longer than a week to see it all. Even in October, tourist season is in full swing, and I learned that now there is no ‘season’ – it’s year ’round. Everything is so slowed down and retro—sliding back in time very gently. You fully expect to see Henry VIII at one of the high-end boutiques and fine restaurants you find at every turn.

London is so over as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been going there all my life and I’m sorry but if you haven’t seen it by now, well my friend, you missed it. By about 10 years. Windsor and Oxford are still captivating though. Not too commercialized – no Starbucks, WalMart, or Costcos. No other eyesore corporate chains— it’s still England where people still speak English. Unlike London.

Then I set up my evening community vaccine lecture. People are interested, but it’s not such a life and death issue as in California, with its recent Fourth Reich law of forced vaccination. Brits can’t even fathom something like that.

Most vaccinate, but if they decide not to, for whatever reason, they just don’t. And that’s the end of it.

You know this whole thing about how their accent sounds like they’re automatically smarter and better educated than we are… Guess what – it’s true. They really are, generally both.

Although they’re overall a bit poorer than we are and their roads are a lot smaller, and are not so obsessed by their “stuff,” there is plainly a higher awareness of world affairs, liberal arts, life values, vocabulary, human nature and general education. None of this homogenized California shallow omniscience, along with our ridiculous PC going on. Brits are too smart – they wouldn’t buy it.

I watched these 2 TV quiz shows that absolutely could not be shown in the US, because they’re far too sophisticated. One was called MasterMind, in which ordinary contestants were answering questions that Americans wouldn’t even know what area they were in.

And another show called The Chaser which is funnier, where 3 contestants go up against this intimidating resident genius dude, who’s on every night, named The Chaser.

The emcee asks lightning fast general knowledge questions, and people come close but rarely come anywhere near beating the Chaser, even though he has handicaps. The point is that their “general knowledge” would not be general in the US. You’d have to have an education beyond our usual fifth grade level to share their common knowledge of history, science, and the arts.

But we certainly wouldn’t want any elitist TV, now would we, fellow libtards?

Anyway, the last day was our final full day Fading Art seminar. We were shocked. These doctors were the best prepared, most competent DCs we had yet encountered. They came from all over the place—England, Holland, Italy, France, etc.

Not only did they have the Big Idea—they were already competent adjustors, in the majority. And they just wanted some new ideas, and a little tune-up. Tim Young stepped up and delivered, completely in his element. He was in the zone – non-stop laying it out. Boom – the blinding power of chiropractic.

After all the initial gasping died down, seeing that lightning speed right in front to their eyes, they became really intrigued when he deconstructed, slowed down, and showed them exactly how they could do it themselves. Tim is a force of nature. If you’ve never seen him, it’s time to make the effort.

For those who attended the seminar, it went by like lightning. But the good news is that all of these Fading Art seminars are on video and attendees all get the password to the video archive. Which are all edited, with the boring stuff deleted.

When you attend something like this and are overwhelmed with what you’re seeing, it is likely you’ll forget everything in 2 weeks or less. Enter Video Archive. Permanent membership.

Barcelona, Edinburgh, Windsor – two week lightning tour. Don’t let anyone tell you the world economy is stumbling – nope, it’s rocking. A lot of people are travelling, booking all the hotels, buying out the stores, flooding the cities with money. It’s almost biblical. Also enormously perplexing, in view of the inconceivably wasteful ways governments spend our money these days.

But that’s a topic for another newsletter.



In one of the classic, re-done downtown Oakland plazas, a group of folks got together this past weekend to air some ideas in the quaint, old fashioned, grassroots democracy way.

It was a local support rally for the larger one going on at the same time in Atlanta outside the offices of the Centers for Disease Control. And also the one earlier this month in Washington.

The reason: to draw attention to the demands of whistleblower William Thompson, who is demanding to be subpoenaed by Congress to tell his disconcerting story of corruption and cover-up. And why this demand is being ignored.

The short version, which you can get by watching the clip that comes up when you google “RFK Jr Atlanta rally,” is this:

In 2004 Wm. Thompson, a senior scientist at CDC, was part of a group who were shown some incontrovertible new research that proved definitively that

1. MMR vaccine certainly was a cause of autism

2. black male babies were 240% more susceptible than any other group

Realizing the galvanizing effect such a revelation would have if the story were made public, the group chose a course not uncharacteristic of US health agencies – they brought an actual trash can into the room and round-filed the incriminating evidence!

Ten years goes by. Suddenly in 2014, Thompson has a come-to-Jesus moment – a whole story in itself – and steps forward to confess the bizarre saga to global media. He demands to be subpoenaed by Congress so there will be an official record of the CDC’s duplicity in consistently denying any possible connection between autism and vaccines all these years.

That was over a year ago. Congress has refused to have anything to do with him. It’s not surprising, for 3 reasons:

1. What is the #1 biggest lobby in Washington? The pharmaceutical industry, keeping most of Congress on a short leash, with a thousand entangling quid pro quo whispers.

2. If Thompson’s research were made public and the cover-up were to be acknowledged, it would offer definitive proof about MMR and autism, corroborating the work of Andy Wakefield and others, who have been right all along. This would open up the doors to massive lawsuits by parents of the vaccine- injured, with billions in liability payouts

3. Overwhelming evidence of truly racist policies against blacks by the CDC, in the original sense of the word

None of these are good for business. So with Congress shining Thompson on for the last year, their intent is obvious: sweep it under the carpet and hope it will go away.

So that’s what the marches and rallies were for – to remind the public that all this really happened and that Congress is doing their best to assist in the cover-up.

The unusual thing about this Oakland event was that all the 7 speakers actually had something to say, and were compelling. This never happens with outdoor rallies.

Two of the Muslims who presented were especially articulate and charismatic. One was Sister Teesha, a mother of two vaccine-damaged children, who gave the most chilling, first-hand account of what it’s actually like to have a family life annihilated by vaccine injury. Her story was spellbinding, especially when you realize that there are over 4 million others like it, just in the US alone.

The next speaker was Keith Muhammad, a colleague of Louis Farrakhan – Nation of Islam. Pretty sure these are the black rights Muslims, not the jihad guys. Anyway, this wasn’t a membership drive speech by any means, but rather a calling out of Washington policy makers – a challenge to those self-styled representatives of the people to start representing the people instead of the vaccine industry.

Keith talked about not only how Thompson’s secret data on black children had been buried for 10 years, but about the decades-long policy of shipping throwaway drugs and vaccines to the Third World in Africa and Asia.

Keith’s short speech was met with enthusiastic crowd approval in which the mixture of races and religions there present took second place to the power of his message. A very moving experience for a Saturday afternoon in downtown Oakland.

I was next on the roster and did my best to maintain the urgency of the occasion. I reminded everyone that the buried Thompson research was only about MMR vaccine, but that MMR vaccine has never contained mercury, which is in many other vaccines.

That’s the whole point of the text Vaccination Is Not Immunization – that toxicity of vaccines is not confined to one problem ingredient, but rather to the whole system that produces them, in which politics always takes precedence over science. Children are killed and damaged because of many different aspects of vaccines:

– thimerosal
– neurotoxic adjuvants
– neurotoxic excipients
– neurotoxic undisclosed proprietary ingredients
– indemnity of manufacturers
– absence of independent full-term clinical safety studies
– political approval process, not based on science
– diseased and toxic culture media
– newest trend to bypass the scientific debate and force new vaccines on everyone, by law –

to mention just a few.

The event was filmed and streamed live. But try and look it up and you’ll see how marginalized it was by popular media. Almost like it never happened.

But let’s make no mistake – if Congress successfully rolls right on by one of the biggest cover-ups in US “health agency” history, as is likely, then the reputation and credibility of that entire branch of government will be suspect from now on.

The “Thompson Cover-up” can be cited any time someone wants to impugn the integrity and trustworthiness of the entire monolith – CDC, FDA, HHS, etc. Which wasn’t all that sterling to begin with.

Remember the name: William Thompson.



For those alumni of the Fading Art of Osseous Adjusting seminar given by Dr Tim Young and myself, there are now 12 hours online of edited video from those venues. And soon there will be more. If you forgot the password, just call and we’ll give it to you. (408) 753-9830

Watching these videos you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve forgotten that was demonstrated in the seminar. A valuable resource for anyone who is trying to learn how to actually adjust the vertebrae of the spine with skill, confidence, and finesse. Or else get some new input into your present skills.

There is nothing like this archive of instructional technique videos available anywhere in the profession. If the world blew up tomorrow and this archive survived, the Big Idea of chiropractic would likely somehow be preserved.

At the very least the idea of masterful osseous adjusting would survive.

Watch for the next live Fading Art seminar, as yet unscheduled. If you want to get a look at the archive, call us 408.753.9830



On our site for the last 15 years, live seminars, online videos, and free chapters, the Program has been successful beyond anything we could have imagined.

It’s deceptively simple, based on fundamental principles of human cell physiology – an integral program – complete within itself.

During the late 90s, the Program came into being really by popular demand from patients. Adjusting their subluxations month after month, year after year, was not always the complete answer for total health. Even chiropractic care could not keep up with the combined destructive efforts of processed food diets, pasteurized dairy, hydrogenated foods and insufficient nutrients.

At the time, I was studying the individual pieces of total human nutrition before I even knew they were all part of one big puzzle. It was my climb-every-mountain phase and I was lucky enough to be trained by some of the top experts in the world in the fields of enzyme nutrition, minerals, colon detoxification, and antioxidants:

* Dr Stan Bynum
* Dr Dewayne Ashmead
* Dr Khem Shahani
* Dr Richard Anderson
* Dr Patrick Flanagan

Bynum taught me that it is the presence of intact food enzymes that determines whether a food will cleanse or clog. He also taught us the science of Bioterrain Analysis, in which patients can see for themselves the effects of food enzymes in their blood.

Bynum explained why so many people were so fat and sick, and had high blood pressure – they were eating foods they couldn’t break down, couldn’t digest, and which had no food value for their cells.

Next was the idea of mineral deficiency. I had studied Linus Pauling’s work, where he said every disease could be traced to mineral imbalance. And also that there were almost no minerals left in American soil, because of bad Ag practices. The Ashmeads taught us the critical difference among mineral supplements, now a necessity, and why chelated were the undisputed choice.

Next came the primacy of colon function for anyone expecting long-term health and vitality. Richard Anderson introduced me to his life’s research in the area of colon detox and physiology, giving astounding insights about blocked colon, mucoid plaque, and the colon’s direct relationship with the immune system.

This information is conspicuously absent from the medical/chiropractic curriculum. Which partly explains why colon cancer has been #3 in the US for decades, with no end in sight.

Khem Shahani enhanced that lesson further with his world class credentials in the area of probiotics. He explained exactly why the majority of Americans live their lives with little or no gut flora, and the various physical imbalances and chronic disease that eventually introduces. And the dramatic reversals resulting from suddenly infusing powerful doses of high end flora into the colon – the dramatic, immune-boosting effects than can bring.

Everyone knows that detoxification creates loads of new free radicals. Antioxidants therefore are essential. The better the quality, the less will be the deleterious effects of detox. So again, this is the area of science prodigy Patrick Flanagan, who spent 12 years in a laboratory in Sedona to produce his incomparable antioxidant – Mega Hydrate.

Our whole philosophy all along has been for patients to take the least amount of supplements possible, and be spending the least amount of money on them.

Of the hundreds of supplements available online and at GNC-type places, most are worthless, some are good, but only a few are really essential for complete detox at the cellular level, clearing the blood and the tract.

No health imbalance or disease fail to respond in some positive way to a consistent program of blood detox and revitalizing the tract. Look at the stories in the Feedback section. No matter how sick you are, someone on this list was probably worse off than you.

For the whole story, with video clips, please check out

The Last Resort
The 60 Day Program

If you’re sick these days, no matter with what disease or weakness, chances are you chose to be sick – it’s a natural consequence of your past lifestyle. Once you figure out that drugs and surgery aren’t going to get you well, it might finally dawn on you that it’s really all up to you.

If you’re lucky.

Never let doctors tell you your future. Usually they’re predicting what will happen if you follow their ineffective and expensive treatment plans, discounting anything that employs common sense in supporting the natural healing systems of the body.

When the word ‘terminal’ comes up, time to roll. That’s your cue for survival – gotta jet.

As long as you’re still breathing, the same laws of cell physiology will apply. If you feel yourself deteriorating, and you see that “They” are just guessing, time to switch to this simple 60 Day Program religiously, completely. Past time.

Only then can you truly say you “tried everything.”


5. BOOK REVIEW: Adios, America by Ann Coulter

This author just saved me 2 years of my life. Now I don’t have to do all the research and write this book myself.

This is the book that’s going to answer your questions about the inconsistencies that media has created for the past 10 years regarding immigration, both illegal and legal, the economics involved, the real numbers, who is behind it , who benefits, the real definition of racism, and why the last 15 years have been so radically different from any other period in US history.

The main difference between everyday media propaganda and actual investigative reporting is that legitimate writers carefully cite sources for everything they state, after a prodigious amount of background reading.

Media, by contrast, makes any type of undocumented claims it wishes, according to the instructions of the monolithic point of view they are paid to represent. Which is precisely why the one-sided narrative coming from virtually all printed, electronic, and cinematic media must necessarily be so identical.

Coulter’s book bears the immediate hallmark of credibility — fully one third of the book is a list of her sources. When writers are this responsible, it’s very difficult to argue with their findings, except from a rhetorical, unschooled standpoint.

Oh, that’s what your mom said? Or you heard somewhere that…? Oh well sure, that opinion has the same validity as a credentialed author who has spent two years reviewing all pertinent literature and who documents every statement she makes ….

If you’re still capable of taking in anything besides Yahoo homepage daily newsscrolls, this book will save you weeks of research, and provide very defensible answers to questions such as:

1. How many illegals are really here?

2. Why does everyone think it’s only 11 million?

3. Democrats get more voters, obviously, but how do Republicans benefit?

4. What’s the disconnect between spending a trillion dollars on Homeland Security and our wide open border?

5. Why is open debate banned on the subject in all media?

6. How has our unique, modern nuance of the term ‘racist’ been crafted, and what is it really code for?

7. What are the economic consequences, present and future?

8. What is the raw demographic data on agenda words like ‘diversity’?

9. Why are we the only nation in history whose immigration policy is to have no immigration policy?

This book boldly confronts issues that we all see in everyday life but no one, especially media, is allowed to speak of.

Not a particularly Democrat or Republican or libertarian point of view, its strength lies in the incontrovertible numbers, cited from the best sources: federal and state census figures, GAO charts, HHS, prison statistics, etc. in a way that no mainstream media narrative is permitted to present.

We already see the systematic reframing and cover-up of this most vital issue in the three-ring election-year circus, now gathering momentum.

Everyone reading this — you’re all racists. There, I beat you to it. Isn’t that the way it works – first one to name-call wins? Fine. I win. No tag-backs.

But word-shields notwithstanding, the events described in this impeccably researched book are really taking place , and you get the feeling that much of it is understated. The PC way is always not to hear, not to look, not to speak.

So let’s see – in what historical situations has the ol’ ostrich approach ever worked?

Get this book.



Two of the most dangerous situations for kids today may be

* Hospital birth
* Entering school

Our defenseless kids are being targeted and injected. But only with our tacit permission – i.e., doing nothing. The less informed the parents, the more vaccines go into the child. Inverse relationship.

In the past few weeks, many California schools have been illegally forcing vaccines on kids, telling parents that SB277 is already in effect. It isn’t – doesn’t happen until July 2016. But if you don’t know that, what good is it?

Why are they lying?

Here is a letter that informs the school that you know the law and cannot be coerced. Together with the signed AB2109 exemption, you are bulletproof. Your child is protected. Just print out the letter and follow the instructions exactly.

The second scenario is hospital birth. Some hospitals are doing the same thing – telling parents that the kid must be vaccinated no matter what. Here is the Letter for that situation. Again, just print it out and follow the instructions completely.

It’s only propaganda if someone believes it.


7. New for 2015:
fourth edition of

Not a reprint of the third edition, but rather a complete re-write.

Here are some of the topics covered in the new edition:

– the fundamentals of the new measles marketing explosion
– why the 2014 Ebola hype came and went so quickly
– what happens when the federal government takes over vaccine research from actual scientists
– the new US schedule of 69 vaccines for kids
– evidence why 54% of US children already have a chronic disease
– reservoirs for disease: the vaccinated or the unvaccinated?
– motivated vaccine investors: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg
– the science behind individual vaccines

– much more

210 pages, almost 300 references. Every fact verified, every statistic sourced. Open challenge for debate.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization – now in 6 languages

The most reliable vaccine resource for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life.

Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization, fourth edition:


From the beginning, the whole idea of piercing the skin with a needle for any reason was suspect, let alone introducing new proteins and agents into what was supposed to be an inviolable environment: the circulatory system. We just assume injecting microbes into the infant’s blood is safe and scientific, without giving it a second thought. Popular media and scientific literature always make this unfounded assumption.

But injections are a total violation of nature. It was nature’s design that nothing be introduced into the bloodstream without going through the laboratory of the digestive or respiratory systems. It’s never scientific to defile nature, no matter how they may spin it.

Isn’t this common sense? Ever think about the abhorrence of infants and children when they see a syringe? Why wouldn’t we trust those instincts? If you want to use the it’s-for-their-own-good slogan, well then, you better have incontrovertible proof. This is your child we’re talking about here.

Among the dozens of scientists opposing inoculation:

“The most serious disorders may be provoked by the injection of living organisms into the blood… into a medium not intended for them may provoke redoubtable manifestations of the gravest morbid phenomena.” – Antoine Bechamp


Pasteur began the practice of vivisection with horrific animal experiments, which have never been proven valid.

Would you give your cat your thyroid medicine? In the natural state, animals have different diseases from humans, and rarely at that. Their physiologies are very different. This one error has led us down a costly, murderous, and ultimately fruitless path.

How can we hope to cure human disease by giving animals diseases they would never have gotten in nature, then pretending that such diseases are the same ones we get, and then seeing which drugs cover up the animals’ symptoms? Then we smugly conclude that those same drugs will have the same effect in humans!

Idiotic as that sounds, it’s precisely what we do. Animal testing remains the basis for the entire empire of medical research, publication, and the whole approval process for prescription drugs. (Hans Ruesch)


One concept we should not gloss over, of pivotal importance in understanding how and why vaccines came about: for the first time in history, doctors would no longer confine themselves to the sick. With vaccines, doctors are now going to claim that perfectly healthy people need their injections in order to stay healthy.

Selling such an impossibly fanciful concept obviously would require wagging some major dog. As masters of the scientific universe, doctors will pretend they are clever enough to have unlocked the hidden health secrets of the ages, which they will now mercifully share with a grateful humanity. For a price.


Although the complete composition of today’s vaccines are secret formulae, protected by law as proprietary intel, many of the ingredients are listed in the Physicians Desk Reference. This is the modern version of disclosure.

From this limited viewpoint, we can see some of the main ingredients:

– attenuated pathogens
– preservatives
– toxoids
– excipients
– adjuvants

The first vaccines by Jenner and Pasteur, and also most modern ones, are experimental proteins made from rotting, diseased samples of animal tissue (cows, birds, sheep, monkeys, guinea pigs, humans, and horses) carrying some weakened infectious agent.

In accordance with the Germ Theory, the full strength microbe is not used, but rather a weakened, half-killed lab mutation – the attenuated version.

A toxoid is a poisonous excretion of a pathogen which is claimed to be able to trigger immunity, since it came from the original bug.

An adjuvant is a poisonous compound like formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, or phenol, which is used to provoke a stronger immune response than would be evoked from the attenuated pathogen alone. (Burnet p. 85)

These adjuvants, or helpers, in reality help nothing but the toxicity of the vaccine. That is, how much of an immune kick it sparks. (PDR 2010) But the strength of immune response has no proven effect on enhancing health, or immunity.

Formaldehyde is a cytotoxic, carcinogenic embalming fluid. (PDR p. 1383) Aluminum is a potent neurotoxin, which can cause much more neurologic mischief than just Alzheimer’s disease.

Mercury, third most toxic substance known to man, is used as a preservative, to protect the noxious concoction from extraneous biologicals, safe for decades on the shelf. Mercury is in the form of thimerosal. Minute traces of mercury can cause permanent nerve damage and autoimmune disorders.

Excipients are oil compounds used as carriers to prolong and enhance the immune effect. Unfortunately the refined oils still contain intact proteins, which in children cause epidemic food sensitivity and even anaphylaxis, notably to peanuts.

The companies are not required to disclose all the ingredients, protected by masks of intellectual property. Vaccines today are some of the most closely guarded of all industrial secrets. The cold reality is that parents really have no way of knowing exactly what is being injected into their children.

That’s a lot of trust to expect, looking at the track record of the vax companies, as we do throughout this book. Not to mention their exemption from liability.”


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“The only book more important than this one is the Bible.”
– Dr Tim Young

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