We have reports that many schools in California are misrepresenting current law, and are saying that SB277 is already in effect. Then they require vaccines for entry into their schools, based on that error, deliberate or not. The following form will be useful for any parent who is exempting a child from vaccines. For best results, notarize it, and send by certified mail to the school’s legal department. After this, you’ll probably be left alone.

Here’s the letter:



To all administrators, teachers, medical staff, and legal department of ___________________________________ School:

This is to inform all parties that we are exempting our child from all vaccines. At the present time AB2109 is in effect in California. SB277 is not yet in effect in this state. There are currently no laws in this state requiring mandatory vaccines.

We are aware that some schools are illegally representing SB277 as now in force and using this error to force vaccinations on children. AB2109 is still the law in California, and as such guarantees personal beliefs exemptions.

Our child is not to receive any vaccines at any time, on school grounds or anywhere else.

If these express instructions are violated at any time, this is fair warning that we will use every available resource to prosecute the perpetrators for physical assault, as well as Bill of Rights violations and any other charges our attorney might deem applicable, to the fullest extent.

Furthermore we are not to be harassed, insulted, assaulted, threatened or intimidated for our personal choice of medical treatment. We have thoroughly informed ourselves about the issue and will not give way. We will not discuss it, debate it, or be questioned by anyone. Any violation of this specific instruction will be vigorously defended. There are laws that must be followed by everyone concerned; any transgressions will be duly prosecuted to the full extent.

As with all medical records, we expect this exemption to be kept strictly confidential from any personnel or parties. There are specified penalties for such HIPAA violations.

Signed _______________________________________
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date ___________________________________ . . . Notary:

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