As we go through life, unstable molecules get into our blood which damage normal cells. The problem is they’re missing an electron in their outer ring. So they bounce around trying to steal one from a normal molecule. And this results in a little game of biochemical musical chairs called free radical chain carrying mechanism. Result: cells and energy are burned up.

    Free radical
    s come from a variety of places. Normal living generates a certain amount of free radicals. Other sources include:

    • Processed foods
    • Drugs
    • Alcohol
    • Environmental poisons
    • Trauma
    • Surgery
    • Extreme exercise
    • Stress

    Most of us living the average American lifestyle, in the average American city, are taking in far more free radicals than we can possibly deal with. They have a positive balance at the end of the day.

    What protects us from free radicals are neutralizing molecules called antioxidants. These provide the missing electron to the free radical and thus cancel it out. Some common antioxidants include vitamin C, vitamin E, most fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains. If you were living a totally natural existence, like the Hunza people or something, you’d probably be taking in enough antioxidants each day from your natural diet to offset the number of free radicals produced by normal metabolism.

    But that’s not the way most of us live. These days we’re immersed in this freakish environment loaded with all sort of prescription, OTC, and party drugs, as well as vaccines and other experimentals. We live in a virtual ocean of toxicity: additives and preservatives, and hormones and antibiotics and oxidized manmade oils contaminating our food. Not to mention the 60,000 chemicals to which we may be subjected in some fashion thanks to the chemical industry. Or the negative influence of the diseased minds that design the programming that oozes endlessly out of our TV sets and computer screens — this slime manifests itself at a cellular level throughout our bodies. All these events create the unstable molecules we call free radicals.

    It’s actually the amount that causes the problem. When you overwhelm the body’s capability of dealing with the level of free radicals most of us are generating because of insufficient antioxidant intake, the result is rapid aging, oxidative stress, cell damage, tissue metaplasia, tumors, and chronic fatigue.

    This explains why antioxidants are so popular in the supplement stores. Many are good, like the pycnogenols, and whole food vitamins. But most antioxidants being marketed are of limited value, simply because good ones difficult to make.

    Antioxidants are a crucial part of the 60 Day Program

    In detox, an enormous number of free radicals are generated as old trapped sludge and poisons are dredged up from the tract and tissues. To leave the free radicals untended is deleterious to the whole idea of improved health. The best idea is to neutralize them on a daily basis. If that has been neglected, then it is essential to reduce free radicals during any legitimate program of detoxification.

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