As we have seen in several editions of the text during the past years, the word autism itself is a media contrivance, describing a group of cognitively damaged children that came out of nowhere in the late 1990s, in numbers CDC estimates today at 1 child in 38.

Best estimates in the US today of total autistics: 1 child in 25.

It has now become just as commonplace to use the term vaccine damaged – rather than autistic – to describe this group, because of the overwhelming amount of the best science on the subject.

These unfortunate children might have been shuffled aside completely, after many attempts to marginalize and ignore them by mainstream medicine. Just good business not to draw attention to your worst mistakes.

But what has saved autistics from obscurity is the discovery that they were a viable market, beginning in the late 1990s. Medicine was having a difficult time inventing a drug that could eradicate the permanent neurological effects of their vaccines. Claiming no possible connection with vaccines, medicine effectively abandoned parents of autistics, leaving them to their own devices.

So this opened the way for a grassroots holistic marketplace. Which has now developed into a multibillion dollar business today: the Autism Industry.

The Industry promotes a collection of remedies to address the symptoms common to autistic children. Most autistics have 2 classic areas of poor development: digestive tract and brain.

No coincidence that toxic heavy metals in vaccines, like mercury and aluminum, have a preference for brain tissue and gut tissue in the young child. For this reason the autism industry has focused on the removal of mercury, aluminum and other noxious elements from the child’s formative neurology.

It’s ironic that during all this time the prevailing mantra of mainstream science for the past 20 years has been – we don’t know, we don’t know where the autism epidemic came from. But we do know one thing for sure: there can be no possible connection between Autism and vaccines. Oh yes, that we’re quite sure of… Therefore we won’t spend spend one dime trying to find out the cause of this true epidemic..

Medicine pretends not to notice that children were receiving unparalleled amounts of thimerosal in 4 vaccines for the decade before 2005: polio, Hemophilus influenza, hepatitis B, and the flu vaccine. As well as receiving 3x as many vaccines as most other countries on earth.

As a consequence we have the grassroots Autism Industry focusing almost solely on removing mercury from the child’s central nervous system. This is the primary explanation for their success with the autistic child – getting the mercury out of the brain.

Is thimerosal gone now? Of course not. Manufacturers voluntarily began to leave it out of new vaccines in 2005, but since it was never outlawed, they continue to sell hundreds of millions of stockpiled doses of mercury-laden shots each year. manufacturers are no longer required to list mercury as a vaccine ingredient in the new Physicians Desk Reference.

All this is explored more thoroughly in books like Vaccination is Not Immunization, with scientific references from the manufacturers.


Looking at the appalling health of young children today, vaccines certainly can’t take the entire blame. There are several other detriments to normal immune development:

To mention just a few:

    Pasteurized dairy
    Hydrogenated foods
    Unnecessary antibiotics
    Unnecessary drugs
    Over the counter medicines
    Excess TV and electronics
    GMO foods
    Refined carbohydrates
    Environmental toxins

This list is fairly self-evident as far as nutrition goes. If the reader is surprised already, you’re on the right website. This is the most basic awareness of nutrition fundamentals.

Might want to start with these chapters:

This information is not for everyone. It may be helpful to those serious people willing to do a little research to uncover the vital truth that always lies just below the surface of What Everybody Knows. If everybody cared to know how to have a healthy child, if pediatricians understood the secrets of health, we certainly wouldn’t be living in a country whose children have the worst overall health of any children in the industrialized world. A country with over 4 million autistics, with no end in sight. A country whose children are fatter, sicker, and dumber now than ever before in our history.

The above list of toxic contaminants being introduced into the bloodstream of American children is covered in detail in the full day seminar. There are individual chapters on many of those same subjects that may be seen on this site.

Videos – Autism Detox Protocol

What is the most effective, least traumatic, and least expensive regimen for actually detoxing heavy metals from vaccines out of the child’s nerve cells, and at the same time optimizing the formative immune system? Read on.


consists of two main parts

    New West Diet
    7 supplements

It is simple, not expensive, and certainly as effective as any of the high profile protocols you see online.. The results can be measured by any legitimate index for assessing cognitive function or heavy metal levels, but more importantly can be observed by the the truest criterion of all: the eyes of the parent, every-day observation. That is the ultimate clinical test. Nobody listens to them, but they’re the ones bearing witness to the day-to-day.

First the diet.

This is the adult version, which may be modified for children. It’s traditional common sense. The New West Diet, just as it has appeared on this website and in seminars for the past 10 years:


(For 60 Day Program, only Categories I and II)


    raw fruits
    raw vegetables
    brown rice
    steamed vegetables
    selected nutritional herbs
    1 – 2 litres good water (proportional for child)


    organic meats
    grilled fish
    raw cheese
    raw milk
    beans and rice
    clean soups
    raw butter
    raw sugar
    whole grains

[Whole grain breads, no cooking oils or salad dressing oils; no HFCS]

(not during 60 Day Detox)

    Processed cheese
    Commercial pizza
    Commercial butter
    Commercial ice cream
    Canned foods
    Pasteurized dairy
    Refined carbohydrates
    Cooking oil
    Nuts and seeds


    Soft drinks
    French fries
    Potato chips
    Refined protein powders
    White bread
    Hydrogenated oils
    Soy in any form

This is not the forum for detailed discussion of any of the above. Those details are covered completely in our seminars and in the chapters. It is a classical diet, clinically proven by decades and decades of holistic healers down through the years. Most people with any legitimate training recognize its value. The difficulty lies not in understanding such a diet, but in following it, without deviation, for 60 days.

The daily water intake is critical. See chapters: Hydration and Dehydration, The 3 Attributes of Water.

Second part, the 7 supplements.

There are hundreds of supplements available today, as you can see in the jumbled confusion of the internet. Most are worthless, some are harmful, a few are beneficial, and a very few are superlative products that truly enhance the natural functions of the cells.

This Autism Detox program is recommended for children 18 months and older. Before that just try and simplify and clean up the diet. And hydrate. And stay away form the people who likely caused the condition.

In choosing supplements for the 60 Day Program we want to have the patient taking the least number of supplements possible, and still have all the components necessary for a complete detox and nutrition program. Always with the focus on the cells – what is the effect at the cellular level. Only those supplements that are absolutely necessary to clear out and restore vital function to the tract and the blood, and of the highest possible quality, are included.

Again, we have kept this list to the bare minimum. The essential supplement must contribute to cell nutrition, in the tract and in the blood, clearing out debris, restoring vital function.

With these criteria satisfied, here are the 7 essentials

    Total Florabiotics
    Chelated Minerals
    Oral Chelation (Phase2)
    Hydrolyzed Collagen

Each of these supplements has its own chapter at, explaining its vital necessity. Here is a short paragraph on each for those who already know their value:


The most complete full spectrum digestive enzyme, in the tradition of Dr Edward Howell. Digestazyme adds back the enzymes that were removed by food processing. Digestive problems are a hallmark of the autistic child, having had the normal gut mucosa destroyed. Introducing a harmless yet effective full spectrum enzyme 3 times a day, finally much of the long-impacted debris in the tract and in the blood can begin to be broken down. This is the first step in normalizing digestive problems, as well as chronic allergies, blood sensitivities and red cell clumping. Daily for 60 days, there is no protocol that can replace Digestazyme. See chapter. 3-6 caps per day, by weight.

Total Florabiotics

Based on the life’s work of world scientist Dr Khem Shahani, this probiotic blend restores normal colon vitality, often in a dramatic way, provided the dose is daily. Most Americans spend most of their lives with little or no gut flora. In the case of the autistic children, they haven’t had a vital colon since the onset of the condition. The region has become so dead from drugs and vaccines that normal probiotics cannot persist as they should. When this center of the immune center becomes active, in most cases for the first time in years, startling improvements are seen, not only in the area of total digestion, but most notably in the areas of cognitive function, immune support and resolving chronic allergies. See Testimonial section. A life-changing re-balancing of normal inner ecology at last cannot be underestimated. 3-6 caps per day, by weight.

Chelated Minerals

The no-brainer part of the program, mineral nutrition is certainly the most commonly overlooked part of the vast majority of nutrition programs, not just for autistics. Which really makes no sense considering the vital importance of minerals to each and every metabolic reaction, billions of which must take place in the body each day. Minerals are micro-nutrients, which act as co-factors for the myriad enzyme reactions, all day long. With no minerals left in the topsoil, even organic produce is generally mineral deficient. Autistics are mineral deficient by definition because the inner membranes of the digestive tract are so damaged by the disease that normal amounts of essential minerals cannot be taken up. We all need mineral supplementation: 3 caps every morning. But for autistics, it may well be the first time they are getting these vital nutrients since the beginning. There is nothing controversial here. Read Minerals chapter. 1-3 caps per day.


In today’s imbalanced lifestyle, we accumulate more free radicals than we can deal with each day. A positive free radical balance day after day causes rapid aging and promotes organ degeneration. A detoxification program further increases the free radical load. For this reason it is imperative to include the most effective antioxidant available in order to neutralize all free radicals in the system, at least twice a day. There is nothing that can accomplish this result more efficiently than 2 MegaHydrate scoops. See chapter.


A very simple, traditional herbal formula which definitely works for virtually everybody. Not a question of will it clear out the accumulated debris in your colon or not; only a question of how fast. Again, in the dead colon of the autistic, this process has to be undertaken in a very slow and controlled fashion. But it must be addressed head-on and cannot be ignored. Because the child will never be normal, never have a functioning immune system until the ravaged colon is finally restored to normal vitality. There is no legitimate nutrition program which does not begin with addressing the vital importance of an active and detoxed colon. That’s first. A few caps each night at dinner – what could be easier? But we must understand the nature of the sludge that has been building up year after year in our colon, the damage it causes, and the consequences of finally clearing it out. For that story please read the Colon chapter as well as the short page on Expel. 1-2 caps per day.

Oral Chelation (Phase 2)

As effective as Digestazyme and Expel are, there are 2 specific areas that must be targeted separately: heavy metals and atherosclerotic plaque. A special herbal formula is necessary if the 60 Day Program is going to live up to its claim to completely detox the blood and the tract in the allotted two months. See the short chapter on Oral Chelation to understand the colossal toxic burden we are all under from processed foods, environmental poisons, and residual drugs building up in our bodies. Without specific chelators, these poisons will be locked inside our cells forever. In the autistic child we’re speaking primarily of mercury and aluminum residuals from vaccines. This has been the primary aim throughout the entire Autism Industry for the past 10 years – removing mercury from the child’s brain cells. Nothing is more gentle and effective than this timeless formula. 1-2 caps per day, by weight.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Collagen is the largest and most abundant tissue in the body. It makes up everything: muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, organs, skin, hair, joints – everything. In the case of the autistic child, because of impaired nutrient absorption from a damaged tract, failure to thrive is epidemic in this group. The children are small and weak. With the rest of the 60 Day Program so focused on rekindling the vitality of the digestive system after such a long period of dormancy, dramatic changes in size, strength, and function can occur by offering the body its primary building blocks in the cleanest and most bioavailable form: hydrolyzed collagen. Very fast results are common because the growth instincts have been thwarted for so long, having no building materials. See Collagen chapter. 1-3 teaspoons per day in food or juice.


Below is the adult dosage for the supplements. It is based on weight above 100 pounds. Child’s dosages should be proportional: a 33 pound child would take about a third of the adult dosages listed below. For example if the adult would take 3 enzymes caps 3x per day, the child would take one cap 3 times per day. And a 66 pound child would take 2 caps, 3x per day. And so on. Remember, these are not drugs, they are natural supplements, so the amounts don’t have to be meticulously precise.

A child should be at least 18 months old before taking on any detox program, since it tales at least that long for the rudiments of the digestive system to form.


Here are the 7 supplements for the 60 Day Program:

DIGESTAZYME ———- DOSAGE: 3 caps 3x a day

MEGAHYDRATE ———-DOSAGE: 2 scoops 2-3x per day


EXPEL ————- 1 – 4 caps per day

TOTAL FLORABIOTICS ———- DOSAGE 3 caps 3x per day

HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN ——– DOSAGE: 2-4 tblsp. per day in organic juice

(not Sunny D!)

PHASE 2 ORAL CHELATION ———- DOSAGE: Minimum 3 caps daily (more for faster detox)

WHY: O2 transport, cell nutrition, muscle cell fluidity, anti-aging
DOSAGE: 2 litres water/day


As a program, this is as powerful as anything available today.. If you want to spend a lot more money, go ahead. But that isn’t necessary to restore your health. Most of you have already proven that.

The objective of this program is to suggest a complete nutrition program for optimum cell nutrition, and a gradual return to normal homeostasis, no matter what the current health of the patient. We’re all just flesh and blood, and at the cellular level we must all respond to the same principles of physiology and life’s pathways of growth and repair.

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