1. SE Asia / AU / NZ Seminars November
2. Merck Ignores 40,000 Pediatricians
3. No Seeds, No Nuts, No Oils
4. How the World Really Sees Us
5. Today’s Excerpt: Vaccination Is Not Immunization


1. SE Asia/ Kuala Lumpur /AU / NZ Tour
is here!

Lectures and Seminars:

Immunology and Vaccines

Chiropractic Philosophy and Neurology

Friday, 2 Nov – Chiropractic Lecture, Kuala Lumpur:

International Medical University – room 3.04 (Theater 2).

Saturday, 3 Nov – Childhood Immunology and Vaccines

CE accredited Seminar – full day
8 am
Kuala Lumpur International Medical University

Saturday, 10 Nov – Childhood Immunology and Vaccines

CE accredited Seminar – full day
8 am
Aspire Hotel, Sydney AU

Sunday, 11 Nov – Chiropractic Philosophy and Neurology

CE accredited Seminar – full day
8 am
Aspire Hotel, Sydney AU

Monday, 19 Nov – Chiropractic Lecture:

New Zealand College of Chiropractic

Tuesday, 20 Nov – Chiropractic Lecture:

New Zealand College of Chiropractic


More info: https://thedoctorwithin.com/seminar-flyers/

Also don’t miss Orange County, CA – CE accredited seminar

15 Dec 2012

12 hours CE / 6 hours of class time

Chiropractic Philosophy and Neurology


2. FDA Has No Control over Merck

Thanks to Mary Abramson for sending this out:


Jenny is bravely exposing how vaccinations are all about profit and many children are harmed. I was a school nurse and I say now to all parents… “do not vaccinate your children!!”

Drug companies are denying because they are trying to get out of billions of dollars in lawsuits. Do not believe their lies. Even 40,000 Pediatricians signed a petition to MMR vaccine company Merck to end the mercury-like substance thimerosal….the drug company refused!! Profits before Kids!!

— Mary Abramson, R.N.

P.S. I would recommend every parent read this most informative book before allowing anyone to vaccinate their child. (I do not get anything from referring you to it except the peace of mind that more parents are armed with knowledge on this subject.)

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 2nd Ed. (2012) by Dr. Tim O’Shea

The most reliable book for parents who suspect there may be some problems with vaccines.

“It is impossible to estimate the true value of Dr O’Shea’s work. His review of the history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.”

— David Ayoub, MD, Clinical Radiologist

The vaccine issue is exploding today. The awareness of the ordinary parent is outpacing the propaganda. People know there is something wrong with vaccines, something making children sick. For the actual science and statistics, don’t rely on instinct. Look at the sources yourself. Then make the decision.


Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 2012


3. No Seeds, No Nuts, No Oils

Am constantly getting calls from people starting the 60 Day Program who have questions about seeds, nuts, and oils. They have read the chapters on the site already – The New West Diet, The Last Resort, etc, but I guess these three issues weren’t clear. So let’s get them straight once and for all so we have a permanent record.

Seeds. In most cultures, seeds have played a role in the traditional diet, for thousands of years. Many seeds can have value both as condiments and as nutrition sources. But they should be excluded from the 60 Day Program. Very simple reason: enzyme inhibitors. That’s what keeps seeds from sprouting: enzyme inhibitors. In their absence, the seeds will begin to germinate.

So going back to our two primary objectives in the 60 Day Program – clearing the tract and the blood – taking in enzyme inhibitors would have a detrimental effect on the mechanics of detox. In both cases. We are already going to be taking 9 Digestazyme per day, in order to do what? Clear the tract and the blood. Read the Enzymes chapter if you’ve forgotten the specifics of enzyme metabolism in the body.

Enzyme therapy is the foundation of the entire 60 Day Program. What good is it to free up long-stored toxins if the capillaries and the tract are blocked? So that must be our criterion for anything we ingest during this period – is it going to clog me or clear me?

It’s that simple. Save your sesame and flax and hemp for later, after you are detoxed.

Nuts. Same idea here. There are varieties of nuts that have nutritional value, although it’s a supplemental, peripheral role. Nuts are not dietary staples in any culture. But here again there are no essential nutrients that we can get only from nuts that make them necessary for a 60 Day Program. Remember, the goal is for 60 Day we will give the body everything it needs for optimum cellular nutrition and detox, without adding anything to the toxic load, or anything that would further impact the arterial or alimentary systems. Simple hydraulics.

I made the mistake at the beginning of saying that nuts were OK in moderation during the 60 Day Program, only to learn that many were eating a moderate sized jar every day to keep up good fats, etc.

These people invariably would have suboptimal results. My view is that if you’re going to spend all this time and money doing a total lifestyle change, you might as well get the full value and do it by the book. 60 Days isn’t really that long, but it is the minimum period to show how much progress can be made by a complete alteration of lifestyle. Eat nothing without a full complement of enzymes for its complete breakdown and metabolism.

Now obviously we’re only talking about raw nuts here. Roasted nuts are like eating plastic. They’re usually cooked in hydrogenated oils, and since the word roasted is not regulated, not only are we eating clogging foods that can’t be metabolized, but they are also loaded with trans fatty acids from the GMO oils they were cooked in.

Oils. Here the big question is cooking oils and salad dressing. And they always want to use extra virgin olive oil because of course it’s so healthy…. Ever wonder why so many people who use it all the time are so fat and so sick? Again it’s a question of moderation. If you are normal weight and never get sick and have all the energy you had when you were in your 20s, fine. Use it in moderation.

But most people doing the 60 Day Program aren’t normal weight, always healthy, and fully energetic. So we need to make some adjustments. Oil is the start. Most oils consumed in the western diet is in the form of hydrogenated oils. Most of that is soy and canola. So we learned the story of hydrogenation in the Soy chapter, right? If not, review it.

In the 60 Day Program, no oils – either in salad dressing or for cooking. The only exception might be a little flax oil on salad, or high end EFA supplements. But generally that requirement can be taken care of with grilled fish, at least 4x a week.

After the 60 Day Program, if you have achieved all your health goals, occasional salad dressing and cooking oils are OK. For cooking coconut oil is always better than olive oil because of its stability—less likely to form trans fatty acids.

I’m sure you can find things on the internet that disagree with these ideas, but then again you can also find recommendations for virtually anything. I’m not pretending to know everything, but at least you can be assured that this program works. See Feedback section.


4. How the World Really Sees Us

One of the advantages of foreign travel is to see what the rest of the world really thinks of the US. Stepping outside the monodimensional daily whitewash of US newsreaders mimicking each other word for word, and the retarded ‘commentators’ on FoxNews, CNN, even Bill Maher, et al., it is intriguing to see that there are much more intelligent, investigative, and articulate opinions of the US being broadcast elsewhere.

Examples: BBC News, Prime TV, and the high end Aljazeera. Their typical content is not filtered through the requisite criteria that reduce most US media stories to the same superficial, censored, homogenized Wikipedia-type level of justification and support for anything American.

We’re so conditioned to it we don’t even notice it. That’s the idea.

On Thai TV there is a station called Aljazeera. It is an award-winning news source for the Arab and Middle East world, mostly in Arabic. Definitely not on Comcast cable. And of course I was listening to the English portion. What I saw was astonishing.

First of all, the interviewer himself was this extremely eloquent, cultivated and well-informed host who would never be allowed to have a news show in the US.

He was interviewing an even more brilliant professor and expert in American civil liberties. The topic was the decline of civil liberties in the US, under both Bush and Obama, with specifics on the laws that have fashioned our current policies.

They were talking in very measured and well-ordered sentences about how Bush first re-wrote the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which protected Americans from undisclosed wiretapping. A foot note in US media. Bush got it changed so that they no longer need a warrant to tap the phones, record emails, etc. of anyone they choose. No probable cause. And no Freedom of Information recourse for the citizen. Bye bye Fourth Amendment – search and seize away!

And the Supreme Court is saying that citizens do not have the right to challenge these illegal wiretaps, and worse, that the government does not have to release the secret information they have. And Obama reinforced it.

It’s right out of the Matrix, and it’s not in the future. This is right now.

The new term is Data Mining. Remember it.

The professor, whose name I forgot – from Illinois – was saying that without privacy, freedom of speech, and checks and balances in place, there is no democracy. Very simple.

Then the interviewer pointed out that not only did Obama support the Bush changes, but exacerbated the situation when he signed the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act – you know, the one that sanctions indefinite detention – and even torture – of any American citizen, with no probable cause, no habeas corpus, no trial. Currently the law of the land, for those few paying attention.

So this isn’t a Democrat / Republican thing at all. Both parties are equally complicit in supporting these flagrant and consistent negations of the Constitution.

Oath? What oath?

Then they had another exceedingly well-informed expert from Salt Lake City talking about that 1 million square foot federal facility out there that is almost finished. Warren Buffet bought the power rights. Maybe you heard about it. When it’s finished they will archive every single phone call and email sent in the US, and make it available to any Agency that requests it.

V for Vendetta? This is no movie my friends. And it’s now. The Arab commentator was lamenting the fact that there are no courageous voices in US Congress today who will speak out against this whole new agenda. They’re afraid to be tagged un-American.

I have never heard anything this literate and insightful from any American news show, ever. Aljazeera – the Arab station – is asking what has happened to traditional American values with a forthrightness that no American media could ever air. The Arab station!

Next day I saw another broadcast equally incisive on an Iraqi news station called Press TV. Here’s another one you’re not gonna find on your cable. A sharp young Iraqi woman, speaking perfect American English with no accent, was interviewing international lawyer Francis Boyle. The subject was the 2012 conviction in the International Criminal Court of Bush and Blair for war crimes, mass murder, and torture against Iraqi citizens. This trial took place in Malaysia.

The International Criminal Court evolved out of the Nuremberg trials, which were originally Roosevelt’s idea. Anyway, this TV show included graphic footage of the Iraqi victims, including children, that you would never see on American TV, even on the slasher channels. And I was thinking yeah, let’s see them enforce those convictions.

But Boyle explained how it’s not over. They are pursuing war crimes charges in other international venues now against Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, and Rice for their unconscionable actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These are not casual symbolic trials, but rather unravel painstaking testimony and evidence, overwhelming and incontrovertible, in an international legal venue. No teeth, you say? Well, the ongoing prosecution was taken seriously enough by George Bush so that he will not go into Switzerland for fear of arrest.

Any country has the right to arrest and prosecute any of these defendants, should they venture outside the US. Especially after the convictions. These courts are serious. And it’s just beginning.

Ever hear about any of this? How would you? Well, take a flight out of the US, because everybody else is hearing it. So many things America has done that we don’t talk about either in media or in conversation, because they’re not PC, or they’re ‘inflammatory,’ or ‘negative’ – well guess what? The rest of the world is talking about them. And taking action.

Now I’m not political by any stretch. But I’m not an idiot either. I have never seen anything as overwhelmingly accurate and uncompromising in American news media. It is simply not permitted. The intellectual demands these shows make on a listener to actually follow a train of thought from A to B surpasses exponentially any typical cable news broadcast at home.

So obvious – contrasting this type of detailed, meticulously frank reporting with the rote simian memorized phrases which is all we ever will get from both our present candidates, coupled with the ironclad Bernays doctrine of US media never to go below the surface into any issue – wow.

We walk through life with blinders, thinking the US can do no wrong, and that the world loves us.

I saw a Thai bumper sticker that nailed it: “Life is hard, but it’s even harder if you’re stupid.”

I think that democracy no longer exists if it comes only by courtesy of American corporate media. It’s so blatant. They have devolved to systems of disinformation and propaganda, ruled by the very sophisticated science of lying. Investigative journalism is long dead.

Ever notice how candidates never say one thing above the fifth grade level, or even suggest that there are levels of complexity to every issue they’re sloganeering about?

I think that the vestiges of democracy today exist only in these new sources of digital media, intelligent and responsible ones like those above. Many shrill, irresponsible, and uneducated posers vie for the position. But now the bar has been set to measure the calibre of legitimate and defensible reporting.

This is a primary value of travel – perspective. Stepping outside the day-to-day drivel we keep feeding ourselves – pretending that all these things America does aren’t really happening, and that all there is going on in the world is Hulk Hogan re-runs, the Super Bowl, and Skyfall.


5. Excerpts from the most reliable text available to parents who want to make an informed choice:
Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 2012


Are people becoming more or less aware of vaccine problems?

With the billions spent annually to advertise and promote vaccines, it would seem that all parents would be absolutely sold by now. They’re not. As more and more parents are distrusting the mass conditioning from most sources, and actually informing themselves, the percentage of unvaccinated children in the US is increasing very slightly every year, [299] despite:

incessant media endorsement

school requirements

the course of least resistance

criminalizing the unvaccinated

The increase is astounding when one considers that to resist vaccination requires self-education – enormous personal effort, following up the spark of a new perception that hey, there might really be something to all this noise about vaccines, and I as a parent will do whatever is necessary to protect my child. Even if it means actually reading something. The struggle to step off the common treadmill thus becomes a war of attrition. A brick by brick proposition.

A true awareness of vaccines can never be mainstream – not with the never-ending attacks on self reliance, self education, and allowing the child’s natural immune system to develop unmodified.

The point of view expressed in this book can never be endorsed in popular media. It can never be the prevailing conventional outlook on vaccines, no matter how many children are damaged. Vaccines are here to stay. The majority of the children in the US will always be vaccinated. And the amount of vaccine damage will continue to increase.


Any upside to this dismal landscape? Well, the human species is subject to the same laws of natural selection as all other life on earth. Those with the weakest immune systems drop out. The immuno-suppressive effect of the immense viral load being forced onto the young through vaccines over long periods of time will certainly cause their line to have the least chance of replication of a viable progeny. It will dilute their DNA forever.

In the US during the past 50 years, where the vaccine load has been increased by more than 2500%, look at what is already clearly observable in the health and intelligence of our children: fatter, sicker, dumber. Play that pattern forward another 50 years, 100, 200. Nature will always take its course.

Anyone who studies the social and epistemological dynamics of the vaccine issue for enough time will eventually be confronted with the ultimate fruitlessness of direct confrontation on this issue. The uneducated, and the militantly uneducated will always, always vaccinate their children. And thereby over time may be selected out of the species. It’s neither good nor bad: it’s simple genetics.

Darwinism and vaccines.”

Other topics in the new book:

– History of vaccines

– Ingredients

– Individual vaccines: HPV, Polio, DPT, Flu shots, etc

– Today’s agenda to end exemptions

– Affidavit of Exemption

– Doctors who don’t vaccinate