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Collagen supplementation has skyrocketed in popularity the last few years, for good reason.  As the most abundant protein in the human body, and the principal component of our organs and tissues, collagen decline is the cause of the most common physical ailments.  Arthritis and skin breakdown are the two most popular, by far.

Arthritis involves the chronic inflammation of joints, commonly caused by microtrauma (overuse), old injuries, and subluxation.  This would comprise the majority of the population right there.

Skin breakdown is caused by aging, sun damage, dehydration, and lifestyle.  Again, it’s like – everybody, right?

For the cell physiology that explains the etiology of these conditions, please refer to the chapter Hydrolyzed Collagen.     Actually, don’t refer to it – read the whole thing.

The chapter recommends several videos at the top.  A good one to start with is Rebuilding Your Collagen From the Inside

Then some typical success stories are included in the chapter.  You can see a few of these at the end of this article.

The videos discuss the many kinds of collagen available on the market today.  We had to travel far and wide to find the most effective formula for resolving all the issues most people have.  In Europe we found the answer: hydrolyzed collagen.  Hydrolyzed means the raw collagen molecule is broken down into its component amino acids and peptides.  Only in this form are they ready to be used as the specific building blocks in the repair of your body’s weakened structures.

You probably know that collagen is contained in most of our animal foods.  When you eat a drumstick of chicken, it’s loaded with collagen.  The problem is that the digested forms of that chicken are much too large to be much use as building blocks of your body’s own new collagen.

And this is where hydrolysis comes in.  During processing, the raw collagen molecules are cut into the smallest usable protein molecules  (peptides) for repairing your damaged joints and skin.  Molecules are measured in units called daltons.  Our collagen is about 3000 daltons.

Most commercial collagen available in supermarkets and drugstores and online is about 45,000 daltons, because it’s cheaper and faster to manufacture.  Unfortunately that length is just too large to be of much value for human supplementation.

This explains why people who switched from our collagen to a different brand, always come back to ours.  Every time. There’s no comparison.  They all say the same thing – that other brand didn’t work – it made no difference.

Besides molecular weight, the other uniqueness of our particular brand lies in the specificity of the hydrolysis.  This means that in the scientific cutting of the original raw protein molecules, the resulting peptides can be tailored to the explicit requirements for rebuilding your skin, muscle, and joint structures.  This is a very precise and sophisticated process that has taken years of the best science to evolve.  No other brand goes to all this trouble.  These formulas are some of the most closely guarded trade secrets in the entire industry.

So give it a try.  It takes 2 packages to see how collagen is going to work for you.  You must take it every single day until two packages are gone, without skipping a day.  It’s called the loading dose.  Which means daily.  Two or three tablespoons blended in fruit or vegetable juice, once or twice a day depending on how fast you’re looking for results.

Unmatched value for rehab patients recovering from an injury or surgery.  Or chiropractic patients, especially disc cases. Also marvelous results for dogs, especially big dogs.


As promised here are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials from real patients just like you:


Hey Doc!
Hydrolyzed Collagen is essential for a speedy recovery! I am a lifelong, avid surfer and snowboarder. In January I was snowboarding at Kirkwood when I took a fall and fractured my right pelvis. It’s now March (just 3 months later) and, with daily Hydrolyzed Collagen (yes, daily!), I’m already enjoying snowboarding and surfing without any pain or restriction. Lovin’ it! That you can repair damaged bone and joint structures with Hydrolyzed Collagen is no false claim. I’m living proof.

– Dr Scott Sawyer, Santa Cruz


Hello Doctor T!

No hip replacement! this stuff is a miracle. Almost 3 years ago I was having severe hip pain. Getting worse. X-rays showed bone on bone in the hip ball and socket joint. They were scheduling me for surgery when a Doctor of chiropractic told me about your Hydrolyzed Collagen. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I gave it a try. I decided I might as well do it right and take the maximum dose that you recommend on your website – 3 tablespoons blended in juice twice a day. Nonstop – never miss a day. I was blown away when after 3 months all the pain was gone! Never expected the joint to rebuild like that. I figured might as well keep going and build up as much new cartilage as possible, so I’ve kept it up for almost 3 years. Now I have normal use of the hip – no pain. The stiffness resolved – I’m a new man. Going to get new Xrays so I can actually see the new layer of collagen in the joint. Can’t thank you enough – and that chiropractor for telling me about it. The surgeons were really mad!

  1. Baney
    N. Java, NY


Hello, my name is Don. I ordered your Collagen about 2 weeks ago and am amazed of how well it works. I’m a 41 year old bodybuilder/MMA training & bootcamp participant. My shoulder presses are on the heavy side and i was having problems with my left shoulder for months….now it went away….cannot believe it. I have a question about this product, i noticed that my erections are better and semen volume has risen….no complaints here, but just wondering if this stimulates HGH levels or something? my email is


Hey Dr T!

Thanks to your Hydrolyzed Collagen I cancelled my hip replacement surgery.

Here’s what happened: I had severe degenerative arthritis, according to my doctor, and the X-rays. The hip socket was bone on bone – you could see it clearly. It got to the point where I was in almost constant pain and had to use a cane to walk. I had to be on 2 pain killers a day, including Diclofenec, which can cause stroke and heart attack – – but otherwise I just couldn’t function. I started taking your collagen twice a day, blended in juice, just like the label says. After 2 months I was much better – after 3 months I had no pain at all! I can walk now, go swimming and do normal activities. So glad I found this solution and skipped the surgery. Thank you!

Indiana Gary

Hey Doc,

I have been using the Collagen for many years now. Looking back, after an ACL surgery my knee was getting gradually weaker. I began to wear a knee brace hoping that would improve things. It didn’t. After a year of the brace the knee was getting worse, so my orthopedist was scheduling a second surgery. That was when I started taking your collagen every day. After about 3 months the pain was gone and the joint kept getting stronger. No surgery! Now I am able to do the full F45 workout with no restriction. People should know they have an alternative to surgery – especially when the long term track record is pretty dismal. Really appreciate thedoctorwithin – all the chapters and information!

Kurt Francis
Santa Barbara



Dr. Tim:

I’m now at 4 months on 60/day program with your collagen. This mix has w/o a shadow of a doubt reduced my L hip pain from about 10 to a 2! I’m amazed at this improvement. Implementing the above is literally allowing me to be more active throughout the day! Had I not experienced this myself, I never would have believed collagen would bring me so much relief! I’m assuming my L hip cartilage is being restored – would you agree? In November I’m scheduled for a visit w/my orthopedic Dr. and a L hip x-ray should be telling.

I’m also beginning to exercise more although, slightly and carefully.

With much gratitude to you,

Rosanne Manner
Dallas, Texas


Dear Dr T
This hydrolyzed collagen is unbelievable. I thought there was no hope!

I have had low back pain for 6 years, worsening every year. A chiropractor I went to was no help. Waking up at night with pain, I even had to stop exercising. It was getting so bad I had to pick up my legs with my hands to get in the car. I began limping, and walked in a stooped over posture, all the time.
Finally one month ago someone told me about collagen. After 5 days taking it, I could walk straight again. After 2 weeks the pain was over 50% gone, and I began trusting my right leg to bear my weight for the first time in 2 years.
Now it’s been one month and the back pain is completely gone, except for occasional twinges. Medicine had nothing for me, except experimental surgery. My life was going down down down. How I ever found out about collagen, I am beyond thankful!

Cheryl Johnston


For more stories go to Testimonials page.



Our website thedoctorwithin.com is probably the most complete resource of free information on holistic health and natural healing available anywhere.  Includes chapters on enzyme nutrition, colon detox, arterial cleansing, collagen supplementation, immune support, chronic inflammation, etc.

For those willing to do the research to find out why their particular chronic disease is not responding after years of advice from the geniuses, here’s the site you’ve been looking for.   You can likely find some insight into the best course of action, that will enhance the immune system.

Private consultation by phone is also available.  This protocol consists of complete medical history, including diseases treated, drugs, surgeries, lifestyle and health history.  And the best way to reverse the downward spiral.  This option is especially valuable for medical failures and chronic conditions that have been misdiagnosed for years and have worsened as a consequence.

Examples of patients who have benefited from consultation can be viewed at the Testimonial section of the site.  We always say – no matter how bad off you are, or how sick and hopeless you feel, there are many people who were in worse shape than you who have recovered completely and have resumed their normal life.  Here you can read some of their stories.  The few hundred we have recorded represent only the smallest fraction of the actual numbers who have benefited from these protocols.  See for yourself.

Recently we have done several consultations that exemplify a peculiar new type of chronic problem that has seems to have emerged as a peripheral effect of the cultural upheaval of these last few years.

It’s the “Poor Me” patient.  The Whiners.  These patients are willing enough to recite the details of their entire medical history, along with their chief complaints and all the ineffective remedies they’ve tried. And they’ll be the first to admit that allopathic medicine resulting from the 5 minute visits they get with their nurse practitioner or whomever – it’s just not working.  They’re getting worse, and are beginning to notice that grim gentleman lurking in the dark corner with the hood and the scythe over his shoulder…

And these patients have finally seen through the dog and pony show.  That part they get.   But when it comes to the holistic alternative that is actually going to make the change – here come the excuses. Suddenly it’s too inconvenient –   Oh I can’t eat those foods – I don’t like them.  I can only eat chocolate, and pizza and diet Dr Pepper, etc.  Boo-hoo – Poor me.  I’m so sick …

Excuses, excuses, and more whining about this pain and that fluttering…  As though their diet intake is only a minor detail in their declining health profile, instead of the major determinant that has brought about their present low vibrational level.

These Whiners refuse to read the chapters that will explain to them in detail why true and lasting health can only be health at the cellular level.  Which is created and reinforced all day every day by the nutrients that are introduced into the digestive tract and the bloodstream.  As explained in the chapters Enzymes: the Key To Longevity and Journey to the Center of Your Colon.  And the others.

It’s easy to understand their reluctance and indolence, really.  They’ve been brainwashed their whole life by the most pervasive propaganda machine in human history – allopathic medicine – which has always taught them that health is something conferred to them from the outside – doctors, drugs, vaccines, surgeries, and insurance companies..   Something that is done to them, not something they do themselves.

And right there’s the essential difference with the holistic approach – inside/out –   supporting the body’ own immune forces to detox and regenerate the cells of all its tissues.  But of course that can only happen if there’s no outside interference – especially from experimental potions and elixirs and unnecessary hacking off of body parts.  And misdiagnosis.

So that’s the Why of it.  The pre-eminent obstacle to recovery is lack of commitment to actually Do Something proactive themselves to alter their self-annihilating lifestyle – well, hey now, let’s not get carried away with this touchy feely stuff…  Poor me.

And then some will say It Didn’t Work.  Without even trying it.  Over the years one scenario has been consistent about the 60 Day Program – every single time.   The only time it “doesn’t work” is when the patient doesn’t follow the Program, to the letter.

After several years, we have learned the hard lesson that eventually confronts most holistic practitioners:  when faced with a choice between lifestyle change and death, many people will choose death.

And that’s why all the diabetics who believed their genius endocrinologist all those years –  that glypizide and Metformin were going to “control” their diabetes, and go ahead and eat whatever you want.  These folks get the shock of a lifetime when they wake up one morning in a hospital bed with their feet amputated.  Thousands and thousands have had that Leslie West experience.  All were curable  – all of that was unnecessary.  But they never took responsibility for their own health – and just let whatever be “done to them.”

So maybe it takes a little initiative and will power to dump the 4 cokes a day, or the sixpack and chips, or the Haggendazz and pizza diet – or the evening’s Doritos – in favor of  brown rice, grilled salmon, organic fruits and vegetables.   Sure, there’s a transition – but the Whiners refuse to even try and jump that gap.  Poor me – I can’t do that… I can’t …

Making it worse, the Enablers they live with, well, they learn to buy this self-pitying  ”I can’t” rap, day in and day out because it’s the path of least resistance.  And so the Whiner is excused, and continues with his Happy Foods, and eventually becomes terminal – heart, diabetes, cancer – whatever.  Sayonara.  This is the classic American pathology that follows the Standard American diet.

Fortunately, the majority of patients are not quite this spineless.  If they’ve read the 60 Day Program and cared enough to make an appointment for Consultation, they’re ready to hear the truth.  They’re at their wits’ end with their illness and know that it’s time for them to take charge – this is their last chance  This insight often comes after that first heart attack, or when the biopsy comes back, or when the ankles swell up bigger than the calf…

Who benefits most from a Consultation?  The patient who has just had the epiphany that the advisors they’ve been trusting all this time were never going to help them recover.  And the shock discovering that their survival is wholly dependent on that individual they see staring back from the mirror.   Physician, heal thyself.

Are you normal weight?  Do you have a perfect diet?  Are you hydrated?  Are you sleeping 8 hours?  Have you left off all drugs that weren’t helping?  What is your expected life span?  What quality of health can you expect?  How you do start down the road back?

These are the questions that we cover thoroughly in the Consultation.



3.New Music at thedoctorwithin

Two new recordings of original music can now be heard on the site.  The first is called Café 2024 which is an adaptation of an obscure jazz composition that was written in Paris in the 1930s.  See what you think.

The second one you’ll recognize parts of – the influences of Mr Buckingham and Mr Zimmerman.  It’s called Never Goin’ To Think Twice.  See if they sound familiar.   This link will appear shortly.


4.New Book: Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Ironic how all the immune science on our videos that were banned from FB and YT  is now being corroborated by a flood of concerted attacks from the highest sources. Fauci is being exposed for the unelected, looting tyrant he has been.  All the lies about spike protein, mRNA vaccine, vaccine deaths, thousands of heart disease and stroke fatalities as consequence of mandatory COVID shots – it’s all coming to light now, like shining a flashlight on cockroaches in a dark basement.