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2. Vegetarian Meditation
3. Asian Report 2015
4. Dosages – 60 Day Program
5. Movie Review: The Interview
6. New 4th Edition for 2015: Vaccination Is Not Immunization



24 Jan – Ventura, CA

Elements of Clinical Nutrition, Part II
– 12 hours CE in 6 hours classroom


This seminar will explore the fundamentals of traditional clinical nutrition, often overshadowed by pop chimeras like functional nutrition, synthetic vitamins, paleo diet, beach diets, the cholesterol hoax, red meat myth, etc..

Focus will be on enzymes, probiotics, chelation, colon vitality, tissue reconstruction anti-aging, and much more. Read testimonials

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CalJam 2015

March will be here in a minute. Which means the big event of southern California is coming in for a landing. Time to sign up. You’re bound to like some of the speakers, Andrew Wakefield, Dane Wigington, Adjustasaurus, yours truly, Billy D, Tim Young, and a host of other provocateurs out on parole.

And even if you disagree with something, well at least you’re going to be part of the dialogue. You’re gonna see all kinds of people from your past and future – the good, the bad, and the adjusted. CalJam is now the premier chiropractic event on the west coast for the whole year.

You really don’t have a choice – if you’re seriously in this profession, you gotta be there. No way will you attend without your destiny being affected in some direct way.

See you there!


More info:
(408) 753-9830
doc[ @ ]thedoctorwithin.com



Never been much of a fan of vegetarian thinking. I hear what they’re saying, but it so often seems to have that cultist, condescending ring to it. Man evolved as an omnivore. We have the proteases necessary to digest meats of all kinds and to derive nutritive value from animal based foods. That is an undisputed fact of human physiology.

There have been extreme pop diets – like the Anjanous cancer cure – as well as some cultures, who get along just fine eating only meats.

Some people talk about the way vegetarians may look and think, saying they look weak and passive, asthenic, lacking in energy, spontanaeity, and passion. Not always now, just frequently, people are telling me. Don’t shoot the messenger here. To be really fit, with above average muscle development may take a lot more energy and time for vegetarians, involving a very structured regimen of both diet and exercise.

We may even have seen vegetarian bodybuilders, and perhaps very fit vegetarians, or those who claim to be, in individuals who have put in the time, money and effort. But these are the rare exception.

More common are the obese ones of course, since chips, fries and donuts are permitted by the vegetarian sect. Along with loads of hydrogenated snacks.

Funny thing – ever notice how the jumbo ones tend to be the most superior about their chosen lifestyle? Might be imagining that.

Anyway, I got a recent message from way outside the box that provided a whole new slant to these thought patterns that I’ve had all these years, regarding the vegetarian point of view.

My friends and I were invited out to the countryside a ways from Saigon for a family picnic, Vietnamese style. The cousins butchered a very large pig and roasted it whole on a spit, overnight. When my 7 year old goddaughter walked into that yard and saw the roast pig, she was shocked and horrified. She burst into tears and was inconsolable for some time.

The next day she refused even to discuss the event. It is likely that pork will not be among her entrée choices any time soon, and possibly for life.

What was the big disconnect, the cognitive dissonance that was so traumatic for this little California girl? Up till that moment, meat was just something you buy from the counter at Whole Foods and take home to your refrigerator. Of course she knew what beef, turkey, chicken, buffalo, and pork were, and where they came from. But her innocent little mind never thought about the process necessary to actually bring these foods to the table.

In this harsh epiphany, on some level there was an end of innocence, where now she suddenly discovered undeniably something she had never imagined – that she was a member of a species that did this kind of thing in order to have tasty dinners. The beginning of the tragic way the world inevitably changes us throughout life, invading the idyllic dreamworld of childhood, and replacing it with life’s cold reality.

Whole Foods patrons like myself are of the opinion that the problem with most meat is not that it is animal derived, but that it is loaded with hormones, antibiotics, and comes from animals raised in horrific, apocalyptically inhumane, corporate confinement environments. See Food Inc, SuperSize Me, etc.

In the full day nutrition series and in our 60 Day Program, organic meats are recommended in moderation, meaning not every day. Beans and rice combinations are a much cleaner and more metabolizable source of complete protein. Lean muscle gain, optimum usable energy, minimal potential for intestinal obstruction.

But as far as nutritious food types are concerned, thedoctorwithin clocks in in the enzyme-rich, nothing-to-excess, all-good-things-in-moderation omnivore camp. Which means some clean meats. This is the type of approach that has helped so many people find their way back to glowing health, after years of misdirection and confusion. See Testimonials.

Guilt, martyrdom, self recrimination, and cultism have no place in the study of optimum nutrition. Those who think that meat eaters have tasted the Garden’s Forbidden Fruit, often seem to have themselves drunk the KoolAid.

When I was up in MuiNe last week I went to this burger joint that was a hangout for all the kitesurfing dudes. One of the specialties there was the Crocodile Burger. Not just a cute name – they’re real. I took a bite of my friend’s and have to admit, as many cannibals probably have done down through the ages—it tasted a lot like chicken.

Crocodile meat may be a lot less offensive to vegetarians, since crocodiles are fairly ugly, non-cuddly reptiles, who have no such squeamishness about scarfing down human meat should the opportunity arise. So it’s harder to work up the requisite guilt about eating them. For those considering jumping ship, croc burgers might be on your starter menu.

These are the types of insights that await those intrepids who would yearly venture across the International Date Line.

Further discussion, please see online Nutrition seminars I and II.



Inveterate traveler or addict? Once it’s in your blood, you’ll take it as far as time permits.

I usually start out in Thailand since I am so familiar with the vacation culture there. The popular beach resort of Pattaya has undergone a major transformation from last year. The most tangible difference, immediately evident, was the decline in Russians. Last year, Thailand was overrun with Russian tour groups – many locals used the term infested. I guess we can say that here, since Caucasians are generally ineligible as victims of racism. According to universal PC, whites can only be accused as perpetrators, right?

Last year there were scores of Russian tour buses all up and down the beach roads, in hotels large and small. The Thais call them ‘cheap charlies’ because they rarely contribute to the local economy. I’m told the Russians would buy these inclusive package deals – cozy arrangements between Russian and Thai cartels, which would include hotel and meals, and some inexpensive activities. They wouldn’t frequent the bars or nightclubs, preferring to buy 40 baht beer at the 7-Eleven and drink it in their hotel room. You’d never see them at the malls or department stores that abound along the beach strip. And definitely never in Pattaya’s many jewelry shops, which boast some of the finest work not only in Asia but in all the world. 22K gold and jewels of every sort. No fakes, unless they tell you – very well regulated.

A taxi driver pointed out something else that I can find no fault with – Russian women never smile, at least in Thailand. It’s true – go there and tell me he’s wrong. No wonder – so many of them are breathtaking, fit blond beauties, who are hooked up with these clownish giants who have run to fat, rivalling Americans in that regard. Few kids in evidence — if these guys aren’t bringing their mistresses they sure have knockout wives. Rarely do they give Americans the time of day. Which is a relief because the few of them who can stammer a few words of English do so in an unintelligible patois, roughly similar to my attempts at Vietnamese.

So that was the setup back in 2013. But it’s all changed now. The ruble devalued to its 5-year low this past year. A lot of Russians who bought condos in Thailand that they thought they could rent out to their friends have defaulted on the mortgages, and let them go. The friends aren’t coming. And neither are 90% of them.

The resulting difference in the ambience of the place is palpable. The Thais had seemed to be losing their famous Land of Smiles smiles there for awhile because of the harshness they were confronted with every day. The Koreans and Saudis they could absorb, but not all the Russians too —a s bad as Americans — but Americans are in very small numbers to have much of an overall effect.

But now the smiles are back. Thais are so resilient, so forgiving to jerks and lowlife from all shores, come to enjoy their beautiful country.

The other thing about Asia is the money. You take a certain amount of cash with you and then do normal things, and then after a couple of weeks you notice you still have most of it. It’s the oddest feeling.

Anyone who’s been there will tell you – It’s like you’re in the Twilight Zone – some paradise where things don’t cost much. So everybody then tries to extend their trip – but the airlines penalize in the thousands for extending. So no one ends up doing it.

The variety of the cuisine is epic—from every manner of the worst junk food for the Americans, to gourmet international — and everything in between, Thai and otherwise. Not fake California mall Thai, mind you — but the real thing. All these food options at every turn – no wonder the tourists are so elephantine. The term beached whale is constantly evoked.

So many new hotels are popping up — if you don’t like something, just move next door. Another reason not to check luggage —travel light. Don’t bring clothes — they have better there, and they’re so inexpensive it’s actually embarrassing.

Totally safe — walking the streets at any hour — they party till dawn and there’s no violence even when it gets stupid crowded. Gotta stop talking about it like this – might attract more tourists.

For the athletes and fitness crowd, you can’t get enough — every imaginable sport — right there — walking distance. Watersports, golf, tennis, biking, cycling, etc.

Too soon it was time to hop down to the airport and take the 90 minute flight to Saigon. Good Morning Vietnam!

Now the backdrop changes radically, and we’re in a whole different social and cultural milieu altogether – one of the few remaining communist countries. Tourists welcome, natives must stay for the duration.

First thing you notice is the money. If Thailand was inexpensive, Vietnam is an even better bargain. In the middle of downtown Saigon, in the high end tourist area you can get a very nice hotel room for $44 US– air conditioned, marble floors, cable TV, big screen, etc. Many of the hotels are brand new – have to stay competitive.

Of all the capitals of the communist countries, Saigon is certainly the most Westernized. Ironic how all that traditional HoChiMinh rhetoric has been pushed aside for the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and Burberry. The Hyatt, the Sheraton, and the Caravelle can compare with any world city 5-stars.

But the more savvy tourists stay in the 3 star hotels. Why fly across the Pacific Ocean only to isolate yourself from the people and the culture in some 5-star lockup? Might as well stay in LA.

Saigon is so busy and complicated. The only way to learn what is going on there is on foot. Or by xe-om — which means the dudes sitting on their 125 cc motorbikes at every street corner waiting to take you anywhere for 50 cents. The cool tourists use them, the Calvin Klein group, jesus no.

Every little door and alley way seems to lead to some undiscovered shop or restaurant or hooka bar. Same with stairwells and doorways from the main streeet. Layer upon layer, curiouser and curiouser, down the rabbit hole, emulating the culture itself – very complex and multilayered. The Land of Secrets. It’s a cross between First World and Third World right in front of you, on every block.

About 70% of all traffic on the street is made up of Honda 125 motorbikes – the most common family vehicle. Only the very rich have cars.

All this means the traffic rules are more or less arbitrary. If something is physically possible, then it’s OK. I’ve been riding motorcycles all my life, but I won’t rent a bike in Saigon. Different rules, no safety bubble, very low tolerance for error. Even so, my Viet friend told me there are actually very few accidents in the city because everyone will actually stop – at the last possible second.

The people are the real draw to this country, though. Because of the political system, they are forced to live in proximity with each other all the time. So there’s a sort of casual familiarity which may take some getting used to. Time to chill. I teach at one of the bigger English schools when I have a free morning, and I was explaining the major differences between California and Vietnam to a class of teenagers.

And when I said that Americans live in neighborhoods of individual houses where it is not uncommon that you would live next to someone for 10 years without ever talking to them, they looked at me like I had just landed from the moon. Something like that is incomprehensible.

The control of information is more flagrant In Vietnam than it is in Thailand, or in the US. For example, you can’t get google in Vietnam, but only a censored version: google.com.vn where “they” alter or delete anything they like. Which come to think of it is kind of like wiki-pedia anywhere. Or google itself, for that matter any more, right?

Most Vietnamese can read and write English better than the average American high school student since their literacy rate is higher, but they can’t speak English well. Except for a small percentage who make it their mission to learn. But Vietnamese know their numbers in English well enough to always make correct change. And they will not cheat you just because you don’t know the exchange rate. I’ve had clerks follow me out of the store more than once to give me the rest of my change.

Rule of thumb here: unless they’re government, the people generally won’t rip you off.

Shopping – if that’s your passion you will never leave this place. You won’t believe Ben Thanh Market. Go ahead, bargain if you want but I never do because the price is already embarrassing, most of the time. Except in the phony, empty designer stores lining the downtown Saigon boulevards. No matter what designer item you can think of, the Vietnamese can copy it so well most people can’t tell the difference. A $700 Movado watch? How about ten bucks? Clothes, shoes, leather goods, crocodile goods, watches, jewelry, it never ends.

For some unimaginable reason, Americans are their favorites. Vietnam War? Oh you mean the American War… My dad used to talk about it, but hey that was a long time ago… Look at this tanzanite over here…

No room in this little newsletter to even begin talking about the food in Saigon. International cuisine, from low end to high end at every turn. Nothing wrong with the street food either. There’s like a McDonald’s of pho called Pho 24 all over the place. Don’t know why no one has stolen the recipe and brought it to California, because it’s the best pho I ever had. And the same at each shop.

Fresh coconuts are everywhere on the sidewalk, for about a quarter US. Real fresh fruit drinks available in every restaurant. Try that in the Caribbean. Or the US, for that matter. Bakeries abound everywhere – French, Vietnamese, French-Vietnamese, and everything else as well. Delectably dangerous places – Old World.

International flavors – the best examples from anywhere on earth, if you know where to look. If it’s a French restaurant, you can bet the chef isn’t from Hanoi. Same with Italian, Greek, or any of the dozens of others. It’s in the Vietnamese culture to make their meals from scratch, with meat as a condiment rather than the main portion.

That’s why they have this kaleidoscope of aromas and flavors going on all over the place, all at once, low end to high end. Unpredictable — almost need a guide, but it’s always intriguing to experiment.

One thing is certain – when it’s time to pack for the airport, you’ll be calling to try and extend your departure. But don’t tell anybody any of this, OK? Last thing we want is to turn it into frickin Laguna Beach.

This wasn’t even a superficial look at these places. I didn’t even go into the nightlife. After all these years of going there all I know is I have no idea what’s really going on in Asia.



Many folks doing the 60 Day Program have questions about the dosages of the supplements involved in the detox. Even though the dosages are pretty clearly laid out in several places in the discussion and purchase of each individual supplement, it must not be clear enough, because we sure get a lot of questions. So to help bring all that into sharper focus, here goes.

A. These are not drugs. They are natural whole food supplements. I could probably take an entire bottle of any one of them without much adverse effect. Therefore the dosage doesn’t have to be so precise, for any of them.

There’s a minimum daily dosage for the Program, which is in keeping with our general philosophy of supplementation: we want people to be taking the least number of supplements possible, spending the least amount of money on them, and still get the optimum physiological effect from them.

So the general rule is – take too little, and maybe nothing will happen. Take too much, and you’ll get the effect but the excess was wasted.

These dosages below then reflect the amount needed to bring about the desired effect in the patient.

B. Average adult dose for the 7 supplements during initial Program

Digestazyme: 3 caps 3x a day
Florabiotics: 3 caps 3x a day
MegaHydrate: 2 caps 2x a day
Minerals: 3 caps per day
Oral Chelation: 3 caps per day
Expel: 1-3 caps at dinner
Hydrolyzed Collagen: 2-3 tablespoons, once or twice per day

Two or 3x per day means any time.

The ones that are 3 caps per day mean take all 3 of them at once, any time.

Collagen is best blended in fruit juice. Maximum would be 3 tablespoons in a smoothie, twice a day. Loading dose.

C. This is an estimate for an adult over 110 lbs or more. Children would be proportionally less, by weight. E.g., a 35 pound child would take about 1/3 the adult dosage. A 60 pounder, about half. And so on. Not rocket science.

Youngest would be 18 months. Caps may be pulled in half, using half a cap in any drink. See Autism Detox Protocol. The supplements have no taste.

Above 300 lbs, increase proportionally. I don’t know, just ballpark it. They’re not drugs. It’s not like you’ve been watching every other part of your intake that carefully all this time, is it? Follow the guidelines.

D. If you finish an entire bottle of Digestazyme or the Florabiotics in a month, you are on the program. Don’t worry if you run out 2 days early. If you finish all 7 supplements that you bought in the 60 Day package within the 2 months, you are on schedule and will likely get the result.

Some people like to up the recommended dosage a little with a few things. That’s fine. You are the only one who really knows what is doing what in your body. So follow those impulses.



When I got back here, people were talking about this new movie that was being censored – banned from the big corporate cineplexes because of protests from North Korea. Wait a minute… Protests from North Korea? Who gives a damn? Since when do we recognize that desolate place? They hate us!

A satellite view at night shows a clear boundary between north and south— south is lighted, north is dark. Third World totalitarian dictator, brainwashing propaganda, concentration camps, starving population, etc.. And now they’re movie critics? They don’t even have movies!

So why would even the most rabid libtards care what the representatives of that retrograde hellhole think about any movie? Oh, a group of comic actors have dared to poke fun at this poor excuse for a country? Yes, and…? Or was it just the Madison Avenue attorneys of the moviehouse syndicates, paranoid that some whack job would blow up a theatre in protest, and they’d have to redecorate…? Was that it?

Then I’m thinking… Seth Rogen? International threat? Come on! Why not Austin Powers? Is everybody on Special K here? I would have never gone to see The Interview, but with this kind of negative press I thought it must be a monumental movie classic, a can’t-miss.

So off I went the night after Christmas to a little artsy theatre at San Jose State and paid 10 bucks to watch a movie you can see online for 5.

Well, it was very well shot, a very well written slapstick wacky irreverent comedy spoof with plenty of explosions and scatalogical gags for the college crowd, where everything is fair game. The sets, sound, and photography were all first rate, in true Hollywood style.

The premise was that this self-obsessed, mediocre talk show host, played by James Franco, got the idea that he would interview the premier of North Korea, and by some unexplained quirk of international politics, they actually accepted.

Then the CIA gets involved and enlists Franco and his producer – Seth Rogen – when they get close enough to the North Korean leader, to assassinate him. This becomes the setup for every classic rubber chicken comedy riff since Laurel and Hardy, Woody Allen, Kevin Smith, and you name it.

A few parts of the screenplay were almost brilliant, I have to say, though a lot of the movie was silly and stupid. But if you weren’t laughing your ass off at some point in this film, you really need to kill yourself because without a sense of humor, is life really worth living? As a movie it was about a 7 or an 8. But turns out that wasn’t really the lesson here.

These funny guys, by bringing to bear all their considerable combined economic, artistic, and movie industry heft, were able to get this movie in front of millions of people, even though most will opt for seeing it online, eating their own popcorn at home.

OK, so we gotta ask – why exactly was it banned from mainstream movie houses, that have no problem pandering mind-numbing outright tripe like The Gambler, The Hobbit, Hunger Games, etc. to all and sundry? Why? What was unique about this film?

Was it that it actually might make people think? And was about actual events taking place in the actual non-West-Hollywood world? Red Alert! We can’t have that. No, that won’t do at all. Any objections from any of the factions that must check all the boxes before any filmland swill is allowed to be listed on the marquees – women, blacks, gays, Mexicans, illegals, left-handed double amputees, autistics, Alzheimer folks, 3-toed dwarves, recovering alcoholics, naturalized muslims, born-agains… ? We must consider not only the rights of all these groups, but more importantly, their feelings. Right?

Did we miss anyone? Oh yes – sympathizers with the one country on earth who brazenly advertises their hatred and wish to annihilate the ol’ USA – North Korea. Oh no, we can’t say anything that might offend them, oh no.

Of course we have no economic or political affiliation with them whatsoever, since their fondest and most constant and unequivocally expressed wish is that we should all lie down and die immediately. But no, let’s not be haters here. Let’s not be un-cordial to anyone. Love thy enemy, etc…

Wonder how the French and English would have fared in WWII if the same flaccid, squishy version of moral responsibility would have prevailed back then…? Normandy? Oh no, no, let’s not do anything rash. We don’t want to make the man with the little moustache feel uncomfortable, or disrespected… Or profiled.

Now in the Rogen/Goldberg teleplay, we actually get some insight into present day North Korea and re-learn things we may have missed in our years of skimming yahoo headlines, having graduated from high schools with no history or geography:

– of the 24 million North Koreans, one third are malnourished or starving outright

– there are no elections, no representation, no freedom

– one single dictator rules with absolute power

– the brainwashed people pretend to be grateful and to worship the Leader, all day every day

– his image is everywhere, in all places public and private

So the banning of this movie represents the view of the contingent of information controllers in the US who don’t want these above facts openly discussed. Here, in the US. And why is that?

Exactly. All this motivates inquisitive troublemakers, like yours truly, to look one step further. So here’s your next step in due diligence. On streaming Netflix right now there’s a 2006 National Geographic film called Inside North Korea. Although National Geographic in recent years has really dropped its standards for responsible reporting into the sub-basement, this film made it under the wire. It corroborates all the facts raised in the Goldman/Rogen comedy, and in addition reminds us of a few other items:

– there is no Internet in North Korea

– cellphones are forbidden

– almost no one has TV

– there is no court system

– 40% of children are either malnourished or starving outright

– life is the bleakest of existences, except for a favored few who kiss the feet of the Dear Leader with sufficient fervor

– anyone even accused of saying or thinking anything that criticizes the Dear Leader may be thrown into a concentration camp

– once in a concentration camp you are either worked to death or die from disease

– in the 1990s a famine killed over 3 million people, by starvation (1/8 the population)

– there is a 130 mile DMZ between North and South Korea to discourage defectors.

– this 2 mile wide DMZ strip consists of an electrified barbed wire triple fence, millions of land mines, and a couple hundred thousand troops

– the family of any defector are all thrown into the concentration camp

So. Let’s rethink this recent dogwag here – The Interview. It’s turned into a bit more than just a quirky banned movie. The Interview evoked a corporate policy decision from the American film industry, mandating what may or may not be considered as PC, what may or may not be considered permissible for mass viewing, right here in the land of the free and the home of the 4G.

Not exactly unheard of — the same thing happened with Supersize Me back in 2001 and with Food Inc in 2008 – two excellent films, impeccably researched and documented, for those of us who can remember back past 2014.

The glaring oversight here, missing from every discussion of this flick, is that the world is not full of love and brotherhood and compassion and forgiveness. That’s only half of the human condition. The other half is brutality, propaganda, starvation, and murderous intent. To pretend one half doesn’t exist is unrealistic and deliberately deceitful. As well as a clear and present threat to our national security– not a fake one like airport toothpaste.

How can we guard against evil in the world unless we know what it looks like? How can we masquerade as an informed public unless we inspect both sides? Not trying so much to recommend here that everyone see The Interview so much as that maybe we all might take a good look at what just happened because of it.

In our Western world, the principal device to control a people in 2015 is the regulation of information. When artistic and journalistic freedom, or even the pretense to it, breaks down, to see where that leads, just take a look at these 2 films. Make it your New Years resolution.

See if you can figure out why they didn’t ban the one from National Geographic.


6. New for 2015:
fourth edition of
Vaccination Is Not Immunization

This is not a reprint of the third edition, which was recently sold out, but rather a complete re-write.

Here are some of the topics covered in the new edition:

– Why the 2014 Ebola hype came and went so quickly
– what happens when the federal government takes over vaccine research from actual scientists
– why the new Ebola ‘victims’ were never tested
– the new US schedule of 69 vaccines for kids
– evidence why 54% of US children already have a chronic disease
– reservoirs for disease: the vaccinated or the unvaccinated?
– motivated vaccine investors: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg
– “fast-tracked”- the new synonym for untested
– the science behind individual vaccines
– much more

210 pages, almost 300 references. Every fact verified, every statistic sourced. Open challenge for debate.

You want to vaccinate your children? Fine. But don’t you think it’s important to find out exactly what vaccines are, according to the scientists who create them, instead of the sales force who delivers them?

Vaccination Is Not Immunization – now in 6 languages

The most reliable vaccine resource for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life.

“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”
~ John F. Kennedy

Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization, fourth edition:

“This fourth edition brings us up to date on events of the past year.

The number of vaccines mandated to US children today follows the exponential rise in global population. In 1974 when world population was at 4 billion, US children were being scheduled for less than 20 vaccines. With world population now at 7 billion, the recommended childhood vaccines in the US have more than tripled, with the current figure at 69.

Objective investigation finds little scientific justification for this alarming increase. No valid authorities are claiming that the health of American children, by any verifiable index, is anything but appalling, and declining still further. And no matter how they spin it, no one can prove that the increasing number of vaccines has slowed that overall decline one iota.

Making one’s way through the research in this field, one is continually struck by the endless errors, inconsistency, outright misrepresentation and sheer hubris found throughout the most prestigious sources of mainstream science, particularly in the publications and FAQs of the CDC, FDA, and NIH. In so many instances, it seems clear that their prime objective may not always be presenting the truth, but offering a validation for their own position and power – the eternal raison d’etre of the career bureaucrat.

No child is born with an intact immune system. During the first 2 years of life the immune system is trying desperately to organize. Despite extravagant claims by the medical community, how that immune system is actually assembled by the body is still largely unknown.

What is known for certain is that subjecting the infant’s immune environment to an array of manmade pathogens, preservatives, and adjuvants absolutely can have a detrimental effect on the formation of that child’s brain and nervous system. All scientists – including the vaccine manufacturers – admit as much.

If Nature itself has gone to such extraordinary lengths to protect the blood of the child from outside invasion, can we presume to do any less?”

“Can you explain why a little creature, who can’t even understand what’s done to her, should beat her little aching heart with her tiny fist in the dark and the cold, and weep her meek, unresentful tears to God to protect her? Do you understand why this infamy is permitted? Without it, man could not have existed on earth, for he could not have known good and evil. Why should he know that diabolical good and evil when it costs so much? Why, the whole world of knowledge is not worth that child’s prayer to God! I say nothing of the sufferings of grown-up people – they have eaten the apple, damn them, and the devil take them all! But these little ones!”
– F. Dostoyevski

“The most provocative, well-researched, blood-boiling text EVER written on vaccines… Dr Tim’s style mixing pure science and his relentless wit make this one of my FAVORITE reads of all time. Read this book and you will want to start a revolution.”
– Dr Bill DeMoss, Newport Beach

“This history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.”
– David Ayoub, MD

“The only book more important than this one is the Bible.”
– Dr Tim Young

Vaccination Is Not Immunization

(915) 307-1055

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