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Nutrition Video Series Part 2

Course Description:

This seminar explores in greater depth many of the subjects brought in part 1 of the online Nutrition series. It will discuss the integration of nutrition into the practice of chiropractic, why this is a useful adjunct to the service the DC can offer.

Here are the topics of the 8 one-hour Sections:

Section 1 – Why Detoxify?
Section 2 – The Food Enzyme Concept
Section 3 – JH Tilden, MD
Section 4 – Clogging food
Section 5 – Food That Cannot Ripen
Section 6 – Structure of Collagen
Section 7 – Vital related subjects in nutrition
Section 8: Conclusion and Summary

8 hours – ONLINE/APPROVED: Doctors of chiropractic
also for Acupuncturists: Provider #1064

Hour 1 – Why Detoxify?

    What needs to be cleansed from the tissues. Vaccine adjuvants, dental amalgams, contaminated food, processed food ingredients, air and water particulates, xenobiotics. Allergies as a sign of chronic toxification. Top 10 Killers of Americans today. Why children are fatter, sicker, and dumber today than ever before. Intro to colon physiology. Heavy metal chelation.

Hour 2 – The Food Enzyme Concept

    Intro to detox. Weston A. Price: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. Enzymes – the key to longevity. The healthiest people on earth. JH Tilden: Blood toxicity – the only disease. The principle of vicarious elimination and allergies. The triad of enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
    Antioxidants and free radicals: cancer and detox. Oral chelation: mercury, heavy metals and atherosclerotic plaque.

Hour 3 – JH Tilden, MD: Only one disease

    Secondary avenues of egress when the primary eliminatory paths are blocked. Acne, eczema, psoriasis. IBS, Crohn’s, etc. Properties of enzymes. Pathologically rich. Reflux: 20% of US population. Probiotic deficiency: causes and effects. Requirements of full spectrum enzyme. Details of traditional high end diet. Categories I – IV.

Hour 4 – Clogging foods

    Problems with coffee –a non-food. W. A. Price – principles and advice from 30 years of world research. The weight loss industry – expanding. The history of pasteurized milk: from natural food to allergen. Definition of pasteurization. What is Posilac? IGF-1 defined, documented as a primary contributor to the exponential rise of childhood cancer in the US. The myth of casein-free.

Hour 5 – Food That Cannot Ripen

    Residual toxins: soluble vs. water soluble. Radiation and ethylene gas: denaturing the produce in today’s supermarkets. Fruits and vegetables with no enzyme content. Diagnostic phantasms: labels for colon dysfunction that don’t help patients improve. The anatomy and physiology of the colon: allopathic vs. holistic models. The epidemic of probiotic deficiency: causes and effects.
    Leaky gut syndrome: hyper-permeability and incomplete metabolism of processed food. Chronic allergies.

Hour 6 – Structure of collagen

    Organs, tissues, and systems dependent on collagen structural material. Ptosis and prolapse: decline of collagen production with age. More details of the cellular effects of free radical positive balance. Hydration and thirst: two different items. Hydration at the cellular level – weeks to hydrate from dehydration. Further study of GM Foods. Why no US foods will ever be labelled GMO.

Hour 7 – Miscellaneous related subjects in nutrition

    Vital related subjects in nutrition. The gluten myth. The casein myth. Signs of mineral deficiency. Signs of dehydration. Signs of enzyme deficiency.

Hour 8: Conclusion and Summary

Putting together all the pieces. What to do after knowing about the absence of enzymes, epidemic deficiencies of probiotics and minerals, presence of GM ingredients in supermarket foods, etc. Lifestyle modification based on complete digestion and elimination on a daily basis. Nutrition as a critical adjunct to chiropractic care.

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