1. Why Colon Cancer Has Remained The #3 Cancer For the Last 40 Years
    2. US Military Tries to Recover 8000 Personnel Ejected for Refusal to Vaccinate
    3. 1.9M Deaths from COVID Vax – How CDC Deliberately Hides COVID Vaccine Deaths – The Wayback Machine
    4. Vaccination Is Not Immunization, Final Edition 2023


1. Why Colon Cancer Has Remained The #3 Cancer For the Last 40 Years

Many doctors have noted the pivotal importance of the colon in the body’s health, from the time of the ancients. Physicians from ancient Rome and Greece felt that “death begins in the colon.” (Hippocrates) These healers regarded the colon as the center of the immune system.

But the colon’s importance seems often to be glossed over and patronized by today’s mainstream approach, in which the colon is thought of simply as the body’s sewer, without regard for its many critical biologic functions. Consequently, rates of death from colon cancer are at an all-time high in our country’s history.

Colon cancer has been the #3 cancer in the U.S. for the last 40 years.

Why is that?

The cause of colon cancer is the same as for most cancers: diet and lifestyle. Toxicity of the air, food, and water, as well as drugs and vaccines. Nothing mysterious or left to chance here. It’s not caused by some bug wafting in from the cosmos, randomly implanting itself in your body, through no fault of your own. Most people earn their cancers, and work very hard to accomplish it.

The epithelial cells lining the colon are one of the 3 most delicate and sensitive tissues of the body. [6] And one of the most rapidly dividing. These cells are gradually inflamed, damaged and infected by lifestyle – chronic buildup of sludge and mucoid plaque.

That means the constant intake of processed, indigestible foods – chips, fries, donuts, pizza, pasteurized dairy – which cannot be broken down by human digestion. Consequently the residuals accumulate over time as sludge layers all along the colon wall. The sludge has a consistency like hard plastic and cannot be digested or washed away.

Which is why colonics are completely useless – the sludge is not water soluble. [13]

Over the years, this gradual buildup often manifests itself in various ways before cancer is ever suspected. These signs can include:

    Bulging lower abdomen
    Decreased elimination
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Spastic Colon
    Crohn’s Disease
    Chronic Colitis
    Leaky Gut Syndrome
    Esophageal Reflux

Diagnosis of any of these is traditionally followed by drug therapies, which generally have only a detrimental and contributory effect on the progressing degeneration. Especially if there is no change in lifestyle. It’s simple biology.

Corticosteroids, enzyme inhibitors, blood thinners, and other drugs only serve to exacerbate the condition by

    Acidification of the colon ecology
    Inhibiting digestion
    Inhibiting peristalsis
    Killing off normal gut flora
    Mineral depletion
    Chronic colitis

In this discussion of the colon, the importance of probiotics – good bacteria – cannot be overemphasized. Gut flora are the principal reason the colon is the center of the immune system. By education, your gastroenterologist knows little or nothing about gut flora because the topic is absent from the medical curriculum and there are no drugs or surgery which promote it. [9]

For further details of probiotics in the colon: FLORA: THE FORGOTTEN COMPONENT OF DETOX [22]

Now back to colon cancer.

With no flora then, sludge builds up and the delicate epithelial cells of the colon lining become packed with toxic decaying waste. Usual scenario: the cells can’t perform the two necessary functions of every living cell – nutrition and waste removal. Many cells die, but others simply mutate. That’s what cancer is: altered, or mutated, cells.

It’s really a simple mechanism: blockage of inflow and outflow by rotting, sludgy plaque. Surface lining cells swim in their own wastes day in and day out, for weeks, months, and years. Eventually the cells can no longer specialize, but they can still replicate. And there it is – the very definition of metaplasia. [13]

No flora, no immune system. And so with colon cancer, the one time in your life you need your immune system the most, you may destroy it. With chemotherapy.

The final death blow to a suppressed immune system is certainly chemotherapy. [21]

But first, before chemotherapy, they usually try Resection, or cutting away the “problem length” of the colon. Standard medical thinking is since the cancer is in the colon, something has to be cut out. The Kragen Method: the body is an automobile.

The human body did not go through 300,000 years of evolution to end up with any extra parts – or nonessential frills. This is the intrinsic philosophical error of modern surgery.

Not only does resection not get rid of the cancer; very often the scar tissue which forms after the surgery can soon create as much obstruction as the original undigested cement load and/or tumor.

The fundamental physiological axiom here is this: cancer is a general condition which localizes, not a local condition which generalizes. Orthodox medicine presumes the opposite. And so it fails. [14]

In other words, if cancer is detected in the colon, the whole body has cancer. Which is why it frequently “comes back” after both surgery and chemotherapy. It never left. Especially if there is no change in lifestyle.

Choosing the holistic path when faced with a life-threatening illness requires study, discipline and commitment. And braving opposition from uninformed friends and family. This is the polar opposite of choosing chemo, where you just sit back, do what you’ve been doing all this time, and passively let something be done to you. Path of least resistance.

Most holistic practitioners eventually come to learn this disconcerting truth: when faced with a choice between lifestyle change and death, most patients will choose death.

For colon cancer, resection has become routine. Cleansing is not even a medical option. What they’ll never tell you is that one-third of all colon resections for cancer end up in recurrence of the cancer later on. (Yamada p 1801) [10] Stands to reason: if you don’t remove the cause of the cancer in the first place – autointoxication – what’s to keep the cancer from returning?

Then finally, when all preliminary billing opportunities have been exhausted, let’s bring in the big guns – quick before the patient dies: chemotherapy.


Considering chemotherapy? Consider this:

    “chemotherapy is basically ineffective in the vast of majority of cases in which it is given.
    – Ralph Moss, PhD [14]
    “Cancer researchers, medical journals, and the popular media all have contributed to a situation in which many people with common malignancies are being treated with drugs not known to be effective.” – Dr. Martin Shapiro UCLA [22]

    “despite widespread use of chemotherapies, breast cancer mortality has not changed in the last 70 years” – David Greenberg, MD NEJM [23]

    “Many medical oncologists recommend chemotherapy for virtually any tumor, with a hopefulness undiscouraged by almost invariable failure.” – Albert Braverman MD Lancet 1991 [24]

    “Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon, or lung cancers. This fact has been documented for over a decade, yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumors.” – Allen Levin, MD UCSF The Healing of Cancer [25]

Let’s say you get cancer – in America it’s 1 in 3. Your doctor says you need chemo and sends you to an office in the hospital. You have no symptoms yet, no pain, and you feel fine. But you’re very frightened. You walk into the office and everyone else there is in obvious pain, with their hair falling out, etc, and most of them are dying. Your first instinct is to run: I’m not like them! I’m alive! What am I doing here?

Then ask yourself this: in your entire life, how often have your true instincts been wrong?


Unproven? How can that be true of the #1 cancer treatment in the U.S. for the past 50 years? The plain fact is, no long-term meta studies or clinical trials independent of the companies selling chemo drugs have demonstrated chemotherapy’s overall effectiveness.

If one is going to even begin to look at the legitimate research regarding the failure of mainstream cancer therapies, the starting point is certainly the initial research done by Ralph Moss, and elaborated very clearly in his two books The Cancer Industry and Questioning Chemotherapy. [14, 21]

The fundamental objections to the philosophy behind chemotherapy are timeless. Cancer therapy has simply not advanced enough in the past 40 years to make Moss’s work anything but essential reading for learning about the fundamental contradictions with mainstream cancer treatment. These two books remain as landmarks in the field.

When he was researching his first book, Dr Moss uncovered the shocking research of a German epidemiologist from the Heidelberg/Mannheim Tumor Clinic, named Dr. Ulrich Abel. This Dr Abel did a comprehensive review and meta-analysis of every major study and clinical trial of chemotherapy ever done. Published in Lancet. [26] His conclusions should be read by anyone who is about to embark on the Chemo Express.

To make sure he had reviewed everything ever published on chemotherapy, Abel sent letters to over 350 medical centers around the world asking them to send him anything they had published on the subject. Abel researched thousands of articles: it is unlikely that anyone in the world knows more about chemotherapy than he.

The analysis took Abel two years, but the results are astounding: Abel found that the overall worldwide success rate of chemotherapy was “appalling” because there was simply no scientific evidence available anywhere that chemotherapy can “extend in any appreciable way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancers.”

Abel emphasizes that chemotherapy rarely can improve the quality of life. He describes chemotherapy as “a scientific wasteland” and states that at least 80 percent of chemotherapy administered throughout the world is worthless, and is akin to the “emperor’s new clothes” – neither doctor nor patient is willing to give up on chemotherapy even though there is no scientific evidence that it works! – Lancet 10 Aug [26]

No mainstream media even mentioned this unique, comprehensive study: it was totally buried. As well as unchallenged.

Similar are the conclusions of most medical researchers who actually try to work their way past the smoke and mirrors to get to the real statistics. In evaluating a therapeutic regimen, the only thing that really matters is death rate – will a treatment significantly extend a patient’s life? Not life as a drugged vegetable, but the natural healthy independent lifespan of a human being.

Abel says no. [26]

Media stories and most articles in medical journals go to great lengths to hide the true numbers of people dying from cancer, by talking about other issues. In Questioning Chemotherapy, Moss talks about several of the ways they do it: [21]

Response rate is a favorite.

If a dying patient’s condition changes even for a week or a month, especially if the tumor shrinks temporarily, the patient is listed as having “responded to” chemotherapy. No kidding! The fact that the tumor comes back stronger right after chemo is stopped, is not figured into the equation. The fact that the patient has to endure horrific side effects in order to temporarily shrink the tumor is not considered.

The fact that the patient soon dies is not figured into the equation. The idea is to sell, sell, and sell. Sell chemotherapy.

Also in most media we find the loud successes chemotherapy has had on certain rare types of cancer, like childhood leukemia, and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. But for the vast majority of cancer cases, chemo is less effective..

Another thing is, in evaluating any treatment, there must be a risk/ benefit analysis – a carefully standardized protocol for measuring the actual risks vs. the proven, unvarnished positive outcomes from the procedure being studied. A very fundamental part of the scientific method.

Due to enormous economic pressures fearful of the results, such evaluation has been systematically put aside in the U.S. chemotherapy industry for the past 40 years. No risk-to-benefit studies have ever been done. Primarily because a favorable report would be impossible, considering the toxic nature of the drugs involved.


A 2021 study of chemotherapy for Stage III colon cancer patients claims a 5 year survival rate of 81%. [31] This is typical of some recent peer-reviewed medical studies, but we must always keep in mind that peer review only approves those articles which promote sales of the drugs they’re studying. So even though it seems possible that chemotherapy is becoming less toxic in the past few years, still there’s a lot of controversy and contradiction within the vast area of cancer research. And remember that the FDA and CDC are primarily the marketing arms of the pharmaceutical industry.


is the word that describes chemotherapeutic drugs. It means “cell-killing.”

Chemo-therapy can kill any of the cells of the body, not just the cancer cells. The irony is that chemo often kills the patient before it kills the cancer. Therefore the only question that should be asked when deciding whether or not to begin chemo is this: will this drug prolong the patient’s natural lifespan? Not his drugged, ICU horror-movie lifespan – his natural lifespan.

Much of the unadorned data say no.

So once you reject drugs and surgery, what’s the alternative? Any other options for survival of a colon cancer diagnosis?

Of course. Looking at the data above, it’s obvious that doing nothing at all offers a better chance of survival than standard slash and burn, according to their own statistics. Most of their patients die.
Once the natural route has been chosen the first rule is simple: any decision you make must support the immune system. The only reason any human ever recovers from any disease is that the immune system conquers it.

So, it’s simple: what boosts the immune system?

1. Detox the tract and blood

What foods and supplements will clear the colon and clear the blood? Cleansing foods will include raw fruits and vegetables and juices – preferably organic. Not only will they not add to the toxic load – their enzymes and fiber will help clear debris from the blocked hydraulic systems of the tract and bloodstream.

As for supplements, 3 of the 7 supplements in the 60 Day Program [30] are specifically geared for clearing the tract and blood:

    Digestazyme – a broad spectrum enzyme for clearing undigested debris
    Expel – an herbal formula designed to chip away at the layers of sludge in the colon
    Total Florabiotics – a blend of the best probiotics ever cultured

2. Perfect Diet

That means only nutrient foods which contain sufficient enzymes for their own complete breakdown and uptake by the cells. A list suggested in Category I and II of the New West Diet in the 60 Day Program chapter. [30]

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, this is Mother Nature giving you one last chance for survival. Now it’s no longer up to the geniuses – it’s up to you.

Wrapping up, consider this. In your entire life have you ever known anyone who died from cancer alone? Someone who was diagnosed but refused all chemo and surgery. How about someone who survived after refusing all chemo and surgery? Obviously both scenarios are possible and do take place, though completely undocumented and unreported.

For the patient who opts out of traditional chemo and surgery, any lifestyle change he can make to strengthen the immune system of course will increase the chances of survival. And then so often, people who continue on this path after they recover not only survive, but thrive.

They have eliminated the immune-suppressing habits from their lifestyle and replaced them with immune-enhancing choices. Certainly not rocket science. But in this culture where the immune system and the healing power of the human body are so cavalierly sidelined and ignored by orthodox medicine, people are astounded by the new explosion of health and energy that was the result of their own body’s unmodified innate wisdom.
I mean who would have told them something like that? How would people know it?


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You may remember that during the COVID pageant, at Biden’s behest, thousands of military personnel were discharged from service for refusing the untested COVID vaccine. We have discussed many of these reasons in videos and newsletters archived on this site this site. [4][5]

A short list might include:


    There’s no such thing as an mRNA vaccine. It’s entirely theoretical
    Lack of safety testing, to meet EUA definition (Emergency Use Authorization)
    Too many deaths reported by CDC from COVID vaccine
    Hundreds of thousands of cases of

      venous sinus thrombosis
      demyelinating disorders
      Optic neuritis
      Herpes zoster
      Guillain–Barre syndrome
      seizures, anaphylaxis
      autoimmune disorders by molecular mimicry
      intracerebral hemorrhage
      blood clots in large venous arteries
      convulsions [1]
      death [2] [3]

    These individuals did enough research to realize that the vaccine was dangerous, untested, and unnecessary. Some went far enough to learn that there was no longer any COVID threat. Others found out there was never any COVID threat. And others did enough research to realize the COVID vaccine was often fatal. [2][3]

    Whatever their level of information was before they made this decision to end their careers, many accepted the threat of dishonorable discharge, which meant no vet benefits. Not that there are that many, right? But it was a courageous decision nevertheless.

    All that was in 2021 and 2022. Now fast forward to December 2023.

    These days 60% of applicants for the military can’t pass the physical. Enrollment is way down, and there is a shortage of recruits actually applying at all. The Army missed its recruitment goal by 10,000 this past year. The Navy by 7000. [8]

    Recognizing this crisis after two years, the military is doing its version of trying to entice young people back into service, even if it means rescinding the vaccine mandate that just lost them over 8000 personnel. Israel, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine – all these hot spots are calling for more and more US military, according to the short-sighted hawks and imperialists who are fabricating US “policy” these days.

    Publicly removing the COVID vaccine requirement earlier this year had very little effect. According to one source, only 19 soldiers who were kicked out of the Army have returned now with the vax rule lifted. [6] Not much of a dent in the 10,000 shortfall. It makes sense, right? – why would anyone return to an employer who has abused them so badly? These kids aren’t that dumb.

    A post on X from Florida’s Rep. Anna Luna:

      “We’re all glad to see the Army is reversing its persecution of soldiers who refused to get the COVID vaccine, but that doesn’t take away the damage this caused to our troops. Biden’s vaccine tyranny should NEVER have been allowed to happen.”

    Alabama Senator Tom Tuberville posted:

      “These heroes in uniform should have never been discharged in the first place. With the way they’ve been treated by the Biden Administration, it’s no wonder our recruiting is worse than ever before.”

    For a multitude of reasons, most of the ‘heroes’ are now looking for other ways to spend their lives. So while Biden and Congress are falling over each other trying to invent new wars that cavalierly risk the lives of young recruits, the kids are starting to get a clue:

      “Old men thump their chests and declare wars; young men go to the battlefield and die, with a flag and a lie.”


    1. Hosseini, R. A review of neurological side effects of COVID-19 vaccination
    European Journal of Medical Research volume 28, Article number: 102 (2023)
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    In some of our past newsletters and videos, we talked about a secret rabbit hole on CDC’s website which popped up sometime during 2021 when the COVID vax hysteria was in full operation.

    The Rabbit Hole story.

    Earlier this year I was researching the new edition of Vaccination Is Not Immunization.

    After COVID vax had begun in early 2021 I was trying to get some idea of how many people had really died from this untested vaccine.

    Naively, I started out on CDC’s site and did a search for ‘COVID vaccine deaths’. Dream on. The response comes up: “no results.”

    Then after several more hours on their site, I accidentally stumbled across this page:


    COVID vaccine began in Jan 2021. About 5 months later, CDC added this secret page to track vaccine deaths. Astoundingly, they actually updated the page every two or three days for almost two years, all the way until 7 March 2023. That’s when they froze the number of deaths at 19,476 but still kept refreshing the page every few days.

    Then finally on 12 Sep 2023 they deleted that paragraph from the page and stopped mentioning deaths at all. Which continues to the present.

    Now if you look at the page today, no deaths are mentioned. So what proof do we have that CDC ever published the death count at all, and refreshed it every few days for those two years?

    Good question. A few of you research geeks out there may be familiar with an internet back door called the Wayback Machine.

    This is a website that archives supposedly any website, by taking a snapshot every few days and then keeping a calendar, so you can go back and see what that site contained on any specific day, even years ago. I can’t believe it’s still there for CDC’s site, since their very essence is revisionism. But it’s still there now!

    First do a google search for Wayback Machine. Then for CDC history, paste this link – https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/safety/adverse-events.html into the URL box of the Wayback Machine and a calendar will come up.

    Then you can find the COVID vax death statistics that CDC kept citing any day between Jan 2021 and Sept 2023.
    An industrious geek can verify the figures that I’ve been citing for the last two years. Examples:

      16 Mar 2021 …. 1913 deaths
      5 Nov 2021 …. . 9367 deaths
      20 May 2022 …. 14,680 deaths
      21 Dec 2022 …. 17,868 deaths
      28 Feb 2023 …. 19,399 deaths
      18 May 2023 …. 19,476 deaths

    On 7 Mar 2023 they stopped counting new deaths but continued to use the same figure 19,476 up until 18 May 2023, even though they kept refreshing the site every few days. Then on Sept 12, 2023 the site stopped publishing any death figures from COVID vaccine at all, like it never happened.

    All these figures can be verified as long as Wayback Machine keeps archiving CDC’s site. Astounding that it’s lasted this long. That’s probably because the page is almost impossible to find using any search, so it’s not much of a threat.

    Now for the bad news. Systematic under-reporting of vaccines injuries was always inherent in the VAERS database, because it is an adversarial reporting system. People make claims; VAERS tries to deny.

    Since VAERS began in 1991, both CDC and FDA have always defaulted to the figure of 10% as an estimate of how many vaccine injuries are ever reported, compared to actual. Other sources, like FDA director David Kessler, estimate that the real figure was closer to 1%.

    So let’s use these figures to try and get a picture of how many people have really died from COVID vaccine.

    OK, so as of 18 May 2023, CDC was citing a total of 19,476 reported deaths from COVID. If that is only 10% of actual, that means that actually 194,760 Americans have died from this vaccine.

    If we use the other figure of 1%, that means there is a real possibility that 1.9 million Americans have died from COVID vaccine. And remember, CDC stopped counting in May 2023.

    The truth is, nobody really knows the total number of COVID vaccine deaths for certain. But our best estimate using the best sources is that the true figure falls somewhere between 190,000 and 1.9 million. And since May 2023, CDC is no longer keeping track

    Even the vaguest reference to this fact is meticulously censored from all legacy media, of course.

    Perusing the 12 or so videos under The COVID Pageant, you can begin to see some evidence why this unconscionable number of deaths is perfectly reasonable. From an experimental, theoretical, untested vaccine, that is really no vaccine at all.


    4. Vaccination Is Not Immunization: Final Edition 2023

    For a preview read the Epilogue

    This new book is a one-stop shopping introduction to the problems with vaccines, written for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life: whether or not to vaccinate.

    It is not an anti-vaccine text. Better described as pro-science, the book is in favor of any vaccines that have been proven to be absolutely safe and effective by researchers wholly unconnected to the global vaccine monolith.

    This 227 page book has over 360 references, drawn from mainstream medicine, science, and law. Parents, not the state, should have the right to decide whether or not to vaccinate their children. The documented facts stated in this book represent the minimum parents must know in order to make a truly informed decision.

    If you have any reservations at all about the shots you’re about to give to your kids, read this first. Did you know that in the 1950s kids got only 3 vaccines? By the 1980s, the number was up to 20 vaccines. In the 90s we were at 40 vaccines. Today in the post COVID age, we are up to 84 vaccines given to our kids before age eighteen.

    Why is that? Here is the sordid rationale behind such an approach to mandated childhood vaccines – one which exists only in the US.

    “The most comprehensive book I have read over the past 25 years on the subject.”  – Roy Kupsinel, MD