Vaccination Is Not Immunization: Final edition
2023 . . 227 pages 360 references

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COVID marked a permanent shift in human history – as Klaus said “a fundamental inflection point in our global trajectory.”

Over $3 trillion changed hands between 2020 and 2022. Some 493 new billionaires were created. [10] The ‘pandemic’ was merely the catalyst needed to set the entire scheme in motion – an historic transfer of wealth and power – from the middle class to the ruling class.

When the smoke clears, COVID will end up costing the American people $16T. [57] Result: an intrinsic modification of every aspect of our lives: evolutionary, physical, spiritual, academic, ethical, hygienic, dietary, epistemological, financial, interpersonal, professional, travel, hopes for our family’s future, etc.

No tyrant in history ever discovered how to manipulate an entire species by inventing a disease and then convincing people it was real.

Fear has always been the most potent weapon of any strong man, down through the ages. But this was something utterly new – never before had there been such an effective delivery system for the daily administration of fear than today’s Metaverse. Control of the daily narrative across all forms of media, holding the people in thrall.

Not since the Civil War have Americans been more polarized than they are today. This was by design: coup d’état, then lockdown. How many family members, lifelong friends are now permanently estranged?

Such a shift required a tangible demonstration that people were no longer masters of their own bodies. Enter COVID “vaccine,” forcing an untested inoculation upon people everywhere.

The dilution of the human genome, a proven consequence of vaccines, will be evident in the lives of today’s children, but much more so in the lives of their children. And on and on.

At its root, the seismic cultural upheaval we’ve seen is not primarily about vaccines, but about ownership. Who owns the land, the soil, the atmosphere, the water, the DNA of humans, and now finally, who owns the people and their children. Policymakers along the Potomac have made it clear that the State knows better than parents how children should be raised, how they should think, and what manmade elixirs should be injected into their bloodstreams. The trick is to get everyone to comply. The vast majority have already done so.

The execution of this new agenda was nothing short of brilliant – a Machiavellian triumph. Enlisting the blinding power of misdirection and censorship in daily media, the power of individual abstract thought is lost. A vibrant, robust scientific dialog has now been outlawed.

Without accurate science data, rational discourse is no longer possible. Slogans, mantras, and soundbytes now replace thoughtful reflection about life and death issues. The Metaverse – the new technocracy for fashioning reality itself in a mind no longer capable of independent judgment.

Virtual life replaces real life. Try taking away your kid’s cellphone.

With respect to childhood vaccines, it’s not that they don’t work, or that they don’t do anything. Vaccines certainly do have an effect on the immune system. And they might temporarily delay the onset of some diseases. But why would we want to delay traditional, mild childhood diseases that have always been part of human immune development?

As for vaccine effects, these occur in a random, unpredictable, haphazard, inconsistent fashion. Vaccines simply do not do what they are said to do. Experimental as they are, loaded with adjuvants and attenuated pathogens, the primary effect of vaccines on the immune system must be described as immunomodulatory or immuno-suppressive. This has nothing to do with conferring immunity or improving the child’s health.

Maybe you’re asking how can doctors, drug companies, and the government allow a vaccine program to continue that is without a doubt killing children, [27] causing permanent injuries, and offering no proof of effectiveness?

That is a much larger question. To have any hope of its being answered we have to somehow come to the realization, without hysteria or paranoia, through much study and research, of one unpleasant fact: man’s enormous capacity for evil. And we have to confront some uncomfortable demons about human nature, the power of money, and the extent to which those in power will go in order to keep this river of gold flowing.

Jim Turner said it best: to force vaccines on an entire population of children, when it is it known that some of them will be killed and some of them will be injured by doing so, but insisting that it’s still good for the whole group – is a bad moral policy. [92]

Maybe we human beings have a Higher Self, a divine spark, the part of human nature that is noble and spiritual and altruistic and sympathetic to human suffering – the angel half of this strange species homo sapiens. Unfortunately, the demonic half of human nature is just as real and just as powerful. And historically, benevolent leadership and humanitarian regimes have been the rare exception. Brute force, domination of the weak, intimidation, and the science of lying – these are what runs the powerful nations, and what fashions a people’s value system, never more so than today. Turning away from identifying malevolence in the world just because it’s unpleasant ultimately assures its triumph.

What do the purveyors of sickness and death look like? Monsters and devils, horror and darkness? Hardly. These people are often gracious, well spoken, with social aplomb. They have perfected the packaging of sickness, degeneration and death by wrapping it in hope, health, youth, and vitality. This well-crafted illusion is designed to steal our money, steal our time, burn away our precious life, and give us unnatural values.

What we seem to have forgotten today is that we don’t need anyone’s permission to live our lives, or instructions on how to live it. We still have the ability to do our own research and reach our own decisions, irrespective of media conditioning. This challenge is truly the final frontier. What lies in the balance could hardly be of greater import: the uninterrupted evolution of a child’s immune system.

Perhaps you may have noticed the look of the pure child during those first few weeks of life, when the infant looks at you with that What are you? – those big eyes. The parents are the first representatives of a species never before beheld. The child so new, so innocent – still hearing the echoes of angels – is now suddenly cast into this alien place with these strange beings. With an utter purity of spirit, so recently differentiated from the infinite pool: this is the unmodified natural child.

But it seems that parents of vaccinated children rarely understand the above, because they never got to observe it. In their child, that universal connection was rudely and abruptly severed by the full rush of a neurotoxic assault from vaccines.

After absorbing the research in this book, you may not feel quite so smug about ignoring your child’s instinctive revulsion toward needles, or turning a deaf ear to their screams, dismissing it with the quixotic mantra ‘for their own good.’

When is it ever a good idea to ignore our instincts? Ultimately the defense of a child’s bloodstream resides with the parent – protecting the child from the cold realities of the world, for a little while at least.

Knowing what the reader now knows about the decision process which mandates vaccines into children’s bloodstreams – what can we reasonably expect from a body of legislators controlled by the biggest of the special interest lobbies? Do we rely on them for sound judgment about what is to be injected into that most delicate and sublime medium in the universe – the formative human circulatory system?

Confronted with the above evidence about payoffs, deals, conflicts of interest rife within the regulatory agencies, do we really want to grant access to the bloodstream to such as these?

Real protection has to begin with information – sound information, not propaganda. And the information must come not only from those making their living selling vaccines.

Human health does not come from a drug or a vaccine or an insurance company. A healthy baby needs no outside assistance, no tampering with the blood. The mysteries of health lie within the body, not within the medical texts, or the writs of law.

Pure, uncontaminated human blood is indeed a sacred commodity. We will arrive at a position of profound gratitude only when we finally come to appreciate the identity, the oneness, the nobility of an inviolate bloodstream. ♦

Never give in, never give in, never, never, never. Never yield to force;
never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.
– Winston Churchill, 1941