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With all the information offered for free on this website, people start thinking – hey, maybe this guy knows something. Yeah this might be the guy who’s going to tell me what magic bullet I should be taking that’s going to cure all my diseases, without my participation.

In keeping with the universal law that No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, I get emails and phone calls from all over the world where people are describing their clinical history in lurid detail – what can you do for diabetes? What can you give me for arthritis? What do you got for high blood pressure, Lou Gehrig’s, diabetes, restless leg, AIDS, weight loss, thyroid, hot flashes, cancer, reflux, chronic fatigue…

Often what they’re really saying is – what magic bullet can you give me that will cure my problem, without my participation, and allow me to continue my self-annihilating lifestyle?

In 2 weeks.

I know where this idea came from. It’s the eternal promise of Organized Medicine, advertised on TV: your health is not your responsibility. Diseases and illness are not your fault. It’s a bug, or better yet, the newest hoax – it’s genetic.

When it comes to health, we try the easiest stuff first – doctor appointments, tests, MRI, procedures, drugs, and more drugs – sometimes even surgery. All the things that THEY do – anything that doesn’t require activity on our part. The comforting illusion that we’re doing something about our problem by letting somebody else do it.

After a while, when all this has failed, a little light goes on – for some. And that’s the idea that these guys really don’t know what they’re doing – if one drug doesn’t work, they have a thousand more. And you realize that if you’re going to stop the downward spiral, it’s going to be 100% up to you.

So maybe you’ve come to that point of self-loathing or desperation or confusion or being fed up or whatever where you finally know that you have to make a change. Just you. The Last Resort.

Maybe it’s a chronic digestive problem. Or a weak heart. Or diabetes. Or chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or MS. Or arthritis, or allergies, or asthma. Or obesity. Or a degenerating spine. Or cancer. Or a cross reaction from those combinations of medications all the geniuses are giving you, without much consideration or concern, after that 5 minute office visit. With a nurse.

It comes down to this: there are several areas, each of which must be addressed on a daily basis, for at least 60 days, if you are to have any hope at all of making the transformation from declining health to improving health.

These include:

    Subluxation resolution
    Colon health
    Oral chelation
    Drug check
    Vitamins and minerals
    The New West Diet
    Escape causative social pattern

Most of the above have entire chapters devoted to them at Chapters. Each one of them must be confronted directly if the individual is to have any chance of being healthy again – truly healthy, not just the temporary absence of symptoms. So please read each chapter – the whole thing.

Right here we’ll just mention a few key points. Again, each area is critical – it’s all or nothing.

Stop reading here if you’re too exhausted to care about your health enough to do this little assignment. Or if you’re committed to doing “as much as I can” to get better.

Or if you’ll “try.” That’s my favorite: “I’ll try.”

Losers try. Winners do whatever it takes.

If you’re gonna ‘try,’ just keep on surfing, OK? Have a nice after-life.

This program is not for the irresolute. If you think all this is not your job, sayonara. Ask for more drugs. Give John Lennon my regards. And stop whining, would you please? With 7 billion people on the planet do you really think anybody is going to miss you?

A few words about each critical area:

1. Hydration. Work up to 2 liters of water per day. No exceptions. No excuses. Read Water chapter.

2. Colon health. Two-part detox is crucial in the 60 Day program: Expel and Flora. Remember what the ancients said: death begins in the colon. Read chapter.

3. Enzymes

If at least 80% of your lifetime diet hasn’t been raw foods, you need enzyme supplementation. Twofold action: clears the tract, and clears the blood. Read chapter.

4. Oral Chelation

Some accumulated poisons aren’t water soluble. Arterial plaque, mercury, aluminum, lead, etc. These require a specific formula to chelate them out of the tissues and arteries. Read Oral Chelation chapter.

5. Drug check.

Get a Physicians Desk Reference. I don’t know, just get one. WalMart maybe. Or any library. Pre-2017. Get your glasses or a magnifying glass. Look up every drug you’re taking. Read all the fine print on each one. Much of it is doctor-babble, but you’ll be able to understand the part about Adverse Reactions. That means side effects. Read the whole section on each drug.

When you’re all done, ask yourself – did your doctor do all that reading before he wrote you the prescription? If drugs were going to cure you, you’d already be better.

See how many of your current problems are listed as side effects of the drugs you’re taking.

Exactly when did you expect your doctor to take you off drugs?

6. Subluxation.

Find a chiropractor who knows what this word means. It means spinal fixations that block and distort nerve messages. The brain is connected to the body via the nervous system. Our best science shows that if there is interference in those lines of communication, the organs and tissues and systems won’t work correctly.

7. Vitamins and minerals.

Each has its own chapter on the website. Read the whole thing.

Vitamins are worthless without minerals and enzymes. Enzymes are worthless without vitamins and minerals. Minerals are worthless without vitamins and enzymes.

Vitamins and minerals are micro-nutrients we need every day. Useful enzymes are found only in natural foods.

8. The New West Diet.

See the short chapter titled the New West Diet. Thought we could just leave it at: Stop Eating Trash. For a little more specificity. For the first 60 days, only Categories I and II.

9. Motion

Think of it in terms of the lymphatic system. What’s that? There’s a second complete circulatory system throughout the entire body that carries not blood, but lymphatic fluid. This is the circulating immune system which carries away cell wastes and helps identify foreign invaders. Problem is, the lymph system has no pump to move the fluid around the way the heart pumps the blood through your arteries.

The only way lymph gets circulated is motion – exercise. Without motion, this waste dumping system backs up. Want to get old fast? Stop moving.

The idea is, after you’ve learned about colon detox and freeing up blocked areas in the blood with enzyme supplementation, it’s not enough to free all this toxic debris from its resting place. Now it’s gotta be moved through and dumped. And the lymph system plays a big role in that. Walking, running, swimming, bicycling, breathing – something!

10. Sunshine

It’s located outdoors. Get some.

11. Escape causative social pattern

This step cannot be skipped. Many factors over the years create a disease process in the body. You can have the best diet, the best probiotics in the world, but if the people in your immediate circle are unbalanced, negative, and diseased themselves, it may be impossible to transform your destructive lifestyle to a healing lifestyle.

Don’t pretend you can ignore this piece of the pathology jigsaw puzzle that is killing you. You know what I’m talking about. You might change all the above factors and skip this last one, but still die right on schedule. Don’t underestimate the social context that helped create your disease condition in the first place.

Bad Company – till the day I die… Paul wasn’t kidding.

People are looking for the Magic Bullet – that one pill that is going to take away their pain or disease without them having to change anything in their diet or lifestyle. What they really want is to have something done to them that requires no effort on their part and more importantly, that will allow them to continue their current lifestyle of toxic indigestible party foods.

Drug manufacturers and supplement companies know this, and target their advertising in the direction of exactly that mindset: don’t worry. We’ll cure you. We’ll take it from here. Diet has nothing to do with your illness – it’s genetic. You have no responsibility for your own health – just leave it to us. All you have to do is take this pill three times a day and 25 years of drinking, smoking, and overeating will just melt away…

The health care system in this country today is obviously not working. Looks to me like it’s collapsing all around us. More and more people are abandoning mainstream medicine in favor of natural methods that work with the body, not against it.

But here again, alternative medicine is often itself another quagmire of false claims, hyperbole, and confusion much of which doesn’t work either.

So how will you know what works and what doesn’t? One way is blood analysis. Learn how the circulation is clogged by indigestible reactive foods. Learn how to clear that.

Another way is have some basic criteria for supplements. A few suggestions:

  • Enzymes
    must be whole food, and be completely bioavailable for your cells to use.
  • Minerals
    must be chelated, and only include the 20 or so proven beneficial to humans. No 88-mineral colloidal toddies.
  • Vitamins
    must be whole food. No synthetics. Green foods and food grade herbs.
  • Oral Chelation
    must be powerful enough to bind heavy metals and plaque, but non-reactive in itself.
  • Flora
    must be stable blends, with actual counts. No soil based organisms or single strains.
  • Antioxidants
    should be able to reduce all free radicals in your blood for three or four hours.
  • EFAs
    should be high-end blends, like Nordic Naturals or MOR. Or better yet, grilled fish 4x a week.
  • Water
    should have some minerals – best sources (Voss, Icelandic, Eternal, etc). No fluoride, distilled or reverse osmosis.
  • Colon cleanses
    must be non-corrosive, gentle, effective whole herbs only. Read chapter.

Figure out how to streamline your supplement intake. You don’t need a wheelbarrow-load every day. Just a few high-end items.

The whole focus of the 60 Day Program is to take as few supplements possible, spend the least money possible yet still have complete detoxification and cell nutrition. Such a radical immune support and cleansing regime can have a dramatic effect on virtually any indisposition you can name.

Your body doesn’t need the permission of medicine in order to cure itself. Usually, all it needs is no interference with its own healing systems.

The 60 Day Detox program is really very simple once you realize that you’re only going to be putting stuff in your mouth that will do one of two things:

  • cleanse
  • nourish

Couldn’t be simpler. Simple yes, but not that easy. But until you’ve done 60 days of this basic program, you’re wasting your time even asking for advice.

The good news is that most people say that it gets much easier after the first 2 weeks. The hard part was overcoming the inertia of a lifetime, and deciding to actually do the Program.

This is the start of health, the bare minimum, the fundamentals.

So give yourself one last break.

Whatever you need to do to get the self confidence to win this battle, do it. If this is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do, seems like life’s been good to you so far.

Losers try. Winners do whatever it takes.

For stories of some winners, see Feedback page.