Hydration has always been a big part of the 60 Day Program. Going from almost no water, like many patients, to 2 litres a day can solve many health problems all by itself. I have always known hydration was a prime factor in many of the success stories that appear on the Feedback and Testimonials section of the site.

Recently I have learned how to take hydration to a whole new stratum. The technology is not even new — the Japanese have had it for 30 years. Now in the past 2 years it’s available here.

Just a word on the 3 attributes of water:

  • molecular size
  • pH
  • oxidation

Water coming out of the taps in most houses is very harsh, to say the least. It is in huge molecules, probably closer to H200/O100 than it is to H2O. Molecules this large have difficulty being absorbed at the cellular level, even in the rare event the individual drinks adequate water.

Second is pH. Water we drink should be as close to normal blood pH as possible: 7.3 – 7.45. All the trashy foods and soft drinks we eat are constantly acidifying our body’s system: that means lowering the pH. Acidification promotes virtually every disease process known to man. So drinking high pH water will tip the scales in the opposite end: alkaline. Life functions soar.

Thirdly, the best water can act as a mild antioxidant, like Vitamin C or Vitamin E by neutralizing free radicals. See chapter on antioxidants.

Taken together, drinking 2 litres of this type of water per day can have a curative effect on almost any degenerative process, especially aging! What do we always say – old and dried up…? It’s literally true. When you can begin to hydrate again, for the first time in years, miraculous results occur. Was it really such a miracle though – to add the most vital nutrient human physiology is based on? These days common sense seems to be the real miracle.

There is a machine for the home that can provide these 3 properties to your water supply at home that makes it far better than the unregulated bottled water you’re dragging in every week. For the few cases that are slow to respond to the 60 Day Program, provided they’re actually following it, of course, this alkalized water is the crowning touch, the missing piece of the puzzle. Anyone in San Jose can get this water for free from my office.

For more background science, see Dr Batmanghelidj’s last book: Water and Salt.