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In preparation for any new pageants or coups d’etat that the ruling class may be brewing up, it seems that a few businesses have already taken the radical step to force their workers to mask up, in the absence of any identified new “epidemic.”

Sheep that most of us have become, the first tendency may be to comply, and mask up. After all it’s no big deal, right? It’s only our constitutional rights and human dignity we’re throwing away here …. Plus oxygen intake all day long.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to flock up. Pushback isn’t that difficult and has been successful so far, in many instances.

Here’s just one example of a recent letter to a tech company’s legal department that made an impact.

XYZ Corporation
Attn : Legal Department Sept 2023


This letter is to inform you that we will not be complying with your arbitrary face mask policy, recently announced by XYZ Corporation. As employees of the company, we have observed certain issues that are infringing upon our individual rights and certainly compromising our health.

While we understand the importance of general safety measures in any work environment, let us turn our attention to the health hazards widely associated with the mandated face coverings, by best science. And then to the legal issues.

Section 3205(f) of the California Code of Regulations, outlines the requirements for face coverings in the workplace. However, nothing in these regulations allows corporations to arbitrarily create their own laws any time they feel like it, in utter disregard for the well-being of their employees. Especially in the absence of any declared epidemic.

We have to remember that all throughout COVID, the CDC never performed any controlled clinical trials proving that facemasks had any effect whatsoever in preventing the spread of viral infection. Not one.

    “One of the worst mistakes of the CDC and other lavishly funded federal agencies was the failure to conduct randomized clinical trials to determine whether their policies were effective.” [3]

So if XYZ has unearthed some hitherto unknown randomized trials proving the health value of masks protecting against viruses, please produce them. The CDC would be very interested to see them, having none of their own.

Probably the most damning evidence against COVID masks was offered by CNN’s presentation of Anthony Fauci and his public record of self-contradiction, constantly reversing himself according to the winds of political expediency. [2] Watching this short video, the whole illusion of mask science comes into focus quite clearly.

More evidence of Fauci’s vacillation:

    “Early in the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, British health authorities, and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control all refrained from recommending widespread mask usage, often discouraging it. Dr. Anthony Fauci emailed in February 2020 that the typical mask ‘is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through the material.’ ” [10]

Oxford University Epidemiologist Tom Jefferson, the lead author of the only actual clinical trials involving face masks and COVID-like infections, the prestigious Cochrane Library review, summed up the real science on masks like this:

After 78 clinical trials over a 50 year period, testing the effectiveness of masks against infectious disease, Jefferson’s conclusion:

    “There is just no evidence that they make any difference. … Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of acute respiratory viruses found that wearing masks in the community probably makes little or no difference to influenza-like or covid-19-like illness transmission.” [3]

    “Masks have become a political football. Science has nothing to do with it.” says Dr Jefferson. “I can only tell you what the science is….I can’t tell you whether they work or don’t work. But it’s more likely than not that they don’t work. “ [2]

Researchers in 2023 concluded that:

    “There is uncertainty about the effects of face masks. The low to moderate certainty of evidence means our confidence in the effect estimate is limited, … the true effect may be different. … there was no … clear reduction in respiratory viral infection with the use of masks. There were no clear differences … to reduce respiratory viral infection.” [3]

    “Hundreds of millions of Americans dutifully covered their faces in the states with mandates, and the result was the same as in the clinical trials analyzed by Cochrane: the masks made no difference. [4]

So that’s the slightest glimpse into the lack of scientific justification behind forced masking. But in this instance here, it’s not primarily a science question we’re discussing, but rather a legal issue.

No company in California can just make up its own laws. Especially in the absence of any declared epidemic. There are currently no mask mandates in place in California.

That makes this now a legal issue. Not only is XYZ’s forced mask declaration against the IV Amendment – the right to be secure in one’s own person – there’s also the matter of assault. Depriving workers of normal oxygen intake all day long at their job is the most flagrant example of physical assault.

One doesn’t need an MD degree to demonstrate the obvious hindrance to normal respiration caused by these useless face coverings. Their effect is supposedly to block viruses, which assertion has been proven false, every time. But the constant day-in day-out deprivation of normal oxygen intake is obvious and incontrovertible, aggravating any existing respiratory condition, and setting the stage for the initiation of asthma or respiratory disease in the healthy individual.

In conclusion then, not only is the forced wearing of facemasks illegal, unhygienic, and injurious, but it is dehumanizing and humiliating to perfectly healthy workers – being forced to present themselves as disease threats.

So this matter is now concluded. Stop harassing us. We the workers will not comply with this extravagant and illegal new pronouncement. Nor do we wish to hear any more about the subject. Anyone else may wear anything they want of course, but as for us, we value our health and our human dignity too highly to have any company – in California or in America – attempt to deprive us of such.

Signed this ___ day of ________________________________


2. CNN Report 9 Sept 2023 Mask study author: ‘More likely than not they don’t work’

3. John Tierney Approximately Zero City journal 17 Feb 2023

4. Miller, I Unmasked: The Global Failure of COVID Mask Mandates

10. Point: There’s No Evidence That Masks Work J. Zinberg Inside Sources 6 May 2022



Many people have become aware of physical therapy machines called Shock Wave or stem wave therapy machines, that have made their appearance in the past few years. Patients are paying cash to practitioners who actually know how to effectively use these units, and more to those who have mastered the technique.

The most dramatic recoveries are from chronic joint arthritis: especially knees, hips, elbows, hands and feet.

The breakthrough technology involves very rapid, high-speed little mechanical shocks, administered through a handheld applicator, that are initiated by a metal slug being shuttled back and forth within a capsule, at very high frequencies. Between 2 and 16 impacts per second. It is actually quite an ingenious bit of mechanical engineering design that created shock wave therapy.

The clearest and most professional explanation of the physiology of joint recovery using shock wave is a video

This unidentified Canadian therapist is nothing short of brilliant when it comes to articulating the details of precisely how a shock is generated within the machine, as well as the histology of all the tissues that are disrupted, and then set on a healing path as a consequence of the treatment. She doesn’t seem to be a doctor because her explanation seems to be at a level beyond most doctors’ ability to elaborate. All this is to the listener’s benefit.

I have never heard any doctor who uses one of these machines in his office able to explain what Shockwave is or why it works, as clearly as this video. Even close. If you’ve just heard about Shockwave or stem wave but know nothing about it and would like to find out more, this video will save you so much time. Till you watch this, you’ll likely be listening to a lot of people who don’t know what they’re talking about – they just know that it works, and they can sell it.

These machines are expensive – ranging between $30K – $100. I mention this to suggest that unless you find the machines at Kaiser or some other big insurance swindle, the individual practitioners are fairly confident about the results they can expect.

One feature of the video that resonated for us is the presenter’s remarkably accurate explanation of the role of collagen in rebuilding the arthritic joint, post-shockwave treatment. She correctly explains that healing of the joint is dependent upon the use of the body’s own new collagen in repairing the damaged joint tissues. Including muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, menisci, discs, bursae, etc. They’re all made of collagen.

As we’ve seen in the Collagen Chapter all the body’s structures are composed of collagen – muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, organs, arteries, skin, etc … As time goes by, collagen production slows down, which accounts for the sagging we observe in skin and muscles, as well as weakness in other structures. There is a constant attempt to regenerate weakened areas, using new collagen which we get from a variety of plant and animal foods.

The problem is that these foods must be digested and broken down into usable collagen building blocks in order to repair the weakened tissues. This process requires a lot of metabolic energy, using up our enzyme reserve, which is necessary for all systems. But the final building block products of breakdown and digestion are very large and imprecise for collagen regeneration.. The body will always use the closest materials it has for the job at hand, no matter how processed they are. Imperfect materials will result in weakened and imperfect outcomes.

Probably the most obvious example of this phenomenon of imperfect replacement over time is the skin. Compare the skin of a 15 year old with that of a 60 year old. All those years of replacing collagen with imperfect material has likely taken its toll.

The best solution to this universal problem facing all humans turns out to be Hydrolyzed Collagen. Here we have the cleanest, smallest and most specific for the actual building blocks required by the body’s own new collagen.

For the physiological details, and step by step description of collagen rebuilding using this 100% natural food supplement, look at the chapter entitled Hydrolyzed Collagen.

Also check out the success stories from people with a vast array of joint, skin, and other improvements after a few months taking Hydrolyzed collagen every day.

The point of this article is that most of these cases did not involve Shockwave Therapy. As the therapist in the above video clearly explains, the benefits of shockwave occur when the body is rebuilding the joint or tissue’s collagen post ShockWave treatment. Results can be exponentially better using the building blocks in Hydrolyzed Collagen instead of relying on the body’s own painstaking breakdown of collagen from fried chicken, burgers, vegetables, and other food sources.

The combination of ShockWave Therapy along with a few months of Hydrolyzed Collagen is a marriage made in heaven, a natural fit. It is an unsurpassable solution, and as many patients have said, often nothing short of miraculous. At the very least, using the two together will offer the greatest chance of improvement. particularly in cases of chronic arthritis, premature skin aging, post-surgical recovery, athletic conditioning, and much more..

For details see chapter: Hydrolyzed Collagen.


3. Vaccination Is Not Immunization, Final Edition – 2023

The 18th and final edition, this is the newest iteration of the classic vaccine textbook.

This book is a one-stop shopping introduction to the problems with vaccines, written for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life: whether or not to vaccinate.

It is not an anti-vaccine text. Better described as pro-science, the book is in favor of any vaccines that have been proven to be absolutely safe and effective by researchers wholly unconnected to the global vaccine monolith.

This 200 page book has over 360 references, drawn from mainstream medicine, science, and law. Parents, not the state, should have the right to decide whether or not to vaccinate their children. The documented facts stated in this book represent the minimum parents must know in order to make a truly informed decision.

If you have any reservations at all about the shots you’re about to give to your kids, read this first. Did you know that in the 1950s kids got only 3 vaccines? By the 1980s, the number was up to 20 vaccines. In the 90s we were at 40 vaccines. Today in the post-COVID age, we are up to 84 vaccines given to our kids before age eighteen.

Why is that? Here is the rationale behind such an approach to mandated childhood vaccines – one which exists only in the US. And why the US has the worst health of any industrialized nation on earth.

There is an entire section on the COVID Pageant.

For a synopsis of the book start with the Epilogue.

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