1. Vietnam Seminar December 18; CalJam – Mar 2015
2. Ebola: Order Up! One Epidemic, With Everything
3. Found a Real Veterinarian
4. Slaves to Coumadin
5. Best/Worst of All Possible Worlds: GeoEngineering/MegaH
6. Mexico Practice for Sale: $20K
7. Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization



18 December – Nha Trang, Vietnam
Elements of Clinical Nutrition, Part II
– 8 hours CE

From the world class Vinpearl Resort, this seminar will explore the fundamentals of traditional clinical nutrition, often overshadowed by pop chimeras like functional nutrition, the gluten myth, synthetic vitamins, paleo diet, beach diets, the cholesterol hoax, etc..

Focus will be on enzymes, probiotics, chelation, colon vitality, cellular reconstruction anti-aging, and much more.

More info:
(408) 753-9830
doc[ @ ]thedoctorwithin.com

CalJam 2015

March is not that far off. You’re bound to like some of the speakers, Wakefield, Dane Wigington, Adjustasaurus, yours truly, Billy D, Tim Young, Joe Borio, and a host of other provocateurs.

And even if you disagree with something, well at least you’re going to be part of the dialogue. You’re gonna see all kinds of people from your past and future – the good, the bad, and the adjusted. CalJam is now the premier chiropractic event on the west coast for the whole year.

You really don’t have a choice – if you’re seriously in practice, you gotta be there. No way will you attend without your destiny being affected in some direct way.

See you there!



2. Ebola: Order Up!
One Epidemic, With Everything

Sick of the Ebola media? Hasn’t the whole story of the past 2 months seemed a bit contrived? Fishy? Ebola’s been around since the 70s.

Why the sudden “outbreak”? Is this just another vaccine promo? Do all these people really have the disease? How are they being diagnosed?

Haven’t we been sold 4 other epidemics in the last 10 years, all of which turned out to be fake?

All the news just doesn’t add up? Stop wondering. Get the back story, with full references:

Ebola: Boutique Epidemic for 2014.


3. Found a Real Veterinarian

Some readers thought I came down kinda hard on vets last time. Guess they only have one cat, or something. Because I didn’t. It was an understatement if anything.

But to be fair, there still are a few vets out there not obsessed with selling as many drugs and procedures as possible, who remain true to their original ethos – responsible care for animals.

Adobe Hospital did an excellent job on Caprice, a one year old min-pin mix. In this unnatural world of cities many of us inhabit, spaying is a modern advance. The dogs we already have are often neglected, or abandoned. There are enough dogs to go around.

Dropped her off at 10 in the morning. The surgery was at noon and she was released at 3. Very efficient and professional, without pushing any vaccines or extras. No chip, thanks. Like a thief is going to call it in, right?

The stitches were internal, dissolving. The external cut in the skin healed in a few days with almost no scar. Little discomfort after the second day, almost completely healed by the third. Didn’t need a Doberman cone, didn’t use the follow up anti inflammatories they gave me, except the first night.

Most vets aren’t like this – went through half a dozen who wouldn’t stop foaming at the mouth on the initial call, shrilly hawking this or that shot and adjunctive procedure. And quoting me twice what Adobe charged.

I’m not wrong – it’s frightening. You have to have your defenses on full alert when you walk in to most of these places.

The majority of them are more desperate than the guys marketing Ebola vaccine. As with all doctors, you have to be ready to tell them when to stop – generally they want to help too much, to the animal’s detriment.

But Adobe is like an oasis in the desert. Worth the drive into socialist Russia.



Reports I get from doing consultations have put me in a position to have direct awareness of how desperate medicine has become to invent new ways to force people into unending programs of prescription drugs.

I really didn’t want to know all this..

Had a recent interview with a patient who was told in April she had vertebral artery thrombosis, possible aneurysm. Follow up CT in July reports thrombosis, no aneurysm, no dissection. They also told the patient she has a vertebral artery dissection, which she didn’t.

The thrombosis, described in both studies, was of “indeterminate age.” Meaning she could have been born with it, or at least have had it for a long time. Treatment: PT, and lifetime Warfarin (Coumadin).

Physical Therapy, or Shake and Bake as it is colloquially known, would have no certain positive effect on thrombosis, with just as great a chance of breaking a stable thrombosis up and turning it into an embolism.

The patient tells a darkly funny story about her report of findings. This older woman in a white coat, acting very doctorly, with all the condescension that entails, comes into the patient’s room and asks her in a fake Euro accent if she has “seen the film” about Coumadin.

She’s talking about this very intimidating, frightening NLP-type video they make everybody watch, any patient with any real or imagined circulation problem.

This doctor, who looks like an Asian Morticia Adams, apparently is The Closer for Coumadin in that hospital. Her job is to go around and make sure of patient compliance, which is a standard obstacle with prescribing Coumadin. Patient resistance is common, hence the video.

Their plan is that everyone, no matter what the diagnosis, understands that they will be on Coumadin for life. No getting better, no improved health, you now live in the shadow of the threat of What Might Happen, this rule by fear that ensures a lifetime marketing plan for Coumadin.

These guys are the past masters at marketing – they’re locking in the life-or-death necessity for a permanent prescription before they even get the diagnosis! Turns out, it’s the worst false advertising. My new PDR just came in.

Now of course any sane human should read the entire section on any drug they plan on taking. But with Warfarin, we should all read the entire entry- p. 2666.

Once you do that, you will have about 10x more knowledge of what Coumadin really does than your doctor, count on it. This is one of the most dangerous and debilitating drugs ever invented.

All most doctors know is the cliche they learned back in medical school: Coumadin is a “blood thinner” that is required in any case of heart or circulatory disease, to keep the blood thin enough to pass through the clogged arteries, especially the capillaries.

This simplistic metaphor is the extent of their knowledge 99% of the time, believe me. Try questioning them. They know nothing further.

In reality, that’s not what Coumadin really does at all. It is not a blood thinner – it is an anticoagulant, which is something entirely different.

An anticoagulant interferes with certain steps in the vitamin K/fibrinogen clotting cascade. The drug maintains a completely unnatural condition in the blood at all times. The drug’s very dangerous effect is that it prevents clotting, as if anyone would ever have occasion to want that. Warfarin creates a chronic susceptibility to excess bleeding, in the event you cut yourself, or some internal bleeding is happening.

Clotting is a necessary survival mechanism. Why would people want to take a drug that makes them virtual hemophiliacs?

Under the 1000x moicroscope, we looked at the live blood of this Coumadin patient on the monitor and saw anything but thin blood. We saw the typical rouleaux and red cell aggregation associated with the standard processed American diet. These glued-together cells definitely have a deleterious effect on normal circulation, but they are completely unaffected by Coumadin.

That’s not the worst of it. Wait till you see the PDR‘s pages of side effects and tissue destruction that are common with coumadin – weakening of arteries, hemorrhage, liver diseases, respiratory disease, skin necrosis, organ deterioration, GI symptoms, tissue death, emboli, etc.

See if any of the symptoms you live with are listed as effects of this drug. Stop believing these unlettered Svengalis.

You can read it by yourself. Just do it– the Physicians Desk Reference is in every community library. Forget the online version – it’s for the terminally unlettered. Read the book itself – it’s not that difficult, and very complete.

If you don’t protect yourself, you deserve the fate they have reserved for you. Natural selection – survival of the informed.

Seems like at least one of you should read it, because it’s a virtual certainty your doctor has not.

There is a true blood thinner, however – something that really keeps rouleaux and aggregation of erythrocytes from forming throughout the day. It’s not a drug at all. It is a completely natural supplement with no side effects whatsoever. It is an enzyme formula called Digestazyme, which actually accomplishes what these pharmaceutical “blood thinnners” claim to.

Read the chapter..


5. Best/Worst of All Possible Worlds:
Everyday GeoEngineering / MegaH

Optimists gloss over realities – pessimists miss the roses. That’s the premise of this monthly section, you may have noticed..

We always start with worst: We were talking about GeoEngineering and its claimed effect on our 3 year drought. I recommended people check out Dane Wigington’s site geoengineeringwatch.org and make up your own mind.

Start with this 30-minute clip: Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California

Dane will be speaking at CalJam in March, along with myself and a host of other provocatives. These presentations are for the marginally more educated, less taken in by op-ed media in the first place. I’m so flooded with research in other areas that I still haven’t had time to give Dane’s site all the attention it deserves.

But if this drought in northern California is being contrived, the flyboys didn’t do a very good job this month. About 3 weeks ago we had a day of rain. That was followed by a very aggressive program of blue sky chem trials, every single day crisscrossing the sky, here in the Bay Area.

Result: 8 days later we had a half day of real rain. So that didn’t work. Since then, for the past week there have been virtually none – no poison dusters. And today the rain started again that’s lasting a day and a half – biggest rain in 8 months.. We’re talking monsoon.

So I’m not saying the drought is over, or that Dane’s contention that the California drought is engineered – that it is wrong. I’m just saying it’s not an on/off switch. But then again, maybe “they” have deigned to allow us a little rain at this time, because we’ve been good little sheep, or whatever.

See how confused I am. Something’s going on – I just don’t know what. So why don’t you guys go into Dane’s site and let me know what you find. It won’t be boring, I promise you that.

Now for Best of All Possible Worlds:

MegaHydrate. High end anti-oxidant, part of the 60 Day Program for the past decade.

So I got so busy I didn’t have any dogfood for Caprice, so I got a little bucket of chicken tenders from Safeway. What the hell is “chicken tenders” in the first place, do you think?

This is the low end of human food options– corporate confinement farms, hormones, antibiotics, filthy infernal environment, GM – the whole spectrum — nature’s most perfect food, right?

So then I run out of food, and am too lazy to go shopping at night so I end up eating half the bucket myself. Next day I’m preparing for a bioterrain class and I see my own blood on the video monitor. And christ! It looks like I’m in the middle of chemotherapy or something — all my erythrocytes had these mycoplasmic lumps and bumps all over them — like 95%.

Systemic free radical dominance. Didn’t even look like human blood cells. Altered cells – the precursor to neoplasm.

The only lifestyle change I could think of in the previous 2 weeks was that bucket of tenders.

So then I started taking Megahydrate – actually only 3 caps per day. A few days later I retested, and the red cells had returned to their normal conformation, 95%. We usually do this re-test in 30 minutes, but that requires a fasting sample.

This was even more impressive, being 4 days later, taking the antioxidant every day. It was really no surprise, having used MegaHydrate for over 10 years with hundreds and hundreds of patients.

It’s one thing to study free radical activity in the body and to know the theoretical importance of antioxidants. It’s another thing to see it right before your eyes, over and over again, on the monitor, after 30 minutes.

So to the genius who invented this supplement, a heartfelt thank you. Makes you glad you lived this long, to see something this nutritionally advanced.

Also, don’t ever underestimate the toxicity of chicken tenders. What the hell are they, anyway? Keep your kids away from them. Millions in research, looking for the cure for cancer? What a joke.





7. Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization 2013

– now in 6 languages

The most reliable vaccine resource for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life.

“The most provocative, well-researched, blood-boiling text EVER written on vaccines.. Dr Tim’s style mixing pure science and his relentless wit make this one of my FAVORITE reads of all time. read this book and you will want to start a revolution.” – Dr Bill DeMoss, Newport Beach

“This history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.” – David Ayoub, MD

“The only book more important than this one is the Bible.” – Dr Tim Young


“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”
~ John F. Kennedy


What happened to SARS? Where is it? What happened to anthrax, smallpox, Avian flu, mad cow? They’re gone. And they won’t be back. Their objective was attained – spend billions for new pharmaceuticals, unproven and ultimately unnecessary.

Afterwards the threats always vanish, like the dew off the grass in the new morning sun – gone. [62]

Despite last-ditch attempts to salvage sales of unwanted vaccines, by early 2010 the swine flu pandemic had all but disappeared, behind some fast back-pedaling: “… with the second wave of H1N1 infections having crested in the United States, leading epidemiologists are predicting that the pandemic could end up ranking as the mildest since modern medicine began documenting influenza outbreaks” (Stein [71])

As demand fell, many states, as well as most of the EU countries, returned stocks of unused H1N1 vaccine. [43] [46] [72] In Feb. and Mar. 2010, desperate attempts were made to try and salvage the sinking H1N1 ship, by proclaiming the pandemic was still a threat and could re-emerge anywhere, etc.

Desperate to move dead stockpiles of a vaccine nobody wanted, in Feb 2010 they decided to include the unpopular H1N1 vaccine into the next year’s regular flu shot. [45], (CNN) It’s still there today.


In stark contrast to the shrieking emergency headlines we had to endure for 2 years about H1N1 pandemic, suddenly all media were mute on the subject as though it never happened.


When the American public rejected the vaccine, the states began to return their allotted stocks of vaccine. And then something unprecedented occurred: the returned stockpiles were burned! Almost as though they were destroying evidence. [293], (Fox News)

After two losing forays into global vaccines, it is doubtful that swine flu will be back. The vaccine was a failure and an embarrassment, and exposed the agenda and credibility of the regulating health agencies, for anyone who cared to put the pieces together.

But again we must ask: once the vaccine vanished from the scene, what happened to the threat of HIN1 flu? It’s gone too. And not because the vaccine cured it, because people didn’t get the vaccine.

This flu is gone because it never existed in the first place.”

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