How many times a day do you hear ‘ask your doctor, ask your doctor, consult a physician, call your doctor,’ etc…? 10? 20? 50?

For decades now, the conditioning of the public mind in all forms of media has been very consistent. Propaganda is a true science, E.L. Bernays’ gift to humanity, as explained in your chapter The Doors of Perception.

Why is the #1 cause of death today correctly prescribed pharmaceuticals?

The Holy Trinity of government, media, and pharmaceuticals has obviously invaded most facets of our everyday lives. As beneficiaries of that Control, what are they desperately selling?

    Fear of imaginary germs

    The appearance of random diseases at any time, for no reason

    Distrust in the innate healing immunity of our bodies

    The mysteries of human health have been disclosed only to the medical profession

    Your body’s natural immune powers are whimsical and weak

    Only medicine can cure disease

The majority of Americans believe fervently in all these myths. Just look at all the masked zombies walking through your neighborhood with their masked children.

The high priests in the Pharmaceutical Religion are the MDs. They’re the frontline salesmen who may only recite the slogans they’ve been taught, no matter how unscientific or physically impossible.

Will this above propaganda sell drugs? You bet. Will this propaganda promote health? Rarely. But that’s not important. Health is not their concern. Never was. Health care has nothing to do with health.

Everybody knows that.

When they’re sick, most people are conditioned to see their doctors, even though doctors are not trained to get sick people well. They’re trained to sell drugs and procedures. Period. Science? Not allowed to discuss it. Censored from corporate media.

So – back to which MDs can we trust?

They’re so rare it might be simpler to start with which MDs can we not trust? That’s much easier. First off, the ones who refuse to represent true and verifiable science. Who insist on utterly unscientific notions:

    1. Doctors who still wear masks in their office. They never did before. Why wear masks now, especially since the CDC, NIH, even the White House has said months ago that COVID is no longer a threat. And also that masks can’t even prevent viral disease. Anyone with the slightest science background knows that. So why don’t MDs know it?

    2. Doctors whose first choice is to prescribe antibiotics for any flu and colds. Without any clinical findings. Or any physical exam. What science supports that kind of advice?

    3. Doctors who immediately put patients with lung problems on respirators. Everybody knows that 90% of the time they get worse. And the longer the respirator is on, the higher the chances of death. All legitimate science proves those statistics. So why don’t the doctors know it?

    4. Doctors who recommend children wear masks. These guys are the worst. Before the COVID vaccine came out, NO children “got COVID.” A child’s lungs are just developing. The alveoli and lung tissue are growing daily, at an exponential rate in the healthy child. Two things most necessary for normal lung development are Oxygen intake and normal respiration. So what do masks do? Block O2 intake and CO2 outflow. This prevents normal lung growth. All science knows that. So why don’t the doctors know it?

    5. Doctors who diagnose digestive problems with no examination. They immediately turn to antibiotics, antacids, and enzyme inhibitors – like Nexium, Prilosec, Zantac, etc which further handicap normal digestion. Never considering diet alteration, enzymes, or probiotic activity. And then a simple problem becomes a serious, chronic problem because of bad advice. All science knows that. So why don’t the doctors know it?

    6. Doctors who recommend the COVID vaccine even though it has killed three times as many people in its first 18 months as all other vaccines put together since 1991. That’s according to CDC and VAERS – the only ones keeping track. A untested vaccine, for no virus that was ever isolated or identified in a mammal.

These are the experts in whose hands you’re going to risk your survival and that of your children?

You readers can certainly cite more examples using this model, right? But the conclusion of this whole line of reasoning is obvious:

If MDs don’t know the most basic scientific facts in all these common instances, then why would you trust them to know anything about your particular illness? Do they really show any interest in whether you live or die? Any sign you’re anything but a walking ATM machine?

Yes, there are some brilliant MDs out there, champions in their field, who help people every day. And even save lives. But they’re rare as hens’ teeth these days. Same as trying to find a good dentist, or a good mechanic, or a good chiropractor, or a good musician, or a good lawn service, or a decent restaurant, right?

So here are some criteria to use which might qualify an MD as someone you can trust:

    No mask requirement in the office.

    – There’s some discussion of your diet and lifestyle as contributors to your particular imbalance.

    – The visit consists of more than a 5 minute exam where the doctor never looks at you but just sits there and fills out some questionnaire. There’s some physical exam or patient history involved in making a diagnosis and the doctor actually regards you as a human being and shows some interest in your health.

    – The doctor shows the slightest awareness of the primacy of the natural healing power of the body when it’s not handicapped by processed foods, excessive drugs, and abnormal stress.

    – There’s some attention given to biomechanical or structural abnormalities as possible contributors to your condition.

    – If it’s a surgical consult, the doctor gives the pros and cons of the procedure and perhaps encourages you not to go through with it at all. A very good sign.

If you get the feeling like you‘re in there with a rug merchant who’s trying to sell you something

just stand up and walk out. Remember – it’s your body. You have the power. The decision is yours.

Be discriminating – it’s a buyer’s market.



The immune system – one of those phrases that everybody talks about and so few can define.

Of course any valid discussion of the immune system must begin in the field of evolution and Natural Selection.

As mammals progressed upward from their one-celled origins, there were thousands of failed experiments. Some were dead-end species; some were dead-end individuals. Evolutionary cul-de-sacs.

The survivors along each step of the way were simply those whose physiology was able to adapt fast enough to the particular environmental challenges of their moment in time. They had enough food, oxygen, rest, shelter from predators, shelter from the elements, acceptable blood pH, survival from disease, development of advantageous physical characteristics, etc. to mature and replicate.

These survivors advanced each species, and sometimes gave it the opportunity to evolve into a higher species. You can see empirical evidence of this next time you’re at the British or French museums that have exhibits of pre-hominid skeletons, dinosaur skeletons, early genus Homo skeletons, whale skeletons, chimpanzee skeletons, etc. Just momentary vignettes of the whole biological pageant that has played out over the eons.

In Man, immunological progress had been exponential throughout most of the past 200 years. Selection favored those who were able to take advantage of the best food, clothing, and shelter that became so available to much of the population.

Some were born into those advantages; others achieved them through hard work. And others simply had God-given good luck in avoiding the challenges that beset even the healthiest: like wars, starvation, and disease.

As better food and shelter became available, with good water and good plumbing, people began to live longer. Less disease. The longer the period of maturity where the child is protected, the better chance of survival past 40.

In 1860 the average life expectancy for Americans was about 40 years. Today it’s about 78 years.

Many factors are responsible for that increase. But let’s just focus on the physiological aspects of longevity, irrespective of wars and clean environment.

The immune system of the human body involves many components, some of which are known and most of which are not.

No child is born with an intact immune system. By age two he will have a rudimentary level of immunity, provided that development has not been retarded by drugs and vaccines.

Unrestricted respiration, circulation, and digestion are the most fundamental constituents of the immune system. They are the minimum requirements to maintain normal health. If they are obstructed in any way, that will have a deleterious effect on overall immunity and decrease the individual’s chances of survival.

The availability of nourishing food has certainly advanced in the past century. The problem is that today only 20% of the American diet is nutritive. About 80% is processed: allergenic and inflammatory. (See The 60 Day Program)

Next components of the immune system are acute inflammatory responses: like coughing, sneezing, runny nose, irregular elimination, eyes watering, fever, swelling, etc. These are vital powers of the developing immune system. They are the body’s desperate attempts to isolate and eliminate foreign tissue and poisons. They are survival reflexes, developed over centuries of Natural Selection.

Organized corporate medicine has always regarded these normal healthy responses as disease threats, because they afforded enormous marketing opportunities.

Entire industries of anti-inflammatories, steroids, cough syrups, anti-pyretics, vaccines, cold medicine, NSAIDS, antibiotics, have sprung up. Billion$. The majority of these remedies should never be taken by children, since they’re immuno-suppressive. Which means they have the opposite effect they advertise – they make the child sicker for longer by interfering with the child’s developing immune system.

Even pediatricians and the FDA have long ago disavowed the majority of these OTC childhood medicines as ineffective and unnecessary. But marketing gallops on, heedless of the child’s health.

So just what is the essence of the human immune system? For starters, the creation of a pure and uncontaminated interior environment, the internal milieu, free from foreign invasion and toxins. Mainly in the blood and in the digestive tract.

With the introduction of a foreign invader into the blood, what is the first response in the healthy body? Right. Inflammation. That’s the normal immune system’s first response, its attempt to isolate, destroy, and expel the foreign tissue.

Again, inflammation is not a diseases that needs to be treated. It’s the body’s natural response to attack. If you interfere with those processes, you can prolong the assault, which paves the way for advanced inflammation – which can become an infection.

Now Infection is a whole new ball game. Now we’re talking potentially life-threatening. Before penicillin in the 1940s, millions of people down through history died from infections that expanded unchecked. Penicillin may have been the one and only time organized medicine really did pull

the rabbit out of the hat.

But in our modern civilization, in the relatively safe environment of most offices, homes, and schools the majority of inflammations are going to resolve on their own with just soap and water, good diet, rest, and first aid.

Unless they are aggravated by unnecessary drugs, potions, and treatments. Most of the time the best and most natural course is to Do Nothing and rely on the body’s innate power of healing. Of course this is anathema to the medical orthodoxy, whose First Commandment is always Do Something Billable.

If there’s no infection, there’s no need for anti-biotics. That’s not me saying that. The discoverer of penicillin himself Alexander Fleming warned us 80 years ago “No prophylactic antibiotics.” That means no “just in case” antibiotics.

If your doctor is prescribing you prophylactic antibiotics and you have no infection, he is violating the most basic principle of classical medicine. That alone makes him untrustworthy. He’s also suppressing your immune system since antibiotics can destroy much of the beneficial bacterial flora so vital for complete digestion. See The Post AntiBiotic Age at thedoctorwithin.com

What other parts of the human immune system are known by true science? We can talk about specific blood components of inflammation: chemotaxis, neutrophils, T-cells, B cells, other lymphocytes, fibrinogen and the clotting cascade, etc.

These sequences can be brought about by trauma, illness, toxins, etc. And they are all part of the innate immune system, about which we still have only the vaguest understanding. This is where genuine science became intermixed with junk science. Marketing replaces science.

Fundamental immunology is a vast area of legitimate science research, the hallmark of which: it will always admit its own limitations.

The systematic lying and deceit comes in where Organized Medicine mixes mythology with authentic science, and claims that advances in longevity and human immunity are due primarily to drugs and vaccines. They want to take all the credit when only a tiny portion of the progress is due to medicine.

You can start by looking at any current physiology text used in today’s med schools. [e.g. Immunology, fifth edition, Coico] Their most consistent premise throughout is this: the cause of most diseases is absence of the proper drug or vaccine at the right time.

This propagandist notion is suffused throughout the fabric of all medical education over and over and over, in every situation. Sophistry before science.

Utter disregard for the natural healing powers of the human body, utter disrespect for the innate immune system, such as that the unvaccinated develop during childhood. The slogans are

    Immunity is conferred only by vaccines. 

    Diseases are cured only by the right pharmaceutical drugs.

Repeated every day throughout medical school and medical textbooks, these mantras ultimately form the doctors’ very limited conversational lexicon when talking to patients. It’s so ingrained that they can’t even begin to doubt it, or to deviate one iota from these fundamental tenets of their Faith. “Vaccines confer immunity.” “Drugs cure diseases.”


Perhaps the best kept secret of the past 80 years is the intrinsic difference in health between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated child. Anyone can usually tell by looking, especially with those younger than 5. The unvaccinated are empirically more alert, more intelligent, more responsive, and rarely get sick. Ask any parent.

But this is the biggest secret that corporate media has so desperately censored all these years. It’s also why vaccines are the only pharmaceutical which do not require a control group in the testing for approval.

At least back when approval was necessary, right?

Because the contrast would be so undeniable, so un-falsifiable. No unvaccinated control groups in vaccine testing. Ever!

As American children become fatter, sicker, and dumber each year, with academic averages lower than any time in the past 25 years, the most vaccinated demographic in human history, we rarely see an innate immune system any more. All we see are handicapped, modified immune systems, prevented from normal development by the administration of 72 untested experimental vaccines.

Perhaps the clearest example in today’s world where we can observe an innate immune system is in the unvaccinated child. And even though there are only 6 states that do not have vaccine exemptions for children, well over 90% of American kids are “fully” vaccinated because of the most successful marketing campaign the world has ever known.

What is the immune system? Find an unvaccinated child and watch him grow up. What is a modified, handicapped immune system? Find a vaccinated kid and watch him grow up.

    The human immune system is a complex network of interacting biological mechanisms for maintaining normal blood pH, normal operation of all organs, natural immunity, and homeostasis which the body itself has developed, 100% free from outside tampering.

While some of it has been characterized by decades of research, most of our immune system remains unknown to human science. Uncharted territory.



What are some incontrovertible signals that the population is getting inexorably dumber and dumber and the culture is regressing?

One certain indicator is the almost universal bad grammar, spelling, and retrograde vocabulary seen across the board in

    Everyday news, written, from newsreaders, and on video

    YouTube videos

    YouTube comments

    Subtitles in movies

    Textbooks in schools, K- grad school

    Teachers and lecturers, K – grad school

    Stand-up “comedians”, including local, state, and federal politicians


    Everyday conversations with the people around you


Have you noticed it?

Today America seems like a living, breathing Brave New World doesn’t it? – where everybody is confined to the same 50 phrases all day long. It’s the death of nuance, subtlety, gradations of meaning, articulate speech. These are no longer permitted.

As a consequence, you really don’t need to listen to people any more. Because they’re usually not saying anything at all. Or else they’re all saying the same things you just heard from the last guy you talked to.

The same 50 phrases.

Overused words eventually have no meaning. They are an announcement that you have an extremely limited pool of terms with which to express yourself. People are representing that they’ve never read anything after the 9th grade.

Here are a few words to remove immediately from your vocabulary, in order to avoid being lumped together in the benighted, unwashed common herd:






    unique (with adjectives or adverbs)





    know what I’m saying?


‘Amazing’ and ‘incredible’, interchangeable now, are used either to express genuine admiration, or else dispassionately, simply to move the conversation along because I have no interest in what you’re saying. These two words are so ridiculously overused now that they often have no meaning – you are saying virtually nothing. “Awesome” is another variant. You’re really choosing Jeff Spiccoli as your oratorial mentor? Alternatives: splendid, terrific, magnificent, astounding, superb, extraordinary, exceptional, glorious, etc.

‘Interesting’ usually means its exact opposite. Mostly used to move the conversation along. Typically it means nothing at all. Alternatives: ‘is that right?’ ‘You don’t say?’ ‘Hmm.’ ‘ I never knew that.’ ‘Intriguing.’

Iconic.” Wildly overused by all ages today, often in the areas of music, literature, and entertainment. It used to have a meaning, even 10 years ago, but no longer does, due to its overuse. Now mostly meaningless. Alternatives: emblematic, representative, unique, etc.

“Unique” is overused most of the time when wrongly coupled with an adjective or adverb. Unique means one of a kind, none other. You can’t say ‘really unique’ ‘very unique’ ‘most unique’ ‘especially unique’ or worst of all ‘incredibly unique.’ Unique is an adjective that must be used alone. It does not admit of degrees; it cannot have modifiers. When it does, that means only one thing: the speaker does not know what unique means. Alternative: singular.

“Like” This is usually a teenage indulgence, fairly pathetic when carried on much after that. Masterfully parodied by composer Frank Zappa (currently de-composing) in the 1990s hit

Valley Girl.

We’ve all heard these annoying magpies with nothing to say and the vocabulary to accomplish that, wherein every second or third word is ‘like.’ Some feel that this speech pattern should be punishable by death. At the very least, the best alternative is silence.

“Under-rated” Overused most often in the fields of entertainment, frequently used to describe actors and guitar players. Under-rated almost always means the subject actually does receive the appropriate rating – it’s just that the speaker in his infinitely limited experience has just learned for the first time about that particular film or actor or guitar player. Alternatives: accomplished, proficient, skillful, masterful, etc.

Totally This idiotic adverb came into grotesque levels of popularity in the early 80s, and is now firmly cemented into American everyday speech of the least literate and intelligent. Its meaning is usually as a halfhearted agreement with the last comment from the other person, no mater how inane. Worse is when it’s appended to an equally meaningless adjective, the most popular of course being “awesome”. which now results in 2 consecutive meaningless utterances. The semi-literate individual who is actually interested in human communication will instead use words like “undoubtedly,” “without a doubt,” “without question,” “agreed”, “right,” “certainly,” etc.

“know what I’m saying?” This simian speech defect should be legally expunged from the English language. The appropriate response is usually “No I’m sorry I don’t. Because you haven’t said anything yet.” This phrase is an advertisement that I have no education or vocabulary whatsoever, but I’m entertaining the desperate hope that you will be able to read my mind without any information from me. Equally correct response: silence.


Speech represents your total idea library of experience, education, and imagination. Every phrase out of your mouth can also pinpoint your place of origin, character, literacy, and sincerity. If you always talk like a programmed robot, that would tend to suggest … what? Hmmm. Think about it.

I’m sure we left out many of today’s commonly overused expressions. Please share your suggestions for future newsletters.



More than 15 years ago we were in Cabo one day when I looked up and saw this hang glider with an engine attached. It landed on the beach right next to me and I struck up a conversation with the pilot. Fifty dollars and 10 minutes later I was in the passenger seat soaring above the surf and sand and rocks, looking down at a school of manta rays in the transparent jade water. .

Ernesto had attached a motor from a Kawasaki motorcycle to his hang glider and learned how to pilot it.

Now more than 15 years later he’s still down on the beach every day, still doing it.. Only now his custom hang glider is outfitted with a state of the art miniature aircraft engine. People from all over the world wait their turn almost every day for their ride in the powered hang glider – the only one in all Mexico.

Last week we went up again. Now Ernesto has mounted 2 GoPro’s on the wingtips and can take little clips and jpegs as you fly. Here is an edit of a few of these latest clips.

Next time you’re in Cabo don’t miss Ernesto. Like Daenerys on her dragon … it’s the closest thing to really flying there is!

Watch the video.


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