Apologies to those of you who had an outstanding order for Megahydrate that was delayed.  That will never happen again.

We could make excuses about idiots in Washington or supply chain blah blah blah, etc. but who cares? If Megahydrate weren’t a unique and powerful formula it wouldn’t be worth all this trouble. All that’s over now.

The truth is – there is nothing like it anywhere – no other antioxidant or natural anti-inflammatory that even comes close to Dr. Flanagan’s proprietary formula – delivering hydrogen ions that instantly neutralize free radicals in the blood.

This is not a theory or hypothesis but something totally observable in the thousands of before–and-after live cell tests we have performed. Free radicals in the blood damage the surface of red cells in a very graphic, recognizable fashion. This is usually corrected in 30 minutes with ingestion of Megahydrate.

So for those who have forgotten what Megayhydrate is and why it is an integral part of the 60 Day Program please review the Antioxidant chapter. Review what causes free radicals and how they accelerate the aging process and promote degenerative diseases within all organs and structures of the body.

There is some good news about Megahydrate. Instead of getting two bottles of capsules with your order, from now on you’re only going to be getting one bottle of pure powder. The improvement is that there’s a lot more powder in one bottle than there was in the total contents of all the capsules in two of the old bottles. As much as 25% more. But the price is the same. One new bottle is the same cost as the combined price of the two old bottles.

Bottom line – you’ll be spending the same money but getting a lot more of this unrivalled antioxidant. And of course it is the exact same formula as always.

Each bottle of the powder comes with a little scoop. Remember: one scoop equals one capsule.

For those of you already on the 60 Day Program, just begin now to add two scoops twice a day to your daily regimen. Just like the dosage plan for the 60 Day program.

Please re-read the chapter on antioxidants and Megahydrate. Any questions please call.

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Even with the global changes, no matter how hard the monkeys try, there’s still no reason we can’t remain 100% healthy, as long as we stay informed and use common sense. It just takes a little more effort to distinguish corporate media from legitimate science.

Do the deed!




March 15th – The Ides of March.   Assassination in the Senate – such a nostalgic notion..  Guess those Romans weren’t all that bad after all……

Despite the desperate, last-ditch efforts in Washington and some of the states to prolong it, the COVID pageant is finally melting away.  Junk science always comes with an expiration date.  What a coincidence though – Ukraine in, COVID out.  Hmmm, right?

Two years to the day since that dowdy Santa Clara County drudge announced the lockdown on TV, COVID is finally evaporating.  Right on schedule – a 2 year exercise in sheepherding. 

Same presentation, same symptoms, same benign prognosis, same treatment recommendations as the regular flu.  Mild illness, resolves completely in a week in 99.99% of cases, no treatment necessary.  Harmless to children.

For mass hysteria and marketing, they had to create a name for this new flu: COVID.


Here at thedoctorwithin we nailed it from the very beginning in our Videos and Newsletters, archived since April 2020.

The entire COVID delusion has been nothing more than the re-categorization of cases of the regular seasonal flu.   All legitimate sources have been unequivocal in proving that original assertion, month by month.  Conclusively.  

But most of those authorities were either censored outright and deleted, or else diluted in a flood of Controlled Opposition

We all watched as mass hysteria became mass hypnosis, with the relentless programming of the corporate narrative.  All day every day. 

For the first 3 months of 2020, no virus was identified.  Diagnosis of COVID was by symptoms only.  Remember? And it had the exact same symptoms as regular flu.  With no new microbe identified, the pandemic was 100% hype and promo.  No science whatsoever.

Then SARS CoV2 was invented and suddenly we had a pathogen.  Just a name really  – not an actual sequenced microbe.  But just the name was enough to morph mass hypnosis into mass psychosis.

Next we had to create a “testing” industry to prove that perfectly healthy people either ‘had the virus’ or did not have it.

New heights in junk science were attained with the invention of the

Antibody test
PCR test
Other instant tests

The first problem here was that no COVID virus has ever been isolated or sequenced in the population.  So how could they test for something that had not been identified? How could they say everyone was “infected” had the same virus? What virus?

Too much brainwork for American Facebookers to complete that thought process.  They couldn’t even do the simplest research to discover that CDC had disavowed the ambiguous PCR test, stating it was not diagnostic of anything, let alone the nonexistent COVID virus.

     [Research Use Only – Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-time RT-PCR Primer               NOT FOR DIAGNOSTIC USE          March 6 2020]                      . 

They had dragged this old PCR test out of mothballs, a failure from the 1993 HIV promotion, because there was nothing else. Thirty years of technology and this old dog was all they could come up with?  

This unapproved, non-diagnostic PCR test is still the global standard for vaccine passports today.  According to its inventor, the PCR test measures nothing – it identifies nothing.  Everybody who can read knows that by now, but the sheep continue to graze, in a bliss of pastoral inertia.

COVID was never real of course – there never was any novel disease that was proven to be able to infect masses of people across the globe.   There might have been some gain-of-function lab creations, but they were never isolated, sequenced or found intact in any mammal on earth.  Just theoretical constructs by computer modelling.  No proof of any specific pathogen “escaping.”  Never any proven transmission of a specific new pathogen from one human to another.  So Delta and Omicron never existed either.

That’s why no one ever came forward to claim our $5000 reward for proof of COVID diagnosis.  Hundreds of thousands of views.

Masks?  Even New York and California – the last two holdouts – have finally pulled the absurd mask mandate.

But California people now have daily evidence that they host the stupidest people in the entire country.  Because even though masks have now been made optional, in many cities – like the entire Bay Area – the majority of the population still walks around voluntarily wearing these dehumanizing, useless masks. 

Most tragic has been the plight of California schoolkids.  Locked in their bedrooms for the first year of the pageant, a year of their normal development – a year of their life – was stolen from them.  They suffered tangible physical, spiritual, and academic decline.  This phenomenon is barred from any legitimate study, largely due to the self-serving teachers unions.  But the longterm cultural consequences for their generation are inevitable and quantifiable.

After that, another whole year of school masks. Even now, though mask mandates in California schools have been lifted, you will see a majority of grade school and high school kids voluntarily continuing to wear masks to school – indoors and out.  If you ask them why, responses are likely to be  “Why not?”  “Just to be safe” or the Orwellian  “Everybody just does it.”

Today’s young kids were never taught traditional American values.  Most of them never knew they were supposed to be free.  Never knew they had a right to any personal freedoms. No one ever mentioned it.

So they don’t miss it.  And it’s likely they will resent it if anyone mentions it now, like that would be ‘making trouble’ or being ‘negative,’ etc .

Worse, these kids were never exposed to the basic physical science regarding bacteria, viruses, and immunology. Instead they are thoroughly indoctrinated with the myths of commercialized vaccine science.  So these young Americans are poised to be the Germaphobe Generation, raised by Covidiots, as members of the permanent new religion.

For details and documentation, see Videos, Newsletters, and Podcasts at thedoctorwithin