We’ve all heard too much about Artificial Intelligence this year. As with most topics covered by our State Mediated media, that means most of us know practically nothing about it. Except for enough to pretend we know everything.

Anyway, was listening to Tucker interviewing Elon today. Elon was saying his usual cliches about how AI was only at its inception right now, and had the potential for great good and great evil, etc. And his friend who invented AI had told him that AI was the next stage of the evolution of intelligence, and would take over where humans left off…

As much as anyone, Elon is probably at the vanguard of AI awareness since Tesla has incorporated it into the operating DNA of many levels of its automobile, not just the auto pilot feature. But AI is also being subtly baked into many mundane situations of daily life that we hardly notice. A few examples:

    When you pay for groceries the machine already knows all about your credit card
    You can’t make any comment on a video or article without your Google ID cited as the author
    If your opinion is not in the leftist idiom, it will be immediately deleted
    Zelle can deposit money in your bank given just your name and phone number
    In public restrooms, many are auto-flush
    When you buy a movie at Amazon Prime, you just click once and it charges you

I’m sure there are dozens more examples right in front of our eyes that we already take for granted, as we’re being shuffled insensibly, little by little toward the Singularity. Or so Elon says.

So then I was wondering about AI writing essays for people. If you ask any high school or college kid they’ll tell you that they can’t really do that any more because the teachers have a way of detecting AI authorship. Which sounds rather doubtful to me, especially given the rapidly declining competence evidenced by teachers in general these days. Seems farfetched that teachers would go to that much trouble.

But I try not to believe anything I haven’t researched myself. So I wanted to see if there were AI sites that could write an essay if I gave it the title. And also what was the level of pseudoscience indoctrination, if any, inherent in the software.

So there’s a site called The Good AI which will generate a free essay of 150 words on any topic. So here was my test assignment for it:

    How Untested Drugs like COVID Vaccines Can Cause Many Deaths

For those of you who read our October 2023 Newsletter you’ll know that CDC itself is admitting as many as 1.9M Americans have died from COVID vaccine since 2021. A fact that is absolutely banned from all legacy media.

Anyway, I was shocked with the AI essay that was generated for me in 3 seconds. Here it is:

    “Title: The Potential Perils of Untested Drugs: Unveiling the Risks of Covid Vaccines

“Introduction: The rapid development and deployment of Covid-19 vaccines have been hailed as a monumental scientific achievement. However, concerns regarding the safety and efficacy of these vaccines have emerged, particularly due to their expedited testing processes. This essay aims to shed light on how untested drugs like Covid vaccines can potentially cause many deaths.


1. Insufficient testing: Untested drugs lack comprehensive clinical trials, which are crucial for evaluating their safety and potential side effects. Rushing through this vital stage may lead to unforeseen complications that could result in severe consequences for recipients.

2. Unknown long-term effects: The long-term impact of any drug is often difficult to ascertain without extensive observation over an extended period. With Covid vaccines, the limited time frame for testing raises concerns about potential adverse effects that may only manifest after prolonged use.

3. Pre-existing conditions and allergies: Individuals with underlying health conditions or specific allergies may be more susceptible to adverse reactions from untested drugs like Covid vaccines. Without thorough testing, it becomes challenging to identify potential risks associated with such subgroups.

4. Lack of post-marketing surveillance: Post-marketing surveillance is essential for monitoring the safety and effectiveness of any drug once it reaches the general population. Inadequate surveillance systems can delay the identification and mitigation of potential risks, leading to avoidable fatalities.


While the urgency surrounding the development and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines is understandable, it is crucial not to overlook the potential dangers associated with untested drugs. Rigorous testing procedures must be upheld to ensure public safety and minimize unforeseen risks that could result in tragic outcomes. Balancing speed with thoroughness in drug development remains paramount in safeguarding lives during times of crisis. ”


Wow. Fairly impressive. Written at the high school grad level in the typical corporate media lexicon, with all the requisite phrases for GenXers, etc. And Elon was right – both good and bad. Good because AI creators haven’t quite got round to total censorship of AI thought processes yet. I mean, as this essay stands it would be automatically deleted from any YouTube, Facebook, or Amazon comment.

Same thing if it were a comment on any of the online corporate newspaper articles: NY Times, Washington Post, etc. So it looks like the AI decision makers are still behind in teaching AI the obligatory Marxist dogma required by all State Mediated narrative. Well, don’t worry – it’s still in its infancy, right?

Then as far as evil goes, the article displayed its ability to survey thousands of pages of literature and come up with a reasonably organized version of the opinion assumed by my title, thus replacing the need for human research, analysis, and composition. All in 3 seconds.

So I guess the good news is that AI is too new, still too naïve to be judgmental and globalist yet, as we find throughout legacy media today.

For an extra 5 bucks a month the website will produce much longer essays, annotated and referenced.

I don’t doubt it.

But then Elon said something very weird in the Tucker interview. He said that AI should be under government regulation to prevent it from becoming too autocratic, etc. And he gave examples of how FAA controls commercial flight, and how FDA controls medicine, etc. I thought he was joking at first, but – he wasn’t.

With all he knows about how badly FDA and CDC botched the COVID pageant, as he himself has pointed out in so many interviews, and how they all but obliterated free speech as far as any opposing science was concerned …. I don’t get it. Why would any new government agency – especially from our present government – be expected to do a better job overseeing the new field of AI, considering their usual track record? Isn’t it patently clear that they would want to employ AI to their own One World One Party agenda, in every way they could? And indeed isn’t that already happening?

This seemed so out of character for Elon, sounding almost like a member of Controlled Opposition.

But then I was thinking – well, maybe AI won’t be so bad. I mean think about it – it’s being invented and maintained and regulated by humans, isn’t it? And humans always screw things up, especially today in Washington. I mean look at Congress. Or the corporate press. Or today’s academia. Or either political party. Or the military. Or law enforcement. Or the judicial system. Each one of these areas is in a deplorable condition, carelessly run and negligently overseen.

So why would we expect that a brand new field of endeavor like Artificial Intelligence would fare any better, since it is being set up using the same dystopian ethics, morals, and technical inefficiency evident in all these other areas. It won’t work like it’s supposed to. Because it will be run by Swamp politics. How could it be otherwise?

So maybe we don’t have that much to worry about yet – don’t we have bigger fish to fry? – like the invasion, and the economy, and choreographed wars … For now, maybe we can wait and not fret about the AI takeover until the next leap of the creature ….



There are no more Liberals or Conservatives either. These are now meaningless terms. These groups have become so fractious, so equivocal, so quarrelsome that the titles no longer define any actual demographic. There simply aren’t any unifying features for any party.

So the only reasonable denominations these days when commenting on the state of the union are: either a policy is based on Common Sense or No Common Sense.

So let’s take a brief look at a few of the most critical issues and how they’re being addressed, and see if that approach expresses Common Sense or No Common Sense. As we look at each issue, is it prudent to continue down the road we’re on, or should we switch to another path?

So here’s the IQ test for you. Which of the following policies follow Common Sense and which do not:

    1. The Border

Three and a half years ago came a dramatic upheaval. Suddenly our borders were thrown open. Vagrants worldwide were invited with open arms. Sanctuary Cities virtue signalled themselves into existence. The cartels began charging $10K to take anyone from anywhere to our southern border. They brought 10 million unidentifiables across the border.

With no due process, all existing immigration law was banished from existence. No more visas, no more passports, no identification or screening of any kind was required for permanent entry into the US. Illegal aliens are permitted today on airlines with no legal ID. In the last 3 years, 10 million illegals have come in, including thousands of terrorists, fentanyl traffickers, nuthouse and prison escapees, from all nations on the globe. All are given unending support – food, shelter, clothing, and money.

With no regard for the inevitable outcome of such a pageant, the creators of this apocalyptic disaster have ignored it for over three years. Now all the Sanctuary cities are crying for it to stop, as all their resources have long since been tapped out. Tent cities have buried the downtown areas in filth. Illegals are committing violent crimes every day, and are allowed to steal $900 per day from any store without being challenged. Kids are being sent home from schools so illegals can be housed there.

What did they think was going to happen?

And it’s all still going on today, costing US taxpayers trillions, encouraged by the creators of the disaster. Of course we don’t have the money for all this – it’s just being tacked onto the National Debt – borrowing from our children’s future. And so now Texas has single-handedly put up its own barriers to stop the invasion. And the only opposition to this self defense is coming from … where?

Pop Quiz. Choose one. These policies of the last 3 years are based on

____ Common Sense . . . . ____ No Common Sense

    2. The New Wars

In the past 3 and half years we have supported two new wars, neither of which is our concern.

The first was the Ukraine war. The roots of this conflict go back for over two decades. It is an internal war that concerns only the Russian people, thousands of whom were persecuted and killed by the Ukraines long before this particular uprising started. Extremely complicated with national and historical nuances that only their race understands. The US took up the defense of the Ukraine border, spending hundreds of billions to defend it, while at the same time refusing to spend one dime defending our own southern border. Policymakers have ignored the concept that other nations have the right to fight their own battles, without us demanding US hegemony in every single conflict throughout the globe. Fake news pretends it’s about protecting this new deomcracy. But Ukraine isn’t a democracy at all – there have been no elections. All this political posturing is just a smokescreen for the real sales job to the American people. With no ultimate resolution even being expected, Ukraine has become the new Vietnam – no end in sight. The US state department and Zelensky have both refused to negotiate a settlement with Russia. They want war, first and last. This war is about the same thing all wars are about: money. It’s about America shelling out trillions in war gear to Ukraine, kickbacks (commissions) from which filter straight back to the wealthiest suburbs on DC’s northside – the gated communities referred to as The Swamp. The Ukraine war is a giant laudromat money laudering scheme – money oges out from WAshington ot Ukriane – kickbacks come directly back into the Swamp. There is no accounting system used once the money reaches Ukraine The plutocrats in control have no intention of stopping it – they’re all in high cotton.

The second war is Hamas and Israel. This war is even more complicated than the one in Ukraine, being just the most recent iteration of a conflict going back some 800 years. For the details watch Ben Shapiro. There’s a little more to it than the ridiculous Domino Theory sales job starring Putin as Darth Vader. But again, the real cause of this new war is money. At the end of the last administration, Iran was impoverished. They were paying the normal high commissions on oil, but mainly it was corruption keeping them poor. Then the new US administration came in 3 years ago and suddenly forgave Iran the oil commissions. Result: hundreds of billions in new revenue, making Iran instantly wealthy – a country with nuclear weapons, who states clearly their hatred for America. Now Iran could afford to fund Hamas, who immediately terrorized Gaza. We all know the story. Not only did we enrich Iran with that oil discount. But now Iran could afford to buy billions in war gear, with those same “commissions” kicking back to the north DC suburbs. Not rocket science – it’s rockets.

Again, choose one. Supporting these endless wars represents

___ Common Sense . . . . ___ no Common Sense

    3. The US Economy

What has happened in the last 3 years? Inflation higher than at any time since the 80s. Interest rates from below 2% suddenly now are at 8%. You can only buy a house with your checkbook. Shutdown of drilling US oil reserves – gas goes from $3 – $6 / gallon. Consumer prices have risen 30% for everyday goods—groceries, clothing, household essentials. New regs suddenly against recovering our own natural gas. New policies promoting electric vehicles and against gasoline cars. Household appliances suddenly overregulated to reduce efficiency of washers and dryers and stoves and furnaces, limiting gas consumption in favor of forcing the population to an all-electric grid. Totally controllable. If we don’t like your google comment, off goes your power, right? Not yet, of course but that’s the obvious direction.

Some of these ideas are good – like EVs. But the point is – we were supposed to have the freedom to choose gasoline or electric, natural gas or electric. – the original free enterprise democracy. Remember?

None of this inflation was necessary. Nor did it happen as a consequence of the natural market. It was all contrived. Engineered. Ordered by “law,” from a virtually one-party legislature, now famous for ignoring the established rule of law. And weakening the country with every new decision. It’s much more far-reaching than we’re summarizing here, but the majority of us probably get the gist.

So, are these economic decisions wise in the long term, for the good of the country? Are they all based on (choose one)

___ Common Sense . . . . ___ No Common Sense

Get the idea? You can go on now, making your own descriptions of current crises, and then evaluating them not along party lines but simply in terms of whether they align with Common Sense or not. Common sense works. In 3 days Texas stopped 70% of its invasion.

This is exactly how the coming election should be decided. Forget all this venomous name-calling, ad hominem attacks on personalities, and gossip by which so many people choose their candidate, which constitute the majority of State Mediated news. Better to ask – What do the individuals stand for? What do their actions portend? What do they themselves say – what are they proposing? And then what are the alternatives – what’s the other guy going to do?



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