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First time in Minneapolis. Expecting just another midwest town in flyover country. Wrong again. This place is thriving – city of the future. Just a 48 hour impression — but I saw a well kept, clean, downtown area, alive with activity – commerce, cuisine, culture..

They really don’t even seem to mind the cold too much– Minneapolitans have something that has all but vanished from California: civic pride. I had forgotten all about it. These people don’t want to live anywhere else. Maybe an occasional vacation in Florida but they have a thriving futuristic city right now year round, of which they are supremely proud.

Example: All over downtown they have this elevated sidewalk network going on called the Skyway whereby you can walk to all the stores and shops and malls and nightclubs, etc till you drop– more than 100 miles of it, – without wearing a coat– it’s all enclosed and heated. Have never seen its like anywhere.

Dozens of excellent restaurants, big on high-end northern outdoor lodge ambiance– like Paul Bunyan checking his iphone or something — the whole downtown buzzes with activity day and night. It’s all up to date – nothing backwoods about it. Nothing ghetto or Detroit-like, or this downtrodden ‘doing the best with what we got’ subtext — none of that going on at all. Some restaurants have live jazz entertainment – here’s a modern city with its own actual culture – what a concept.

Long ago California used to have something like that .. pretty sure…

Plus this looks like just the beginning – the hotel had this TV program running which interviewed the Minneapolis city planners, and they showed all the long term projects they’ve already started working on. They’re going full-bore ahead with their city-of-the-future motif. I’m not much of a football fan but their Viking stadium is something very avant garde in grand venue architecture, unique in all the world, they say. I heard a rumor the Super Bowl was going to be there. Whatever that is.

Just imagine – a city expending all its resources to make the most exciting and advanced living experience for its people! That’s the impression you get, at every turn.

Then in addition to all that, they have this peculiar social phenomenon going on there which they call Minnesota Nice. It freaks you out at first until you realize – it’s not fake. Never saw anything like that either — they actually treat each other like human beings — and not this phony LA ‘Respect’ thing where there’s a slur on the back of every Have A Nice Day. No, these people aren’t kidding. They really seem to get along and are extremely cheerful and happy to be living as Minnesotans here in 2017. Actually went for 2 whole days without hearing anyone whining about what they don’t have….

From a clinical standpoint, these are about the healthiest demographic I’ve ever seen in one place. And I would have occasion to know, since I was working a booth at a large convention doing Bioterrain Analysis, nonstop for two days. This is the classical European hematology method of live blood analysis.

We are trained to look for imbalances in a one-drop blood sample that appears on the screen. We infer that the test drop is a representation of what is going on in the rest of the patient’s 5 litres, inside the body.

Initial imbalances are noted and recorded, and then the patient is given Digestazyme caps and a powerful antioxidant, and told to return after 30 minutes for a retest. What was remarkable is that most of these people are already very healthy. Even though most had some moderate RBC aggregation, it was nothing like the problems I usually see in California blood.

Remarkably, very few of these Vikings showed signs of oxidative stress at the cellular level, which is epidemic throughout the US. In hematology terms, that translates to free radical damage.

Excess free radical damage is observed by noting what percent of the erythrocytes in the sample have these characteristic lumps and bumps all over the outside membrane – the result of second-by-second free radical bombardment of the cell membrane. Over 90% of Californians will have a great deal of cell membrane damage, clearly observable on the first test.

Free radicals as you may remember, come from toxic foods, bad air and water, physical, emotional, and mental stress, etc. The point is, these Minnesota people were largely free of excess free radicals. At least the ones at the convention. Astounding.

If you take in enough antioxidants each day – whether it’s from supplements or from enzyme-rich foods, you are able to reduce all free radicals and thereby have no oxidative stress at the end of the day. Californians are not like that, generally . For all their obsessive spewing forth about nutrition, California people often have a terrible lifestyle – diet, behavior, and environmental exposure, etc. Which results in a postivive balance fo free radicals by the end of every day. That leads to cell damage, organ degeneration, immunosuppression – accelerated aging.

Bioterrain analysis, though mainstream in Europe, is virtually unknown in the US. As a health paradigm it is diametrically separate from everyday medical orthodoxy, primarily because it cannot promote pharmaceutical sales.

Almost a century old, developed by researchers like Gunter Enderlein in Germany, and later advanced by Canadians like Gaston Naessens, live cell analysis is a technique of gross hematology. Mainstream US medicine only employs it for diagnosis of syphilis and amoebic dysentery.

Antoine Bechamp PhD – perhaps the most renowned medical scientist of the entire 19th century, the discoverer of bacteria, elaborated the original theory of Pleomorphism as an alternative to Pasteur’s emerging Germ Theory of Disease, back in the mid 1800s.

Enderlein’s later research was based on Bechamp’s never disproven theories of holistic health. That work included the Somatid cycle, and the theory of endobionts – all part of the Pleomorphic Cycle.

In brief, the pleomorphic theory holds that viruses and bacteria are altered forms of immortal life forms called somatids, which are present in all living things. And non-living as well.

Only in imbalanced states where the body is allowed to become immune suppressed do the somatids become altered and begin their cycle of changing forms – pleomorphism. Viruses and bacterial forms are simply stages in the cycle.

In this paradigm, It is not bacteria or viruses that cause disease, but rather they are representatives of a deteriorated condition of health which is usually brought about by the individual’s careless immunosuppressive lifestyle..

In this system, individual diseases are not something that one “catches” or comes down with, but rather expressions of various stages along the pleomorphic cycle, as the body moves along either towards or away from balanced health. As such they are adaptations – normal evolutionary events.

Let’s not forget – the Germ Theory clearly violates each of the four Koch’s Postulates upon which it is supposedly based.

By contrast, the Pleomorphic Cycle has never been disproven by any legitimate clinical science. This is a completely alternative biochemical paradigm to the unproven Germ Theory, which remains the foundation for the global hegemony of pharmaceutical drug sales.

With a few exceptions, the orthodox medical system has been generally an abysmal failure during the past century, you may have noticed.

This explains the attacks on pleomorphic theory from mainstream organized medicine – traditionally they have been less than cordial to competition.

But that’s a subject for another newsletter…

Don’t know exactly how we got down this rabbit hole. Was just recommending Minneapolis as your next vacation destination!



Vaccination Is Not Immunization: The War On Children

The War On Children – is a complete re-write. If you have read any of the previous editions, this isn’t it.

The book covers so much that has happened since the last edition, vital intel that is being kept out of everyday media:

the global agenda to force vaccines and remove exemptions
the breakthrough film Vaxxed
why California is the most dangerous state for infants
world statistics on infant survival
the end of the science debate, with the new policy of Legislate Don’t Educate
the persecution of MDs who sign exemptions
what the future holds for US children
peer reviewed literature proving the autism connection
how many children really die from vaccines
much mor


Certainly the new parent’s most reliable introduction to the subject.

An excerpt :

    • “Who could have predicted that the next war would be the War on Children? With vaccine injuries increasing over 3000% in the past 20 years, and again for the next 20, and with CDC’s steadfast refusal to study the autism epidemic, it’s terrifying that the worst of it all is likely decades away. The gradual degradation of the human genome, a proven consequence of vaccines, will be evident in the lives of today’s children, but much more so in the lives of their children. And on and on.

The radical cultural shift occurring today is not primarily about vaccines, but about ownership. Who owns the land, the soil, the atmosphere, the water, the DNA of plants, and of animals, the DNA of humans, and now finally, who owns the people and their children. Policymakers along the Potomac have made it clear that the State knows better than parents how children should be raised, how they should think, and what manmade chemicals should be mandated into their bloodstreams. The trick is to get everyone to comply.

The vaccine issue is just the first skirmish. If the majority of people will support the State’s takeover of personal vaccine choices that parents should be making for their children, where will they draw the line?

The execution of this new agenda is a Machiavellian triumph. Slogans, clichés, and soundbytes now replace thoughtful reflection about life and death issues. Wiki and google are the new technocracy for fashioning reality itself in a mind no longer capable of independent judgment.

Virtual life replaces real life.

The rest is easy. With an electorate of this calibre, any assigned opinion can be installed onto the public hard drive. [258]

Human health does not come from a drug or a vaccine or an insurance company. A healthy baby needs no outside assistance, no tampering with the blood. The mysteries of health lie within the body, not within the medical texts, or the writs of law.

Pure, uncontaminated human blood is indeed a sacred commodity. We will arrive at a position of profound gratitude when we finally come to appreciate the identity, the oneness, the nobility of an inviolate bloodstream.”

Shouldn’t the most important decision in your child’s life should be an informed decision?

To order new book: 915.307.1055 or 408.753.9830 – doc@thedoctorwithin.com



Finally getting to all this raw footage that’s been accumulating in my office lately – some reasonably good material buried under all that chattering. Editing can make anyone look articulate, right?

Here are a few that you may find useful:

Autism Detox Protocol: Part 1 and Part 2

This simple, inexpensive program will compare with any of the high profile systems on a case-by-case basis, any day of the week.

Full Day Detox Seminar – video 1

Expect many additions soon. No more procrastination on this project, on the advice of Dr John Bergman! Great Thanksgiving dinner, doc! What a chef.



After a hiatus of 1.5 years, the military planes out of Moffett Field have been making up for lost time for the last 3 weeks, almost every day. Not only with the skyjock hubris of the traditional hashtags and initials which have terrorized the daytime sky, but now these Polluters have become expert at dispersing wide swaths of silver-gray aluminum oxide that have the appearance of natural cloud fronts.

Just a few of these dispersions in the morning are able to blanket the entire sky over the Bay Area in just a few hours, blocking out the natural sun and the cerulean blue sky that is normal in this part of California.

This means that the uninitiated will have an even more difficult time in recognizing how these wide, vaporous splashes are sprayed out of the back of military planes, and their relation to traditional chemtrail skywriting. These emissions look so natural! But the giveaway is that

they’re always the same dull grey color
they’re always at the same altitude, which differentiates them from natural clouds and haze, which are variable
they generally result in further dissolving and merging into each other until the entire sky is covered with the same characteristic impenetrable layer, for the rest of the day

Normal cloud fronts don’t do that. You can teach your 10 year old to spot the difference between natural and manmade formations. Older than that, you’re going to have problems.

Not asking anyone to believe anything here. Just stop by the Bay Area almost any day and observe for yourself. Just look up.

Dispersions. That’s the more technical term now for chemtrails. Much more accurate, since now they can contaminate the entire skyline of a metropolis without any of the individual horizon-to-horizon chemtrails with which the observant are so familiar.

Anyone who has been watching the sky every day in the Bay Area has certainly noticed the reprieve we’ve been given from the Polluters since early summer of 2016, compared with what was taking place before that. According to friends in southern California, as well as Dane Wigington

there has been no such break in toxic aerial assaults down there.

Seems right – I just did a one week driving tour of southern California and never saw one day without significant dispersions all across the sky. Hashtags all up and down Huntington Beach and beyond, north and south. Inland as well. Nobody talks about it.

Actually nobody talks about it up here either. There’s no one to talk to. The few sites – like GEOENGINEERINGWATCH.ORG may seem to get some traffic. But the topic is all but verboten in corporate media, and you will be hard pressed indeed to find an individual who can hold forth with any degree of authority on the topic. Or even knows it’s an ongoing affront to human physiology.

Especially at holiday time. The future of life on earth? Who has the time, right?

Same in Europe. I was there in the fall, both last year and this year, and chemtrails are now a part of the normal Euro cityscapes. Most people are unaware – you’ll even see travel posters everywhere with huge chemtrails cut across the trademark skylines on these famous cities. I’ve got videos both years of the Eiffel Tower and the Obelisk swathed in chemtrails. Don’t think there’s a word for it in French, because no one discusses it, and if you bring it up they don’t know what you’re talking about.

This is really a V For Vendetta subtext now – since no government agency has ever admitted to anything other than condensation trails being emitted from planes. They are operating under the assumption than any accuser has no evidence, and is just making it all up. In other words, the government/military has never admitted that deliberate toxic chemtrail dispersions have ever taken place. Without that admission, and the documented evidence, there is no one to complain to, or even to file a suit with.

Dane Wigington told me the other day that there is a lawsuit trying to go forward, but all agencies are blocking any Freedom of Information requests that are even remotely related to chemtrail dispersion. They are just being flatly ignored.

Did you ever notice – there are no more butterflies here?

Anyone for revolution? No? How about Starbucks?

Being a watcher, just looking at the sky every day is enough to classify one as a hysteric, conspiracy theorist, tin hat, etc. Obedient subjects are not supposed to be observant, engage in rational thought, document physical events, or be concerned about anything that the beneficent Overlords have decided they are in charge of.

Like the air we all breathe.