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Digestive enzymes. Read these stories from real people, just like you:

Any worthwhile nutrition course will acknowledge that Nutrient foods must have 3 components in order to be beneficial to mammals:

    whole food enzymes

Broad spectrum: addresses fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, as well as fiber in the diet. Unless you eat an 80% raw foods diet, it is likely that undigested processed foods are accumulating in your digestive tract and arteries. This is why daily enzyme food supplements have been so popular for the past century .

For the complete story of the critical importance of enzymes, refer to Enzymes The Key to Longevity.

The  formula is based on the original research of Dr Stan Bynum.  Bynum was the successor to Dr Edward Howell, MD at National Enzyme Company, outside St Louis Missouri. Howell was the founder of NEC, and certainly the world expert on whole food enzymes during his entire lifetime. After he left NEC, Dr Bynum was also the founder of Infinity in the early 1990s. See The Lost Interview.

Bynum’s principles on enzyme nutrition were clear and uncompromising: processed foods by definition have had their enzymes removed for greater shelf life. The food industry admits that much. Once in the body, adulterated, unnatural foods cannot well be broken down into the component nutrients the body needs. Without enzymes, processed foods can be inflammatory. Not only do they offer little food value in and of themselves, but by blocking the tract and bloodstream, they can also interfere with nutrient uptake from any enzyme-rich natural foods we may have eaten. Such as fruits and vegetables.

The key is bioavailability: what is available at the cellular level. All your body’s cells need oxygen and nutrients, all day, every day. Lack of both promotes deterioration, dysfunction, and aging, as Dr Bynum proved. That’s the effect of a lifestyle of processed enzyme-deficient snack foods in the body: the foods of commerce.

What’s in Digestazyme?

    Amylase 6000 DU
    Protease 6.0 (conc.) 10000 HUT
    Protease 4.5 15000 HUT
    Protease 3.0 21 SAPU
    Peptidase 2000 HUT
    Alpha-galactosidase 150 GalU
    Acid maltase 5
    MaltU Lactase 250 ALU
    Lipase 1000 FIP
    Glucoamylase 10 AGU
    Invertase 350 SU
    Cellulase 80 CU

    Dietary Ingredients 110 mg
    Beet (root) 60 mg
    Magnesium glycinated 2 mg
    Calcium glycinated 5 mg
    Zinc glycinated 2.5 mg
    Manganese glycinated 0.333 mg

    Other Ingredients
    Rice bran, vegetable cellulose and water 

See the chapter called The 60 Day Program for the key role played by Digestazyme in the detox program: 3 capsules 3 times per day for 60 days.

The strength of the 60 Day Program is its classic simplicity, built on the fundamentals of nutrition and human physiology. Dr Bynum said: Take care of the fundamentals first: tract and blood. And the first of the fundamentals is certainly enzyme nutrition. Digestive enzymes.

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