2. Lectures: Sacramento Vax Lecture 23 Aug  – Pasadena Cancer Lecture 2 Sept.
3. Attack of the Balloon People: Journey To the Center of Your Colon
4. Escape From the Inferno:  Maine, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Isla Mujeres
5. ChiroCruise Havana – Dr Bergman –  March 2019



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 2. August Lectures: Sacramento and Pasadena

Whose Child Is It?   The End of Exemptions in California

Sacramento        —       23 August 2018

 5:30 – 8:30 pm

Sierra 2 Community Center  – Curtis Hall   – 2791 24th Street

By popular demand.  Come and hear some expert opinions about vaccines – science not propaganda

  • Is it your child or the state’s?
  • why California is the most dangerous place to raise a child
  • the vaccine debate – why it never happened
  • no more exemptions
  • vaccine science: forbidden in corporate media
  • how many children actually die from vaccines: CDC
  • California vaccine laws compared to the rest of the world
  • the scientific possibility of danger to your child
  • vaccinated vs. unvaccinated – who is healthier?
  • legal options for the vaccine injured
  • legal options for the unvaccinated
  • the future of medical freedom in the US
  • autism detox protocol

Whether or not to vaccinate is probably the most momentous decision the parent will make in the life of the child.  This event is for those who might be interested in the true science behind vaccines and still demand medical freedom.

Dr Tim O’Shea  – author of Vaccination Is Not Immunization – www.thedoctorwithin.com

To register:  Dr Desiree Crusade      831.917.8884          dcpalmerdc@gmail.com


The Carcinogenesis of Vaccines: The War On Children

Dr Tim O’Shea                           Saturday 1 Sept   – 5 pm

Cancer Control Society   –   Hilton Hotel 100 W Glenoaks Blvd,     Glendale CA

What is the #1 cause of nonaccidental death among children today?  Give up?  It’s cancer, according to CDC.  Before 1960, cancer in children was unheard of.  What happened?  How many vaccines did kids get in the 50s?  Answer: 2.  And today: 69 vaccines before age 18.

Worse news: it will soon be impossible to opt out of vaccines in California.  The only place on earth where they will be de facto mandatory: this state.  How did that happen?  By careful and thorough scientific debate? Or by abolishing medical freedom by draconian new legislation?

Come and learn the facts, the science that corporate media is not permitted to air. And your remaining legal options.

Starts at 5pm — don’t be late!



In the whirlwind travelogue below, you will get the briefest vignette into 2018 tourism.  Fellow travelers will agree – no matter where you go these days – Disneyland to Caesar’s to Captain Dulche’s – there’s an epidemic of people who just never stop eating.  Not talking overweight here – power stuffed. Ram induction. Fat crammed into every grotesque nook and cranny.

Corporate media has now deemed it impolite to use terms like fat, obese, overfed, etc because of their mandate that everything everywhere is just fine.  It’s fine that we have the most elephantine people on the planet, it’s fine that our rotund children subsist on treat foods and are sicker than ever in history, it’s fine that doublewide humans have now classed their self-indulgence as a disability, necessitating battery powered little vehicles to cart the extra 200 lbs they’re carrying around the airport concourse… And so on.

No stigma, no guilt, no embarrassment.

Let’s list some industries who benefit from supporting this no-tomorrow, eattillyouexplode muffintop lifestyle:

  • the treat food industries – ice cream, donuts, fries, chips, soft drinks
  • treat food advertising
  • the GI industry: diet pills, resection, colonoscopy, alimentary surgeries of all types, colon cancer, chemotherapy, radiation, drug regimens that last for years,
  • elective surgeries: liposuction, “bariatrics,” batwing-ectomy, etc
  • the oversize fashion industry
  • thyroid medication vendors, pandering their excuse for gluttony

This type of thinking doesn’t even attempt to solve the problem.  Instead it enables its perpetuation. Guarantees it.  Great for business. What problem?  Not millions – billions.

Let’s briefly highlight just one small area of this globally de-evolutionary trend:  the human colon.

Good background for this subject would be the chapter Journey to The Center of Your Colon.

Normal adult colon: 6 feet long tube, 2 inches in diameter

Original purposes

  • colonize beneficial probiotics as a foundation for the immune system
  • pass wastes out of the body, after resorbing all water and electrolytes possible
  • allow daily effortless eliminations through the center of the tube

What happens to the colons of Balloon People? Distention.  Stretched to as much as 12 inches in diameter, as year by year layers of hydrogenated indigestible sludge become tightly packed up against the epithelial lining. Bigger and bigger, like a balloon. Pores become blocked – water and electrolytes cannot be resorbed.  Results: Mineral deficiency and dehydration.

Colon muscles atrophy – loses peristalsis. Wastes accumulate.

Probiotics are destroyed. Immune suppression – no reserves to fight invaders. Aggravated by antibiotics.

Primary colon diseases develop: IBS, Crohn’s, Candida, polyps, etc.

Tumors develop – benign, malignant.  Oncology standards of chemo and radiation reinforce the #3 cancer, unchanged for 35 years.  No proof whatsoever they extend life expectancy one day.  On the contrary, overwhelming proof they are both immunosuppressive, at the one time in your life when you need your immune system the most.

Most people don’t die of cancer – they die of cancer treatment.

With the Balloon People, it’s a one way street.  Processed rich foods in – no elimination. The balloon blows up. Check the mall.

Don’t have the will power to stop gorging yourself, but at least you would like to open the drain a little? Here’s Step One: Expel.    3 caps a day for 60 days

A unique blend of 7 traditional herbs that will:

  • Chip away the layers of sludge
  • Heal the chronically inflamed colon lining

Not rocket science, but as with all natural remedies, the only way it works is consistency.  You can’t m\miss a day for 60 days.

Want to hear some stories of how it works.  Click Testimonials

Straining at stool every day to produce rabbit pellets is not the way to live your life.  The word is autointoxication.

For many people, achieving this first step gives them confidence in going all the way and doing the complete 60 Day Program.  Turn in your Balloon People ID card, for good.

Isn’t it about time to get your body back?  This is the only life you get.  You really want to finish it out as a member of the Balloon People?  It’s doable. If all these people did it, why can’t you?

“I found there was only one way to look thin:                                                                       hang out with fat people.”       – Rodney Dangerfield


4. ESCAPE FROM THE INFERNO:  Maine, Jacksonville, Sarasota, and Isla Mujeres

Inconceivable that most people think they have an option either to believe in climate change or not.  Like it’s the Easter Bunny.  Or Celebrex, or vaccine immunity, or some other flight of fancy

Most folks won’t watch DiCaprio’s Before the Flood, and won’t do any more research other than looking out their window to discover if indeed the entire Earth is heating up or not.

But that doesn’t affect Mother Nature.   Last month it was 91 degrees in upper Norway – 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

That’s 30 degrees above normal.  Never before in human history.    On and on, I’m not going to list the movie’s research – see    Apr 2018 Newsletter for that.  But this summer, I tried to escape the series of conflagrations igniting much of California, by embarking on a one month escape to the east.

As far as avoiding heat, the best-laid plan was ill-fated.   As fans of the national weather report can attest, we’ve had another unrelenting torrid summer across the most of the country – just like last year.

My odyssey started out in Maine, touring the central forests near Waterford, and then the coastline, as far up as Acadia National forest.  Maine is one of the few places anywhere that world travelers don’t even want to talk about, in the hopes that it won’t be overrun by the T-shirt-questing, fast-food Balloon People who are voraciously consuming the planet.   Lord save us.  Please don’t eat me.  But mercifully, Maine has been spared from this particular eco-virus.  So far.

Best thing about Maine – there aren’t any people there.  Coming from the Bay Area, you’re like – wow. America.  It’s still here. Who knew?  Few social programs, so most people who live there actually worked for what they have.  What an extraordinary demographic.  Better news – no freeways.  Only one in the entire state.

That leaves a whole state of forests, lakes, aquifers, rivers, two-lane roads, and hundreds of tiny towns. More water than any other state.  No strip malls.  Almost no fast food.  Everybody drives 45 mph, except idiots from California. Like me. Who haven’t figured out there’s no particular hurry to get anywhere.

Clear blue sky, the air bursting with negative ions, loading up the atmosphere with oxygen.  It’s palpable – the sweetest smell on earth, that most people have forgotten – if they ever knew it at all.

So, no air pollution.  And they never even heard of chemtrails.  Like I said – America. The genuine article.  It still exists.  Please do not share this information.

But it was hot – not an oven like the rest of the country, but many days in the 90s, in one of the most northern places in the US.  Just like Norway.  Not like it used to be, anyone will tell you.

After a week, seeing another heat wave on the way, next hopped a flight down to Jacksonville.  Not the greatest escape – it was like going to the Vietnam jungle in the summer.  Humidity hovering between 90% at night to 100% every afternoon in the rain.  A rain that doesn’t cool anything.  Every day.  All summer.

Jacksonville is still a beautiful city, most of it.  Even though it has almost a million people, it doesn’t seem that congested because the city is so spread out and divided by intercoastals and bridges. And its beaches –  like Ponte Vedra, Atlantic, and Neptune – surpass anything South Florida has to offer.  South Florida is so over.  That’s why for years now, snowbirds are preferring JAX to further south on the east coast.

By now, it was becoming evident that there was no way out – no escape from the Endless Inferno/geoengineering/ global warming.   Had to see a man about a boat.  So off to Sarasota, on Spirit airlines – powered by two hamsters and a rubber band.

Same oppressive mugginess, but overcast by a combination of clouds, smog, and chemtrails. Which keeps vapor from coalescing into droplets and prevents rain.   No more blue sky for Sarasota – it’s that eternal, unchanging Orange County silver grey. Like in all of southern California for the past 4 years.  BJ would cry to see what has happened to his town since 1962.  Overrun, overbuilt, but still with some of the best, most pleasant, well-kept neighborhoods in the US.

You can spend a month driving around Sarasota and still not see everything.  A very complicated town with a lot of secrets.  Opulent bars and restaurants in the yacht clubs and marinas.  Old money – Sarasota is old money. Longboat Key, St Armand’s, Sanibel, Marco Island…  And what old money has done to an idyllic natural ecosystem.

And boats – everywhere.  Industrious people have large yachts, neglected in marinas.  People who don’t work much have small boats decomposing on trailers in their front yard.  Boats everywhere.  Too many people in too small a space.  As this was the off season. Sad to think – this is what Yankees save up all year to go to for a vacation.

The little yacht we were supposed to take to Cancun wasn’t ready on time.  Paperwork.  So, back to the airport  – Tampa to Cancun – on an actual airplane.  Night flight, flying through thunderheads with loads of pyrotechnic CGI lightning, all the way down.  A string of at least 30 different storms, gathering steam across south Florida – all headed into the route we were supposed to be sailing along, down from Sarasota.

Suddenly it’s – Cancun.  Off season.  Really hot, intermittent violent lightning rainy season monsoons, like they have in SE Asia.  Apart from the insulated Zona Hoteles strip,  Cancun is pretty much third world sprawl. The row of iconic hotels are fairly hermetically sealed in corporate plastic, but out front the strip still has one of the best bathing and surfing beaches in the world, without question.

Few beheadings this season – with 4 million tourists a year to protect.   But not a very honest or authentic locale – everything’s make-believe luxury in a nonluxurious town.  This won’t do.

So it’s down to the ferry and hop aboard one of the big tourist shuttlecraft leaving every 30 minutes for Isla Mujeres and Cozumel. Round trip $19.

You can see Isla Mujeres from Cancun, about 7 miles out on the horizon.  Isla has a long and checkered history.  The next time some wiki-dipped tour guide starts waxing lyrical about the indigenous, gentle Mayans, remember that this island is so named because that’s where the Mayans used to sacrifice young virgins to the goddess of fertility.  Not that long ago.  Not a theory.

The whole island is only about 6 miles long and one mile wide.  It is famous for some of the best snorkeling and diving anywhere, in its clear, shallow reefs.  Every day dozens and dozens of boats come out from Cancun loaded with tourists on the 4 hour snorkel tour, or to swim with the whale sharks.

Only in the past decade has it begun to be developed into a little resort destination of its own, driven by expat dollars.  There are several excellent little hotels within walking distance of white sand beaches with blue blue water.  Unfortunately they’re located right next to some overpriced corporate mafia chain hotels, which may trick you into staying there. And also there are some really bad midrange hotels.   So it takes some research – and a little luck – to find a good one.  Tripadvisor doesn’t know everything. Much at all, really.

The north end of the island is the touristy part, with one main walking street – Calle Hidalgo – about 4 blocks long, and one beach road, right at the ferry port.  These streets are lined with the mandatory souvenir shops hustling mostly identical junk you see in tourist spots all over Mexico, all produced by the mafia’s corporate production shops in Mexico City and elsewhere.

There are also dozens of restaurants ranging from cheap to expensive, deplorable to good. In no particular pattern.  You may find bad food in one of the high end joints or the best New York /Sicilian pizza and pasta in the world at Mike’s Pizza – a total hole in the wall in central Isla.

Or anything in between.  In no particular pattern.

One of the local phenomena besetting the new tourist is noise pollution – specifically, amplified music – coming from every bar, restaurant, coconut stand – everywhere. Loud as possible.  All the same phony one-dimensional soulless, corporate Mexican caballero muzak, coming out of Mexico City’s music mafia studios, infecting the entire country. Don’t believe me – go to Cabo or Ixtapa and compare.  The problem is ubiquitous and actually prevents many tourists from patronizing shops and restaurants.

Transportation. There are many places to rent golf carts near the port.  All ranges of prices.  I rented one that was stolen from me by the owners 4 hours later. Welcome to Mexico.  Or you can rent motor scooters, which are generally excellent.

You can’t really trust the online tourist sites to be accurate about anything.  Which leaves exploration on your own as your only remaining option.  There is one main rule on Isla: never ask for directions.  Nobody knows where anything is, even if they live there.  The streets have names but nobody knows them or uses them.  You can ask someone where is a shop 100 yards from their house and they won’t have any idea.  It’s the most startling phenomenon of ignorance.  No exaggeration here – try it!

But once you start exploring, you’ll discover many fairytale locations in totally unexpected locations – breathtaking panoramas, idyllic beaches in explosions of color, magnificent little beach resorts, museums, and restaurants like at Captain Dulche’s .

Typical Tripadvisor misinformation  – the large sailboat in this picture now is enclosed as the centerpiece of the main bar and restaurant, which are themselves all covered over by a giant tiki hut.

You can sail your boat right up to the pier, tie off, have dinner, go snorkeling, use the pool, etc – on and on.

Then a little further south there is a little tourist spot called Punta Sud which is up on a bluff overlooking a 270 degree view off the entire southernmost point of the island.  Fantastic patio restaurant there – Acantilado – unparalleled ambiance.  As with all restaurants on Isla , always sit farthest away from any “music.”   Which in this case will be out on the patio.

While you’re waiting for your seafood platter, an iguana will amble up out of the desert and sit on the patio right in front of you staring at you, until you give him all your calamari, piece by piece.  Which is actually OK because no 2 normal humans can finish all the excellent food they give you with the Seafood Platter for 2.

On this same drive you may also discover Isla’s local Animal Shelter.  It is supported by an annual regatta, organized by Henry Landemare, the son of Isla’s only chiropractor, Dr Hank (playadr@hotmail.com).  Isla Animals has become famous among both the Canadian and American expats for facilitating the adoption of hundreds of very good looking and well cared for dogs who are in need of a home.

No way around vaccines, dangerous and unproven as they are for all mammals, especially with international transfers.   But otherwise the Shelter is well-organized, with seamless online ordering, the Hospital has a very quick turnover.  If you need a dog, look no further:

Boats. More boats.  Thousands of boats in Isla.  Very easy to charter a sailboat or motor yacht to about anywhere in Central America out of Isla.  Again, you can be tricked, but if you’re careful it can be a life experience.  For example, you can hire a 4 BR catamaran from Gustavo very reasonably to take you around the island, over to Cozumel, or even to Havana, if you have time.  So many options.

Chiropractic?  There’s one DC in Isla – he’s the real deal.  I saw patients who had to be practically carried into his office walk out normally.  Shockingly he doesn’t work with core balancing or Thumper meridians, but actually adjusts subluxations. Fancy that.  He’s at #40 Abasolo, but nobody knows where that is.  Just ask at Mike’s Pizza or Captain Dulche’s  for Dr Hank.

In one of the best diving spots in the western hemisphere, not surprising that there are a number of shops which will certify you as a diver, but there again you have to be careful – some are really  unprofessional.  There are also a number of boats who will take you on a 4 hour tour where you will be swimming with whale sharks. As long as you don’t taste like plankton, don’t worry.  There are dozens of  underwater sights to see around Isla.

As in most places run by corrupt civil officials and local mafia, the infrastructure is less than standard, sometimes with random regard for the environment. Developers can make payoffs to have officials look the other way. Kind of like California.  But here there really is no baseline infrastructure.  Like most of Central America – you’re always being reminded you’re in the third world.

Trash disposal is a big problem no one has really dealt with. The problem is the ground is rocky and you can’t bury all that trash, so they haven’t come up with a solution for a mounting pile of rubbish.  But the growing number of expats building spectacular homes all along the beaches are beginning to make their voice heard.

The next 10 years will be a struggle between the forces for unrestricted growth and those who respect the ecological limitations of this ancient Caribbean island: Isla Mujeres.



Dr John Bergman has announced the next in his series of chiropractic seminars aboard CelebrityCruise lines: 15 March 2019, leaving from Florida to Cozumel and then coming through Havana for 2 days. Total: seven day cruise.  I have been on the last two cruises Alaska and the Mediterranean They were both life events– experiences you’d never otherwise have, that you’ll never forget.

This next one can’t fail to be of the same calibre. Cuba alone would make it worthwhile – I was there several years ago before there were any US flights at all. Anyway, this may be your last chance to see Havana before the Vegas corporate mafia turns it into another cheesy Atlantic City. Now in the pipeline, inevitable.

But the seminar itself will be an affirmation that chiropractic is the solution to the de-evolution and decomposition of American culture, so evident today at every turn. Not just the solution but the inspiration, the redemption, the Avatar of survival.

If that sounds hyperbolic to you, well then you didn’t get the memo, Citizen. What other profession can be the lightning rod, the conduit, the extension cord for the power than creates the living universe? Tell me. Name one.

What do we see every minute all around us — increasingly desperate attempts to maintain the charade, the pageantry, the illusions that pretend

  • that all these TV drugs can improve the quality of life
  • the legitimacy of our casual approach to surgery
  • nearly 1/3 of the population needs fake insulin for its self-imposed Type II diabetes
  • vaccines confer immunity
  • vaccines are tested safe and effective
  • American kids need 2x as many vaccines as any other country
  • that cortisone will cure arthritis and chronic organ degeneration
  • that rods and pins and drugs can fix scoliosis and foraminal encroachment

But the lid is off the box – even the unenlightened can see the wires, the bait and switch. Everybody’s got family members who have died because they believed the medical hooks

  • you need exploratory surgery
  • this experimental drug will cure your cancer even though none of the current  10,000 can do it
  • immunosuppressors and steroidal antiinflamatories will affect only the intended tissues, leaving the rest of the body unaffected
  • someone taking 10 powerful medications needs 5 more
  • your Type II diabetes has nothing to do with your lifestyle — it’s genetic
  • fake insulin will permit you to continue the diet that made you diabetic

It’s astounding they’ve been able to pull it off for this long. Defies the most elementary common sense, even among sheeplike Americans. Their only hope is to keep the flocks buried under the same old hypnopedic slogans.

But not us. No, we DCs can’t be complacent. The knowledge of chiropractic’s supremacy is not going to knock on your door. Generally, you won’t get it at the schools – name one. Just the opposite – seems every effort is being made to keep the truth hidden.

Most DCs these days seem to be falling for the medical narrative, lacking confidence in the illimitable power of their owns skills at curing people. But fortunately, you don’t really have to understand chiropractic to save people’s lives — you just have to do it.

Do the analysis you should have been trained to do — find the subluxation, and fix it. Look at the online technique seminars, or go to Tim Young and discover where you’re weak in adjusting, so you can fix it. The resources are actually there. Hidden perhaps, but discoverable.

Adjustment is not rocket science, but you have to know that it’s worth going after, and worth being bad at for a long time before achieving modest proficiency. Same as any physical skill – artistic, musical, neuromodulatory – whatever. Do the work – create the neural pathways that will be reinforced over the years in practice.

If you never initiate them at the start, never lay them down, how can they develop? How can you develop? Time is flowing like a river. How can our profession become anything but small and funny? Like it is now.

This is the subject matter for Bergman’s chiro cruise – the universal, the infinite, the enduring, the philosophical underlayment. Can you really afford to miss it?

So plan your vacation time now. March 2019. You can take a week off – come on – – look at the stupid stuff you’ve taken weeks off for in recent years. What did they affirm? Other than that your bank account was just drained.

This seminar will cost money too, yes, but in addition you’ll get CE credit. That’s why it’s a writeoff — Professional Development. If you don’t know what that category is, fire your accountant immediately.

Further information please call 915.307.1055

Don’t wait till the end to sign up – Bergman’s cruises always sell out.