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The future has caught up with us. Starting soon you will notice that your Hydrolyzed Collagen is no longer arriving in a big jar, as it has been for the past decade. Now it’s in big pouches. We’ve decided to go with the industry-wide shift for pulverized, non-encapsulated supplements to employ large recyclable pouches in place of jars. It’s a global upgrade.

Several reasons for the change:

1. Space. The Collagen jar has traditionally been only 2/3 full. Ever notice that? So even though our 1.1 lb quantity has never changed, the industry has finally realized that all that empty space within the jar was not necessary. The new pouches will take up much less shipping space, as well as storage space in your kitchen cupboard. Same weight, same exact hydrolyzed collagen. Less space.

2. Ecologically necessary. This goes along with Section 3 below. The future is already here. We’ve been ignoring it for far too long. The empty jars take up too much space in the recycling plant – or in the landfills where many of them still end up. (Bag It) Much more disposable will be the collapsible, recyclable empty pouches. Also easier to pack and ship.

3. Clumping has never been a problem with the jars, because of the desiccators. This will continue with the pouches, also facilitated by the vacuum seal, which will ensure the same two-year shelf life as before.

The pouches are designed with a round base, so that they stand up. This prevents against spillage, and makes spooning out the Collagen very easy. Either re-seal or let it breathe for awhile as is recommended in the chapter.

With some nostalgia then, we bid farewell to the Collagen jars that have served us so well all these years. But in a very short time, you’ll likely see why the new pouches are an all-around upgrade.



This self-serving mantra has been around since even before Edward L. Bernays canonized it as the justification for any health science – the gold standard de-limiter which could prove virtually any assigned assertion.

Want to prove that…

  • pasteurized dairy is safe?
  • vaccines confer immunity?
  • NSAIDS are the only effective cure for arthritis?
  • hospitals are safe and clean?
  • pharmaceuticals are the cure for any illness you can name?
  • 20% of children have a clinical entity called ADHD which can be cured only by drugs?
  • American children have a special need for 69 vaccines?
  • Type II diabetes requires synthetic insulin for life, etc.?
  • All diseases are caused by identifiable germs?

No problem. We have it right here – NEJM, WebMD, the PDR, JAMA, the CDC website… You name it, and if it even remotely supports the “health care” industry or global pharmaceuticals, by god, we can prove it. We have the – all together now – Evidence!

Yes. The Evidence. All the documentation – all the “science.”

In addition, against all principles of classical logic, our pedagogues can also come up with the Evidence to prove any negative proposition as well. Whatever you desire. We can prove that something doesn’t exist, or that some remedy or therapy cannot be effective. Or even that patients who completely recovered their lost health are not well at all.

How? We control all media, and Citizen, nothing escapes our wiki/google/netflix reach. Hey, we did Game of Thrones – a girl can fly a dragon… This Evidence stuff? Tut! Mere child’s play.

We can disprove that…

  • Disease can be cured by diet or lifestyle change
  • Children die from certain drugs or vaccines
  • Holistic, non-drug protocols are curative
  • Chiropractic is scientifically valid

The trouble with their very sophisticated deception is that it’s all in-house. Not objective. The same industry requiring this imaginary yardstick is also the Arbiter, Keeper, and Creator of all the pertinent evidence. Anything that does not reinforce the assigned paradigm is discredited. They’ve have created the coziest little platform for universal evaluation: peer review.

If something’s sketchy, our peers will sniff it out, and disavow it faster than a force from Mission Impossible. We’re that good.

Evidence Based – one of our favorite mantras.

Take this example, from chiropractic: Have you ever heard of a technique instructor at a school being fired for talking too much about chiropractic? For knowing cases histories of too many patients over the years who have been cured by chiropractic adjustment, after all orthodox medical attempts have failed… ?

And what was the ostensible justification for the dismissal? The school said that clinical histories like that are not Evidence Based.

Really not surprising when you consider the med-worshipping posture that so many of the world’s schools have adopted in the last ten years. But this particular accusation has several implications, which stand the accusers on shifting sand:

1. First of all, the accuser is admitting to being unfamiliar with the preponderance of legitimate evidence that validates and proves the chiropractic adjustment as a powerful curative technique. It would be bad enough for a layman – some medical personnel, unversed in the literature – but these were posing as teachers and officials of chiropractic colleges.

It’s a clear admission that they’re ignorant not only of their own literature on the neurological, endocrine, nociceptive, and biomechanical science of the adjustment – that’s one thing.

But how can someone pretending to a college professorship be so wholly unread in mainstream orthopedic, neurological, and physical science that has validated the vertebral subluxation in precisely the way that the Palmers envisioned it a century ago? This is the subject of the full day Chiropractic philosophy and Neurology seminar – citing these sources one after another.

2. Clinical science repeated over and over year after year transcends the realm of the anecdotal. All scientific investigation is not necessarily randomized double blind. Indeed, many areas of medical science have bypassed that entire phase of Evidence Based science, relying instead on very subjective, interpretative data, like the increasingly popular Epidemiological study.

Take Vaccines, for example. They don’t even require rudimentary risk/benefit studies in order to be approved, as required by every other type of pharmaceutical. Many vaccines have been added to the Mandated Schedule after a period of only a few weeks, with less than 100 subjects. Doesn’t come anywhere near the requirements of the randomized clinical trial. Yet they are licensed, and any one of them may bring in as much as a $1B per year. Forever. Where’s the evidence? For details see The War On Children.

Consider the millions of adjustments administered at the Davenport clinic during the early decades of the 20th century. That is a body of valid clinical science. Records were kept. Literature was created. Proof was in abundance

3. Here’s the crowning inconsistency: if someone makes such an accusation about adjustments not being evidence based, the real question it begs is this:

Specifically where is the Evidence for the version of chiropractic that you are selling the students who come to your institution and pay you a quarter of a million dollars for a professional education?

First of all, define the chiropractic that you are teaching them. And then list the Evidence that supports it. Where is it?

It’s a shocking revelation to peruse the homepages of most chiropractic schools – nowhere do they even define chiropractic. Do the work–look at their sites. What are they really selling? What discipline, of what systematized body of physical science are they representing themselves as purveyor?

The final test is – meet the new graduates. This is vital for any prospective student of any chiropractic college: meet its recent graduates. In what specific skill have they just obtained entry level proficiency, which will now validate them as professionals who have a specialized skill to offer the real world marketplace?

What unique service are they confident they can now provide to everyday people? What percentage of them actually go into practice?

The irony is that chiropractic is actually much more validated scientifically than the majority of organized medicine, drugs, and procedures. The tragedy is that this sublime health paradigm, with no unified philosophy or political structure, all but bereft of leadership, finds its way to less than 1% of a population desperately in need of it.

But try to find that level of evidence for:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Heart drugs
  • Lipitor
  • Off label drug prescription
  • The particle theory behind HPV vaccine
  • Thimerosal in vaccines, blood brain barrier
  • Swine flu vaccine
  • Avian flu
  • The safety of GM foods
  • Ultrasound

Little or no verifiable science. What results can organized medicine demonstrate? With less that 4% of the world’s population, we consume more than 25% of its drugs. Result: The worst overall health of any industrialized nation. The sickest children in our history. We are #156 in infant mortality, compared with the entire world…

Evidence based medicine? Please. No more oxymorons today, thank you. The morons will be quite enough.



Don’t know how I missed this film – it’s been out for over 2 years now. Certainly deserves to be on our list of Essential Films.

Right off the bat, as quixotic as Americans have become, because of the stultifying power of pop media, we have this knee jerk reaction on the topic of climate change: either it’s unsupportable propaganda, or else it’s a Red Alert for survival. One or the other.

But that’s not it at all. The issue isn’t political. The movie isn’t political – it’s not pro-Donald or pro- Kerry or anyone else.

By this time, it’s fairly evident that neither of the two ideologies offered by American puppet media – neither one is tenable, or even sensible. They’re both pretty much an embarrassment to the legacy of Edward R Murrow, Walter Cronkite, the Founding Fathers, and your grade school history teacher.

But this is a completely different conversation. This is an attempt to document the entire environmental narrative and see which side can really back up its story with anything besides rhetoric and name calling.

You think that climate change is something you’re either supposed to believe in or not. That’s a bad start. We’re not talking about Bigfoot or UFOs or Area 51 or the Bermuda Triangle or vaccines or peace in our time or leprechauns or feeding the 5000 or the Easter Bunny or chemotherapy or the Boeing that hit the Pentagon here.

Climate change is something you either know about or you don’t. The vast majority of the world’s scientists are not consumed by discussions over whether climate change exists or not. They already agree on that, because they’ve done the work. What they disagree about is how much time is left before catastrophic changes – worse than what we’ve already seen – descend on our little planet.

Take a night off and just look at the evidence Leonardo provides. It’s not even about him, but more about measurements, and who can offer the best verifiable proof about the nature, extent, and progression of global climate change.

Leonardo was chosen as environmental spokesman for the UN – which admittedly doesn’t mean much, toothless an organization as they are. But they do have contacts worldwide and that helped him with the itinerary for his two year global research into climate change.

To give a frame of reference, he starts with an 1800s photo of a guy standing in front of a 60′ pile of buffalo skulls. Leonardo narrates that he’s always been fascinated by the unnatural extinction of so many species in the last 200 years. This leads him to a short history of coal and oil, and their subsequent transformation of the world’s landscape.

Deforestation of the Amazon basin, tar sands for square miles in the US, etc.

He walks the snowfields of Greenland with a local scientist who shows us exactly how Greenland is literally melting away like never before. The color of the entire island is changing from white to brown for the first time ever, thereby no longer reflecting the sun, but now absorbing it.

The surface of Greenland is now 80 feet lower than it was just 5 years ago — again not rhetoric, but he shows exactly how they measured that. That’s 80’ of ice – and now it’s gone. He shows rapids flowing through hundreds of crevasses just below the surface in the snowpack, collective signs of the melting icescape. You have to see the footage – a picture is worth 1000 words, etc.

Next, Leonardo goes down to Miami Beach and meets with the mayor, Phil Levine. The mayor says anyone who doesn’t think the ocean is rising should come down to Miami and look at the $400 million they had to spend in order to raise the street levels and pump seawater out of the storm drains in their city in order to keep the place from looking like Venice, Italy.

Sunny day floods – that’s the term they use to describe what goes on there, the sea water coming up through storm drains on the streets on hot sunny days.

State officials are not so enlightened, unfortunately. Their clueless governor has banned state officials from even using the words ‘climate change.’ Very democratic—the Thought Police, right? Like many, he would demand a religious loyalty to insupportable ideas that are dictated by their plutocratic constituents and decision makers. Usually tied to big oil.

Ever notice how these Deniers in government always start their sentences with “I do not believe…” As though anyone’s belief has anything to do with climate change. It’s really just the opposite: the only way to deny climate change is through faith alone – simply believing these changes are not taking place – refusing to look at the physical evidence. The religion of denial.

The film then goes into an expose’ on the mass disinformation program that is in place to convince the public that climate change is all conspiracy theory. Leonardo identifies Big Oil’s front groups and think tanks which create very friendly looking ads and media puppets to ridicule the science of environmental change:

The earth is actually cooling.

That’s their favorite message.

Controlled opposition. No longer has to be subtle. Just negate the truth. Deny it, and offer no verification, no science. Just words – just sound bite slogans. Why bother with fancy explanations involving science and rational thought?

Why are Americans so easily misled by such disinformation campaigns? Because we have become an aliterate society. Much easier to form an opinion from a 5 minute attack from some vested politician on the evening news than it would be to read a book on the subject. Or even spend an hour watching Leonardo’s movie. No, we want Instant Information, from sound bites.
That’s what we substitute for education today, right? The shorter the better. 140 characters? Perfect. Just give me the short version – no time to hear the actual evidence or even understand what the discussion is about. That would take a whole 10 minutes at least, and these days who has the time?

The illusion of omniscience. Everybody already knows everything they really need to know about anything important. Wow. Bliss.

Throughout the movie Leonardo brings forth his sources. Here are some of the experts he interviews, most of them PhDs:

  • Eric Sala
  • Jason E. Box
  • Michael Maum
  • Ian Singleton
  • Gidon Eschel
  • Gregory Mankiw
  • Johan Rockstrom
  • Piers Sellers

They are a valid sampling of thousands of scientists around the world.

Where are your experts?

Next, Leonardo begins to show how many countries are far ahead of us, not only in recognizing the seriousness of the problems, but in taking steps to make significant corrections.

China: The #1 polluter on earth, also has the world’s largest solar and wind projects for alternate energy production.
Germany: Wind and solar provide the power for some 2 million people
Denmark: Produces 100% of their energy needs from wind
Sweden: Almost 100% free of fossil fuel for energy production

The countries that haven’t gotten the memo yet include:

, who is in the process of cutting down 80% of their indigenous jungle forests in order to raise palm oil, for making hydrogenated processed foods, the world over. They’re killing off hundreds of species of jungle animals, large and small.

Brazil has deforested a huge proportion of its Amazon basin – the lungs of South America – in order to raise beef cattle. Vegetarianism may be a bit extreme, but it’s becoming obvious at least that we don’t need to eat beef any more. Beef requires 50x the amount of land as chicken, to produce the same amount of food.

In the US, about 47% of our land is used to grow food. But 70% of that space is used to grow feed for cattle.

Leonardo shows how we could cut that wasteful figure by 80% almost overnight if people simply switched to chicken! Unless beef is organic, look what all those hormones and antibiotics are doing to us. Transgender hermaphrodites? Beef is simply unnecessary, considering what we’re doing to keep those burgers coming.

All those cattle roaming around on the earth are the chief producer of methane. Compared with C02, methane is 23 times more toxic.

No environmental film would be complete without an interview from Elon Musk, a true visionary and leader.

Elon talks about influence, both political and media. The oil industry has no peer in that category, as Musk knows so well, being one of their favorite targets

He lights up describing his new GigaFactory outside Reno, whose purpose is battery production. Energy source? 15 million square feet of solar panels.

Elon cites the astounding figure: 100 GigaFactories could supply enough power for the entire world.

Leonardo misunderstands – you mean for the US, right? No, Elon repeats. The entire world. 100 Giga Factories could produce enough batteries to power the world, without running any power lines.

Elon explains that if the governments of the countries who paid lip service at the Paris Climate Conference in 2016 would all get behind the GigaFactory solution, we could transition completely away from fossil fuels in a very short time and begin to slow the progress toward impending cataclysmic disasters.

Look what he did: One man has solved 1% of the earth’s energy problems. And how does the government/industry assist this pioneer in global clean energy? Put as many obstacles in his way as possible, and vilify him at every turn. Attack. Criticism. Second guessing, from bubble-headed bleach-blonde simian ‘reporters.’

The film picks up some good pointers from unexpected sources – like Obama. He reminds us that even the Pentagon recognizes the seriousness of climate change not from an environmental view, but more as an issue of national security. Climate change is already uprooting populations and making them change locations in search of vanishing resources.—these are massively de-stabilizing events, with potential for more war and violence.

Leonardo makes an excellent point by showing that at least 30% of Congress are Deniers of environmental issues, and do not support any programs changing our present course. But politicians are not leaders – they’re followers. Politicians spend half their time polling to watch the public’s opinion of them. If the public is going to start demanding environmental consciousness in new policies, the savvy politician will suddenly be their champion. Astute observation indeed.

Leonardo saves the best for last. Don’t stop watching this movie till it’s over. The final piece is an interview with Dr Piers Sellers, a scientist and astronaut. He has some fabulous big screen technology that shows irrefutably the nature and extent of climate change across the globe. It happens too quickly and you have to watch closely and may have to rewind a few times. But the message is clear.

Sellers shows what the thin, fragile onion skin layer of atmosphere looks like from a space capsule. He is very focused and speaks from a position of comprehensive authority, perhaps because he was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic and says he wants to spend the little time he has left making people aware of what he and other scientists are so well versed on.

Liberals are supposed to “believe in” “global warming,” right? Conservatives are supposed to think it’s all fantasy. But why would anyone be a libtard or a conservatard these days, what with the unvarnished banality and venality of their leaderships and track records? Both insist on their right to remain uninformed, and on their sovereign prerogative to base all their opinions on feelings and faith.

Leonardo is very honest in admitting he’s not optimistic. That gives the film an additional mark of authenticity. All those 195 countries at the 2016 Paris Climate Summit – they all promise to …. yeah, right. No sanctions, no responsibility.

Last chance here. Time to do the work. This film was a signpost pointing to the library.


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Vaccination Is Not Immunization: The War On Children

The last edition has sold out and will not be reprinted. Thanks to everyone who read it!

Vaccination Is Not Immunization, The War On Children – is a complete rewrite. If you have read any of the previous editions, this isn’t it.

The book covers so much that has happened since the last edition, vital intel that is being kept out of everyday media:

  • the global agenda to force vaccines and remove exemptions
  • the breakthrough film Vaxxed
  • why California is the most dangerous state for infants
  • world statistics on infant survival
  • the end of the science debate, with the new policy of Legislate Don’t Educate
  • the persecution of MDs who sign exemptions
  • what the future holds for US children
  • peer reviewed literature proving the autism connection
  • how many children really die from vaccines
  • much more

Certainly the new parent’s most reliable introduction to the subject.

An excerpt:

“Who could have predicted that the next war would be the War on Children? With vaccine injuries increasing over 3000% in the past 20 years, and again for the next 20, and with CDC’s steadfast refusal to study the autism epidemic, it’s terrifying that the worst of it all is likely decades away. The gradual degradation of the human genome, a proven consequence of vaccines, will be evident in the lives of today’s children, but much more so in the lives of their children. And on and on.

“The radical cultural shift occurring today is not primarily about vaccines, but about ownership. Who owns the land, the soil, the atmosphere, the water, the DNA of plants, and of animals, the DNA of humans, and now finally, who owns the people and their children. Policymakers along the Potomac have made it clear that the State knows better than parents how children should be raised, how they should think, and what manmade chemicals should be mandated into their bloodstreams. The trick is to get everyone to comply.

“The vaccine issue is just the first skirmish. If the majority of people will support the State’s takeover of personal vaccine choices that parents should be making for their children, where will they draw the line?

“The execution of this new agenda is a Machiavellian triumph. Slogans, clichés, and sound bites now replace thoughtful reflection about life and death issues. Wiki and google are the new technocracy for fashioning reality itself in a mind no longer capable of independent judgment.

“Virtual life replaces real life.

“The rest is easy. With an electorate of this caliber, any assigned opinion can be installed onto the public hard drive. [258]

“Human health does not come from a drug or a vaccine or an insurance company. A healthy baby needs no outside assistance, no tampering with the blood. The mysteries of health lie within the body, not within the medical texts, or the writs of law.

“Pure, uncontaminated human blood is indeed a sacred commodity. We will arrive at a position of profound gratitude when we finally come to appreciate the identity, the oneness, the nobility of an inviolate bloodstream.”

Shouldn’t the most important decision in your child’s life should be an informed decision?

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