CE Nutrition Seminar – San Jose – 21 Oct


Barcelona College: Technique Lecture SEPT 15
Paris Lecture: Chiropractic Neurology and Technique Lecture 25 Sept

Live Aware Vaccine Conference San Francisco 30 Sept

Wise Traditions Conference Minneapolis – 10 Nov

2. NEW: VACCINE BOOK FOR 2017. . . Vaccination Is Not Immunization:The War On Children

3. FOCUS OKC 2017 – did you miss it?

4. Manhattan Chiro “Suicide”

5. Journey To The Center of Your Colon


I. Events

12 Hours CE in 6 Hours! – San Jose, Oct 21Nutrition At The Cellular Level

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Vaccination Is Not Immunization: The War On Children

The last edition has sold out and will never be re-printed. Thanks to everyone who read it!

The new book is a complete re-write. If you have read any of the previous editions, this isn’t it.

This iteration covers so much that has happened since the fourth edition, vital intel that is being kept out of everyday media:

    the global agenda to force vaccines and remove exemptions
    the breakthrough film Vaxxed documenting CDC’s 14-year coverup of their own science that proved vaccines cause autism
    why California is the most dangerous state for infants, with the four new laws ending vaccine exemptions
    world statistics on infant survival
    the end of the science debate, with the new policy of Legislate Don’t Educate
    the persecution of MDs who sign exemptions
    what the future holds for US children
    peer reviewed literature proving the autism connection
    how many children really die from vaccines
    much more

This is the parent’s most reliable introduction to the subject.

An excerpt from the new book:

“Who could have predicted that the next war would be the War on Children? With vaccine injuries increasing over 3000% in the past 20 years, and again for the next 20, and with CDC’s steadfast refusal to study the autism epidemic, it’s terrifying that the worst of it all is likely decades away. The gradual degradation of the human genome, a proven consequence of vaccines, will be evident in the lives of today’s children, but much more so in the lives of their children. And on and on.

The radical cultural shift occurring today is not primarily about vaccines, but about ownership. Who owns the land, the soil, the atmosphere, the water, the DNA of plants, and of animals, the DNA of humans, and now finally, who owns the people and their children. Policymakers along the Potomac have made it clear that the State knows better than parents how children should be raised, how they should think, and what manmade chemicals should be mandated into their bloodstreams. The trick is to get everyone to comply.

The vaccine issue is just the first skirmish. If the majority of people will support the State’s takeover of personal vaccine choices that parents should be making for their children, where will they draw the line?

The execution of this new agenda is a Machiavellian triumph. Slogans, clichés, and soundbytes now replace thoughtful reflection about life and death issues. Wiki and google are the new technocracy for fashioning reality itself in a mind no longer capable of independent judgment.

Virtual life replaces real life.

The rest is easy. With an electorate of this calibre, any assigned opinion can be installed onto the public hard drive. [258]

Human health does not come from a drug or a vaccine or an insurance company. A healthy baby needs no outside assistance, no tampering with the blood. The mysteries of health lie within the body, not within the medical texts, or the writs of law.

Pure, uncontaminated human blood is indeed a sacred commodity. We will arrive at a position of profound gratitude when we finally come to appreciate the identity, the oneness, the nobility of an inviolate bloodstream.”

Shouldn’t the most important decision in your child’s life should be an informed decision?

To order new book: 915.307.1055 or doc@thedoctorwithin.com



Ten years? Who’s to say? If you’re a DC and were doing ‘something else’ last weekend, sorry but you missed a landmark event. The videos will be nice, but it won’t really capture the logarithmic momentum of excitement that kept building up throughout the entire two day event.

Many events strive for this kind of natural elevation, but usually fall short because of politics or petty philosophical conflicts. But that was the exact reason this event came off so powerfully – the harmonics that resonated so well among the entire collection of speakers and listeners. Minor differences, but a consistent passion for the chiropractic message and the vital importance of broadcasting it loudly to the world.

Kristina Stitcher’s riveting report from the trenches about the irreplaceable work with adjusting infants, often saving lives right there in front of you, with one adjustment. One after another – compelling presentations. Ross MacDonald will certainly be one of the two most important chiropractic leaders in Europe during the next decade, along with Adrian Wenban of Barcelona. Ross is founding the new school in Edinburgh. Send money! Another great presenter – baritone Dr Benny (The Boot) Mathew, with likely the largest practice in the UK, then told what it’s like being targeted for lighting up Wales.

I tried to offer some documentable science for the adjustment – what 30 years of research has shown to be some of the cellular, neurophysiological and endocrine consequences of chiropractic, which are talked about little enough throughout the profession. Explaining how some of the miracles DCs see as everyday events during the past century, how these really are the direct result of the adjustment.

From another distant outpost of chiropractic struggle, the indomitable Adjustosaurus – Tim Shakespeare told why the Sacred Trust will not be extinguished any time soon Down Under.

John Minardi then jacked up the room’s spirit to a whole new pitch with his unprecedented personal story of how he became a warrior — more like a street fighter – for chiropractic in the first place. A story of astounding honesty and desperation – you start to appreciate the level of some of the people who get attracted to this profession.

Then there was Del Bigtree’s passionate address at the Speakers Dinner with a shockingly factual assessment of the urgency of the vaccine situation, not just in California but throughout the country – at this moment in time. His message then served to introduce the almost overwhelming presentation of Andy Wakefield, bringing us up to date on the odyssey of his earth-shaking film Vaxxed. And again the collective gratitude in the room of 700, to be able to provide a forum for someone of this calibre — it was palpable – this vaccine issue is such a radical departure from nature that is going to take generations to recover from, if indeed it can even be brought under control at all.

I’m leaving out several other presenters who were also great, but the point is that nobody dropped the ball – the entire event. It was as though each one listened to the last one and just continued with the same discussion about the manifestation of universal intelligence through the unmodified presence of innate intelligence…. The momentum just kept building, unrestrained – something – some force much bigger than the total of the people present in that hall was in command. . I’ve never seen anything like it, in all the countless events I’ve been to since the dawn of time.

Then the crowning touch was at the end when Tim Young tied the whole event together with the common thread of unity of spirit. Intention – our own force of nature that guarantees that no matter what future catastrophes take place in the health field, chiropractic will always survive – and in some places will thrive. And you realize it took 8 years for the vision in Tim Young’s mind to evolve to the level of refinement and authority that everyone in that room witnessed those 2 days – Focus OKC 2017. Conventions like this just don’t often happen – not in our profession.

This inspiring event seemed so smooth and effortless for 2 reasons: First the enormous amount of work from Brooke and the rest of the staff, after years of planning them.

But primarily it was Tim’s selection of speakers, carefully chosen out of the dozens he could have picked. We’ve all been to events where there were a couple of good speakers, but more who were unprepared or simply had nothing worthwhile to say. And you’re grateful you got to see the good ones. But when the bar is set so high where each one of the speakers has to qualify, only then do you have a chance at blowing the roof off, like what happened at this extraordinary event.

If you missed Focus, because you wanted to go to _________ instead, well don’t make the same mistake next year, if you want to witness one of the premier events in the profession!



Imagine you’re depressed enough to want to end it all. Your spouse can’t talk you out of it, but instead decides that yes, the world is terrible and you know what? I’ll even join you.

So you say OK, great. Well let’s wait till tomorrow and then we’ll come to work and jump off our 9th floor office balcony together, OK? Sounds like a plan – where did you want to eat tonight? Bring the MasterCard.

So you both show up in the office next morning and just when you’re about to do it you think, wait, aren’t we supposed to leave a note? So you start writing your reasons down on a piece of paper. But your spouse sees it and says Nobody can read your writing – we better type it.

So you agree, and type up the letter, but then when you’re about to print it you realize that you’re out of toner. So you send your spouse down to Best Buy to get another cartridge while you check your email. When the toner arrives you print up your suicide note.

But at that point you decide that since you’re both gonna jump out the window the spouse’s life has meaning too so now a second suicide note gets typed up for the spouse.

After that, you move over toward the window and are just figuring out how to get over the railing when your spouse says Should we leave the notes here on the desk or put them in our pockets?

So that discussion goes on for awhile, and then you both decide the notes should go in your respective pockets, in case there’s any confusion indentifying the two stiffs squished into the pavement just below your balcony….

But then you realize that hey – it’s going to be pretty gory down on the sidewalk there after a 9 story drop — wait, I know, we’ll just put the notes in ziplocks and then put it them our pockets. Great idea — here let’s look. Oh no, remember we used the last baggie yesterday…. Can you go down to 7-11? I’ll just check some more email. Sure, no problem, be right back.

The spouse goes down 9 floors to get some baggies, deciding on the smallest box they had, always being the practical one.

So then you finally get the notes into the ziplocks, stuff them in your pockets. You take one final look around, one final kiss and it’s Goodbye cruel world, and step off the ledge into oblivion…

Sound plausible? Yeah maybe in Seth Rogen’s next movie. But in real life? Yet this is the ludicrous story the New York Daily News and the Washington Post – two lowest-end tabloids of virtual reality – this is the fluff they both churned out last week as a reasonable hypothesis for two bodies ending up down on the pavement below. Maybe you saw it.

Then in true Tower of Babel internet style, several other blogzines picked up the story’s basic factoids, and wrote up their own identical versions of this very shaky premise for some third rate Hollywood soap opera.

No follow up — only one opinion said that it didn’t sound quite right, since the neighbors said they heard screaming coming from the office at about that time. But that was glossed over and the Post pipedreamed that the DC and his wife were over $200K in debt and might have been unhappy about Obamacare… certainly a reasonable motivation for a double suicide….

And that’s all the sense it had to make to be accepted as today’s pop media lunch for the masses. Boo hoo, how sad, let’s move on.

Not buying it. After calling several New York DCs, the result was – nobody knew a thing about motivation. No real evidence of foul play or violence — most were satisfied that a $200K debt was sufficient reason for behavior of this nature.

Are we to believe this? I thought New Yorkers were supposed to be sophisticated. Typewritten suicide notes? Who does that? Two of them? In baggies? They couldn’t leave the notes on the desk? Suicide over a debt of $200K? Come on! That ‘s less than the average student loan debt most DCs graduate with. And this isn’t Peoria — it’s Manhattan. People are a million in debt all the time – it’s practically a requirement there – and yet they keep on going with the day to day, year after year…

Pretty obvious something else went on here – has to be a lot more to this story than this lame reporting job, and the casual dismissal of this doctor’s life, by all reports a valued member of his community. Likely somebody knows what happened. But we’ll never find out.

There’s some speculation about the 70 other holistic doctors who met with similarly mysterious demises in the past 2 years, like Jeff Bradstreet, etc. And maybe this was the latest of those, or maybe there were some JSOC spooks lurking about, or perhaps an ethereal CDC problem-elimination squad, or maybe they just said the wrong thing to the wrong Sicilian at a restaurant…yo, Vito… – after all, it’s New York, right?

But no real evidence – so any of it is possible, I guess.

Except for the true story itself. Which could be the premise for an excellent mini-series. Which we’ll never see.

Now they’re with BJ – innate returns to universal. Cause of death: extreme subluxation from a sudden stop.

Something missing here.



Mucoid plaque is a term used by many holistic doctors and researchers to describe the uniform rubbery layers of mucous and rotting food which compact themselves year after year along the entire length of the digestive tract. (Anderson)

Peristalsis is the normal rhythmic muscular action of the intestine to push food down and outward, out of the body.

Mucoid plaque is formed as the intestine keeps producing mucous as a normal response to an irritant: undigested food. Food is not supposed to just sit there and rot. We’re only supposed to store three meals before their waste is expelled. (Jensen.) But most Americans store nine, twelve, or even more meals before one comes out. This increased transit time is irritating to the intestinal lining. Mucous is not powerful enough to move the toxic, enzymeless sludge of Taco Supremes and Curlie Fried Onion Rings with ketchup.

But the body keeps on valiantly trying, and more and more mucous is constantly being produced. Eventually the mucous becomes matrixed with the most indigestible elements, like trans fatty acids from the Barbecue and Sour Cream chips. And it goes on day after day, week after week, month after month, etc. And the layers get thicker and harder and the colon grows in diameter. And we absorb less and less nutrients and we lose more and more water and minerals.

The intestinal walls contain long muscles whose job it is to keep things moving along. These muscles gradually become overstretched and weakened by the pressure of too much waste pushing against them, expanding outward, like blowing up a long thin balloon. Thus peristalsis – the normal wavelike muscular motion of the colon – is further inhibited and blockage is again promoted.

Mucoid plaque blocks inflow and outflow, resulting in lack of nutrient, water, and electrolyte absorption, as well as retention of toxic putrefaction in balloon-like blocked outpocketings of the intestine. In addition, pathogenic bacteria, parasites, and Candida thrive in the mucoid plaque layer and are actually protected by it from prescription or natural herbal remedies and efforts to remove them. Researchers refer to the mucoid plaque as a “culture medium” for these organisms. (Forstner)

Mucoid plaque is described as a natural response to an unnatural stimulus. It is a necessary protection the body produces to try and shield itself from poisons. Mucoid plaque is a product of the constant production of mucous by the glycocalyx lining cells, brought on by the modern American diet of fake, empty, processed, chemical-laden, hormone-laced, antibiotic-soaked foods. Many doctors have noted that when the plaque can be removed by a cleanse, remission from virtually any disease may result. Simple cause and effect.

Mucoid plaque has been definitely linked to gastric cancer by the simple mutation of the lining cells – metaplasia. (Sipponen, Filipe) No big surprise here – cell damage is caused by inflow/outflow blockage, and after a certain time, mutation occurs. Another mechanism is that the constant secretion of mucous captures the toxins, but since normal transit is blocked, the toxins become locked in one location, often for years, resulting in irritation and eventual cell mutation. The cells steep in their own wastes, month after month.

Surgical and pharmacological remedies to a lifetime of colon toxicty almost always fail, in the long term. The best chance of recovery involves 3 steps

    1. Lifestyle correction – diet and adjustments

    2. Chipping away the layered plaque

    3. Flooding the colon with best Probiotics

Any legitimate program of detoxification must begin in the colon.

For the whole story, start here – 60 Day Program