With ongoing programs in many countries, systematic chemical spraying of the sky doesn’t seem likely to disappear any time soon.

Here in the Bay Area we had a magnanimous reprieve all summer from the Controllers – almost no chemtrails since early June. This made for one of the most glorious summers here. While the rest of the country was sweltering under 100 degree skies, with storms and floods tossed in, out here in Silicon Valley we generally had 70s and 80s weather, many days festooned to the horizon with old-fashioned high cumulus panoramas. Couple of brief scorchers, but for the most part it was room temperature. And not a trail in the sky.

We can whine about crushing taxes, open borders, irresponsible legislators, engineered drought, epidemic degenerative illness, etc – all the things that have annihilated the California dream in recent years. But two treasures we still have in abundance are spectacular natural beauty, and the best weather on earth.

But now that summer is drawing to a close, the skywriters are back at work. Most days this week they have covered 90% of the Bay Area sky. They’re learning now how to imitate natural formations, so sometimes it’s hard to tell chemtrails from real clouds or haze.

One giveaway is the sharp manmade streak going right into the doubtful formation. Or else the presence of obvious hashtags and streaks across the rest of the sky.

The other trick they’re doing now is spraying in the pre-dawn sky so that by the time daylight hits there’s just this silvery haze, already there. The more you watch, the better you get at distinguishing between the natural and the manmade. Our 7 year old is now very adept.

Chemtrails look two dimensional, as opposed to 3 dimensional natural clouds. And chemtrails are always at about the same altitude. They have a characteristic flat texture and color that you begin to recognize.

But you have to start looking up. Every day!

Check back to the May newsletter for an intro to chemtrails a la Dane Wigington.

Whatever degree of awareness you may have about what’s being sprayed into our skies, one thing is empirically evident just by looking up every day: something is being deliberately aerosolized into our atmosphere on a very defined schedule.

Dane does provide enough witnesses and evidence to demonstrate fairly strongly that the trails are primarily nanoparticulate aluminum oxide.

Normal condensation trails that follow commercial aircraft dissipate in about a minute.

If it goes horizon to horizon and widens over a period of four hours, well that’s military-industrial, my friend. And it’s chemical.

What might account for the exponential rise of Alzheimers today? Aluminum has long been cited in the literature as a neurotoxin that can accelerate senile neurodegeneration, even among the not-yet senile. The heavy metal nanoparticles are inhaled by mammals, and enter the bloodstream.

In child brains, aluminum inhibits neuron development and myelin formation. In adults, it tears these structures down.

Aluminum is a primary heavy metal, toxic to all mammalian physiology.

It is bioaccumulative in humans – meaning once it’s in your body, aluminum particles can take up residence in virtually any organ or tissue, and remain there. Forever. Just like plaque in your arteries – it’s more or less permanent.

And it’s not just brain cells that are damaged – aluminum can inhibit virtually every metabolic system in the human body – digestion, reproduction, respiration, cell repair, endocrine, bone synthesis, cognitive, immune, circulatory – name it. Russell Blaylock is the real expert in this field of course, with his classic book Excitotoxins.

Even before the recent chemtrails campaign was ignited, aluminum toxicity has been skyrocketing in the US for years. What’s going on now is pouring gasoline on that old fire.

Worse yet, with the vaccine hysteria sweeping the country this past year, far fewer parents are opting out of vaccines. The fear of aluminum in vaccines never achieved the same fad status as mercury. But it’s present in every shot. So California toddlers are saddled with a double handicap, right out of the gate – chemtrails and vaccines. Both straight to the blood.

Don’t take the word of this little article – do your follow-up in the both Blaylock’s book and your vaccine text.

You can’t stop your child from breathing, but you can stop vaccinating him. Although after years of writing new editions of the vaccine text, it’s clear that fewer and fewer people are making that choice. Which is why that choice is now being legislated out of existence.

The two main obstacles to an informed decision are

* Inertia – who wants to learn anything these days? Especially something as unpopular as vaccine exemption.

* Draconian new laws that effectively force vaccines on children

The consequence of all this is that the future health of the American child does not seem optimistic. Exponential growth curves for both infectious and degenerative disease among children will not only continue, but will be exacerbated by the new laws, the new vaccines, and the ongoing trails.

Ironically, the most educated state in the US now has a more oppressive vaccine policy than the least educated state.

Of course most people these days vaccinate, no matter what state they’re in. And there’s nothing to indicate a change in that trend any time soon. Vaccination is increasing, as new vaccines are added to the schedule. To educate someone to be willing to resist the floodtide of invective that awaits their decision not to vaccinate – well, it takes a little reading. At least one or two books. And perhaps a seminar or two.

This is asking a bit much of today’s twitter/google/wiki/iphone cult, who have 24 hour access to omniscience, without any study or thought. Just give me the answer – not interested in the politics, economics, or reasoning behind it.

The unchallenged fact is that aluminum is being loaded into everyone’s blood by two simultaneous programs – vaccines and chemtrails. Every single day. This is not even mentioning the hundreds of other industrial and environmental pathways that daily ramjet aluminum into the human body. Our race is loading up on heavy metals, the US exponentially faster than perhaps anywhere on earth.


Even if you think it’s too difficult to avoid vaccines, or you don’t feel like filing a class action suit against your local airport for participating in genocidal aerosolizing, you still do have some small recourse. Chelation.

It’s really the least you can do, in order to reduce just a little the ongoing heavy metal accumulation.

For the whole story of chelation look at the chapter.

Also the video Only You Can Clear Your Arteries – Without Drugs

The short version is that we’ve known for years about natural, nontoxic ways to remove heavy metals from the cells and tissues. There are fast chelators, like EDTA, which can be very destructive to liver and kidneys. And there is a slower, just as effective supplemental remedy, with no side effects at all. Oral chelation – holistic science.

The question becomes – how important are your kids to you? They are only being targeted today because the uninformed allow it. Are you going to believe every single thing the vaccine salesmen tell you? You’re too busy to do the smallest amount of reading? All the controversy about risk – you don’t want to decide for yourself?

You’re going to bet your child’s life that the pediatricians and vax industry put the health of the child above their own mercenary concerns?

Or you’re too busy to actually look up into the sky every day and see if the formations look natural or manmade? You breathe the same air as your children – the aerosolized aluminum being infused into your lungs almost every day, in the hashtagged city sky.

If you can’t control the respiratory intake, at least you can have an effect upon the permanent accumulation of these toxic particles – oral chelation.



Thousands of supplements out there – GNC, grocery stores, internet, MLM cults – each claiming to be the magic bullet that will cancel years of self indulgence and cure your chronic illness and fatigue.

Are they all good?

Of course not. Over 90% of supplements are manufactured either directly or indirectly by whom? Right. The pharmaceutical industry. That’s where all those drugstore/ Safeway multi’s come from.

The commonality of this group is that more money gets spent on the label and advertising than on the ingredients. Maximize profits, cheap ingredients, promise anything.

Then there is a smaller subset of supplements that have actually been well formulated and manufactured. But most of these supplements merely chase symptoms. This vitamin or mineral for that symptom — the allopathic model except using supplements instead of drugs.

Then there is a much smaller group that support the body’s own processes without trying to overpower or direct it.

And a smaller portion of that group whose objective is to clear the tract and the blood, while at the same time offering the body everything necessary for complete cellular nutrition and waste elimination.

And trimming this last group down to the high end and eliminating duplication, we came up with 7. Only 7, and the number hasn’t gone up in over 15 years. In all that clinical experience, the philosophy became simplicity itself:

1. the lowest number of supplements
2. spend the least amount of money on supplements
3. give the body everything it needs for complete cell nutrition and detox

That’s it. No need to re-invent the wheel. Does it work?

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