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This is not an anti-vaccine textbook. It is in favor of any vaccines which have been proven to be safe and effective, by third party research wholly unconnected to the global vaccine monolith, with no possible chance of harm to the recipient.
This book was written for parents, especially those about to make the most important decision in the life of their child: whether or not to vaccinate. Perhaps it would be prudent not to get all the information on that subject from those making a living selling vaccines. Or from those with the power to mandate vaccines. Vaccinators rarely seem concerned with educating parents about vaccines, except for slogans and mantras. But in these few pages parents will find the bare minimum they need to know in order to make an informed decision.

Nothing in the universe is more delicate than the infant’s brain and immune system,
as they struggle into existence. Vaccines have the undisputed ability to damage both.

Here is a meticulously referenced summary of the most reliable sources which call into question today’s vaccine policies. As you will see, resistance to vaccine policy is coming not primarily from the holistic arena, but rather from mainstream science, medicine, and law. This book draws from that data.

It only takes a day or so to read these pages. If you’ve always suspected there may
be issues with vaccines that your doctor and the evening news might not be telling
you, we will clear that up. This work can save months of research, summarizing the
key issues. The alternative may be blind submission to the acquiescence of the flock,
consigning your child to the disquieting level of health shared by most children in
this country today.

Here is the result of 15 years researching the Problems with Vaccines. It is not like other vaccine books. Speedreading it will certainly sell the reader short. Starting at the front and reading through to the Epilogue, one will likely be far more informed about vaccines than the general public.

In today’s dangerous world, with so many assaults on brain neurology from the air,
the food, and the water, the newborn certainly needs every possible advantage. No
need to add to that toxic load with an additional slew of unnecessary injections.

Millions of parents learned the score too late: their children are permanently vaccine-
damaged. The $4 billion paid out in injury compensation does not even begin to
square the account. The vast majority of injuries are never reported.

What is the common lament of those horrified parents? ‘I wish I’d known.’ That’s what they all say, once they find out, once it’s too late. I wish I’d known…

This is your chance to know.

It is impossible to estimate the true value of Dr O’Shea’s work. His review of the history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.

Many primary care providers and parents who assume that the vaccine
program was built on sound principles will be shocked at the flimsy
foundations of immunization science. What every parent and doctor must
decide is whether the risks of vaccination are offset by the potential benefits.
While the public is rarely exposed to the full extent of vaccine adverse
reactions, O’Shea takes the reader through a thorough review of each
“vaccine-preventable” disease and the risk/benefit of their vaccine

The book will serve as a valuable resource to parents and physicians who
wish to gain further understanding of the numerous shots being promoted
for the proclaimed benefit of public health. Parents need no longer feel
confused about the decision to vaccinate their children. Knowledge is the
freedom and power to decide with confidence what is best for their children.

With explosions in chronic illnesses in virtually all subsets of our population, critical thinking is necessary to protect our loved ones and our future. Dr O’Shea has once again blessed us with an up-to-date resource that will allow parents to make an informed choice, and for medical professionals to take pause at what they had been indoctrinated to believe was valid science and good medicine.

David Ayoub, MD
Clinical Radiologist



The previous edition came out in 2017. In this new iteration we kept many
of the statements from that 2017 version that clearly predicted the COVID

We’ve all watched the global transformation that has lately taken over our lives. This book is not an attempt to cover all the immunological and social implications of forcing COVID vaccines on the human population. There is a series of videos [30] [22] as well as several Newsletters offering solid documentation on the creation of the COVID spectacle. [26]

This book will limit itself to a brief introduction to the history and definition
of vaccines, descriptions of each childhood vaccine, and some of the cultural
and evolutionary consequences that manifested before and after COVID.

Again, its objective is to provide parents with a fundamental understanding
of vaccines, free from the flood of corporate narrative forced on them from
every direction.

We will restrict ourselves to subjects which are supported by proven science,
and eschew those supported solely by hollow claims and undocumented

Even before COVID, the global drive towards enforced vaccines had escalated logarithmically. Using every possible resource – legislative, journalistic, academic, religious, political – a coordinated attack was well under way against the parent’s right to de-select vaccines.
There are five states, like California and New York, that have taken over legal ownership of children. Childhood vaccines are de facto mandatory for all children in those 5 states, except for home school.

But in most states, parents still have the right to protect their children from
vaccines by signing exemption forms, which recognize the parent as the
lawful guardian of the child. And yet, over 90% of parents in these states
will submit their children to be fully vaccinated according to the Childhood
Schedule, heedless of the best science which cautions against that path.


In 1974 when world population was at 4 billion, US children were being scheduled for less than 20 vaccines. With world population now at 7.8 billion, the recommended childhood vaccines in the US have more than quadrupled, with the current figure at 84.

Objective investigation finds little scientific justification for this alarming
increase. No other country on earth comes even close. No valid authorities
are claiming that the health of American children is anything but appalling,
and declining still further. Just the opposite – American children are the
fattest, sickest, and dumbest kids in all industrialized nations, by any
available index. And no matter how we spin it, no one can prove that the
increasing number of vaccines has slowed that overall decline one iota.

No child is born with an intact immune system. During the first 2 years of
life the immune system is struggling to achieve some semblance of normal.
Despite extravagant claims by the medical community, how that immune
system is actually organized by the body is still largely unknown. What is
certain is that subjecting the infant’s immune environment to an array of
manmade pathogens, preservatives, and adjuvants absolutely can have a
deleterious effect on the formation of that child’s brain and nervous system.
All true scientists – including the vaccine manufacturers – admit as much.

If Nature itself has gone to such extraordinary lengths to protect the blood of the child from outside invasion, can we presume to do any less?

“Can you explain why a little creature, who can’t even understand what’s done to her,
should beat her little aching heart with her tiny fist in the dark and the cold, and weep her
meek, unresentful tears to God to protect her? Do you understand why this infamy is
permitted? Without it, man could not have existed on earth, for he could not have known
good and evil. Why should he know that diabolical good and evil when it costs so much?
Why, the whole world of knowledge is not worth that child’s prayer to God! I say nothing of
the sufferings of grown-up people – they have eaten the apple, damn them, and the devil take
them all! But these little ones!”
– F. Dostoyevski


Table of Contents

Money and vaccines 16
The Germ Theory 21
The COVID mRNA vaccine 26
The Real Anthony Fauci: RFK 34
Ingredients in vaccines 42
Immunity: artificial vs. natural 55
The Boutique Epidemics 59
Vaccine schedule 61
Infant mortality 65
Decline of diseases before vaccines 70
Vaccine Injury Reporting System 75
Deaths and adverse reactions 75
Pourcyrous study of brain injury 78
Peanut allergy epidemic 80
Vaccinated vs. unvaccinated 86
Polio 90
Diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus 95
Hemophilus influenzae 110
Influenza 112
Hepatitis A 117
Hepatitis B 121
Rotavirus 125
Mercury 138
MMR 150
Autism 150
Chickenpox 165
Prevnar 169
Human Papilloma Virus 172
Exemption laws 186
Affidavit of Exemption 186
Doctors who don’t vaccinate 192
Animal vaccines 195
300 new vaccines 199
References 205
Epilogue 217


to the children of the future


Vaccination Is Not Immunization 9

n the past few years vaccines have come to occupy an
unreasonable portion of our lives. All too frequently there is
a new story about the latest threat that requires some new

vaccine, or a story about vaccine exemption protests.

At the same time, one of Medicine’s best kept secrets may be
that unvaccinated children are actually healthier, by any
metric one cares to employ. If so, the world of vaccines would
certainly be a triumph of marketing and media magic. At the
very least our suspicions are raised, since this is the only field
of scientific endeavor in which even the possibility of a
fundamental flaw is blacklisted from mainstream clinical
study. This occurs in no other branch of science.

Legitimate science, by definition, must follow wherever the data may lead, always documenting its own limitations.

Again, this is not an anti-vaccine text. Corporate media has
invented the fictitious term Anti-Vaxxers in order to group
together all those who show the slightest interest in the science
behind vaccines. Suddenly the discussion of vaccines has
become a social crime. Only the compliant herd are safe from
being demonized by the twittering mass consciousness.

Most people choose not to vaccinate only after thorough research. They’re not against vaccines so much as they are in favor of finding out what vaccines actually do. They could better be described as “Pro Science.”

That’s the striking difference between the two opinions on vaccines today – one side demands total transparency; the other side has outlawed open dialog. So it’s not Pro Vaxxers vs. Anti-Vaxxers, like CNN pretends. More accurately perhaps would be Pro Vaxxers vs. Pro Science.

10 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

The other difference is that Pro-Vaxxers will invariably strive to force vaccinations on the entire population. By contrast, Pro-Science folks feel that people have a right to as many vaccines as they wish.
The Pro Science view is the only one censored. Pop media
today is little more than a mouthpiece for CDC and FDA. Their
reciprocal arrangement has become nothing if not incestuous.

When people ask if we’re against vaccines, we always say no,
we are in favor of any vaccine that has been proven safe and
effective by third party research that has no financial stake in
the findings. So then they ask if we have found any such
What folks are really asking by that second question, what
they are really looking for, is permission not to read anything
– not to do any research of their own. So our response must
be “We never answer that question until someone has read
the book.”

Pro-vaxers seem to fear reading more than they fear the possibility vaccines may hold some threat to their children’s health. For anyone looking for permission to remain ignorant, you came to the wrong shop. In today’s world of lies, it’s survival of the informed.

New vaccines are being invented every year, all with the same
hope – to be included in the Immunization Schedule. With
undisclosed dozens of new vaccines in the pipeline, there is no
reason to believe we’ll stop now at 84 vaccines mandated
before the child is eighteen. But infant mortality rates and the
health of our children are horrifying. Both infectious and

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 11

degenerative diseases among Americans are skyrocketing.

Declining health among school children is pervasive. Ritalin,
insulin, antidepressants, and inhalers are rampant in our
schools. Despite the highest intake of antibiotics and vaccines
of any group of children in history, our kids are fatter, sicker,
and dumber than ever before. (Harvard School [164] [147])
The number of abnormal children is shocking: 54% of US children already have some chronic disease. [109] [119]
One third of children are either obese or overweight.
[JAMA][96] Other sources report much higher. Quoting CDC
figures for asthma incidence, asthma more than doubled
1982-1995, and is right on track to double again. [77, 345]

Most of the increase is in children, who account for more than
12 million cases. (Borenstein, CDC) [227][97]) More than 10%
of US children have asthma. [351] In some schools, one out of
four kids is walking around with an inhaler. Each year 2
million visits to emergency rooms have asthma as the primary
diagnosis. [98]
The news usually focuses on what a big mystery asthma is
even though we’re spending some $81 billion per year to treat
it. [44]
Fully 71% of young people applying to serve in the military are rejected as of 2022, either because they’re overweight or just unhealthy. [1]
Over 15% of American public school children are enrolled in programs for some type of disability. (NCES [176]) The term learning disabled has become more of a political term than a scientific one, with roulette numbers spinning. But 82% of all special ed students are classed with a label that can be directly influenced by vaccines: [Chart p 12, [99]

12 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

emotional instability learning disability
speech/language defect autism
SAT indices have been re-centered twice in the recent past in order to make it look as though high school kids aren’t as illiterate as they really are. [147, 347]
Exit exams are made easier and easier, following the
delusional Common Core ‘no child left behind’ policy. [91]
Politically expedient, to hide the truth of dumb and dumber
kids, graduating thousands who cannot read or write,
rewarding mediocrity and lowest common denominator

A growing number of medical researchers and doctors disagree
with the 84 vaccines required for our children. [10, 305] More
parents each year are opting out by signing exemption forms.
They’re drawing the line. They’re saying, if nothing else is
sacred in this world, at least the blood of our children should
not be subject to the whims of politics and big money. That
bloodstream should only be violated in life-threatening
situations. And never with anything experimental or unproven
or dangerous.

Most of what is written about vaccines insists they are safe,
effective, and necessary. We hear how modern civilization has
been saved from the ravages of infectious disease by the
intervention of miraculous vaccines. We hear how important
it is for children to get their shots so they’ll be safe from
disease, etc. We keep hearing about new vaccines that are
supposedly necessary to defend against new diseases.

How can both viewpoints be right? These are two conflicting
views on the nature of biological reality. Both sides often get
very shrill, emotional, and unscientific. Such a chasm widens

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 13

between them that is profoundly disconcerting. But someone is definitely wrong:
vaccines are essential for our children’s health
vaccines are weakening and poisoning our children.

There is so much false reporting and badly referenced data
on both sides of the debate that the concerned parent must
eventually ask: What do we really know for certain about any
of this?


It’s no metaphor to say that the bloodstream of our children is the future of our civilization. This chapter proposes the following condition – before we put anything into that bloodstream, we should be 100% sure

1. the child’s health demands it
2. no chance of harm

Not 90 or 95% certain. 100%. Is that asking too much? Reject
this glib “all drugs have risks” cliché. Children are not sick
when they get vaccinated. There’s no urgency – no need for
any risk at all to the fragile biosystem of the newborn.
Such common sense as this comes off as radical to the media-
soaked American public, who seem to have lost the ability for rational thought and taking responsibility for their own children’s well being.

14 Vaccination Is Not Immunization


arrived with the advent of vaccines: mandatory inoculation,
enforced by legislation. Government began claiming a right
over the bloodstream of its citizens. Unless parents sign
exemption forms, children must be vaccinated before they get
into school. Legislation is controlled by lobbying. And the
most powerful lobby in Washington is the pharmaceutical
industry. [181]
Now that’s vexing already – what’s the prime criterion going to
be: corporate profits or proven health benefits for our children?


Many parents starting to read this will say – Oh I don’t need to know any of that. That’s my doctor’s job to know it.

Two problems with that:

1. Many doctors don’t know it.
2. Many doctors who do know don’t vaccinate their own
children. But they will vaccinate yours. [305]

Vaccination is a very powerful and emotionally charged issue, with enormous political considerations. To make a responsible decision in the best interests of the child, one must be willing to question a lifetime of conditioning.

But for some reason, resistance to correct information about
vaccination often resembles religious fanaticism. Unlike with
Coumadin, Lipitor, or antibiotics, people sometimes get
violently emotional about vaccinations. Today an officious
Social Services may actually take children away from parents
who are exercising their legal right to exempt the child from
vaccination. [336]

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 15

Why the histrionics? Why are vaccines such a Sacred Cow? Why do they expend so much effort


As in any area served by billion-dollar industries, information
is very controlled. Setting out to try and discover the truth
about vaccines, one is not prepared for the extent of systematic
misdirection, [71, 338] nor for the amount of documentation
opposing vaccination, much of it from top medical sources.

After a while, it’s hard to decide whom to believe: either the body can learn its own immunity, or else it is largely inadequate, and requires help from the genius of medical science for survival.


Our programming starts with two simple words: vaccination
and immunization. We’re trained to think of them as
synonyms, right? That’s no accident. What’s the difference?
Immunization means the body becomes immune to something, all by itself. That only happens after getting a disease, or at least being exposed to it.
Vaccination, by contrast, just means to stick a syringe into someone’s arm and inject a manmade substance we call vaccine, with unproven immunological effects. Entirely different ballgame. Now that you know the difference, stop saying immunization when you mean vaccination.

Using the word immunization instead of vaccination is
pervasive in both medical and popular literature, pretending a
semantic equivalence between the two terms. Predictably, it
has now become rare to find references to vaccination in
medical literature, even though that is the correct term.

16 Vaccination Is Not Immunization


“a suspension of attenuated or killed micro-
organisms…administered for prevention …or treatment of
– Dorland’s Medical Dictionary p 696 [241]

From a cow – that was the original root of the word itself. We will see if vaccines can prevent or treat anything.

The orthodox medical belief is that the vaccine will create
antibodies to a particular microbe associated with a particular
disease, thereby creating specific immunity. Unfortunately
such a premise is scientifically impossible, as we will see.

Here’s what vaccines really are:

manmade mutations of pathogens, cultured in genetic material of both human and animal origin, which are injected directly into the developing immune systems of infants and children.

Never forget that the vaccine industry is first, last, and always
– a business. Anything you will ever hear from doctors or government agencies will have one common theme – the recommendation for more vaccines.
Back in 1993, worldwide vaccines were “…about a $3 billion
a year industry… dominated by large multinational
corporations, such as Merck, Smith-KlineBeecham and
Wyeth.” – Philip Russell, MD [238]

By 2005, $5 billion [339] By 2013, $24 billion. [339]

The cost of vaccine purchase by the year 2020 following
the recommendation of 7 additional vaccines was estimated

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 17

to be $1225 per child. (Am Journal of Pub Health) [215]

But we’re way past that. We’ve added 44 childhood vaccines since 2002.
Here’s a summary of money spent per child on vaccines:

1975 $10
2001 $385
2004 $606
2014 $2192 [352]


Today it has become perplexing to pinpoint total global vaccine
expenditures. Ballpark figures offered by HHS:

• 2013: $24 B
• 2025: $100 B [66]
These figures are pre-COVID estimates. So in addition, by
2023 the US has spent over $25.3 billion on COVID vaccine
alone. [3]
But even that’s a vast underestimate. Pfizer alone has
reported record revenues of $100 billion just for 2022. [4]

Most instructive to read the W.H.O.’s 39-page document [339] on Global Vaccines. It reads like an investment syllabus, cover to cover – not a word about health benefits to the child. Remember, the house always wins.

The reader may be shocked to learn that at the very apex of
this vertically integrated cartel is … the Centers for Disease
Control! Yes, that branch of government charged with the
safeguarding the health of the American people actually
directs the largest for-profit syndicate in the world. Yet on

18 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

every page of their website is the logo: CDC 24/7 Saving Lives, Protecting People.
A well-referenced peek into vaccine economics/collusion is Taylor’s investigation into RFK’s 2017 finding that the CDC owns 20 patents for vaccines. [10, 69]

Turns out, it’s twice that. And more.
Just a few morsels from that research:

– CDC owns over 50 patents on vaccines
– CDC is a de facto subsidiary of the vax industry
– ‘Advisory Committees’ divert millions to individuals
[10, 112]
– CDC buys and sells over $5B in vaccines per year [10]
[341, 84]

Vaccines are the foundation of the Well Baby program – the
livelihood of the whole pediatric industry. That’s many
billion$. If a child doesn’t go in for his shots, look at all those
missed opportunities to upsell the parents on eartubes,
antibiotics, and a host of other drugs and procedures.

Consider how growing up without vaccines is a huge economic threat. The Well Baby Program introduces a human being to a lifetime of dependency on organized medicine. If a child can grow up healthy without doctors and drugs, this posits the dangerous concepts of self-reliance and trust in the body’s own natural healing powers. We can’t have that.

When parents inform their pediatrician that they will be opting
out of vaccines for their child, the standard response is to

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 19

dismiss the patient from the practice, sometimes vehemently.
This mercenary posture is understandable: clinics routinely
receive rebates from the manufacturer for a large percentage
of the vaccines they sell each month, often as much as 25%.

We must remember that pediatricians are in business to sell
drugs and vaccines. They tend not to do anything that
threatens their bottom line. Hippocratic Oath? Jog my
memory a little…


Be advised: this Orwellian buzzphrase is the product of some very sophisticated East coast drug industry think-tank ruminations. Reservoirs for disease: the delusion being that the unvaccinated are unprotected from disease and are therefore a collective breeding ground that somehow jeopardizes the vaccinated, etc.

Throughout this book the exact opposite will be proven again
and again: it is the vaccinated children in this country whose
immune systems are being systematically suppressed, whose
inner milieu is made a viable medium for opportunistic
organisms. They receive more vaccines than any group of
children in the history of the world. And are thereby a true
reservoir for disease and a threat to the unvaccinated.
What are people worried about? Aren’t their vaccinated kids protected? Don’t vaccines work?

20 Vaccination Is Not Immunization


In all previous editions, we presented a thorough history of
how vaccines came about, beginning with Edward Jenner.
Because there have been so many recent developments, in the interests of keeping this book to its customary length, that history section may now be found at under the Chapters heading. [104]
Knowing the history of vaccines is vitally important. This
background is the minimum data a parent must have in order
to make a truly informed decision. No one can pretend to
understand vaccines without reviewing the bizarre,
superstitious events surrounding their origins. Prepare to be
shocked at the arbitrary and utterly unscientific ways in which
early vaccines were formulated. These same principles
continue to the present. [104] Just a few excerpts:

Mid 1800s science was struggling with questions like

– what makes something alive?
– where do germs come from?
– which comes first, germ or disease?

Louis Pasteur was well known for his habit of playing both sides of the fence on issues he didn’t understand, and then later, to quote only the parts of his early writings that supported the later finding, always with the claim that he had been there first. [59] [Appleton]
Only scientists studied the complexities of these emerging ideas. The royal court and the press just knew that something was going on, and though they didn’t know what, were going to act as though they did. Same as now. For them, a chameleon like Pasteur was the perfect frontman.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 21

Once it became clear which way the winds of fortune were
blowing. Pasteur saw his way to a new career behind a sizzling
new dogma:


What exactly was this Germ Theory? Very simply, the Germ
Theory holds that there are separate diseases and that each
disease is caused by a particular microorganism. It is the job
of science, then, to find the right drug or vaccine that will
selectively kill off the offending bug without killing the patient.

That would be great, but rarely is nature so black and white about things, ever notice that? For one thing, bacteria and viruses tend to be picky about their environments. That’s why some people get colds and others don’t. That’s why some survived the Bubonic Plague. That’s also why some doctors and nurses seem to be immune to disease even though they’re surrounded by it every day. [82]
Deepak Chopra tells us of a study in which the influenza virus was isolated and implanted directly onto the mucous membranes of a group of subjects, with only 12% of them getting the flu. ([277])
Disease occurs when systems of the body become so weak and
nutrient-starved that they shut down. What causes that? Low
resistance, dehydration, filth, toxic diet, poor lifestyle, weak
immune system. Such imbalance renders the body a
hospitable medium in which opportunist organisms may take
hold. [236]


As far as Pasteur’s Germ Theory goes, there was much
opposition to it among leading scientists of his own time.
Perhaps the greatest scientist in France back in Pasteur’s day,

22 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

was Antoine Bechamp, the discoverer of bacteria. University of Lille. Dr Bechamp said: [19], p183
“Bacteria do not cause disease, and therefore serums
and vaccines can neither prevent nor cure disease.”

The author of the cell theory, Rudolf Virchow himself, agreed:

“Germs seek their natural habitat – diseased tissue –
rather than being the cause of diseased tissue.”
– Man, the Unknown [288]


Along with many other scientists then and now, Virchow realized that the presence of germs may identify the tissue as diseased, but did not necessarily create the diseased condition. Weakened or diseased tissue is a target area for microorganisms, a hospitable environment in which opportunists can set up shop. But that’s quite different from predatory germs having caused the weakened state. First the patient gets sick; then germs show up.

Authors and doctors enslaved to the Germ Theory today are
still playing their only trump card – Alexander Fleming’s
discovery of penicillin in 1928. They are desperately hoping
for a reprise of medicine’s greatest triumph. No one would be
more embarrassed by their invocations than Fleming himself,
who predicted the rise of the superbugs by the reckless
overprescription of antibiotics – our wildly unscientific just-in-
case policy. [178]

The militaristic idea that the normal human condition is to live in this hermetically-sealed antiseptic little capsule in which all other life forms must be regarded as invaders and killed off –
this notion is scientifically untenable, even though it is the lodestone of modern medicine.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 23

Healthy humans subsist in a biosphere, surrounded by
thousands of microbes, both internally and externally, all co-
existing in a dynamic equilibrium that is beneficial to all
Dr Khem Shahani, premier authority on intestinal probiotics,
proved that the normal human colon should contain up to 3
lbs. of microflora, as many as 400 different species. [180]
There are species of microscopic spiders who live their entire
lifespan on the human eyelash. [115] Dr Alec Burton proved
that tetanus bacillus is found on the skin and even in the
mouths of most healthy individuals, without causing disease.
Legitimate scientists see germ proliferation not as the cause
of disease but rather the evidence of disease. The disease
came first. This simple concept, which organized medicine /
your pediatrician cannot discuss, is really the key premise of
this book.


Politics never changes. The same type of thinking that kept
Galileo under house arrest for discovering that the earth went
around the sun, the rulers’ eternal attempt to control the
minds of their subjects, these are the forces that cast Pasteur,
an ambitious opportunist, into a role he may not have deserved
– the imagined Trailblazer in the science of modern biomedicine.
Howard Hencke, in his 1995 book The Germ Theory: A
Deliberate Aberration, notes that the Germ Theory wanted
“… to indoctrinate the public in the Western world with
the belief that the salvation from all, especially physical
ailments, lay outside the individual’s system and
responsibility, because it was caused by external factors… and
that chemical remedies will keep him free from disease,

24 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

independent of his own vigilant responsibility.” [289]
We’re talking marketing here, yes?

“Had it not been for the mass selling of vaccines,
Pasteur’s germ theory of disease would have collapsed into
obscurity.” – E. Douglas Hume [236]


From the beginning, the whole idea of piercing the skin with a
needle for any reason was suspect, let alone introducing new
proteins and agents into what was supposed to be a sacrosanct
environment: the circulatory system. We just assume
injecting microbes into the infant’s blood is safe and
scientific, without giving it a second thought. Popular media
and scientific literature always make this unfounded

But injections are an utter violation of nature. It was nature’s
design that nothing be introduced into the bloodstream
without going through the laboratory of the digestive or
respiratory systems. It’s never scientific to defy nature, no
matter how they may spin it. There’s even something in the
bible forbidding mixing the blood of Man with the blood of
animals, right?

Isn’t this common sense? Ever think about the abhorrence of infants and children when they see a syringe? Why wouldn’t we trust those instincts? If you want to use the ‘it’s-for-their-
own-good’ slogan, well then, you better have incontrovertible proof. This is your child we’re talking about here.

Among the dozens of scientists opposing inoculation:

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 25

“The most serious disorders may be provoked by the
injection of living organisms into the blood… into a
medium not intended for them may provoke redoubtable
manifestations of the gravest morbid phenomena.”
– Antoine Bechamp [236]

Pasteur began the practice of vivisection with horrific animal
experiments, which have never been proven valid. Would you
give your cat your thyroid medicine? Or your antibiotics to
your horse? In the natural state, animals have different
diseases from humans, and rarely at that. Their physiologies
are very different. This one error has led us down a costly,
murderous, and ultimately fruitless path. [59] [Appleton]

How can we hope to cure human disease by giving animals
diseases they would never have encountered in nature, then
pretending that such diseases are the same ones we get, and
then seeing which drugs cover up the animals’ symptoms?
Then we smugly conclude that those same drugs will have the
same effect in humans!

Idiotic as that sounds, it’s precisely what we do. Animal testing remains the basis for the entire empire of medical research, publication, and the whole approval process for prescription drugs. (Hans Ruesch) [290]
Except for COVID vaccine. In the rush to get the capricious Emergency Use Authorization, all testing involving animal studies was skipped. [10]

One concept of pivotal importance in understanding how and
why vaccines came about: for the first time in history, doctors
would no longer confine themselves to the sick. With

26 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

vaccines, doctors are now going to claim that perfectly healthy people need their injections in order to stay healthy.
Selling such an impossibly fanciful concept obviously would
require wagging some major dog. As masters of the scientific
universe, doctors will pretend they are clever enough to have
unlocked the hidden health secrets of the ages, which they will
now mercifully share with a grateful humanity. For a price.

For the rest of the Vaccine History section, see chapter. [67]


In the Boutique Epidemics section below (p. 59), we see the requisite pattern that was employed to peddle several contrived epidemics of the recent past:
– invent a disease threat from a new microbe from an
exotic location
– create global hysteria, millions will die, etc.
– suddenly ‘discover’ a vaccine – the hero
– fund the vaccine
– the threat disappears

So successful was this scheme for the past 20 years – so how about one more time, with feeling …
But COVID was to be the masterpiece – the culmination of decades of preparation and careful orchestration from the Holy Trinity of government, the drug empire, and media.


Along with the cultural transformation and dismantling of the
social order wrought by COVID, came the most enormous
fiscal windfall in corporate history: The COVID vaccine.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 27

The social and political complexities of COVID are beyond the
scope of this text. That subject is addressed in The COVID
Pageant video series, as well as in the newsletter archive.
Here we will focus on the radical aberrations from traditional vaccine science that were brought about by COVID’s creators. As we’ll see below, we’ve had many vaccines in the past created for diseases that did not exist. That’s certainly nothing new. But COVID marked the first time that we treated a disease that did not exist using a vaccine that did not exist.
All the scientific contradictions and crimes since the time of
Edward Jenner, documented throughout this text, all the
evidence for the injuries, illness, and deaths brought to the
world by a century of vaccines – all this in itself could be one
of the most consistent examples of human depravity since
Dante’s Inferno.

But all that pales by comparison to COVID – its scientific
retrogression in the science of immunology, its epistemological
limitations with the new censorship, the concerted attack on
human DNA, the permanent damage to the constitutional
principles that brought this country out of the Dark Ages, the
irrevocable damage to our children – socially, immunologically,
academically, genetically …

Of course, nothing even close to the COVID phenomenon could have ever taken place before this time, in all of history. Why not? Because it has taken this long for the human population to become so tightly controlled by the 24-hour Metaverse conditioning that they would fall for it.


On page 42 below we review the manufacture of a vaccine.

28 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Culturing microbes from extracts from diseased animals, attenuating them in the lab, and then mass producing the products into injectable “medicines” etc.
As a race, we bought that systematic junk science for some
200 years – 100 years of it in the US. But for the first 50 years
it wasn’t that big of a deal – 1950s kids only got 3 vaccines.
But now suddenly overnight the world was to be introduced into the most duplicitous immunological sleight of hand ever conceived: the mRNA vaccine. The vaccine that wasn’t a vaccine at all, by any stretch of the imagination.

Suddenly it was all about speed. Remember? After the ‘discovery’ of COVID19, media completely overdid the global hysteria. They did too good a job. Fauci was losing control. He knew he couldn’t prop up the nonexistent pandemic for long enough to develop a conventional vaccine. Which usually takes 3 – 5 years. The ice cream was melting.

No problem – Americans will believe almost anything. So out
of thin air comes the wildly irresponsible and unscientific
hook: Emergency Use Authorization. Which means get an
untested, theoretical, totally experimental pseudo-vaccine to
market ASAP. To hell with science. We’ll just canonize our
recklessness with a balmy slogan from StarTrek: Warp Speed.
Just what you want to hear about an experimental injection they’re trying to mandate for your children, right? – the speed at which all normal standard testing is being skipped in favor of some arbitrary deadline.

Enter the hero: mRNA vaccines – child of expediency. No time
for all this nonsense culturing microbes from animal diseases,
coming up with something that will trigger immunity to the
disease, etc. … No, no, no – we’re in WarpSpeed now. No time
for creating an actual vaccine, then testing it – all

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 29

those tiresome months and years in the lab… CNN wants this thing now!

Hey, how about let’s do this: we’ll just get a fragment from the
virus’ genetic sequence, mix in some typical adjuvants and
reactive triggers, and re-name it: mRNA vaccine. And then
start claiming that we have isolated the genetic sequence of
the “COVID virus,” but we only need to inject a tiny piece of it
into a human subject into order to produce specific antibodies
to the entire disease virus. Yeah, that’ll work. That will be the
soundbyte. [37]
Then we’ll saturate media with a few new hooks, like spike
protein, PCR tests, mRNA, etc. that nobody understands and
we’ll meet Fauci’s schedule. Fastest vaccine in history…

A theoretical vaccine. What could possibly go wrong?


First of all – there was no novel COVID virus in the world. The story went out that COVID was one of the Coronavirus family that had somehow become this deadly global pathogen. Right off the bat that was already impossible. [31]

Any pathology text written before 2018 describes coronavirus infections as mild, self-limiting after a few days, and requiring no treatment. Exactly like the flu. [280]
And for the first two months of the “pandemic,” before COVID
virus was ever named, coronavirus was their only diagnosis for
all the cases they were counting. All those early cases were
diagnosed by symptoms only. Which were the exact same
symptoms of the flu: fever, headache, runny nose, cough,
weakness, etc. But they were revving up the machine, already

30 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

using the word ‘pandemic’ at the very start, before there even was a COVID.. [30] [23]


Then once COVID 19 was ‘identified’ in the labs in Wuhan and
on our East coast, suddenly everybody who had these same
symptoms now “had COVID.” Even though it was flu season
and these were the identical symptoms. Re-categorization –
the shrewdest agenda ever. Just recategorize all cases of the
seasonal flu with a new name, without the slightest evidence.
And then it was another 3 months before COVID “tests” were
invented. Remember? So during all that time, the only way to
diagnose COVID was by symptoms only. Hundreds of
thousands of cases – a planned-demic if ever there was one.
Daily counting cases, creating global hysteria. [30, 31]

Like every other Boutique Epidemic.

And then the 5 types of ‘tests’ that were invented were 100%
fraudulent, of course. And why was that? Because in order to
be accurate, a test had to show an exact match between the
virus in a patient’s sample and the original COVID virus, right?
But that was impossible: because the original sequence of the
imaginary COVID 19 virus was nothing more than a sample
from a computer model of 1000 random viruses all mixed
together with a number of other toxins. (Kaufman) [32] [37]
No specific genetic sequence was ever isolated, photographed, and sequenced as a novel COVID virus that was transmitted from one human to another.

And yet that theoretical computer model was the only way to
derive an mRNA fragment, which was then used to mass

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 31

produce the ‘vaccine.’ [37]

Dr Andrew Kaufman, an MIT researcher in molecular biology and chemistry, was able to study the original lab findings from the creation of the COVID19 virus, in great detail. A few excerpts from his shocking 2020 interview: [37]
“… they’re misinterpreting evidence in these sick people
..looking at little particles under a microscope in a mixture of
foreign cells and toxic materials. And they’re basing all of the
policies downstream on this erroneous finding.” [37]
“The fragments of genetic material … come from the lung
fluid of … a couple of sick people. It doesn’t come from a
particular source, it actually comes from a human.. but they
never separated .. the sources of RNA in that lung fluid…”
“if the full length of a virus genome is about 30,000 bases
long, they’re looking at fragments that are just 100 bases
long… you have this mixture and you pull out little fragments
of chopped up RNA, how do you know where they came from?
saying they’re from a virus, but how can you say that?”
“it’s the worst scientific procedure I’ve ever seen … amazing that they could actually get published and passed a peer review.” [37]

“ … saying that they sequenced the genome. But they
didn’t actually … they didn’t have a virus that they pulled RNA
out of .. a mixture of RNA was from hundreds of sources at
least…all different kinds of human cells… they sequenced
something like 20,000 fragments. And they put them together
in a computer and the computer pieced them together and
filled in gaps with sequences from other viruses … Basically
they just made it up. There’s no basis at all for any new
infectious agent in this pandemic.”

32 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

“…you can find articles that say “isolation of novel
coronavirus” .. what you find out is the word isolation – they
don’t actually mean isolation. They don’t mean that they
separated out the virus from everything else and had it in their
hand and were able to characterize it in every way.”

“It’s totally ridiculous because it’s a computer model of a theoretical virus that’s never actually been shown [to exist]. And they’re saying this is the evidence the virus exists. The whole thing is really a house of cards.” [37]

“There’s never been a science to say that healthy people can spread an illness.”
“It’s terrifying. The problem is once it’s in there you can’t get it out. It’s in your cells and it’s doing whatever it’s going to do, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Shocked? Don’t believe this? Then just read the whole interview yourself. [37] There was no virus.

Remember, Kaufman is talking about an unknown, untested mRNA in all the COVID injections – as of 2023, 13 billion injections into the entire human species.


These are just a few excerpts from the transcripts of Kaufman’s interview. Think what all this means. Once you read the entire interview something may dawn on you, like the parting of the clouds: there was no virus. Keep this in mind next time you hear someone talking about the ‘Wuhan virus’ or the ‘China virus’, or merely ‘The Virus.’

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 33

No matter what the speaker’s credentials or position, he’s uninformed. As part of the sales machine, corporate media will use any hook to sell the pandemic. If the speaker is someone critical of vaccine policy referring to The Virus, then that’s part of controlled opposition.

Without a virus you cannot have a viral pandemic.

This is why in 2020 we had a video offering a $5000 reward
for anyone who could provide proof of their COVID diagnosis.
[38] After the first 100K views YouTube deleted it. It’s still out
there but even after all this time no one has ever come forward.
Because that’s exactly what we demanded – proof that their
sample had the identical sequence of the original COVID virus.

Safe bet – how could there be a sequence if there was no virus?

So stop reading for a minute and let all this soak in. If it’s
true, then what about everything that’s happened as a
consequence of the global COVID campaign during the last 3
years? What about all that, if there never was a Virus?
There are dozens of the world’s top authorities in immunology who support Kaufman’s research but, like him, have been censored from most corporate media since 2020: Scott Jensen MD, Alan Preston MD, Scott Atlas MD, Michael Roizen MD, Dan Erickson MD, Wolfgang Wodarg MD, John Ioannidas MD, to name just a very few. [45]
This is the vital science that your doctor refuses to look at. But
surprisingly, a lot of doctors do know this information very
well. And they will not vaccinate their own children because
of it.
But they’ll vaccinate yours.

34 Vaccination Is Not Immunization


As far as vaccine science is concerned Bobby’s 2021 masterpiece ends the discussion. The Real Anthony Fauci is certainly the most thorough and unassailable expose’ on vaccines ever written. [23]
This book is almost too good. Bobby and his team have
surpassed themselves in compiling this peerless text, not just
about the machinations of Gates and Fauci, but also the
technical science and history behind AIDS, COVID vaccines,
as well as every fake epidemic in the past 25 years. With a
complete cast of characters and their individual Machiavellian
In this book, Bobby focuses particularly on the junk science
and backroom politics that forced the entire COVID pageant
onto the world. At 1000 pages, it’s a daunting read, no doubt.
But it puts the reader far ahead of most pundits, politicians,
and doctors as far as the history, economics, and science of
COVID vaccines.

Don’t miss the section on


Corporate media certainly pulled out all the stops in their
desperate efforts to demonize the term ‘plandemic.’ But you
won’t know how spot-on accurate that designation is until you
familiarize yourself with the meticulous WarGames plotted out
by Fauci and Gates, which was called SPARS 2017.
[10, p 856, 23]
SPARS 17 proved to be almost an exact prediction of the way the whole coup d’état actually unfolded in early 2020.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 35

This secret exercise took place at Johns Hopkins in 2017, with
NIH, NIAID, and the military attending. They gamed out a
scenario for 2025 – 2028. Just like COVID, it was a bioterrorist
attack that provided a global coronavirus epidemic. Followed
by forced mass vaccinations and lockdowns everywhere.
The vaccine was presented as the hero. With courses on how
to crush vaccine opposition. SPARS 2017 even predicted EUA.
All those things didn’t just happen – they were all planned,
down to the letter. Three years in advance. [10, p859]
Astounding that this War Game simulation even had instructions for dealing with the long term side effects of the vaccine the second year. The solution – no association with the vaccine. Just like they’re saying now. [23]
Gates and Fauci didn’t spend all this time and money gaming
out scenarios they didn’t plan on making happen. They were
completely prepared for COVID 19. Not only did they invent it
– they rehearsed it – over and over for years. As Fauci himself admitted:

“When a new pandemic virus emerges, we already have
something on the shelf to do something about it.” [10, p868 ]


With all the foolhardy haste and political pressure to get the vaccine out, even though it didn’t exist, the pushback to the vaccine that was taking place by 2023 was predictable if nothing else. Irrepressible.

As of Dec 2022, over 650 million doses were given in the US,

36 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

[34] with over 13.3 billion shots given worldwide. [36] Try and imagine the overall effect on the human genome from an untested, experimental mRNA injection forced into any species’ circulatory system.

Even fake news can’t hide all the documented cases of
myocarditis, CVAs, anaphylaxis, thrombosis, Guillain Barre, dysmenorrhea, and death that are coming out now as proven consequences of COVID vaccine. [46] They are listed on CDC’s own site. [25] [34]
Recently VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System) has made statistics very difficult to find. If you do a search for COVID vaccine deaths on CDC’s site, it will come up with “No results.” But CDC has kept a running total of COVID vax deaths since early 2021 on a secret page of their site. [24] [25] They’re citing their data from VAERS.
Unless you’ve looked at their page frequently you won’t know the running totals, because they’ve usually updated the page every 3 days. Even to the present.
Between January and June 2021 their number of deaths from COVID vaccine was over 5000. Even that number exceeded the total deaths from all vaccines put together since VAERS began in 1991. [24] [25]
By 19 March 2023 on that same CDC page, the count was up to 19,476 reports of death from COVID vaccine since January of 2021. [24]
Doing the math for the 10% – that means that over 190,000 Americans had already died from COVID vaccine.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 37
Actuarial records from the insurance industry document an 86% increase in deaths from 2019 – 2021. [49] They call them “excess deaths” meaning that since COVID vax began, far more people were suddenly dying in the US than the normal monthly mortality rate. The figures correspond precisely to the VAERS and CDC statistics for COVID deaths.
What if the real figure is closer to only 1% of vaccine injuries ever reported? [360]

CDC admits there were almost 5x more deaths from COVID vaccine in its first 5 months than deaths from all vaccines since the VAERS system began in 1991! [24] [25]
Different sources, different stats. A peer reviewed report
submitted to HHS [78] in 2023 cites 40,883 deaths from
COVID vaccine reported to VAERS as of December 2022. [34]

This source states that 45x more deaths from COVID vaccine
than for all flu vaccine deaths since VAERS began in 1991. [34]
Using the 10% figure comparing reports of injuries to actual injuries, that would mean that 408,330 Americans have died from COVID vaccine.
CDC has been refreshing that URL [24] every three days. They’re not even trying to hide the deaths. More amazing is that they always start the page with the statement “Reports of death after COVID-19 vaccination are rare.”
Rare? They’re quoting from VAERS which is a passive system.
Which means it’s very difficult to report an injury. CDC, FDA
and VAERS itself have always admitted that only 10% of
vaccine injuries are ever reported. [35]

38 Vaccination Is Not Immunization
Again, what if only 1% of injuries are ever reported? Which is entirely possible. (Lazarus report, [360]) [78]


A 2023 report from International Journal of Vaccine Theory also
documents that there were 1000x as many cases of
dysmenorrhea from COVID vaccine as there were from flu
shots. And 100 times as many cases of myocarditis. [34]
Appendix 4 of Edward Dowd’s book Cause Unknown includes RFK’s list of 100 peer-reviewed journals proving massive myocarditis following COVID vaccine. [50]
There were more than 60x as many cerebrovascular accidents
from COVID vaccines as from influenza vaccine. It is well
documented the mRNA particles can cross the blood brain
barrier as well as promote coagulation and thrombus. [34,
These facts are verboten to discuss. As you know, any
information on vaccine science is censored from corporate and
social media. Even that coming from CDC itself. All that is
allowed to be printed about COVID vax is self-promotional
marketing, saying how necessary it is, 97% effectiveness, etc.
COVID vaccine will never end. It’s been added to the 2023
Childhood Immunization Schedule. [35] And Biden just set
aside another $5 billion of your money promoting NextGen –
Fauci/Gates’ endless program to ensure a never-ending
supply of COVID vaccines and mandates. [39] [40] The most
lucrative vaccine in history.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 39

With the majority of the US population having volunteered for
the most lethal vaccine in history, it’s astounding to see how
people justify their own reckless behavior in everyday
When the topic comes up, folks are quick to brag about being vaccinated. Ever notice that? They’re proud they’ve chosen the most fatal vaccine ever invented! For their children.

In Sept. 2021, a group of scientists sued the FDA for ignoring
a FOIA request to release Pfizer’s pre-licensing research data
on COVID vaccine. After FDA tried to stall for 55 years, a Texas
judge ruled that Pfizer had one year to release all 320,000
documents, in monthly installments. [55] Which they did.

Full downloads now available at [52]

The documents revealed that Pfizer knew the vaccine was a
failure early on, with practically no efficacy. [51] After the first
3 months of the vaccine, Pfizer had to hire 2400 staff just to record all the reports of over 42K adverse reactions.
Biggest secret: the third most common side effect of Pfizer’s vaccine: COVID! According to Pfizer. [51]
A very good intro to the stupefying findings in the document dump is probably Naomi Wolf’s 2023 interview. [51]
Here are just a few of the adverse effects Pfizer reports:

strokes (61 deaths)

40 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

brain disorders, including dementia joint pain
muscle pain
myocarditis (1 per 1000) fetal damage
ovarian damage

The full list is 9 pages long, one word for each effect. [51]

Just in the first 3 months of the vaccine, there were 1,223 deaths and more than 42,000 adverse events. [56]
Test subjects were told not to have sex during trials because
of possible shedding of lipid nanoparticles and spike proteins
to the partner. Ovarian damage was rampant. Of 36 pregnant
female subjects fully 80% miscarried. [51] Pfizer obviously
knew that the global COVID vaccine was a tenuous experiment
on human reproduction.

For more of the story see [50, 51, 54, 55, 56]
How dumb are we really? [29] Well for starters, we are the first nation in history who accepted the preposterous idea of quarantining the healthy. For a year and a half.
You don’t even need peer reviewed studies to prove the
extravagance of this queer notion, which defies all common
sense. Never in human history did any rulers ever quarantine
the healthy. During no epidemic, no pestilence, no plague, no
disease outbreak – never were people so gullible as to believe
that the population would be protected by mass quarantining
the healthy. [25]

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 41
Throughout human history, it has only been infected patients who have been quarantined. Never the healthy. Not even once, in any culture since Adam and Eve. The very idea never even occurred to anyone till 2020. Such a notion defied common sense before there ever was science.

And now that there is science, quarantining the healthy has proven to be the most ill-advised, disingenuous, catastrophic recommendation possible. The decision makers knew how extravagant it was when they ruled it. But they also knew that the time was right to get away with it. That was proven with the SPARS 2017 rehearsal. [23]
The fact that this idiocy has now became immutable medical
orthodoxy, and that no doctors or scientists are allowed even
to question it attests to the radical decline in common
Since no MD, PhD, or research scientist is allowed to challenge the quixotic dogma behind COVID and COVID vaccines, doesn’t it follow that all medical and scientific discussion from this point forward may be intrinsically flawed and impugned? Isn’t that logical?
At present, legacy media has effectively expunged all scientific
dialog from the global narrative. You can’t have a YouTube
video that even discusses vaccines. You can’t make a Facebook
comment or Amazon comment that mentions vaccines. Even
if it’s neutral.

Think about it. If politics and corporate expediency can invade
the very essence of scientific discovery and whimsically create

42 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

their own “science” that eclipses legitimate science, what does
that say about the entire academic zeitgeist for the future?
That for all our posturing about the sophistication of modern
science, etc., we really haven’t advanced at all beyond a time
where Galileo was placed under lifetime house arrest by Pope
Innocent whatever for proving the earth revolves around the
sun. We’re still dominated by superstition and the newest
Religion of the Germ Theory. [22]

This has been the briefest look at the COVID phenomenon. For a more thorough and uncensored investigation, refer to the videos series The COVID Pageant as well as the Newsletter Archive at [9, 26]


Although the complete composition of today’s vaccines are secret formulae, protected by law as proprietary intel, many of the ingredients were listed in the Physicians Desk Reference, (PDR) prior to 2016.

We can see some of the main ingredients:

adjuvants attenuated pathogens preservatives
toxoids excipients
The first vaccines by Jenner and Pasteur, as well as most modern ones, are experimental proteins made from rotting, diseased samples of animal tissue (cows, birds, sheep, monkeys, guinea pigs, humans, and horses) carrying some weakened infectious agent.
In accordance with the Germ Theory, the full-strength microbe
is not used, but rather a weakened, half-killed lab mutation –

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 43

the attenuated version.

A toxoid is a poisonous excretion of a pathogen which is claimed to be able to trigger immunity, merely because it came from the original bug.
An adjuvant is a poisonous compound like formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, or phenol, which is used to provoke a stronger immune response than would be evoked from the attenuated pathogen alone. (Burnet p. 85) [235]

These adjuvants, or helpers, in reality help nothing but the
toxicity of the vaccine. That is, how much of an immune kick
it sparks. (PDR 2010)[163] Following that logic, why not just
add Drano to the mix? The strength of immune response has
no proven effect on enhancing health, or immunity.

Formaldehyde is a cytotoxic, carcinogenic embalming fluid. (PDR p1383 [270])
Aluminum is a potent neurotoxin, which can cause much
more neurologic mischief than just Alzheimer’s disease. [222,
Mercury, third most toxic substance known to man, is used
as a preservative, to protect the noxious concoction from
extraneous biologicals, safe for decades on the shelf. In the
form of thimerosal, just trace amounts of mercury can cause
permanent nerve damage and autoimmune disorders. [340]
Excipients are oil compounds used as carriers to prolong and
enhance the immune effect. Unfortunately the refined oils still
contain intact proteins, which in children cause epidemic food
sensitivity and even anaphylaxis, notably to peanuts. [134]
Vax companies are not required to disclose all the ingredients,
protected by mask of intellectual property. Vaccines today are
some of the most closely guarded of all industrial secrets. The

44 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

cold reality is that parents really have no way of knowing exactly what is being injected into their children.
That’s a lot of trust to expect, looking at the track record of the
vax companies, as we do throughout this book. Not to mention
their exemption from liability. And the billions in fines.


The Physicians Desk Reference – PDR – referred to as the bible
of the drug industry, is found in every library. For the past 70
years, this enormous annual tome has been the
pharmaceutical industry’s principal reference source to index
the research and biochemistry behind most drugs currently on
the market. It is a technical journal written by the scientists
who formulate the drugs and vaccines in use today.

The PDR has been an invaluable source for all previous editions of this text – detailed background for each vaccine, coming directly from the formulators themselves.

But something unprecedented happened in 2017 with the new
edition. Policy shifts effected a major transformation in the
style and content of this vital reference work. Suddenly they
have decided to disclose as little as possible about the
development of drugs and have shrunk the book down to a
third of its traditional size.

With vaccines specifically, it’s as though they have been ordered to slam the door shut and hide as much of the science as possible. Anyone can see it – just compare any previous edition of the PDR with the 2017 volume.

Suddenly the PDR went from its traditional 4500 micro-printed
pages down to about 1500. With vaccines in particular,
previous editions would have 4 or 5 pages about each vaccine,
which might be thousands of words. But no more. Gone are

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 45

the entire sections on Clinical Pharmacology, Discussion, clinical trials, Contraindications, full disclosure of Adverse Reactions, etc. From 4 pages down to a few short paragraphs, just like that – across the board. Obviously the order has come down from on high – the end of transparency.
As a result, it’s much more difficult for anyone who has
decided to take a closer look at the actual science on vaccines
from a primary source. Under the guise of protecting
intellectual property, the net outcome here is to limit
transparency for discussion of vaccines. Is it a coincidence,
that this radical change has come at the same time when there
is a nationwide program to market vaccines by creating new
laws ending exemptions? And just 2 years before COVID? (See
below under Four Horsemen) [9, 75]

Though full disclosure is not required, here are a few of the dozens of vaccine components listed on a 4-page CDC Fact Sheet [81] of excipients and media:

• aluminum sulfate bovine casein
• monkey kidney ethanol
• detergent neomycin
• calf serum yeast protein
• formaldehyde thimerosal
• human diploid cells (aborted fetus)
• carbolic acid (irritant to skin and eyes)
Parents really have to look at this Fact Sheet to see the ingredients they’re injecting into the infants. Most won’t. Easier to pretend it’s not happening.


The active part of a vaccine is a disease organism which is

46 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

grown or cultured in a certain medium. Here are some of the culture media for today’s vaccines, as listed in the 2011 and 2013 PDR, [128, 110] and on CDC’s page [111]:
lung cells of aborted human fetus: diploid [111] kidneys of African green monkeys
diphtheria cultures
infected human connective tissue
infected animal cells (monkey kidneys [111]
pig [111], canary, rabbit, chicken, [111] dog [333] guinea pig, [111)
caterpillar cells (flu vaccine) [333]
insect cells [111] p 925
aborted fetal calf blood [111]
beef hearts [111]
Why are we not mortified by the above list? Why such a shrill
insistence that vaccinations are safe, in the absence of
scientific evidence? Maybe it’s our primordial, tribal
fascination with superstitions involving parts and extracts and
entrails from dead animals. These beliefs harken forth
from the dawn of humanity, and are cited in the chronicles of
most civilizations. They’re imprinted on the hard disk of our
primitive brain.
Medical thinking is that if the patient gets a minor case of the
disease under the controlled conditions of vaccination, he will
produce his own antibodies to the vaccine. These in turn will
confer lifetime immunity by remembering what the bad bug
looks like the next time it shows up, and then neutralizing it.

But there’s a little more to it than that. [314] (Benjamini)

First off, there is no general agreement that the vaccine-
antibody paradigm is really the whole story of immunity.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 47

Researchers like Alan Phillips, director of Citizens for Health Care and Freedom, realize that [266]
“natural immunity is a complex phenomenon involving many organs and systems; it cannot be fully replicated by the artificial stimulation of antibody production.”

Dr. Gerald Edelman won the Nobel prize for his discovery that
the immune system doesn’t operate solely on the popular
antigen-antibody model. Edelman showed that hundreds of
antibodies are already present at birth, having evolved within
our species over the centuries. ([214] Sylwester, p 17)

Like the Germ Theory of Disease, the antigen-antibody model was a great teaching tool to substantiate the need for a ton of vaccines to be ramjetted into the bloodstream of mankind, from Pasteur till the end of time.


Even though vaccine research is funded largely by government
grants from NIH, manufacture is a costly process. Flu vaccines
are especially risky, because of the variability in guessing the
predominant strains from season to season. If flu vaccine lots
are returned unsold, the company’s bottom line will be
With less than a third of the population getting flu shots [290], manufacturers are desperate to turn a profit. This explains the foolhardy marketing attempts we see at Safeway markets and at Walgreens, with those large signs for flu shots at the entrances, and a promise of “10% off” or more, on all purchases if you get the shot…

And it worked. Right after pharmacists were allowed to give
shots, Walgreens sales rose to $72 billion per month! [107]

48 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Next marketing breakthrough: optometrists! CA’s bill AB443 allows guys who sell glasses to be giving vaccines.
By 2014, skies were looking even bluer. A new lab protocol had
emerged – faster and cheaper. Chief conjurers Tony Fauci and
Gary Nabel over at NIH were promoting their newest magic:
genetic harvesting of a gene common to many flu viruses.

The process does not require the painstaking old egg culturing steps, but simply reproducing a gene in the flu virus, common to many strains, which they’re claiming provokes some undefined “strong immune response.”

Even though that is impossible, since single genes don’t elicit immune responses in mammals, they’re not going to be put off with bothersome details like biological science. [287]
The adjuvants will provide a generic immune response. The
gene is supposedly ‘inserted’ into a common insect virus,
which then proliferates without the traditional culturing
process. They’re calling it ‘gene-based’ vaccines. Much
simpler, much cheaper. And utterly theoretical – mixing
human and insect DNA.
This single gene “technology” is the new dark art used to fast
track many new vaccines. [333] Paved the way for mRNA.
Natural immunity is a much more nuanced subject than the
vaccine salesmen would have us believe. The whole antigen-
antibody paradigm was a massive oversimplification. But as
always in marketing, there’s the KISS principle. No need to
abandon a perfectly good theory just because it isn’t true.

happens only after recovering from the actual disease. Or at
least being exposed to it. For example, on p. 1098 of the Merck

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 49

Manual we find that for measles, “people born before 1956
are considered immune by virtue of prior infection.” [280]
Natural immunity – most got the disease. A mild immune-
building disease of childhood.
With the actual disease, the organism has to pass through
many of the body’s natural immune defense systems in the
nose, throat, and lungs before it ever gets as far as the
bloodstream. It’s likely that the organism slowly triggers many
unknown biological events, essential in building true natural
immunity, before it ever reaches the bloodstream.

Vaccination by direct injection makes the unproven
assumption that the mere artificial stimulation of antibody
production by the sudden presence of a foreign agent in the
bloodstream is the whole story of immunity. Obviously it isn’t;
the need for booster shots proves that. Many studies have
shown low antibody counts in vaccinated people. (Gunn,
Fraser) [291, 134]


Attenuated means half-killed. In vaccines the infectious
agent is weakened so that it is just below the threshold of being
able to trigger an inflammatory response in 99.9% of people.
By allowing the implantation of an attenuated virus or bacteria
into the body, we have done something nature would never
permit. We have violated the sanctity of human blood. We
have tricked the immune system into not mounting an all-out
response to a foreign agent.
If the microorganisms were not attenuated, the powers of the
natural immune system would join together to repel and attack the invader.
Let’s not forget – these aren’t the original bugs associated
with the disease they’re using here, but rather manmade

50 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

lab mutations of the original microbes.

Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Richard Moskowitz explains
that the way vaccines are prepared is to make them weaker
and weaker, just to the point where they don’t produce an
immune response. The problem is, in this form, the altered
microbes can penetrate far deeper into our tissues than would
naturally have been possible. There they can become latent,
hidden allergens, just waiting. Like a slow virus.
Then when something triggers them into action, even years later, the stowaway microorganisms can manifest themselves in virtually any location or system of the body, causing dysfunction, chaos, degenerative disease, or even death. But not from the original disease. [182, 237]
That way, no one can ever prove the vaccine was the cause of death – it’s a beautiful thing.
Vaccination is a quantum detour from the path of human evolution. It took Nature a million years to come up with an immune system that would initiate an inflammatory response to these foreign agents. That’s a survival mechanism. True Herd Immunity. Selection. Speciation.
Now suddenly in the past century, doctors are going to pretend they know enough to ignore aeons of natural wisdom?
Below we will see the problems with the noxious ingredients used in the manufacture of vaccines. But we must not forget that even if all these additives were eliminated from vaccines tomorrow, the biggest danger will remain as long as there are vaccines: viral load. That means the total accumulation of foreign virus and microorganisms that are introduced into the human bloodstream via vaccinations.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 51

As you’ll remember, a virus has the annoying talent of being
able to splice itself into the DNA of a host cell. Taken together,
the collective DNA of our race is known as the human genome.
(Bishop) [359] Continuing to add more and more lab-altered
versions of unknown foreign agents into our children’s blood
year after year is certain to be diluting the human genome.
This long-term effect within our species is an entire field that
has never been studied.
Looking at the 84 vaccines currently given to American
schoolkids, there’s no end in sight. Plans are being laid for
dozens more vaccines, which will simply be tacked on. As each
individual vaccine goes through the FDA approval process, is
there any consideration being given to the composite effect of
the immense microbial load on a formative immune system?
None whatsoever. Not by the CDC, the FDA, or the NIH.
Want to talk about science? Consider the routine procedure
when a child misses shot day. What happens? They usually
just wait until the next time, and do what? Right, give all the
vaccines for both visits on one day. That could be as many as
15 vaccines at once! Any safety testing for this flagrantly unscientific practice? None.

The use of continuous cell lines or immortal strains to maintain continuity of a vaccine year after year, accepted within the industry since Jenner, has been extensively criticized. (Thya.[299])

A possible correlation is obvious between culturing cells lines that cannot die and the creation of cancerous tumors. (McReardon [201]) Groups of cells that don’t die.


Before 1960, there was no such thing as cancer in US children.

52 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Today cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease
among children in the US. Don’t believe it? Look it up: (NIH
“Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease past
infancy among children in the United States. In 2021, it
is estimated that 15,590 children and adolescents ages
0 to 19 will be diagnosed with cancer”

In his text on vaccines, Tedd Koren [226] points out the sharp increase of childhood cancers that appeared between 1960 and 1980, when US vaccines doubled.
Connection with vaccines? Before 1960, kids got less than 4 vaccines. Today they get 84, many with manmade experimental viral mutations. Remembering our high school biology, viruses can insert themselves into the host DNA without killing the cell. Connect the dots.


Adverse reactions to vaccines can be divided into three types:

Immediate – as when the baby dies or else suffers some crisis in the first few hours or days after a shot.

Latent – as when a toxin in the vaccine lodges itself in the brain causing a defect of brain architecture or a nerve disease that doesn’t show up until years later.

Genome damage – where a foreign agent in the vaccine
alters DNA, thereby causing cancer in a patient, or worse,
having a general weakening effect on our collective DNA, the
human genome.

The last of these is the worst. Viera uses the xerox analogy: as
a billion injections per year access our human DNA, it’s like
making a copy of a copy of a copy, etc. The human genome is
being diluted. The implications of such a trend on our species

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 53

could hardly be more profound. [272]

The other problem is that the original theory was flawed: the
bug attenuated in the vaccine wasn’t the real cause of the
original disease. Just like rats don’t cause garbage, (Jensen,
[263]) but are a result of untended garbage, germs don’t cause
disease. They’re just seeking a congenial habitat. (Carrel [288,
12]) They’re the clean-up crew. Microbes are the evidence of
disease, not the cause. Scavengers not predators.

Even Pasteur finally admitted that one, repudiating his own precious Germ Theory in one of the most quoted deathbed comments of all time:

“The terrain is everything; the germ is nothing.” [236]

So here’s the deal: for the love of money, we’re going to legislate the following falsehoods as true:

1. a certain germ causes a certain disease
2. we’ll give you immunity to that disease by injecting a weak version of the germ that doesn’t cause the disease, directly into your bloodstream
Unlike all other classes of drugs, vaccines do not require clinical proof of safety and efficacy before they are approved by FDA and CDC.
Really want to talk about science? Even before COVID, there are almost never any long-term studies before a vaccine gets approved for mass use:

H1N1 vaccine was approved after 6 weeks. [152]

54 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Measles vaccine was approved after studies that only
lasted 28 days. (Through a Glass [208])
Chickenpox vaccine was approved after trials which
lasted only 42 days. [195]

Hepatitis B vaccine was approved after 5 days! [60]
Neither is follow-up for long-term effectiveness of vaccines
required. That’s why the vaccines are always being altered
and replaced. It’s scarcely a metaphor to say our children are
the lab rats.


The whole shell game of vaccines can last only as long as
people remain distracted from one central fact: the ability to
produce an immune response does not by itself signify
immunity. Any noxious or poisonous stimulus may provoke
some sort of immune reaction – some kind of inflammation, or
fluxing out. So what? That is wholly separate from adding to
the body’s cumulative memory of how to defend against
Vaccination is merely the artificial triggering of temporary responses to manmade pathogens. Immunity? Well, that’s another foxhunt altogether.

Australian scientist Viera Scheibner, PhD states: [272]

“There is only one immunity, natural immunity, which
is achieved by going through the infectious diseases of

In 1888, French scientist Dr Xavier Raspail reported:

“any antigen will produce a reaction and, more often than

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 55

not, the immune system indicates its response in the form of antibodies. But their presence does not prove that they will protect, i.e. immunise.” [304]


When a child gets a new disease, his newly forming immune
system switches on. He may feel sick for several days, to one
degree or another, but in the vast majority of cases, he is going
to recover. If the body is allowed to figure out how to
fight the disease on its own, without the added confusion and
burden of powerful drugs and vaccines, the body will not be
susceptible to that disease in the future, for life. Now it has
an immunity to that disease – a memory of how to fight it.

When the body acquires such memory on its own, with no drugs, that’s called natural immunity. The body now has a new, permanent weapon to protect itself from specific unfriendlies in the environment.
This is why unvaccinated kids only get chickenpox once in
their lives. The more weapons the body is allowed to create on
its own, the less susceptible it will be to diseases as an adult.
Natural immunity can be transferred from a mother to the
Natural immunity is the only true immunity. It happens only after getting the disease, or being exposed to the disease.

Artificial immunity, by contrast, means that the symptoms
of the disease were artificially suppressed by means of drug
or vaccines. The nasal sprays and cough suppressants and
anti-inflammatories allowed the foreign agent to get much
deeper into the body than it otherwise might have gone,
because the coughing and runny nose are basic clearing
mechanisms to repel invaders.

56 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Doctors who pretend that the cough and the nasal congestion are the disease overlook the underlying cause.
This suppression of symptoms prevents the body from discharging what needs to come out. (James, p 42) [233]
With vaccines, a manmade version of the presumed disease
bug is injected into the bloodstream. The theory is that the
body will produce antibodies to this weakened version, and
ever after, those antibodies will be able to recognize and
overwhelm the disease microbes if they ever show up again.

Such immunity is artificial, which really means inexact,
because the vaccine is giving the body some sort of immunity
– not to the naturally occurring disease, but to a mutant
version that chemists created in a lab. A flawed design from
the outset.
Vaccines are the same for thousands and millions of doses. But each person’s immune system and also the particular way a disease may occur in people – both these are unique.

Artificial immunity cannot be passed from mother to fetus.

Artificial immunity is temporary. This is the reason for the
unproven modern concept of booster shots. (Murphy) [242]

Artificial immunity from vaccinations has created today’s
phenomenon of new atypical forms of the original disease
appearing during adulthood, which can be much more serious
and dangerous. As in adult measles, chickenpox, and
shingles. And the COVID vaccine produced the most virulent
strains of flu in history.

COVID was merely the re-classification of cases of the flu in 2020. There was no novel disease.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 57

Similarly, the ‘outbreaks’ in child diseases we have seen in
recent years – pertussis, measles, chickenpox, etc. – are
atypical forms. 95% of these cases have been vaccinated.
These diseases are from the vaccine.

Want to see a blank look on your pediatrician’s face? Read the
above section aloud. Most cannot make a rational response.


No one ever talks about how these brand new atypical disease forms may be a threat to those who already have natural immunity, having got the original disease.

Before mass vaccinations, the human species was building herd immunity to all the infectious diseases, to one degree or another. But that took a million years.
Those who got measles as a child and who then have lifetime
immunity, may not be immune to the new manmade atypical
adult forms of measles resulting from mass vaccination. Why
not? Because the new form has only been around for about 40
years, whereas measles has been around for centuries.
Just like superfluous antibiotics causes super-bugs, vaccination is creating new diseases. [128]
Is that progress?


If the original vaccine conferred immunity, then why does the child need another shot 2 months later? What was the first one for? The fact is, studies showing the efficacy of booster shots have never been done. For any vaccine.
Booster. An E.L. Bernays masterpiece term. [303] The only thing they boost is the drug company’s income.

58 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Immunity is the body’s ability to establish and maintain
molecular identity. (James p105 [233]) That means all your
cells should look like you. They all came from the same DNA,
right? Anything that promotes this uniformity brings health;
whatever opposes the body’s ability to maintain molecular
identity brings disease.

Understanding this simple principle explains why artificial immunity from vaccinations can’t be long-term.
The whole process of creating a vaccine is to make some
‘disease agent’ gradually weaker and weaker, until it is below
the threshold of causing a reaction in 99.9% of children.

That is, it’s too weak for the body to recognize as foreign, and
can penetrate far deeper into the body than nature would ever
have allowed. The immune system DOES NOT get triggered
the way it would by a foreign protein. We’ve tricked the body
into not responding.

Such a process is outside the normal course of biological events; nothing like this ever occurs in nature. [256]
By contrast, the natural disease itself is strong enough to trigger the whole cascade of normal immune responses.
Immunity cannot be forced upon the body. The body must be
beset by the challenge of an actual foreign invader, and thus
be given the opportunity to put the pieces of the puzzle
together all by itself, to figure out what combination of its own
immune powers can recognize, surround, and overcome the
foreign agent.
This takes time and effort: gentle, regular stimulation. It may
involve sickness – the mild, self-limiting immune-building

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 59

diseases of childhood. The process is far beyond the understanding of human science. But the result is lasting immunity – the only immunity.


Remember SARS? In Feb. 2003, suddenly a new infectious disease supposedly appeared in China, cause unknown. Worldwide panic ensued, quarantines, etc.
After constant media for almost 3 years, SARS was never proven to exist. No causative agent was ever identified.
SARS eventually faded out as though it never existed. Actually, it didn’t.
But SARS carved the template for the future, the program that
ushered in anthrax, smallpox, Avian flu, mad cow, swine flu,
and Ebola.

And later, COVID.
What happened to these global threats? Gone with the wind, never to return.
With world media anxiously waiting for the next empty threat,
perhaps the alert student could learn to be a little circumspect
about what to expect from the corporate press, and to consider
the underlying motivators for the sale of any new vaccines. [Ed.
note: this sentence is from the 2017 edition, 2 years before COVID.]
Today the Boutique Epidemic is firmly entrenched into our
culture. Windfall profits of this magnitude are too great to
resist when they can be garnered simply by following the same
recipe for success demonstrated in the past 5 nonexistent
diseases. Smallpox, Swine Flu, Avian Flu, Ebola, and Measles
are some of the fake epidemics that have been conjured up in
the past 15 years. [88]

60 Vaccination Is Not Immunization


The primary source for the US vaccine Schedule is the CDC
website. [65] Throughout the 90s, the number of mandated
vaccines remained at 40. But after 9/11, the Schedule began
to change rapidly, with new vaccines added and old ones
removed, in an inexplicable fashion. To add to the confusion,
the next trick was to have more than one Schedule, based on
age category.
It was always called the Recommended Schedule for Childhood
Immunization, from birth to 18 years. Then one day in 2008,
The Childhood Schedule, The Adolescent Schedule, the Catch
Up Schedule, and the Adult Schedule suddenly appeared on
the CDC site, looking as though they had been there for 20

These charts are very difficult to read, and have many
exceptions and overlaps. But their main effect was to obscure
the skyrocketing number of total vaccines now being
mandated. [5]

Below we have the shocking schedule of the 84 Recommended Childhood Immunizations as of 2023 from the Centers for Disease Control. [5]

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 61


BIRTH: hepatitis B 1 vaccine

1-2 MONTHS: hepatitis B 1 vaccine
2 MONTHS: Rotavirus DTP HiB PCV Polio 7 vaccines

4 MONTHS: Rotavirus DTP HiB PCV Polio 7 vaccines

6 MONTHS: Rotavirus DTP PCV 5 vaccines

6- 15 MONTHS Hepatitis B Polio COVID 5 vaccines

12-15 MONTHS DTP HIB(2) PCV MMR 12 vaccines
Varicella Hepatitis A(2)

6 MONTHS -18 YEARS: Influenza (yearly) 19 vaccines

18 MONTHS: HepatitisB DTP Polio Hepatitis A (2) 7 vaccines

( 47 vaccines by 18 months of age )

4 to 6 YEARS: DTP Polio MMR Varicella 8 vaccines

5 – 11 YEARS COVID 2 vaccines

9-15 YEARS HPV (3) 3 vaccines

11-12 YEARS DTP Meningococcal 4 vaccines

16 YEARS Meningococcal 1 vaccine

12 – 18 YEARS COVID 2 vaccines

Source: Centers for Disease Control [5]

62 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

This list makes American kids not only the most vaccinated children in the world – they are the most vaccinated group in the history of the world. No other country on earth has such an aggressive program of vaccines.
Again, if a child misses a vaccine day, what happens the next
time around? Right. All shots are given on the same day!
Could be as many as 15 different vaccines! Any research
proving this radical practice is safe? Absolutely none.


At 84 vaccines presently given to the most vaccinated children in history, you’d think the manufacturers would be content with the Golden Goose the way it is. They’re not.
Legitimate scientific questions such as the overall effect of the
total viral load from all these shots, the combinations of
vaccines given in one shot, or on the same day – these concerns
are never voiced, never funded for study. All we’re concerned
with is more, more, how much more, and how soon.

Numbers speak. How many are aware of this chart?

1950 4 vaccines
1980 20 vaccines
2003 40 vaccines
2004 53 vaccines
2005 58 vaccines
2006 63 vaccines
2012 68 vaccines
2017 69 vaccines
2023 84 vaccines
This is the most important chart in this book. What else does
a parent need to know than what a greedy, unscientific
industry this is, heedless of childrens’ formative immunity.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 63
84 vaccines – that’s just the children’s vaccines. Why stop there? Look at this next list.

Just as disconcerting as the above 84 is that in early 2008 an
entire new era of vaccination was ushered in without a whisper
of media coverage. In one quiet stroke the CDC just doubled
the total number of vaccines recommended to Americans, with
the introduction of the Adult Immunization Schedule, which is
now recommending as many as 79 additional vaccines after
the age of 18. [6]

Suddenly out of the blue, after a century of vaccinating the
American public, the CDC and their handlers decided that
immunization isn’t something that should be confined to
childhood. No, no — that leaves out the best marketing years
of all: adulthood.

For the past century, scientists have never claimed that vaccines confer lifetime immunity. Adult immunization was inevitable. Crossover marketing: booster shots for life! Why on earth didn’t we think of this before? Double the American market, in one fell swoop.

Adult vaccine recommendations:

Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis 18
Human PapillomaVirus 3
Measles/Mumps/Rubella 3
Varicella 2
Influenza 50+
Prevnar 1
Zoster 1
Pneumococcal 3
Hepatitis A 3
Hepatitis B 3
Hib 3
Meningococcal 3 [6]

64 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Ever hear this on the evening news?

No other country on earth has an adult schedule of vaccines.
No other country on earth recommends 163 vaccines for its
The implications of this new policy cannot easily be apprehended. But it’s safe to say that the cumulative detrimental effects from vaccines cited throughout this text essentially doubled for any Americans who take part in the new adult experiment on the live population.

Another idea that is never talked about is the size of an infant
in comparison to the toxicity of a vaccine. From Dr Boyd
“A single vaccine given to a 6-pound newborn is the
same as giving a 180-lb adult 30 vaccines on the same
day.” [200]
Treating the infant circulatory system like any other market,
cavalierly applying sky’s-the-limit corporate positioning
principles, no one is asking the most fundamental question:

Hard on the heels of post-9/11 vaccine hysteria, with its
imaginary terrorist bioweapons about to be unleashed, we saw
a peculiar article in the Jan 2002 issue of the journal
Pediatrics, that offered us a preview of science for the future.
On p 124 the authors reassure parents not to worry that their
children are getting too many vaccines. It’s OK because they’ve
just found out that an infant can safely withstand 10,000
vaccines! The article was authored by a member of the CDC

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 65

Advisory Board, Paul Offit, who obviously stayed too long at the fair. [210]
Have any studies ever been suggested to quantify the
cumulative viral load placed on the formative immune system
of a child getting all these vaccines before age 18? Of course


A landmark study linking vaccines and death was the peer-
reviewed Morgensen study from EBioMed, in March 2017.

This study followed over 1000 children, after Polio and DTP vaccines. The findings were incontrovertible – comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children: the vaccinated were dying 5x faster than the unvaccinated. [62]

“…mortality was 5 times higher for DTP-vaccinated children.”

Their statistical methods were impeccable, with a 95%
confidence interval. [62]
For newborns, the last place you want to be is the US. Every year 11,300 babies die here on their first day of life. That’s 50% more than the total of all other industrialized nations combined. (NBC News, [332])
In 2013, in the US 23,440 infants died before age 1. [70]
Unfortunately, everything on the Statistical Abstracts website
after 2012 has now been deleted including the above reference
#46. [8] It was even deleted from the Wayback Machine, which
takes some doing. Again, more evidence of a concerted effort

66 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

to cover up the number of babies that are dying every year in the US by deleting historical records.

Remember, preemies are routinely vaccinated in the US,
against the explicit recommendation [73] of all vaccine
manufacturers. And the US is the only place on earth where
babies are given the hepatitis B shot on the first day of life.


We know that vaccines kill children directly. It’s a taboo
subject in everyday media. Even though most sources
deliberately misstate and obscure the true incidence, a little
research can offer an approximation of real numbers.

Vaccine injuries and deaths went uncounted before 1991,
when the VAERS system was initiated by Congress: Vaccine
Adverse Effects Reporting System. Since 1991, VAERS
keeps real statistics on vaccine deaths and injuries. Their
numbers are not estimates – they have names and addresses.
In 2012, Goldman found a “linear relationship” between death and the number of vaccines, after looking at some 38,000 VAERS cases. [108]

“Our findings show a positive correlation between the number of vaccine doses administered and the percentage of hospitalizations and deaths.”

The younger the child when vaccinated, the higher the chance
of dying.


In April 2015, Steve Rubin, PhD testified at the Senate SB277
hearing in Sacramento. [95] Rubin is the scientist who created
the search tool for the VAERS system, the only practical

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 67

method for exploring that deliberately indecipherable database.

From the 2500-page VAERS Excel pdf [13], Rubin culled
3,437 deaths from vaccines between 1991 and 2014. These
are not estimates, but actual deaths – real children with names
and addresses. By 2019, the figure was over 5,000, and was
relatively easy to find by doing a simple websearch.

But since COVID censorship kicked in, virtually all statistics
on vaccine deaths in the US have been deleted or obscured
from government websites and corporate media. It’s almost
impossible to find accurate figures today even for how many
deaths from vaccines since VAERS started in 1991.

VAERS itself is little help. Do a search on their site, or on google, for “Total deaths from all vaccines since 1991.” You will get no results. Their site is all but impenetrable. This is what today’s censorship looks like.

Up until COVID and the mass deletion of data, it was fairly easy to find the total numbers of deaths from vaccines in the VAERS system. But no more.

To get the true figure for vaccine deaths, estimates must come
into play. NIH and CDC have traditionally used the figure of
10% of injuries ever being reported, [139] although they have
recently deleted many of these past admissions they held for
over 25 years.

FDA Commissioner David Kessler (quoted in JAMA) [120]
stated that 1% is a reasonable estimate of the number of
reported vaccine injuries, compared with the actual number.
[220] [360]

An HHS report on VAERS finds the number of reported vaccine deaths to be as low as .3% of actual deaths. [78]

68 Vaccination Is Not Immunization
No one knows the true figure, but it’s entirely possible that as
many as 99% of vaccine injuries and deaths go unreported.
Remember VAERS has always been a passive system. That
means pediatricians don’t monitor deaths from any shots they

The only way a vaccine death or injury can be counted in VAERS is for a parent to file a report. But most of the time they first go back to the doctor who gave the shot. And what is he trained to say: “No possible connection.”

So most parents leave it at that since they never heard of

Only a very small percentage of parents ever find about VAERS
and then go through the arduous and adversarial process of
filing a claim. Consequently, only 1 – 10% of true vaccine
injuries ever get reported. [360]

What is incontrovertible is that even with all these obstacles
as of 2023, more than $4 billion has been paid out by VAERS
in vaccine injury compensation, to the tiny percentage of cases
who braved years of denials in federal court and eventually
were compensated.

Extrapolating from this 5000 figure then, it may not be
unreasonable to assert that between 50,000 and 500,000 US
children have died as a direct result of vaccines since 1991.

Limitless billions for medical research to market new vaccines, yet we have no idea of this precise figure. Nobody has an idea how many children have died from vaccines in the US. That fact is incontrovertible.
What doctors and parents need to know is that vaccines are
proven to kill children, that there is a clear and present danger
to the life of any child whose parents submit to whatever

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 69

vaccines are on the current Schedule. That’s not anti-vaccine hysteria – it’s undisputed scientific fact.


The overall health of American children is abysmal:
autoimmune disease, asthma, allergies, cancer, and worse,
the very infectious diseases for which they are vaccinated – all
are on the rise:
“There is a growing suspicion that immunization against relative harmless childhood diseases may be responsible for the dramatic increase in autoimmune diseases since mass inoculations were introduced: cancer, leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, lupus, and Guillain-Barre syndrome.” – p 232, How To [267]

Dr. Mendelsohn wrote this 40 years ago. Are these diseases
disappearing? How did autoimmune become a household
word? What about chronic fatigue, autism, mysterious chronic
allergies and arthritic problems that are affecting increasingly
younger people in the past few years? Are more or less kids
these days walking through school corridors sniffing inhalers?

For spending over $4.3 trillion annually on health care, [15] our health doesn’t seem to reflect it.


Let’s pause a minute to define this commonly misused term, which we’ll need throughout the text.

Herd immunity has become a pop phrase, used incorrectly by
everyday media. The pretense is that all these decades of
vaccination have bestowed a collective immunity upon the
vaccinated, and that the unvaccinated are getting a free ride –
an undeserved benefit.

70 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

That is a 180-degree distortion of science. True herd
immunity means that a disease has burned itself out
within a population, as with plague, smallpox, typhus – every
infectious disease in history. The herd has become immune.
The clearest evidence for herd immunity is in Figure 2 below which shows how infectious diseases were already practically gone by the time the vaccines came out.
True herd immunity has nothing to do with vaccines. It is simply Natural Selection at work.
Don’t be fooled by the misuse of this term by most pediatricians and copy-and-paste ‘journalists.’


Medical statistician Michael Alderson does a thorough job of
showing how infectious diseases had run their course through
the human race before mass vaccinations ever came upon the
scene. [244] Looking at the data, it is patently clear that
infectious diseases would have largely disappeared without
any vaccines. Just as they did all through history.

That’s the true definition of Herd Immunity.

We always hear about how vaccination has saved us from infectious diseases, etc. Or we hear from the anti-vaccine crowd how infectious diseases have resolved on their own during the last century, without the help of vaccines. But how often does either side offer proof?

So, which is it? Here is the documentation that settles the question once and for all:

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 71

Figure 1. DEATHS PER 100,000, U.S.

Diphtheria Pertussis Measles Influenza
1900 40.3 12.2 13.3 202.2
1910 21.1 11.6 12.4 155.9
1920 15.3 12.0 8.8 207.3
1930 4.9 4.8 3.2 102.5
1940 1.1 2.2 .5 70.3
1945 1.2 1.3 .2 51.6
1950 .3 .7 .3 31.3
1955 .1 .3 .2 27.1
1960 0 .1 .2 37.3
1970 0 0 0 30.9

Source: Historical Statistics [239] This government reference can be found in any library.

Below is a chart showing death incidence every 5 years for each disease.
Underlined number in chart below indicates the approximate advent of vaccine. – (International Mortality Statistics, pp. 163-
189, 313, Alderson [244])

72 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Figure 2. USA DEATHS


1901 48,839 33,094
1906- 28,225 26,436
1911- 20,350 20,285
1916- 15,623 21,382
1921- 7229 12,267 14,724
1926- 6038 7074 13,047
1931- 4545 4388 9850
1936- 3666 2189 6809
1941- 3539 1135 4399
1946- 3799 467 1460
1951- 3826 125 558
1956- 1604 45 206
1961- 1076 22 82
1966- 928 15 32
1971- 750 12 122


1901- 28,065 11,956 15,496
1906- 16,318 10,837 10,109
1911- 11,503 7615 7086
1916- 8596 7926 54,283
1921- 7818 4919 13,673
1926- 6040 3994 17,602
1931- 4709 2957 11,191
1936- 3275 1238 8449
1941- 2384 1013 4366
1946- 1697 469 1736
1951- 1093 268 1178
1956- 788 203 938
1961- 550 162 553
1966- 282 44 633
1971-75 122 17 491

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 73

So, as we see the natural decline of diseases, next we must ask
– when did the individual vaccines come in?

Here are the exact years:


Disease Vaccination

polio 1954
smallpox 1902
diphtheria mid 1940s
pertussis mid 1940s
tetanus mid 1940s
MMR 1978
hemophilus B 1985
hepatitis B 1991
chickenpox 1995
PCV 2002
influenza 2005
Take a minute and go back and look at these last charts, until it dawns on you that these diseases were on their way out long before vaccines took the headlines.
Here’s an independent opinion from a source with no medical axe to grind, insurance company actuaries:
“…the death rate of diphtheria, measles, and whooping cough declined 95 percent among children from 1911 to 1945, before the mass immunization programs started in the United States.” [278] Metropolitan Life


The above data are unadorned statistics from valid sources
available in any library. Try digging them up online on your

74 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

What good are they? The next time you hear someone reciting that vaccines saved us from the scourge of infectious diseases, etc. – here’s your refutation. Don’t just stand there!
A favorite trick of op-ed writers and publications touting the
dazzling success of vaccines is to make up numbers or charts
without citing sources. Such statements are meaningless.
Where did the figures come from? A psychic relative? An
If you can’t look something up, never believe anyone’s
statistics. Especially if the sentence starts out with the words
“recent studies have shown…” A stock phrase of junk science.


When it comes to the volatile area of Political Immunology,
reporting deaths and bad reactions from vaccination has been
a very sensitive area, right from the start. Obviously those
selling vaccines are not going to want to advertise their failures
– that’s just business. But creating false data and today’s censorship omitting reports of adverse reactions, that gets into a whole other area of fraud and misrepresentation.

A favorite smokescreen of the pseudo-science of epidemiology is the Too Much Data trick. They’ll divide the raw data up into so many subgroups, like age, sex, and race, that the main idea gets obscured. In this way, simple facts like the total deaths from vaccines, or the natural decline in deaths from diseases before vaccinations came out – things like this get lost in the shuffle. (Yiamouyiannis, p 78) [245]

Most people don’t read medical journals and books; they skim a few puff pieces, look at Yahoo and Twitter news titles, and form their opinions from a few bytes of what they find there. Social and pop media tend to support the agenda of their main advertisers – the drug companies. .

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 75

In the pediatrics profession, it’s much simpler. Adverse
reactions simply don’t get reported. In fact, they are routinely
met with immediate denial. It’s just basic economics.
Vaccinations are the bread and butter of pediatricians – the
Well Baby program. Anything that undermines people’s
confidence in vaccines threatens the profession’s livelihood.


As far as a physician’s responsibility for reporting adverse
reactions, feature this: mass vaccination programs have been
rolling in the US since 1902. But until 1991, there was no
central record keeping agency in the U.S. to which physicians
could report vaccine reactions. (p 88 [253]) In 1991, the
VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System) was set up
in the US.
The Vaccine Injury Act was the 1986 law signed by Ronald Reagan to let drug companies off the hook when children died from side effects by decreeing: no vaccine manufacturer shall be liable … for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death. ([273], p.499) [84]

Before 1991, any statement about the safety of vaccines was meaningless because there was no central reporting agency keeping track of adverse reactions. Everyone was saying how safe vaccinations were, but how would they know if no one were tracking the reactions?

If a kid dropped dead 5 minutes after a vaccine, no one kept
count of it before 1991. So no one really knows the actual
numbers. Then as now, the majority of doctors simply don’t
report vaccines reactions. The FDA estimates that doctors
only report 10% of adverse reactions to vaccinations. (Orient,
Null) [229, 250]

Different studies, different stats, but we get the idea – no one

76 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

has any idea how many children are shuffling loose the mortal coil each year from lethal vaccines.
One big reason why only 10% are reported is that no one wants
to admit liability. Most doctors have the Orwellian
programming to think that if they report a true adverse
reaction, it will undermine public confidence in vaccination.
The 10% figure has been arbitrarily selected and till recently appeared consistently in CDC and FDA literature to estimate the number of reactions that get reported.
A study by NVIC of New York doctors found only 2% of doctors
admit that they report adverse reactions. It’s entirely possible
that only 1% of adverse reactions to vaccines ever get reported
to VICP. [266] Like FDA Director Kessler said in his textbook

From 1988 to 2017 there were 18,247 vaccine injury cases filed. Of these, 5482 received compensation, for a total of $4 billion paid out. (66] US Dept of HHS) (That link has now been deleted from HHS site. Library copies only.)

That $4B was your money.


It is almost impossible to decipher the charts appearing on the
VICP site and calculate the total number of deaths and
reactions from vaccines. [148] Obviously that is the intent.
By 2004, over 200,000 adverse event reports were recorded in
the VICP database following more than one billion doses of
more than 30 different types of vaccines administered as part

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 77

of the U.S. National Immunization Program. (Geier, [196] [148] If this represents only 10% of actual, that’s 2 million vaccine reactions since 1991.
Now if the true figure is really 1% of actual reactions, as FDA Commissioner Kessler stated, [310], that means that there have been 20 million serious adverse reactions to vaccines since 1991, involving either death, permanent injury or hospitalization. Completely possible.

Don’t we all know at least one vaccine-injured child?

According to VICP rules, there are very strict criteria for reporting an adverse reaction to vaccines. One of these is the arbitrary time limit for filing:
“In the case of an injury, the claim must be filed within 36 months after the first symptoms appeared” ([63])
But many reactions don’t show up until much later in life: the latent organic type of injury, or defects in the formative brain tissues of the infant. Anything later than 36 months doesn’t count, and can never be compensated.


– Some 84 vaccines are mandated in this country for
– Enforced demand, huge profits, blanket indemnification
– The true number of reactions and deaths is unknown,
since there was no reporting agency in place until 1991
– Vax companies are exempt from prosecution
– Less than 10% of actual injuries are reported
– No follow-up on the reported cases, some of
which involve death or permanent neurological damage.

78 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

– Compensation for injuries borne by the taxpayers
– Exemptions are disappearing
– Many more vaccines will be mandated

One of the most authoritative sources proving vaccines cause brain injuries in babies is certainly the landmark Pourcyrous study on brain inflammation following vaccines. [326]
It was a very thorough University of Tennessee study of 239 premature infants, measuring injuries from both single and multiple vaccines.
They looked at 2 things: C-reactive protein and cardio-
pulmonary function.
C-reactive protein is a blood value, high levels of which indicate inflammation.
Results: Among preemies getting a single vaccine shot: 70% had high CRP.

Preemies who got multiple vaccines: 85% had high CRP.

Fully 16% had cardiopulmonary events within 48 hours, including apnea and bradycardia. In a preemie, these effects are potentially fatal, of course.
Brain hemorrhages occurred in 17% of those with single vaccines, and in 24% getting multiple vaccines.
As expected, the most dangerous vaccine was DTP. Multiple
vaccines included Hepatitis B, polio, DTP, H. influenzae, and

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 79

What kind of scientist would even conduct a study like this on the fragile systems of premature infants?
And if these dangerous results are so high at this age, how much lower results could we expect just a few weeks later when most babies start getting multiple vaccines?

Why is this study hidden? What are we doing? We’re this
cavalier with the most delicate medium in the universe: the
infant’s brain neurology? It is not probable that these
researchers are experimenting with their own children.

Here’s how the conclusion of this study evaluates its own data:

“In a minority of infants immunized, cardio-respiratory events were associated with presumed need for intervention”[326]
A minority? 24% is a pretty high minority especially if you’re
talking about the chances of your own infant dying from
slowed heart rate and cessation of breathing! And for what?

The value of vaccines has never been clearly demonstrated,
never proven in an independent controlled risk/benefit
analysis. In other words, we don’t know if they work or not.

But we’re positive they can kill. Presumed need for intervention? Like what? Drugs? Intensive care? How about removing the cause itself?
As a parent, wouldn’t it be useful to know that your child stands a 16% chance of a breathing crisis as the result of a vaccine? Or a 24% chance of brain hemorrhage? Is the pediatrician going to tell the parents about these studies? Isn’t this level of danger worth knowing about?

What are we doing to our kids?

80 Vaccination Is Not Immunization


Have you ever wondered why so many kids these days are
allergic to peanuts? Where did this allergy come from all of a
Before 1900, violent reactions to peanuts were unheard of.
Today over a million children in this country are allergic to

What happened? Why is everybody buying EpiPens now?
Even a superficial awareness is enough to raise the suspicion that vaccines have some role in the appearance of any novel allergy among children.
But reactions to peanuts are not just another allergy. Peanut
allergy suddenly emerged as the #1 cause of death from food
reactions, ([134] p 114) being in a category of allergens able to
cause anaphylaxis. This condition brings the risk of asthma
attack, shock, respiratory failure, and even death. Primarily
among children.

Heather Fraser’s book The Peanut Allergy Epidemic [134]
defines the vaccine connection much more specifically. We
now learn that a class of vaccine ingredients – excipients – is
more than a likely suspect in what may accurately be termed
an epidemic.

But let’s back up a little. We have to look at both vaccines and
antibiotics in recent history, and the physical changes that the
ingredients in these brand new medicines introduced into the
blood of children.


Before 1900, anaphylactic shock was virtually unknown. The
syndrome of sudden collapse, respiratory distress,

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 81

convulsions, and sometimes death did not exist until smallpox vaccinators switched from the lancet to the hypodermic needle. That transformation was essentially complete by the turn of the century in the western world.

Right at that time a new disease called Serum Sickness began to claim thousands of children. A variety of symptoms, including shock and death, could suddenly result following an injection of vaccine.
Instead of covering it up, the connection with vaccine shots was well recognized and documented in the medical literature of the day. Serum Sickness was the first mass allergenic phenomenon in history.

Serum Sickness was a known consequence of vaccinations. Indeed, the entire field of modern allergy has evolved from the early study of Serum Sickness following vaccination.

Mass allergic phenomena first emerged as a side effect of late 19th century technology vaccination with a hypodermic syringe. (Fraser, p 67) [134]


A Nobel laureate of the early 1900s – Dr Charles Richet – was
the man who coined the term anaphylaxis. [318] His specialty
was the reactions that some people seemed to have to certain
foods. Richet found that with food allergies the reaction came
on as the result of intact proteins in the food having bypassed
the digestive system, making their way intact into the blood.
Leaky Gut.
Foreign protein in the blood, of course, is a universal trigger for allergic reaction, not just in man but in all mammals.
But Richet noted that in the severe cases, food anaphylaxis did
not happen just by eating a food. That would simply be food

82 Vaccination Is Not Immunization


Food anaphylaxis is altogether different. This sudden, violent reaction requires an initial sensitization involving injection of some sort, followed by a later ingestion of the reactive food. Get the shot, then later eat the food.
The initial exposure created the hypersensitivity. The second
exposure would be the violent, perhaps fatal, physical event.

Richet regarded anaphylaxis as part of Natural Selection, nature’s command to keep the proteins of different species separate from each other:

“Anaphylaxis, perhaps a sorry matter for the individual,
is necessary to the species, often to the detriment of the
individual. The individual may perish, it does not matter.
The species must at any time keep its organic integrity
intact. [318]
“We can never receive other proteins into the blood
than those that have been modified by digestive juices.”
“Every time alien protein penetrates, the organism suffers and
becomes resistant. This resistance lies in increased
sensitivity, a sort of revolt against the second injection, which
would be fatal. At the first injection, the organism was taken
by surprise and did not resist. At the second injection, the
organism mans its defences and answers by the anaphylactic

“… anaphylaxis is a universal defence mechanism
against the penetration of heterogenous substances in the blood, whence they can not be eliminated.” [318]
Richet’s early work around 1900 was primarily with eggs,
meat, milk and diphtheria proteins. Not peanuts, and not

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 83

vaccines. The value of Richet’s research with reactive foods
was to teach us the pathways of allergic sensitivity to foreign
proteins, leading to anaphylaxis, how that had to take place.

Where are today’s scientists of Richet’s calibre? Censored.

Next up was penicillin, which became popular in the 1940s. It was soon found that additives called excipients were necessary to prolong the effect of the injected antibiotic. The excipients would act as carrier molecules.
Without excipients, the penicillin would only last about 2 hours. Refined oils worked best, acting as time-release capsules for the antibiotic. Peanut oil became the favorite, increasing penicillin’s activity to about 48 hours.
As allergy to penicillin became common, it was found to be a
sensitivity to the excipient oils. (134], p 94) To the present
day, a standard screening test in all clinics is always to ask a
new patient about allergies to antibiotics. That’s what
antibiotic allergy is – a sensitivity to the excipients.
By 1953, as many as 12% of the population was allergic to penicillin. There were many fatal reactions once penicillin became widespread. But considering the upside with bacterial infections, it was still considered an acceptable risk.
By 1950 antibiotics were being given out like M&Ms. Soldiers,
children, anybody with any illness, not just bacterial. Despite
Fleming’s severe warnings against prophylactic antibiotics,
they were given indiscriminately as the new wonder drug. Just
in case anything.
Only then, in the 1950s, did peanut allergy begin to occur,
even though Americans had been eating peanuts for well over
a century.

84 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Remember – just eating peanuts cannot cause peanut allergy.
Unless they are allowed to become moldy of course, in which
case aflatoxins are released. But that’s really not a peanut
allergy per se.
Even when peanut allergy did appear, the number of cases was
very small and it wasn’t even considered worthy of study.


The change came with vaccines. Peanut oils were introduced as vaccine excipients in the mid-1960s. By 1980 they had become the preferred excipient.

They were considered adjuvants – substances able to increase
reactivity to the vaccine. This reinforced the Adjuvant Myth:
the illusion that immune response is the same as immunity:
the pretense being that the stronger the allergic response to
the vaccine, the greater the immunity that is conferred.
The first study of peanut allergies was not undertaken until
1973. It was a study of peanut excipients in vaccines. Soon
afterwards, as a result of that study, manufacturers were no
longer required to disclose all the ingredients in vaccines.

What was listed in the 2013 Physicians Desk Reference [110]
and on the CDC culture media page [111, (now censored)] for
each vaccine is not the full formula. Suddenly that detailed
information was proprietary: the manufacturers must be
protected. They only had to describe the formula in general.

Why was peanut allergy so violent? Vaccine avatar Maurice
Hilleman found that even the most refined peanut oils still
contained some traces of intact peanut proteins. [134] This
was the reason doctors are directed to inject vaccines
intramuscular rather than intravenous – a greater chance of
absorption of intact proteins, less chance of reaction.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 85

But that obviously wasn’t enough to prevent sensitivity. The fundamental law of nature always applies: no intact proteins in the body. It took 60 million years of Natural Selection to evolve the mammalian immune system. Put intact proteins, peanut or whatever, for any reason into the human system and the inflammatory response will fire.


Although peanut allergies became fairly common during the
1980s, it wasn’t until the early 1990s that the true epidemic
The Mandated Schedule of vaccines for children doubled from the 80s to the 90s:

• 1980 20 vaccines
• 1995 40 vaccines
It would be capricious enough to feed peanuts to a newborn
since their digestive system is largely unformed. But this is
much worse – injecting intact proteins directly into the
infant’s blood. In 47 vaccines before the age of 18 months.
As vaccines doubled between the 1980s and the 1990s, thousands of kids were now exhibiting peanut sensitivities, with many violent reactions, sometimes fatal.
Following the next quantum increase in vaccines on the
Mandated Schedule after 9/11, when the total shot up to 68
recommended vaccines, peanut allergy soon reached epidemic
proportions: a million children: 1.5% of them. [134]
These numbers fit the true definition of epidemic even though that word may never be used in mainstream literature with respect to peanut allergy, except in Fraser’s book.

This is another example of how vaccines specifically suppress

86 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

the normal immune system. Those children most prone to allergy and hypersensitivity may be those who are the slowest to develop the ability to identify and clear poisons.

Many researchers agree unequivocally with Fraser:
“The peanut allergy epidemic in children was precipitated by childhood injections.” ([134], p106)
This is the briefest of summaries on the recent proof for the
connection between vaccines and peanut anaphylaxis. The
scholar is referred to Fraser’s book. A quicker overview would
be the online chapter: Peanut Allergy Epidemic. [327]


In looking into peanut allergies, and with any new research possibly impugning vaccines, the medical profession will first try to mitigate the effect – bury it. Protect the companies. So no money will ever be allocated from NIH to study a connection between vaccine excipients and peanut allergy.

A truly scientific study of a possible connection between vaccine and peanut allergy would require a control group – an unvaccinated population. [124] And until recently that has been the dread Unspoken Forbidden. But two events emerged recently that are making it very difficult to keep the lid on the increasing demand for a side-by-side comparison between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.


When a manufacturer tests a drug, a randomized clinical trial
is required in order to prove its safety and effectiveness.
The study must have one group who gets the new drug, and
another group who gets a placebo, or nothing at all. If neither

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 87
the subjects nor the clinicians are allowed to know who got the drug and who didn’t, that’s called a double blind study.
The group who got the placebo (or nothing) is called the Control Group.

Obama brought 43,000 Somalis into this country, most of
which were settled in Minnesota. [92]. As with all Third World
aliens who enter the US with no vaccine records, these folks
were required to receive the full mandated schedule – usually
all vaccines at once.

Since then, very high numbers of these Somalis are being
diagnosed with autism, much higher than the 1 in 36 rate
CDC cites for the entire US. [77] In a very short time the
incidence of autism in this small Somali population was a
whopping 1 in 32! [79] That’s the highest rate of autism in
the world.

Keep in mind that autism is unknown in their native country. As are vaccines, generally.

The press succeeded in burying this true autism epidemic behind a specious report about measles.

Here at last on a silver platter was an opportunity to have a
real study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. Almost no such
studies have been allowed to be conducted in the United
States, ostensibly because it would be “dangerous and unfair”
to deprive a group of the ‘benefits’ of the American vaccine
In this case however, that excuse no longer applied. Vaccines were simply not available in Somalia. And suddenly they were flown over here and forced to be inoculated with massive numbers of vaccines.

So to finalize such an extremely valuable study, all that would

88 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

be required is to formally count the autistics among the Somalis and compare the results with the same number of vaccinated Minneapolis kids. That’s it.

The clinical work had already been done – the vaccines were given to the one group and not to the Control Group. We’d have a legitimate comparison of vaccinated with unvaccinated, without having to deprive anybody of anything.

But this will never happen – such a study will never be written up. Why not?

It’s obvious: the results would prove that vaccines are clearly
linked to autism. There would be no way to dispute the

Is this another eclipsing of science in favor of politics, which has traditionally controlled the vaccine industry since its inception? [67]

How false the reasoning that has forbidden studies of
unvaccinated children, hiding behind the pretense that it
would deprive them of immunization against diseases, etc.
Such a danger is theoretical and presumptive – never proven. And nothing compared to the real danger of administering the full complement of vaccines to un-inoculated immigrants –
perhaps three or four times as many vaccines as are ever given on one day to American children.

They can’t have it both ways- it can’t be absolutely safe both to administer untested combinations of vaccines and also to withhold untested combinations of vaccines. Both of these scenarios can’t be simultaneously true.

Here was an opportunity that once missed will not come around again.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 89


On page 66 above, in the section on vaccine deaths, we cited
the 2017 Morgensen study. [62] That was the one that proved
that vaccinated children were dying 5x faster than the

Obviously this study could only have reached that conclusion by employing an unvaccinated control group, which had been practically nonexistent in peer-reviewed medical literature up until that time.

The Morgensen study was above reproach as far as possible
collusion with the vaccine industry. The statistical methods
employed in the study were of the highest calibre, leaving little
room for doubt with regards to its conclusions. Read the full
text here: [62]

The study was a milestone in vaccine research, but it was all
but banned from mainstream press and the scientific


After the Morgensen study, it seems that the time-honored
barrier against studies comparing vaxxed with unvaxxed had
been shattered. A second major incursion into that territory
was the 2017 peer reviewed Mawson study [71] in which 666
children from 4 states were evaluated for childhood illnesses.
Results showed clearly that vaccinated children were much more likely to experience:

• otitis media (4x)
• pneumonia (4x)
• neurodevelopmental disorder (almost 2x)
• allergic rhinitis eczema

90 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

The vaccinated also had much more use for antibiotics, allergy meds, ear tubes (8x) and hospitals.
The otitis media industry is booming: 30 million visits /year,
netting over $2.88 B/year. [71] Theoretically the unvaxxed
could threaten a quarter of that market, at 1/4 the incidence.

A billion here, a billion there – pretty soon we’re talking about real money.

The most significant aspect of this study may be its pioneering position into this hitherto verboten field of inquiry. More studies are sure to follow.


Let us now take a brief look at some of the individual vaccines on the Mandated Schedule for American children.


Polio no longer exists in the Western world in its wild state.
The only cases of poliomyelitis since 1979 have been from the
polio vaccine. (Vaccine Guide p108 [246]) No cases in the US
1979 – 2023. [17] The risk of acquiring wild polio in the US is
A viral infection of the grey matter of the spinal cord,
poliomyelitis in its natural state was never such a killer, even
before vaccines came out. 90% of those who carried the polio
virus never had any symptoms. (Burnet, p 93) [235] And only
a fraction of 1% of cases ended up with long term paralysis.
[246], p 108]
The polio vaccine was not responsible for the decline of polio
in the U.S. Many researchers show how that decline was
taking place quite on its own. [244] (Figure 2 above (p 58)

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 91


The original Salk polio vaccine in 1955 caused

“…one of the worst pharmaceutical disasters in US history” – admitted by vaccine capo Paul Offit. [349]
The vaccine caused over 40,000 new cases of polio, which resulted in at least 164 cases of permanent paralysis and at least 10 deaths.
The disaster, known as the Cutter Incident, was widely reported in media at the time. [348, 349] ([273], p 487)
The Salk vaccine was taken off the market after only 11 months, to be replaced by the Sabin oral vaccine.
Here’s what Albert Sabin, MD, the inventor of that vaccine, had to say 30 years later [286] :

“Official data has shown that the large scale vaccinations undertaken in the US have failed to obtain any significant improvement of the diseases for which they were supposed to provide immunization. In essence it was and is a failure.”

The sharp drop-off in polio cases reported on Alderson’s statistics chart above is due to the radical change in the way polio cases were reported rather than to the effect of the vaccine. A full explanation can be found on p.109 of Neustaedter’s The Vaccine Guide, [246] .
To make a long story short, doctors over-reported polio before 1954, and under-reported it afterwards. Their assignment was to show that the vaccine worked.

From Dr Herbert Shelton, (Hygienic Care of Children) [259] :

92 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

“The apparent disappearance of polio was brought about by clever juggling. Before the Salk vaccine was introduced, thousands of cases of polio were diagnosed each year in children who had no polio.
“After the introduction of the vaccine, these cases were no longer diagnosed as polio. This appeared to reduce the cases to a near vanishing point.”
What is certain is that polio virtually disappeared, but not
because of the polio vaccine. The inventor of the vaccine,
Jonas Salk himself testified in 1977 that the few cases of polio
we now see in the U.S. are the result of using the polio vaccine
rather than the result of the disease itself. (Science Abstracts
4 Apr 1977) [283]

Even the CDC also admits that all cases of polio in the U.S.
after 1979 have been caused by the vaccine, not the
disease! [243] p 568.
Are parents listening? If the only cases of polio in America in the past 40 years are caused by the vaccine itself, why are we still vaccinating? With 5 shots?
Wouldn’t be so bad if the vaccine were harmless. But there are two complications of this ‘harmless’ vaccine:

– the polio vaccine was stabilized with neurotoxins like
mercury and formaldehyde

– the original polio vaccine contained SV-40 monkey virus
The first of these is beyond controversy. The manufacturers admitted it. (Physicians Desk Reference [270] )
Mercury, as we all know, is a metabolic poison, damaging
brain, kidneys, and bone marrow. (Widmans, p.691; Bernard
[240, 222]) Formaldehyde, used in embalming, is a known

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 93


The second of these complications, the contamination of polio vaccine with SV-40, bears elaboration.

50,000 MONKEYS

were slaughtered in the 60s in order to make the Salk vaccine for polio. (James, p166) [233] Tens of thousands of rhesus monkeys had been killed to provide kidneys on which to culture the vaccine. (PDR, 1998 p 2131)
Looking at the statistics of polio during the past century (Figure 2 above), many researchers, including the inventor himself, later felt the polio vaccine was unnecessary, because by 1954 the disease was obviously winding itself down throughout our species. Herd immunity.


A 1963 issue of Science Digest shows that in the 1950s a monkey virus named SV-40 was unwittingly put into hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of doses of Salk vaccine. (Snider) [248] And where did this happen? Africa. The favorite testing ground. (Curtis, p1259) [249]

Some 98 million doses of the SV contaminated polio vaccine were given to American children between 1955 and 1963. [219] Horowitz shows why anyone who got polio vaccine prior to 1964 is probably carrying SV-40. ([273] p. 493)

Later research linked SV-40 with cancer as well. In Mar 02,
scientists at University of Texas and at Baylor independently
found the same high correlation (43%) between SV-40 and
non-Hodgkins lymphoma, the eighth most common cancer in
the US. (ACS) [216]

94 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Leading scientist Michele Carbone MD: “… there are more than 70 papers from 60 different laboratories that have confirmed the association of SV-40 with human … bone and brain tumors.” [193]


Polio vaccine is still unsafe. In the Caribbean during 2002 there were 21 cases of polio and 2 deaths caused by the oral polio vaccine. [208, 205] The vaccine itself has created a new disease, capable of spreading from patient to patient, according to the CDC. [175]

A CDC scientist, Olin Kew tells us that in this case:
“…the virus, originating in the vaccine …had
undergone a series of genetic mutations .., had reverted to
a virulent form and caused the very disease it was meant
to prevent.” [205]

Even the Wall Street Journal [209] reported:

“Scientists had long speculated that the virus contained in the vaccine might re-emerge … in a virulent form. But this had never been seen until Kew analyzed the changes in the Hispaniola bug they saw the alarming manner in which the virus had ‘back-mutated.’ ”
We should also recall the above-cited Morgensen study, from 2017, which demonstrated a much higher rate of death among African children who had received the polio vaccine, compared with those who had not. [62]

Hostility against US vaccine programs has become more and
more evident in Third World places, who grasp the true politics
of being the dumping grounds for the Gates’ drug throwaways.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 95

In Pakistan during much of 2008, fighting broke out among
groups who were resisting mandatory polio shots from UNICEF
[Reuters [161], seeing vaccination as a genocidal effort. [189]
Difficult to justify trying to vaccinate half a million people in an area with only 32 cases of polio in all of 2007, especially with the vaccine’s track record of fatal reactions.
Polio vaccine is clearly perpetuating a disease that would have disappeared completely on its own by now.


Next we have the famous DPT triple-shot cocktail – diphtheria,
pertussis, and tetanus, all in one shot. Let’s briefly look at
each disease:


Diphtheria, which means ‘grey membrane,’ was an old-time
disease in which infection of the tongue and throat formed a
grey membrane which in rare cases could actually choke the
victim to death.
Like polio and smallpox, diphtheria is a disease of the past, seen in conditions of overcrowding, lack of sanitation, and bad hygiene. It is no longer a risk today; Mendelsohn said there’s about as much chance of dying from a cobra bite as from diphtheria. (How To, (p.245) [267]
Since 2004, there have been only 2 cases in the entire US! [127] Almost no reported cases since 2005. And yet we continue to vaccinate every single child with multiple doses for this defunct disease.
Again, Fig. 2 above illustrates how diphtheria was responding
to improvements in nutrition, water supply, and sanitation

96 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

long before the vaccine became popular in the mid-1940s.

Furthermore, the vaccine has long been unnecessary because
for decades now this rare bacterial disease can be easily
treated with erythromycin, a common antibiotic. No need for
the vaccine.
Although reports of adverse reactions from diphtheria shots
have not piled up in the thousands the way they have for
pertussis vaccine, the fact remains that no long-term studies
of the diphtheria vaccines effects have ever been carried out.
Bottom line: there is no medical reason whatsoever to maintain diphtheria vaccination in this country.

Why is every kid getting 6 doses of it then?


Now we shall learn the meaning of lethal injection.

Pertussis is the medical term for whooping cough, a harsh disease that killed many infants in centuries past. The opportunistic agent was a bacterium, B. pertussis, airborne, invading the upper respiratory tract.

With violent coughing so deep that all air was expelled, the
desperate inhaling to refill the empty lungs would often make
the victim give out the characteristic whooping sound. Some
babies fractured ribs from the effort, and others died from

Like other infectious diseases, pertussis favored crowded,
unsanitary cities in both Europe and America. Many cities
had famous epidemics which killed tens of thousands: Paris
in 1578, Rome in 1695, London in the 1850s. Whooping cough
would set up a secondary infection, usually pneumonia, which
could then overtake the weakened patient. (p 5 [253])

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 97

Whooping cough was a disease of poverty, malnutrition, unsafe water, poor hygiene, and overcrowding. As conditions gradually improved in the cities of Europe and America, infectious diseases declined dramatically, as Fig. 2 above shows (Alderson page 58).
With pertussis, this chart is critical in understanding the minor role that vaccines really played. Scottish researcher Dr. Gordon Stewart points out in Lancet that pertussis was 80% resolved by the time any vaccines appeared. [261] In America, it was closer to 95%. [143]
Then, why the big push to mandate a vaccine for a disease that was almost gone? The usual reason.

Pertussis is the most controversial of American vaccines.

The only safety testing that has ever been done on the pertussis vaccine is something called the Mouse Weight Gain Test. In the 1940s the scientists injected the vaccine into the stomachs of baby mice.
If the mice continue to gain weight and didn’t die right away,
it was assumed the vaccine was safe and effective for humans.

That’s it! Not making this up. (Coulter, p11) [253]

But this is not a vaccine for mice; it’s for mass inoculation into the human population – American children.

The fact that hundreds of children have died and thousands
more have reported adverse reactions from the pertussis
component has not been cause enough to re-evaluate DPT.


With no safety testing, a researcher named Pearl Kendrick in

98 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

1942 had the idea that pertussis vaccine could simply be added to the diphtheria and tetanus vaccines, for the doctor’s convenience. [264] Trivalent: 3 vaccines, one shot.
Sometimes when vaccines are mixed together, one activates
the others and makes them more potent. And therefore more
dangerous. Viral interference is the term. [238] So you’d
think the combination of the three vaccines would have to be
tested together, right?
Trivalents are never tested together before they are released on the market! Nor have they ever been. [284]

In the mid-1940s the pertussis vaccine was licensed and DPT
became the standard version. The three vaccines were just
mixed together, without considering the possible increased
risk to infants. This statement is borne out by the history of
documented adverse reactions to the DPT cocktail which do
not occur with the DT vaccine alone. (Cody) [255]

It is undisputed that the pertussis component of the vaccine is the main cause of adverse reactions.


This disease is said to be caused by an anaerobic bacillus
Clostridium tetani. Puncture wounds favor anaerobics – no
oxygen in there. Here again, the disease seeks out those with
the weakest immune systems: the starving, addicts, those in
unhygienic surroundings, etc. (Merck Manual p 1176). [280]
Merck puts the death rate at 50% for those who actually get
the disease, although where that figure came from is anybody’s
guess. Death from tetanus is not that much fun, however –
the muscles of the jaw, the back, and the diaphragm may go
into unremitting spasm, choking the individual, after a few

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 99

The thing is, it’s gone. And not because of the vaccine.
Referring again to Figure 2 above (p 72), we see the incidence
of tetanus had almost completely disappeared by the time
vaccines became popular. Tetanus vaccine has been a part of
mass inoculation since the 1940s. It’s the T of DPT. [356]

Since the 1950s, a child has received DPT shots starting at 18
months old. Ever after that for life, any time anyone steps on
a nail or gets a minor cut, tetanus boosters are routinely given.
But what sense does it make to pretend to cure a disease that
is caused by a puncture wound which may have the remotest
possibility of containing Clostridium by giving the patient
another puncture wound that definitely contains Clostridium,
or its byproducts?

It’s one thing to claim that the vaccine could confer immunity
before the injury happened. But to pretend a shot could
immunize someone after the infection has occurred trespasses
into the realm of superstition. No manufacturer has ever
claimed curative power for any vaccine. They’re preventatives,
remember? That’s Jenner’s whole theory of vaccine-based
immunology, remember?
It’s only corporate media and pediatricians who make the extraordinarily unscientific claim that vaccines cure a disease someone already has. That’s impossible.


A landmark article was written by disease expert Dr Alec
Burton in 1995. [306] One knows nothing about tetanus until
he reads this article. Citing all his references, Burton discloses
one hidden fact after another about the tetanus mythology:

Clostridium is everywhere: in the mouth, GI tract, and

100 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

skin of healthy people, on clothing, in house dust. And yet tetanus is a rare disease. The bacilli were found in 20% of war wounds without any tetanus resulting. In 50% of actual tetanus cases, no bacilli were found.
Clostridium was shown to be harmless in pure culture. There is no evidence that tetanus vaccine prevents tetanus, nor has there ever been. But the vaccine has been shown to cause severe reactions, including death. [306]

Again, no scientists claim curative value after an infection with
Clostridium. Nor do any suggest that a subsequent vaccine
would prevent the development of tetanus. Think about it: if
you have a disease process already going on, how could adding
more of the pathogen or its toxoids to your blood possibly help
you? That dog don’t hunt. Pure science fiction. Only the
clinics who actually give the shots would dare such a pretense.
Point-of-sale closing.

We must violate the human bloodstream only when
overwhelming proof indicates the necessity, instead of
shooting kids up with a vaccine whose value has not been
determined. Especially when the very act of vaccination is a
puncture wound!

“Although not in the vaccine itself, this organism is an
opportunist in any wound, and tetanus following vaccination
is always to be feared.” (Thomas) [328]
How did the conventional wisdom of tetanus shots from a dirty
rusty nail outdoors where Clostridium may be harbored in
animal spoors – how did that idea get transformed to needing
tetanus shots after the slightest most antiseptic nick around
the house?
Also, when did doctors start confusing tetanus with rabies?
Call Doc-In-The-Box and tell them a dog bit you. What will
they say? 10 to 1 you have to come in for a tetanus shot. [356]

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 101

Here’s a true dog bite story: A Dog Bit Me [89].
Ask your doctor about the last case of tetanus he saw.


Let’s not forget that for 80 years DPT was stabilized with thimerosal – a mercury compound – and also contains formaldehyde – a carcinogenic embalming fluid. (PDR) [163] Mercury causes nerve damage; formaldehyde causes cancer. Can’t imagine why there would be so many


Other reactions to DPT include the following: [255]

death vomiting
permanent neurological damage convulsions
high-pitched screaming anaphylactic shock
encephalopathy [brain fever] muscle spasms
Know any babies who start screaming soon after a shot? For decades there have been frequent references to the characteristic high-pitched screaming associated with DPT shots. One comment made by the authors of the UCLA study is highly expressive of the unmoored brainwork so often encountered in the field of immunization:

“Unusual high-pitched screaming has been previously
reported after DPT immunization. Several authors feel
that this should be categorized as a major reaction;
however, the significance of this reaction is unknown.”
Pediatrics [255]
Unknown? How about that the helpless little being who has
just set foot on earth is in intense distress from the toxic attack
on its unformed central nervous system and is frightened to

102 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

death, not knowing if it will survive… how’s that for a
hypothesis? It’s quite far-fetched and could only be verified by
controlled scientific study, of course… Till then, let’s continue
assaulting our defenseless children, disregarding their outcry.

There’s no mystery about high-pitched screaming. Coulter (p 32) [253] has a whole section of cited medical studies dating from 1961 correlating the screaming and crying with irritation of the nervous system. It dovetails perfectly with later studies on mercury and autism. (Geier) [196]

How much education do you need to figure this out?


Most of the adverse effects of DPT are symptoms of damage to the nervous system. It’s no wonder – the concentrated pertussis bacteria is one of the most noxious compounds that exist. The result is a class of vaccine ingredient known as a toxoid, which simply means a controlled poison.
Mercury continued to be used as a preservative in the DPT vaccine even though it had been known for decades that mercury poisoning causes brain damage by chemically attacking the nerve cells. [240, 222, 225]

Now consider the formative brain and nervous system in a two-
month-old infant. Nerve connections are still being formed;
nerve insulation (myelin) begins at birth. We all know that
babies develop at different rates: some walk and talk sooner
than others, etc.

Same with the nervous system. No studies have ever been
done to prove that at two months old, the nervous system has
developed to a point where it is capable of withstanding an
environment containing mercury and formaldehyde. With the
wide variation in infant development that would be impossible.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 103

That’s why most of Europe vaccinates at two years, to give the
immune system at least a fighting chance at development. But
by that time an American baby has already had 47 vaccines!

Dozens of studies since 1933 (Madsen) [260] found significant
numbers of nerve-damaged DPT babies, even with the
systematic under-reporting cited above. The correlation has
been proven over and over, yet we keep vaccinating. And now
we’re up to 7 separate shots of DPT, the only country in the
world requiring that many.

DPT or DTaP?

By 1996, so many adverse reactions were being pinned on the Pertussis component that the marketing department realized it was time for a new and improved version. Enter the acellular pertussis vaccine.

Hawked as the safer pertussis vaccine because it contained no whole bacterial cells, the acellular vaccine contains enough byproducts of the bacteria so that it is supposedly still able to trigger the magical antibody response without causing all those deaths and side effects we got from the old-fashioned DPT. Was any new long-term testing done in combination with DT before the vaccine was released?

There was none.

Don’t be taken in by the cell/acellular shell game. In terms of overall toxicity to a newborn infant’s blood, the distinction is not worth making. The vaccine is still #1 for vaccine injury cases.

Ever wonder what happened to all those millions of doses of
DPT stockpiled in storage when DTaP came out? Answer:
nothing. Even though the dangers of DPT supposedly
necessitated the development of the new DTaP, doctors are still

104 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

entitled to use the old mercury-laced DPT vaccine all they want, because it’s still a licensed product.

Or the surplus may just be dumped in Third World markets.


Australian researcher Viera Scheibner PhD stumbled onto the
link between Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and DPT by

The Scheibners noticed distinct patterns of distress after
monitoring hundreds of babies. They discovered a 16-day
crisis following DPT shots – the pattern was unmistakable.
Then they correlated their findings with many other studies,
including the 200 SIDS babies in Tennessee, and found the
exact same pattern. [265]
Scheibner’s work has been vigorously suppressed in many
places, like the USA for example. In Australia however, their
unrelenting efforts put an end to mandatory DPT shots.
In 1983 there was a study done at the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office correlating DPT with SIDS. Researchers were intrigued by a CDC investigation of 200 Tennessee babies who died 24 hours after DPT shots, and wanted to see if there were any correlation. So the Los Angeles group interviewed parents of 145 SIDS victims. Here’s what they found:

Of the 145 SIDS deaths, 53 had been recently DPT-
immunized, at the following intervals: (Baraff) [256]

• 51% had been given DPT within 4 weeks of death
• 32% within 1 week of death
• 11% within 1 day of death

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 105


There have been many other formal studies correlating DPT
with SIDS. [253] So many problems are seen with the DPT
vaccine that few countries in the world still force it. Sweden
halted it in 1979. (Trollfors) [257] Even though the incidence
of whooping cough then increased slightly, the disease is much
milder in form, and no Swedish babies have died from it since.
Similar sequences happened in Japan, West Germany, Britain, and other European countries. When they stopped vaccinating, the disease returned in a milder form, but babies aren’t dying from it. The key is: not one country started the vaccine up again after discontinuing it.

Other reactions from pertussis vaccine include: [270]

anaphylactic shock death
convulsions hives
joint pain
difficulty breathing infantile spasms

encephalopathy brachial neuritis Guillain-Barre
low blood pressure swelling of the mouth bulging fontanelle

These are the precise symptoms of acute mercury poisoning. (Bernard, [222])


Since Toomey’s article in the 1949 issue of JAMA [254], most medical journal articles about DPT agree on one thing: any child who has had a reaction should not be given the vaccine ever again.
Same for a child who has any family history of neurological
disorders or illness of any kind. This recommendation is very

106 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

consistent throughout the literature, and since 1975 has been the official stance of the World Health Organization. It has been strictly followed in England, Sweden, and the Netherlands. (p129 [253])
Even the CDC’s own reports (MMWR vol.36) state that children with a family history of convulsions are nine times more likely to have a seizure following a DPT shot. [258]


So it is inconceivable that in actual practice in the U.S. there’s
just no room for such a simple screening procedure. Children
are never screened by pediatricians to rule out those who are
deemed high risk by the manufacturer itself. Apparently, it
doesn’t make political sense, and therefore almost no
pediatrician would ever track reactions to DPT or
reject a child simply because he has a history of central
nervous system problems, or of prior reactions to the shot.

Such a decision would single out that doctor as a troublemaker, who was making waves.

The arrogance of American doctors being able to ignore this
worldwide dictum of medical procedure speaks volumes about
the political controls mandating vaccination in this country,
wouldn’t you say?

The American Association of Pediatricians has defied the unified medical opinion of the rest of the world with statements like: A family history of convulsions or neurological disorders is not a contraindication. (APA Red Book) [271] Pretty cheeky, even for them.


If you could choose one shot in the whole arsenal to skip, DPT

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 107

might be the one. Until 2000, 75% of the $2.2 billion in vaccine damages paid out by VICP was awarded for reactions from DPT. (Goodwin, [221,148])


In the past 8 years, there have been several reported outbreaks of pertussis in many states: NM, CO, CA, WA, OR, and others. Big news. [122] (ABC News)
Even with an 85% DPT vaccination rate in the U.S., in 2012 there were still 48,000 cases of pertussis that year. [68] This is the most reported cases since 1955.

California has been a focus for pertussis: [121]

“In 2010, 9,477 cases of pertussis (including ten infant deaths) were reported throughout California. This is the most cases reported in 65 years…” [143]
And the number has been rising steadily since 1980. Here’s an enlightening chart from the CDC’s own website [76] of pertussis cases since we have increased from 2 to 7 doses of DPT on the Mandated Schedule

• 1981 1248
• 1983 2463
• 1984 2276
• 1985 3589
• 1989 4157
• 1992 4083
• 1993 6586
• 1996 7796
• 2000 7867
• 2002 9771
• 2003 11647
• 2004 25827
• 2010 27550
• 2012 48277

108 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Some vaccine. The more shots, the more cases.


Reason: this is no longer the original pertussis disease, but the manmade mutation. Scientists refer to these new diseases, created by the vaccine, as atypical forms. These are far more serious versions, being brand new to the human species. It took decades to build herd immunity to the original whooping cough. Now we have to start all over again.
Adults with the atypical form may expose it to infants, who are totally unprotected from this new disease.
The other problem is that increasing numbers of unvaccinated infants are now being exposed to these brand new atypical forms of pertussis. It will take generations to develop species immunity to the peculiar new forms.

An article in the NEJM showed that over 80% of children under 5 who got pertussis had been fully vaccinated. The researchers concluded that the vaccine offered insufficient protection from the disease. [302]

Penetrating observation.

Now remember, there are presently 7 doses of pertussis
vaccine on the Schedule for all kids. CDC stated they are
mystified at the increased ‘outbreaks,’ with a 30-fold increase
since the 80s. They have no idea why pertussis vaccine is
simply not working. But since they’re buying over $4B worth
of vaccines every year, they’re really not disposed to look very
hard for an answer. This disease had disappeared completely
and now it’s coming back.

When a local outbreak occurs in any local community
experiencing a pertussis outbreak among children who have

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 109

already received 7 doses – which could be as few as 3 cases –
what is the routine recommendation? Right. You guessed it.
One more dose, just to make sure. Parents’ compliance with
such a ludicrous and antiscientific solution borders on the
It is almost impossible to find an unvaccinated child with pertussis.
So here’s the picture: not only are children exposed to many possible side effects, but the actual promised benefit itself –
immunity – is not delivered. More, more, and more doses of the same vaccine cannot help.
First they said 2 doses were enough, then 4, then 5, then 6.
And now 5 more for adults. Medspeak has twisted the concept
of immunity. True immunity is for life. It does not come in a
Newer research from a peer-reviewed study in the International Journal of Epidemiology, flatly demonstrates the raw mortality data among African children from a single dose of DPT vaccine. [146] Deaths doubled after a single dose, quadrupled after a second and third dose.
This corroborates with US VICP mortality statistics showing the DPT is the single most dangerous shot ever created, harming more children than saving. [123] (Judicial)

Is it really worth the risk to expose two-month-old infants to a neurotoxin with all the above side effects in order to provide an imaginary temporary immunity, which wears off a few months later, requiring a booster shot? And all this for a disease that has all but disappeared anyway?

Only the tip of the pertussis vaccine iceberg is presented here;

110 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

there’s so much data, most of it from mainstream medical sources. It’s far worse than this section suggests. The reader is directed to the sources cited for a closer look.


Today a meningitis vaccine (HiB) is routinely given to infants at 2, 4, 6, and 12 months of age.
This disease has nothing to do with influenza or flu shots.
Confusing H. influenzae with flu is a common error, even
among pediatricians. In fact, that’s a good question for
screening them.
Hemophilus influenzae bacteria were originally so named
because they were thought to be found in people who had the
flu. Later, researchers discovered that the bacteria are found
in mucous membranes of normal people, but the name stuck.
H. influenzae may be found with many mild self-limiting
infections of a child’s nose and throat. (Neustadter, p.161)
[246] On very rare occasions, a certain strain of H. influenzae
(Type B) can also be seen with meningitis, usually in children.
The incidence has actually been increasing since the 1960s,
as has the number of vaccines given to children.

The solution? Another vaccine!

Early HiB vaccine research took place in Finland. In a
landmark study of 100,000 subjects, HiB was found to have
no efficacy at all under 18 months of age. (Peltola – Pediatrics
vol 60) [268] by which age American children have already had
three separate shots! Below 24 months, the vaccine was
In 1986, the New England Journal of Medicine published a
follow-up study of 55 cases of HiB disease, all of whom had

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 111

been vaccinated. 39 got meningitis, and 3 died. Six others went deaf. (Granoff) [269]

In a massive study in Norway in 1988 of over 171,000
subjects, the vaccines effect was insufficient to justify a public
vaccination programme. (Bjune) [294] The incidence of HiB
meningitis dropped from 300 cases per year in 1988 to 200
cases in 1991 on its own, without mandatory vaccination.
The first of the HiB vaccines, which was called PRP, didn’t
work very well. In the usual tradition of testing a vaccine on
the live population, by 1988 PRP was actually causing more
cases of the disease than it was preventing. (JAMA [298])
The way this happened was that the child would contract a
mild version of H. influenzae in the nose or throat, which
normally would have self-resolved. But because the child had
been vaccinated, the immune system was suppressed, thereby
allowing the disease to penetrate deeper into the nervous
system, and to set up shop in the meninges (lining of the spinal
After thousands of children were experimentally inoculated, PRP was eventually abandoned.
A well-documented side effect of HiB vaccination is a marked increase in infant diabetes. Below are three studies. Bolded year denotes the start of HiB vaccination.

Location year infant diabetes/100,000

Finland 1966-75 12
1981 16
1984 19
1988 26
1991 29
– source: Inf Dis in Clin Pract vol 6 1997 p.449

112 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Pittsburgh 1975-84 6
1985-94 13
– source: Diabetes Care [297]

England 1992-93 14
1994 22
– Brit Med J 1997 p.713 [296]
We’re talking about diabetes in infants, less than 4 years old! Before the 1960s, it was unknown. Vaccines doubled between 1960 and 1980.
Hemophilus influenzae vaccine (HiB) contained aluminum and mercury, toxins whose effects we have seen above.
Like all vaccines, H. influenzae is always being tested – on your children. No one noticed how they dropped down from four doses to three on the Schedule starting in 2006, for no reason. Then in 2007, back up to 4. Politics, not science.


No relation to H. influenzae vaccine, flu vaccines are a fairly recent development, and also very big business.
A little research in the area of influenza vaccine reveals a wasteland of disinformation and political maneuvering.
Influenza is a virus that has the ability to be constantly reinventing itself throughout the population during a single season. The vaccine supposedly contains some versions of the causative agents, in a weakened form.

With influenza, by the time the virus is isolated, cultured for manufacture, and distributed to the population, the current strain of virus within the population has usually changed to a form completely unaffected by the vaccine!

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 113

Michael Decker MD of Aventis, the flu vaccine manufacturer, laments: “By the time you know what’s the right strain, you can’t do anything about it.” [190]

How very reassuring.
The sicker the individual, or the greater the number of infected
people, the faster the virus mutates. Scientists refer to such a
trend as gene amplification. (Garrett, p 578,580, 614) [252]
This doesn’t even take into account the unique form influenza
virus takes within each person, or each city. Yet with flu shots,
it’s One Size Fits All – everyone gets the same vaccine. If it
really worked, you wouldn’t have to come back next year. Real
immunity is for life.

On 7 Feb 05, after 20 years of lobbying, influenza finally made
it to the regular Mandated Schedule. Suddenly it was
recommended at 6 months and yearly thereafter until age 18.
Super Lotto time.
That raised the total number of mandated vaccines for an American child from 40 to 58 in one fell swoop.

No media covered the event.


There are literally hundreds of strains of influenza virus
present at any given time across the US. During any flu
season, the virus mutates several times, not only in any given
locale, but even within individuals. This simple fact explains
why the flu vaccine has never been effective at reducing either
deaths or incidence of influenza in this country during the past
20 years.

114 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Ever notice that people who get flu shots all the time keep getting the flu? Could that have anything to do with not giving the body a chance to put immunity together for itself?
One problem might be that flu vaccine has always contained
mercury. (PDR, 2010) And also formaldehyde and ethylene
glycol. [163]
With such a composition, it is not surprising that the flu vaccine doesn’t prevent the flu. Even the CDC only claims between 19% – 36 % effectiveness. [47]

Taking a closer look at the ‘research’ from which CDC is making its claims, it begins to dawn on you that there are no real clinical trials, no actual risk-to-benefit studies: the ‘testing’ is done by giving the best-guess vaccine to the live population and then following up with unfounded editorializing from epidemiological data.

Echoing the same sentiments towards flu shots, England’s top medical publication British Medical Journal found that when it comes to influenza vaccine, [184]
“Evidence from systematic reviews shows that inactivated vaccines have little or no effect… Most studies are of poor methodological quality … Little evidence exists on the safety of these vaccines.”
Such de-evolution of scientific policy makes perfect sense, considering the way flu vaccines are funded and manufactured.
As more and more people are seeing the vaccinated come down with the flu, there’s a declining confidence in flu shots.

Unsold doses of flu vaccine:

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 115

2006 18 million of 121 million doses
2007 27 million of 140 million doses [139]

Such figures did not bode well for venture capitalists.

In 2007 only 5 companies in the world made flu vaccine. They
didn’t want to be taking the same risks as the recipients of its
This was the dejected economic climate in the flu vax business when swine flu popped up out of nowhere in 2009. To appreciate the power of CDC marketing, review the story [88] for a look at that desperate fiasco.


An astonishing study of the VAERS data came out in late 2012 [331] that revealed two facts:
1. the common practice of talking mothers into in utero
flu vaccines for the unborn child

2. the subsequent 4,250% increase in fetal deaths

The study, from the Journal of Human Environmental Toxicology, compared fetal deaths over 3 consecutive flu seasons. Not surprising when you realize that a flu shot contains 25 mcg of thimerosal, which is 30x the EPA safe dose for an adult. [200]


Does it seem like Alzheimer’s is getting more common in recent decades? Almost 15% of the US population can expect it.
By 2017, Alzheimer’s was the 7th leading cause of death, with over 5.5 million cases in the US. [18]

116 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Hugh Fudenburg, MD a leading immunogeneticist, with some
850 papers peer-reviewed, connects the dots: [300]
“If an individual had 5 consecutive flu shots between 1970 and 1980, the chances of Alzheimer’s Disease was 10 times greater than for those getting… no shots.”

Think that might have anything to do with the aluminum?
The new Adult Schedule: yearly flu shots until 60. [6]


Panic among the vaccine sales force may help to explain the
magical appearance of the Adult Immunization Schedule
suddenly in early 2008 in which every adult was now to be
scheduled for 79 flu shots after the age of 18! [6] Ad mavens
successfully targeted the elderly, who get 72% of all flu shots
even though they are most susceptible to aluminum. [156]
A standard hook now in the vaccine marketing lexicon is ‘pandemic,’ starting with the nonexistent Avian flu of 2005. As that chimera faded off into the boneyard of plague hysteria memorabilia, [155] the sales team next scored a sterling success with the 2009 swine flu outbreak. Venture capital prospects were never brighter. This type of mass conditioning dovetailed nicely into the COVID pageant.

One final flu shot comment from NIH’s Tony Fauci:

“Younger children simply don’t have as mature an
immune system,” Fauci explained. “So a first dose of
vaccine against a flu strain they’ve never experienced acts
as an introduction for their immune system, and a booster
shortly thereafter revs up that immune response.” [151]

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 117

Wow. Let’s all take a breath here. For the first time in history we have the director of the National Institutes of Health enunciating in a worldwide forum one of the principal reasons why young children might not be vaccinated at all: they don’t have a mature immune system. Absolutely true. No child is born with a developed immune system.

Much more disconcerting is the end of the comment -“revs up
the immune response…” ?? We’re not working on hotrods
here, Tony. The flu vaccine is not a boost but rather a massive
neurotoxic suppression of a formative immune system.

That complex biological symphony of interrelated allergic
responses, antibodies, antigens, self recognition, cell response,
etc. – about which we still have only the vaguest
knowledge – struggles its way into existence during the early
years of the child’s life. The immune system needs no help, no
interference, no enormous experimental toxic load, especially
one so politically contrived, in its fight to survive.

After years of maneuvering, GlaxoSmithKline finally got their
new vaccine for Hepatitis A tacked onto the mandated
schedule in Jan 2002, with no public fanfare. [282] The
vaccine was called Havrix, and is delineated on p. 982 of the
2013 PDR. [163]
Hepatitis A is an acute viral disease of the liver. Hepatitis A virus (HAV) has supposedly been isolated. [236, AAP]
How serious is this disease? Hepatitis A is a mild, self-limiting disease, resolving on its own with no treatment in 4-8 weeks. Most infections are subclinical, meaning that the people who get the disease never even know it because they never manifest symptoms. (Merck p 377) [234]

118 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Most hepatitis A doesn’t require treatment. Even the National
Institutes of Health states that: “Most people who have
Hepatitis A get well on their own after a few weeks.” [235] NIH
Almost all cases of hepatitis A are found in Third World areas.
So then why are we the only country in the world who
recommends the vaccine on a mass scale, now forcing 4 doses
on our children?


According to the Merck Manual (p 382 [234]) the chief symptoms of hepatitis A are:
loss of appetite NVD hives joint pain dark urine

Hardly life-threatening situations. By the time these symptoms appear, the disease is no longer infectious.
Unlike hepatitis B, Type A hepatitis disappears completely after acute infection, and does not contribute to chronic liver disease or to cirrhosis. After the patient recovers, he has lifetime immunity. True immunity.

Hepatitis A is a disease of poor personal hygiene, bad sanitation, poverty, overcrowding – Third World scenario. Hepatitis A is not common in the United States.


It’s shocking to discover that hepatitis can be caused by both
hepatitis B and hepatitis C vaccines! This fact is found in a
disclaimer that GlaxoSmithKlein makes about Havrix, that it
can’t cure the hepatitis caused by these other 2 vaccines.

So can we infer from this that Havrix itself also causes

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 119

hepatitis? We don’t need to infer it. The manufacturer states it on p 983 of the 2013 PDR: a possible side effect of Havrix is hepatitis! [223]

The obvious question then – did we really need another vaccine beyond those already mandated for schoolkids, for a rare disease that resolves by itself in a few weeks?
Were there any studies done which prove that the new vaccine is safe when Havrix is added to the other mandated vaccines? No, there are none. The concept of cumulative viral load and its effect on the newborn is discussed above.

Finding the true incidence of the Hepatitis A in the US is a daunting task indeed. A standard government reference for epidemiology is Statistical Abstracts of the US. On p 137 of the 2000 edition, we find that the overall incidence of Hepatitis A had been declining for the past four decades:
1980 — 29,100 cases (US Census, [70]) 2000 — 13,400 cases [102], (CDC)
2020 —9,952 cases [41], (CDC)

This decline of course has nothing to do with the vaccine. The

120 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

vaccine came in 2002. But the figures still seem a little high, don’t they? On closer inspection, reading the microprint footnote on that same page, we read: [70]

“Includes cases imported from outside the US”

Huh? ‘Cases imported from outside the United States’? We’re
not talking Beaujolais here. No one doubts that the vast
majority of hepatitis A cases are foreign. A disease of poverty,
filth, and malnutrition, the trick here is that global incidence
of this disease was used to calculate the necessity for the
vaccine in the US.
Blind speculation seems to be the standard for determining incidence. CDC makes the unreferenced claim “The best way to prevent Hepatitis A is by getting vaccinated.” [223]


Hepatitis A vaccine is made from infected human connective tissue cells. Not from just one guy, mind you, but rather each batch of vaccine is made from an infected mass of cells which had as many as 1000 donors. (Pediatrics) [282] The cells are then infected with hepatitis A virus, the agent presumed to be present in every case of hep A.
The agents are filtered, and attenuated with aluminum, formalin, and neomycin. (2013 PDR, p984) [110]

It is not just its connection with Alzheimer’s that makes
aluminum such a threat to human physiology. Aluminum can
interfere with the formation and integrity of virtually any
human neurology, in a fully unpredictable fashion. [274, 247]

As for formaldehyde, exactly how much danger of cancer is

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 121

an acceptable risk in the pure, perfect blood of a newborn?
Cancer occurs first in just one cell. It’s entirely possible that
this “trace” of formaldehyde or antifreeze will be sufficient to
cause that first cell mutation that develops into cancer. No
vaccines are tested for carcinogenicity. None of them. The PDR
makes this statement for every vaccine. ([163][110] PDR)


Was it really necessary to introduce an infectious virus into
the entire population of children in order to pretend to prevent
a disease which is virtually nonexistent in the United States?

If the disease itself is mild and self limiting and confers true
lasting immunity, wouldn’t it be better for that very low
number of people just to get the disease and forego the
addition of carcinogens and neurotoxins into the common

Read the full Hepatitis A chapter: [223]

Hepatitis B is an inflammatory liver disease, found most often among drug addicts. Most victims recover on their own within a few months, with no chronic liver disease. In 1991, however, the CDC and the AAP began including Hepatitis B vaccine for all infants. (p 172 [246]) Why?
Before 1991, hepatitis B vaccine was only given to high risk groups – health workers, drug users, those with multiple sex partners, and those with a history of the disease.

The disease is transmissible from mother to infant, but if the
mother tests negative, it seems unlikely that the infant will
have multiple sex partners or be an IV drug abuser, know what
I’m saying?

122 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Especially within the first day of life. This is the type of
common sense notion that gets overlooked when fortunes are
to be made.
Efficacy? No long-term studies had been done before the vaccine was forced on the general population. (p125) [246] The insert itself says that the vaccine was only monitored for 5 days before it was released on the market! [144]
Merck had been developing the Hep B vaccine since the early
1970s, and testing it on live populations of monkeys and
humans. (p.244) [273] Formaldehyde, a carcinogenic
inactivator used in many vaccines, supposedly tones down the
Hep B virus so that the vaccine hopefully doesn’t give the
patient hepatitis.
But the real perfidy of Hepatitis B vaccine comes into focus
when you find out that this mercury-laden vaccine is given on
the first day of life. The EPA safe level of mercury is .1
micrograms per kilogram per day. For an adult, that is.
As of 2004, one hepatitis B shot had 30 times that amount! –
FDA Hepatitis Control, [285]

Side effects? The CDC failed to mention any side effects in 8 million people who received the vaccine before 1991. (p 175) [246] But a number of studies have documented the following adverse reactions to the Hepatitis B vaccine:

Guillain-Barre enlarged spleen
demyelinating disease anaphylactic shock
autoimmune reactions jaundice [144]
In a statement to Congress, Director of the Association of
American Physicians and Surgeons Jane Orient, MD said that
deaths and adverse reactions to hepatitis B vaccines are

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 123

“ …vastly underreported, as formal long-term studies of
vaccine safety have not been completed. [229]
“…for most children the risk of a serious vaccine reaction
may be 100 times greater than the risk of Hepatitis B.”
By 1999, the number of reported severe adverse reactions to
the Hep B vaccine became higher than the actual number of
cases of the disease itself! (Townsend Letter, Sep 2000) [224]
Hepatitis B vaccination was dropped from the mandatory school program in France in Oct. 1998 after 15,000 citizens filed a class action suit against the government. The reason: hundreds of neurological disorders. (Belkin) [275]

There were at least 6 articles in the New York Times in 2008 in which the conclusion, always by some junior ‘health writer,’ was that unvaccinated children pose a risk to the community at large, because they ‘perpetuate disease.’

On 1 Oct 08, the NYT ran a story titled “Study Links Hepatitis B and Cancer of Pancreas.” [141]

There was no actual study, nor did the article definitely link
anything to anything. In a cursory review of data with cancer
patients, they claimed they noticed a higher than normal
history of hepatitis B among one group of cancer patients. The
authors themselves assert no definite causality between the
two conditions. [158] Only the headline did that.

This was an epidemiological study, which means it’s not a study at all, just a first-draft data comparison. It’s an idea for a study; that’s all.

This confused essay made the unfounded statements:

124 Vaccination Is Not Immunization
“chronic hepatitis B … globally, is a major cause of liver
“… A vaccine can prevent the infection and the cancer.
But when an unvaccinated person develops a chronic
infection, it cannot be cured, though antiviral drugs may help
control it.”
First of all, hepatitis B may only become chronic 5% of the
time. [280] (Merck p 382) It is chronic hepatitis that is
associated with liver cancer, not the mild self-limiting variety,
which is 90% of the cases with hep B. ([159] Marks)
Secondly, there is no proof of efficacy for a hepatitis B vaccine for any infection, as we have already seen above. Nor can any vaccine prevent cancer. Or any infection!
Third, when the unvaccinated contract any infection, they
stand just as much chance of cure as anyone else. Being
unvaccinated does not lower the immune system; in fact it’s
just the opposite.
The vaccinated, especially infants, have a much more difficult time fighting off infections, because of the immuno-
suppressive nature of 47 experimental attenuated agents and toxic adjuvants by 18 months. Remember, vaccines are not given for infections. They never were, and no scientist ever made such an absurd claim.
When the topic of hepatitis B vaccine comes up, just
remember this: it’s not a childhood disease. Never was.


Still looking for your epiphany moment with the politics of
vaccines? Try this: in 2011, the CIA engineered a fake
Hepatitis B inoculation program in a Pakistani village where
Bin Laden was ‘expected’. [342] ([343] New York Times)

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 125

Now the vaccine program was a sham, but the vaccines were real. Hundreds were given the Hepatitis B vaccine unnecessarily. Of course the ruse didn’t work – mainly because BL wasn’t even there.
But even if he were, would he really take time away from his
busy terrorist day planner to get in line for a Hep B shot? And
just how would they be getting DNA from a vaccination?
All good questions, Grasshopper. Just a small illustration of the overall IQ and ethics of decision makers.


There’s a related story every parent should read, especially those who think they’re doing the right thing to vaccinate a newborn with the Hepatitis B shot on his first day of life. If the baby has a reaction, the parents are now the prime target for accusations of Shaken Baby! Not kidding – this happens all the time. Look at [125] (Elber)

Rotavirus is a poorly understood illness of infants, usually
involving a mild, self-limiting case of diarrhea. The biggest
danger to the child is dehydration, but that occurs only in rare
The old name was colic, which is perfectly normal for the
majority of infants and usually passes in a short time without
complication. The few cases of death that result worldwide
happen in the poorest locations on earth, where starvation and
disease are common:

“90% of all deaths from rotavirus occur in the poorest parts of Africa and Asia” [171]

126 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

In the US there may be as few as 20 deaths per year, taking
into account the most unhygienic environments, and including
adults. [157]
Using global statistics to sell domestic vaccines is a routine
sales technique. How the rotavirus vaccine became added to
the schedule back in 1998 was more a matter of politics than
of science.

In the Merck Manual rotavirus infection is not described as a serious disease. Rotavirus is often found in asymptomatic infants. ([280], p 2173) It is so trivial a disease that the only recommended treatment before the vaccine came out was re-
hydrating the infant. [280]

RotaShield vaccine was added to the mandated schedule in
1998. Then after 20 complaints of a sometimes fatal disorder
of the infant’s bowel called intussusception, and other
injuries following vaccination, the CDC quietly took
RotaShield off the market after only 11 months. (Newsweek,
13 Sep 99) [262] [339]

Two spokesmen for CDC made statements:

”No one should now be giving rotavirus vaccine to anyone” – B. Reynolds

“The vaccine is still licensed by the FDA…It is a highly
effective vaccine, and we don’t want to take this disease
prevention tool away from practitioners” – Melinda Wharton

Typical CDC left hand / right hand.

Paul Offit, from the CDC Board of Advisors that approved
rotavirus vaccine, admitted in Congressional hearing that he
not only received benefits from the vaccine’s manufacturer,
Merck, but that he actually owned the patent! Asked if he
thought that could be a conflict of interest, Offit made the

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 127

Faucian reply:

“I am a co-holder of a patent for a (rotavirus) vaccine. If this vaccine were to become a routinely recommended vaccine, I would make money off of that am I biased? That answer is really easy: absolutely not.”

“Is there an unholy alliance between the people who make recommendations about vaccines and the vaccine manufacturers? The answer is no.” [311]

Six years later that patent sold for $186 million. [24] For just a suggestion of the millions available to Paul Offit, read Atkisson’s CBS report. [350]
Offit has been receiving funding from Merck for the past 24 years for promoting rotavirus vaccines.

It’s just business. Representative Dan Burton puts it like this:

“CDC routinely allows scientists with blatant conflicts
of interest to serve on influential advisory committees
that make recommendations on new vaccines,” Burton told

“… these same scientists have financial ties, academic affiliations, and vested interests in the products and companies for which they are supposed to be providing unbiased oversight.” [311]


After the 1999 RotaShield fiasco, it was almost inconceivable
that they would try again. Yet in a fit of post-9/11 power
politics, a new version of the vaccine was trotted back out in
early 2007, with whirlwind approval by the FDA and
introduction right back into the Mandated Schedule. Only it
had a new name: Rotateq.

128 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Rotateq’s debut came with new reports of the same major side
effect that occasioned the earlier vaccine being pulled 9 years
before: – intussusception. This condition is sometimes fatal,
and usually requires surgery. It was not even associated with
the original disease, but only with the vaccines.
Other side effects of Rotateq: NVD, otitis media, pharyngitis,
and bronchospasm.
The primary study of the clinical trials cited by Rotateq’s manufacturer – Merck – was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in Jan 2006. [174]

This study was funded by Merck, used Merck trial protocols,
and was co-authored by the owner of the patent of both the
original vaccine and the current version. The majority of the
authors were listed at the bottom as being given financial perqs
from Merck.

Rotateq wasn’t much different from the old RotaShield, except for one additional viral strain and the fact that the testing was done on human infants, not monkeys. [270]

The vaccine made little difference:

Among the 9605 subjects in the detailed study (4806 in the
vaccine group and 4799 in the placebo group), the rates of
fever, vomiting, and flux within 42 days after any dose were
similar among vaccine recipients and placebo recipients.
Serious adverse events were reported in 803 of 34,035 vaccine
recipients (2.4 percent), with 24 deaths in the vaccinated
The most common cause of death was Sudden Infant Death syndrome, which occurred in seven vaccine recipients.

Over and over the new sales pitch keeps talking about how the

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 129

incidence of intussusception was nothing out of the ordinary, how the vaccine does not cause intussusception, etc. [174] With intussusception as the main reason the old vaccine was pulled 10 years before, the authors thought they had to pacify and reassure the new market.

So it was unfathomable then that less than a month after being
added back to the Schedule, the FDA began warning the public
of the exact same side effect from the new Rotateq, citing 28
new cases! [157]
“The condition, called intussusception, is the same that
led to the withdrawal of the first rotavirus vaccine eight years


RotaShield was probably the only vaccine in history that was not included in the PDR. With today’s google-wiki revisionist policy, it’s virtually impossible to find any evidence that RotaShield ever existed.

RotaShield was slightly different from the new Rotateq. RotaShield was from human and monkey sources, whereas the newer Rotateq is from human and bovine sources.

Outside of that, the song is pretty much the same with Rotateq
– claims of 95% efficacy, completely safe, very necessary.

Infant colic is a mild, immune-building disease, normal in infants, as they develop their gut flora. It is not something for which any vaccine is needed, let alone one as risky and immunosuppressive as Rotateq.


Measles is another mild, self-limiting, immune-building viral
disease of childhood. Symptoms are red spots on the skin

130 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

and mouth, fever, and fatigue. Commonly resolves in a week. Most of those who grew up in the 1950s remember getting measles. Not a big deal. And they got lifetime immunity in the bargain. Natural immunity. (Merck, p 1098) [280]
Looking at the Figure 2 above, p 72, we see the disease almost completely disappeared by itself before mass vaccinations became popular in the 1970s.
Measles vaccine was part of the MMR (measles-mumps-
rubella) vaccine package developed in the early 1970s. Once
again, it wouldn’t be so bad if the vaccine were simply
unnecessary. But an entire array of side effects can result
from the MMR vaccine:

loss of muscle control meningitis seizures
mental retardation Reyes Syndrome diabetes
paralysis anaphylactic shock MS
Guillain-Barre blood clot encephalitis
But the reason the MMR vaccine was sold to the public in the first place was to protect against encephalitis. Now here it’s listed as a side effect of the vaccine..? Measles itself doesn’t cause all these illnesses. Even pediatricians know that the vaccine contains a slow virus that can hide in tissues for years, and then manifest later in life.

This is why so many doctors in Los Angeles refused to use the MMR vaccine on their own children. – [267] p 237)

A 1996 report stated that the measles vaccine

“produces immune suppression which contributes to an increased susceptibility to other infections.”
– Clinical Immunology and Pathology, (Auwerter) [231]

Let me get this right: Not only does the measles vaccine not
prevent measles; it also increases the chances of getting

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 131
other infections?

Looks like the vaccine’s worse than the disease. And we have mandated such a vaccine for the general population based on undocumented claims of possible encephalitis?
With measles specifically, the absence of antibodies after vaccination has been known for decades:
“Antibody production is therefore not necessary either
for recovery from or for the development of immunity to
measles.” – Nobel laureate, Sir MacFarlane Burnet [235]
This flies in the face of the classical vaccine paradigm.


Let’s trace the vaccine’s effectiveness for preventing measles.

By 1978, half the cases of measles were found in vaccinated
And the W.H.O. stated that those vaccinated have a 15 times
greater chance of catching measles than those not vaccinated!
([267], p 238)
Between 1983 and 1989, incidence of measles increased 10-
fold. In the next year, incidence increased another 50 percent! 1990 saw 27,000 cases and 100 deaths reported in the U.S. [252] (p 511)
Furthermore the CDC itself reports measles outbreaks in populations with 100% vaccination rates! Their explanation: ‘…the apparent paradox is that measles…becomes a disease of immunized persons.’ (MMWR, Oct 1984) [295]
What about the value of childhood measles as an immune-
building experience? From Viera Scheibner PhD: [353]

132 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

“It is well known that measles is an important milestone in the maturing process of children. Why would anybody want to delay the maturation process of children and their immune systems?”

The real horror surrounding the measles vaccine, however,
didn’t explode into public awareness till the House of
Representatives hearings on autism, convened by Dan Burton
on 6 April 2000. [228] Legitimate research done in England
and Ireland began to show the measles vaccine as
one of the two most likely contributors to autism. [336]

In 2019, we had that brief Boutique Epidemic with measles
[33] where the CDC unsuccessfully attempted to create
nationwide panic in order to increase sales of measles vaccine.
They tried to pretend that suddenly there was about to be a
rampant measles epidemic springing from only 39 cases in
Washington state. Remember? It was so transparent that
soon it became an embarrassment and one day it just dropped
off the map, like it never existed.


Another benign, self-limiting disease of childhood, involving
swollen salivary glands, fever and headache. Almost always
gone in a week with no complications. Natural immunity for

Very simply, “mumps does not require treatment.” (p234 [267])

The big sell for mumps was that supposedly if mumps came on in adulthood – which it almost never did – it was a more serious disease which could cause temporary swelling of the testicles. Not sterility now. Just temporary swelling of the testicles, in extremely rare cases.
So the first question is, why vaccinate girls?

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 133

The second question is – why vaccinate anyone for mumps when the mild childhood disease confers lifetime immunity? Oh, they might not get it as children? Oh, so we’re just making sure, right? So they don’t get the more serious version when they grow up, is that it?
But there’s absolutely no evidence that the vaccine prevents
the adult version. It was never even studied, much less

Mendelsohn says that at the very most, mumps vaccine should only be given to boys at puberty who never got natural immunity by getting the disease as a child.

Logic is rarely driving the bus it seems when it comes to Vaccination Policy. So line up, boys and girls.


German measles (three-day measles) is an even milder disease. Fever, rash, and sore throat are the usual symptoms.
The big sell with rubella, and why it’s the R in MMR, is the
remote possibility of fetal damage if the mother gets rubella in
the first four months of pregnancy. (Merck Manual) [280]
But children don’t get pregnant, and those are the ones who get vaccinated. Any “immunity” will have worn off long before adulthood rolls around.
Yes, I know, they say – but we have to be careful that children don’t get it so they don’t infect the mothers…

That would be nice, except for the side effects of the vaccine:

arthritis polyneuritis numbness

The worst news for mothers is that the vaccination in their own

134 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

childhood prevents them from ever having a natural immunity
to the disease, which they actually could have passed on to the

So check it out:

We used to have a harmless non-threatening immune-building disease of childhood when there was no vaccine. If you got the disease, you got lifetime immunity. If you became a mother, no worries for you or the baby.

Now enter rubella vaccine in the late 60s, at a time when an estimated 85% of the population already had a natural immunity to the disease. [267] p 240
Moskowitz points out how vaccines for harmless childhood diseases like rubella, chicken pox, and measles have created new atypical disease versions which occur later in adult life, in a much more serious form. [182] Adult versions have far higher rates of complication, and death.


The US is frequently accused of using the Third World to
unload expired or unsafe batches of vaccines. One example:
“In the Ukraine, a 2008 measles and rubella vaccination campaign was suspended due to public mistrust of the vaccine. The campaign, targeting 7.5 million people, ended up only reaching 116,000 people.” [344]

The 1990s brought a new disease phenomenon – regressive
autism – which suddenly showed up in hundreds of thousands
of normal 2 year olds. Usually after vaccination. The child
stopped developing, stopped responding, stopped learning and

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 135

withdrew into a condition of cognitive arrest, often permanent.
Most of them never speak and 75% of them are unable to ever
live independently. The family is socially and financially
devastated. The overall loss from the epidemic is measured in
Never before in history has a demographic of totally normal kids suddenly regressed. [84]

Since the early 1990s, autism has certainly met every definition of an epidemic, although both medical and popular literature can never use the words ‘epidemic’ and ‘autism’ in the same sentence.

In 1978, there were less than 1 in 10,000 autistics. By Apr
2006, the CDC admitted to over half a million autistics. [114]
A better guess could be extrapolated from US Dept of Education statistics on child disability. [172] According to their charts, autism rose geometrically in all 50 states from 1993 – 2006. The chart shows average state increases of 1700% looking at only 15% of total cases.
In 2003 Congress cited autism at 1 child in 250. CDC now
estimates 1 child in 36. [16] This estimate is deduced from
school and medical records, and is regarded by other
researchers as very low. Newer research from South Carolina
documents how 1 child in 28 is a more accurate figure. [355]
No one knows for sure. What is certain is that autism is
increasing logarithmically, and is right on schedule to be 1
child in 2 by 2035. Consider the ramifications – schools
implode, work force decimated, tax base mortally injured…
This entire discussion is banned from corporate media.
Unlike COVID, autism is a true pandemic, found in every
vaccinated country. Some are beginning to count their cases:

136 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

in South Korea 1 child in 38 is autistic. [105] And on p. 86 above we saw the Minnesota Somalis at 1 in 32. [93]

Though detox [86] may help the injured child, there is no guarantee. American medicine refuses to acknowledge autism as an epidemic, and refuses to look for a cause.
The connection between vaccines and autism is clear:

“Vaccines provoke an immune response to an antigen derived
from a virus or bacteria. They also contain adjuvants which
augment the antibody response and provoke inflammation
throughout the body, as well as preservatives such as mercury.
“Aluminum and mercury can enter the brain and remain for
years, where they provoke neuro-inflammation. Inflammation
during childhood can interfere with the normal mechanisms,
leading to neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism.” [136],
With autism, one causative mechanism stems from myelin
defects. No child is born myelinated. Vaccines are known to
interfere with normal myelination. The pattern is unpredictable,
and therefore: [336], p 188
“damage caused by vaccines is a vast continuum, ranging widely in degree and disability.”

A research project carried out in Denmark in 2003 and published in Pediatrics [315] – the ill-fated Madsen study – for years assured the world of the usual mantra with respect to thimerosal and vaccines: no possible connection. Since that time a thorough explosion of the fatally flawed study has been available on Scudamore’s definitive site [145].

Nevertheless, up until recently the Danish study still served as a
pivotal defense source for those clinging to the hope that the

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 137

autism/mercury connection could be kept hidden.

No more. One of the principal co-authors of that study, Poul
Thorsen, was indicted on a host of charges, [357] including
falsification of data, fraudulent publication, money laundering,
etc. stemming from that original study. He was on the run from
Interpol. No need to cite a particular reference here – just google
the phrase ‘Poul Thorsen indicted’ and over a million references
will come up.
The research was funded by the CDC, and they want their money back. Only the least informed are still citing this ill-
fated study in defense of mercury. [316]
The unflinching refusal by FDA, CDC, US Dept of Health, NIH to fund legitimate clinical trials on a possible autism/vaccine connection has left it to independent researchers to try and find the true cause. What they have come up with, both in Congressional committees and independent research is overwhelming and incontrovertible evidence that the autism epidemic, though multifactorial, has

MMR vaccine [203, 186]
Aluminum kills brain cells. That’s not even controversial. It’s
the principal adjuvant in today’s vaccines. ([336] p188) [324]
Mercury in vaccines is in the form of thimerosal. MMR vaccine does not contain mercury.
All 3 causes have been widely explored. But never together by mainstream science. The subject is verboten.

138 Vaccination Is Not Immunization


What is mercury? An elemental metal, liquid in its natural form, historically mercury was called quicksilver. Mercury is the third most toxic substance known to man. It is the most toxic nonradioactive metal. (Bernard) [122]
Scientists have known for decades that mercury is poison. But
most study has been of mercury contamination of fish and
from toxic spills. The mercury in vaccines, as we saw
above, is in the form of thimerosal which is 49.5% mercury.
This is ethylmercury, a manmade neurotoxin (nerve killer)
that is 50x more toxic than inorganic mercury. [340] [292]
Introduced into a newborn’s bloodstream on the very first day
of life as part of the Hepatitis B vaccine, thimerosal is allowed
to be in direct contact with brand new unformed tissues:

intestine lining liver
nervous system brain
Since 1997, the official mantra has been: there is no proof that thimerosal causes autism, or any other disease. But change just one word and it all shifts: there is abundant scientific proof that thimerosal can cause autism, and virtually any other neurological disorder as well.


Two manufacturers of thimerosal are Eli Lilly and EMD
Chemicals. Here’s what their own Safety Data Sheets state:

Eli Lilly: “Effects of Exposure: .. allergic dermatitis…
mercury poisoning can occur Signs … in adults are
nervous system effects, including narrowing of the visual
field and numbness in extremities. Exposure in utero and

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 139

in children can cause mild to severe mental retardation
and mild to severe motor coordination impairment.” [199]

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the
State of California to cause birth defects or other
reproductive harm.” [309]

So then, thimerosal clearly can cause autism. The carefully
scripted studies and news releases always deftly sidestep this
glaring admission by the manufacturers. Puts your
pediatrician’s mantra “not enough to hurt ’em” in its proper


In her landmark monograph – Autism: A Unique Type of Mercury Poisoning – Sally Bernard traces the history of mercury to its origins. Providing a riveting comparison of 2 conditions: mercury poisoning and autism, she notes that both diseases affect the same 6 systems:

gut muscle control
brain immune system
eyes speech
Bernard then shows a virtual one-to-one correspondence between the symptoms of autism and those of mercury poisoning. [222]

140 Vaccination Is Not Immunization


The most tragic physical effect of vaccinations seems to be the
assault on the central nervous system. It is easy to
understand why in the case of children. No matter what
presumptions we may be told, children are not miniature
adults. Their nervous systems are not near complete. Nerve
tissue is the most delicate and sensitive substance, arguably
in the entire universe.
The insulation around nerves – myelin – is not yet formed at birth. During its development, nerve tissue is exquisitely sensitive to minute changes in its biological environment. The presence of mercury in the blood will prevent normal nerve formation. (University of Calgary video [202])

Even minute traces. There is no safe level.

Inflammation and oxidative stress within the child’s brain resulting from mercury can cause autism, or virtually any neurologic disease. ([136], Deth) [324, Blaylock]
Theo Colborn clearly explains that a substance that may have been harmless to a two year old may effect a devastating, permanent glitch in the carefully orchestrated configuration of the central nervous system, if experienced at two months, or six months, or at day one. (p.113) [247]


The same blood that flows everywhere in the body also goes to
the brain. Because of its unique requirements, however,
brain tissue cannot be freely exposed to everything in the
blood. So during adolescence, we develop a mechanism for
survival whereby only certain compounds are allowed to come
into contact with the brain. This process of selective
absorption is called the blood-brain barrier. (Guyton) [234]

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 141

As for the harmful molecules kept out of the brain, doctors call them neurotoxins. That means they kill brain cells.

Here is a partial list:

• aluminum
• mercury
• aspartame
• monosodium glutamate
• formaldehyde
– Excitotoxins [274], The Crazy Makers

Unfortunately, babies are not born with a blood-brain barrier.
(Blaylock, p.71) [274] It isn’t complete until maturity. With
direct access to the brain, such toxins have two effects:

– kill existing brain cells
– prevent myelin and brain interconnections from
Interconnections: now we’re talking about the ability to learn. Association. Programming the new hard drive.

Certain areas of the brain, like the ones that allow a baby to walk, or to speak, or to learn – if these are damaged in the unprotected environment of the infant brain, the defect may go unnoticed for years. Later on, when an impairment is noticed, doctors will be running around looking for some recent event. Too late. It’s already over.


Bernard shows that the reason thimerosal is a much more
toxic form of mercury than one would get from eating open-sea
fish has to do with the difficulty of clearing thimerosal
from the blood.

142 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Again, thimerosal is ethylmercury, a manmade, organic form which is 50x more toxic to nerve cells, compared with the methylmercury found in fish and in thermometers.
In living things, mercury is bioaccumulative. In man it is
stored in fat cells and nerve cells, and persists year after year.
Beyond death. It can seep out any time, causing permanent
degeneration of brain cells, in an unpredictable fashion. [222]

And this is how thimerosal can be the original and
unidentifiable cause of virtually any neurological disease that
mysteriously pops up later in life, with no way to prove it.


Congressman Dan Burton got sort of miffed when he found out from government officials about their carelessness in monitoring mercury safety during the past 8 decades:
“You mean to tell me since 1929 we’ve been using
thimerosal and the only test that you know of is the one
that was done in 1929, and every one of those people got
meningitis and they all died?” – Burton,19 Jun 02 [211, 112]
Eli Lilly, the inventor of thimerosal, did that test and hid the results, since they were getting the first thimerosal vaccines approved that year. [179, RFK]
Surrealistically, in 80 years there has never been another human clinical test on thimerosal! – V. Williams [211]
Would anyone like to take a shot at explaining why in 1992 the FDA found it necessary to take thimerosal out of dog vaccines but to leave it in children’s? [211]


In an article in Journal of the American Medical Association, the

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 143

EPA quotes .1mcg/kg/day as a maximum “safe” level of exposure to mercury. [232] (Halsey) For adults. That’s point-
one micrograms per kilogram per day.

An FDA citation that interprets those safety levels in light of what an American child actually received by 2005: [285]

Day of birth: hep B – 12 mcg – 30x EPA safe level
At 4 months: DPT and HiB – 50 mcg – 60x EPA safe level
At 6 months: HepB, Polio – 62.5 mcg – 78x EPA safe level
Now EPA levels were talking about methylmercury, (above). And they were also talking about safety levels for adults.
But vaccines are given to infants.

Here’s one reason why it’s more toxic. From the AAPS Journal:
“…mercury in vaccines is given by injection rather than by
oral ingestion only makes the exposure levels worse because
…the distribution reached several logs higher concentration
in organs following …injections than via oral ingestion.” [191]

Several logs? You mean exponentially by powers of 10?

A valuable review of thimerosal literature is certainly Dr
Edward Yazbak’s very thorough 2011 lit search. [133] Any
physicians still laboring under the illusion that only harmless
traces of mercury can be found in childhood vaccines today
will be disabused of their profound error by Yazbak’s work.


Authors who state there is no evidence of a connection between
mercury and autism are talking nonsense. Here is a line graph

144 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

from the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons which correlates mercury with autism: [191]

How much education do you need to read this chart? The more mercury, the more autism.
Research by Bradstreet et al. presented to the Institutes of Medicine hearings shows a
“direct association between increasing mercury from thimerosal-containing childhood vaccines and neuro-
development disorders in children.” [187]
Because of overwhelming evidence, the study concluded that

“mercury should be removed immediately from all biologic products.”
That’s exactly what the FDA said back in 1999 when it “asked” vaccine manufacturers to leave thimerosal out. Asked. CDC and APA joined the recommendation. [196]
But thimerosal was never banned, nor can it ever be. As
above, settlements. Class action. Banning it would be
confirming its toxicity in vaccines. No hint of that must see
the light of day.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 145

Other countries are not quite so blasé with their children’s
health: thimerosal was banned from vaccines 20 years ago in
Russia, Denmark, Austria, Britain, Japan, and Scandinavia.


One of the world’s foremost experts on thimerosal toxicity is certainly Boyd Haley, PhD, chairman of UK’s chemistry department. Here are just a few conclusions from this man who has spent decades of study on the topic:
“… the case against thimerosal is so dramatically
overwhelming that only a very foolish or a very dishonest
person with the credentials to understand their research
would say that thimerosal wasn’t the most likely cause of
“You couldn’t even construct a study that shows that
thimerosal is safe. It’s just too toxic… If you inject thimerosal
into an animal its brain will sicken. If you apply it to living
tissue, the cells die. If you put it in a Petri dish, the culture
dies it would be shocking if one could inject it into an
infant without causing damage.” [200]

“A single vaccine given to a 6 pound newborn is the
same as giving a 180-lb adult 30 vaccines on the same


On 2 Apr 04, a bill was introduced into Congress to ban all mercury from vaccines by 2006: HR 4169. [197] Nice gesture, but only a footnote now.
Then in 2005, the manufacturers voluntarily moved toward
reduction of thimerosal. There was getting to be too much

146 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

criticism, too much attention, too much science that could no longer be ignored, even by the bovine mentality of the American public, that mercury is a poison and therefore cannot be a preservative. (Baskin [207])

After 80 years of overwhelming evidence proving its deadly
effects and how it could cause autism, vaccine makers were
now going to begin limiting or omitting thimerosal in vaccines.
So they created a new illusion – don’t worry, we’re phasing
thimerosal out.

Pediatricians, as well as the popular press, have been
misleading parents for years, telling them that thimerosal
was already gone from vaccines. And that’s why most people
think that thimerosal is no longer something they have to be
concerned about.


Despite the endless doubletalk we still read in everyday media
about the decreases in vaccine thimerosal, here are the actual
figures of allowable mercury in today’s vaccines, hidden in a
chart at the very bottom of the FDA’s own 2017 webpage on
thimerosal: [160]

DTaP .3 mcg
DT 25 mcg
Td 8.3 mcg
TT 25 mcg
Hep B 1 mcg
Hep A 1 mcg
Influenza 25 mcg
A report to the state of California admitted that trace levels of mercury are expected in all vaccines: ([317], Schechter)
“After analyzing autism client data from the California
Department of Developmental Services, researchers concluded

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 147

that the data “do not show any recent decrease in autism in California despite the exclusion of more than trace levels of thimerosal from nearly all childhood vaccines.”

Why on earth would they phase it out? Thimerosal has never
been made illegal, nor will it ever be. That would be like the
American Dental Association outlawing amalgam fillings.
These poisons betoken the very essence of the respective
professions. The FDA never forced the issue, never banned

Since 1930, the FDA has never done its job, has never protected people from this neurotoxin. Infiltrated as it is with top lawyers and execs from the industry it pretends to regulate, the FDA cannot end thimerosal.
But even if thimerosal were prohibited from new vaccines
today, it wouldn’t make much difference in our lifetime.
Stockpiles persist for decades. Stockpiled vaccines are almost
never discarded. Any clinic may administer as many mercury-
laced vaccines to as many infants as it wishes. That can never


So in 80 years the FDA never protected the public from
thimerosal. Since the early 90s the FDA has known that over
8000 children every day were being exposed to levels of
mercury that far exceeded Federal guidelines. [206] But
thimerosal is still legal.
Many became fearful with the 2005 report on mercury by Robert F. Kennedy Jr: Deadly Immunity. [179] The reader is directed to the entire report, which was banned from media but accessible online. Kennedy reveals a few of the more egregious industry misdeeds of the past 15 years:

148 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

– the secret 2000 meeting of scientists, regulators and
vaccine reps in Simpsonwood, Georgia to discuss
overwhelming new research proving a link between mercury
and autism
– the bad judgment in suddenly adding 3 mercury vaccines for infants in 1991: hep B, hemophilus B, and DPT.

– the 15-fold increase in autism which directly followed

– the incontrovertible evidence from the world’s leading toxicologists that thimerosal in the mid-90s created the epidemic of autism

– after the research was presented, instead of discussing
the best ways to alert the public to the new dangers, the group
focused on figuring out ways to cover it up. [179]
One concrete result of the meeting: the CDC commissioned a cover study from the IOM, which was completed in 2004. That study deliberately withheld all the shocking new research they had just uncovered, and actually turned it over to a private company, AHIP, in order to sidestep Freedom of Information accessibility. Worked fine, until Vaxxed. [338]

On 9 Feb 04, the IOM, a branch of the National Academy of
Sciences, at the behest of CDC, convened in order to lay to rest
once and for all the thimerosal controversy. They invited 13 of
the world’s leading scientists on neurotoxicology to come to
Washington and present data about an association between
autism and thimerosal.

Reviewing audio files of that meeting, available on the IOM’s
website [186] the listener gets a first-hand view of government.
As one scientist after another brilliantly summarized years of

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 149

research in his allotted 20 minutes, leaving little doubt of the causal association between mercury in vaccines and brain injury, the contradiction could not be ignored: with all this scientific evidence, how can the mantra that we kept reading about no proof, no proof, continue to be evoked?
Here is a preponderance of evidence linking thimerosal with virtually any neurological disorder, not just autism.

Even with the outcome pre-ordained by CDC, [186] it was a shocking surprise that in defiance of the deluge of evidence presented that day proving the contrary, IOM’s formal conclusion was that there was still no proven link between autism and thimerosal. [354]
Where they really went off the reservation, however, was when
IOM declared the case closed and, in a startling position for a
scientific body, recommended that no further research be
conducted (!)

Summarizing the day’s testimony, perhaps the most cogent
statement came from Mark Geier, MD PhD, a leading authority
on genetics:

“This is about as proven an issue as you’re going to see …
what is occurring here is a cover-up under the guise of
protecting the vaccine program. If we’re not convinced
thimerosal isn’t causing autism, I recommend that we spend
$10 or $20 billion to find out what is causing it. Nobody’s
doing that.” [183]

In RFK’s World Mercury Project, [72] probably the most
valuable feature of the site is the download with more than 80

150 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

peer reviewed studies that show a clear connection between thimerosal and autism.[72] This science has been well known for more than 2 decades by anyone who cares to look one level deeper than the daily fare served up in pop press. Explodes the myth of “no proof Hg causes autism…”


In the US, the MMR vaccine was added to the mandated
schedule in 1978, approved after studies lasting only 28 days.
[208] We saw the sales pitch above. To this day, no medium
or long-term safety studies of MMR have ever been done.

As we were led down the garden path of MMR vaccination, 2000 centuries of herd immunity – natural immunity – were cavalierly tossed out the window. Before the vaccine, whoever got one of these mild diseases thereby got lifetime immunity. No longer. Instead, after a couple of decades of vaccination, we now see atypical versions of the original diseases: brand new adult disease forms. Manmade.
Adults who get measles, mumps, or rubella for the first time
have a much greater chance of death or serious complications.
(Merck) [280]

MMR vaccine may actually work to delay the onset past
childhood. As a result, the adult versions are mutated forms
of the original diseases. Which means that someone who got
the disease as a child and who was thereby immune for life,
may not now be immune to the new atypical forms created by
mass vaccines.


One’s opinion of Andrew Wakefield has come to be a sort of IQ test for an overall awareness of the vaccine issue.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 151

Forget everything you have read about Andrew Wakefield. Unless he (or we) wrote it. [129] [284] [335] Best to start with Waging War On the Autistic Child. [336] Godfather of the anti-
vax movement? Please.
All part of the global scapegoating of a man who dared to follow pure science instead of the feeble dictates of politics.
About 1996, Wakefield, renowned London surgeon / gastro-
enterologist, noticed that autistic children had a unique new bowel disorder.
He began to do something that other doctors hadn’t done –
examine the children, starting with abdominal palpation, to feel for an obvious obstruction.
After a colonoscopy on each child, Wakefield noticed a
pathology: large nodular bleeding masses within the colon.
The condition – lymphoid nodular hyperplasia – was
unimaginably painful for the infant because these bleeding,
swollen, infected nodules blocked the colon. The body would
interpret the nodules as waste and attempt to pass them
through. But since they were attached to the lining of the
colon, a pathological folding up or telescoping of the colon
would occur, which doctors call intussusception. Usually
surgical, often fatal.
Wakefield began to call the new bowel disease autistic enterocolitis. This was quite a different thing from your average infant colic. The autistic colon had some unique features that appeared in virtually every case:

inner lining of intestine blocked and inflamed lymphoid nodular hyperplasia
specific viral infection
autoimmune characteristics

152 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

What could make a two year old’s colon attack itself?


Good question. A molecular biologist, John O’Leary PhD,
was asking the same thing. O’Leary’s contribution was a
sophisticated sequencing technology (TAQMAN) that can
distinguish one virus from another. In almost every autistic
gut, they found measles virus – the virus from the measles
vaccine component of the MMR shot. (Uhlmann) [212]


At this point Wakefield made a career-defining statement. He
merely suggested that perhaps a connection between autism
and MMR vaccine deserved further study. [284] That was it.
Suddenly he found himself the target of censure from the
worldwide medical community. Too late he discovered his
mortal sin: he had unintentionally maligned the Sacred Cow
of medicine – vaccines. He then watched his brilliant career
take that long slow swan dive, from which it never recovered.

A lesser man would have apologized and backed off, like his
co-authors did. Yet Wakefield, seeing a reasonable hypothesis
that was being ignored by science, was undeterred. He saw
the vital importance of such a discovery if it turned out he were


Wakefield first asked: is it plausible for a viral agent like
measles vaccine to be the cause of a neurological disorder like
autism? Is there a recognized link between the gut and the
Nothing controversial here. Aspirin is absorbed into the

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 153

bloodstream through the stomach, and cures headaches. Beer is absorbed through the bloodstream and alters mood. Prozac is taken into the digestive system and alters mood. Poisons we eat may damage parts of the brain.

Years ago, Chopra spoke of the brain chemicals that were
found all through the digestive tract, sending constant
information back and forth. [277] Psycho-neuroimmunology,
a huge field today, studies the sophisticated feedback
mechanisms linking the immune system, the gut, and the
brain. [336]


Another of the world’s leading autism research scientists Jeff Bradstreet, MD:
“… we propose a subset of genetically vulnerable children who lack the ability to clear the vaccine strain of the virus and that this is … a direct cause of their symptoms.” [211]
He never proved that connection, nor was he really studying
the possibility. Bradstreet was anything but anti-vaccine. After
a lifetime of the most dedicated medical research, this doctor
found himself floating in a river face down, GSW through the
chest. Mainstream conspiracy ruling: suicide. [346]
Beginning to wonder why NIH isn’t funding such an important hypothesis?


Doctors have a name for triple shot vaccines: trivalents. Wakefield wondered at the lack of science behind mixing 3 viral agents together in one triple shot vaccine cocktail like MMR without testing the mix.

154 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Viral agents have unpredictable effects upon each other. The
random result of mixing together viral agents is called viral
interference. It is discussed in more than 2000 journal
articles. [208]

With measles/mumps/rubella vaccine – we have manmade
strains of three infectious viruses thrown together. Not the
naturally occurring disease strains, mind you, but manmade
forms. Early researchers pointed out the necessity for
safety study of the trivalent. (Buynak [279] It was never done.

Later researchers reaffirmed that these viral interactions
should be thoroughly studied with all triple shot vaccines.
(Halsey [232]) For none has that work has ever been done.
Looking at the current Schedule of vaccines we see no less
than twelve triple shot injections mandated for every
American child. [5]


V. Singh, PhD, a specialist who studied hundreds of cases of autism, found that these children experienced an autoimmune episode, in which their own body began to attack the lining of the nervous system – myelin – analogous to the insulation of electronic wire in your computer.

Singh: “…hyper-immune response to the measles virus.”

Such damage is a well-known effect of the mercury used in vaccines, as well as of the measles vaccine. No child is born myelinated. Flawed development of the formative infant brain neurons can result in virtually any childhood or adult neurologic disorder. [204]
Despite the massive denial and coverup from mainstream
media and organized medicine in the past decade, thanks to

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 155

Wakefield, Singh, Dan Burton, and others, here’s what most autistics have in common:

• normal early development
• regression to autism after vaccine
• a new GI pathology not found in normal children
• recurrent infections
• neurological symptoms of brain toxicity
• LN hyperplasia in the colon: as a response to virus
• immune deficiency/autoimmune characteristics

With all the billions available from the NIH for medical
research, where are the parallel studies being done to disprove
Wakefield? If his methods are wrong, duplicate them and
discredit him once and for all. What about when it turns out
Wakefield is right? Wasn’t an epidemic that strikes one infant
in 50 worth studying?
Although endless sums were spent demonizing him, NIH didn’t want to spend one dime testing Wakefield’s hypothesis. Why not? Because every scientist knows what they will find: Wakefield would be found correct. There is an unarguable causal connection between MMR and autism.
Fortunately, Wakefield was finally unmuzzled, and in his shocking book Callous Disregard [335] we learn the true story behind the story. Though meticulously derided by pop press, Wakefield has been exonerated and validated – scientifically, legally, and ethically. Several times. [94]
In 2007, UK’s General Medical Council had brought a case against Andrew Wakefield and John Walker Smith because of the initial study written up in 1998 Lancet.
After 5 years, they dropped all charges:

156 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

‘…the conclusions of the GMC board that stripped both
Walker-Smith and Wakefield of their licenses to practice
medicine in the UK were based on “inadequate and superficial
reasoning and, in a number of instances, a wrong conclusion…
The end result is that the finding of serious professional
misconduct and the sanction of erasure are both quashed.” ‘
[94] [69]

But nobody knows this; the ruling was all but banned from corporate media. Fake news continues to attack and misdirect based on the false charges. And that remains the public perception of Andrew Wakefield to the present day.

Moral fiber, professional integrity, uncompromising scientific ethics – rare as hens’ teeth in today’s world. It’s an honor just to belong to the same species as Andrew Wakefield.

Studies linking autism with vaccines? The mid-1990s class
action payouts by the tobacco industry – over $250 billion –
would pale by comparison to settlements that would result
from even a scintilla of an admission about a link between
autism and vaccines, especially from their most toxic sources
– aluminum, thimerosal and MMR.


Back when it was only 1 child in 250, the House Committee on Government Reform looked at autism, 2000-2003. Under the leadership of Dan Burton, it wasn’t the usual whitewash. Burton’s grandson was autistic.

From Burton’s opening statement in the hearings:

“Through a Congressional mandate to review thimerosal in
medicines, the FDA learned that childhood vaccines, when
given according to the CDC’s recommendations exposed over
8,000 children a day in the United States to levels of mercury

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 157

that exceeded Federal guidelines. Is there a connection between this toxic exposure to mercury and the autism epidemic?” [206]

That was 20 years ago. What progress has Congress made since in acknowledging the prodigious amount of research that implicates today’s Vaccine Schedule?


In June 2016, an extraordinary film was released.
For weeks before the movie came out, it was attacked by
‘reviewers’ from virtually every global media source – none of
whom had ever seen it. The clincher was when the movie was
thrown out of DeNiro’s prestigious Tribeca film festival, forever
thereafter impugning its credibility as a forum for free
Vaxxed received so much negative press that it backfired – the filmmakers couldn’t have bought that kind of advertising for any price. No such thing as bad press, etc.

Nothing like all this had ever happened before. Just what was
so dangerous about this movie that they were trying this hard
to ban?

Briefly, it was about a cover-up at the upper levels of CDC
research, complete with whistleblower. In 2003, new research
from some of the world’s best scientists confirmed a causal
connection between MMR and autism. But instead of warning
the public about the dangers of the vaccine, CDC’s top
researchers decided to destroy the evidence. Yes – they
destroyed the evidence.
Then about 12 years later, one of those CDC scientists,
William Thompson, felt remorseful and turned an original of

158 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

that research over to Congress, demanding that he be subpoenaed, to get the evidence on record.
To this day Congress has been silent as the grave on the issue.
Whether it was complicity with their constituents at Big
Pharma, with the #1 lobby machine in Washington, or for some
other political reason, Congress has refused to take any steps
to protect the public welfare on this issue. And that’s the
substance of the movie.

This full-length film can still be seen: Vaxxed: From Coverup to
Catastrophe. [90] There has never been another movie on
vaccines that even approaches its level of authority,
unimpeachable science, and production quality. It is essential
for anyone trying to discover the day-to-day operating ethics of
the top branch of the government charged with the protection
of our children’s health.

For a better review, see [87]. Above all, don’t miss the movie.


Watch how the word ‘genetics’ pops up when mainstream
press or ‘science’ is talking about a disease for which no drug
or procedure has yet been marketed. Since money can’t be
made by claiming to cure the disease, it is said to be ‘genetic,’
meaning that the disease comes from unpredictable,
uncontrollable sources for which the patient is not
responsible. Genetic predisposition – that’s the new mantra.

Autism is in this category. Since they don’t have a drug cure yet, autism must be genetic.
V. Singh, PhD from the Utah State University explains why
genetics is an impossible rationale for the autism epidemic:
most autistics were normal until two years old. Then they
regressed into the permanent brainfog of autism. That’s

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 159

simply not the way a genetic event manifests itself in a population. [204]
Secondly, noting the meteoric rise between 1993 and 2007 –
autism happened entirely too fast. [201] Mass genetic defects appear in a population over a much longer period of time than 9 years. A fast genetic shift is a 1% increase over 100 years, not 1700% in 14 years. [165]
Thirdly, there’s no such thing as a genetic epidemic. (Yazbak [194])
Autism came out of nowhere in the last 30 years. If you think
it can be explained away as a genetic condition, perhaps we
could interest you in some prime real estate in south Florida…

Even if the cause of autism were proven tomorrow and stopped
dead in its tracks, autism would plague this country for
decades to come. Like Burton says, these autistics aren’t just
going to die.
They are going to live on for years and years as a huge drain on parents and on our society – trillion$. And not just fiscally. As big money continues to do everything it can to prevent the cause of autism from being studied, thousands of new defectives are created year after year.

The government agencies responsible for monitoring and
controlling diseases and medicine are the FDA, the NIH, and
the CDC. Like most alphabet soup departments, in everyday
operation, health often takes a back seat to politics and money
concerns. All three agencies have shown a concerted
effort in preventing the real cause of autism from being

HHS is no better. Here’s Dan Burton’s opinion of them, from

160 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Congress 10 Dec 02: [202]

“Officials at HHS have aggressively denied any possible connection between vaccines and autism. They have waged an information campaign endorsing one conclusion on an issue where the science is still out. This has significantly undermined public confidence in the career public service professionals who are charged with … assuring the safety of vaccines and increasing immunization rates.”

Yet in HHS’ own archives in their Statement on Thimerosal we
read: … among the symptoms of exposure include
mental retardation in children, loss of coordination in speech, writing, gait, stupor, and irritability and bad temper progressing to mania. [218]

Sound anything like autism?
These agencies have consistently attacked the few researchers
who are struggling unaided to uncover the etiology of this
epidemic. Historically, organized medicine has rarely sought
the true causes of disease. It seems to focus rather on
marketing cures for disease, especially if they don’t work.

Just imagine – what if it’s really true that the prime cause of
autism turns out to be vaccines? Who would tell us? Vaccines
are the Golden Calf of medicine. As the introduction to a
lifetime of dependence upon medicines, vaccines are above
reproach, above criticism. How could vaccines – the crowning
achievement of scientific medicine – be the cause of disease?
This is the question that cannot be asked, the thought which
cannot be entertained.


The race to market autism as a cottage industry has
attracted every MLM, health supplement, magic bullet, and

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 161

fringe modality known to man, each one claiming to “cure”
autism. Most of the seminal autism awareness groups
metamorphosed into MLMs marketing cures. Since the
money’s in the cure, they’ve stopped asking where the
epidemic came from. Don’t worry – our doctor’s protocols
work, they hawk. Some of the contenders include

taurine carnosine
herbal chelation alpha lipoic acid
hyperbaric therapy transfer factor
A few of these remedies have actually shown improved cognition or improvement on some scale or other. Some, like oral chelation, actually may remove mercury from an infant’s delicate physiology. [142] But isn’t that the wrong question? Shouldn’t we be asking how to stop subjecting infants to these neurotoxins, and a lifetime of disability?
Autism will never be acknowledged as an epidemic until a pharmaceutical drug or procedure is claimed as a cure.
A creditable summary of autism research today can be found
at [192] For the autism detox protocol: [142].


No amount of creative writing can make the prospects for the future of autism in America look bright. As of 2023, the rates were still going up. ([16] CDC) Even with CDC admitting to one child in 36, the truth is no one really knows how many autistics there actually are.

Autism is usually permanent, no matter what the MLMers say.
Although there are some effective programs, rarely will a
vaccine-damaged child recover and be 100% normal again.

162 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Risk / benefit studies have never been done for any vaccines. Realizing this one simple fact, blindly accepting the dictates of the Mandated Schedule of vaccines puts the child in harm’s way. Until parents start doing their homework on vaccines, it’s inevitable we’ll continue to mass produce thousands of permanently defective citizens year after year, for decades to come. [M. Lahey MD] [329]


Always remember: Autism is just a word. It is not a clearly
defined clinical entity backed by proven causes from extensive
randomized studies. Rather, it’s more of a descriptive term,
used more by media than by science, since mainstream
science steadfastly refuses to study autism. Many parents’
groups today use the more accurate term ‘vaccine injured’ to
describe the new demographic.
While a wide variety of causes are certainly contributing
factors to the new epidemic, independent researchers have
now presented incontrovertible proof over the past 15 years
that vaccines are a primary, if not the principal precipitating
event in creating this novel class of neurologically damaged
children. [336]


Before we overintellectualize the minutiae of the autism phenomenon here, let’s step back a minute and consider what these parents actually experience.
At some point, most of us have watched an infant develop into
a toddler and become a little human being. One of our
highest joys is to see the various stages and milestones the
child reaches, about the details of which we have probably
bored our friends senseless. To play with a little one every
day and watch the miracle of their discovery as their light
grows daily brighter is not just one of our greatest delights,

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 163

but is it not one of the main purposes of human life?

Got the set-up here? OK, so now imagine that after 2 years of
carefully nurturing a child all day every day, with all the
rewards and sacrifices that entails, suddenly all at once – click
– the light goes out, the child stops responding, stops
smiling, stops learning, and soon doesn’t even recognize you.

And he’s not just sick – it’s permanent. Forever. Can’t unboil a hardboiled egg, and all that.

Now the whole contract changes – now it’s a one-way street. You still have to care for the child, but now there’s nothing coming back your way – no response, no interaction, no love, no promise for the future. And after a long time you have to try your best to keep telling yourself it’s not just some lab experiment. This is your child.
Take a second and imagine your child like that. Then consider the current 1 in 36 figure.
So that’s what this book is, then – a chance to know. Beforehand. But why would anyone study something until they need to? And there we have the worst tragedy of all – we need to know before we vaccinate.


As mentioned above, in early 2017 it was announced that
President Trump and Bobby Kennedy Jr were talking about
setting up a Vaccine Commission in order to have a forum to
discuss vaccine safety with scientific integrity. Just the idea
was a breakthrough event in vaccine awareness. [82]

But it never happened – too much to risk uncovering.

164 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Bobby Kennedy is a force of nature and a true heroic figure in
today’s dystopian landscape. [46] He’s like a perpetual motion
engine, always looking for the next project to safeguard
traditional American values, no matter what the opposition.

Probably the most comprehensive and scholarly indictment of US vaccine policy is RFK’s 2021 book: The Real Anthony Fauci, [10] cited above on page 34.

An eye-opening promo from the W.H.O. [83] shows a cold-
blooded investment syllabus on the economics of global
vaccines – the players, the money, the agenda, the future. At
a glance, the reader can see why it has been so difficult for
any science that challenges vaccine orthodoxy ever to see the
light of day.
For example, 4 corporations own 80% of the global vaccine industry: Merck, GSK, Sanofi, and Pfizer. Normal costs of doing business include millions for

• lobbying
• media influence
• creating markets for some 200 new vaccines
• advertising

In the past 10 years, these 4 have paid a total of $35 billion in penalties and fines, civil and criminal. [10]

The W.H.O. syllabus shows their specific plans for increasing

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 165

vaccine sales throughout the world. Before COVID, their target for 2025 was $100 Billion annually. [83]

Pfizer by itself exceeded that $100B mark, just with their COVID vaccine alone. [4]

What can stop it? This syllabus marks the end of naiveté.
There is not one word in the projection about health benefits
or strengthening the immune system of the vaccinated child.
Always remember: despite its posturing as some global health
authority with legal clout, the W.H.O. is nothing more than the
PR branch of the pharmaceutical industry. This was
illustrated unequivocally with their reckless and self-serving
recommendations for the untested COVID vaccines that have
killed and injured so many Americans. Even CDC admits,
tens of thousands died who followed W.H.O.’s advice. [14]


Varicella (chicken pox) has traditionally been a mild, self-
limiting immune-building disease of childhood. Merck admits
that. [280]

Many of those reading this book, and more of their parents,
probably experienced chickenpox as children, and are none
the worse for the wear. A few days of Calamine lotion, sponge
baths, and hot tea and the kids are back to their
normal routine.

Then suddenly in 1995, chicken pox vaccine was added to the Mandated Schedule for school children.

166 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

How did that happen? Why do we suddenly need a vaccine for a disease that has been a common part of prosaic American childhood for the past two centuries without drawing the slightest attention?
A standard websearch for Varicella will turn up about 200
websites all proclaiming the same false message: that the
vaccine was necessary to protect children from dying of
chickenpox complications. The pervasiveness of such
disinformation is appalling – the truth is easily uncovered with
a little research, demanding answers to 4 simple questions:

• Does the vaccine really work?
• What is it made from?
• What are the side effects?
• What clinical trials were done before the vaccine
was mandated for public use?

Let’s start with the first one. Does it work? That depends. If you mean does the vaccine confer lifetime immunity from chickenpox, the answer is no. Merck, the manufacturer, only claims immunity for 5 years.
As with measles, the problem with this scenario is the vaccine increases the chances of getting the disease for the first time as an adult. Such atypical versions are much more serious, with much higher rates of complication and fatality. A consequence of artificial immunity and vaccines.

From the Physicians Desk Reference p1783, [110] we find:

“There are insufficient data to assess the rate of protection against the complications of chickenpox (e.g., encephalitis, hepatitis, pneumonia) in children.”

Insufficient data about the complications? Then why are we using the vaccine?

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 167

The only value of the vaccine is this supposed protection from
the complications. Remember? Chickenpox itself is “generally
a benign, self limiting disease,” as the PDR states on that same
What is the vaccine made from? Introduced in March of
1995, the chickenpox vaccine has an intriguing derivation:
It’s cultured from lung cells from aborted human fetus. Don’t believe it? Check p 1783 of the 2013 Physicians Desk Reference – the bible of the drug industry. [110]
Sound a bit medieval? Well, maybe we can tell ourselves that hey, we’re not all PhDs in biochemistry, so maybe there is some obscure scientific magic that happens when you culture virus on aborted fetal cells that will make infants healthier if you then inject it into their bloodstream, thereby offering them protection against a dread disease…
Sounds logical.

There are a few problems inherent in this blind faith in the patriarchal benevolence of the FDA, however. Like the original studies that supposedly proved the necessity for the vaccine –
those three kids who died of chicken pox.
You feel sort of played when you realize that the infants in those CDC studies didn’t really die of chickenpox at all, but rather of the toxic effects of powerful antibiotics, antipyretics, and steroid anti-inflammatories that were shotgunned in quick succession into their formative immune systems, after the vaccine. (MMWR, vol 47, 1998 [330] )
Any likely side effects for the millions of children unnecessarily vaccinated every year for chickenpox? Here are those listed in the 2013 PDR: ([110] p 1786)


herpes zoster impetigo
respiratory illness
Bell’s palsy
abdominal pain

Vaccination Is Not Immunization

meningitis pneumonia
pharyngitis swollen glands
allergic rxs encephalitis
Guillain Barre paresthesia
eczema fever
otitis rash
thrombocytopenia cough

pain at injection site myelitis chills
Most of these reactions are deleted from the PDR after 2016. But kids are still getting the same vaccine. [73]
Finally, let’s be really pesky here and ask whether any long-
term tests for efficacy were done before this vaccine was legislated into the bloodstreams of our children. None. It never happened. From the 2013 PDR, p 1783, the follow-ups were never longer than 8 weeks. [66]
Most of the cited references for Varivax development are from
the 1980s. [110] (p1786) Once a vaccine is approved and added
to the Schedule, there’s no need for new research. Ever. It’s
carved in stone.

Like all other vaccines, the testing takes place on the live
population, after the vaccine is mandated. The drug cartels
realize how few are paying any attention. Did the chickenpox
vaccine just appear one day in the Mandated Schedule with no
public fanfare, after the FDA got the high sign from Merck?


Overdramatization? Then tell us – where is the long-term
clinical proof for this vaccine? Ask your pediatrician, ask the
school nurse, ask the CDC why we’re using untested vaccine
on our children.

For no apparent reason, the 2002 Mandated Schedule dropped

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 169

from two shots of Varicella vaccine to one. Then in 2007, back up to two again. Same vaccine – no new studies, no science. Just politics. Like all vax schedule decisions.


Do you even know what Prevnar is? Does your pediatrician? Try asking. Since its addition to the Schedule in 2002, the Prevnar (Pneumovax) vaccine has been surrounded by controversy. Prevnar contains elements of Strep pneumoniae and diphtheria bacteria, and is marketed as protection for otitis media and bacterial meningitis. [110]
The newer versions of Prevnar include Prevnar 13 (PCV 13), Pneumovax 23, and PPSV23. [110] [73] Also called PCV or pneumococcal vaccine.
The first and most striking problem with Prevnar is the claim
that it protects against otitis media, which is usually a simple
earache. Practically all babies get temporary earaches, which
are mild and self-limiting and resolve in a day or two. Even
the PDR cites 90% as the figure for infant earaches. [270]
It may be surprising to review the definition of otitis media: “a
visually abnormal tympanic membrane suggesting
effusion” [270] (p 3468) That means looking in the baby’s ear,
the ear drum appears red. This can happen after crying.
There’s no culture, no blood test, nothing besides looking in
the ear necessary to diagnose the commonplace otitis. It’s
inflammation, not infection.
So why would violating a child’s bloodstream with a vaccine be necessary to prevent such a mild condition?
Are there any side effects from such a marginally important
vaccine? Here’s a partial list, according to the manufacturer:

170 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

fever anaphylaxis otitis media
seizure pneumonia hives
heart failure choking gastroenteritis
conjunctivitis asthma thrush [270]
Wait a minute. Otitis media as a side effect of the vaccine?
Wasn’t that what the vaccine was for? And pneumonia? Is it a
surprise that injecting healthy kids with Strep pneumoniae
might cause pneumonia? And look at all the other serious side
As we read through the manufacturer’s description of the
original clinical trials, he states that the subjects were
receiving all other standard vaccines at the same time. So how
many of these other vaccines list otitis media as a side effect?
Answer: 5.
Does that mean we needed this new vaccine to take care of a side effect from other vaccines? Looks like it. The only way this study would have been legitimate would have been if the control group were unvaccinated. Always forbidden.

There were 12 deaths among the original test subjects. [270]

The next astounding part of the sales job for Prevnar is the claim of protection against bacterial meningitis – an extremely rare disease in the US. ([110] p1664)


Does the pneumococcal vaccine work? This subject is
addressed head-on by a very thoroughly researched article
entitled Prevnar: a critical review of a new childhood vaccine,
by British educator Michael Horwin. [217] The original clinical
trials on Prevnar resulted in only a 7% reduction in earaches
from the vaccine.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 171

That’s the highest benefit they could claim for Prevnar – a vaccine for simple childhood earache, with all the above dangerous side effects, may only work 7% of the time.


Horwin also goes into a detailed analysis of the financial entanglements between FDA advisory committees who approved Prevnar and WyethAyerst, the manufacturer. He shows how the most visible proponents of Prevnar, the doctors who do the world lecture tours and have colossal research funding and coverage in medical publications – the specifics of the financial incentives they reap.

A few minutes reading those sweetheart deals, and the overall picture comes into focus quite nicely. [217]


The standard disclaimer appeared in the manufacturer’s 2007 documentation for Prevnar: “has not been evaluated for carcinogenic potential or impairment of fertility” ([270] p 3467). Meaning that they don’t even know whether or not this unnecessary vaccine causes cancer or may render the child sterile or infertile in adulthood.
But then, that same sentence occurs at the bottom of almost every PDR entry for every vaccine. This caveat is omitted in PDR’s later than 2016. [73]

Ten years after Prevnar was added to the Schedule, the PDR
dropped otitis media from the sales pitch. Suddenly the main
indications for the vaccine were blood infection, lung
infection, and meningitis. ([110] p1664) No new research is
cited – same old references from the 1970s and 80s. But after

172 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

all these years, the marketing department decided that the ear infection thing was pretty thin, although it worked fine for a decade. Now it’s like it never existed.
It is shocking when you realize that when Prevnar was first introduced into the Mandated Schedule, they started with 4 doses: at 2, 4, 6 and 12 months. And the shot is given on the same day along with 6 other vaccines! That remains the current Mandated Schedule dose. [5]
Japanese are apparently a little less blasé about Prevnar than we are. In Mar 2011, both Prevnar and H. influenzae vaccines were banned in the entire country after 6 children died. [101] That story was barred from American media and only carried in Europe, Asia and Canada.
Try asking any American parent (or doctor) what either of those
vaccines is for. Both are still on our Schedule: 8 vaccines. [5]


The Prevnar vaccine marked a departure in the philosophy of
vaccine mandating: now we are going to vaccinate for
theoretical diseases. In the past, vaccines were claimed to be
necessary to prevent traditional infectious diseases which were
associated with known pathogens: MMR, DPT, hepatitis,
smallpox, etc. But in the post 9/11 world, diseases no longer
had to be real to require a vaccine. All that was necessary was
to label and then market a threat. Any threat.

Like temporary redness of the eardrum.
It was inevitable. After 2001, in the marketing frenzy questing for more and more bugs and diseases to make vaccines against, what could be a more promising candidate than the second highest cause of death in the US?

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 173

Cancer of the cervix has been on a gradual upswing during the past 3 decades, now affecting some 13,000 American women, 4,000 of whom die each year. (CDC, [141])
In the 1970s, herpes simplex virus was proposed as a possible cause, but that hypothesis was soon abandoned after epidemiological studies proved inconclusive. In the 1980s the next candidate suggested as the missing link was human papilloma virus. [334]

Before we continue, a word here about epidemiological studies.


also called population studies, are the poor cousin of true
clinical trials. They are not controlled studies done under set
scientific conditions, but rather attempts at verifying a
hypothesis by counting the incidence of a certain disease
within a certain population. The problem is that results from
epidemiological studies are open to widespread interpretation,
depending on who’s doing the counting, who decides the
criteria for what gets counted, who publishes the results, etc.
For this reason, epidemiological studies can be used to prove
two opposite hypotheses. Simply put,

“Epidemiological studies are intrinsically unable to uncover causal mechanisms” ([136], Deth)
In today’s exploding vaccine industry, epidemiological studies are quickly becoming the standard to validate our need for more vaccines, because they’re faster, cheaper, and capable of supporting practically any required outcome.
So once herpes was ruled out, the new population studies then proposed human papilloma virus as a cause of cervical cancer, since that vaccine was in development.

174 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

The first problem is that there are over 100 strains of HPV,
only a few of which are even theoretically linked with cervical
cancer. [312] In addition, HPV is present in at least half the
normal population, (CDC) [312] almost never causing any
disease or problems whatsoever. Indeed, HPV has never been
conclusively proven as the sole pathogen for any disease.


Now in any cancer, we’re talking about a normal cell that
mutated and then began to make copies of itself, unchecked.

The creators of the HPV/cancer mythology pretend that the
HPV came along, attacked some normal cells, mutated those
cells and caused them to begin replicating themselves out of
control. And that this is happening on a mass scale even
though we just discovered it. And worse, that a vaccine can
neutralize that type of attack on normal cervix cells.

Scientifically, what they’re proposing is impossible.
Few scientists have a better grasp of the proposed virus/cancer model than Berkeley’s Peter Duesberg PhD. In tracing the history of the HPV story, Duesberg explains why HPV is such an unlikely cause of any cancer:
“…no set of viral genes is consistently present or expressed in human cervical cancers. [313] … HPV does not replicate in the cancer cells.”
So if the cervical cancer cells are not mutating because of abnormal viral genes being spliced into a normal cell, how could HPV be causing this cancer? Duesberg again:

“the “hit-and-run” mechanism of viral carcinogenesis
was proposed. It holds that neither the complete [virus],
nor even a part of it, needs to be present in the tumor.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 175

Obviously, this is an unfalsifiable, but also an unprovable hypothesis.” [313]
All that has ever been shown is that HPV is sometimes present in cervical cancer tissue. But it’s also present in half the normal population. The causality has never been demonstrated, a hollow claim.
There is a total lack of evidence that cervical cancer appears
in women with HPV more often than in women without it.

[334] And yet this will be the focus of the vaccine: to pretend
to eliminate this harmless, ubiquitous virus from the body.


The original phrase used by Merck to link HPV with cervical cancer was there is a ‘strong connection.’ ([280] p 1964)
How that phrase got transformed to ‘is the cause of’ in two years’ time is 100% PR. No science.
The HPV vaccine had been in the Merck pipeline for years, finally getting FDA approval in 2006. [168] Merck’s HPV vaccine is called Gardasil.
What’s in it? According to Merck’s own data, the vaccine is made from virus-like particles from four strains of HPV. ([270], p 1984.) With no clinical studies proving it, HPV is cited by Merck in the Physicians Desk Reference as the cause of over 70% of cervical cancer cases.

The theory is that these virus-like particles will trigger the body
to make antibodies that will be able to prevent the full-on
natural strains of HPV from getting a foothold. For a year,

176 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

The Merck insert for Gardasil makes this unequivocal statement: “HPV causes squamous cell cervical cancer.”

We’ve already learned above that such is not the case.

The market that Merck decided on was 12 year old girls, with
the ridiculous and unfounded pretext that HPV is sexually
transmissible. We might as well get it at the start, went the

And since 2014, the vaccine is given to 9 year olds. [312]

With other vaccines for viral diseases, such as MMR, hepatitis
B, and polio, what has never made sense scientifically is that
the vaccines do not contain the original wild virus that occurs
in nature and supposedly causes the disease. Instead the
vaccine contains a manmade mutation of the natural virus
that is claimed to be able to confer immunity by triggering the
body to produce antibodies to the original disease.

Now that was bad enough, since the vaccines are lab versions
of the original microbes. But what they’re asking us to believe
about HPV – this particle theory – is simply a flight of fancy.
[175] [150] [185] Its significance is that it paved the way for
the even more preposterous and risky mRNA model for COVID
injections. [37]

All traditional physiology and immunology textbooks describe the triggering of immunoglobulin production as an extremely specific sequence, resulting in specific antibodies. [234] [314] They don’t talk about cousins of viruses or particles from viruses being able to trigger the precise antibodies to the virus itself. Such a claim is brand new.
How could any real immunity come from vaccines like these, even if the viruses were the causative agents of disease?

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 177

The second monster impediment to credibility is that the
average age for cervical cancer is 50 years. (Merck Manual p
1964 [280]) But the schedule mandates Gardasil to 12 year
olds. And the manufacturer is only claiming efficacy for a year
or two.

So using their own statistics, this makes the vaccine worthless in the long run, because by the time most females need immunity, it will have worn off long ago.

A risk factor in cervical cancer that has been clearly established is the lifetime number of sexual partners: the more partners, the more likely the disease. ([280] p 1964)
So who has more, 12 year olds or 50 year olds? Even if the
vaccine worked, statistically it should be given to women in
their late 40s.

Why don’t they do that? Here’s the reason:
“The vaccine’s safety and efficacy not been evaluated over
27 years of age.” (2013 PDR [110] p 1498)
Oh, OK. Well, guess we better give it to the young girls then, even though they don’t get the disease…


Anybody want to take a shot at why a vaccine for cervical cancer is routinely given also to boys? For the first five years the FDA didn’t recommend the vaccine for boys, despite the millions in research Merck had spent:
“The ACIP stopped short of recommending HPV vaccination of adolescent boys” (Kim [131])

But most clinics never caught the distinction and vaccinated

178 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

both boys and girls. Nobody ever asked why.

Finally in Feb 2011 they came up with an unproven, untested dogma out of thin air, which began to appear in pop media –
that the HPV vaccine should be given to boys in order to prevent genital warts.

What a serendipitous windfall – this vaccine that we have been
claiming all this time will prevent cancer of the cervix in 12
year old girls, suddenly now this vaccine has the added value
of preventing genital warts in 12 year old boys. And we just
found out! How convenient then that they can both get the
same vaccine on shot day.

This is the level of logic that the undiscerning public accepts as sensible – except there’s nothing coincidental about it. Even though there had been no studies of the vaccine and genital warts in boys, suddenly they’re claiming its efficacy.


The NEJM took up the bit in 2011 with 2 new articles to prove the connection. The tone for the study is set in the second paragraph: [132], (Giuliano) on p 401:

“The primary objective was to show that the HPV vaccine reduced the incidence of external genital lesions related to HPV”
Excuse us, but isn’t the objective of any new clinical study to
test a hypothesis? At least pretend like you’re not merely
providing the required evidence for your employers. Of course,
studies are being done by the manufacturers who are
attempting to prove a vaccine’s effectiveness, but most have
the good sense to at least simulate to be finding out whether it
works or not.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 179

Not surprising is the conflict of interest disclosure section [56]
in which almost all of the authors admit that they are either
employees of Merck or have received financial rewards for
doing the study.


Let’s start with the ones cited by Merck:

fever nausea pharyngitis
dizziness NVD bronchospasm
gastroenteritis appendicitis PID
upper respiratory infection

– 2007 Physicians Desk Reference [270] p 1987
Additional side effects discovered later include loss of consciousness, loss of vision, and seizures. (Lopes, [167]) And oh yes, paralysis.
Then the British media began to report still other effects of Gardasil, like the deaths of 30 young girls, which American media never mentioned. [173]
Another frequent consequence of the HPV shot is Guillain
Barre syndrome, an autoimmune condition possibly resulting
in paralysis.
There have been several such cases both in the UK and the
US, including a high-profile case in Oct 2008 of a 12 year old
British girl who collapsed 2 days after the HPV shot and was
subsequently paralyzed from the waist down. [173] Her first
symptoms came on within 30 minutes. Again, no US media.


2012 intel from the VAERS database – the government

180 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

tracking system for vaccine injuries since 1991 – this data made public the 26 American girls who died from the Gardasil shot in 2011. [123] The story has never been in any mainstream media source.
In the US and UK combined, more than 100 girls died from the
HPV vaccine between 2010 and 2012. See that anywhere on

Can the vaccine itself cause cancer? That’s a fair question –
we’re talking about a vaccine that they’re claiming prevents
cancer by imitating a pathogen that itself causes cancer, right?
So wouldn’t we want to be fairly secure that this vaccine
wouldn’t cause cancer? Here’s what the manufacturer states:
“Gardasil … not been evaluated for carcinogenicity or genotoxicity.” (PDR 2013 [110] p1499)
Wonderful. They want to vaccinate all American 12 year olds
with a new vaccine for cancer and they don’t even know
whether or not it causes cancer, or makes the recipients

Yes, sign my kids up for that one, both boys and girls.

In 2016 The American College of Pediatricians expressed
concern that Gardasil may put young girls in harm’s way:
“Many adolescent females are vaccinated with influenza, meningococcal, and tetanus vaccines without getting Gardasil, and yet only 5.6% of reports related to ovarian dysfunction since 2006 are associated with such vaccines in the absence of simultaneous Gardasil® administration.”

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 181

“The overwhelming majority (76%) of VAERS reports since 2006 with ovarian failure, premature menopause… are associated solely with Gardasil.”[157]


Gardasil is a 3 shot series at $360. [166]

“The vaccine is expected to reach $1 billion in sales next
year, … could make Gardasil …within five years, sales of more
than $4 billion, according to Wall Street analysts.” [168]

Right on target – in 2007 Gardasil hit $1.5 billion, and in 2012
clocked in at $1.6 billion. [334] 2016 was $2.1 billion. [74]

By 2022, sales had topped $6.9 billon! [21]

Feeling more confident in 2012, Merck cut back on its advertising budget for Gardasil:
2008: $93 million
2012: $44 million (Forbes [334])
That’s for advertising. Advertising a vaccine. Especially
necessary for this one, where the science they’re asking people
to believe is so implausible. If you still have any illusions that
the vaccine business has anything to do with science or health,
or anything besides the bottom line, read the rest of the Forbes
article. Ad budgets for vaccines have become standard in the
past decade — just the cost of doing business. Convince the
public their children need more, more, and more vaccines.


Again, the whole story of HPV vaccine is much more invidious
than we’re representing here. For those readers seeking the
real extent of the science behind the HPV vaccine industry,

182 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

the IARC Monographs is your ticket. [150] The vigilant parent
is also invited to follow up these sources: [182] [123] [130]
Rarely has such a calculated, systematic misrepresentation of fact been attempted in which data is so obviously manipulated, issues so deliberately obscured, and financial interests so obsequiously served.

With the uncertainty about the safety and efficacy of the HPV
vaccine, the certainty of the side effects, the prodigious
economic upside to global dissemination irrespective of its
scientific merits, the absence of long-term studies, and the
ludicrous religious/ethical media controversy smokescreen
designed to distract us from the underlying scientific issues, is
this really a vaccine you want to try out on your innocent little
9 yr old?


With a staff of 8000, the FDA exerts control over anything that
is sold as a food or a drug in this country. This covers one out
of every four dollars spent in the US. (Kessler [220]) Are we
talking power and influence here? Or the potential for gifts and
quid pro quo?

The words of FDA Commissioner Dr. Herbert Ley echo today:

“People think the FDA is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what the people think it’s doing are as … night and day. [301]
“First, it is providing a means whereby key
individuals on its payroll are able to obtain both power and
wealth through granting special favors to certain groups
that are subject to its regulation…For a price one can
induce FDA administrators to provide protection
from the FDA itself.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 183

“Secondly, …cartel-oriented companies in the food and
drug industry are able to use the police powers of
government to harass or destroy their free-market
USA Today ran a series that took a hard look at the FDA. A few of their findings: [320]
– there are over 300 advisors on 18 advisory committees
making decisions on the approval of drugs and vaccines
– at least 54% of them are being paid by the drug manufacturers
– since 1998, more than 800 conflict of interest waivers have been issued to the various experts
– examples of conflicts: stock ownership, consulting fees, research grants, spouses’ employment and payments for
speeches, travel

How many drugs does the FDA test per year? Go ahead, guess. 10,000? 500? Give it your best shot. Ready for the answer? None. The FDA tests no drugs and no vaccines. They’re a regulating agency, not a testing agency.
So where do they get all their information about the testing that has been done on a new drug or vaccine? From the drug manufacturer! It’s true. The FDA relies solely on the research data provided to it by the entities in line to make the most profit from the approval of the drug.

Is CDC any more trustworthy? On 21 Dec 09 Julie Gerberding

184 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

former CDC Director was named president of Merck, one of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturers. [106]
Or Klaus Stohr, head of W.H.O. epidemiological all through
Avian flu days, now a top exec with flu vax maker Novartis…
On and on. More than half of regulatory personnel become
executives in the industry they’re supposed to be regulating.

An imposing system of disinformation is in place for ‘educating’ parents about school vaccinations. All they hear is that unless their child gets his shots, he will not be allowed to go to school. This is simply not true.
Mandated means that there are laws about something. Mandatory means you have to do something or other. Two entirely different concepts. Vaccines are mandated, but they are not mandatory, as schools often pretend.

Why doesn’t the government simply pass a law making all vaccines mandatory? The vaccine industry, the AMA, and most of the uneducated population would certainly be happy about that. The answer is simple: liability. If vaccines were truly mandatory, there would be no question about liability for vaccine deaths and injuries.

With the exemption laws, the fiction that there is a choice
involved can be maintained. Exemption laws have nothing to
do with medical freedom or patient’s rights, and everything to
do with liability.
No matter what you may read in newspapers and blog-zines,
or what the school nurse may say, in most states your child
can get into school without being vaccinated. There are

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 185

exemptions from vaccination, in every state but 5. So in those 5 states vaccines are de facto mandatory.
Legally there must be exemptions; otherwise, every claim of vaccine injury would be an open and shut case.
It’s simple liability, and exemptions are the loophole – it’s how they can say that people don’t have to be vaccinated.

There are 3 types of exemptions:

1. All states (but 5) have a medical exemption. You must find a doctor who will write a note saying that your child is in danger from vaccines. That signature will be sufficient for lifetime exemption from vaccination.
2. Religious exemption. Several states have religious
exemption from vaccination. Some require proof of
membership in a formal religion. Others don’t require that you
3. Philosophical exemption. About 15 states presently offer this type of exemption. You just have to sign a waiver stating that you have some unspecified philosophical objection to vaccination, and the kid is off the hook.
For some states, the exemption form is printed on the other side of the immunization records form, and often they deliberately make copies of just the front side. So you have to know about it to ask for it.
People always say, But they told me they won’t let my child
into school without his shots. Funny thing – even though
required by law, it’s almost unheard of for the school to inform
parents about exemptions, available in every state. You must
know about your state’s exemption form before you go in.
Then all you have to do is present it. In most cases, once they

186 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

see that someone is informed, they back down.

Why is this system of lying by omission in place? $100 billion.


Information about individual state exemptions from vaccines can be found at the government health office in the state capital, or at these websites:
You can learn about your state and all about the restricted 5


There are now many other situations besides grade school and
high school where vaccines are being arbitrarily required:

• colleges
• government jobs
• day care centers
• health care workers
• private businesses
to name just a few. Usually, notification is simply given that
vaccination is required, period. The problem is, these
organizations do not have the right to require adult vaccines.
If just declining the shot doesn’t work, there is another way
out that is successful most of the time, by following these
simple steps:

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 187

1. Type “Affidavit of Exemption” on a sheet of paper
2. Then type: “I hereby claim exemption to vaccinations
because they may be harmful to my health or
damaging to my immune system.”
3. Go to a notary. Sign and date affidavit. Make copies.
4. Send a copy to the entity requiring the shots.
5. Send original by certified mail to the Legal Department of
the entity requiring the shots
6. Keep your copy

To oppose your affidavit will now require a response, taking
some action. Most will just let it slide; that will be the end of
it. Those who would oppose you may miss the concept that by
forcing you to undergo a medical procedure which you have
already informed them may be harmful – this places liability
for any adverse reaction on them. Putting it in writing would
provide you with prima facie evidence that they are liable for
any injury you might incur.

A bureaucrat might miss this subtlety, but the legal department won’t. Try it – it works in most cases.
With the recent vaccine fever and all the new untried vaccines
appearing on the schedule, never before have the exemption
forms been so important. Today, even parents who believe in
vaccines are well advised to sign the exemption form, because
then they can select the ones they want, instead of just leaving
it up to this week’s politics.
Exemption forms put the power to choose back where it belongs – with the parent.


Ever since vaccines have been mandated in the US, it is the
parents who have always had the right to decide whether or
not their child will participate. It takes months of agonizing

188 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

research in most cases to de-program oneself from a lifetime of conditioning, and then a modest amount of moral fibre to actually take the initiative to sign the exemption form.
And now legislators say no, parents no longer have that right.
It is the government who should have total jurisdiction over
the bloodstream of its citizens. Even though vaccine decisions
are made by unelected bureaucrats, not doctors or scientists.
The crusade to end vaccine exemptions has been successful beyond their loftiest expectations.


Although trial balloons were sent up in WA, AZ, NM, and VT introducing legislation to end vaccine exemptions, the state that has been the most successful at annihilating medical choice is California.

Four bills introduced into the California legislature represent a concerted attack on the fundamental medical freedom enjoyed by Californians since 1848. An integral, perfectly choreographed new paradigm, denying parents freedom of choice over health choices for the family.

A full summary of that history appears in The Four Horsemen of the Vaccine Apocalypse [75].

Back in 2013 a new CA law called AB2109 suddenly required an MD’s co-signature in order to authorize a parent’s right to exempt his own child. Parents referred to the new law as “freedom with permission.”


AB2109 was followed in 2016 by a second law in which all

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 189

philosophical exemptions to vaccines were simply abolished.
The draconian SB277 – the most repressive health bill in US
history, breezed right through the CA legislature. Like it never

For the previous 60 years, CA parents who didn’t want their children vaccinated simply signed an exemption form, and that was that. One form, no shots: K – 12.
Now that was over. Since 2016 the only way to exempt a CA schoolchild from vaccines is with a medical exemption.
Medical exemptions technically still exist in California, but are
virtually impossible to obtain. [85] The only way out at this
point is homeschool – taking the child out of the schools, for
which parents have been paying taxes all these years.


Next was SB18 – a law that intended further to separate
children from their parents by giving the state more rights over
kids. Though never passed, SB18 would have given any judge
the right to take a child away if it was arbitrarily decided that
the child was not being afforded his new “legal rights” to
vaccines, drugs, or surgery.

Any debating the issue was considered as “endangering the
child,” and the State had the right to take the child away.

Fortunately this draconian instrument never saw the light of day. But it did set the stage for the


SB866, which did pass in January of 2022. [20] This bill, now

190 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

law in California allows any 12 year old to be vaccinated at
school without the knowledge or permission of a parent or
The reason this law triggered almost no backlash is that most people don’t know about it since it was never in media. And it’s likely that even the majority of the Californians who do know about it think it’s a good idea!
These new Orwellian laws have defined the state’s ownership
of children in Vaxifornia: no longer Your Child – but now Our

The new laws obviate the need for scientific dialog. Knowing
they could never win the scientific debate, radical legislators
are now making it irrelevant. We don’t have to prove vaccines
are safe. We’ll just create laws forcing children to be
No more Educate Before You Vaccinate. Instead now it’s Legislate, Don’t Educate.


The new California laws had some immediate effects:

– parents moving their children from schools to homeschool
– 700,000 people leaving the state, best taxpayers
– decline in federal and state funding to schools as their
numbers drop
– previously vaccine-injured kids being forced to vaccinate

The root issue here is not exemptions but medical freedom.
Who has the right to make medical choices for the child – the
parent or the state? [75] California voters have made that

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 191

choice abundantly clear. If medical freedom is important to
you, the last place where you’d want to raise your family is
Other states followed suit, although not as aggressively. At
present there are some 150 proposals nationwide to amend
current vaccine exemption laws and suppress “vaccine

Why would the school nurse care whether or not your kids are
vaccinated? Why would she lie about exemptions? Ever
wonder that? Just following orders. The more kids get
vaccinated, the more money that state gets from the fed:
“In an effort to improve state performance in reaching national immunization goals, the Senate Appropriations Committee in 1993 set aside $32 million annually from the state infrastructure awards for incentive grants.
“These funds are distributed to the grantees [states] according to their levels of immunization coverage.” [308]
Incentive grants comprise at least 24 percent of the total grant awards to the states from the fed. [308]
“The federal government pays the state a bonus of $100
for every fully vaccinated child.” – U.S. Newswire [307] [350]
In the 2011 House bill in California to enforce vaccines among 7th graders, the author of the bill came right out and stated the reason for enforcing the shots:
“…bill author Sen. Christine Kehoe of San Diego, said the loss in attendance-based funding could amount to $100,000 for some schools.” [323]

192 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Attendance-based funding – that’s the phrase. Parents, you got that? Schools get federal money based on the percent of vaccinated children they can prove. That’s why all these laws and monitoring. Not about health or the well-being of the child. This is business.

And let’s not forget the rebates given to the pediatric clinics for vaccine sales, as we saw above. Sign exemption forms? Why on earth would doctors want to do that?
Since August 2021, California has paid over $250 million in vaccine incentives and kickbacks to providers. [42]


Many MDs do not vaccinate their kids, but cannot say
anything in public without threatening their licenses. [305]
Jane Orient MD is the Director of the American Association of
Physicians and Surgeons. This group has gone on record:
“vaccines… use school children as research subjects…
without informed consent, in violation of Nuremberg” [229]
Mendelsohn, Phillips, Scheibner, Hay, Null, Blaylock, and
others like them conclude that vaccinations generally should
be avoided:

“The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dangerous and ineffectual efforts made to prevent them through mass immunization. Much of what you have been led to believe about immunization simply isn’t true. If I were to follow my deeper convictions, I would urge you to reject all inoculations for your child.

“There is no convincing scientific evidence that mass
inoculations can be credited with eliminating any

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 193

childhood disease. If immunizations were responsible for the disappearance of these diseases in the U.S., one must ask why they disappeared simultaneously in Europe, where mass immunizations did not take place.”
[267] -Robert Mendelsohn, MD

Viera Scheibner, PhD, after researching more than 60,000 pages of medical literature on vaccination:
“Immunizations, not only did not prevent any infectious diseases; they caused more suffering and more deaths than has any other human activity in the entire history of medical intervention. It will be decades before the mopping-up after the disasters caused by childhood vaccination will be completed. All vaccinations should cease forthwith and all victims of their side effects should be appropriately compensated.” [265]

Francoise Berthoud, MD from Switzerland:

“As a concerned pediatrician, I can arrive at only one conclusion. Unvaccinated children have by far the best chance of enjoying marvelous health. Any vaccination at all works to cripple the chances of this end.”
From Nobel Prize winner Alexis Carrel, MD:
“The body is permanently modified by each injection or vaccine, each invasion of the tissues by bacteria, viruses or foreign chemicals. These events determine allergic states.” [288] Man, The Unknown

From 100 years ago, Dr Raspail:

“Are we not poisoning humanity in small doses?
It is diabolical that we are inflicting all these infections

194 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

that have assaulted human beings at one time or another.
It is stupefying, this arrogant introduction into
the blood of a cocktail of germs when for the slightest
surgical operation we wage unremitting war against them.”

Pre-eminent French scientist Dr Antoine Bechamp, 1875:

“Bacteria and viruses do not cause disease and therefore serums and vaccines can neither prevent nor cure disease.” [213]
From DD Palmer: “Compulsory vaccination is an outrage and a gross interference with the liberty of the people in a land of freedom.”

Suzanne Humphries MD: “Every patient should be informed
about the potential risks of vaccination and the lack of
evidence that vaccines will not harm them over the long-

There are hundreds of other doctors who don’t recommend
vaccines for their own children or their patients. An
extensive list is located at [145]. Hundreds of
thousands of US parents today don’t vaccinate their children.


With federal grant programs from NIH, the majority of the $300
million – $1 billion price tags for “researching” a new vaccine
and bringing it to market are siphoned out of the public

So, to recap today’s US vaccine business model:

1. Manufacturers don’t risk their own capital in
researching new vaccines; they receive NIH grants

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 195

2. If a vaccine is approved, the manufacturer gets the
patent and reaps profits of $1 billion/year or more

3. No manufacturer is liable for vaccine deaths or
injuries [137] [336]
4. The approval body – The FDA Advisory Committee –
ACIP – is primarily drug industry personnel

A dream come true, it took years for this present arrangement to materialize. It is now entrenched in an unassailable position: a fortress of bureaucracy, corporate manufacture, and legal status. Science comes in a poor fourth.

Health wasn’t even in the running.


Love your dog, cat, or horse? Do you blindly subject them to
every new vaccination that comes along? After reading this
book, could you imagine there’s an entirely separate vertical
integration of research, sales, marketing, and politics
involved with the preparation and sales of animal vaccines?
And that this industry has totally loftier ethics from that of the
human vaccine cartels?

Nope. It’s the same game, top to bottom. Research coming from Purdue University [135], found out that vaccines cause auto-immune response in dogs. In other words, vaccines are causing dogs to attack their own DNA, as well as to their own collagen. Read the study!
The reader is also directed to the horrifying How To Protect Your Dog From a Vaccine [321] as well as Dr Mason’s They Shoot Horses. [322]

196 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Most folks vaccinate their kids because their doctor told them
to. They don’t know what vaccines are or what they’re
supposed to do. They’ve never read one book or one article on
the subject – why should they? They believe in vaccines – just
like people believe in anything that doesn’t require proof.
Ask any parent what HPV vaccine is. Or HiB. Or Prevnar – the
vaccines given to every child. They don’t know and they don’t
care. They put their own child in harm’s way rather than do
the slightest bit of reading that challenges their belief system.
The tragedy here is that we often have essentially good people, and “educated” people being caught up in the same unthinking State religion. Path of least resistance.

Ignorance is certainly a right guaranteed by our Constitution. But since the coup d’état a new wind is blowing – we have found a way to force ignorance upon everyone – 100%.

The new stratagem – Legislate Don’t Educate.

Without accountability, without an open forum for scientific dialog, belief in vaccines is just another religion. [22]
As with any religion, those who believe in vaccines certainly
have the right to as many vaccines as they wish, for themselves
and their children. However, the whole point of the First
Amendment, is that they have absolutely no right to impose
that religious belief on everyone else. Once that happens, both
medical freedom and religious freedom are finished – in one

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 197

fell swoop.


Find someone whose kids were never vaccinated. I don’t know, just do it. Now ask if their kids get colds, allergies, infections, asthma… Just ask them. Ask them how their children’s health compares to other kids. Try 10, 20, 30.
Right, anecdotal.

The superior health of the unvaccinated – this may be one of the best kept secrets in American culture, a dazzling tribute to a century of masterful programming.

Empirical evidence? Show them your kids!


We saw above that standard estimates for the percentage of vaccine injuries reported run from 1-10% of actual. [276] [169] [310] But since the real number was 0% before 1991, and since no studies have ever been done to verify the 1-10% figure, no one really knows.

Seems like it might be a good idea to propose a worst case
scenario, just to get a realistic feel for what the situation might
actually be.
Let’s say the 10% figure is really 5% or even 1%. The NVIC did
a survey of New York pediatric offices and found out that only
1 doctor in 40 reports a death or an injury following vaccination. (DPT Vaccine Reports) [251]
This means that in those areas 97.5% of deaths from
vaccines don’t get reported. That could be the true

198 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

nationwide figure.

A 2010 report showed that it’s possible that as little as .3% of
vaccine injuries ever get reported. [78] That would mean the
CDC admission of 19,000 deaths from COVID vaccine [84] is
actually 6.3 million Americans. The new term: “excess deaths.”
So the vast majority of adverse reactions to vaccines are never
reported. Remember, vaccines can carry a slow virus which
can hide out for years somewhere in the body. This suggests
many of these adverse reactions haven’t even shown up yet.
Someone who ‘gets’ a disease in 2023, cause unknown, may really be having a reaction to a vaccine given in the 1990s. Very likely that this is happening on a mass scale.
Looking at the epidemic incidence of both degenerative and
infectious disease in this country, it seems all out of proportion
to our medical budget. Why? Drug shortage? Vaccine
shortage? Hardly. Our downward spiral of health could be
largely due to vaccine reactions and we wouldn’t even know it.
Who would tell us? Yahoo? Wiki/google? The doctors?
Considering the amount of xenobiotic environmental poisons we’re exposed to, and the cytotoxic diet that is chosen by most of us, it is unlikely that the entire blame for our poor health can be chalked up to vaccines. But the point is, it’s possible. At the very least, vaccines are a prime suspect in the current increases in the following conditions:

heart disease allergies
arthritis apnea
AIDS asthma
cancer diabetes
thyroid disease poor vision
infertility autism

digestive disease tuberculosis
autoimmune disease nerve disorders
chronic fatigue
learning disorders

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 199

The skyrocketing of all these diseases never happened until we started down the road to Runaway Vaccination.
Grim prospect? Sure. Just trying to figure out why we’re so sick. Just look around – are kids healthier or sicker today than they were 20 years ago? Smarter or dumber? More or less inhalers in school?

Mark Lappe talks about natural selection, survival of the fittest, and how vaccines have produced an artificial detour in our ability to evolve as a race, to refine our DNA. If that’s true, the long-term survivors will be

the unvaccinated
those who are immune to vaccines [113]


Since the time of Pasteur and Jenner, the sale of vaccines has been the real motherlode for the pharmaceutical cartels.
With the absurd Offit claim [210] that babies could tolerate
10,000 vaccines at a time, some 300 new vaccines are now in
development. [116] The focus is on the brass ring: APPROVAL.

Here are a just few of those in pre-game warm-up:

Cytomegalovirus Chlamydia Hepatitis C obesity
Herpes simplex II gonorrhea
asthma dengue
RSV Strep B

tobacco addiction AIDS

New COVID Tick-borne encephalitis
[102] [177] [293]
Malaria, MERS, TB, Lassa, Alzheimer’s, allergies, hay fever,
diabetes, and tonsillitis vaccines are also in the pipeline.

200 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

These vaccines are not theories. Hundreds of millions have already been spent on their development. We will be seeing them shortly. [149]

The CEO of Pfizer in January 2023 boasts:
“At Pfizer, the speed of vaccine Covid development is informing a
new way of thinking, including an unprecedented pipeline of new products
expected to be introduced over the next 18 months, 19 total, including five
vaccines for the flu, RSV, meningococcal disease, shingles and Lyme
disease, as well as combination doses,” … “I don’t think there has ever
been a company that managed 19 launches in 18 months” [43]
From now on, the number of vaccines currently in the developmental pipeline is a huge trade secret. WHO and others have deleted their pages with that information.


This is the legacy of Pasteurian dogma, the Germ Theory. We have identified thousands of bacteria, viruses, and microbes. For modern medicine, theoretically they’re all candidates for vaccine development. [22]

“We don’t need to be finding vaccines for every
organism out there.” – Stephanie Cave, MD [225]


Are people becoming more aware or less aware of vaccine dangers? With the billions spent annually to advertise and promote vaccines, most parents are convinced by now.
Are they reading anything besides corporate news?

A true awareness of vaccines can never be mainstream – not
with the never-ending attacks on self reliance, self education,

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 201

medical freedom, and allowing the child’s natural immune system to develop unmodified.

The point of view expressed in this book can never be endorsed in popular media. It can never be the conventional outlook on vaccines, no matter how many children are injured and killed. Vaccines are here to stay. The majority of the children in the US will always be vaccinated. And the amount of vaccine damage will continue to increase.


Any upside to this dismal landscape?

Well, the human species is subject to the same laws of natural
selection as all other life on earth. Those with the weakest
immune systems drop out. The immuno-suppressive effect of
the immense viral load being forced onto the young through
vaccines over long periods of time will certainly cause their line
to have less chance of replication of a viable progeny. It will
dilute their DNA forever. 13 billion shots, just for COVID?

In the US during the past 50 years, where the vaccine load has
been increased by more than 2500%, look at what is already
clearly observable in the health and intelligence of our
children: fatter, sicker, dumber. Play that pattern forward
another 5 years, 10, 50. Nature will always take its course.
The uneducated, and the militantly uneducated will always, always vaccinate their children. And thereby over time may be selected out of the species. It’s neither good nor bad: it’s simple genetics. Darwinism and vaccines.

To those who would leave the decision about whether or not to
vaccinate up to their doctor, because it’s too scientific and

202 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

technical for the layman to understand, Dr Hadwen speaks from the 1800s:
“…the very moment you take a medical prescription
and you incorporate it in an Act of Parliament, and you
enforce it against the wills and consciences of intelligent
people by fines and imprisonments, it passes beyond the
confines of a purely medical question…becomes
essentially a social and political one.” [230]
Still rings true today, a century later. The whole vaccine
question is no longer just an issue of science, to be left to the
“experts.” Once politics and big money took over, anyone who
takes the time to document the funding behind the laws and
clinical research and media fluff about vaccines in this
country, anyone can get the Big Picture. One doesn’t have to
grasp all the minutiae of the immune system in order to make
a decision about whether vaccines are dangerous or not.

Vaccines are not dangerous just because scientists don’t know
enough about the human immune system. They are
dangerous because scientists don’t know enough about the
immune system and yet vaccines are mandated anyway.

Perhaps the darkest consequence of all the foregoing is that
most of us have lost confidence in the inner curative power of
Nature – the body’s inborn wisdom. A hundred media snippets
a day, week after week, year after year, have undermined our
ability to even consider the notion that 99.9% of infants may
be perfect as they are. Or that their pure blood is the most
sacred medium in the universe, the crucible in which the
human genome itself was meant to be safeguarded and passed
on from age to age. Or that the immune system can only
develop to its full potential if left to its own devices, largely
unknown to human science.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 203

Such natural, vital postulates as these sound foreign to our ears, even fanatical, cultist. Clear, rational, independent thinking has become so rare, so unwelcome, so feared in our world, where Conventional Wisdom on all topics of consequence is locked down tight, top to bottom.

Adrift in this gallery of manufactured optics, no effort is spared
to keep one idea from surfacing: that we have all but lost the
ability to trust our own instincts, to find the truth, and then to
act on it.

The appended reference list is just a cursory look at the
immense body of literature that is at odds with current vaccine
policies. If vaccinations are so safe and valuable, then why
does the government have to pass laws to force people to get
vaccines that aren’t required in other free countries of the
world, countries who have better health than we do? Why are
there laws describing how people should be masked and
quarantined and deprived of their children and their property
for refusing shots?
Why do they have to spend millions each month advertising
vaccines? If they were so good, wouldn’t people flock to them?


Clarence Darrow, the famous lawyer at the beginning of the
20th century, asked: if vaccinations really work, then those
vaccinated will be immune to disease, right? So what does it
matter if some people choose to go unvaccinated? What do
the vaccinated have to worry about? Aren’t they protected?
Is it really this obvious? “It’s the Money, Stupid!” (Null) [250]


A new phrase entered the vaccine lexicon in a 2011 Supreme

204 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Court decision, which ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably
unsafe” by their very nature. But instead of that being a
sensible reason for exempting a child from vaccines, it was the
closing argument the Supreme Court used to indemnify
vaccine manufacturers from being sued for deaths and
“In Bruesewitz v. Wyeth the Supreme Court ruled that Americans do not have a right to sue vaccine manufacturers for injuries that are the result of defective design. No other product is shielded from lawsuits based on design defects.” [139] [336], p189]
How much clearer does it have to be? 84 vaccines are
mandated for every child in this country. The Supreme Court
says vaccines are dangerous by their very nature. And no
parent can sue the manufacturer if the child dies or is injured
by the vaccine. [137] ([336] p 189)

The Supreme Court is protecting the manufacturers here. So
who is protecting the children?

When you were a child, who protected you? ♦

The school is public, not the child. — B J Palmer

Vaccina on Is Not Immuniza on 205


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222 Vaccina on Is Not Immuniza on

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Vaccination Is Not Immunization 223


COVID marked a permanent shift in human history – as Klaus said “a fundamental inflection point in our global trajectory.”

Over 3 trillion dollars changed hands between 2020 and 2022. Some 493
new billionaires were created. [10] The ‘pandemic’ was merely the catalyst
needed to set the entire scheme in motion – an historic transfer of wealth and
power. When the smoke clears, COVID will end up costing the American
people $16T. [57] Result: an intrinsic modification of every aspect of our
lives: evolutionary, physical, spiritual, academic, ethical, hygienic, dietary,
epistemological, financial, interpersonal, professional, travel, hopes for our
family’s future, etc.
No tyrant in history ever discovered how to manipulate an entire species by
inventing a disease and then convincing people it was real. Fear has always
been the most potent weapon of any strong man, down through the ages. But
this was something utterly new – never before had there been such an
effective delivery system for the daily administration of fear than today’s
Metaverse. Control of the daily narrative across all forms of media, holding
the people in thrall.
Not since the Civil War have Americans been more polarized than they are today. This was by design: coup d’état, then lockdown. How many family members, lifelong friends are now permanently estranged?
Such a shift required a tangible demonstration that people were no longer masters of their own bodies. Enter COVID “vaccine,” forcing an untested inoculation upon people everywhere.

The dilution of the human genome, a proven consequence of vaccines, will be evident in the lives of today’s children, but much more so in the lives of their children. And on and on.
At its root, the seismic cultural upheaval we’ve seen is not primarily about
vaccines, but about ownership. Who owns the land, the soil, the atmosphere,
the water, the DNA of humans, and now finally, who owns the people and

224 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

their children. Policymakers along the Potomac have made it clear that the
State knows better than parents how children should be raised, how they
should think, and what manmade elixirs should be injected into their
bloodstreams. The trick is to get everyone to comply. The vast majority
have done so.

The execution of this new agenda was nothing short of brilliant – a
Machiavellian triumph. Enlisting the blinding power of misdirection and
censorship in daily media, the power of individual abstract thought is lost.
A vibrant, robust scientific dialog has now been outlawed. Without accurate
science data, rational discourse is no longer possible. Slogans, mantras, and
soundbytes now replace thoughtful reflection about life and death issues.
The Metaverse – the new technocracy for fashioning reality itself in a mind
no longer capable of independent judgment.
Virtual life replaces real life. Try taking away your kid’s cellphone.

With respect to childhood vaccines, it’s not that they don’t work, or that they don’t do anything.
Vaccines certainly do have an effect on the immune system. And they might temporarily delay the onset of some diseases. But why would we want to delay traditional, mild childhood diseases that have always been part of human immune development?
As for vaccine effects, these occur in a random, unpredictable, haphazard,
inconsistent fashion. Vaccines simply do not do what they are said to do.
Experimental as they are, loaded with adjuvants and attenuated pathogens, the primary effect of vaccines on the immune system must be described as immunomodulatory or immuno-suppressive.

This has nothing to do with conferring immunity or improving the child’s

Maybe you’re asking how can doctors, drug companies, and the government
allow a vaccine program to continue that is without a doubt killing children,
[27] causing permanent injuries, and offering no proof of effectiveness?

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 225

That is a much larger question. To have any hope of its being answered we have to somehow come to the realization, without hysteria or paranoia, through much study and research, of one unpleasant fact: man’s enormous capacity for evil. And we have to confront some uncomfortable demons about human nature, the power of money, and the extent to which those in power will go in order to keep this river of gold flowing.
Jim Turner said it best: to force vaccines on an entire population of children, when it is it known that some of them will be killed and some of them will be injured by doing so, but insisting that it’s still good for the whole group –
is a bad moral policy. [92]

Maybe we human beings have a Higher Self, a divine spark, the part of
human nature that is noble and spiritual and altruistic and sympathetic to
human suffering – the angel half of this strange species homo sapiens.
Unfortunately, the demonic half of human nature is just as real and just as powerful. And historically, benevolent leadership and humanitarian regimes have been the rare exception. Brute force, domination of the weak, intimidation, and the science of lying – these are what runs the powerful nations, and what fashions a people’s value system, never more so than today. Turning away from identifying malevolence in the world just because it’s unpleasant ultimately assures its triumph.
What do the purveyors of sickness and death look like? Monsters and devils,
horror and darkness? Hardly. These people are often gracious, well
spoken, with social aplomb. They have perfected the packaging of sickness,
degeneration and death by wrapping it in hope, health, youth, and
vitality. This well-crafted illusion is designed to steal our money, steal our
time, burn away our precious life, and give us unnatural values.
What we seem to have forgotten today is that we don’t need anyone’s
permission to live our lives, or instructions on how to live it. We still have
the ability to do our own research and reach our own decisions, irrespective
of media conditioning. This challenge is truly the final frontier. What lies in
the balance could hardly be of greater import: the uninterrupted evolution of
a child’s immune system.

226 Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Perhaps you may have noticed the look of the pure child during those first
few weeks of life, when the infant looks at you with that What are you? –
those big eyes. The parents are the first representatives of a species never
before beheld. The child so new, so innocent – still hearing the echoes of
angels – is now suddenly cast into this alien place with these strange beings.

With an utter purity of spirit, so recently differentiated from the infinite pool: this is the unmodified natural child.

But it seems that parents of vaccinated children rarely understand the above,
because they never got to observe it. In their child, that universal
connection was rudely and abruptly severed by the full rush of a neurotoxic
assault from vaccines.
After absorbing the research in this book, you may not feel quite so smug about ignoring your child’s instinctive revulsion toward needles, or turning a deaf ear to their screams, dismissing it with the quixotic mantra ‘for their own good.’ When is it ever a good idea to ignore our instincts?
Ultimately the defense of a child’s bloodstream resides with the parent –
protecting the child from the cold realities of the world, for a little while at
least. Knowing what the reader now knows about the decision process which
mandates vaccines into children’s bloodstreams – what can we reasonably
expect from a body of legislators controlled by the biggest of the special
interest lobbies? Do we rely on them for sound judgment about what is to
be injected into that most delicate and sublime medium in the universe – the
formative human circulatory system?
Confronted with the above evidence about payoffs, deals, conflicts of interest rife within the regulatory agencies, do we really want to grant access to the bloodstream to such as these?

Real protection has to begin with information – sound information, not propaganda. And the information must come not only from those making their living selling vaccines.
Human health does not come from a drug or a vaccine or an insurance
company. A healthy baby needs no outside assistance, no tampering with

Vaccination Is Not Immunization 227

the blood. The mysteries of health lie within the body, not within the medical texts, or the writs of law.
Pure, uncontaminated human blood is indeed a sacred commodity. We will
arrive at a position of profound gratitude only when we finally come to
appreciate the identity, the oneness, the nobility of an inviolate bloodstream.

Never give in, never give in, never, never, never. Never yield to force;
never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.
– Winston Churchill, 1941