Type II Diabetes: The Only Cure

A true epidemic, Type II diabetes is probably the most common self-inflicted chronic disease of Americans. And the #8 cause of death. [1]

Type II is not to be confused with the rare Type I diabetes which is a genetic or traumatic defect in the the operation of the pancreas itself, unrelated to diet.

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In 2001, HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson announced that 5% of Americans were Type II diabetic.

By 2010, it had doubled: 10% of the population diabetic.

By 2011, it was 11.3%.

Then they stopped keeping track, 12 years ago. This same figure is on CDC’s site today. [1]

But on the CDC site under Diabetes they contradict themselves and state that a child born after 2010 has a 1 in 3 chance statistically of becoming Type II diabetic in his lifetime.

Extrapolation: by 2035 one third of the US population will be Type II diabetic.

As with most of their statistics, CDC has no idea how many diabetics there are in the US.

Remember, Type II diabetes isn’t congenital. Type II means you did it, by your own injudicious lifestyle, and that of the parents who enabled you.

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates never even mentions diabetes. (Dufty, p.78) [2] Before refined sugar came on the scene, diabetes did not even exist.

Years of loading up on indigestible refined white sugar wears out the pancreas. You’ll remember that insulin, produced by the pancreas, is supposed to allow sugar to be taken into the cells and used.

When the body is young, the pancreas works well. Excess refined sugar in the teen years gets the pancreas used to continually dumping lots of insulin into the bloodstream to accommodate the day’s sugar load. Since insulin only lasts about 15 minutes, the pancreas may have to work all day long.

Here’s where the rollercoaster begins: all that free insulin will serve to abnormally lower the blood sugar on those occasions when the person forgot to eat his usual 10x normal sugar intake.

All that insulin, and all it’s got to work on is a normal level of blood glucose. Enter hypoglycemia – low blood sugar. The body gets accustomed to excesses of both sugar and insulin. For awhile.

Funny how OD-ing on sugar causes low blood sugar, but that’s how it happens. The pancreas wears out.

A few years later, when insulin no longer can keep up with the incoming daily sugar fix, the pancreas finally gives up. Unused sugar builds up higher and higher in the blood. The kidneys try their best to excrete it, causing the classic ‘sweet urine’ sign. That’s what diabetes is: constant high blood glucose.

The idiotic medical solution is to take a drug to get rid of all that extra glucose, instead of simply stop eating 10 or 20x as much sugar as the body can handle.

Thus we see the stupidity of recommending candy for diabetics to “keep their blood sugar up.” Candy just keeps the rollercoaster going for another ride.

Glucose is the prime fuel source needed by all the cells. With diabetes there is so much glucose in the blood, that it can’t be used by the cells. So the body starves. Gradually, other problems occur:

    extreme thirst
    frequent urination
    ravenous hunger
    memory loss
    coldness in hands and feet
    weight loss
    kidney disease
    sores and cuts that don’t heal
    skin eruptions

So then what is the medical approach to diabetes? Same as the medical approach to anything: sell as many drugs as possible. In this case it’s synthetic insulin to the rescue.


The discovery of insulin was supposed to be the big savior. The 1923 Nobel Prize went to Sir Frederick Grant Banting and John Macleod for the discovery of industrial insulin. At first, insulin was difficult to make, and expensive. Only rich diabetics could afford to have glandular extracts from animals injected into their blood to compensate for their own spent pancreases.

But with the arrival of synthetic insulin, which a diabetic would have to inject daily for the rest of his life, all the alarms at the drug companies went clang. Fake insulin could be patented, mass produced and sold from now till the end of time!

And next came the pills for Type II diabetes. This was a very big deal, especially with the unstoppable rise in white sugar consumption, which would ensure an endless stream of new diabetics.

Do doctors want to screen people by repeated Glucose Tolerance tests, just to make sure they’re really diabetics before they’re sentenced to a life of fake insulin? Are you kidding? Some people are put on insulin drugs after a single lab test with a borderline high reading of blood glucose.

The most common drugs for Type II diabetes are Glyipizide and Metformin.


First off, fake insulin.

Synthetic insulins are of three main types:

    – rapid acting
    – intermediate acting
    – long acting

The catch here is timing. The body knows precisely when to put out exactly the type and amount of insulin from the pancreas that is needed. The whole blood sugar regulation process is an extremely sophisticated affair, involving the adrenals, the liver, and the thyroid in addition to the pancreas. We only know a small part of the story.

Glipizide is one of the two most popular diabetic pills. This drug requires a functioning pancreas. Glipizide artificially kick-starts the pancreas to produce more insulin. (PDR, p.2182) [3] Of course boosting the pancreas to produce abnormal amounts of insulin every day is a short-term solution. The pancreas eventually wears out and deteriorates.

That accounts for glypizides’s many major side effects, listed by the manufacturer: [3]

    – increased risk of cardiac mortality
    – kidney disease
    – liver disease
    – hypoglycemia(!)
    – loss of control of blood glucose
    – constipation
    – skin rashes
    – anemia
    – dizziness
    – headache

Outside of that it should be fine.

All you guys out there on these drugs — did your doctor ever tell you any of this?

When you’re talking about diabetes drugs in pill form, one fact has not changed since 1923:

these drugs have never cured one person of diabetes.

But why would they want to do that? Think about it. Did you ever in your life know of a diabetic who took these drugs for many years, who eventually recovered and was fine, with a normal life? Of course not. Did you ever hear of a diabetic who was told to stop eating white sugar? Of course not – instead they tell the diabetic to eat more sugar when he feels weak!

That’s the game: the point of diabetes drugs is never health or recovery or curing the disease. It’s always aimed at one target: sell more drugs.

What’s the goal of medical therapy? As always, cover up the symptoms. Since most doctors have no background in nutrition, and they’ve long since forgotten their physiology, they generally tell the patient that diabetes is a disease which he will now have for life, that it was genetic, and the only way to control it is with drugs. The doctor won’t even ask about the patient’s everyday diet – such information is irrelevant to making the drug sale. Many actually go so far as to say that what the patient eats will have no effect on the disease, now that the pancreas is worn out.

This is why dietary advice is absent once a diagnosis of diabetes is given.

The absurdity and error of such recommendations are appreciated by the thousands of patients, initially diagnosed as diabetic, who have cured themselves completely, simply by diet modification.

Dr. Stephen Gyland proved in the 1950s, like dozens of other healers after him, that the only way diabetes can be actually cured is to change the diet radically. (Gyland letter) [4] There are many holistic programs which demonstrate consistent success in reversing Type II diabetes. [7] Take a wild guess what the first step is, in the healing process. That’s right; no more refined sugar. Including alcohol, which is the most refined sugar of all.

This sounds very simple, but it may be a little harder to carry out. Look what the patient has to overcome:

    1. He doesn’t want to give up sugar. He’s addicted to it, loves the taste, and needs the short-lived euphoria.

    2. The doctors don’t say the patient has to give up sugar. In fact, the doctor will tell the patient to eat candy when he feels light headed, to “bring his blood sugar up.”

    3. Sugar is everywhere: in most foods, in a thousand forms, and it lines the checkout aisles that people have to wait in to buy groceries.

    4. There may be a brief withdrawal period.

This is where medicine is so well-positioned. Medicine is saying, Don’t worry about a thing. We’ll take care of everything. Give us the responsibility for your health, and go on eating whatever you want. Your sugar-binges for the past 20 years didn’t bring on your diabetes; it’s genetic.

The irony is, once the patient makes the decision to believe his diagnosis of diabetes and accepts the permanent drug prescription, he is virtually assured of dying from diabetes. Even though what he really will die from was a bad diet and a lifetime of diabetes drugs.

For a weakening, entitled society with declining health, diabetes medication is the perfect solution. It delays the decision, takes the pressure off, and avoids any unpleasant pro-action. Great! I can keep on drinking coke, like everyone else! All I have to do is take these pills and the doctor says I’ll be fine. Lots of people are doing it…

Doctors never talk about Leslie West. Guitarist and leader of 70s supergroup Mountain, Leslie West was a lifelong Type II diabetic. Type II means he caused it and he maintained it. Lifestyle.

One of the most common side effects of late stage Type II diabetes is decreased circulation to the extremities. When combined with obesity, which is usual, this results in chronic blockage of blood to the feet, morbific edema, and may eventually lead to amputation. Good thing you don’t need your right leg to play guitar, because once they cut off his, Leslie went right on playing and performing, right up to the time of his death.

According to National Institutes of Medicine the most common cause of leg amputation in this country is diabetes: 150,000 per year. [5]

So if you want to save money on shoes, keep on buying Pepsi!


Remember – you caused your Type II diabetes, so you can cure it. 100%. Thousands of people have done it. No reason you can’t be one of them.

The short version of your new diet: no more refined carbohydrates for 60 days. That means white sugar and white flour. So for starters that means you must read the labels of every single thing you eat. If they have the words sugar, enriched flour, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, sugar free, etc. omit it.

That means no more

    Soft drinks

    Cookies, cakes, donuts, pies, etc

    Cereals ( even Cheerios and Rice Krispies – read the labels!)

    Sandwich spreads and condiments, like peanut butter, mayo, ketchup, etc

    White bread, dinner rolls, etc

    Sugar in your coffee or tea

    Fast foods: all commercial burgers and fries contain sugar!

    Ice cream, gelato, etc.

    Most commercial pasta sauces (read label)

    Most packaged and processed foods – read labels!

Inconvenient? How would you feel about sitting in a wheelchair with no feet the rest of your life? Or the slow death of the diabetic which concludes only after months of edema and heart blockage. Your choice. Have any family members who died of obesity and diabetes. How did they go out?

So now you ask, well what can I eat? Answer: Categories One and Two of the New West Diet:



    Fruits, Vegetables, Juices – preferably organic
    Brown rice

    Grilled fish
    Selected food grade herbs
    1-2 litres good water
    Salad dressings: lemon juice, balsamic vinegar


    Organic meats (no hormones or antibiotics)
    Eggs (organic)
    Raw dairy
    Whole grains
    Integral breads, including rye and potato (no high fructose, no hydrogenated oils)

This is the diet from the 60-Day Detox Program, spelled out in detail on our website. [7]

Seem impossible? It’s not. Thousands of people have made the switch. Once you start the program you find that there’s actually a lot of latitude within these guidelines and it’s not nearly as difficult as you thought. Use your imagination – you can still have cheeseburgers! Just follow the guidelines. And eat a lot. You can do it.

As the demand for pancreatic insulin decreases, most patients will voluntarily stairstep off their meds, according to their glucose levels. After a few months they’re drug free – no more diabetes! More important than curing themselves from a serious disease, they have cured themselves of a permanent prescription.

Perhaps you can feel the road you’re on now, the month by month decline. Complaining to your doctor, he will never ever suggest you stop taking your diabetes “medications” of course, no matter how bad you tell him you’re feeling. That’s his profession – sell drugs. He’d rather see you die first. As most diabetics eventually do. So if you’re going to survive, it’s time for you to take responsibility for your own health. You’re the only one who ever actually had that responsibility in the first place – everything else was just marketing.


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