Shot in Mexico, this new video is a rare conversation wherein the provocative John Bergman DC interviews yours truly. Despite all the desperate attempts to prolong the COVID pageant, two years of utter disregard for science and for the rule of law simply ran its course. Now the power structure is forced to walk it back.

This interview introduces a rare, uncensored dialog on what has really happened behind the scenes these past 2 years. And now the clumsy dismantling and cancellation.

Includes references to RFK’s landmark new book, Fauci’s seizure of power, the actual science behind COVID and the vaccines, certified numbers of deaths and injuries, and what we can expect for ourselves and our children, coming next..

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Clearing up a colon that’s been blocked for years will change your life. Often resolves associated chronic illnesses which you never would have thought of.

Daily elimination should be effortless. Straining to produce rabbit pellets every day is not normal. Often your first clue of primary colon disease.

With the increasing censorship across all media venues, we see the stranglehold banning legitimate science on any topic regarding human health. Always the same religious dogma over and over: all illness or disease in the human body is simply the absence of a drug. Or a surgery.

The idea that most illnesses will resolve on their own if the natural healing powers of the body are given time, and if all interferences to healing are removed – ideas like this are anathema throughout corporate media. You are simply not allowed to entertain such extravagant notions as trusting the innate curative potential of your own body. No, no – It’s the job of doctors and all media to pretend they are the final authority in all things physical, and you are much too stupid to make any decisions of that nature on your own.

Which is precisely what the majority of Americans live by. Always the course of least resistance. And we continue as the fattest, sickest, and dumbest of any industrialized nation on earth, by any index you choose.

More and more of us who have seen the glaring medical errors of the past few years are beginning to distrust the default remedy of drugs and vaccines, and looking more toward the holistic school of thought for survival.

So let’s turn now to diseases of the colon.

Step One: a basic understanding of how the plumbing of the normal colon should work.

Here’s a short summary. (Full explanation at Journey To the Center of Your Colon)


The digestive tract can be thought of as a long tube from one end to the other. Food goes in one end; waste exits the other. The tube is divided into sections:





    Small intestine

    Large intestine

The large intestine is also called the colon.

That’s the whole tube, top to bottom. It’s important to remember one odd fact: the inside of the tube is still considered the outside of the body. No misprint. The food sitting there in your intestines is still outside the body. Reason: it hasn’t been absorbed into the bloodstream yet.

Digestion changes food into components that are usable by the human body. This process takes place mostly in the upper part of the tract: everything above the colon.

Once the digested food makes its way down to the colon, it should be almost completely broken down into usable nutrients. At that point the food is ready to be absorbed into the bloodstream, through the porous wall of the colon.

It has been metabolized into the smallest and simplest of usable fats, peptides, and glucose, which the bloodstream then delivers to all cells of the body.

Now of course that’s in the completely healthy individual, whose diet consists of digestible foods.

Unfortunately, 80% of Americans eat an 80% processed foods diet , which by definition are mostly indigestible.

Why indigestible? Because processed foods have had all their natural enzymes scientifically removed by food processing for one reason: Shelf Life. As we learned in the Enzymes chapter, natural enzymes in a food are necessary for that food’s complete breakdown and digestion.

So what does all this mean to the colon?

It means all these plasticized, indigestible hydrogenated chips, fries, donuts, etc. are coming down the chute and ending up in the colon, where they can’t be broken down. And after weeks and months of this same diet, they form sludge layers along the colon wall.

The colon may expand from its normal 2 inch diameter to as many as 12 inches in diameter. Ergo, the 4th trimester trucker look. Very chic indeed.

That’s the plumbing part. What are the results of this congestive lifestyle? Disease. Illness. Primary colon diseases:


    Spastic Colon



    Leaky Gut Syndrome

    Regional Ileitis

    Diverticulitis, etc

Drugs don’t cure these illnesses. That’s why people have them for years at time, all the while filing their prescriptions. But then organized medicine was never supposed to cure you, was it? It’s about marketing drugs. The longer it takes the better. Right?

Chronic diseases like these create eventually create secondary conditions like



    Kidney disease






    Chronic fatigue syndrome





    Multiple Joint Pain Syndrome


    Autoimmune Disorders

    Candida albicans


Necessitating even more drugs. Which also don’t work. As you probably know.

Colon cancer is the number 3 most popular cancer of all. Has been for 40 years. Some believe it’s the main objective of mainstream treatments for the colon – because cancer is the big ticket item. You’re just a walking ATM machine. Hundreds of thousands spent before you clock out. Maybe you’ve seen this with your family.

Is there a natural solution to all this? Of course. Simple, but not necessarily easy. Three steps:

    Perfect Diet


    Detox colon with Expel and Florabiotics

The perfect diet is laid out clearly on the link below. Hydration means 1 – 2 litres of water per day.

The detox part is two powerful supplements

Expel – an herbal formula that chips away and removes the sludge layers

Total Florabiotics – the premier probiotics formula which restores the colon as the center of the immune system – like it was when you were a small child

Have some lingering illness year after year which the geniuses haven’t figured out yet? Here’s the first step to taking your life back.

Again, this has been the briefest of summaries of how the colon really works. For the whole story go to

Journey To the Center of Your Colon