1. Juice Fast – Unlimited Potential

We have a YT video entitled Juice Fast

The video gives a good introduction how to do a juice fast, mostly for first timers. And then it makes some general recommendations for those who are about to start the 60 Day Detox program – that they might consider kicking off the first two or three weeks of the program with a Juice Fast.

An excellent suggestion. But this video was only the briefest glance into a very powerful and virtually unbounded branch of natural medicine – fasting. Food is indeed medicine. Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.” Legacy thinking.

But as today’s cyber creatures, we are much too busy to follow health regimens. Especially ones that require our participation in our own survival. No, no – we would defer instead to “scientific” remedies – things that doctors do to us. And give to us. Outside–in treatments: like pills, burning, butchery, etc. You know – “Real Science.” Dreamed up by the same geniuses who invented:

    Facemasks for 3 years olds

    Forced vaccines for viral diseases never isolated or sequenced in any human

    Pretending a harmless Coronavirus could persist intact and unmutated for almost two years throughout the entire world, with no end in sight

    Quarantining the healthy, for the first time in human history

    That bureaucrats could tell us all what we must do to survive any imaginary “pandemic”

    The notion that the unvaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated

    Pretending that facemasks can block viruses at all – any viruses

    Germaphobia as the new State Religion

Juice Fast? Are you kidding me? Sounds like anti-vaxer voodoo…

With such a quick intro as the Juice Fast video offers, it’s obvious that its healing power was enormously undersold. The time-honored 60 Day Program has so much more capacity for resolving the most persistent, chronic, even life-threatening infections and conditions than most of us would ever imagine.

Of course all seven supplements must be included daily, as listed in the chapter.

This ensures that all reactive residuals will be cleared from the tract and the blood. There must be the strictest vigilance against ANY further allergenic foods being introduced for the 60 Days. That’s the discipline – the only way this is going to have any chance of success.

With just a superficial awareness of the fast, one might never learn that there is virtually no limit to the salubrious effects of eliminating chronic inflammation by clearing all impacted debris from the tract and infusing the blood with 100% whole food vitamins, minerals, and enzymes for two or three weeks. With NO OTHER FOOD intake – no dairy, no hydrogenated processed food, no white sugar or white flour.

This fact was made clear yet again to us recently with a patient who’s had a progressive throat infection for the past year. Sometimes it would seem to be resolving for a week or so, but would always come back, with a flare up. In recent months it was gradually worsening, accompanied now by a persistent cough, evident for most of the day and night.

The patient was coughing up infected material that was lodged in the throat. Very frequently. He had tried two courses of antibiotics, neither of which was successful. Probably because no culture was done – they just guessed what antibiotic to try, right? As usual.

So at this point the patient was beginning to worry, imagining cancer of the throat, esophageal varices, or worse – because nothing he was doing was working. He was certainly in a downward spiral and there was no more denial that it wasn’t going away.

A desultory visit to an EENT ended with another guess for more antibiotics (no culture). Followed by a possible ablation if that didn’t work. In other words – burning out the infected area in the throat with a laser or hot instrument.

What could possibly go wrong?

So after seeing the Juice Fast and the 60 Day Program videos, the patient decided to give natural medicine one more shot, before he submitted himself to the architects of COVID, with their drugs, scalpels, lasers and Squid Games masks.

He resolved to follow the Juice Fast very strictly – to the letter. For as long as it took. None of this “I’ll try” stuff. Losers try; winners do whatever it takes.

The man’s usual diet was “pretty good” (no bourbon, congealed nachos, or peanut brittle, etc.) but not perfect. But now with the Juice Fast there was no more diet. Only organic juices, every hour, for as many weeks as it took.

He preferred green juice mixes, or else juicing fresh cucumbers, celery, or tomatoes, etc. Organic apple juice, orange juice, and coconut juice also made daily appearances.

He kept to the program religiously for two weeks: at least 8 oz of juice every hour or two. It’s radical.

Even after 3 weeks, he didn’t see much of a difference with the coughing, or with the purulent discharge from the throat. Nothing to really encourage him or indicate this was going to work at all. So for those first weeks he was going on faith alone, encouraged by everything he was reading about optimum human nutrition and the real cause of disease.

No real weight loss either, which is usual with juice fasts. That typically takes three weeks to even begin to show, in most cases.

Then in the middle of third week, suddenly he woke up one morning with no cough and no discharge. First time in months. Elated, he thought he was cured. But later in the day there was some coughing and a little infective material coming up. But nothing like before. Now it was intermittent and not frequent. After three weeks.

At this point he decided to introduce one meal per day to see if that would exacerbate his condition. It didn’t. Progress continued slowly – to an overall 90% improvement after 3 months. Dramatically more progress than anything he’d experienced in the past year. So now he was encouraged to continue as long as it took to return to 100%.

Coming off the Juice Fast, the first meal he chose was: one baked potato, with 2 poached eggs, and one piece of salmon. No butter, no oil of course. Continuing with the hourly juices and hydration and supplements, he wasn’t hungry in the least.

Now in the third month he’s up to two meals per day, with some juicing, but a continued adherence to the New West Diet – essential to the 60 Day Program. And of course hydration and the seven supplements. Inching his way towards that 100% goalpost.

It’s really no surprise, when you think about it. With processed foods as the origin of 9 out of Top Ten causes of death in the US, how could it be otherwise? Processed foods cannot be metabolized. Which means broken down and digested. So after they get into the blood, they must accumulate somewhere. Which can mean anywhere – any organ or tissue.

Where they take up permanent resistance will cause inflammation, as the body strives unsuccessfully to remove them. Over time, inflammation leads to degeneration. And infection.

All this can happen in any organ or tissue. So it becomes crystal clear why a toxic diet can be the primary cause for all those Top Ten causes of death.

If diet can be the cause of any disease, it can also be the cure.

Clean diet – cleansing, clearing, detoxing, nutrient-dense, no clogging. Heals at the cellular level. Cells make up tissues, tissues make up organs, organs make up systems. What could be simpler?

Drugs don’t follow these evolutionary pathways. Surgery outright butchers them. That’s why the US has the worst overall health of any industrialized nation on earth. 4% of the world’s population – 40% of the drugs.

That’s why fake news always talks about Health Care, and never about health. Health Care is about money and politics. It has nothing to do with health – not even interested in it.

As enforced vaccines and drugs and insurance-based surgery have become the basis of medical treatment for any and all disease conditions, health itself seems to be receding into the mists. Any discussion of it is subject to severe censorship, often reviled by fake news and the edited media. Anyone who even mentions natural medicine or natural health is likely to be labelled a conspiracy theorist, quack, or charlatan. Or any of the new, all-purpose Marxist epithets so popular today.

Why? Because any regimen that can really heal people is a threat to the vested interests. Can’t have that. People are supposed to be sick, and dependent, and under control, and obedient to the whims of the drug czars.



As the world struggles out from under the jackboot of the fake pandemic and its obedient trollop – the COVID vax – every local district of every country and state in the world is coming back at a different pace. The limiting factor every time: local politics. Further proof, in case you needed it, that none of this ever had anything to do with science. It’s only about money and the politics of control.

How could a global virus stop at the state line of Texas and Florida and not be a threat there, but lethal everywhere else? Such a polite pathogen!

In pre- coup d’etat times, I was a frequent traveler to the Far East, especially Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. I have a basic understanding of those cultures, perhaps a bit more extensive than one might get on the Travel Channel. I have friends there who keep me apprised of the true state of affairs for someone actually living there, what it’s been like for this last two years of depredation and lies.

Last night I was talking with a local Thai restaurant owner here who told me Thailand is opening up on November 1. Instinctively tempering my expectations with lessons from the past two years, I wrote to my colleague – an American who’s been living in Thailand for the past 7 years. Here’s the letter:


    “Hey dude,

    Last night I met the owner of a Thai restaurant in Sunnyvale and was talking to him about Thailand.

    He told me that on November 1 Thailand is opening up for foreigners. Total news to me. He didn’t know if vaccines would be required or not. Seems they would be, doesn’t it, considering the intelligence of the decision makers both there and here? Even if the geniuses were finally going to relent and try to rebuild their devastated economy – which previously was the biggest tourism industry in the world – why would they handicap those efforts by making such a witless requirement?

    Dumb questions like that are easily answered by realizing that these clowns at the top couldn’t care less about reviving their country. All they care about is exercising their own power every chance they get by making any capricious new rules they feel like. Just like the White House staff, the US Congress, and the CA state government – these people aren’t vaccinated, and don’t wear masks. Of course not. They live in gated communities and have untold wealth.

    But think about it – for Thailand this may actually be what passes for good news these days. Once the goons see that people aren’t coming back, maybe they’ll lift the requirement to see if that makes any difference. Experienced tourists are probably smart enough not to participate in any transition period. That would be like going into Hiroshima a month after the bomb hit, right? Every reason for tourism has been eradicated by Thailand’s moronic policies. Savvy tourists likely wouldn’t consider coming back for at least a year after the bans are lifted.

    The Thai from the restaurant said the mask laws will be arbitrary and vary according to district. Exactly like here. The places with the dumbest people — like California– will hold on the longest because they may actually believe there still is a lethal pathogen in the air, unmutated after two years. These lower primate types will be perfectly happy to self-police themselves and their children now and for all eternity.

    They insist on remaining militantly ignorant of enlightened places like Texas, Florida, South Dakota, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nevada, Idaho, etc. where people have rejected authoritarian propaganda and focus instead on putting their lives back together. Which they’ve been successfully doing for months and months now. The contrast is astounding.

    So I’m guessing it will be baby steps and only time will tell if Thailand will ever return to its tourist mecca status as Land of Smiles. Impossible to predict the future in this brave new world, right? What is hopeful is travelling to places like the above states and seeing that things have returned almost to normal.

    Except of course for the vaccinated. That de-evolutionary phenomenon seems to be inescapable now that about 60% of the population are indelibly brainwashed and have voluntarily opted for it. Insisting on not knowing that according to CDC 900,000 Americans have died from the COVID vaccine this year.

    The guy did say he thought fining people on the streets for not wearing masks in Thailand was over. Is that true??

    I’d like to come back someday but only to the original version.

    What percentage of restaurants, hotels, and businesses are open at all these days? Has the billion dollar medical tourism industry started to recover yet, either in the resorts or in Bangkok?

    I guess you’ve been looking at my newsletters so you have some idea what’s going on here. Silicon Valley never really declined economically the whole 2 years. Techies just stayed home and kept their jobs remotely.

    Despite all of Traitor Joe’s concerted efforts, the stock market never crashed, largely because it’s patronized primarily by wealthy Marxists, many of whom have benefitted from turning the US into the Gulag Archipelago. Remember, much of the propaganda from Marxist think tanks originated right here – in the land of the venture capitalists. They’ve made fortunes.

    Victor Davis Hansen was right on the money when he reminded us that this new rad left circus is in no way a grassroots, people’s phenomenon, like they pretend it is. But rather it’s a top-down, imposed pageant, cunningly engineered by the vested interests, of every camp. Masterfully disguised as a popular movement.

    But the worst crimes here in California are what we’ve done to our children. All school kids wear masks all the time and think nothing of it. Forbidden ever to learn about freedom in the first place, they don’t seem to notice it’s gone.

    Predictably, the vicious, unregenerate governor has pushed through a new “law” forcing all grade school and high school kids to get the lethal vaccine. And that’s for a disease children never get. There is some pushback, but it’s very weak and the majority will do what they’re told, like good little Marxists.

    As far as masks go, that’s the weirdest thing of all. I never wear a mask except on airplanes. Anyone can go into Safeway, Sprouts, Whole Foods, the post office, Fedex, banks, restaurants, Walmart, Costco, Home Depot — everywhere – with no mask. I never wear a mask. I don’t even take one with me. And in all these businesses I am the only one in the entire store without a mask! Every time. AND NOBODY SAYS A WORD.

    So that means people are free not to wear the mask and they don’t even care. It’s like the baby elephant, when the Thais put a big chain on his leg. As he gets older, they use a smaller and smaller chain until he’s fully grown. And by then they can use a shoe lace or something. It’s exactly like that.

    People are so braindead here that they don’t wear masks because they think there’s a viral threat floating around. No, no, that’s not why they wear the stupid things. No, the real reason everyone in California wears masks now is that everyone in California wears masks. That’s it. They no longer remember they were supposed to be free. If you’ve forgotten that you are free, well then you no longer are.

    Authoritarians can pass any laws they want, but the only thing that matters is enforcement. And businesses have become tired of being junior Gestapos. Just not good for business.

    But enforcement is no longer necessary here. The rules have become self-sustaining — the self-policing zombies are on automatic pilot. I never thought I’d see this in our lifetime. This state has turned into North Korea or something. For the last two years we in California have had a distorted view of how deteriorated the US culture really has become. We forget that CA is the worst place in the country. Because this is where people are the dumbest in the entire world. Especially right here in Silly Con Valley.

    Remember — this is where it all started, back on March 16, 2020.

    Any way, hope you’re doing well. Please let me know what you think about all this.