1. Seminars: Barcelona College Lecture – 30 Sept – Chiropractic Philosophy and Neurology; 3 Oct – Fading Art Adjusting – Edinburgh; 10 Oct – Fading Art Adjusting Windsor UK; 9 Oct – Windsor Vaccine Lecture
3. SB277 – The New Vax Strategy
4. ChiroFest a Triumph
5. Parents’ Letters to School
6. New 4th Edition for 2015: Vaccination Is Not Immunization



Last Chance!

3 Oct – Fading Art Adjusting – Edinburgh
10 Oct – Fading Art Adjusting – Windsor UK
9 Oct – Windsor Vaccine Lecture

30 Sept – Barcelona College Lecture – 4:30pm – Chiropractic Philosophy and Neurology
– – – contact Leon Monzon leonmonzonm@gmail.com

October 3 Edinburgh, Scotland
The Fading Art of Osseous Chiropractic Adjusting

– – – – Norton House Hotel, Ingliston, near Edinburg

October 10 Windsor UK
The Fading Art of Osseous Chiropractic Adjusting

– – De Veer Venues – Sunningdale Park, Larch Avenue, Ascot

Dr Tim O’Shea ………. Dr Tim Young

If you haven’t signed up for these yet, you’ve waited as long as possible, proving you’re a true DC. Call up Morag and Ryan (below) and do it today!

We’re only doing this once, for at least a year. No guarantees after that, with all the commitments we have.

Access to the Fading Art video archive, which is included, is becoming an increasingly valuable resource, as more and more edited footage is added. The archive includes not just the seminar you attend, but past and future events as well.

Traditional osseous adjusting is becoming rarer each year. If the student is not exposed to the essentials of adjusting before graduation, there may be limited opportunities afterward to see exactly how it’s done, up close and personal, by an experienced proficient.

Many simply give up.

This course will accelerate that learning curve exponentially… the fast track for those who know they can do it better, whether you just graduated or have practiced for 20 years.

The seminar itself is a hands on, step by step, detailed course on the fundamentals of moving bones.

A great adjustment is accomplished fluidly and painlessly with speed, finesse, and confidence. Usually half of attendees are doctors and half are students. For the students, many are thrilled to make their first actual adjustment, since so many are discouraged from doing so at school these days. For the doctors, they are happy to tune up their skills, and get new ideas in the pursuit of mastery of this elusive art.

The objective of this one day symposium is either entry level proficiency, or else advancement to an improved level of competence. Attendees will receive individual critiquing on all details of the masterful adjustment of bones: assessment, set-up, pre-stress, line of drive, delivery, etc.

Tired of hearing people tell you what chiropractic is not? Here’s a course in what it is!


“Great to finally hear pure unadulterated chiropractic, to be reminded of the simplicity of its philosophy. Great passion, and stories!” – Dr Lance Z., Boulder?

“You and Tim Young are a gift to the profession.” – Dr Sara Kerstin

?“…Learned some great material I can implement immediately… changed the course of my practice forever!”?
– Guy Coberly, DC, Loveland

?“I have learned more about adjusting today than in my entire time at Cleveland. Thanks a million!” – AB

“Nothing like it anywhere. Completely hands on. Something you can’t get anywhere else. The whole seminar was fast-paced and fun. Refreshing to see it can truly be as simple as this. Well worth the time and money.” ?– DK

“Both instructors were full of wisdom and knowhow. Loved learning all the things we don’t get in school. You guys will save the profession!” – JSM?

“I learned more at this seminar than in all of school. Should do one of these seminars each tri…. Showed me why I wanted to be a chiropractor all over again.” – KC

??“Wish it was a little longer – would definitely do it again. Make it 2 days. Glad of the video archive! Learned much more than I have in any technique class.” – TB

“Good to see how actually to adjust and get hands on. …we don’t get this at school… thought both DCs were exceptional. Their passion was infectious. Great to have focused personal instruction like this.”

To register Edinburgh: Morag Cairns at

To register Windsor: Dr Ryan Rieder – rsrieder@gmail.com ….. 0175 853521

Dress down and show up!



De Veer Venues – Sunningdale Park, Larch Avenue, Ascot

A community lecture on some of the problems with today’s vaccines and the troubled science behind them.



For those alumni of the Fading Art of Osseous Adjusting seminar given by Dr Tim Young and myself, there are now 6 hours online of edited video from those venues. And soon there will be more. If you forgot the password, just call and we’ll give it to you. (408) 753-9830

Watching these videos you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve forgotten that was demonstrated in the seminar. This is certainly a valuable resource for anyone who is trying to learn how to actually adjust the vertebrae of the spine with skill, confidence, and finesse.

There is nothing like this archive of instructional technique videos available anywhere in the profession, believe me. And that is more of a lament than a boast.

Come to the next sessions in the UK! See #1 above.



Having lost the science debate, the new approach is to simply legislate vaccines into 100% of the population, both federal and state. As we detailed in the Temecula Lecture last month, the claims of science, science, science are generally just empty words, of 3 main types:

* rhetoric
* slogans
* fake statistics

That’s all they have – just listen. They will never cite one legitimate clinical study or scientific article that proves the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

Instead they will continue with the endless stream of false claims, mantras, and market phrases repeated over and over, until the masses believe them. With a complicit and pliable media, supported by the bottomless funding of global Pharma, no other views are permitted. All opposition is presented as extreme. And no one ever seems to ask for scientific documentation to support the rhetoric.

Using ignorance as political capital – that’s the new strategy. Most people believe in vaccines, which is fine for them. They should vaccinate – that’s their opinion. But what is unprecedented now, with the agenda that followed the Disney measles uproar, is that for the first time in US history the opinion of that demographic who believes in vaccines will now be legislated on the entire population, 100%.

That’s the problem with California’s SB277 – what it sets us up for in the future. Mandatory medical treatment – no more options, no more choice, no more freedom. Not just vaccines, but mandatory chemo, radiation, drugs, surgery…etc.

In the wake of SB277, it’s all possible.



Dr Paul Reed’s annual Seattle event has grown from a tent meeting 5 years ago to the premier chiropractic event of the Pacific Northwest. No exaggeration, not even a little.

In the midst of all chiropractic’s problems, both from within and without, many DCs are overwhelmed and just give up. Many others never figure out how to give it a go in the first place. That’s why we need support and advice from those who’ve been there. From those who are there now.

ChiroFest has become one of today’s most valued resources for that counsel. To make it in practice, we need 3 tools:

* Philosophy – knowing why it is we make the adjustment, and what it really means
* Art – being in pursuit of the mastery of one or more chiropractic techniques. We must have a unique service to offer the public
* Science – not the science of medicine, that we spend all our time in school memorizing, but the science of chiropractic – the science of subluxation. This we need for ourselves, for our own certainty and power of intent

ChiroFest was brimming over with all three. I didn’t see everybody, but Brad and Patrick certainly nailed the philosophy button with their articulate channeling of boundless resources of information on the how and why of being in practice.

Tim Young of Focus OKC is doubtless one of the world’s top authorities on the art of chiropractic. Maintaining one of the largest practices in the central US, his technique seminar The Fading Art of Osseous Adjusting is a fast trip through all aspects of both the physical and intangible components in detecting and correcting vertebral subluxation.

The science leg was supremely supported on this occasion by the brilliant presentation of John Minardi. In a very simple, clear, and eloquent terms, he summarized a 2014 clinical study showing the direct effects of the adjustment on the balance between cortisol, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin.

He was followed then by New Zealand’s indomitable Heidi Haavick, a primary researcher on the direct neurological effects of the adjustment, and her masterful articles that she somehow navigates through the tricky, often treacherous waters of peer review.

Others were good as well, but these few stood out, added value to an event well worth attending.

ChiroFest assures us beyond the shadow of a doubt that chiropractic, despite all its upheaval and self-generated strife, really does a have a future – a bright future, a boundless and sublime future. For those lucky enough to find America’s best kept survival secret.

Don’t miss the next one!


5. Parents’ Letters To School

I’ve been flooded lately with calls from parents telling me that schools are forcing them to vaccinate, even though SB277 isn’t in effect yet. Or this or that school or company is making up their own rules about vaccines, etc.

So if you don’t know the law and somebody tells you what to do based on a lie, if you comply, that’s your own fault. These days with everybody lying, you absolutely have to know the laws, and clearly apprise schools, companies, and hospitals that you know the law.

To that end, here are 3 Letters for parents to use in these situations. They are available on the site under Chapters.

* Letter to School for Vaccine Exemption
* Hospital Form for Vaccine Exemption
* Parents HPV Letter to Schools

Look them over, see if they apply to you, edit them however you need.

Some other facts of interest are — if your child is in the third grade in CA, there are no laws for checking them for vaccination until 7th grade. So if you don’t want to vaccinate, that might give you a couple of years to figure out how to get an exemption.

At the present time AB2109 is still in effect. Which means you can get a philosophical exemption signed by an MD. Here is a list of Doctors Who May Sign such an exemption.


This will be good at least until July of 2016. So read the letters, know the laws , and don’t get coerced into forcing vaccines on your child that aren’t even required.

And also remember that HPV and the flu shot are presently excluded from any requirement whatsoever in CA. No one can force those on you – you don’t even need an exemption. That’s in the text of SB277.

If possible, always try to get the Medical Exemption. That’s still the gold standard.


6. New for 2015:
fourth edition of
Vaccination Is Not Immunization

This is not a reprint of the third edition, which was recently sold out, but rather a complete re-write.

Here are some of the topics covered in the new edition:

– the fundamentals of the new measles marketing explosion
– why the 2014 Ebola hype came and went so quickly
– what happens when the federal government takes over vaccine research from actual scientists
– the new US schedule of 69 vaccines for kids
– evidence why 54% of US children already have a chronic disease
– reservoirs for disease: the vaccinated or the unvaccinated?
– motivated vaccine investors: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg
– the science behind individual vaccines

– much more

210 pages, almost 300 references. Every fact verified, every statistic sourced. Open challenge for debate.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization – now in 6 languages

The most reliable vaccine resource for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life.

Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization, fourth edition:


The next time you hear someone yammering the mantra about how there’s no proof vaccines cause brain injury, stop them in mid-sentence with this study.

One of the most credible sources proving vaccines cause brain injuries in babies is certainly the landmark Pourcyrous study on brain inflammation following vaccines.

It was a very thorough University of Tennessee study of 239 premature infants, measuring injuries from both single and multiple vaccines.

They looked at 2 things: C-reactive protein and evaluation of cardiopulmonary function.

C-reactive protein is a blood value, high levels of which indicate inflammation.

Results: Among preemies getting a single vaccine shot: 70% had high CRP.

Preemies who got multiple vaccines: 85% had high CRP.

Fully 16% had cardiopulmonary events within 48 hours,
including apnea and bradycardia. In a preemie, these effects are potentially fatal, of course.

Brain hemorrhages occurred in 17% of those with single vaccines, and in 24% getting multiple vaccines.

As expected, the most dangerous vaccine was DPT. Multiple vaccines included Hepatitis B, polio, DPT, H. influenzae, and Prevnar.

What kind of scientist would it take to even conduct a study like this in the first place on the fragile systems of premature infants?

And if these dangerous results are so high at this age, how much lower results could we expect just a few weeks later when most babies start getting multiple vaccines?

Why is this study hidden? What are we doing? How smart or how dumb do you have to be? We’re this careless with the most delicate medium in the universe: the infant’s brain neurology? You can bet these geniuses aren’t experimenting with their own children.

Here’s how the conclusion of this study evaluates its own data:

“In a minority of infants immunized, cardio-respiratory events were associated with presumed need for intervention”

A minority? 24% is a pretty high minority especially if you’re talking about the chances of your own infant dying from slowed heart rate and cessation of breathing! And for what?

The value of vaccines has never been clearly demonstrated, never proven in an independent controlled risk/benefit analysis. In other words, we don’t know if they work or not.

But we’re positive they can kill. Presumed need for intervention? Like what? Drugs? Intensive care? How about removing the danger itself?

As a parent, wouldn’t it be important to know that your child stands a 16% chance of a breathing crisis as the result of a vaccine?

Or a 24% chance of brain hemorrhage when multiples routinely begin at 2 months of age, with 7 vaccines on one day? Is the pediatrician going to tell the parents about these studies? Isn’t this level of danger worth knowing about?

What are we doing to our kids?

“The most provocative, well-researched, blood-boiling text EVER written on vaccines.. Dr Tim’s style mixing pure science and his relentless wit make this one of my FAVORITE reads of all time. read this book and you will want to start a revolution.” – Dr Bill DeMoss, Newport Beach

“This history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.” – David Ayoub, MD

“The only book more important than this one is the Bible.”
– Dr Tim Young

Vaccination Is Not Immunization

(915) 307-1055

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Educate Before You Vaccinate